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Who else gets annoyed at an idol after reading and angst fanfic?

Like I know it’s not actually him it’s just a character but I can’t help but be a little annoyed at him.

BTS SCENARIOS: Their S/O Finds Out They Cheated

genre: angst


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K I M S E O K J I N :

Let’s say you two were cuddling on the couch. You both made time for each other for an at-home date, where you guys popped some popcorn, filled up glasses of soda, and selected a movie. The lights would be off, your bowl of popcorn would be in between you two, a huge blanket would be covering both of you, and your phones would be placed facing up on the coffee table beside you. 

Halfway through the movie, Jin would fall asleep on your shoulder. You, on the other hand, would be captivated by the plot of the movie you were watching since it was so sad and dramatic. There were some tears you didn’t bother wiping off that strolled down to stain the collar of your shirt & snot wiped on the sleeve of your arm. 

Jin’s phone chimes, causing the phone to light up the dark room, and you didn’t bother to look at it at first because it wasn’t your business, but through your peripheral vision, there was a photo that perked your attention. Your eyebrows furrowed, not believing what the corner of your eye was catching, and with your free hand that didn’t have Jin using as a pillow, you grabbed ahold of his phone.

It turned off by the time you were holding it, and as you were going to press the home button, the phone chimed again, and your eyes widened at the sight of Jin’s messages.

The messages came from a girl you haven’t heard of, with a text that was suggesting sexual actions, and a photo of nudity. 

Tears started to form and your heart was beating so loudly against your ears and you were giving yourself the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just by the slightest possibility, this girl was some school-made friend that Jin had happened to have stored in his contacts and this girl sent him this inappropriate image & text by accident and—

Suddenly a third message chimes, this time it was just a message, no photo, but it included Jin’s name and that’s when you knew that the messages were no accident; these sext messages were intended for him.

Your body became numb and your glossy eyes dared to look over at your ‘boyfriend’ sleeping peacefully beside you. You put his phone back down and covered your mouth to stifle back sobs as you abruptly got up and ran to the bathroom. You knew you had woken Jin up, so you locked the door behind you, pressed your back against the door, and slid down so you can cry.

A couple seconds later, Jin is knocking on the bathroom door and he’s calling out to you to open the door but you ignore him. “If something happened in the movie, then remember: It’s fictional!” He tries to comfort you, but you roll your eyes.

You shut your eyes tight and take loud, deep breaths as an attempt to calm yourself down. Once your sobs were steady enough, you manage to yell out, “Fucking hell, Kim Seokjin,” His knocks stop because you used his full name & he knew that the reason for your crying had nothing to do with the movie, “I know you cheated, you bastard!” 

Jin doesn’t say anything for a moment, but then he whispers,”What? What’re you talking about?” 

You responded to him with a laugh full of anger and sadness, because who was he to try and make himself seem like the victim here? “Cut the bullshit and check your phone, why don’tcha?” You spat out.

You resumed sobbing when you heard the quick little taps of him running towards the living room. 

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M I N Y O O N G I :

Let’s say you did the laundry. Yoongi would be out at the studio, as per usual. You had just finished folding the last of your guys’ clothes and now you’re putting it away in the drawers. 

After putting your clothes away first, you moved on to your boyfriend’s. You opened out a drawer and put his neatly folded clothes on top of the ones that were already there, and as you were smoothening it out so that there was as much space as possible to fit in all his shirts, you noticed a Victoria’s Secret tag sticking out at the bottom of the drawer. 

You immediately assumed that it was yours, but confusion filled your heart as to why it would be with Yoongi’s clothes, especially since you weren’t one to misplace things. You took it out and realized that you’ve never bought something like this. Without even thinking, you took out all of Yoongi’s clothes out of that drawer and you were surprised to find more of this lingerie hiding underneath his belongings.

You put the pieces together and came to the conclusion that he was seeing another woman behind your back. 

Anger filled your heart and suddenly you’re thrashing all his stuff around. His clothes and the other woman’s clothes were scattered all around the room, and your anger has been replaced with sadness. You took out the suitcases from your closet and started to fill it up with all your belongings as tears streamed down your face. When you were done, you placed the bags beside the door and took out a post-it & a pen, where you wrote him a message and stuck it in the middle of the mirror in your shared bedroom.

With that, you left and you didn’t bother turning back.

