you know nothing else


I get why you did it. Why you took it.

haikyuu!! karasuno music taste headcanons
  • Daichi – U2 is his favorite, and he enjoys anything that can be classified as dad rock. also enjoys some 80s/90s first wave alternative like R.E.M. and The Cure, but grunge is too edgy for him so Nirvana is where he draws the line
  • Suga – Coldplay fanboy. don’t bring up A Rush of Blood to the Head, he’ll be talking for days. also enjoys singer songwriters like Jazon Mraz and Ed Sheeran. he’s open to most everything Daichi likes, and goes to Daichi for recommendations when he needs a little variety
  • Asahi – loves Sufjan Stevens and feels connected to him on a spiritual level. also listens to Wilco, Bon Iver, Neutral Milk Hotel, Björk, the sound of his tears slowly dripping into his dark roast, 4′33″ by John Cage literally at all times 
  • Noya – EDM. he doesn’t know the names of any of the artists or songs. he just pulls up a playlist on spotify or pandora and puts it on shuffle
  • Tanaka – heavy metal and gangster rap. nothing in between. whichever he’s listening to depends on his mood. and what music for what mood? no one knows or wants to find out
  • Ennoshita – similar taste Suga, also enjoys Coldplay a lot and piano rock in general, such as Keane, Augustana, Five for Fighting, etc. he and Suga and Daichi are always recommending stuff to each other
  • Kags – Imagine Dragons
  • Hinata – top 40. isn’t really much of a music guy. he mostly turns on the radio for background noise or something. 
  • Tsukishima – he’s always listened to Akiteru likes. mostly alternative stuff like Young the Giant, Death Cab for Cutie, Manchester Orchestra. his favorite band is Weezer, but exclusively their lo-fi earlier stuff, namely the blue album
  • Yamaguchi – tries to enjoy what Tsukki likes but isn’t emo enough so he mostly sticks to Ed Sheeran. if he tries to talk to Tsukki about music, Tsukki will usually go off on some kind of rant or critique and he’ll get lost


  • Ukai – shamelessly obsessed with Dave Matthews Band
  • Kuroo – ironically listened to what Tsukishima likes so that he could make fun of him for it, but ended up liking it as well
  • Bokuto – no one really knows actually
  • Oikawa – you’ve never heard of them anyway
letters to a friend
  • aries: i'm sorry that we fought during our last year together. i miss you so much, and will always cherish our drunk days together.
  • taurus: god, you are absolutely gorgeous. your voice makes me melt. why do you always fight, even if you know you are wrong?
  • gemini: why do you keep me at arms length? why don't you let yourself really, fully connect with anyone? i understand adaptation, but sometimes it really is too much.
  • cancer: do you understand that i am not trying to hurt you? please stop fighting me when i try to see past your protective shell. i simply want to care for you.
  • leo: you even look like the sun; you radiate like nothing else. i know you love with every fiber of your being, but that is no reason to let someone take advantage of you.
  • virgo: sometimes criticism is good, but don't you think you push it? please do not try to fix me; i am not broken. i miss you.
  • libra: you push away people that actually care about you, and for what? for a sign that represents a scale, you really do not understand balance. let yourself be cared for.
  • scorpio: you do not let anyone really understand your mind and heart as a whole, and shatter yourself like glass to protect who you are. don't you think this is counterproductive? please try to keep yourself whole.
  • sagittarius: i understand the pursuit of knowledge, but sometimes you take the way you feel as a fact. you know that not everything you say is based upon factual evidence, and somehow you convince everyone that your way is the right way. why don't you try letting someone else convince you for a change?
  • capricorn: you do not let your emotions influence anything you do, which is admirable, but sometimes you need to listen to them. the world is made up of facts, but feelings make the world go 'round.
  • aquarius: why do you treat your lovers like friends? you are afraid of losing your individuality in another person, and detach yourself instead. please let yourself love.
  • pisces: you see the face of everyone who has ever hurt you on someone who really actually cares for you. i understand a victim complex, but you're not just hurting yourself by thinking this way.

So as an NFP instructor, I am surprised at myself for not correcting people whenever they called those Women’s March hats “vagina hats”.

