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Ok, I didn't understand issue #14. Spidey has become so aggressive because the his soul is broken? It's all connected with the deal that Wade had done with Death to save Peter Parker's life? Can you explain me please? Thank you! (sorry English is not my language)

There is still some mystery going on, so we’ll have to wait to know what is really going on.

But this : 

And this : 

lead me to believe Mephisto messed with Spidey’s soul while he was dead. (unless Weasel was talking about Mysterio pulling Spidey’s soul into limbo, or even Itsy Bitsy? But Mephisto would also make sense)

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Oh my gosh I can’t believe it! This guy shares the…

Well then, happy belated birthday or should say buon compleanno @ikathemadhatter !*throws confetti*  (at least I know that phrase and just a couple of words in Italian xD)

Woah, that’s so awesome that you share a birthday with a character and you are also from Italy like Gil and Ray :D Thank you as well for sharing that info about the movie. I like how the character’s abilities are so cleverly named, having 2 readings to them that give more depth to their theme.

Oh and the thing with the body language, glad to hear that it’s accurate :D

Man I just love how those two work together! It’s so cute how they high five a lot and I like their mischievous grin xD

Also, I found it interesting that when Gil lends a hand, Ray can make still make his ability work, which makes me wonder if he can only do this just with Gil.
They are quite an interesting pair :D