Yoongi would come home later on, as in late at night. He would notice a strange aura, considering that you’re usually doing something when he got home. It was quiet, and he didn’t complain about it but he would be lying if he said that it didn’t concern him. So he makes his way to the bedroom, thinking that maybe you fell asleep. Much to his dismay, he finds the room a mess with his clothes spread on the floor mixed with the clothes of his other girl’s. His eyes widened at the sight as he steps over the clothes. 

As he made his way to the middle of the room, he can make out some tear drops that were sprinkled on the hardwood too. His hands grab his hair, tugging it at the roots from the frustration reigning over him because he cheated on you and now you know. He looks around the room, not focusing on the clothes anymore, to see if you’re still around, but his eyes stop at a yellow piece of paper stuck on the middle of the mirror. 

He slowly walks over it, already feeling his heart dropping and his eyes tearing up. He takes the note in his hands, where he reads:

Don’t bother looking for me

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J U N G H O S E O K :

Let’s say you were out shopping. You would run into old classmates that you haven’t seen since high school and they invited you to eat out for lunch with them. Even though you wouldn’t consider them close friends, you accepted anyways. 

You didn’t say much to them, you just listened to whatever they were gossiping out. They were mostly talking about other classmates and what they’re doing now, and honestly, you couldn’t care less. 

At the moment, they were talking about this one popular girl that used to be in your class. At first, they mentioned what she did during school-times and complimented her looks, but now, they were talking about who she was dating. This caught your attention because according to them, she was dating someone from BTS. 

From Bangtan, you say?” You ask, and your group looks at you as if they forgot you were there. You don’t blame them for forgetting your presence though, since you haven’t said anything until now. “Which one?” 

You were interested in this because you’ve met & befriended the boys, and none of them mentioned dating anybody. As far as you were concerned, you were the only girl dating one of the members of BTS. Your relationship with Hoseok was a secret though, so it’s not like your friends knew.

Ah, I don’t recall the name,” One of the girls say. “I believe he’s in the rap line though.” 

Oh, so it would be Suga or Rap Monster?” You pressed further, not even including Hoseok as an option because you were the one dating him.

Yeah, but the names don’t ring a bell…” She responds. “What’s the name of the other rapper? Or is Suga and Rap Monster the only rappers in BTS?

Well…” You say, your mouth going dry. You lick your lips and say, “There’s also J-Hope.” 

The girl’s eyes widened & her eyebrows raised at the name as if there was a light bulb that turned on above her head. “That’s the one! J-Hope!

Your mouth dropped to a frown, and you manage to whisper. “No way… Really?” 

Wait, I have pictures saved on my phone, I’ll show you.” The girl then pulls out her phone and starts looking through her camera roll. 

When she finds the picture she was looking for, she hands her phone to you, and you had to fight back tears at the sight of your beloved boyfriend kissing another girl. Since you were in possession of the picture, you decided to send it to yourself before giving back the phone. You then excuse yourself to the bathroom, where you let yourself cry. 

You pull yourself together and take out your phone to look at the picture, which was a mistake on your part because it fueled your anger and made you cry even harder. 

You send the picture to Hoseok, where you also message him, “Is this why you wanted to keep our relationship a secret? Because you were dating her too? Well don’t worry about it anymore because we’re over.

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K I M N A M J O O N : [inspired by Day6′s “Congratulations”]

Let’s say you and Namjoon were going through a rough patch in your relationship right now. The fight that caused this rough patch wasn’t a big one, but it was enough for Namjoon to need space from you and for you to need space from Namjoon. Sure, it wasn’t good for this fight to be unfinished like this, but it was another problem for another day.

During the time that you & your boyfriend were giving each other the silent treatment, you had been accepted to a job that you applied for. Unfortunately, you had to take the train on a daily basis.

One time, on the way to work, a couple took the seat in front of you, and at first, you paid no attention to them & you were staring out of the window you were sitting behind just to kill time, but you changed your focus to look in front of you and that’s where you caught Namjoon holding hands and laughing with another girl. 

He didn’t notice you; he was still captivated on this girl. You watched him with wide eyes as he leans his nose against her temple and presses a kiss on her cheek. You scoff at the sight, rolling your eyes and looking off to the side as you crossed your arms. You didn’t bother looking towards their direction after that, and you guess that Namjoon didn’t bother looking your way too, because you can hear him having a conversation with this other woman. 

