you know not to believe this weasel

Rivalry Sickfic Sentence Starters
  • “You’re slow today.”
  • “Is that all you’ve got? No wonder you’re always in second place.”
  • “It’s gonna take more than a few all-nighters to surpass me. But seriously, you look like you could have used the sleep.”
  • “You look even worse than usual. And that’s saying something.”
  • “I’m only here because (Character) asked me to make sure you don’t die.”
  • “You’re seriously out of shape. I’ve barely even broken a sweat, and you look like you’re about to pass out.”
  • “Right, I’m supposed to believe that you just so happened to get sick on the day we’re supposed to work together? I know you don’t like me, but give me some credit; I’m not stupid.”
  • “I’m fine. Just, being around you gives me a headache.”
  • “It’s just a cold; don’t try to weasel out of this competition by acting like you care.”
  • “Something as small as a fever wouldn’t stop (Character), so I’m not going to let it get the best of me, either. If I back down now, I’ll never hear the end of it.”
Things I loved about Dan and Phil's Easter Baking- Pastel Lemon Meringues

- The little song at the beginning about the softness of Easter and spring

- And then Phil ruined it by saying “baby weasel”

- Phil not knowing what they were baking (“??? pastel ,,, lemon? Easter,,?)

- “You look like you’re going to a dog funeral Dan”


- Phil wearing lil bunny ears 🐰

- Dan grabbing his overall straps

- The return of that horrendous bunny head

- Dan throwing all the ingredients at Phil (“caTCH”)

- D+P not knowing what cornflour is (“milk a corn”)

- “You were just tweaking the nipple of the lemon”

- “Let me sniff it”

- Phil shoving the whisk in Dan’s face (can’t believe he hasn’t seen the video omfg)

- The fucking.. purple duck,,, oven gloves or whatever idek

- The dramatic music playing while Dan attacked Phil with a spoon

- Seriously Dan that wasn’t fair

- U r hurting Phillip

- “protip” “NOOO”

- And immediately after, “Satan, help us bake”

- Using “fluff” instead of “fuck”

- Phil spilling the caster sugar all over the floor jfc

- Love my clumsy son

- Wouldn’t be a baking video without Dan zooming in on Phil’s flour-covered crotch

- (Seriously how did flour get there. Wtf)

- They should have bought an electric mixer

- Dan freakING THE FUCK OUT when Phil did the upside down test

- “No whacking”


- Phil’s complete inability to pipe meringues

- The bunny voice overs


- Phil sticking his hand into dan’s overalls and going “mpreg fic” 😏

- “Someone’s lactating blood”

- The lil basket full of the meringues

- “You can see my actual orgasm face-mmMMM”


- What a treasure. Honestly

Avenging Angel: Part 17

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15 – Part 16

This time it was you who left the comment. It wouldn’t be long before t9 got back to you. Whoever they were, t9 never seemed to be very far from the computer. They would see your message quickly and contact you.

Sure enough, not even ten minutes passed before a new chat popped up on your borrowed email.

HalezLuvRye: Find anything? –t9

UnionBabe: HalezLuvRye? Really? You couldn’t find a better email handle to borrow? –Up6Dn

HalezLuvRye: Speak for yourself Union Babe.

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Happy Birthday Chanyeo-

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Chanyeol

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,265

Summary:  Fluff, reader request. Chanyeol imagine where you’re both idols and you surprise him onstage for his birthday. 

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Laurel is almost at school when her phone rings.

- Hey, it’s me.

Laurel nearly drops her own phone on the sidewalk.

- Brook! Where are you? Sandra is going crazy at home!

- Yeah, I imagine she is. I’ve really put a damper on her plans with my absence.

She fills her friend in on what happened last night. 

Brook: I’m not going back to her, Laurel. I know I can go to the police, but I don’t think they’ll believe me. I mean, I can’t be the only teenager who has issues with the person taking care of them. And you know how good Sandra is at weaseling out of tight situations.

- Yeah, I do. You’re right. You can’t come back. All your stuff is here though.

- I know…

- I’ll figure out a way to get it to you, don’t fret.

Brook: No! Don’t put yourself in danger!

Laurel laughs.

- I won’t. I can’t bring you everything, anyways. Just something so you aren’t empty-handed. And I’ll fill Mom and Dad in on everything. I’m sure they’ll do their best to hinder Sandra for as long as she is here.

Brook: Thanks. And stay safe, please.

Secret - Seungcheol angst

@kimtaehyungssmile ngl 나비 I’m getting kind of sick of writing your url. Can we all just know that every gif I use from now on is from this person? Cheers


“Jagiya, I’m home in two days! Are you excited?” Seungcheol said happily, his pixelated face grinning widely. You nodded absentmindedly, mind otherwise preoccupied.

Did you remember to lock the café up…?


Shit, did I clean up that spill? Jaehyuk would kill me if he got there first, I need to wake up extra early to check-


“Hmm?” you asked, snapping out of your reverie.

“Are you okay? You seem really out of it today… Well, you have for a few weeks now. Is everything okay?”

No. Nothing was okay. By father’s drinking habits were getting out of hand, the bills were being left unpaid and my school debts were building up. My father couldn’t work due to his drinking problem and you were only working minimum wage - even if you had four jobs, it wasn’t enough. It was never enough.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, jagi, I’ve not been getting enough sleep lately. I am excited that you’re coming back, Seungcheol! I haven’t seen you for ages!” you whined, pouting slightly. He laughed, forgetting what he was concerned about, adjusting his laptop slightly.

“I know, baby, it’s been too long. But don’t worry, you’ll be in my arms again soon.”


“Y/N! Break’s over, we’ve got customers to serve!” Jaehyuk shouted and you sighed, raising your head from the counter where you had been resting it. “I’m not paying you to sit around, get to work!”

“Sorry, sorry…” you muttered, grabbing a notepad and pen, stowing it in the front pocket of your apron and leaving the back room to deal with snotty, rude customers.

As always, Jaehyuk’s café was busy. You were snapped at, shoved and pushed in the crowd, dropped a few dishes, groped, shouted at by a red-faced Jaehyuk, and by the end of your shift, you were completely ready for bed.

