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Do you think that Papyrus/Napstablook is a good ship?

I haven’t really thought about it!  Uh, let me see.

It could definitely be interesting.  Like, Papyrus befriends Napstablook through Undyne because he takes her command to “cherish” her old neighbor very seriously.  Napstablook is intimidated but touched by Papyrus’ overtures of friendship.  

Imagine Papyrus trying to lay down after a meal and feel like garbage and he is just energetic and not enjoying sitting still.  He talks a lot and then feels bad about disrespecting ghost traditions  Napstablook feels bad about making Papyrus do something he doesn’t enjoy.  

At some point Papyrus gets it into his head that Napstablook needs to be encouraged and he puts on his Jog Boy shirt and Napstablook pulls a thundersnail and gets over encouraged and breaks down and leaves.  There are a lot of apologies, at first, as they both try to be friends but they have such different personalities that it’s difficult.

But they’re both such good people I see them continuing to try.  Maybe Napstablook makes an album for Papyrus to show him that they care.  Maybe Papyrus keeps coming over to try laying on the ground and feeling like garbage, until he gets the hang of it (or he just keeps talking, but he finds it a useful place to vent negative feelings that he normally keeps to himself).  Napstablook tries out one of Papyrus’ puzzles, but instead of doing the puzzle they just…..float through it and they’re like “oh no…i did it wrong….” and they’re going to just leave in shame but Papyrus is super impressed with Napstablook’s speedy solution and Napstablook ends up actually feeling kind of good?  Papyrus decides to make a puzzle that will challenge even Napstablook.  He gets Undyne involved and there are music cues and Napstablook is so touched they can’t stop crying.  They cry Papyrus a cool hat, sometimes.

Uh, I also think it’s interesting since Napstablook is nb and i headcanon Papyrus as nb (but he uses he pronouns), so they have that point of commonality.  Papyrus also is very good at things like art and sculpture, and Napstablook has their music, so Papyrus could make album covers or hang around and sculpt him and Napstablook hanging out while he listens to their music.

Romantically, if Napstablook is inclined towards romance, I see them becoming flustered by Papyrus’ constant positive attention.  Papyrus makes them dinner (which they can’t eat, but they appreciate the gesture) and compliments them.  One time Mettaton is on TV and asks someone if they would smooch a ghost and Papyrus answers “YES” loudly at the screen and Napstablook fades into the sofa.  

Mettaton eventually catches on and I’m sure acts as a cheerleader to convince Napstablook to go for it.  Since this would take place after game, I figure that Napstablook would have gained a small amount of confidence from Mettaton’s return (he didn’t leave to get away from Napstablook or anything) and from being a celebrity and from Papyrus and Undyne’s encouragement etc etc

Once Napstablook actually poorly attempts flirting, Papyrus would catch on pretty quick.  He’s not oblivious about that kind of thing.  They’d probably go on some by the book dates.  As they got more comfortable, Napstablook would compose some new background music to accompany them. 

If Papyrus realizes he actually returns Napstablook’s “QUIET GHOST PASSION” I imagine they’d get right on the relationship track and have a nice house and skeleton ghost babies in a couple years.

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do you always play the victimcard when things aren't going your way or is this a special treat? like it's one thing to try and clarify your intent and another to just be a bitch about it. you think you're the only one who's been abused here? we don't have to agree about it but don't throw rocks in glass houses. i was only trying to let you know that oracular sister and the coven witches are literally natural enemies and will fight to the death but okay put a flower on it and call it love

my victim cards

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

I'm rereading The Dream Thieves
  • Ronan describing what Blue is wearing: she looks like a lampshade
  • Ronan describing what Gansey is wearing: the T-shirt hung on his shoulders in a way that revealed all kinds of pleasant nooks and corners that a button-down usually hid

MT!Prompto n Omen!Noct would still end up working together
and become real good companions had things gone differently └(゚∀゚└))

That Chaotic!Promptis ship you never asked for, but you know you’re curious└( * ᴼ ں ᴼ * )┘


kiss practice? idk really.

i just think lance deserves the world’s affection and love.


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

King of Memes

Or, how Tony Found Out About Bucky’s Blog. 

Tony couldn’t seep. Sometimes he managed a few hours if he was tired enough, so usually he went to the gym and worked out until he was exhausted. Tonight, though, he found the gym already occupied: Barnes, with his hair tied up, working steadily at the heavy bag. Normally Tony would make an awkward comment and leave him to it, but instead he just heads for the opposite side of the gym. After setting up at one of the far treadmills, Tony worked his way to a easy run. Barnes was laying his fists rhythmically into the bag, and the quiet thumping was sort of strangely soothing. Between the running and the thumping, Tony slipped into a near-trancelike state.

 And then Barnes let out an ungodly howl, drew back his left fist, and slammed it straight through the heavy bag with a roar of, “DIE A THOUSAND BURNING DEATHS!”

Tony fell off the treadmill, scrambled to his feet, and booked it to the elevator.

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holy shit you guys there was a spider on my punching bag !!! thanks to my many years of combat experience & martial arts training things are okay now

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The hugodamien secret ending extended cut

Me: I’m feeling good today!

Brain: do you realise that you are probably gonna be alive when your favourite author/actor will die

Me: what

Brain: yeah, and also chances are you are also going to watch your OTP die.

Me: what NO

Brain: or maybe half of your OTP


Brain: or they could be forced to kill each other


Brain: Just imagine the possibilities!

Me: *uncontrollable sobbing*


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.


“But seriously, what are you wearing.”

Still drawing some of these per requests, and this one may or may not have gotten out of hand. @okumurachild-satan, I’m so sorry your ask got turned into drarry, ack!


Honestly Bakugou would be the best sparring partner for Uraraka since he won’t hold back at all and recognizes her strength anyways! Also my excuse for wanting to drawing those pants cause I love doing that in my own pair … Ehehe

Also bonus!


One day i will manage to draw Madison in a consistent style…that day is not today