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Bad Match - Pt.1/?

Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 2605

Warnings: angst, self-loathing feelings, bad date, Bucky is kind of a jerk, swearing.

A/N: I’m not exactly happy with it, but I just couldn’t stare at the screen anymore. Thank you @imhereforbvcky  for your kind offer to help, giving me some of your time and teaching me so much about writing with just a few notes. You’re amazing.  

English is not my first language, so you’ll find grammar mistakes and nonsenses. Sorry!

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“Are you sure is not too soon for both of us?” you apprehensively asked your best friend through the phone. “I mean, I broke up with Jeff just, what… three months ago and he, on the other hand, well, he’s Bucky Barnes…I really wouldn’t like to become an additional problem for him, since he already has his fair share of issues” you tried to debate with your fellow SHIELD agent.

“Three months are already too long Y/N, it’s past time for you to move on, and when it comes to Bucky, he’s a really sweet guy once you get to know him, you’re gonna love the man, and he’s gonna love you too, trust me,” the strong-minded woman argued on the other side of the line.

“Ok…” you sighed with resignation, knowing there’s no win with Sharon Carter once she’d put something on her mind “I guess you have a point, I’ll be there”.


Lying on their shared bed, arms crossed behind his head, Steve observed his girlfriend sitting by the desk talking to you on the phone. When she hung up with a satisfied smile he knew she’d got what she wanted.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” the Avenger told her with furrowed eyebrows while she was making herself comfortable again beside him laying one arm over his chest.

“Of course I do, they are great for each other.” She responded with the smug confidence that Steve so well knew and loved about her.

“I just don’t think Bucky is ready Shar, and wasn’t it Y/N that recently got out of a terrible relationship?” He tried to ponder with her.  

“Steve, honey, I know you worry a lot about Bucky, and you have your reasons, I get it. Yet, he’s been among us for over a year now. He’s doing so great working with the Avengers. I understand he’s still have some social skills matters to work on, but he’s been doing progress with therapy.” She tried to prove her point.

Steve looked down at his girlfriend “What about the Natasha situation?”

“That’s another reason. That ain’t gonna happen, not now, not never, she’s a different person than she was before and is head over heels for another man. Bucky has got to let go of this obsession with their past.” The blonde woman snorted her disapproval and continued. “He hasn’t been to a proper date yet, don’t you think there’s something missing? He needs someone good in his life, not just those meaningless shallow one-night stands he’s been going on.”

Steve opened his mouth to respond, but Sharon kept talking, circling her hand on his chest in a reassuring way “And as for Y/N, yes, she’s been in a horrible relationship, but she’s managed to put an end on it and deserves a second chance too. They are a good match, I have a feeling.”

“I still don’t know baby, are you really sticking with this?” The soldier insisted.

“Steve… sometimes even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself…”  

The Captain interrupted her, rolling his eyes “Ok ok ok, you don’t have to use the “you move” speech.” Giving her the giggles, he chuckled and put a kiss on the top of her head “I just hope you’re right on this one.”

“I am.” She concluded nuzzling into her boyfriend chest.


“Here it is, Miss,” you smiled at the waiter when he placed your second drink of the night on the table. You took another glance at the clock on the restaurant wall, 30 minutes…

You couldn’t believe that you were going to be stood up on your first date after your break up with Jeff. So much for being open to new possibilities.  At first you were reluctant to go along with Sharon’s idea, but then you started to think that she could be right. You had to move on from you self-pitying state and the sooner the better.

Flashbacks of the crappy last two years started playing in your mind. You had met Jeff at one of the CIA`s divisions in Europe, when you and Sharon started working there after the fall of SHIELD.  You didn’t know then, but he was the man that would break you into a million tiny self-hating pieces. Without once laying a finger on you he had the power to, with a word or just a look, make you feel unworthy, tiny, unlovable. There was always something that wasn’t good enough for him: your clothes weren’t that fashionable, your looks could be better, your hair should be longer and there was always someone than  you in any given aspect. That was your daily life with the man you started to believe you were lucky to have as partner and that loved you in spite of all of those flaws.

You only realized you were getting stuck in a vicious cycle of self-loathing when your friends, specially Sharon, practically punched some sense into you.

The break up didn’t happen on good terms, so you were glad in accepting SHIELD’s insistent offer to assume your position back after they were reactivated and rejoined forces with the Avengers. You moved countries and focused exclusively on work.

Your fall to an abyss of sad memories was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat next to you. When you looked up, you weren’t expecting to see an ocean of blue eyes staring down at you with a questioning look.

“Oh h-hi, sorry I didn’t see you here” You stood up and, God knows why, leaned to greet him with a kiss on the cheek, only to be stopped with a preventative handshake. Blame it on your European times.

“Hi you must be Y/N, my name is Bucky.” He introduced himself and the soft rusky tone of his voice was the most alluring you had ever heard.

Like in a trance you practically moaned, “I know everything about you Bucky.” Listening to your own words and checking the startled expression on his face as he let go of your hand, you tried to correct yourself. “I-I mean, n-not everything, course not, you’re Bucky Barnes, Steve and Sharon’s friend, t-that’s what I know.” He raised one eyebrow and took his seat in front of yours.

What was the matter with you? You had met the guy for five seconds and suddenly became a stuttering mess? You took in his appearance and concluded that, even though you had seen pictures of him before (most of them with his Winter Soldier mask, since the media still craved for his troublesome past) you certainly weren’t ready for the real deal. He was absolutely gorgeous.

But that fact and the outrageously sexy low bun that was holding his brow locks didn’t stop you from realizing he hadn’t apologized for being 40 minutes late.

“How was the traffic, too crazy?” You questioned to give him the opportunity to redeem himself.

“No, not really” he responded nonchalantly, taking a look around the Indian place you had chosen. “Have you ordered anything yet?”

“Oh, I haven’t, I was waiting for you.”

“I hate Indian food, but go ahead, make your order.” He turned to the waiter already standing next to him and asked for a drink.

“Oh… I’m sorry, this is my favorite place, that’s is why I picked it, I didn’t know… we can go… somewhere else…” You were so flustered that you could feel your whole body burning, starting in your cheeks that probably were showing a deep shade of pink now.

“No, no, don’t worry Doll, I’m a drink kind of guy anyway… So tell me, how long have you been friends with Sharon?”

The use of the nickname and the whole embarrassing events so far got you rambling non-stop. You never ordered your food and kept talking about your childhood, your job, Donald Trump, the lack of male nudity on Game of Thrones… Every single thought that came across your mind was spilled at an impassive Bucky.

When your mouth went dry of talking and not a word had come out of Bucky’s plump lips you excused yourself to the toilet, taking your purse with you.

Inside the small room, you took a deep breath and, while staring at the mirror to retouch your lipstick, you wondered when everything had started to go to shit. Maybe you weren’t ready after all…

Walking back towards the table, you decided to give it another try, start over and maybe have a pleasant rest of night with your date. You glimpsed Bucky by his back talking on his cellphone and the sound of your name made you stop close enough to overhear the conversation.

“What can I tell you Steve? Jesus, she won’t stop talking… And I don’t understand half of the things she’s saying. I can’t see why you and Sharon insisted on this dating thing… Besides, you were wrong… Not for a minute I was able to get Natasha out of my head… Y/N’s got nothing on her, she is not slightly as amazing as Nat…”

You felt your stomach drop to the floor and your heart sank. Bucky kept talking, but there was a buzz in your ears, loud enough to drown out every other sound around you. The restaurant and everything else transformed into a very familiar scenario. It was like Jeff was by your side all over again and his unwanted voice in your mind was reminding you of how distasteful, insignificant and unlovable you were. Your hands started shaking and tears were forming in your eyes, that was the signal you needed to turn around and leave as fast as you could. No goodbyes. You never wanted to see Bucky Barnes in your life again.


When you got to your bedroom after the longest cab ride in your life, your attention was caught by the pathetic form in front of the mirror on your wall. You knew that the woman he was comparing you with was THE Natasha Romanoff, the sexiest spy alive whose seductiveness haunted you poor hard worker mortals who were trying to make a living in the secret agent’s business. How could he even make the comparison when clearly there was none. You were average, tops. Flat where you should be curvy and curvy where you should be flat.

Someone could think that you’d be able to beat you lousy sex-appeal by a dashing interesting personality, but this someone would be wrong. If you had doubts about it, the last few moments with Bucky had dismissed them all, he was pretty clear about how unpleasant your company had been… Not slightly as amazing…

Knowing that you were going down a road too familiar for your taste, you attempted to dismiss all those self-hatred thoughts off of your mind by trying to get some sleep, hoping to dream a sweet dream that would make you forget all about that night. So you took off the dress you’d bought for the occasion and left it on the floor, found some energy in you to remove the full face makeup and brushed your teeth before diving into your bed, putting on some pjs was too much to ask of you at that moment.  


Your alarm rang and it felt like it had been 5 minutes since you finally conquered slumber. You groaned at the sound and the prospect of getting up to face the day ahead. Your half-asleep mind immediately drifted to the night before. Something you were so desperately trying to keep dormant inside you had awakened. The wounds on your self-esteem were too fresh and those words had hit them like a punch.

Despite the desire to keep drowned in your fort of blankets,  you couldn’t skip work. You had a meeting with The Man himself, Nick Fury. You had no idea what it would be about, you were warned by his secretary the day before.

You shook away your thoughts about the date with Bucky and got off the bed.  You had much more important things to worry about and focus on. At least you wouldn’t have to see him again, as the SHIELD’S operating base wasn’t located at the Avengers’ Tower.

Not much time passed before you were ready to go to work, after all it wasn’t that hard to choose an outfit from a wardrobe of grey suits. On your commute to SHIELD’s headquarters you remembered to take a look on your phone. 5 missed calls from Sharon. …he’s a really sweet guy once you get to know him, you’re gonna love the man … You mimic her voice in your head and memorized an entire speech of curses to deliver to the blonde for when you meet her again.

Once inside the building you already felt a little better. Work was your whole life, especially now, you loved what you did and felt appreciated and wanted there. You went straight to the big boss’s office, feeling nervous about whatever the infamous Nicky Fury wanted to talk to you.

“Hi Y/N, how are you today?” Maria Hill greeted you, putting an arm around your shoulder, guiding you to the adjacent room of the large office.

“Hi Maria, a little anxious for whatever this means, any clues?” she gave you a squeeze on your shoulder and smiled at you, but another voice responded:

“Miss Y/L/N, you’re here because I have a proposition for you.” It was the SHIELD’S director, using his well-known straightforward style.

“Tony Stark has contacted me and asked for the name, and I quote, of the most badass spy I could provide him.” Having an idea of where that conversation was heading, but not allowing yourself to fully believe it, you kept a dumbfounded stare at your boss in front of you, waiting for the outcome.

“So, Miss Y/L/N, how would you fancy a position on the Avengers’ team?” The weakness in your knees and the sweat leaking out of your pores must had been pretty evident, since Maria Hill placed her hand on the low of your back, in a support attempt.

“Oh my God sir, it’s such an honor…” your tremulous voice was interrupted by Fury, clearly in a hurry:  

“Good, you’re being transferred today to the Avengers compound, Maria will help you with paperwork and everything else that will be necessary for your relocation…”  He talked in a monotone, gathering some papers on the desk he was standing by, apparently oblivious by the rush of adrenaline that was swelling down your whole body. Suddenly  Maria’s support didn’t seem enough to prevent you from falling, so you gripped one hand on the desk chair in front of you, biting your lower lip so you wouldn’t let out the scream taking place in your mind. You had never thought something like that would happen, but now that it was a reality you felt like you had dreamed about it your whole life.

“You’ll go through evaluations and training for some time and then it will be decided if you really have what it takes to be an Avenger…” I’m going to be a fucking Avenger, bitch. You were trying to maintain some posture and conceal your excitement by listening carefully to the instructions that would change your life.

“Your main tutor for the starting process will give you the guidelines and other details, he’s most likely now waiting for you at the compound. You’ve already had the chance to meet Sgt. James Barnes, haven’t you?”

And just like that you went straight to the floor from cloud 9. FUCK.

End of part 1. 

Part 2 

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⚔ ✞ The Mortal Instruments (book series) ✞ ⚔

90 sentence starters from books one through six of The Mortal Instruments. send one for my muses reaction! Feel free to change anything that needs changing in order for it to make sense to have come from your muse.