You threw a grim smile to the other waitress that worked at the same time you did as you parted ways in the back room after putting your aprons in lockers and gathering your things.

You were walking out of the café alone, bringing your coat in closer to your body as the harsh cold air bit at any exposed skin. You made a right, tucking your chin into your jacket and walking at a quick pace to get to the next restaurant where you worked as a waitress too. This job was your favourite as the chef that worked at the same time you did had a soft spot for you and often gave you a cake or some other delicacy to take home with you.

At least, that was the plan.

“Y/N.” you heard and your head snapped to the left to see who had said your name, heart dropping to your feet and bouncing back up into your throat when you saw Seungcheol leaning against an unfamiliar car, arms crossed.

“Seungcheol…” you breathed, hardly daring to believe it. “What are you doing here? You’re a day early!”

“I was going to surprise you, but you got there first.” he said and you frowned, noticing the coolness in his tone.

“What? What are you talking about?” you asked, stepping closer to him.

“Four jobs, Y/N? Four? Without telling me?” he questioned and your cheeks burnt with shame and embarrassment.


“Yeah, oh. Did you think I wasn’t going to find out?”

“How did you even find out? Nobody else knows except for… You spoke to my sister?” you asked, outraged.

“I did! I let myself into your apartment to surprise you, only to find that you had left your little sister alone with no adult, to work! Why are you even doing this, Y/N? To pay for your father’s drinking habits?”

“I can’t believe you weaseled the truth out of my little sister! That’s low.”

“Well, I clearly wasn’t going to get it from you, was I?” he snapped.

You stared up at him in silence, clenching your jaw together.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped or something!” he asked, pushing himself off from the car.

“You have your own problems to deal with, Seungcheol, I didn’t want to bother you with my mindless worries.”

“This isn’t mindless!” he protested but you shook your head.

“It is, compared to what you have to work with. You’re the leader of a progressively famous band with twelve other people to look after. That’s a lot to deal with. I’ve got my own things to deal with.”

“That’s not fair, Y/N. I’m your boyfriend, I should know if something this big is bothering you.”

“Seungcheol, please, just drop it. You’re here and I’m really glad but I don’t have the time for this right now. Have you been to see your family yet?”

“Wow, you’re blowing me off? For what? Why are you busy?”

“I’m late for work.”

This time it was hit turn to stare you down. He just stood there, looking deep into your eyes.

“What is it you need? Is it money? Because you know I can pay for whatever you want-”

“No, Seungcheol,” you said, making him frown. “I don’t want to owe you anything.”

“You owe me a peace of mind right now, how’s that?”

“Money is worth more than peace of mind.”

“Doesn’t feel like it.”

“Seungcheol, please, just… Let me deal with this on my own.”

“Why are you so adamant that I don’t help you? I feel so useless right now, knowing you’re barely scraping by when I’m off touring around the country. Do you know how shitty that feels?”

“No, I don’t,” you said dryly. “Please just… Stop this. I’m really late for my shift.”

“Y/N, c’mon. You’re being unreasonable-”

“No! I’m not!” you suddenly yelled, making him jump and raise his eyebrows at you.

“Y/N, I’m just trying to-”

“No, Seungcheol, you’re not listening to me! I don’t want your help, I didn’t ask for it! I’ve told you to drop it and you still haven’t!”

“You haven’t even told me why you don’t want my help!”

“Because it’s embarrassing! You’re S.Coups, a budding international superstar and I’m nothing! I’m just a struggling twenty year old nobody with money problems, four jobs that do nothing and not enough money to move out of this hell hole! How am I supposed to tell you all that after spending two months away?”

“Then don’t see me as S.Coups! I’m Seungcheol, your boyfriend, and you’re making it so difficult to look after you properly!”

I don’t want looking after!” you screeched, the sheer force and volume of your voice making him take a step back in shock.

He stared at you, his brow furrowing deeply and the muscle in his jaw working furiously. You could see his brain working, either thinking hard about what to do next or he was controlling himself from bursting and saying something unforgivable.

“Fine.” he snapped, turning and opening the door of the car he was previously leaning on.

“Where are you going?” you asked, almost afraid of his answer.

“You don’t want my help, so why should I give it to you? I’m fucking done.” he said, turning his head to look in your direction, but he wouldn’t look into your eyes.

“Done? Done with what?” you were terrified. Was he leaving you? You didn’t want that - you needed him like you needed air and if he was going to leave you… You didn’t know what you would do. “Done with… Me?” you asked, voice trembling and eyes filled with tears.

He finally dragged his eyes up to meet yours, face stiffening slightly. He turned away, shaking his head slightly as he stepped into the car.

“Done with you.” were his final words to you as he shut the car door behind you, pulling away. You watched the taillights of the car disappear around the corner before you broke down, heavy sobs bursting from your mouth. You sunk down to your knees, hands scrabbling pathetically at your neck as you struggled to breathe.

He was gone. He was gone. He had left you. He’s gone.

“We’ve heard them all talk about Dust, and they’re so afraid of it, and you know what? We believed them, even though we could see that what they were doing was wicked and evil and wrong… We thought Dust must be bad too, because they were grown up and they said so. But what if it isn’t? What if it’s…”

Laura Spencer (Illustrates)
Acrylic + Glitter on Panel
Prints Available

anonymous asked:

Can you please write one where harry made her promise that she would take her medicines( it can be of anything) bc the doctor strictly asked her to but she doesn't and Harry scolds her when he finds out she didnt bc scolding/angry harry would be so hot!!!hajfjsks! And she is just being more stubborn when he's like angry at her so he tries to treat her like a child and be soft with her and after many pleading and requests she does at the end PLSSSSS DO THIS ONE YOURE SOMEONE WHO CAN WRITE THIS!!

Thank you for putting this in my hands! i really liked writing this, think it turned out nicely. hope you feel the same! 