Vulva. It’s the vulva. The vagina is the muscular tube that is inside the body. A vagina hat would be, like, a paper towel roll painted reddish pink and taped to a beanie.

It takes courage to exist. So you, reading this right now, thank you for existing. No matter what anyone says, you are so strong and I’m proud of you.
—  ~Me to each and every one of you individually 💕
Safe and Sound - Unknown/MC Fluff Fanfic

Wow guys, it’s been a whole month since I posted anything that wasn’t Everlasting Party >_< I actually wrote this over a week ago between chapters as a bit of a break, but I tweaked it before adding it here so it’s less of an abstract idea (though I don’t really have any context around it, I just wanted to write an Unknown/MC lolol).

Spoiler-free if you know who Unknown is since I mention his name but nothing else related to him. Probably best read after Seven’s route, though. 10+ fluff :)

You still aren’t asleep when you hear the door open and someone’s footsteps approach the bed. You don’t have to roll over to know it’s Saeran. The mattress creaks under his weight as he lays down.

It’s silent for a long while and all you hear is his breathing. It’s hard to tell if he’s asleep or not. At last you roll over slightly and glance at him over your shoulder. His back is to you so all you see are his shoulders and red hair that’s still half-bleached at the ends. He hasn’t pulled the covers over himself, as though he’s afraid of tugging them away from you. You sit up slightly and drape the blanket over his body before snuggling under them yourself.

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I romanticize everything,
through rosy neon eyes.
I am the soft blush of spring,
(so tender in it’s youth.)

You are so harsh,
in your half truths chased by swigs of whiskey.
(We grow out of our lies, but they still wear us like a second skin.)

Do you love the burn or have you grown so accustomed that  you know nothing else?
(or do you not want to?)

Give me your calloused hands love,
and I’ll give you my innocent supple flesh.
Take it all, I don’t want it anymore.
(If I can’t have you darling)

In the morning,
let me wash down your vodka kisses with coffee.
I’ll soothe your fevered looks as,
your cigarette hands burn me.
(I’ll be your ashtray forever more)

I am the water that puts out your flame.
The shore that accepts your hard raging waves,
and the tsunami you ensue.
(drown me out)

I am the flowers your wind rustles,
the valley that catches your currents.
(carry me away)

I am the mountain buried under your snow.
the volcano that remains intact under your lava flows.
(burn me up)

I was here long before you,
and will be here long after.
(I long for your hand to hold).

I wish you would stay,
for who else will soothe your rage?
(I yearn for it, your heady touch)

—  What is a goddess to a boy so drunk on his own mortality? (blind to love, I fold in prayer)

Me: I should watch other anime, you know, broaden my horizons

Me to me: Rewatch Yuri!!! On Ice. Nothing else deserves to be watched.

Yuri on ICE Ep 12 song probably

*Victuuri fandom sings and cries at the same time*

Listen to your heart, Yuri
When Victor’s calling for you
Listen to your heart
There’s nothing else you can do
We don’t know where you’re going
And we don’t know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him “goodbye”


shimada (+1 mchanzo) doodle dump.. all i can say about these is that im sorry

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get to know me meme » favorite movies [2/5] - Moulin Rouge! (2001)

There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy. They say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea. A little shy and sad of eye but very wise was he. And then one day, a magic day, he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”.


Nightshifts like this were more than annoying. Nothing happend, so all you did was standing on a roof, watching the mundanes living their life without knowing you were watching and protecting them.

As therw was nothing else to see, you watch the mundanes and their little life dramas.
“God, mundanes are so easily affected by mean comments. No sense of self control”, Jace commented as he watched an argument bellow and you looked at him speechless.
“Jace your parabatai invented the bitchface. You’re one to talk.”

For a second he thought about your words but then he smirked.
“Good Point.” 

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Caffeine #12

This is not the greatest of my caffeine challenges, but when I saw the roots prompt, I remembered that Yggdrasil exists and I wanted to do something based around that. Hence a ton of mostly unknown Norse mythology thrown into a story.

They say you never forget your roots, but you did.


You take three steps down the street, and then you hear it.

Hello, sister, whispers the oak tree on the corner.

You don’t answer.

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