It may look like a person and talk like a person and maybe even bleed like a person, but it’s a monster. ❞
I may be a killer, but I know what I am. Can you say the same? ❞
Unfortunately we’re all out of bitter revenge at the moment, so it’s either tea or nothing. ❞
The meek may inherit the earth, but at the moment it belongs to the conceited. Like me. ❞
If you were half as funny as you thought you were, you’d be twice as funny as you are. ❞
The most terrible things men do, they do in the name of love. ❞
I use my rapier wit to hide my inner pain. ❞
Is this when you start tearing strips off your T-shirt to bind up my wound? ❞
If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked. It would have been a lot less painful. ❞
Next time you’re planning to injure yourself to get my attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders. ❞
You could try not being charming all the time. It might be a relief for everyone. ❞
If you insist on disavowing that which is ugly about what you do, you will never learn from your mistakes. ❞
You know, most psychologists agree that hostility is really just sublimated sexual attraction. ❞
You tore my heart out years ago when you betrayed and deserted me. ❞
You’re skilled enough, but you could not kill me. You have always been softhearted. ❞
I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt. ❞
You think charm is the same as honesty? I used to think so. I was wrong. ❞
I prefer to think that I’m a liar in a way that’s uniquely my own. ❞
Don’t bother feeding me some story about how you just happened to wander along after he spontaneously died. I know you did this. ❞
Look on the bright side, if they need a human sacrifice, you can always offer me. ❞
Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor can it be bestowed, like a favor, to those most deserving of it. ❞
I wish I could hate you. I want to hate you. I try to hate you. It would be so much easier if I did hate you. ❞
I admire your stubbornness. It’s so much like mine. ❞
You never got a chance to tell me the truth. I don’t trust you, I want you to know that, but I thought I’d give you the chance to tell me. ❞
We are meant for a higher purpose, you and I. The distractions of the world are just that, distractions. If we allow ourselves to be turned aside from our course by them, we are duly punished. ❞
I’ve heard the word ‘fear’, I simply choose to believe it doesn’t apply to me. ❞
I’d say it’s been nice meeting you, but, in fact, it hasn’t. It’s been quite awkward, and frankly, the next time I see you will be far too soon. ❞
I thought I’d lie on the floor and writhe in pain for a while. It relaxes me. ❞
I hope you know what I mean when I say I’m sorry you’re here, but I’m glad you’re with me. ❞
You disappear so completely into your head sometimes. I wish I could follow you. ❞
But isn’t that what love is? Ownership? 'I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,’ as the Song of Songs goes. ❞
Never believe the bad guy is dead until you see a body. That just leads to unhappiness and surprise ambushes. ❞
Every time you almost die, I almost die myself. ❞
You’re not going. If I have to tie you up and sit on you until this insane whim of yours passes, you are not going. ❞
You were just upset about being left behind, like a child, and you had a tantrum. And now we’re here. Lost. ❞
Go ahead and do whatever you want, regardless of who it hurts. You always do anyway, don’t you? ❞
You could at least pretend you were glad to see me. Even a little bit. ❞
I have a fetish for damsels in distress. My services are also available to gentlemen in distress. It’s an equal opportunity fetish. ❞
I know how you think you feel about me. You don’t, though. You just like me because I’m safe. There’s no risk. ❞ And then you never have to try to have a real relationship, because you can use me as an excuse. ❞
I felt like you were someone I’d always been waiting for. I saw you feel it too. Don’t tell me you didn’t. ❞
You think you only want me because you’re evil, not human. You just want something else you can hate yourself for. I won’t let you use me to prove to yourself how worthless you are. ❞
I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. I’m tired of watching you be in love with someone else—someone, incidentally, who will never love you back. Not the way I do. ❞
Anyway, I just saved you from being burned to death, so I figure you’re not allowed to be mad. ❞
I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then. ❞
I always figure it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission in these sorts of situations. ❞
I want them to writhe and die on the ground. They deserve shame before they get oblivion. ❞
So now what? You’re going to kill me while I’m tied up? Does the thought of fighting me scare you that much?
You keep passing out on me. It’s extremely tedious. ❞
But I thought of you—I saw you there, clearly, as if you were standing in front of me, watching me, and I knew I wanted to live, wanted it more than I’d ever wanted anything, if only so that I could see your face one more time. ❞
I am a man, and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone, woman, and bring me something brown. ❞
Oh, good. You’re starting to talk about yourself in the third person. That’s not a sign of impending megalomania or anything. ❞
Seems an odd time to start an insult contest, but if you insist, I could probably think up something good. ❞
It’s fascinating. You know all these words, and they’re all English, but when you string them together into sentences, they just don’t make any sense. ❞
You left me. You made a pet out of me, and then you left me. If love were food, I would have starved on the bones you gave me. ❞
You would do anything to save him, whatever it cost you, whatever you might owe to Hell or Heaven, would you not? ❞
Latent homosexual panic will do you in every time. ❞
You villains and your creepy eugenics programs are starting to bore me. ❞
Killing them is the most merciful thing you can do. ❞
I am a woman. I will use any weapon and all weapons to get what I want. ❞
I don’t know why I had to fall in love with someone who’s more stubborn than I am. ❞
God knows we’re all drawn toward what’s beautiful and broken. ❞
Watching me play Scrabble is enough to make most women swoon. Imagine if I actually put in some effort. ❞
Let me break it down for you. I’m young. I’m pretty. And I’m willing to burn the whole world to the ground to get what I want. ❞
You have ruthlessness in your bones and ice in your heart. Don’t tell me any differently. ❞
Viewing my naked chest has caused many women to seriously injure themselves stampeding to get to me. ❞
I was going to kill someone today. I just wasn’t sure who when I woke up this morning. I do love mornings, so full of possibilities. ❞
Goodness is not kindness, and there is nothing crueler than virtue. ❞
Weapons, when they break and are mended, can be stronger at the mended places. Perhaps hearts are the same. ❞
We are so much lovelier when we fall. ❞
You are mine. You have always been mine. When you were born, you were mine, though you did not know me. There are bonds that nothing can erase. ❞
Mercy is a condition of your agreement. ❞
The things you’ve done are too terrible to ever be forgiven, and you don’t even know they’re terrible. I will never forgive you. I will never love you. ❞
You lie when you tell me you’ll never love me. ❞
I’ve given you your chance to come willingly now. I’ve paid in blood and inconvenience to have you with me by your own choice. But I will take you unwilling, just the same. ❞
I only have two reactions to bad news - uncontrollable rage and then a sharp left turn into boiling self-hatred. ❞
This better be really juicy. And weird. Were bicycles involved in some kinky way? Vacuum cleaners? Umbrellas? ❞
The wishes of our hearts are weapons that can be used against us. ❞
I think they’ll probably put that on my gravestone. ‘He Was Heterosexual and Had Low Expectations.’ ❞
It was a little homoerotic, maybe, but I’m secure in my sexuality. ❞
You must love me. I never thought you’d admit anyone was prettier than you. ❞
I loved you recklessly from the moment I knew you. I never cared about the consequences. ❞
There are things we want, down under what we know, under even what we feel. There are things our souls want, and mine wants you. ❞
I can read your face like a very open, very pornographic book. I wish I couldn’t. ❞
It doesn’t matter if I hurt you because you belong to me. I can do what I want with you. ❞
I don’t want other people touching you or owning you or hurting you. I want you to be around, to admire me and to see what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished. ❞
You have a dark heart in you, and it is a darkness we share. ❞
When I am all there is in your world, when I am all that is left, you will love me back. ❞
Hate me. Rejoice when I die. The last thing I would want now would be to bring you more grief. ❞
Ghosts are memories, and we carry them because those we love do not leave the world. ❞
We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss. ❞

Show me (Part 2)

Summary: You just wanted to see Cas’ wings and it turned into a very interesting change in your life.

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, oral (female and male receiving), multiple orgasm

Words: 1467

A/N:   | Again, sorry for every mistake I made, English isn’t my first language. |

I made a part 2 yaaay! While writing this I thought that this could be a smutty cute mini-series. What do you think?

Part 1


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Cas…” you whisperd, not wanting to ask for sex, but really in need for it.

“I know, (Y/N), I kn-know. I-I just need a little rest… I pro-promise you that I w-will return every-everything, but-but please, lie down with m-me for a mo-moment.” he moved his hand to you and forced you to lie down beside him.
Cas’ promise made you smile, but then, he snapped his fingers and you both were just in your underwear, under  duvet. His erection pressed to your ass, his hand found it’s place on your clothed core and that closeness made you tremble.
You couldn’t wait ‘till he wakes up.


You tried to focus on that thunder outside just to hear that when Cas’ breath slowed and became steady, the thunderclaps stopped. Strange.

But there pop up your problem again. You were soaking and crossing your legs wasn’t helping. You were completely done with waiting, but still, he was your best friend and the things you did, and are doing right now changed a lot – because hey! what pair of friends are laying down in just their panties and boxers - and you didn’t want to make it wrong.

The truth was, you loved Castiel. Well, you thought you loved him, but right now all you wanted was his hands-and tounge too- all over your body and feelings didn’t count.

You were wandering if he will just pleasure you on that same rule you did it to him, by giving you only his hands and tounge or if he’s going to give his vessel a little too. Guessing by that erection, still hard rock and pressed to your ass, if that guy – what was his name? Jimmy? Jimmy Novak? - could decide, he would fuck you to the mattress and won’t let you run out of the bed.

Not that you wanna run away, but, well, this was Castiel. You weren’t sure, if he ever had “human sex” and, concluding by his reaction to his own orgasm, he won’t be that type that can hold himself for all night.

You held your breath when his hand twitched - still on your core - a little and that was enough for you to lightly jerk your hips.

“You know I can hear your thoughts, right?” he whispered while climbing above you.”I can hold on all night” he started to left light kisses on your jawline. ”I can fuck you to the mattress.” his lips were now on your pulse point leaving there a mark. ”I will do,” you moand softly. ”all the things you know you want and all you don’t know yet.” he smiled and lie down beside you again, hugging you hard. ”(Y/N), all of this, becase I lo…” you covered his mouth with your hand quickly.

“Don’t say that.” you looked him in the eyes.”Not now. You know what that will mean? Too much.” you searched his face for some reaction, but didn’t saw any. ”We will talk about feelings later. Fuck me, Cas. I need you right now, right here.” you moved your hand from his lips just to see him licking them. He nodded slowly and climed up on you again.

You saw that he wasn’t happy about your words. You wanted to hear them, but not now. You had heard that sweet 'I love you’s’ while sex and it ended the same everytime. That’s why you hated to hear that; you just knew that it never meant what it should, it was just excitement, feel of the moment, not the real emotion.

Castiel returned to kissing your neck, but not for long. His lips traveled to your collarbones and then to your breasts. He left on both of them light kisses and after that, he sucked your already hard nipple.

“Cas…” you moand his name, it was too slow. ”Don’t be such a tease! I’m already soaking, Cas, please…” you hadn’t ever been a sub and never begged, but you couldn’t wait any longer; the pressure made you felt like you could explode any second.

Before you process that he left your nipple alone, you felt his kiss on your lower belly and his fingers slide under your waistbond; he took off your panites quickly and kissed that place right above your clit. You wanted to look at him, but this beautiful view was covered with duvet.

Unexpectedly you felt his tounge coming from your entrance to your clit, completely flat. That feeling made you shiver and you fell back on your pillows. Your reaction made him groan, which caused you to squrim and fist your hands on sheets. He did it again a little bit harder, but this time you felt his finger at your entrance and when the tip of his tounge made contact with your aching clit, he slide two of his fingers, somewhat knowing that it won’t hurt you.

Well, you were really wet, like never before, he just knew it.

That was the first time he let his vessel teach him how to do things, and by your reacting he was sure that he was doing it right. That low voice in his head told him to fast his pace, so he did. He blocked that little soul a long time ago, letting him forget his family and throwing at him different stories, giving him some kind of life that most men wants; so he decided that he can use that skills that have his vessel and use it on a person that he really cared about.

Castiel heard (Y/N)’s moans and felt her trembling. She was near, so he just sped up his pace and added third finger, and she reached her climax with ejaculation.