Luckily, your destination was close by, so when the train stopped, you immediately got up. Namjoon seemed to snap his eyes away from the girl and look at you, finally realizing that you were there. HIs jaw dropped a little as he watched you leave. Before the doors closed, he chased after you, leaving that other girl behind. You didn’t notice him behind you though, because you never bothered looking back. It wasn’t until he grabbed your wrist and stopped you in your tracks that you’ve come face-to-face with him.

He doesn’t say anything to you, still needing a moment to take in the fact that you saw him being affectionate with another girl. You yank your arm away from his grip.  “When you said you wanted to take a break, I didn’t know you meant breaking up.” Your voice cracked in the process of saying. “I’m gonna be late for work.” You then mumble off, “Goodbye, Namjoon.

He watched you leave, not chasing after you anymore, and you cried.

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P A R K J I M I N : 

Let’s say you were just doing a routinely clean up of your apartment. Jimin, as far as you were concerned, was at the dance studio. 

As you were jamming out to some music and vacuuming the floor, you hear your doorbell go off. You’d blink at the sound of it at first, confusing the chime with the background of your music. You even turned off the vacuum to see if it would ring again, and you were quite surprised when it did, because you don’t remember inviting anybody over.

You open the door to see a girl. You look at her in question, and you say, “Uh. Hi. Can I help you?” 

She bites her lips as she looks at you straight in the eyes, which makes you slightly uncomfortable. After a moment of silence, she brings herself to ask, “Are you dating Park Jimin? Of BTS?” 

You tilt your head at the girl, wondering why she would ask you such a question. You assume she’s a part of A.R.M.Ys who bias Jimin and happened to find your house. You hesitated to answer, but your relationship wasn’t a secret and you’ve already been seen with him in public anyways.

Yes, Jimin is my boyfriend. Why?” You respond honestly.

I’m sorry,” She whispers. “But, last weekend, he slept with me…

Your eyes widened and you didn’t know how to respond, so she continued explaining, “I don’t want to go into details about it, but the guilt was building up in me and I don’t think he plans on telling you any time soon if you’re still his girlfriend…

I, uh,” You say, still a little distraught, “Thanks, I guess. I’ll deal with him when he gets back.” Suddenly, this need for revenge takes over you and you say to the girl, “Hey, why don’t you come on in?

Jimin visits your apartment later that evening. He would’ve came sooner, but he was all sweaty from dance practice, so he went straight to the dorms to freshen up before arriving. He has a spare key to your apartment, so he doesn’t have to ring the doorbell. 

He walks into the living  casually, a small smile forming on face from the sound of you laughing with another person. He assumes you have a friend over -which wasn’t exactly the case. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees you on the same couch as the girl he had slept with just days prior, a drink of some apple cider in each other’s hands

When you two notice his presence, you say, “Aw, speaking of the devil,” You say with an exaggerated smile. You get up and walk over to him, greeting him with a kiss on the cheek before going to his side & placing your arm around his back. The other girl does the same thing, kissing his cheek and going to his other side, placing her arm behind his back.

Jiminie, this is my new best friend! Her name is— Wait a minute, you know her name, don’t you?” You say, your pettiness reaching a whole other level. “Hey,” You say, leaning forward to look at the girl, “Remind me, how do you know him again?” 

The girl finishes taking a gulp of her drink before replying, “He fucked me last weekend!” 

Oh yeah, that’s right!” You say, laughing, and the other girl laughs with you. 

Then, you and the girl  splash what’s left of your drinks on Jimin.

Now,” You say, your tone turning from forced enthusiasm to venom, “Get out of my fucking life.” 

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K I M T A E H Y U N G :

Let’s say you work at your average coffee shop. It was just another tiring morning, managing the counter.

This one girl comes in, though, and you notice that this one isn’t a regular customer. She takes a moment to glance at the menu hanging on the wall behind you before walking up to you. She then puts her phone on the counter as she tells you, “Can I get a small iced coffee, please?” 

You type it int o the register and say, “That’ll be $3.25.

She hands you three dollars, and she sets her bag on the counter to dig through for a quarter. “I know I have it here somewhere…” She mumbles, and you wait patiently for her to find it. Suddenly, her phone sets off, the vibrating startling you a  bit, and it was natural reflex to glance at whatever the source was for your jumpiness. 

You were confused to see your boyfriend pop up on her screen. “Ah, here it is!” She exclaims to herself before handing it to you. You exchange a forced smile as you take it and put it into the register. You give her the receipt with her order number and she goes off to the side to answer her phone. As you were taking the rest of the costumer’s orders, you focused an ear to listen in on the girl’s conversation.