[01] “Well then you’re the thick one…” 

Saturdays weren’t supposed to be difficult. Not when the sun was out after days of rain and one where it hailed particularly hard. There shouldn’t have been anything difficult about today or the beautiful morning that had peacefully poured into a pretty afternoon. There was no reason for anything being difficult or seemingly aggravating. Harry thought so at least, but he knows his wife is pretty crafty and skillful when it comes to aggravating.

It’s when she’s on the couch, feet crossed on the table in front of her that he knows that this morning will be another one of those mornings. It will be one of those dreadful ones because she’s got three bananas on her plate and two grapefruits. And by now, Harry knows what that means.

He heads over to kitchen cabinet above the sink. The one that’s been filled with all the supplements and vitamins she needs to take during her pregnancy. And Harry stresses, needs her to everyday….but to no avail. 

She hasn’t. Not all the ones she needs to take. And it’s been a war every morning, a war they never settle or sign a truce over.

Every night Harry puts the ones she’s supposed to take in the little tray marked for the next day. So when he walks downstairs this morning and sees the ‘S’ for Saturday tray still full of the one vitamin she’s supposed to take he knows she hasn’t taken it today. Just like yesterday, fought her on that as well. 

“For fucks sake! Again!” He paces towards her. 

“Don’t swear, baby can hear at this stage already.” She turns her eyes back to the television program.

“It won’t! Not if you don’t take this damn thing.” 

“Actually that vitamin is for—” She begins the war. 

“I don’t care what it is or isn’t for, you need to take it.”

“I will.” She shrugs. “Didn’t say I wasn’t going to.” 

“No, no.” He shakes his head the second she lies. “Now.”

“I can take it whenever I want, that’s what the doctor said. Doesn’t have to be now.” She says carving through her grapefruit with a spoon. 

“Now.” He repeats.

“Impatient thing aren’t you?”

“Going to watch you too.”


“Go on, said you would right?” He tests her words, the ones she didn’t mean. 

“I will! Do you think I’m lying?” She turns to him angrily. 

“Yes, that’s exactly what I think.” He chuckles exhaustedly, it’s the same thing everyday. 

“Well that isn’t nice of you at all.” She looks at him innocently. “Not nice at all.” 

“I don’t care about being nice right now.”

“I don’t accuse you of lying!” She brings out her nonexistent leverage. 

“You always have to do this don’t you?” He pours her a glass of water because she will be taking this pill. “Always have to turn it on me so I’m the bad guy. This isn’t about me! It’s about you and our baby!”

“Nobody said you were the bad guy.” She shrugs. “You said you were the bad guy.” She points. “And as of right now I’m agreeing with your statement, because you’re not pleasant right now.”

“Sorry about that.” He says with no sincerity backed behind it at all.

“And now you’re accusing me?” She pretends to choke up. “Going on about me being a liar and lying to you?” Her voice goes weaker, a controlled weaker. “That’s really low, picking on the pregnant lady. Your pregnant lady!”

“Are you done?” He chuckles. “Done being an actress?”

“Was good wasn’t it?” She grins. “Not the only actor in this family now are you?”

“How many have you taken since you got the prescription refilled? And you better say it was twelve because you got it twelve days ago.”

She thinks hard, looks at him as she twirls her spoon into the half of the grapefruit. Trying to find a way out of this. And she finds one, not the best one. But the quickest one she can find because she got the idea from whatever show she’s watching.

“I reserve my right to evoke the fifth amendment.” She goes back to eating her grapefruit.

“You would wouldn’t you?” He rolls his eyes. She’s been watching far too many law television series. And now she can just about weasel her way out of anything.

“It’s my right.” She shrugs.

“Well we’re not in the bloody states!”

“I’m American, that is my American right. It’s in the bill of rights, part of the constitution, look it up if you don’t believe me.” She shrugs. A small part of her hoping he does go look it up and let her be. 

“Love I know your head gets all fuzzy now that you’re pregnant but we are in London right now.”

“I know that.” She fakes a grin. “My feet are swollen but my head isn’t.”

“And we don’t have a constitution.”

“Why do you think I evoked my American right then?” She smiles. “Should really think about making one. I think it’d be a nice thing for you all to have.” She peels back her banana.

“You’re a pain in the ass you know that? My ass to be more specific.”

“Well then you’re the thick one for, A marrying me and B getting me pregnant.” She swallows her chunk of banana. 

“Just please take it.”

“It tastes so bad.” She whines. She’s had to do it for months now and recently it isn’t agreeing with her anymore. Maybe it’s that nonsense Harry read to her about taste buds changing when expecting. It isn’t nonsense now and she isn’t above bringing it up in their war. 

“You haven’t got to taste it! You just have to swallow it!”

“But I can taste some of it and it makes me feel sick. Actually sick, five months ago type of a sick.” 


“Go on, you try it! If you think it isn’t bad, I wanna see you do it!”

“I’m not the one with a baby inside of me!”

“Really? Because today you’re being a bit short fuzed…hot tempered too, if I hadn’t known you weren’t I swore—”


“No cursing.” She glares.

“Please just take it.”

“I read online that if you eat plenty of bananas s’like the same thing.” She waves her banana peel.

“It isn’t.” He says shortly.

“Yeah and how would you know?” She tests. 

“Because you aren’t eating dozens of bananas!”

“I can start!” She argues. 

“Take the damn thing!”

“Aren’t you this big advocate for all things natural and—”

“I’m not having you eat twenty bananas! I highly doubt that’s healthy for our baby.”

“I heard spinach also—”

“No! You’re going to take this!”

“Are you gonna shove it down my throat then?”

“Am I going to have to?”

“Your hand is too big to—”

“Christ.” He rubs the ache away from his forehead.

“I’ve got a small mouth!”

He looks at her for a bit. Not glaring or anything. Just looks at her. He knows he has to approach this differently now. If he’s going to be like this she’s only going to react the same way. She’s stubborn by nature, always has been and he knows by now that spats like these need a change of scenery. A change of approach at some point. Because they both aren’t going to win with swords. Just won’t work. 

“Love, let’s try something else alright?” He sits down next to her. “No yelling, shouting, none of that.”