He slowed, kissing her sex and rode her orgasm with all his focus. He never thought that this would gave him this much satisfaction, but it did and he felt his vessel called for attention by twitched cock.

Castiel lift up, breathing heavy. Smiled, wiped his face and before he could crash his lips on yours with force you started tostutter.

“I… I’m s-so so-sorry!” your checks turned red. “T-this never, like ever, happened to m-me before! I’m re-really…” he finally shut you up with an open mouth kiss.

“That was amezing.” he, accidentally, brushed his still clothed cock on your wet folds and both of you moaned softly. “Can I…?” he asked gridding his hips into yours; you pushed him and sat on his hips in respond.

“No. I need to taste you.” you said simply, not even trying that dirty talk. You lowerd, in the meantime you left on his sensitive skin wet kisses. You kicked out the duvet and took off his boxers, frozing at that view. Your mouth watered immediately. His dick was the biggest one you had ever seen, precum dribbled and you couldn’t let it, so you just licked it, which caused Castiel to groan.

You took his head into your lips and sucked it hard enough for him to bucked up his hips. You started bobbing your head fast with your tounge flat.

A dozen or so minutes later he started to tremble a little, but before he felt that feeling right before an orgasm, his hand found its place in your hair and he pulled you up with that 'pop’ sound, so you both giggled.

You kissed him hard and slowly sank onto his member losing your breath. Well, both of you lost it. He was really big and Castiel couldn’t hid that he hadn’t had sex for a long time, you just knew that. And he kinda confirmed it, because when you started to move back and forth, his hands found your hips and he stopped you.

“I need one more minute.” he groaned. His eyes were closed and lips parted, chest was moving heavy… It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, for real.

You had no idea why, but it was cute and heart warming for you. Of course you were worried about what happens next, but you really wanted to live in that moment.

So when you were sure he adjust, you started moving and kissing him desperatly. Castiel must had felt that, because he broke the kiss, changed your sides and just hugged you, imposig really hard and fast pace. That kind of contradictions got you everytime.

You heard him mumbeling something lowly, but you tried to ignore it.

Soon, you were screaming his name tightening around his cock. This orgasm took all your strenght, you felt it like every atom of your body exploded, making your view black and for a few seconds you couldn’t hear yourself. Cas’ pace sped up even more taking you on edge again from oversensitivity, this time he fell too, filling you with all he got. His head fell to your neck, but he raised it almost at once.

“I lo..” he started, but you again covered his lips, this time with your own. You deepend that kiss slowly, taking your time. This time it was different than every other before. You hoped it spoke better than words.

“Don’t say it. Words mean nothing when comparing with actions. Show me, Castiel.

“I can get used to showing you things.” he smiled widely. But… just for a moment, okay?

Both of you started to laugh at his words. This seemed to be changing into a really good thing for both of you.

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Do you have any advice for learning Japanese?

After 5 years of working as an English teacher, I’ve found that everyone learns differently so there’s no one “go to” method that will work.

However, I have told students, parents, other teachers, etc. for years that these three things are necessary to succeeding in foreign language acquisition (and anything for that matter):

  • Desire. You have to want to learn this language, and want to learn it badly enough that you’ll be willing to actively put in the work to do so. Don’t learn a language just to learn it, but do it because there’s something you want to do with that language. “I want to watch subtitle-less anime” is a perfectly legitimate reason, for example. Another, which is even better if you can simulate the conditions for it, is “I need to be able to communicate in order to live.” You just need a real, quantifiable goal to work toward. This is important because if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do with the language you’re learning, it will make the next step really hard.
  • Progress. Like anything else, people are more motivated to continue if they don’t feel like they’re pushing a boulder in place. This is where your Desire comes in–did you want to learn Japanese so that you could read manga in its original format? Well, try reading some manga raws and see how much you can manage to read. Keep coming back to that manga during your studies and note when you’re able to read more than you could before. Then, once you can finally read it completely, you will feel extremely accomplished and proud of yourself, which ties into the third point.
  • Confidence. I know some people who study and study and study Japanese, but they don’t ever get beyond a certain level of skill because they don’t challenge themselves. You can study forever, but if you never turn off the subtitles, or talk to a Japanese person who doesn’t know English, or whatever, you will stagnate. Why don’t people do this? Well, because they’re terrified of messing up. The thing is, mistakes are not the worst thing ever–they’re momentarily awkward, sure, but if you make note of where you mess up (possibly with the help of someone correcting you), then you actually learn something. I will never again forget that 残高 is read with kunyomi rather than onyomi like it normally would be because I messed it up talking about my school lunch account once and got gently corrected by a music teacher. I write all my internal work emails in Japanese now, and I ask my coworkers to let me know if there’s a better way to phrase certain things. Basically, you need the confidence in yourself to be able to make mistakes, because otherwise, there will always be a limit to what you can learn on your own. Learning and learning languages especially is a communal activity–language is communication, after all! So don’t isolate yourself, thinking that you will never make an attempt until you’re perfect, because that day will never come.

I’m sure there’s some legitimate techniques that you could use to improve as well, but I think that unless you have this kind of philosophy in place (or you’re a genius), you’ll end up plateauing.

Because I Like You

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Request: Hello! I hope you’re doing just fine❤️. Can I please request a scenario with B.I where the reader is a new trainee and Mr.YG tells B.I he has to trainee the reader and 2 more girls on dancing skills, he’s very mean to you because he likes you and when you get tired of him you walk away but he stops you kissing you and confessing to you :). I’m sorry for my English I tried hehe. Thank you❤️(angst and fluff)

Word count: 2006

You let out a low sigh when you heard the door to the practise room open and then close, accompanied with a “hello ladies” from the person you loved to hate: Kim Hanbin. You couldn’t really say that you hated him, seeing as you, and the two other girls he was practically forced to train, had a minor crush on him. Who wouldn’t? But Hanbin had made it extremely clear, several times, that he had no interest in you whatsoever. Hanbin was always picking on you, every little mistake and every little breath, he was there to call you out. And it wasn’t even in the form of positive criticism, it was just plain rude You would have been happy if you were the only one who could see it but the two other trainees could too. After practise, they would both laugh at your moaning and cussing, saying how much of a jerk Hanbin is and how much he hates you. And the most irritating part of it all was that you had absolutely no idea why he hated you so much. You’d never done anything to him, you were always as polite as possible when he was being annoying and picky (which is always) and never spoke back. So, what was the big problem? 

“Hey, you… are you going to just sit there? Come on get up, I don’t have time to waste.” Hanbin snaps you out of your thoughts, you look up to see him standing over you, frowning. You avoid eye contact and get up, ignoring the fact that he called you “you” when he knows your name very well. In fact, sometimes you feel like it’s his favourite word. Practise went on as usual, you were working as hard as physically possible but Hanbin still found things wrong with what you were doing. “Y/N what was that? Are you trying to make me laugh? Again, do it properly.” “Y/N, are you even listening to a word I’m saying right now?” “Y/N, for fuck sake are you deaf? Listen to the beat!” “Y/N what was that meant to be? I’ve never seen that move in my life and definitely did not teach it you. Stop fucking around.” You were getting tired of hearing your own name. For some reason, today it felt as if Hanbin was picking on you more than usual, and frankly you were getting extremely tired of it. You noticed how when the other girls messed up he wouldn’t say anything, just make you all start again or go over and help them. But with you it was always “Y/N what are you doing?” or “Y/N did you even practise?” Of course you bloody practised! You work so hard, possibly harder than everyone else in that room but he somehow always seemed to find something wrong with what you were doing. And you’re not a terrible dancer, maybe Hanbin just has terrible eyes. 

With 15 minutes left until you get to go and have lunch, you are completely done with Hanbin and ready to go. You couldn’t cope with his blatant rudeness and dislike for you any longer. You were sweaty, tired and hungry and the girls that were giggling at every joke of his were not helping. But there were only 15 minutes left and you needed to push through and get it over with. After this you wouldn’t have to see him for two days. You took a deep breath and waited for him to start the music again, you looked up to see him looking at you through the mirror and then look away, as if he was planning his next attack. You ignored it though, as you usually do. You always catch him just looking at you, guessing that he’s probably just thinking about what an “idiot” you are. The upbeat music begins again, Hanbin stands to the side and begins counting you in. You concentrate on yourself in the mirror and begin to dance the moves he taught you, making sure to do them properly and in time with the beat of the music. You move across the dance floor to your spot for this section of the dance, in between the two girls. Of course he puts you centre stage for the hardest part, just so he could keep an eye on you and watch you fail. The move you dread is coming up but you still push yourself to avoid Hanbin’s snide comments because you knew that you were about to snap. And then it’s time to do the move. And you mess up, only slightly though. You were meant to move your right arm but moved your left instead. At least you didn’t mess up on your own, one of the girls ended up on the floor and the other stumbled. Then the music stopped. 

“Y/N. What the fuck was that?” Hanbin said loudly, you turned your body around to face him in disbelief. “How many times do we have to go through this step? Are you really so helpless that you can’t even-”

“I’m not helpless! Why are you only shouting at me? I’m not the only one who messed up!” You cut him off, the tone of your voice matching his. The other girls looked at you with startled expressions, it was the first time you had ever stood up to Hanbin. You don’t know what came over you, you just suddenly spoke up. 

“You’re leading this part, so every failure is on you. It’s my fault anyway, why the hell would I put you in the middle?”

“Exactly. Why the hell would you put me in the middle?”

“Yah, Y/N. Are you talking back to me right now?” He raised his eyebrow at you, his face plastered with a frown. 

“Yes. Yes I am. You always pick on me. I’m trying my hardest and you still find something wrong with what I’m doing.” 

“Are you joking or just an idiot? You’re trying your hardest?! And what do you think everyone else is doing? Playing? Your hardest isn’t good enough so try harder.” He shouted now, voice booming and filling the whole room. You had never heard him shout before, he would raise his voice a bit but he mostly stayed calm when annoyed, but remained rude. But now he had just shouted at you, and it made you feel like shit. You felt yourself wanting to cry, out of anger. And there was no way that he’d see you cry. You glared at him and began making your way out of the room, you reached the door and grabbed the handle, pulling it open. A hand forcefully closed it shut. “Are you crazy trying to leave my session without me telling you to? Are you trying to piss me off or is this how you behave with everyone?” He said through gritted teach. He took a hold of your wrist and pulled you away from the door. “Everyone out, I need to speak to Y/N. I’ll see you in two days’ time. Don’t forget to practise.” He said calmly. The other two girls quickly gathered their things and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind them. Even though they were quick, for you they were being painfully slow. You just wanted the nagging to be over, and you were conscious of Hanbin’s hand resting around your wrist but could not bring yourself to shake him off. The girls left, leaving the room in a deadly silence. After a few still seconds, you shook Hanbin’s hand away from your wrist. 

“What do you want to say to me? Just say it. Just say it so I can get out of here.”

“What’s your rush? Why do you need to leave so badly?” He spoke more softly now, but still with hints of authority and anger in his voice. His words sounded more sincere now though, as if he was asking you to stay in a way. 

“I hate these sessions. You make them hell.” You stated honestly, not holding back because things were bad enough already. “If you want to kick me out just do it, because I don’t want to be here anyway.”

“It’s not that easy. I don’t want to be here as much as you, but I have to. Just like you have to train to be the best that you can. Why do you think I’m always nagging you? It’s because I want you to improve and be a great idol one day.” All hints of anger had left his voice and he was speaking with pure sincerity. His words forcefully softened you also. He had never even spoken to you if he wasn’t nagging you, you don’t even know whether you’ve ever even had a conversation with him. If you had, you couldn’t recall. 

“But do you have to be so mean about it? I get that it’s annoying to have to train three girls you don’t even know when you have your own work to be doing but why is it always me? And why do you have to be such a jerk about it?” 

“It’s because…that’s the only way I can do it.”

“But why only me. Why not the others?”

“Because it’s you.”

“What do you mean? Answer me prop-” you were cut off by Hanbin pulling you by the waist and crashing his lips onto yours to get you to shut up and notice the look he had been giving you for what seemed like forever for him. He was beginning to think that you truly were an idiot. He broke away, leaving you star struck and still. He examined your face and you swore that you caught a small smile.

“It’s because I like you” he spoke softly, his face only inches away from yours. 

“What?” Is all you could say. You couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. 