Mixed emotions of anger and sadness took over you as you hear the girl say things like, “Tae baby,” and “I love you,” and “See you later!” 

When you finished taking the orders of the rest of the costumers, you went on to make their drinks, and as you were making the girl’s drink, you couldn’t help but write on her cup, “Tell your boyfriend that Y/n is breaking up with him.

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J E O N J U N G K O O K :

Let’s say he was on tour. He texts you when he cans and he videochats/calls you whenever it was nighttime where he is, but the long distance was really putting a damper in your relationship and you weren’t going to let it be the reason to your guys’ end. 

You’ve been talking to the other members too, and you guys all planned on flying you over to the country they’re in right now to surprise your beloved boyfriend. You were so excited to see his face when you arrive in his hotel room. As you were on the plane there, you couldn’t help but imagine scenarios of how to surprise him.

Jin picks you up from the airport, where he takes you to the hotel. You and the rest of the members meet up in front of Jungkook’s room. Jimin, who was sharing rooms with him, opened up the door for you.

Jungkookie!” Taehyung sings, “Guess who’s here for you!” 

Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung all crowded you so that your presence can still be a surprise to him. He didn’t answer, and since you can’t see anything, you were quick to assume that he was probably asleep. They waddled their way inside the room, not daring to break formation of keeping you hidden. When they stopped in front of the beds, you hear them gasp but you didn’t pay attention to it. You did find it weird though, when they didn’t part to make space for you to see Jungkook. You had to practically wiggle in between two of them to finally see your beloved boyfriend.

As you suspected, he was asleep on his bed, but his arm was around another girl. You stared a little bit longer, just noticing that they were both naked, before Namjoon covers your eyes. 

C’mon, Y/n, let’s get outta here.” He mumbles, still covering your eyes as Hoseok takes you by the hand and drags you back into the hallway.

Once they close the door to his bedroom, they all look at you for some sort of reaction, and to their surprise, you remained neutral -in fact, way too neutral. You didn’t bother to look at them before going off to your own hotel room. “Y/n-ah, wait! Where are you going?” 

You kept your head held high as you made your way to the elevators. Your room was in a different floor, after all. “I’m gonna head to my room and look for the closest flight back home,” You answer. “I’m not in the mood to see Jungkook right now, and I don’t think I can ever, so do me a favor and tell him that I’m dumping him.” You sigh, “Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be in contact with you all, and I’ll probably ask Suga to pick up his stuff from my place when you come back from tour.” 


okay so the one-shots are taking so long for me to write and i’m sorry, pls accept this bts scenario as an offering

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Author: PyromanicSchizophrenic

Summary: Your boyfriend has an Easter surprise for you. The catch? You have to find it yourself.

Warnings: Well, it’s Jacksepticeye, so language. Also, not proofread, and I have no idea why I chose this particular gif (except for how cute Jack is here)

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“(Y/n), wake up!”

You groan tiredly, rolling over and burying your face in the pillow. You don’t know how the hell your boyfriend is possibly so awake at this hour (whatever this hour is), but you do know that you are absolutely not awake with him.

“(Y/n)!” he tries again. “Come on, if I’m awake right now you can be too.” You don’t bother pointing out that his Irish accent gets thicker and more stereotypical when he’s tired, and that he sounds like he does when he’s recording a St Patrick’s day video which means he’s exhausted.

“Sean, go the fuck to sleep,” you say grouchily, lifting your head just enough for the words to not get muffled by the pillow. 

“SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” he shouts, making you jump and fall out of the bed. “Oh, good! You’re up!”

“Sean McLoughlin, if you value your life at all, you will—“ You don’t get the chance to finish your threat before he’s pulling you up, grinning that bright smile that always makes it impossible for you to stay mad at him. “Never mind,” you sigh. “‘M still tired though.”

“But it’s Easter!” Sean exclaims happily.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Is that what this is about?” You glance at the clock. It’s actually about half noon, but given Sean’s sleep schedule (and the one you now hold so that you and him are actually awake at the same time), that’s basically seven in the morning.

Sean gasps dramatically. “(Y/n)!” He sounds as if you’ve personally offended him. “This is an important Christian holiday! You can’t fuckin’ swear!”

You stare at him blankly. You know that he knows what he did, and you know he did it thinking it was funny. You’re not laughing. You aren’t.

“Oh come on, that was funny,” he says after a moment.

“You’re lucky you’re pretty, Jack-a-boy,” you say instead, patting him on the shoulder.