“Sounds nice.” She sets down her half eaten banana. 

“Just listen to me. S’all you have to do, not much. Just listen.” Although by now he knows that one of his wife’s hardest struggles is listening. Especially to him.


“Just listen for fu—”

“You better end that sentence with a PG word.”

“Are you listening to me? Just listen.”

“Just let me eat my grapefruits and bananas in peace.” She whines. “I’m tired, I didn’t sleep well because blimps don’t sleep and I—” 

“Won’t bother you once you do. Won’t bother you for the whole day.”

She looks down at her plate, the one balancing on her bump. She’s found one thing to like about her swollen belly, makes one hell of a table. She doesn’t have to reach far for her next bite and she’s content this way.

“The whole day?” She grins. The whole day of just sitting on this couch, watching her programs and eating more grapefruits.

“The whole day.” He promises. “Won’t even ask you if want a snack.”

“But I like snacks.”

“Just listen to me.” He reminds her…she wanders sometimes. 

“Ok, I’m listening.”

“You need to take this love. I know you’re reading up on all these other mums that are eating other things or odd things instead. And how the vitamins aren’t necessary because it’s all one big conspieracy and we’re just blind consumers of the big industries. And I know it doesn’t taste as good as grapefruits or bananas but you need to. And by you I mean our baby. It isn’t meant for you, s’meant for our baby.” 

“I know that it’s meant for the baby.”

“Our baby.” He takes the plate off her big tummy.

“Our baby.” She repeats.

“It’s for our baby’s brain right?”

“And the spine.” She adds.

“Promised me you would take them when you got em’.”

“That was before I tasted them.”

“Love please. You can ask the doctor next time we go, if there’s a substitute but for now there isn’t. Not a medically proven one I trust. And I’m no doctor, get squirmy at the sight of blood right? But I know eating a dozen bananas isn’t right. So please, love. For all of us? Do it for all of us?”

She glares at him, glares because he won this one. Glares because he’s right, really right. She’ll give him that. And there’s no more amendments to use and he’s looking at her with his puppy eyes and she’s caving. 

“I’ll take it.”

“Yeah?” He grins.

“But not on its own, no way. Want a cookie with it.”

“We have cookies.”

“Bring one over then.”

And he laughs, laughs as he watches his wife take a bite of a cookie, swallow down the pill and take another big bite of a cookie.

“Chew slowly love.” He laughs.

“Now you’re telling me how to take it too!” Her wanted yell is muffled by chocolate chips. “The audacity!”

“Is it down?” He asks, checking she isn’t messing with him. Because he can never be sure with her.

She swallows, “it’s down.”

“Show me.”

“Are you ser—”

“Show me.”

She opens her mouth, her small mouth to show him.

“Anything under your tongue?” She shows him there isn’t. And he’s breathing right again, all is settled. “Going to do this everyday right? Until he or she is here?”

“Yeah.” She rolls her eyes. “Until he or she is here.”

“Good girl.” He kisses the side of her forehead before getting up.

“Where are you going?”

“Said you didn’t want me bothering you after you took it down?”

“And you believed me?” Her eyes widen.

“Thought you wanted—”

“For an actress who isn’t an actress I’m pretty talented.” She grins. “Should reevaluate your career choice…let me be one instead.” She picks up the second half of her grapefruit. “Might not be as good at it as you think.” She smirks.

“Do you want me here or not?” He tries to hide his smile. She’s pretty damn funny for seven months in. She’s always been funny now that he thinks harder. Always had this wit to her that pains his ass sometimes but usually not at all.

“Want you here.” She says. “Bring the cookies too. Don’t just want you here.”

He does bring the cookies to her and another grapefruit because she isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

“Gonna be a smart one now aren’t you?” He rubs her bump, the one she uses as a table. “Have a good sized brain and everything now that your mum remembered all about you.”

“Yes, because I forgot. Forgot why I had this massive bump that follows me everywhere. Totally blanked on why I can’t drink wine or why I’ve got to sleep with a funny pillow.”

“S’what I said.” He smirks.

“I hope he or she isn’t as annoying as their father. A smart ass too, no one likes a smart ass.”

“Well then you’re the thick one for A marrying me and B letting me get you pregnant.” He says in her voice, in her voice that he loves. And she can’t do anything, say anything because he speaks the truth. The prettiest truth. And she did say yes to all those things…and there isn’t an amendment to get her out of this one. 

Anything You Want Baby


@abbie-madeley :Could you do a deadpool x reader where reader is pretty much a prostitute, but also a mercenary and they meet on a kill mission and he recognises her …. or something like that, up to you??

A/N: I am going to have so much fun with this! P.S I would like to add that this is pre-Project X Wade.


Originally posted by whothehellisbxckyy

Wade was sat at the bar, nursing his whiskey. His latest hit had been a success and he was ready to relax and have some fun.

“To your left” Weasel nodded his head to the hot piece that had just entered the room.

Whistles sounded out from the rough criminals as you sauntered by and one dared to put his hand on your ass.

“Hey baby, wanna fuck?” his beer breath washed over your ear.

Wade was about to get up to save you but just as he went to stand up, you grabbed the hand of the creep and twisted his arm behind his back.

“Wanna say that again baby?” you sneered at him, gripping his arm tighter.

“N-no” he stuttered and you threw him to the ground, stepping over him in your black heels.

Wade was sure he was in love- who the fuck was this girl?

You saddled up to the bar and held your hand out.

“What can I get you?” Weasel asked you as he slung a towel over his shoulder.

“Vodka” you breathed, it had been a rough night.

“I`d like to buy the lady a drink” Wade switched seats to sit next to you.

“No thanks” you replied, sipping your drink.

You had had enough of men today.

“No problem” Wade sighed, knowing not to fuck with you.

You instantly perked up at the notion that a man accepted the fact that you said no. Not even paying attention to him, you just dismissed him but you realized that might have been a mistake.

Looking at him, he was fine as fuck. His toned arms were accentuated by his black t-shirt, and his face was chiseled and handsome.

Hot damn

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“You think you know!? You think you understand? How could you possibly understand?”