“I like you Y/N. And I have since the day you fell on your butt on our first day of practise and you started blushing from embarrassment.” He was smiling properly now, at your confused expression. You had never even see him smile before, in person at least. 

“What?” Is all you could manage to get out again, as you felt your skin get hot. His hand still lingered on your waist and he was incredibly close. Was this really happening? He sighed, 

“yah. Aren’t you listening to me?” He raised his eyebrow, amused, looking into your eyes which were staring back at his. You shook your head slightly, returning from your mentally dazed state. 

“I mean…um…why didn’t you just… tell me then?” 

“Because that would have been no fun. Why… do you like me back?” He tucked your hair behind your ear as your skin became even hotter. You felt as if you were being suffocated with emotions as his beautiful grin stared at you right in your face close up.  You didn’t reply and just put your head down to try and hide how flustered you had become. He chuckled, bringing your face back to his with his thumb. “Can I kiss you again?” He asked, trying to read your facial expression. You almost melted at the fact that he asked, wanting to respect whatever feelings you had. You swallowed, and then nodded, not even needing to think about. He attached his lips to yours again, kissing you softly and slowly. You tiptoed, and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and you felt him smile against your lips as you kissed him back. You eventually pulled away, the two of you getting too caught up in the kiss. He smirked at you proudly. You hit his chest lightly, 

“don’t be mean to me again.” You mumbled, and he nodded in agreement. 

“You’re hungry, right? Let’s go get some lunch.” He took your hand and lead you out of the room which you mentally went over the scenario that just went down and how the hell it happened. 

It’s not that good but at least it’s done…?? 

I hope you liked it anon xx

Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt

Chapter Title: Heavy breathing and some paintbrushes

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace Lightwood x Clary Fray

Request: Shadowhunters, pairing of your choice and “I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth” or “We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way” -> Second one will be featured in chapter two

Warnings: pffff just a lot of cuteness

A/N: Summery: I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth. This and paint. A lot of paint.

Heeello people of the Internet!
I’m back with a Shadowhunters Fanfiction. It’s about my favorite couple Jace and Clary because I HATE waiting for the next episode. Yes, I am a fan of the show. Even though I read the books! Shocker? Not really.Anyway, happy reading!Ps. This got out of hand. I planned something different but apparently Clace has a mind of their own plus excuse my rusty skills and potential mistakes, English is not my first language. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x)


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Clary knew she was lucky to call a room in the institute her own.  She lost track of the weeks she had woken in the ridiculously large and soft bed that was equipped with about 10 pillows Clary didn’t even need. The room had a dresser and even a balcony, so there wasn’t anything to complain about. Almost.  It just didn’t look like Clary’s room. Everything was way too organized, tidied up and the absence of drawings was scandalous.  So she had asked Alec whether it was alright for her to mix it up a little bit.
‘’If you have to.’’ Was all she got together with an eye roll.

That’s how she got herself into this mess. Clary was dressed into black leggings and a old shirt that was no longer white but splashed by seemingly dozens of colors.  Her hair was in a messy ponytail and her room looked like a color bomb exploded. Alec hadn’t said how far she was allowed to go, but she decided for herself that colored walls would make her feel much more…homely.  One of the walls had already been painted a bright red, Clary had let that dry and painted a rune over it. She didn’t know what it stood for but her thoughts quickly shifted to the wall facing her bed.
‘’What the hell are you doing?’’ ,called an amused voice from the door, startling her.
She turned around, facing Jace as he took in the mess that was her room.
‘’Well what does it look like?’’,she replied turning back trying to figure out what to do the next wall.
‘’Alec is going to kill you’’
Jace chuckled while carefully entering her room, trying to avoid any colors.
‘’ He told me it was okay, actually.’’ , Clary mumbled while placing her hands on her hips ., and idea forming in her head.
‘’He did? And what kind of rune is that supposed to be?’’, he asked with incredibility and pointed at the black rune on the red wall.
‘’I don’t know I just drew it.’’
Clary was way too focused on her next move for her to notice Jace’s frowning. After staring at it for a few seconds he shifted his attention back to Clary.
‘’So you didn’t like your room. Why didn’t you just change it to another?’’
Clary sighed and raised an eyebrow, turning back to Jace.
‘’It’s not like I don’t like it. It’s just…not me. And anyway, any room here looks like this one. ‘’
She eyed his outfit, secretly admiring how his T-Shirt fitted his muscular chest before handing him a paintbrush.
‘’If you’re gonna criticize me some more at least make yourself useful.’’
She smiled has he took the brush and carried the paint buckets a little farther away from the targeted wall.
‘’I gotta go change if your appearance is anything to go by.’’, he stated before rushing back to his room and coming back in some sweatpants.  Literally,  only sweatpants.
‘’That doesn’t bother you, does it?’’, Jace challenged Clary and eying her provocatively.
Well, crap. What did she get herself into?
‘’Why should it.’’

Jace wasn’t stupid. He knew about the effect he had on women. But really, he didn’t mean to irritate Clary in that way. He had noticed that she had been pretty tense the last few days since Simon didn’t answer her calls anymore. She worried. Then she found out  the werewolves were trying to find her and Alec had been giving her a hard time as well. Jace wasn’t supposed to care, but he did. He tried not to, by the angels, he really did. She was better off without the mundane anyway and they all were able to protect her from the werewolves. But most importantly, and that was pretty much the reason why he decided to do what he was doing, he cared about her. That little,sassy redhead got into his head, messed up his life and irritated his heart.  He might be feeling obligated to help her as a protector of the human world, but really, he wanted to help her.
So he decided they both could use some fun.

Clary lied. Oh god she lied. It did bother her. Jace was attractive, extremely attractive she might add. Seeing him in his shadowhunter gear did things to her stomach she wouldn’t label.
But seeing him shirtless, all the fading runes visible on his toned body did things to much lower regions.  
Clary coughed, realizing she just creepily stared at him burning back to face the wall.
‘’ I just don’t want it in one color. I want it sprinkled. ‘’
She looked at him trying to see if he understood.
‘’So basically, we’re gonna splash different kinds of colors on the wall, got it?’’
Jace nodded, grinning.
‘’I guess that’s what mundanes call modern art, right?’’
Clary snorted.
‘’Shadowhunters, too.  Try to hit the wall and not any furniture!’’
‘’I had target training since I was 1, Clary.’’, Jace stated cockily getting ready to do the first splash.
Clary went first , oddly fascinated with how the paint met the wall and slowly forming a pattern.
It didn’t take long until throwing paint turned into a competition of who created the best pattern.
‘’Mine is definitely the prettiest, look at that aestetic!’’ , Jace argued trying to convince the laughing Clary that his green paint was after all a snake with three heads.
‘’No way! ‘’ She stood right in front of the wall pointing at Jace’s ‘snake’ .
‘’How is this-Oh!’’

There was a whole minute of silence before Jace bursted out laughing.
He fucking threw paint at her.
‘’You did not, Jace Lightwood !’’
Clary had an eye closed, out of reflex because the paint had landed in her face.
‘’Now you are a fine piece of art !’’ Jace hold his stomach laughing , fully enjoying Clary’s shocked expression that slowly turned into a determined one.
‘’Don’t you ever challenge a Fray!’’
Jace blinked once and there was paint all over his naked torso.
A huge grin was forming on his lips, eying Clary like a lion would eye is prey.
‘’Remember, you asked for this!’’
He  dipped his hands in a bucket full of paint, chasing the screaming (but laughing Clary) through the room until he sneaked his hands around her hips, pressing them onto her stomach, painting her former white shirt even more colorful.
Clary struggled lightly against Jace’s hold, but really, she was way too indulged in the feeling of his hands pressed against her body.
‘’You say what?’’,Jace breathed into her ear, making her shiver.
‘’Don’t ever challenge a Fray!’’
Clary drew the paintbrush across his face ,snickering.
He let go of her rubbing his eyes.
‘’You’re such a pain in the ass, Clarissa !’’, he growled before pressing her against the freshly sprinkled wall. He hold her tight, watching her as she kept on laughing and supporting her hands on his chest.
He smiled softly, loving to see her so carefree.
It wasn’t until Clary had stopped laughing that both realized in what compromising position they were in.
She swallowed slightly, feeling his naked skin under her fingertips. Feeling his heartbeat.
Their eyes met.

Clary licked her lips involuntarily, causing Jace to press his lower body tighter against hers. Jace couldn’t focus on anything else but Clary’s lips. They looked so soft and perfect. He had imagined numerous times how she would taste. Fierce maybe, with a taste of vanillin and something that was so Clary.
He felt like he was able to hear her heart beating violently and he could have sworn that he just moaned.
Clary’s eyelids fluttered while she melted against his hard body. She was all soft and curves where he was hard and edgy.
She could feel his face coming closer.
‘’I’ve won.’’,he murmured with a lascivious smile looking at her like she was the finest piece of art the world had ever seen.
Clary didn’t even feel the need to disagree, if losing meant that Jace looked at her like that, she would gladly lose every time.
He put his right hand up, cradling her cheek and slightly touching her lips with his thumb.
Her breath caught in her throat, slightly opening her lips she could feel his hot breath against her lips.
He was so close.
So close.
‘’ Clary! We need you and Jace for…Oh.’’

Clary winced when she saw Isabelle bursting into her room because she was facing the door.
I will kill her. I will kill her.  She repeated in her head over and over again while studying Jace.
He closed his eyes, exhaling loudly before looking intensively into her eyes.
We’re not finished here , it said.
Jace then slowly  turned around.
‘’Yes, Isabelle?’’, he grumbled lowly.
‘’I –ah oh sorry. Well, that makes it easier though.’’ The perplexed expression on the pretty brunettes face changed into a smug one.
‘’We need you for a mission. You two. C’mon it requires a lot of planning!’’
She turned around, but stopped for a second to say:
‘’I like what you did here’’ before rushing out of the door.
Whether she meant her messy room or the almost lip-lock action that almost took place, Clary didn’t know.


Before you close the tab, know that this is going to get a second chapter where we will find out about this mission Izzy cockblocked our fave couple for. So keep tuned !

Also, hope you enjoyed it. If you wanna make me happy leave a like and reblog it ! :)

Update: 13.2.16 . Second chapter will be up today !

The Other Teller

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Requested by @starbooks13

“Hey dear! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Gaby’s twin sister, but her skill set is not the same as gaby’s. When Napoleon gets you both from Germany, the two of them don’t get along at all. But eventually they grow on each other and it ends all cute???”

Warnings: FLUFF, mild violence 

Note: I used google translate for the german so apologies if you’re german and the translation is a bit dodgy!! (you can see the english at the bottom of the oneshot)

“Are you going to be finished soon?” You called out impatiently.

“Almost! I’d probably finish quicker if I didn’t have a certain annoying voice constantly nagging in my ear.” She retorted making you roll your eyes.

Ten minutes after your sister’s reply you had grown bored again. You let out an overdramatic sigh before heaving yourself up off the chair and towards the dartboard hanging in the corner of the mechanic garage.

You wandered over and picked up a few darts in your hand before mindlessly starting to aim them at the dartboard. You watched as all three landed almost perfectly in the centre, and as you wandered forward to pull them off the board you heard the sound of the door being opened and a person stepping inside.

You briefly glanced over your shoulder to see a man in an important looking suit strolling through the garage. You barely payed him any attention as he walked past you, instead turning back to the dartboard to take aim again.

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Heads up black americans

Black People from Caribbean countries also get told we have no culture, because whether you’re from french caribbean, spanish caribbean , dutch caribbean or the english caribbean countries your culture is viewed as a immitation of a great more prominent culture. Your culture is hardly viewed as an independent culture of its own. “Its not really a culture you created yourself, its really british/spanish/french culture.” 

Black People from the caribbean don’t know where in Africa we from either. We are not more knowledgeable or more conscious than you. Alot of us went through or is still going through that phase where we distance ourselves from anything african. Some of us will die not accepting our ancestry because anti-blackness & anti-africanness is world wide. Try telling a Jamaican, Bahamian or Guyanese etc their african and watch them freak out…” Mi nuh one of ‘em”

Black people from the caribbean go through “melting pot” bullshit, yep. The caribbean is a lot more diverse than the media lets on. The caribbean has a quite sizeable chinese, white, latino (i know its inclusive of alot of ethicities) and indian population, with a small indigenious population also. So black people who are noticibly mixed with any of these races think their a black of a better quality.Trying to find a Miss Jamaican/bahamas/trinidad/barbados etc who isnt mixed is a challenege, because that still considerated the height of beauty. Becuase even though black people makeup the majority of the caribbean, blackness is still hated and looked down upon. White people who stayed behind after slavery still have the most money, they make up like less than 10% of the caribbean and they have 90% of the wealth. 