He bats his eyelashes at you. “Am I the prettiest?” he asks you, looking for all the world like a male beauty pageant wannabe.

“No,” you say bluntly, giggling at the dramatic way his face falls.

He perks back up quickly, though, and he grabs your hand and drags you out into the living room.

“Sean, please tell me you didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs around the apartment that you’re going to make me look for,” you say (demand) when he finally stops, throwing an arm around your shoulders.

“‘Course not,” he says flippantly, making you question the truth of the statement. “I’ve got too much editin’ to do to watch you look for eggs for two hours.” He’s right, and you do know that. You’re still wary, though.

“So what did you do?” you ask him suspiciously. “And don’t just say ‘nothing,’ you Irish bastard, I know you well enough to know that you did not wake me up at half noon solely because today is Easter with no plans for anything else.”

“I didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs,” Sean repeats, which not only doesn’t answer your question but also makes you think that he hid something else.


He just smiles innocently at you.

Sean,” you try again.

“Well, whatever it is I hid, it’s not findin’ itself,” he points out. “Would you be more willin’ to participate if I told you in my Papyrus voice?”

“No thank you,” you say after a moment. “Will you at least tell me what it is I’m looking for?”

Sean’s grin changes from innocent to a cat that got into the cream. He’s actually going to make you look for anything out of place. This is going to be a long Easter.

“Aw, come on, you love me,” he says, seeing the murder in your eyes.

“You are really testing the limits of the truth of that statement,” you inform him, getting to work looking for whatever the hell it is that he hid. “It is in this room, at the very least, right?”

“It’s not in the bedroom,” he allows, sitting down on the couch. “Other than that, every room in the apartment’s fair game.”

“Even the bathroom?” you ask, arching a brow.

“Alright, not there either.”

The bright side, you think as you check the bookcases, is that the apartment is smaller than any of the houses you grew up in (your family moved around a lot), so there aren’t that many hiding places. The downsides, of course, are that a) you have no fucking clue what the fuck you’re looking for, and b) Sean is much more creative when it comes to hiding places than your parents ever were. Also, when you’re hiding something for a (y/age)-year-old to find, you can get a lot more complicated than when you’re hiding something for a three-year-old.

“Alright, you little shit,” you say after a minute. “I’m looking in the fridge.” Sean likes hiding things in the fridge, for some fucking reason. Last week he hid your shoes in the fridge (he hid the shoes because he didn’t want to leave the apartment; you are genuinely unsure why he thought the fridge was the best place).

When you open the fridge, though, right there in a place of honor, is a note: I’m not THAT predictable haha

“I’ve got too much editin’,” you repeat mockingly, over exaggerating Sean’s accent. “I can’t watch you look fer somethin’ fer two hours.” You shut the fridge, pause, then open it again, take the note and a can of cola, then close the fridge. You crumple the note into a ball and lob it at your boyfriend’s head, nailing him right in his green hair.

“I see you got my note,” he says, turning around and grinning at you again. He’s having far too much fun with this.

Your cola’s going to turn into a beer before the end of this.

“Alright, just so I’m clear, I’m looking for something Easter-themed that is not in the bedroom or the bathroom and that’s all you’re telling me?”

“Two things,” Sean corrects. “One of ‘em’s easy, though. Wide open, can’t miss it.”

“Is anything painted to look like Sam?”

Sean’s eyes go wide. “That would have been awesome!” You’re tempted to take that as a no, but knowing him he could just be throwing you off. “But no, nothing is painted to look like Sam.”

You narrow your eyes suspiciously, but you do know that Sean wouldn’t lie to you, even about something as dumb as this. “Okay,” you say finally. “I’m going to check the office.” He stands up to follow you, and you can’t tell if that means you’re on the right track or absolutely wrong.

You open the door to the office and stop. “Sean, please tell me I’m not actually seeing that.” Sitting on the computer chair is a giant chocolate rabbit—and by ‘giant,’ the box boasts three pounds of solid chocolate. You can’t eat that much chocolate , and you are very adamant against letting Sean have any of it. He may not be as crazy in real life as he is in his videos, but more in the sense that it’s not a constant thing. If you think giving Jacksepticeye three pounds of chocolate is a bad idea, then giving Sean McLoughlin three pounds of chocolate isn’t exactly better.

“His eyes are blue like mine,” is all your boyfriend has to say in his defense.

“Sean, I’ve had normal sized chocolate bunnies with blue eyes like yours,” you argue. “That is not a valid reason for a three pound rabbit, what the fuck?”