This is what was being yelled when Draco Malfoy walked into the eighth year common room.

“I don’t understand? I. Don’t. Understand? Bloody hell, I’m sorry. I thought I had lost my brother in the battle, I must be wrong. Let me just go on and give Fred a call shall I?”

“That is not what I mean and you know it.”

Draco heard the shouts of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. He never heard them fight, until now it seems. He had heard something about them not talking to each other back in forth year, but that was the extent.

The other eighth years were looking at their squabble from various seats or corners. Some looked on waiting to gossip about it while others looked slightly fearful. There were some, who seemed quite indifferent though.

“Oh! Now I know. Now I know what you mean. What do you mean Harry?”

Weasley’s whole head was as red as his hair. Potter looked absolutely furious, his eyes bright with rage. Then, Potter grunts angrily and starts storming toward the door. Draco jumps out of the way and Harry just sends him a quick glare before walking out and slamming the door behind him. Weasley watched before stomping up the stairs to the boy’s dorm and also slamming the door.

There were quiet whispers at first and then it rose to a chatter. Everyone was trying to find out what they meant. After a moment or two Draco decided to follow. If he found anything out then he’d have something to hold over others, he’d have the reason behind the shouting match.

Following Potter was little more work then Draco previously believed. Eventually he turned down a hall and slipped into a classroom. Draco thought It was unused considering he knew all the professors and each already had their own classroom.

Draco opened the door and walked in and saw Potter leaning against a couple of stacked desks, not looking at the door. 

“Fuck off.” Draco placed a smirk on his face.

“Having trouble in paradise with the Weasel and Granger?” Draco sneered.

“I said to fuck off! What don’t you understand?” Harry swung his head around and though it was clear that he was still angry Draco kept his smirk on.

“What? Is it hard being the Savior of the Wizarding World? Tired of all the adoring fans? You were right, Weasley wouldn’t know about that would he?” This struck a nerve, Draco could tell.

“That’s not my fucking problem. Go to hell, Malfoy.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but, I believe I’m already there.” Potter seemed to have deflated a little as he shuffled over to a desk on its own. Sure, he was still angry but not with the same rage Draco and seen in the common room. Draco decided to soften a little, get his information another way. He leaned his back against the door and asked. “What was your problem then?”

Potter looked up at that. Startled and a bit shocked.  He looked to be mulling it over before starting to speak.

“I don’t even really know what my problem is.” Harry jumped up on the desk and was sitting there, hands in front of him and he was fiddling his thumbs. “I guess, my problem was the war.”

“Isn’t that everyone’s problem?”

“I was used as a pawn, the whole time. My choices were chose for me. Not for my well being, not always. But for me to be useful later on.” Potter sat silently for about a minute and then he started again. “Ron thinks my problem is that I’m grieving. We’re all grieving, show me someone who isn’t. I bet it’s impossible.”

“The war did take a lot from people.” Draco said. They were both silent for a minute until Harry let out a sigh and flopped backwards across the desk.

“Everything was decided for me. I was manipulated. Raised just to defeat Voldemort.”

“I can relate.”

“Sure. Of course you can.” Potter says flatly.

“My father raised me to blindly follow the Dark Lord. Hell, I was just raised to follow. Follow my father, follow my family’s traditions and expectations. But, do you know what I’m doing now, Potter? I am being my own person, trying at least.” Draco stood there watching Harry who had sat up once Draco started talking. “You can too. No matter what you’re problem with it all was, you have the opportunity to change now.”

Harry chuckled and said, “I never imagined you’d give me a pep talk. Don’t you like it when I’m miserable?  Isn’t it part of your life force or something.” Harry was grinning and while Draco tried to hold a scowl, a small smile broke over his face.

“No, actually. Why would I want my life dependent upon the likes of you?”

“You’re a git, Malfoy. Thanks.”

books-tv-swiftie  asked:

Can you explain the characters/backstory/who is living with who? cuz I read everything and I'm a bit confused.

Sorry for confusing you, so basically it’s just Spidey tried to fix Deadpool’s teleporter but accidentaly broke it and teleported Deadpool to another universe while bringing another Wade Wilson from that universe(which is Kidpool) to the current universe, as an exchange. 

He tried fixing it but he failed. By pressing the wrong buttons, he brought Deadpool back with little Spidey to the current universe WITHOUT KNOWING IT. What an idiot. 

Right now, Deadpool is trying to find Weasel(the one who invented the machine) and get little Spidey teleported BACK to little Spidey’s own universe. However he didn’t tell Spidey any of these. He’s still angry at Spidey because he didn’t believe that he’s the owner of the teleporter!  

SO in conclusion, Spidey doesn’t know that Deadpool is back with a younger version of himself, and he is still trying to fix the damn teleporter.
Just give it up already, Parker. It’s broken. You broke it. 

Deadpool and Little Spidey don’t know that Kidpool is here with Spidey. They just know how to eat ice-cream. Who’s Wee-sal again? 

Kidpool knows nothing AT ALL because he stays at home all day because Spidey said no killing, no going out, otherwise no tacos. Spidey probably thinks that even a younger version of Deadpool can still destroy New York with ease, but who knows?

It’s very complicated. 

Can't Be Bought: Chapter Six

Gale spent the next few weeks torn between devouring news about the campaign and avoiding it like the plague.  The information he gave to Peeta panned out—not only was Marvel paying a whole host of “consultants” for various nefarious purposes (which was roundly ignored by the public for the crime of being a boring scandal) but he also had a well-known madam on his payroll to supply escorts for himself and large donors.

Now that was a scandal.  The afternoon that Gale’s life went to hell, so did Marvel’s campaign.  It spun out of control as Glimmer quit and held a press conference admitting to her affair with Marvel and crying about the betrayal she felt.  His wife—whom Gale did feel a little bad for, even if she’d married a fucking snake—stayed quiet, refusing any public appearances.  Marvel’s campaign did release the photos of Gale leaving Madge’s house late at night, but it was overshadowed when a third prostitute came forward with dirty texts sent by Marvel while he was supposed to be in committee meetings.  “Single woman has a boyfriend,” did not compare to “married man sends pictures of his penis to a prostitute from the County Courthouse bathroom.”  There were a few whispers about Peeta and Madge, but Peeta seemed to be able to convince reporters that it was nothing more than a smear by a desperate campaign embroiled in a sex scandal.