Black people from the caribbean also go through colorism. The lighter the skin the more you are considered beautiful, inteligent, wealthy and capable being in charge. Yes the majority is dark or medium toned skilled but being “high yellow” or “brown” is still what many strive for; i know you’ve heard the songs about it. People will mixed up batches of dangerous chemicals that consist of hair perm (lye) & actual bleach to lighten their skin. 

Black people from the caribbean have different accents/dialects and these accents are actually hated. We don’t all speak the quasi-jamaican rambles that you’ve seen portrayed on tv and in movies. If you’ve been there long enough you can actually hear the differences in how we speak. These accents are looked down upon and considered low class, when i came to america my mom begged we to pick up the accent because it sounded more ‘proper’ even the AAVE. When i got to go to an american school everyone who didnt make fun of me for speaking jamaican actually thought my accent sounded cool which is something i wasnt used to. “I chat bad,” was ingrained in me. Alot of us don’t even speak a variation of english. Completely different languages are spoken in the non-english speaking countries. 

We hate each other:
Though we for the most part are all black people who went through relatively the same struggles of colonialism, slavery, labour riots, racism, lack of representation in politics, we cant agree for nothing. Most of the caribbean can’t stand jamaicans or atleast have a negavity view of jamaicans “ too violent, too loud, too proud.” Barbadian and Jamaicans hate each other. People from the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas think they’re better than everybody. Everybody and they mama look down on haitians. etc, its a whole mess and we practically the same people with the same history. Its all dumb as fuck. West indians are so hard headed. 

We contributed to african american culture: Yeah, either directly as immigrants or indirectly through the media. yeah alot the afroecntric movement of the 60s and of the 90s was from caribbean influences. I aint even gone talk about Bob Marley’s contribution, its been said. If you look in the wikipedia of alot of legendary African American actors, musicians and celebrities alike you’ll see that either they immigrated or their parents immigranted from the caribbean. We actually go through alot of the same issues you go through regarding race. I like to think we’re “central americans”, kinda too american for non americans but not enough for actual americans. 


So, this is a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while but it keeps not happening for some reason. That said, I think this is hands down THE most important skill you can have when dealing with paganism, polytheism, magic, witchcraft, or anything else that involves woo. It’s also extremely handy in muggle matters, too. We often hear about its importance, but we rarely get much more than that. I’m going to attempt to talk about what discernment is, why it’s important, and might even succeed in coming up with a couple ways to hone it.

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With You Went So Much Of Me (Jace Lightwood Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace x Reader

Request: Hey I love your blog I was wondering if you could do a TVseries!Jace/reader where the reader is helping on a mission to help save Clary’s mom but the get kidnapped and Jace get really worried that he lost her forever then when they find her he gets all emotion on the reader and is like I love you and your never leaving my eye sight ever again oh, and this request is already a gif so it isnt my idea so just letting you know so you don’t get in trouble. I really just added a few extras that i want @ vitalanidragonbane 


Sometimes saying ‘I love you’ isn’t that easy, but if you experience what it feels like to lose that person…suddenly it is.

Warnings: kidnapping, slight torture (not graphic), blood

Words: 1.979



This was a requested TVShow!Jace imagine

I rated it M just to be on the safe side but it’s nothing too bloody or too nasty. So don’t worry.

Happy Reading!

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*gif from shadowhunterxdaily *

Commitment had never been something that Jace had considered for himself. Dating or being in a serious relationship had never been an option before, knowing that what he felt for the girl laying next to him was nowhere near love. It had always been fun. But he could live without them. So when you had come around he had been more than blown away by the feelings that surely but steadily rose inside of him. Your wit and your sass amused him, you were more than capable to counter his teasing and arrogance. Fast forward you two had become an item , you’ve never talked about being in a relationship, but it was pretty clear for you and everyone else that you belonged together. And Jace’s single-mingle lifestyle was over.

Clary Fray was the reason the Clave had sent you to support the New York institute, Clary Fray was the reason you had met Jace, and Clary Fray was the reason that you got abducted.

‘’Alright, if I see anyone not sticking to the plan I will ensure that this person is never taking place in any kind of mission ever again.’’
Alec Lightwood’s eyes lingered on you for a few seconds too long to be subtle. He was Jace’s parabatai, adoptive brother and hopelessly in love with him. Hence the reason he didn’t quite like you. You couldn’t even blame him, you probably would have hated yourself just the same. How Jace couldn’t figure out Alec’s true feelings was beyond you. But it wasn’t on you to inform him.
‘’Give us a break , Alec. Sticking to the plan is not always the best way to go.’’, Jace spoke up while drawing several runes on your arm.
You had been given the tip that there was a group of vampires that supported Valentine’s plans. Apparently the rest of them feared those, or at least saw that as a problem. You were supposed to meet up with a few , get new information concerning the group of vampires that support Valentine and concerning the location of Clary’s mother. You had a bad feeling about that. But the minute you had voiced your concern Alec had quickly disagreed, simply because it came from you. Since then nobody took you serious. But your gut feelings were always right. So you had alarmed your own parabatai and a few friends in secret, just in case something would happen. They’d be your backup and the others didn’t know.
‘’Stick to the plan, Jace.’’, was all Alec said before you all followed him out the front door, heading to the meet up location.

The minute you stepped into the underground warehouse you felt the uneasiness increasing, clearly sensing that something was wrong. But the formation of 5 vampires a few feet away kept you from voicing your concerns out loud.
At first everything went smoothly , the vampires did provide you with information and there were no signs of attack. But a minute later you felt the odd sensation of being watched. You shared a subtle look with Isabelle whose demon-sensing necklace pulsed. The minute Jace and Alec realized what that meant hell broke loose. You counted at least three different demon species making it incredible difficult to focus in their special skills. There were so many that you had to split up knowing well enough that this was the stupidest thing you could do. Especially when you realized that the vampires were watching the scene without being attacked. So it had been a trap!
You had followed a shapeshifter down to some dark corridor, killed it and then realized that you were caught in a dead end alley . An insanely beautiful man with long silver hair appeared around a corner, showing off a playful smile.
‘’That’s how we meet again,Y/N.’’
Noah. His name was Noah.
When Seelis were Isabelle’s weak spot, Noah was yours.
Or at least he had been.
‘’Be a good girl and come with me and no one gets hurt.’’
He came closer and closer.
You tried to back away but there was no room left. You two might have history but that obviously didn’t matter right now.
‘’What do you want?’’
‘’For you to tell me where the cup is. We know that the little Fray found it. And you know where.’’
You swallowed but kept your expression blank.
You did. But you would never tell.
You knew that he could hear your heartbeat so lying was no option.
‘’I won’t tell.’’, you simply said, being rewarded with a cold smile.
‘’Oh yes you will.’’
He dashed forward and before you blacked out you screamed Jace’s name.

Jace couldn’t remember when he had ever felt this scared. Hearing your high pitched scream and then not being able to find you did things to him he couldn’t name. He was filled with rage, with anger and fear . Rage because you had been right and those vampires had lied, anger because he couldn’t protect you even though you yelled for his help and fear because him losing you was closer than ever before. He wasn’t delusional, if the group of vampires that supported Valentine had you, you wouldn’t come out alive. You would be tutored and then killed. And judging by your loyalty you wouldn’t spill the hideout of the cup, you would rather die. And that scared the hell out of him because he couldn’t lose you. If he did, he would lose himself. And damnit, he didn’t even tell you that he loved you.
So the sheer terror that was pulsing through his body promised to kill everyone that would get into his way of saving you.

When you woke up you felt yourself tied up against a wall. Why couldn’t it be a chair? Your legs felt like pudding and the bright light didn’t help either.
‘’Morning, beauty.’’, Noahs voice spoke up making your eyes focus on him. He stood behind another vampire, a woman though, who observed you curiously.
‘’Y/N Y/L/N , right?’’, she spoke up making a hand signal for Noah to leave her alone.
It was only you and her, and even though she looked kind of innocent and kind, you could see the masquerade that she was putting on.
‘’I’ve heard a lot about you. Noah assured me that you would cooperate since you’re…quite fond of the downworlders. ‘’,she smiled slightly.
‘’And If not…’’,she caressed your neck with one of her fingers.
‘’I’ll get myself a little taste of heaven.’’
That made you freeze. Having someone drink your blood was your worst nightmare. Noah knew. And of course he had spilled your secret. You had been attacked by a vampire when you were little, since then you didn’t necessarily feared them but you feared being bitten by them.
‘’So, sweetheart, tell me where the mortal cup is.’’

You didn’t know how much time had passed since you woke up in that room for the first time.
Hours, probably.
You didn’t talk. You really didn’t want to be responsible for the world’s end. So revealing the cups placement was no option.
It didn’t take long for Angie, the vampire, to figure that out. And it didn’t take long until she bit you for the first time.
Shadowhunter blood was partly angel, a real delicacy.
It was pure torture for you. But you’d be damned if you misused the trust that Clary had put into you.
You were born a Shadowhunter, raised as one and were proud to be one.
You would rather die than betray that.
Somewhere during the next bite you felt your conscious giving up to a deep blackness, the blood loss taking a toll on your body. You didn’t want to die. You didn’t want to leave your parabatai or Jace alone, but the pain your were in made you pray that it would be over soon.
Jace. You never told him you loved him. Did anyone ever tell him that they did?

‘’Y/N, wake up!’’
You heard a voice from far away, combat noises and upset orders.
The first thing you felt was that you were no longer tied upwards but laying against someone’s chest. There were hands all over your body, upset whispers at your ear and soft lips against your hair.
You tried to open your eyes but everything was so damn bright and you were so tired.
But no matter how badly your head hurt right now, you would always feel the presence of your parabatai .
And Jace. You would always feel Jace.
The scent surrounding you was his, the arms around your body his and the muffled voice belonged to him.
‘’Y/N, love please. Come back to me. Don’t leave me alone.’’
His voice sounded tearfully and the sheer look of horror on his face when you opened your eyes signalized you that you probably looked the way you felt like.
‘’Jace…amissio rune…’’, your voice was faint, feeling like you could slip away any minute.
You knew the iratze rune wouldn’t work on you but the amissio rune cured blood loss . And that was definitely something you needed really badly.
‘’Yeah-yeah you’re right. Hold up.’’
Jace was a piece of mess not able to think clearly. When he saw you hanging there , your shirt drenched in your own blood he had never felt so hopelessly and scared. He thought you were dead. And that thought alone ripped a piece of his heart out.
He hurriedly drew the rune on your shoulder knowing it was painful. But you didn’t even flinch and that made him realize how close to death you actually were.
Almost instantly you felt at least a little better.
You probably should have paid attention to the fighting going on around you but all you could focus on was Jace.
‘’I didn’t tell .’’, you smiled proudly widening your eyes when he laughed shortly before a tear ran down his cheek. Jace cried? When did Jace ever cry?
You lifted your arm under immense exhaustion leaning your hand against his cheek.
‘’Do you have any idea how scared I was? I heard you screaming. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this.’’
He leaned down a little to kiss your forehead.
‘’I love you . I love you so much and I thought I had lost you. I could feel you slipping away from me and by the angels, Y/N, I have never been this scared before. Don’t you dare leave me if you stop waking up next to me every morning I won’t be able to survive.’’
This didn’t sound like Jace at all, all the arrogance and the sass was gone, he was completely bare.
And he loved you!
You smiled reassuringly at him feeling your heart ache.
‘’I love you too, Jace. I thought I wouldn’t get to tell you that ever. I love you so much oh god.’’
You were crying. This all was just too much and you were so tired.
He struggled with tears himself and held you close to his body. The noises around you had died down and you heard your parabatai sobbing. You shot her a thankful and reassuring smile before you curled up in Jace’s arms.
‘’Can we go home?’’,you murmurmed shivering shortly before you felt yourself getting lifted. Jace carried you out the building in bridal style.
‘’Yes my love. I swear you’re never leaving my eye sight again. Or do you want to be responsible for my broken heart?’’
You had to laugh, sniffling a little before you closed your eyes.
‘’Cuff yourself to me. Then we’ll never get separated.’’
That made him laugh and your parabatai giggle who was following you shortly behind.
Your head laid against his heart, listening to the steady beating.
Who would have thought that you would capture Jace Lightwood’s heart?