“It’s all they had left,” he explains. “And he looked so lonely sittin’ on the shelf by himself.”

“It’s a candy rabbit, it doesn’t have feelings!”

“His name is Gerald, and he’s very offended at your attitude.”

Great, now you can’t even eat the damn thing.

You roll your eyes, but decide to just let your boyfriend befriend a three pound chocolate bunny called Gerald. As long as he isn’t eating it, he’s not harming anyone.

(Although if he eats it and then films a Happy Wheels episode for the duration of the sugar high nobody gets hurt at any point and his subs are happy.)

“Is that all that’s in here?” you ask, instead of seriously questioning why the rabbit’s called Gerald of all things.

He doesn’t answer, just shrugs, and yeah. Yeah, you’re gonna kill him before this is over.

You start looking over every inch of the office, careful not to bother any of the gifts on his shelf. You know how much they mean to him, and also that he wouldn’t hide anything anywhere where you’d need to disturb them. You also check around his recording set-up, but considerable less thoroughly. You’re a disaster around anything that has wires, and you don’t want to take down his entire career because of your clumsiness.

“Why are you like this?” you ask him as you go back out into the living room.

“Because I love you,” he answers, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your temple. “Come on, you’ve got to find it before I start recordin’.”

“I’ll find it faster if you tell me where it is,” you goad, leaning back into him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” he counters, letting go of you and sitting back down on the couch. You scowl, but start searching the apartment top to bottom anyway. His excitement’s contagious, as much as you wish it wasn’t. At any rate, your curiosity’s through the roof; Sean can be easily excited, but not so far as to be this excited about you searching the apartment for something on Easter morning (afternoon).

“You know, when I agreed to go out with you,” you start conversationally, checking the coat closet that neither of you use for much of anything, “I did not expect to be Easter hunts.”

“Exactly,” Sean says proudly. “Dating me is an adventure. You never know what to expect.”

“Also my sleep schedule gets fucked,” you add. “Like, /seriously/ fucked.”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes. It’s not a problem most of the time, but whenever you go home, not going to bed until seven am can definitely be a problem.

“You’re really enjoying watching me look for whatever the fuck it is you hid, aren’t you?”

He just grins again.

Almost an hour later, you finally—finally—find the fucking thing. It’s a plastic Easter egg, and it’s in the cabinet under the sink, perched precariously on the pipes. It’s (favorite color), and when you pick it up you can hear something rattling inside.

“I found your stupid fucking egg,” you call, walking back into the living room.

You try to pop the egg open, but it’s got scotch tape wrapped around it, keeping it shut. “Good God, you like to complicate things, don’t you?”

You start picking at the tape; there’s more of it than you’d noticed at first.

“Sean, I swear to God,” you mumble, finally getting enough of the tape that you can just unwrap the whole thing.

Your breath catches in your throat when the egg finally opens, and you see a ring settled into the bottom of one of the halves. “Sean, is this…”

You glance up at him to find him kneeling in front of you, not looking excited or mischievous anymore. Now he looks nervous, and hopeful.

“I love you, (y/n),” he says. “You’re funny, and beautiful, and the kindest soul I’ve ever met. We work so well together, both together here and when we’re apart. I’m happiest when I’m with you, no relationship I’ve ever been in has ever made me this happy before. You’re my best friend and I love you. I want to hold onto this forever. (Y/n), will you marry me?”

You try to blink back the tears that have been gathering since you got the plastic egg open, nodding and choking out a “Yes, Sean, God yes.”

He stands up and takes the ring, slipping it onto your finger as you kiss him, soft and sweet and happy.

“Happy Easter, Sean,” you whisper.

“Happy Easter, (y/n).”

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literati au where they both go to the same school (either chilton or stars hollow high)

oh goddddd you know my weakness (for the sake of these headcanons, rory and dean stayed broken up after s1)

