you know people go through this

BTS as things my friends have said

Namjoon: “Nothing happened. You didn’t see anything. I didn’t just drop my drink, and the lamp is not broken. Stop looking at me.”

Jungkook: “You should come to the gym with me some time! I go at 8 every morning… Why are you looking at me like that? What? Don’t most people?!”

Seokjin: “I’m making dinner, and no, I don’t need your help. Last time was a bit… Tell you what. How about you sit waaay over there and grate the cheese.”

Hoseok: “Those people just gave us a weird look but like?? What’s weird about skipping through six flags? The real question is why aren’t they skipping too?”

Taehyung: “You guys all know that I’m secretly a furry, right?”

Yoongi: “How about everyone else goes for a walk and leaves me alone to sleep on the couch.” *Is asleep in 0.2 seconds*

Jimin: “I’m not cute!! I’m SCARY! Fear me! … Can I have a cookie please?”

A/N Obviously this is just for fun. I’ve seen some of these floating around tumblr and I thought “my friends say all kinds of weird things” and decided to do one of my own (it took like 2 minutes but it was fun). <3

I was just going to post a picture, but I just had to do a video. I’m in my place at uni/college so I didn’t really wanna talk (thanks anxiety), but I didn’t let that stop me and I found a way around it. 

I know I’m meant to tag 10 people I found through Jack’s channel but… I love you all so much. I couldn’t possibly single out just 10 of you when you all mean so much to me! <3

@therealjacksepticeye Jack, if you see this, just know that I love you and that me and the community are always here for you. 💚

I just realised why tumblr search has been so bad at returning search results lately. I had the adult content filter on. I’m guessing I’ve had it on for quite a while because my search results have been suspiciously clean lately. I don’t know how I failed to notice for so long. You can’t do a search for “gay comics” on tumblr and not get dicks with the adult content filter turned off.

Anyway, this has significantly reduced the amount of results I’ve been getting because it doesn’t show any posts from people who’ve marked their tumblrs as 18+, even if the particular post is SFW. I’ll be going back through results and seeing what I’ve missed and then hopefully I can increase my queue’s posting rate again.

Also, feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to! I’ve been trying to get to know more people.


oHYYHYHHYHYM YYYYY GOSH ok alright 1) blind gossip can CHOKE, 2) let’s just… let’s just go through this for a second…

A few of years ago, this male singer dated a civilian woman under a contract.

Yeah but she wasn’t just a civilian because we already know she had connections to M!M like, what, her and the CEO’s of modest just became friends overnight? gimme a break, lol

she was one of the most genuinely caring people in his life.

Okay, right, that’s why she treated his sister like crap, that’s why they could barely touch each other toward the end away from cameras but go off, lol 

his life got very bumpy/ He’s emotionally vulnerable right now/ He’s hurting right now and could really use a stable female influence in his life whom he trusts.

THIS IS SOOOO NASTYYY OH MY GOSH how many times are they going to talk about his mom dy*ng without talking about it? literally the entire of blind gossip wants me to fistfight them so bad AS IF eleanor is half the woman jay was

and there won’t be any drama

too late for that, sickos

“Dating” her again would be a very easy solution to his current problem. The sooner he gets his act together, the sooner he can get back to making music.


Right now there is no contract, but if they do decide to enter a new agreement, it’s going to be for a minimum of one year… so fans should be prepared to have her around for a while!

you know what? bring it on we are gonna fight this tooth and nail it’s going to be hell for all parties involved, i guess, cause we’re not going anywhere :)

you know, i’ve learned a lot from my family. and i think i’ve become one of the best versions of myself because of them. people see my tattoos about life being too short, about life being fine, but they don’t truly understand the reality behind them. they roll their eyes, they laugh. hell, some people even get the tattoo because it’s a good reminder - (which i will always agree with) but … they don’t understand the events that led for me to actually understand these concepts. i hope they never have to go through events like those, but, still i stand with my original observation. i would be no one with out the people who nurtured me. my mother, father, their stories, my sisters, my friends, my people. they are joe mahoney. they are the ones who created this absurd beast who will do anything thing to smile, to make someone laugh as long as he feels safe. thank you. 

Thank You.