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Rabbits deeply fascinate me because although they are 900% prey species animals, they are demanding and complex creatures; emotional and attuned. Here, for your reading pleasure, are some things I know about rabbits and their societies from reading books and various web sources about them.

- Rabbits are matriarchal. In the wild, they live in complex societies called warrens that are essentially run by the dominant female(s). It works not too dissimilarly from a beehive, except that rabbits have free will in their societies, unlike bees.

- Most of a warren exists underground in a complicated series of tunnels. This series of tunnels is comprised of complex pathways and some of them end in chambers or “rooms”. Some of these rooms are designed to be bathrooms of a sort - where rabbits go to do the do. Some of them are for storing food and general habitation. Some of them are actually designed to be false rooms or dead-ends for pursuing foes such as weasels.

- Rabbits have a system of etiquette. It is actually possible to insult a rabbit. Walking close to and passing a rabbit that you know without greeting it is considered rude.

- Rabbits ask for things or imply warnings through a variety of body language and actions. A gentle nose bump is a greeting and a request for attention. A hard nose bump accompanied by annoyed body language may mean the rabbit believes you are in its way and need to move. Touching the back end of a rabbit or even sometimes the back half of the spine is an intimate gesture and can be insulting if the rabbit does not trust you.

- Rabbits will pointedly turn their backs to a creature if they feel insulted or are upset and will ignore the “wrongdoer”.

- Rabbits can both read and project signs of possible forgiveness. If a rabbit turns its head to you halfway after dissing you with its back, it may be willing to forgive then and there. This is useful to know, as humans can also employ this technique if the rabbit insults them. If the rabbit approaches you, this means they are effectively sorry for what they’ve done to insult you.

- Rabbits have phenomenal memories.

- Rabbits can be highly territorial, especially if they have not been spayed (especially so if they are female) or neutered or if this process happened late in a house rabbit’s life. When they feel their environment has been threatened they will charge potential enemies, even if the enemy smells like a predator and/or is ten times larger than they are. This does not normally happen in the wild except to other rabbits or creatures of their stature, and is much more common in domestic rabbits who often psychologically perceive their human companions or other animals as part of the warren.

- In the wild or even in domestic circumstances, if a rabbit has acted in a way deemed unacceptable by other rabbits or the matriarch, the rabbit will be exiled from the warren or killed if necessary.

- Although not the smartest creatures alive, rabbits are emotionally attuned and have a very high level of curiosity. Without stimulation and challenge, rabbits can become extremely bored and even depressed. In the worst cases, a rabbit can even become psychotic and vicious. This is why it is important to give a rabbit lots to look at and experience.

- I once knew someone who owned a rabbit who would not allow humans to approach her unless they “bowed” to her first. She would reciprocate the action, and then and only then could interaction take place.

Rabbits are actually very interesting and sensitive creatures that can make phenomenal and loving companions.

I’m trying to figure out how people have concluded that Steve knew the Winter Soldier was the one sent to kill Tony’s parents. Tony asked him and Steve said: I didn’t know it was HIM. And then Tony said not to *mumbles* Did you know? And Steve said: Yes.

That still means that Steve didn’t know it was Winter Soldier…

All Tony wanted to know was if Steve knew they were murdered and that it wasn’t the car accident that he thought it was…

And since we know that Steve saw the newspaper article via Zola, we know he saw that HYDRA was responsible…

Steve still didn’t know that Winter Soldier was involved. He wasn’t keepimg it from Tony because of Bucky. He was keeping it from him because, as he said in his note, he thought it would be too hard for Tony to hear…and then realized he just thought it would be too hard for him to tell…and he apologized…

Also, if Tony were still unforgiving of Steve, he wouldn’t have smirked and ignored Ross, when he called to say there was a breach at the prison…I’ll even go as far as to say Tony had time to absorb Bucky’s situation, in that he was brainwashed and he no longer felt the desperate need to kill him. Cause, if he did, you know he would’ve immediately gone after Steve, rescuing the others in that prison, so he could find Bucky.

Tony ignoring the prison break at the end says a lot…Ross is probably expecting Tony to do his bidding, since he signed the Accords…and Tony is like….NOPE

I seriously do love all of my Marvel children…and Ross can go to hell, both of them, actually…I didn’t like that weasel, who doesn’t believe in due process…so fuck him…you can go to hell, Everett.

and HYDRA can too

and Zemo can too

and Crossbones…well, he’s already there…

leave my Marvel children TF alone…

litterallymy5thblog  asked:

Hogwarts beach bash Drabble with Hermione and Draco on the same team for some beach my sport?

I do hope you’ll get into the spirit of things, Hermione,” Minerva said, tilting her chin down to look at Hermione over the rim of her glasses. Her mouth was set into the same purse it’d been in for the last four decades. “If this goes half as well as planned, we can look forward to similar yearly trips.”

Hermione fought a scowl. This had to be the stupidest waste of time she’d ever heard of. “A beach trip, every year? This is a school–”

“It won’t be at the same location. Besides,  you will be showing them around the historical landmarks along with the other adults and teaching some history. But a member of the Board of Governors pointed out that asking them to engage in learning over the weekend isn’t entirely fair,” she said, primly. “And after all that’s happened, I don’t see the harm in a single day of fun.”

“I suppose that’s… fine,” Hermione sighed. “So which other professors are going? Neville?”

Minerva hesitated. “Well, you’ll be the only professor…”

Blinking, Hermione cocked her head. “Overseeing all of the seventh years?” she asked, dumbly. “I know I manage to keep them in line, but they’re not that afraid of me, Minerva.”

“Well, a member of the Board of Governors volunteered to accompany you.”

Dread coiled in her stomach. “Which one?”