  • okay but it’s chilton, for sure. he has still moved to stars hollow, but she meets him at school beforehand and they immediately dislike each other; something about the way she talks to much in class and covets authors that make him want to gouge his eyes out and how he seemingly does absolutely nothing but still makes higher marks than her that drives her ~crazy~ and they do nothing but argue but there’s just something they can’t pinpoint
    • (but he can’t deny the way her tights fit to her legs and how her pouty bottom lip drives him wild and her eyes – oh her eyes; she’s a leggy blue eyed angel of death)
    • (and don’t even get her started on the picture he makes; pen placed behind his ear and a paperback stuffed in his back pocket and his sleeves rolled up his forearms and devil may care way he seems to go about everything that makes her want to jostle him but also makes her want to know if those stories that madeline and louise tell her about the goings on in the deserted hallway on the west side of campus really live up to her imagination)
  • she knows it’s him who pulls the anonymous pranks – stealing all the teachers chalk, pilfering the chilton bell in headmaster charleston’s office (shout out to kris on that one), and placing all the textbooks floor to ceiling in the teachers lounge – because he pulled the same shit in stars hollow; she remembers the chalk outline outside of doose’s and how he smirked until she cracked but at least she got through to him that he shouldn’t treat luke like shit or the video store ‘rory curtain’ debacle where she had a feeling of what he put in the g-rated movie cases
    • (and when he gets caught and is forced to leave campus, he still smirks eyes dark and intense as they focus on hers while he’s leaving; he winks and she blushes, fighting to stop smiling, and she opens her locker later that afternoon surprised to find the picture placed in the video store is rolled and locked up tight away from the prying eyes of taylor)
  • they serve detention together one day, him for stealing the bell or her for sneaking in with the god forsaken Puffs, and they’re the only one’s there; sitting several tables apart in the middle of the library. she tries to focus on her homework, and he’s nose deep in a book she’s certain not for any class taken here but she can’t concentrate. he starts humming ‘sheena is a punk rocker’ under his breath, flipping his pen between his fingers and she forgot her walkman at home today and it’s distracting as hell
    • (it doesn’t help that there’s no supervision; not even the librarian who stays late to put new books away; just them and their books and the clock ticking away)
    • (he’s no longer reading, she can feel his eyes on her hunched form; she’s shucked off her sweater and pulled up her a skirt a bit, her legs stretched out in front of her and all he sees is the edges of the pleats resting against the middle of her thighs and all he can picture is himself on his knees, head resting under her skirt and fingers digging into her smooth skin)
    • (could you stop staring at me please, it’s distracting passes from her lips as she throws her pen down, done with taking notes and focusing all her attention on him; her fingers wrap up in the hem of her skirt and once again, it’s him who’s distracted)
    • (i just can’t understand why on earth you want to bore yourself with writing a paper on poetry; just say it already we’re dying here he says, as he comes closer, resting his book – “a tree grows in brooklyn” – right next to hers as he sits two chairs over, head resting on his closed fist and bottom lip bit as he look at her and her heart beat quickens and he questions his distaste for poetry with come on you have to love at least something as her blue eyes shine up at him and her hair falls over her shoulder, her lips turned up at the corners)
    • (and when he smirks, his tongue running along his bottom lip, and shakes his head ‘no’ she takes his hand, the warmth spreading through her fast, and pulls him in the direction of the poetry section and places them directly in front of Neruda; she reads a couple lines – her favourite “i want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees” – before he sticks his finger in the crease of the book, stopping her completely as he tilts her face up with a finger under her chin and his lips are on hers and a moan escapes her throat as his tongue tangles with hers and the words of love and lust and beauty make her taste like nothing he’s ever experienced)
    • (she ends up with her back pressed against the shelves, one of his hands sliding up her thigh and under her skirt and hers running along his collarbone and she lets out a breathless laugh as his mouth whispers the verses of “i crave, i want, i hunger” along the column of her neck and she just knew he had to know something)
That Other Time We Broke the Sofa

Title: That Other Time We Broke the Sofa

Genre/Rating: NC-17; smut/fluff; basically mega pwp + rimming                

Word Count: 2400 words                                              

Summary: They’ve just filmed a gaming video, and Dan is strategizing how to go about fixing the sofa. Bored by this discussion, Phil has other ideas. 


“Bye guys!” Dan huddled his legs to his chest and did a sort of bundled-up roll off the sofa. Simultaneously, Phil crashed down onto it from standing – to an audible snap.

 “I think I just broke the sofa again,” said Phil, and Dan narrowed his eyes at him, pointing an accusing finger. He was still desperately giggling as Dan went to switch off the camera. The glowing red light blinked out in the corner of his vision. He hadn’t been sure before, but when Dan sat back beside him a moment later, the sofa issued what was definitely an unhealthy noise.

 Dan sighed. “Okay, you are definitely fixing it this time around.”

 “But I don’t know how to fix the sofa,” Phil pouted, leaning heavily on Dan’s shoulder. 