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Red Scarf  - a GaoQiao one-shot

Hello people! here you have a piece of shit work, which is the first real big thing I’ve written in English and in which I’m satisfied enough, enough to post it here!

For starters, I AM FRENCH. English isn’t my native tongue! If there is any big mistake, just PM me politely :)

Okay, now let’s go to the one-shot. I hope the characters aren’t too out of characters, but hey! let’s give it a try! Feedback and constructive critiscm is always welcome. :D

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So Loo Brealey just posted this on twitter and I wanted to share it here:

You know I’m here for BBC Sherlock crit. (More than here for it, let’s be honest). But seriously why attack the actress who plays one of the characters for the writing of said character? Molly Hooper is the beacon of light on that show. She’s probably the most likeable character in the whole damn thing.

It’s not (imo) the fact she loves Sherlock which makes her weak. I think that implication is antifeminist in itself. Why does loving someone make a woman weak? It shouldn’t. It doesn’t. 

Molly has a similar problem that Sansa Stark had (and sort of still has) on GOT where because she’s ‘normal’ and displays more traditionally feminine character traits people have an issue with that. But why? Where is the issue with that? Feminist media doesn’t mean writing women who behave in more traditionally masculine ways. That’s ridiculous. Some people say Mary is a more feminist character than Molly because she shoots people. Rubbish mate. Let women be women. Give them the chance to be whoever they please. Molly isn’t weak because she won’t beat a person up. A female character with a gun does not necessarily = strong female character (something I wish more male writers would get). 

My issue with Molly is not Molly herself, or Loo Brealey’s portrayal of her, which has been consistently really good and true and lovely in a show which is often pretty dark and has got kind of uncomfortable in later seasons. It’s the way Molly is used. 

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魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~
魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival ~ Animate Tokuten Drama CD

魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ? ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~

Who’s the hottest guy in the Demon world? ~A wise vampire always hides his fangs~*

Heyo, cuties! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Today I’m bringing you more translations! My friend kinokotottekoi (thanks again for the help <3) already said I was going to translate this CD, so here it is! I’m like the laziest being on Earth so I’m actually surprised it didn’t take me that long to do it in the end (but like I started translating at 1AM?? Sleeping is overrated). Anyways, do enjoy!

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Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt (Multichapter)

Chapter 2 Title: Sometimes reality is better than any fantasy

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace Lightwood x Clary Fray

Request: “We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way”

Warnings: pffff just a lot of cuteness

Summery: Clary and Jace got cockblocked by Isabelle and deal with the aftermath of what agreeing to the mission means for their relationship.

Authors note: Hello lovely people !
This is the second chapter and had also been requested. Continuation of chapter 1 !
Happy Reading!excuse my rusty skills and potential mistakes, English is not my first language. Fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x)


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Originally posted by mortalinstrumentsinfernaldevices

*gif not mine*

‘‘Why exactly does a demon participate in a Valentines hunt?’
Clary Fray bent down to tie the shoelaces of her red chucks while eyeing Isabelle across the room pouring herself some fancy red wine. She should be the one drowning alcohol after she got talked into this goddamn mission. After Isabelle had interrupted her…painting session with Jace she had found out that there was a demon out there using the yearly ‘New York Valentine’s hunt’ to have fun with his victim before killing it. The valentine’s hunt was no more than an offer for all couples to get off 50% on every activity such as ice skating or dining at restaurants during Valentine’s day.  Isabelle had proposed Jace and Clary to fake-date following the demon around New York until there was a good opportunity to kill him. Jace had instantly switched into business mood while Clary had been still shaken from earlier encounters.  She had almost kissed Jace. And now she had agreed on taking over this mission acting all couple-y with him even though she had no idea how to face him after before.  At least Clary got to wear normal clothes for a change , dressed in blue high waisted jeans, a black and white striped longsleeve shirt and some trainers.
‘’He wants to have a little fun I guess.’’,Izzy answered her question from earlier offering Clary a black coat.
‘’You’re just going to follow them around the city, do the things they do and kill him eventually. No biggie.’’ ,she shrugged sending Clary a cheeky grin. She knew EXACTLY that it was the opposite of ‘no biggie’. She walked in on her and Jace after all.
‘’Remind me again why I agreed?’’,she groaned taking the coat while combing through her curls.
‘’Because you want to proof yourself to our world and you don’t want anyone else to be this close to Jace.’’
Clary shot the brunette a sharp look, but there was no time for a reply because there was a knock on the door before Jace entered.
‘’Good, you’re wearing normal clothes. We take my bike.’’
She tried to dodge his eyes, nodding before rushing out the door. Noticing he didn’t follow she called out ‘’ You coming?’’, before heading to the entrance of the institute.  She didn’t see how Isabelle pressed a supportive kiss on Jace’s cheek murmuring something about ‘Use this chance’ before leaving them to be.
She didn’t see the determined look on Jace’s face either.

‘’Hold on tight.’’,Jace said before they chased off on his bike and Clary took his words literal. He was lucky she was so tiny otherwise she would have squeezed him to death.
‘’Where are we starting?’’, she tried to drown out the wind by yelling into his ear.
He hold up a hand signaling her to wait parking this bike in an alley no less than 10 minutes later.
‘’ We know that the demon is starting off with ice skating. ‘’
So cliché.
‘’Have you ever been ice skating before at all?’’ , Clary asked grinning following him on the streets.
The snort following her question and the look he shot her clearly said ‘no’.
‘’I kill demons I surely can stand on ice. But ouf course if you need any support you can hold on tight.’’, he teased making Clary smile.
‘’I used to go ice skating every year, Jace. I’m sure I can manage that.’’
Jace shot out a hand keeping you from walking further.
‘’See this one with the black hair talking to the woman in red ?’’
‘’That’s him.’’,Clary answered in a whisper, startled when Jace took a hold of her hand.
‘’Play along.’’,he said serious watching her intensely, making sure she understood.  
Her heart was pounding, being so close to Jace made her hyper aware of her surroundings. Like everything used to be in black and white and suddenly they were in screaming colors.
Jace dragged her along to get some skating shoes while Clary watched how the demon wrapped his arms around his prey. She wished she could warn the woman but there was no way to do so.
‘’Here.’’, Jace hold out some shoes that Clary put on waiting for Jace to do the same.
Even though this was a mission, Clary felt a little excited.
She entered the ice, quickly realizing that she still knew how to hold herself up. Looking behind her she realized that Jace had more problems than her, making her giggle.
‘’Full of talents.’’, she teased sliding over to him and taking his hands.
‘’C’mon. Get your hands off the railing. ‘’
She laughed at the look he shot her, almost making him stumbling into her.
Jace grabbed Clary around her hips, anchoring him on this goddamn slippery ice and letting out a frustrated huff.
He noticed out of the corners of his eye how the demon looked over to the Shadowunter pair, noticing something odd but not quite getting it.
‘’Isn’t the guy supposed to keep the girl from falling?’’,Jace asked annoyed trying to keep up with your slow pace.
‘’Who says that?’’
‘’Every man on this planet?
‘’Only those with a messed up relationship.’’, Clary answered stopping at the railing noticing how much Jace actually struggled.
He surprised her by pulling her to him tugging Clary’s head under his chin.  Jace expected Clary to struggle in his hold, but instead she wrapped her arms around him snuggling against him.
He almost forgot his task at how GOOD this felt.
Playing with her hair he tried to focus on the demon.
‘’They look like a real couple.’’, he commented making Clary think.
‘’Just like us.’’, she reminded him before she could hold her tongue. Damn. Why was her mouth always faster than her brain?
She felt him involuntarily pressing her closer to him.
‘’They are not us.’’,he simply said before releasing her  .
‘’They’re leaving!’’

Halfway through the movie they were watching in the local theatre their target must have realized that something was off. The demon kept throwing glances at them , forcing Clary and Jace to step up their couple game. His hand was currently on her thigh, softly rubbing it with his thumb.
This role she was currently playing came natural to her. She didn’t mind being so close to Jace at all, his hands always touching her, his lips on her cheeks.  She darkness surrounding them mad them highly aware of each other, every breath, every sigh and every touch intensified.
Clary’s hand was convulsively buried in her seat, her shoulder was touching his and his scent was surrounding her.  She didn’t even pay any attention to the demon anymore when she realized how into Jace was into this fake dating thing. He had called her love and babe a few times, constantly touched her, making her want more. The memory of the morning still lingered in her head, her thoughts focused on the almost kiss.
It took her a few second to realize that she had moaned out at the mere thought, blushing furiously.  
Jace cleared his throat, seemingly affected by her sensual noise.  He also realized that Clary had attracted the demon’s attention and the woman sitting next to him was no longer his prey. Clary was. He bent down to her ear whispering ‘’ You trust me?’’
A nod.
He took her hand while standing up leading her out of the theatre in the alley next to it.
Jace softly pressed her against the cold wall, bringing their faces together.
Lips almost touching.
His intention had been to allure the demon to follow them, but in this second he realized that if he didn’t kiss her now he would go insane.
So he did. At first really soft, just a gentle touch of his lips against hers. Her heavy breathing and the way she opened her lips as he intensified the pressure made him lose himself in her. Kissing her deeply and enjoying the way her fingers found their way into his hair.
‘’Jace.’’, Clary murmured against his lips fully involved into the way he hold her close. His lips tasted like heaven and she never wanted to do something else again.
‘’Care to share?’’, a deep voice echoed in the ally making Jace to look up facing the demon.
‘’No.’’,he simply said, facing Clary once more to make her understand that he meant it.
‘’What a pity. But I always get what I want’’, the demon growled making his way towards the pair.
Jace waited for the demon to be in arms reach before everything happened so fast that Clary blinked once and the demon faded into his particles.
A clap was heard from the roof before a certain warlock appeared in front of them.
‘’That was truly a enjoyable show. I haven’t had this much fun in ages.’’
Magnus smiled crooked.

It turned out Magnus had had an eye on them all the time, with the task to step in incase anything happened.
It didn’t so all Clary did was give an report of recent events before getting ready for bed since she was exhausted.  Laying in bed she couldn’t sleep, her thoughts with Jace. And the kiss.
It w as half past 11 when she heard a knock on the door and Jace sticking his head inside the room.
‘’Are you asleep?’’
She sat up, smiling lightly while watching him joining her on the bed.
‘’You do know how late it is, right?’’,she tried to lighten the mood after some speechless silence.
‘’Clary I…what we have done today…’’
She expected some ‘you know it doesn’t mean anything right?’ speeches but Jace cradled her face in his hands.
‘’I can’t keep on dancing around each other. I need to know whether you regret it.’’
Clary stayed silent, oberserving.
‘’That’s not what you want to know.’’,she stated quietly making him laugh.
‘’No. But this is a subtle way of getting my answer.’’,he simply said.
Clary smiled sheepishly before bending forwards and planting a kiss on his lips.
‘’Subtle enough?’’, she dared with a raised eyebrow.
‘’Subtle enough.’’,he replied diving full in, kissing her until she couldn’t keep from giggling because she couldn’t breathe anymore.

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My Thoughts on Magnificent 7 *Contains Spoilers*
  • First of all, I love the plot of the film. The opening got me hooked and I loved how dramatic the opening title scene was especially after the huge emotional and dramatic scene before it. 
  • Love how Sam just kills a bunch of people with his gun and doesn’t give a fuck at all. Like he’s done this so many times it’s like just another day’s work. 
  • I love and am also irritated by how Faraday pushes his luck. Like he gets himself into so many risky situations, it’s hilarious and pretty cool how confident his character is and he’s one of my favorites hands down but seriously dude why are you cocky! His skills are just super underestimated I suppose and that adds like a whole new layer to him that’s fucking awesome! 
  • Just all the action in the movie is fucking awesome like seriously I saw this movie with my college friends (the school had a program where we could go see it for free so those of us that weren’t busy went) and it was so awesome we were all cheering and clapping and stuff during the Rose Creek battle when something epic happened and it made me love this film even more!

