you know people posting a bunch of the same photo

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people need to stop thinking they know every fucking thing that has happened in justin's and selena's relationship. calling justin dumb bc he hung out with her, and denying it was him when it was his car, he's allowed to do anything he pleases and it doesn't concern anyone but sel and justin.

They are a bunch of hypocrites.Since January these people are saying :“If you love Selena you should be happy for Abelena and respect her decision”

But now that Justin and Selena are in good terms again,these same people are whining and calling Selena dumb,and saying that she is disrespecting Abel.Lol the nerve,Selenators should be  here for Selena not for Abel.And you know what is worst ?Abel is out here stalking IG models,liking photos,going to strip clubs ,and Selenators know that,but are pretending that no. Why Selena news account on Twitter don’t post about that?Sorry,but most of people of this fandom became  hypocrites as fuck. They care more about their hate for Justin than for Selena’s happiness.  

Lol i bet money that until last year ,most of Selenators didn’t even know Abel real name,but now these bitches pretend that love him since a long time ago.So pathetic.They dont like Abel,these people just like the fact that Selena is not with Justin anymore.
The true is that In the moment that Selena drop Abelena,selenators will drop Abel too,and this oh, so crazy love that they feel for Abel,will disappear very,very fast. They did that with Niall,Samuel,Elie,Zedd…Abel is the next.

Sooner or later Jelena will rise,and those people will have to deal with it.