 “There must be a YouTube tutorial,” said Dan. “’The Idiots’ Guide to Mending Ikea Furniture’. Or I actually think we wrote down the number for a repair guy back when moved in. It’s probably somewhere in the drawer of potentially useful but probably useless things. I’m just worried we’ll be in the middle of filming and the damn thing will give – are you even listening to me?”

 Phil was rubbing a hand up the inside of his jean-clad thigh. His head had turned into Dan’s neck from its resting position on his shoulder, lips pressing slow kisses on the underside of his jaw.  “Hmm, yes – sofa repair, very interesting.”

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“And now it begins,” said Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning.

“No,” Ned said with sadness in his voice. “Now it ends.”

Dance with Dragons Chapter 41


Jon Snow Request

Could I request a Jon Snow one shot? Where him and reader are dating despite her being arranged to marry Rob, and they get caught, Lady Stark is furious and is going to exile Jon, but Ned saves you two. And it gets super fluffy :) Please and thanks :)

You’ve been at Winterfell for three years now.

Betrothed to Robb for 4 months.

And secretly seeing Jon for almost a year.

At first, when your betrothal to Robb had been made, you and Jon had broken things off, saying that the two of you couldn’t do this and that it needed to stop. But, after a month of trying, you two knew you couldn’t keep away from each other. You two were in love and being near each other but not being able to be together was too hard. So, you two snuck around for the past 3 months. Living and loving in secret.

You listened in your room to the silent castle, it was very late at night and everyone was asleep. You put on your nightgown, grabbed a candle, and padded your way down to the kitchen. That is where you and Jon had agreed to meet each other tonight.

You sat alone in the dark kitchen waiting for Jon. The castle was still quiet and you felt that you needed a late night snack. You gazed the food that lined the walls looking for something to eat. A pair of warm hands grabbed your sides and gave you a squeeze. You jumped and squealed a little at the unexpected presence. “Jon,” you sighed and smacked his arm, “not funny.”

“Sorry love,” he said between laughs, “but it was pretty funny.” You put a stern face on and gave him narrowed eyes. “Oh, come here,” he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

“I’m tired of doing this, Jon,” you whispered into his chest. “I’m tired of us having to hide. I’m tired of me having to pretend I’m excited and eager about making wedding plans. I’m tired of pretending I’m not in love with you.”

“I know, Y/N. I know. But, there’s really nothing we can do. You are promised to Robb.”

“That she is,” you two turned to the entrance to the kitchen.

“R-Robb,” you stuttered and pushed yourself away from Jon. “What are you doing here?”

“Came to get something to drink; couldn’t sleep. And, to my surprise I find you and my bastard brother,” he said angrily, “getting together. How long has this been going on?”

“Robb,” Jon stepped in front of you a little.

“How long?!” You shuddered at his yelling.

“A year, brother.”

“I should have you exiled for this!”

“Robb, please, you’ll wake everyone,” you said timidly.

“I don’t care if I wake up the King on his throne! This is ridiculous.”

“Robb,” you heard Lady Catelyn’s voice walking towards the kitchen, then she appeared in the doorway, “what’s going on here,” she looked from her son to you and Jon. “Y/N?”

Ned appeared in the kitchen next. “What’s with all the shouting? You’ll wake your sisters.”

“I’ll tell you what’s going on,” Robb spat, “Jon and Y/N have been seeing each other for a year in secret. I caught them together in the kitchen.”

“Y/N,” Lady Stark gasped, “you’re a lady…and you’ve chosen to take up with a bastard?!”

“Cate,” Ned warned but she continued talking.

“We’ve given you two everything you could ever want and this is how you treat us? This is how you treat Robb?”

“Robb, Cate, both of you need to calm down. You are letting your ego get the best of you Robb. I know you feel no love for Y/N. If anything this could be better for you; you can find a girl you really love and marry her. Cate, Jon and Y/N have done nothing wrong, they’ve fallen in love and nothing can stop a person from doing that.” Then he addressed you and Jon. “Y/N, you know Jon is a bastard and therefore has nothing to properly give you if you two should marry. But, if you two wish for that, the family will support you and will give you comfort in Winterfell. Now, to bed with all of you,” he took Catelyn’s arm and lead her out of the kitchen. Robb stood looking at the ground and at the two of you, the followed suit and left.

“Did…did they just give us permission to be together?”

“I think so…” Jon said. After a moment to let that set in you two ran together and hugged each other as if you were finally free. “We can be together now. We don’t have to hide.”