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Escaping Loneliness

He’d been told that finding the one was the most magical moment to happen in one’s life. Ever since he was a child the idea of finding a soul mate was made to be the biggest milestone in a person’s life. But as he grew older he found himself reluctant to date. There were many larger aspects of life he found to be more important than a date penciled in for a Friday night.

Over the years Castiel had written four novels, all of which had hit charts in bookstores across the nation. As his fanbase grew so did his yearning to write more. In the midst of his fifth novel he found himself seated at his desk, with his fingers resting on the keys idly, staring at the date on the corner of his computer screen. It was his 36th birthday.

Suddenly something deep inside of him ached. His eyes roamed to see the spot on his clustered shelves where his published books rested. They were what he had to show for his life. Making friends and finding lovers had never been something that was part of his routine. Now, staring back down at the date, he realized all too suddenly that he was lonely. The characters in his books no longer gave him the satisfaction of company.

Without finishing the next line, he grabbed his phone and quickly dialed his brother’s number.

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nicholaswaitts  asked:

What do you think that really happened at the Tower of Joy? I read something a couple of days ago that said that maybe the Kingsguard had orders from Rhaegar not to harm Ned, as it would hurt Lyanna, and that also, should he die in the Trident, he could trust Ned to take care of his son. Do you think this is possible at all and in line with Rhaegar's personality, or did Ned and Howland survive cause they were actually skilled enough to repel at least one kingsguard? Sorry for any bad english

I think Ned’s seven finally found the penultimate Targaryen stronghold and Ned demanded his sister back, completely ignorant of the baby that had just been or was about to be born. “Come on, guys, the war is over. Bend the knee. Lemme in. Lemme see my sister. There’s nothing left to fight for anymore.”

Except there was.

Hightower, Whent, and Dayne were protecting the messiah, imo. There in that tower was (or would be) Rhaegar’s last child. Not just any child. Who they believed was the Third Head of the Dragon. What orders did Rhaegar give before he rode north? ~Protect them, at all costs. The Long Night is coming. This child must live, or all of us die. I’ll return soon~ When it came to the prophecy, I think Dayne was a true believer. 

When Ned rolled up, the Kingsguard saw a group of Rebels. Traitors to the crown. Maybe rumor preceded Ned, as rumor always precedes people in ASOIAF. Imagine what drifted down from King’s Landing: Dead. Betrayed. Sacked. Murdered. Stabbed. Opened the gates. Betrayed. Raped. Murdered. Rhaegar’s children murdered

Readers know that Ned wouldn’t murder a baby, but the Kingsguard didn’t know that. All they knew was that these men fought for Robert. Maybe they knew the Rebels (Tywin) took King’s Landing by treachery, under the guise of friendship. ~Our sworn brother killed the king, and the king’s old friend murdered Rhaegar’s children~ Well, no fucking way was Arthur Dayne going to let himself make Aerys’s mistakes. ~I wouldn’t let my own damn mother into this Tower, Stark. Fuck off. Or else.~ (I’m sure Ned made whatever was actually said appropriately poetic and song-worthy in his dreams, even if no one could ever know the truth of it all. He respected these men.)

Well Ned obviously wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Maybe Lyanna started screaming in childbirth, and that’s what made everyone draw swords. Either way, they fought, “seven against three.”

If the Kingsguard were pulling their punches, Ned wouldn’t have remembered them as “no ordinary three.” I’m certain Hightower, Dayne, and Whent gave it everything they had, believing they had to defend Rhaegar’s prophesied child, and three kingsguard knights just weren’t enough against the best fighters of the North, the Neck, etc. It’s like tumblrofthrones said, “People have these idealized versions of legendary knights or warriors but they’re just fairy tales. The reality is that they can be killed”

The tragedy is that no one needed to die at the Tower of Joy. That’s why it’s so sad: “‘And now it begins,’ said Ser Arthur Dayne […] ‘No,’ Ned said with sadness in his voice. ‘Now it ends.’” From Ned’s POV imo, Rhaegar was just another crazy, if well-intentioned, Targaryen, and all of this was for naught.

No, I don’t think Rhaegar gave any special instructions about Ned, because I don’t think he ever imagined he would die fighting rebels. For much of his life, he believed he was the Prince that was Promised. His ~destiny~ was to fight in the War for the Dawn.

~Die? In a mundane little rebel uprising? Never, man, I’m the Father of Dragons, I’m THE Speshul Snowflake. Speshul Flame. whatevs. Dad, isn’t this war why we kept Tywin around? Doesn’t he take care of these things for us? Yeah, that thing about the “better king” was kinda awkward last time, but he was good with the day-to-day and these esoteric prophecies are keepin me real busy down south. If ya know what I mean. ;) ~

Request: Miracle

Word Count: 2,351 (Sorry)

This is the third (and final) part in a short series!

Part One - Day One

Part Two – A Distraction

(Warning for kidnapping, torture, trauma… it gets kinda dark, but it has a happy ending!)

“Okay, I’ll see you later.” You smile slightly, finding your boyfriend’s hand beneath the table and giving it a squeeze as you depart, “Call me when you get out.”

“I will.” He grins, letting go of your hand and kissing your cheek, “Stay safe.”

“Will do.” You promise him. You force yourself out of the seat and head out of the diner, glancing behind you to find Dean watching you carefully, a small smile on his face.

The last thing you intended was to end up in a relationship with this guy, but what you thought would be a one-night thing turned into breakfast, which turned into going to work together, and then lunch, and the more time you spent with him, the more you realised that this guy was seriously amazing. He’s so much more than a pretty face, and though you can’t help but feel like you’re committing some kind of crime by being with him, the last month has been the best of your life.

You get into your car and turn the ignition, checking your mirrors. The road is clear when you pull onto it, pressing on the gas – you get about a half-mile down the straight road, when you spot a car waiting to turn out – you go to drive past it, but then it’s pulling out too soon and you don’t have time and-

The next thing you know, you can feel warm blood dripping down your forehead. Your ribs hurt like a bitch and the car is on its side, in some kind of ditch by the road. Adrenaline floods your veins and you undo your seatbelt, trying to find your phone to call Dean or someone who can help you. That is, until a man appears, leaning through the broken windscreen with some kind of rag.

“Hush, little girl,” He says quietly, an English accent lilting the edges of his tone, “Time to go to sleep.”

With those words, he presses the rag to your nose. The small of chloroform invades your nostrils and your mind goes blank.


“Good morning, Miss Y/N,” There’s someone tapping on your cheek, insistently and quickly. You grumble, turning your head away from them – but all they do is laugh. You think it’s a he. Yeah, definitely a bloke, “Come on, agent, there’s more to do around here than sleep.”

At that, your eyes open. The room around you is bare, dark, and damp, and adrenaline floods your stomach as you realise that you’re handcuffed to a pipe. You pull on it, but the cuffs and pipe are both pretty solid and your hands are cut up anyway, presumably from the car accident. You’re pretty much useless, considering your feet are tied together too.

“Don’t even think about it, love,” The man sings – you can just make his face out in the darkness. He’s older, with dark hair and a bit of a beard. He’s taller than you, but not as tall as Dean.

“Who the hell are you?” You rasp, finding your voice tired and barely there – how long have you been out?

“I thought you’d know me,” He tuts, shaking his head in what seems like disappointment, “You got three guesses. I’m incredibly powerful, incredibly dark, and you, little miss, found my little secret.”


“Bingo, on the money,” He grins, but there’s something twisted and malicious about it, “Oh, Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, you don’t know what a big mistake you’ve made.”

“What do you want from me?” You demand, blinking a few times as your eyes accustom themselves to the darkness, “How long have you had me here?”

“Only a couple of days,” He says, “But your boss doesn’t know that.”


“Well, I couldn’t have them looking for you, could I?” He shakes his head, “Your letter of resignation reached the office yesterday. They’re all upset, of course, but none more so than your darling boyfriend.”

The man smiles brightly, touching his hand to your cheek, “And as for you… well, I haven’t decided yet. Maybe you’ll be of use – know any secrets?”

“No.” You say quickly, and a fake sorrow fills Crowley’s face.

“In that case, you’re useless. I’ll cut you up a bit and burn the place down.”

The idea strikes something with you, “Dean’s mom. Was it you?”

“No.” He shakes his head, “But a friend. An old superior; guy called… well, no-one knows. He worked under the alias Azazel. Had the most striking yellow eyes.” He muses, being dragged off track, “Anyhow, back to you. You see, Y/N, I need information, and you obviously have it.”

“I don’t.” Okay, maybe it’s a lie. Sam and Dean let a couple of things slip, and the rest you figured out for yourself.

“I don’t believe you.” He says harshly, “See, you’re a very promising new recruit. Intelligent, fast-thinking, skilled – plus you’re screwing one of their best agents. If anyone knows, it’s you.”

“You’re wrong.” You insist, but it comes out completely wet and pathetic. The man only laughs, stepping back from you.

“I’ll tell you what – I’ll give you a day. A day to decide you’ll tell me, and then I get the pointy things out.”

You spend the rest of the day trying to figure out where you are or what time it is, but in the end, all you manage to figure out is that you’re in a basement and it’s light outside, from the splinters of light the blacked out windows give you. You have no way of knowing what time it is, or how long dusk will take – it’s the summer, so the sun won’t set until late anyway.

So, you wait, and you wait, until the light is gone. Your body aches and a wound on your head occasionally begins bleeding again, but there’s nothing you can do but wait it out. You’re in pain but you can’t sleep, you can’t think straight, and your vision occasionally fails you.

It feels like a lifetime until the light returns and the door opens once more, revealing Crowley, dragging a bag behind him. You watch him warily while he comes in, kneels down beside you, and pulls out quite possible the meanest looking blade you’ve ever seen.

“Have you made a decision?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow. You stay quiet in response, but look him right in the eye. You watch as he smiles broadly.

“Excellent. I was hoping you’d say that.”

He doesn’t waste any time in slicing through your shirt and cutting along your chest, bringing blood springing to the surface. It isn’t deep, but it still hurts – you refuse, however, to show him that you’re in pain. You focus hard on your breathing – in, and out, rhythmic and slow. No weakness, no chinks in the armour.

He keeps at it for a couple of hours, asking questions and demanding answers, but you don’t say a word to him. Not even one. After a while, you stop reacting altogether. Then, he disappears for a while, and you think he’s done for the day, until he returns, and you’re treated to another three hours of his games.

This continues for the better part of, what you think is, a week. Six days of him coming in, cutting you up, demanding answers, giving up, and leaving. You don’t eat or sleep, you can barely breathe, and your vision barely works anymore. It’s hell.

Then, on the morning of the seventh, he doesn’t come all day. Or the eighth. On the ninth, your body begins to give up as you swim in and out of consciousness. You’ve lost all hope when your miracle arrives.

The door at the top of the stairs opens, and you think it’s Crowley. However, the voice that speaks your name isn’t taunting or cruel – it’s worried and tired. As Dean comes down the basement steps, he catches sight of you, bloodied and broken in the corner, and freezes up.

“Oh, no. Y/N?” He regains control of his legs after what could only have been a few seconds, but stood there, staring at the bloodstained floor and your bloodless face, it feels like an hour. Eventually, he darts over to you, falling to his knees at your side and feeling for a pulse, “Come on, beautiful, just a little longer. Hold on.”

Painstakingly, your eyes open, squinting at him a little, “Dean?” You whisper, your hand reaching weakly up for his, holding it against your neck, “You came.”

“Always, Y/N. Think I was going to let you down?” He teases, “Like hell. We got the bastard, Y/N, you’re safe now.” He keeps talking, trying to get you awake as he picks the handcuffs open, “Can you walk?”

You look up at him, feeling completely vulnerable and pathetic as you shake your head.

“That was a stupid question. Sorry.” He smiles ever so slightly, “Do you have any broken bones?”

You pause, “Prob’ly my ribs,” You say, “Maybe ankle?”

“Okay. Alright. Just for hold on for me, okay?”

“M’kay.” You nod minutely, letting him slide his arms beneath you and pick you up like you’re no more than a sack of potatoes. He lays a kiss on your bloody forehead, “You’re safe now, Y/N. Try to stay awake.”

You nod, “Okay.” You try to speak, but you’re already sleeping.