“Hermione, the war has been over for seven years. It’s time–”

“Which. One,” she growled out. But the fact that Minerva was avoiding the question practically broadcast the answer. When the headmistress just sighed, she exclaimed, “You can’t be serious! A full week, with him? Why does it have to be me? I’ll gladly stay here, I don’t even like the beach.”

Drawing herself up, Minerva pinned her with a glare that made her stomach shrivel up, as though she were an errant first-year. “It is time to let go of your petty grudges, Hermione. You are an adult and I expect you to at least be cordial with the Board of Governors throughout your tenure here. You were selected for the inaugural trip because you are well-organized and efficient and I would like for this trip to become the groundwork of future ones. Are you telling me,” she added, with a steely glint in her gaze. “That you are incapable of working alongside Mister Malfoy?”

Swallowing, Hermione resisted the urge to shrink into her chair. “No.”

“I’m glad to hear it. The trip is in one month and I expect the same level of professionalism and proficiency as I’ve come to expect from you.”

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anonymous asked:

Don't you think you were a bit harsh there with your response to v-i-s? I'm no supporter of hers, so I know it must be bad if I'm feeling uncomfortable for her. I know your words were directed specifically at her, but as a follower with a mental illness, I was really taken aback by your post. I know emotions are high right now, but please consider the impact of your words on others.

Absolutely not. Because in her case, I believe she’s cynically playing the mental illness card to weasel out of a mess she created. And that is not cool. Anyone who has struggled with mental illness should be sensitive and sympathetic enough to not make baseless assumptions about someone’s mental health based on some damn tweets and some rumors. But if that’s all good, then I’m gonna question her mental health based on her ratchet tumblr posts. Turnabout is fair play.

I know her type. I grew up with princesses who’d start all kinds of drama then play the but-y'all-know-I-got-problems-too card. Bitch, join the club. But some of us don’t use that as an excuse to be hateful. The worst kind of hateful. That shady, coded, lowkey hate we POC are so very familiar with. This is boyband foolery. Nobody should be ripping any of these guys apart (including Naughty Boy, Mic Righteous and Krept & Konan) over this manufactured drama. The adults in this fandom should know better. But they don’t. Because they are about that privileged princess life. Privilege means ignoring ugly truths and not being affected by it. Privilege means slandering people without fear of consequences. Privilege means doing harm and getting away with it. This is privilege in action. But not today, satan. Not today.

And if any of these privileged princesses are also fragile flowers, then stay in the fragile flower lane. Because over here, game recognize game and takes no motherfucking prisoners.

As always, my anger is righteous.

*drops mic, walks away*


Hermione raised her wand now slowly, until the point was between his eyes. Anyone else would have gone cross-eyed trying to see it, but Draco just stared into her eyes. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t, you bastard. One reason.” Hermione tried to hold back a sob. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.” What a joke, did you laugh when I fell for that one?“

"Hermione -” Draco started to say.

“Don’t call me that! You – how could you – I thought -” Hermione let this sob out, unable to stop it. “I thought you said I was special.”

“You are,” Draco said softly. “Hermione, I swear -”

“I think I know the value of your promises by now!” Hermione looked down through tear-blind eyes at her clothes. “Dressing me up like – like a stupid doll – was this part of your game? See what the mudblood looks like prettied up?” She knew she should go back, talk to Harry and Ron and get them out of there before a professor did turn up, but right now this seemed more important. A part of her was stepping back, handling the facts above all else. The studious part of her.

“I don’t care what you wear,” Draco looked at her, feeling cold and dead inside. He knew, knew with absolute certainty that they were over now. This was not the kind of thing you could wash away or fix. “You’re important to me.”

“Right,” Hermione stabbed the wand, nearly taking out his eye. “Important enough to be lied to, used, and cheated on?” Her voice had gone quiet, but it seemed to make each word even harder.

“I never cheated on you,” Draco said just as quietly, knowing it was useless.

Hermione felt utterly betrayed – ironic, considering she knew she was the biggest traitor out of them all. The amazing Hermione, able to betray all her friends in one single act – two if you counted telling on Ginny. “Really? What were you doing last Tuesday then?”

Polyjuicing into Blaise to make out with Astoria when she looked like the Weaselette, in order to screw up your friends’ lives. “… Studying.” It was a lame excuse, completely unworthy of the great liar Draco Malfoy, but he just couldn’t manage a better one with her distressed brown eyes boring into him. “I didn’t cheat on you, Hermione, I really didn’t!”

“So that just leaves lying to me and using me,” Hermione said, sarcasm creeping into her choked voice. “That’s good then.”

Suddenly, Draco felt angry. It was completely unjust of him to feel this way, he knew, but he couldn’t help it. “You lied to and used me.”

“What?” Hermione was so surprised at the fury in his tone she nearly dropped her wand.

“You heard me! You used me for a distraction, a comfort, a damn lesson! For fun! Using each other might have been my idea but you agreed to it!” Draco pulled out his wand again, raising it so it pointed at her chest. He wouldn’t use it, of course – probably.

Hermione recovered quickly. “Yes, but you lied to me! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone! I never lied to you!”

“Really?” Draco snarled, an ugly smirk coming onto his face as if to contrast his angry words. “Because it seems to me, you’re the biggest liar out of everyone I know. Tell me it wasn’t a lie when you were under me, gasping my name, biting my shoulder, and picturing someone else? Lying asleep next to me in bed dreaming of the Weasel?”

Hermione, about to reply just as furiously, caught her breath at the look on his face. It was real pain, real emotion. Strong feelings. Passion. Suddenly all she felt was tired, and utterly wrecked. She thought she understood it now – Draco Malfoy had been unable to believe that anyone could love someone else when they had him, and he’d been hurt by her love for Ron, so he’d reacted by hurting her back.

It was selfish, immature, offensive. He was every bit the Death Eater he’d been two years ago. But he honestly believed he cared about her – he’d mistaken lust for affection. He’d done this to her without thinking. Somewhere, distantly, Hermione could feel sorry for him, for that.

She was wrong about Draco, but it would be some time before she found that out.