I really want to thank everyone who’s supported my writing, and given me these awesome prompts! I know that focusing on fanfiction and stories that make me happy really helped me out when I was going through a tough time. Being able to just jump into a world and hear your thoughts written by someone else is an awesome feeling! Fanfiction helps to bring people together who have similar interests and I think that’s really cool! Anyway thankyou again!

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Love how you blog about emmerdale, still kinda weird seeing stuff about a (low-key trashy) British soap on Tumblr though 😂😂😂

Tell me about it! If someone told me last year I was going to end up obsessed with Emmerdale I would have laughed in their face. But alas I am a feeble human who got sucked in by the bi representation, great acting, and Yorkshire scenery. 

I do love soaps though. For real. There’s something so satisfying to me (as someone who loves family relationships/character development in fiction) in watching the same characters go through life at a sort of realistic pace. It’s like you know the people. As a writer it’s invaluable. Also you learn a ton of stuff about issues you never even knew existed and it makes you a bit kinder (I think). 

I’d love to write for soap one day. It’s such a great medium for changing social attitudes. 



Max Richter || The Waves: Tuesday
with Gillian Anderson


I feel certain I am going mad again.
I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times.
And I shan’t recover this time.
I begin to hear voices, and I can’t concentrate.
So I am doing what seems the best thing to do.
You have given me the greatest possible happiness.
You have been in every way all that anyone could be.
I don’t think two people could have been happier, till this terrible disease came.
I can’t fight any longer.
I know that I am spoiling your life, that without me you could work.
And you will, I know.
You see, I can’t even write this properly. I can’t read.
What I want to say is, I owe all the happiness of my life to you.
You have been entirely patient with me, and incredibly good.
I want to say that – everybody knows it.
If anybody could have saved me, it would have been you.
Everything has gone from me but the certainty of your goodness.
I can’t go on spoiling your life any longer.

I don’t think two people could have been happier than we have been.

 - Virginia Woolf

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Can I,,,,, do a mini-vent about something real quick? I was going through the cisphobia tag and I saw a post about how trans people hating all cis people is like hating all chefs because you got one bad meal? Like... ONE bad meal? They're acting like only one time over the entire course of history has a trans person ever been harassed for being trans and we all just went "welp there we go"??? Because that's, so, ignorant, I, honestly, don't, even know what to say idk sorry about this

I’ve been going into the cisphobia tag since 2014 and honestly it’s such a mess a lot of the time… I don’t know why I keep it up……

Well, I saw the first sonic-for-real-justice posts and the original Down With Cis post when it was first made? They were all tagged as cisphobia… but anyway

Don’t be sorry for venting!!!! and AGREED SO HARD

I really need everyone to read this please. Important info.

So for the past few days I’ve been struggling, with my writing, school, life. But I really want to get back to writing again but a lot of the requests I have aren’t speaking to me. So here’s my idea.

I want to clear all of my requests. I know that it’s really disappointing but right now I just can’t seem to do them. And I am so so so sorry for doing this. I hate to disappoint people.

I have a really good fic idea with the hamilsquad that I’m going to write, and I will keep working on Uncommon Love. But all the other requests will be gone. 

You can request them again another time, but right now I think I’m going to clear them. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think about this. I really want some solid feedback before I go through with it. 

Thanks for listening.


It’s kind of annoying how every is starting to see Serena as ‘mean’ but I think everyone’s forgetting that she has just lost her daughter, and grief does weird things to people, and Serena is channelling her grief through anger and is then letting out that anger by pinning the blame on the first person she could and that ironically happens to be Jasmine. I hope they aren’t going to try and make people hate her character because if anything her character is really relatable and is portrayed in such a realistic way that you can’t help but feel her pain and understand, to a certain extent, what she is going through. Idk, I know this storyline is going to get more dark and twisted but I just think we have to remember that it is the grief and not Serena if you get what I mean idk.

I know I’ve been harsh lately, but I do wanna say 
I appreciate every single one of you and thank you so much for getting me this far. I never thought I could get this far honestly, but it makes me happy.

I may not be the best person, but you guys are amazing for tolerating me and understanding what I go through with certain “friends” and all. 

Really thank you guys. You all are beautiful, amazing people <3333

You and Me

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Summary: The apple pie life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be and maybe the true happy endings are found with people who know you for who you really are.  

Word Count: 1911 words

A/N: After my entry for @wi-deangirl77 for her 300 followers celebration I couldn’t leave Gabe like that so here is a part 2

Part 1 – Go Your Own Way.