“I’m sorry if you felt -” Hermione’s voice cracked a little. “Jealous, but that’s no excuse. You bastard, you complete bastard. You’ve destroyed my life and I never want to see you again!”

As always, when he was hurt, Draco retreated into acting snarky and emotionless. “I guess that means you want to see other people?” he said mockingly. Her open-handed slap pushed his head slightly sideways, but he gave no other response. Not pain or even surprise. Draco raised a hand that was shaking slightly to his face, and then let it drop. “I’m sure you used to be stronger,” he said, his voice amazingly even considering the turmoil inside him. He could barely think through the maelstrom of emotions. “Maybe our relationship has mellowed you.”

When Hermione winced he knew he’d managed to hit home with that comment. If anything, that made him feel worse. “It wasn’t a relationship,” she said back, her voice barely above a whisper. “It wasn’t a relationship, it was a stupid little girl running away to a fake world in a secret room! It was Narnia with expensive wine! It wasn’t real!” It was real to me, Draco thought, but managed to stop himself from saying. Hermione continued her rant. “Well, I’m through being stupid, and through being a little girl. I’m going to fix things, make it right, act like a grownup … and you can stay the hell away from me, understand? Don’t come near me ever again!”

From a Perilous Game by Fiona249

Gif set by Pragmatique

anonymous asked:

winteriron with a coffeshop au please happy birthday!!😃

Thanks, nonny! I hope you enjoy!

The bell over the door jingles as a new customer ambles in, a busty brunette, but Bucky doesn’t bother to let up on his scowl. He’s been sporting it for going on a half hour now, since he fumbled a shot glass while checking the damned time and the fucking boiling espresso splashed over the rim and scalded his (flesh) hand. (If his prosthetic had even decent fine motor skills, this wouldn’t be a problem, but that shit’s expensive. If he burns himself too bad, he can always just get the other fucker amputated too, though. Not like he don’t know how to operate a shitty prosthesis by now.)

He’s not much of a people person to begin with, and it’s not like the boss man cares how sunny (or not) his disposition is, seeing as that’s him, so when the lady steps up to the counter, mouth open to list off her order, Bucky lets out his so-called Murder Face. The lady hesitates a sec, but points to her for not just turning about-face and marching straight out the door.

Before she can utter a peep, Bucky catches sight of Steve swooping in out of the corner of his eye. There’s a smudge of charcoal down the left side of his face, like he laid his hand down on the page he’s been grumbling over the last week than propped his elbow up on the table and let his head fall against his hand to stay a while. Guy’s lucky his stupid mug’s so cute.

“Hey, you look like you’re new,” Steve interjects the lady, leaning on the counter and trying to not-so-subtly block her view of Bucky, his smile all apple pies and rainbows. “I’m Steve. The most regular regular. You got any questions about the menu?” Steve starts moving down the counter, and the lady moves with him unconsciously even though she’s looking at Steve like he’s crazy ‘cause honestly, there’s not exactly a lot to Bucky’s menu. It’s the smile, though. Works every time.

Steve starts yammering the poor lady’s ear off, and Bucky goes back to angrily wiping down the espresso machine.

The annoying bell sounds again, and Bucky should really change that–don’t they make ones that’ll play the Jaws theme or something? That’d be much more appropriate, he feels. He glances over to the door, glare working back up to full force, but when he sees who just came in, his expression slides into a pout instead. A very manly pout. That he quickly hides behind a scowl.

“You’re late,” he mutters as Tony scurries up to the counter, his hands already flying around his head even though his mouth ain’t moving yet.

He sets about making Tony’s usual–mostly espresso, a dash of milk, some mocha powder for flavor–so he’s got an excuse not to just stare ‘cause Tony’s not in one of his flashy business suits today. In fact, he’s dressed about as boy next door as it gets: beat up jeans with holes in the knees, t-shirt so well-worn the logo’s faded with age, and sneakers streaked with grease marks. It’s too much for Bucky’s eyes to handle directly.

“I know, I know, but you will not believe the morning I have had–”

“Board meeting went that bad, huh?”

“Board meeting, ha! I told you I’d find a way to weasel out of that!” Bucky chances a look up and Tony’s grinning, wide and bright. Bucky can feel his shitty mood crumbling in the wake.

“Yeah, so what’d you do?”

Abruptly, Tony’s voice drops into an all-too serious register. “Okay, so fair warning. There was a minor explosion involved–”

“WHAT?” Bucky exclaims, abandoning the espresso he was pouring to hop the counter because walking all the way around it would take too long. His hands reach for Tony’s face first, tilting his head this way and that as he checks him over for injuries.

“–but I’m fine! A-okay! It was just some cosmetic damage, geez, you’re as bad as Pepper–”

Leveling his best You’re an idiot glare at Tony, he grasps him by the shoulders and marches him over to the over-stuffed armchair in the back corner of the shop while Tony keeps rambling on about how fine he is. “Sit.” He presses down on Tony’s shoulders until he finally sinks down, then points his finger at the spot between Tony’s eyes pointedly. “Stay.”

Tony’s smiling up at him, all quiet-like. “Nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Bucky’s heart doesn’t melt, ‘cause that’s not a thing that’s physically possible in this situation, but it does start beating all crazy.

Ducking his head, Bucky shuffles back behind the counter to finish Tony’s drink. Steve and the lady are both watching him with amused expressions, but he’s choosing to ignore that for the moment, turning to give his full attention to the espresso machine as he pours the glasses of coffee into a large mug with the milk and mocha.

“Sorry to hold you up, Miss Lewis,” he hears Stevie saying behind him. “Looks like Buck’s about ready to take your order now.”

Steve ambles back over to his table strewn with art supplies, and Bucky nods his head in the general direction of “Miss Lewis” in invitation for her to sprout off her order.

Looking up briefly from stirring Tony’s drink, he catches sight of Tony still sitting right where he left him, miracle of miracles, just watching him and smiling. Bucky can feel the blush racing up to his cheeks, and he tries his best to suppress it, but judging by the giggles he can hear behind him at the register, it’s not working.

Ah, well. At least Tony’s more than worth blushing over.