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Sitting at the table in the kitchen flicking through a magazine while sipping a lukewarm cup of coffee you tried to put your finger on the nagging feeling you had in the back of your mind.  Here you were living the happily ever after.  A great guy who loved you, an actual job that paid actual money as a clerk in a bookstore, the nice house with a white picket fence, you were living the dream and yet… it was so boring and really quite lonely.

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Ok I think I’m getting fed up. Can no one have an adult normal conversation? Is everyone just conditioned to treat people like shit online? Don’t answer that because I know the answer. Can we stop making online dating a stigma that causes this? What is so fucking shameful about meeting someone through communication that you otherwise would not have had? What makes a fucking bar with tons of raging drunk people a better place to meet people than online? Can we just stop?! If a person would rather not go to a loud packed bar, or doesn’t really hang out at coffee shops all fucking day (because that’s what it would take to make your odds of meeting someone good), then why isn’t a quiet space on the internet an ok and acceptable place to meet people? Why?!

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hey, everything will come fine. I know at the time it doesn’t and can be horrible and annoying. Everyone has heard it before but sometime you have to wait it out. You are a strong and amazing person, you can make it through the worst times. If you think you’re at the bottom up is the only way to go, If you think you’re in darkness light is the next thing you’ll see. Don’t give up because it may only take one more try to succeed. 

look I know that was probably really cheesy or whatever but I was going for a different approach. I will also send you puppy gifs because I know that makes most people happy. ( I hope you like puppies)

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If not puppies then lions?

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if not lions how about a smaller cat?

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Hope everything gets better for you, I am always there if you need someone to message :D

Hearts for Seán

Seán McLoughlin, or widely known as Jacksepticye, is an amazing YouTuber! I found his channel while watching some random things on YouTube and watched a few videos. My first thought was “Wow! This guy has a lot of energy! It’s awesome!” and I have continued watching him since.

He has had a great impact on my life. He gives me a reason to smile every day and has helped me through some things that I had bottled up for too long. Though many don’t understand this, I feel as though Seán is a close friend of mine. I have never met him in person but his videos make you feel as though he’s going to be there for you when you need it. And he is. Thank you Seán. Thank you for making me feel like I belong.

(I know that I’m supposed to tag people, but I don’t have too many people on here that watch Seán or that have not done this yet. I’ll just leave this here, I guess.)

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hey I know ppl sometimes ask you if Frank still smokes and I was at the Berlin show tonight and when they were packing their stuff he was smoking a cigarette

yea tbh going through a really stressful time can cause people to start smoking again so i’m sure if he wasn’t smoking like…6 months ago or so…like what happened in the fall would be enough to make him start again

Bermuda || Reader & Jae

[ The first request I’ll post. Uh, you’ll understand why it’s called Bermuda at the end. I just can’t leave thing nice and this is why I can’t have nice things. Some language, angst, 1,985 words. Try these while reading. ]

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“You want me to seriously injure you, don’t you?” Your eyes shot darts through Jackson and he struggled between cowering away and trying to console you.

“Please don’t, there were supposed to be a lot of people here and he asked if he could come and Mark said yes before I had the chance to tell him not to. He doesn’t even know you’re here.” Jackson smiled softly. “Just hang out for a bit and then you can go.”

“Jackson…” You let your head fall back as you looked up at the stars. The dark beach made it seem like there were far more stars out than there ever were in the city, and it was one of your favorite places to be. You couldn’t help but be pissed that this night would be ruined by having to share the air with your ex. “I’m so mad at you.”

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what did you think of the episode :)

i thought it was great :) i know people are complaining about every little thing again, but i thought it was really well done and well written. obviously i want the izzy drug story to be over, and im not a fan of climon, and i would have liked to see malec in The Morning After, but like, its not my story to tell, im watching the characters go through these things, and i think the writing is being done pretty well. i thought last week was a disappointment, but this week i enjoyed it, it hit all of my emotions. i laughed, i cried and got scared and was happy

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Hey guys and gals (as many that have an answer), from a nonbinary pal! I'm going through a name change and I was wondering what some of y'all's favourite names are? Also this'll be good help for Mary and Peter thinking about baby names!

Hey anon.  I’m really sorry, but I happen to be the worst at coming up with names.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I try to avoid answering name asks XD But if any other people can think of anything, please comment for anon :)