“Is she awake?” Dean asks, standing up as soon as he sees the doctor leaving your room, “Will she be alright? What happened? Can I see her?”

“Mr Winchester, she’s fine,” The doctor promises, “At least, physically, she will be. Mentally…” She pauses, as if debating whether to divulge or not, “She’s almost catatonic. She’s awake, but she won’t talk or react.”

“Can I see her?” He asks again. His hands are noticeably shaking, even though he has them balled into fists and pressed to his sides.

She nods slowly, “Be gentle.”

“I will.” He says, rushing past her and into the room.

You’re lying on the bed, intubated and immobile. Your skin is greyish and your eyes, though open, are glazed and lifeless. You don’t even look at him or acknowledge his presence.

He’s seen this before, in other victims. There’s protocol for it, but all of that goes out the window when it’s you. Watching you there tears his heart clean in two and he has to take a moment to compose himself before he can step over to you.

“Hey, Y/N,” He says quietly, softly, as if you’re a frightened animal, “It’s me, Dean. You’re- you’re in the hospital, okay? But you’re safe. I’m here, and the doctor is really nice.” It all seems a bit stupid, but then again, what is he supposed to say?

He takes the seat by your side and pulls it right up to the bed, perching on the end and searching out your hand amongst the tubes and wires, “Don’t worry, okay? We’re gonna get you fixed up and then Crowley’s gonna fry. I’ll bribe every official in the system if I have to.”

You blink, but you still don’t look at him – instead, you seem to be looking at something in the blank, stark white corner. He sighs, rubbing a hand over his face.

“Please talk to me, beautiful,” He begs, running his thumb over your bruised fingers – it seems that all of you is bruised in one way or another, “I’ve missed you so much. When you didn’t call, I knew something was wrong. And then we got the letter and they accepted it but I didn’t – I knew you wouldn’t leave. Sam and I… we looked, Y/N, I swear we did. I barely slept, ate, none of it mattered. Nothing but finding you.” He hiccups, wiping tears from his eyes, “We found him buying kerosene. I don’t know if he was gonna use it on you but we got your location out of him anyway. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I wasn’t good enough.”

It seems like you’re not listening or that you plain didn’t hear him, but then your eyes dart over, meeting his – the light behind them is dim, but he can still see it, fighting and flickering against the wind.

“Your mom,” You might as well be mouthing the words for all the good your voice is doing, “It was them, they killed her.”

Dean’s eyes narrow, “What? Y/N, you’re talking-“

“His name was Azazel.” You whisper, “He told me, Dean. You have to find him.”


Over the next couple of weeks, you slowly begin to recover. At first, it’s only Dean you’ll speak to, but one day he brings Sam, too, and you find that it’s easy to talk to his brother. Then, your doctor, who you learn is called Doctor Jameson, gains your trust. On the two-week anniversary of your waking, you write down everything Crowley told you and hand it in to the Bureau – it takes a lot of guts and even more tears, but Dean stays by your side the entire time and you scribble it out, and Bobby takes it away.

You get the news that, if you’re willing, your training spot is still open and ready to be picked up where you left off – you accept, surprising even yourself. Dean wasn’t convinced, but in the end, he promised that he’d be behind you no matter what.

The morning that Doctor Jameson decides that you’re good to go, she walks in to find you curled up to Dean’s side, sleeping soundly and peacefully. He offers a bright smile, but has obviously been asleep himself, judging by the tousled hair and rumpled outfit.

And… that’s it. After all of that, everything goes back to normal: you work with Sam and Dean, mostly on low-key cases. Dean never lets you leave his side, but you don’t mind – all of this has just strengthened your relationship, and considering recent events, the Bureau allow your relationship, ‘for the time being’. You have no intention of that being the case.

You get your dream job, and your dream man. All you had to do was go through hell to get there.

Hate Is Love In Disguise ( Alec Lightwood Imagine) PART 1


Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine of Alec Lightwood where the reader is a friend of Clary with a strong personality. So Alec and the reader don’t get along but they like eachother. @ anneta2507


“I hate you, then I love you.
It’s like a want to throw you off a cliff,
then rush to the bottom to catch you.” - some Quote

or the one where you’re Clary’s friend and Alec and you seemingly hate each others guts . Or do you?

Warnings: yelling

Words: 1.972


Hi guys !
This was a requested Alec imagine and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed writing it. God, I love sassy characters. Also, if you struggle to imagine Alec with a girl please don’t read it.Keep in mind that it’s an IMAGINE and not reality. He isn’t real at all but you know what I mean. I’m a die hard Malec shipper and I do not mean to disrespect his sexuality. This is a goddamn imagine. So either read it and enjoy it or let it be. Thanks xx

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

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*gif not mine*

The first time you had met Clary and Simon was the night you had been dumped by your first crush on prom night, eating pizza in your way too expensive and way too fancy dress on a rooftop. Simon being Simon had thought that you were about to do something really stupid such as jumping down the tall building, judging by your tear streaked face and all. So while he had tried to pursue you to get away from the edge you had held out a piece of pizza offering that to the short redhead. Fast forward you three became great friends, due to you going off to college your contact had died down a little. Still, you had picked up your phone when it showed Clary’s ID, following her plead to meet her. Your hacking skills were needed.

Realizing that Clary didn’t need your criminal skills for hacking a facebook site but for controlling a whole police department had made you curious. Meeting Alec Lightwood however made you furious. That guy was the most reserved, offensive and uptight person you did ever have the pleasure to meet. His stupidly attractive face didn’t help. You hadn’t understood why he so obviously seemed to dislike you, except for the fact that you had yelled at him for being so disrespectful towards Clary. It wasn’t until you were officially introduced to the Shadowworld that you realized Alec simply hated you because you were human. And a sassy one. Apparently he couldn’t deal with the fact that a mundane had been able to close down a whole police apartment when all Alec could do was fail at charming a police officer. This and the fact that he kept trying to get between Jace and Clary nourished your aversion. Watching him train shirtless and thinking about his abs didn’t change anything about that, not at all.

‘’What is that mundane doing here again?’’
Alec rolled his eyes when he saw you describing a monitoring system to his sister Isabelle. Oddly, she was a Lightwood you did like.
‘’That mundane has a name.’’, you replied nonchalant trying to ignore the tall man behind you.
‘’Who cares. This is a shadowhunter institute ! Do I see any runes on your body?’’
You snorted before you replied cheekily ‘’No but you haven’t seen me naked, have you?’’
Alec’s silence made Isabelle giggle. Discovering Alec’s weak spot hadn’t been difficult. His innocence and purity if you wanted to call it that was crystal clear . Alexander Gideon Lightwood had no experience with women, or men. And you used that shamelessly.
You looked up from the computer meeting Alec’s frustrated eyes.
‘’You can check if you want.’’
You could have sworn you heard him growl.
‘’Care to show me some more moves?’’, you asked Izzy who got up nodding.
You had started to train with her, at least a little bit. You felt good doing so, not necessarily because you planned on go hunting demons but because you knew you could defend yourself in any case something happened to you. Since you knew about downworlders you took safety a little more important.
‘’Can I watch?’’
A high pitched voice echoed through the room followed by a little Lightwood boy running towards you. Max Lightwood was the cutest thing on earth. His misadventures when it came to using runes were the funniest things ever. Apparently only Alec had inherited the Y/N is so annoying-Lightwood gene.
‘’Sure. You wanna watch me lose again?’’, you teased trying to tickle him.
‘’Can you blame him, it’s the most entertaining thing I have ever watched.’’, Alec said earning a kick to his leg by Max.
‘’Don’t be sad, Y/N! You know what mom always says? If someone is mean to you they want to kiss you.’’
Izzy desperately tried not to laugh, failing greatly.
‘’Lord help me, I hope not. I’d prefer not to be poisoned when kissing someone. Besides, your brother’s kissing skills would most definitely be marked with an ‘F’. No thanks.’’
You heard him exhale outraged, radiating annoyance.
‘’I’ll train her.’’, you heard him mutter under his breath before he took your arm and dragged you into the training room.
Wait what?
‘’So Alec does like Y/N!’’
Max’s voice was able to be heard before the door shut closed.

‘’What the hell, Alec? Izzy’s supposed to show me some moves.’’
‘’What? Don’t think you can handle me?’’
He raised an eyebrow challenging.
You groaned frustrated crossing your arms in front of your chest.
‘’Of course not you dumbass! I don’t have the necessary experience nor am I a shadow hunter!’’
Your confidence wasn’t based on physical skills, so there was no shame admitting this.
But Alec apparently didn’t know that, looking all smug.
‘’No you’re not. That’s why you don’t belong here.’’
Oh wow, ouch.
‘’Well maybe not. But at least I’m not some super uptight, mean shadowhunter virgin who really needs to get laid for all this aggressiveness to be released. For wanting to be the head of this institute you’re really racist, might I add. ‘’
Alec’s mouth looked like a fish struggling to breathe.
‘’How…I’m not how dare you-‘’
‘’What? You’re not uptight? Yes you are. A virgin? Hell you blush every time I say something sexual. Racist ? God help me, you are. Thinking less of humans because of what? Because we aren’t half angel? Let me tell you one thing, Lightwood, the devil is an angel too.
You rushed out of the room.

A week later the unavoidable happened. Of course getting dragged into this world meant that other creatures saw you as a way to get the mortal cup. Stupidly enough you hadn’t paid attention to your surroundings leading to you getting caught by vampires.
While you were being held hostage in some old hotel you tried to remember everything you had learnt about vampires. Fast, manipulative and blood-lovers.
You tried to stay calm but being faced with your possible death made that really hard. That was until some long-haired guy walked in, obviously charmed by your wit.
Well, you did want to keep on living right?
So you used the weapons of a woman, acting all flirty and seductive. It only took you 15 minutes to negotiate a deal. Your blood in exchange for your freedom. Apparently that one was a newly changed vampire, not aware of why you were being held hostage. Perfect. Except for the fact that he might not be able to control himself. But somehow it worked, the obvious dizziness and the bite mark on your neck the only witnesses of your success. That was until you ran into Alec on your way out of the hotel.
He looked at you like he saw a ghost.
‘’I really don’t feel like arguing right now, okay?’’, was the only thing you said before your legs gave out under you.
He caught you before he lifted you up in his arms.
‘’Okay.’’ ,was all he said before he hurriedly brought you back to the institute.
A plate of noodles and a hot shower later you felt a lot better.
Standing in Clary’s bathroom you looked at the bite mark, not noticing Alec stepping behind you.
‘’How did you do it?’’, he asked curiously.
You jumped , the former events still present in your mind.
You tried to calm your fast beating heart.
‘’How did I do what?’’, you asked trying to distract yourself from hyperventilating.
‘’Got out of a hotel full of vampires.’’
Was there pride in his eyes? Respect?
‘’Offering what they love the most. Women and blood.’’,you said quitely.
His eyes turned darke instantly , focusing on your face.
‘Y/N, you haven’t…’’
‘’He bit me.’’,you simply interrupted.
‘’No I can see that I mean…you said women…’’
You furrowed your brows before you realized how that might have sounded like.
‘’ not like that.’’
Relief mirrored on his face before he nodded slowly.
‘’Why did you come to get me?’’, you asked after a few seconds.
‘’I thought you were going to die.’’
‘’Why would that bother you?’’
Alec swallowed, sighing.
‘’Because it does. Look, I don’t…I don’t hate you. I just hate that you were able to rule that police mission even though I was supposed to be the one to do so. You’re just…a girl. A mundie. ‘’
‘’Discriminating much? Sexist and racist, wow Alec.’’
‘’No no .’’,he exhaled frustrated pulling at his hair.
‘’I am stronger than you. That’s natural. I’ve never met someone who was that..that…bossy. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just never had someone to give me contra.’’
‘’So…you don’t hate me?’’, you tried to be sure.
‘’Because it really feels like you do.’’
He looked at you before he wrapped his large hands around your waist to lift you up on the countertop inspecting the wound on your neck.
‘’I never could.’’, he simply said before patching up the bite mark.
‘’I would have killed each one of them if they had done anything to you.’’
Alec looked into your eyes, smiling slightly.
‘’Who else would yell at me?’’
You snorted before shaking your head a little.
‘’You’re the most confusing guy I’ve ever met.’’
He didn’t reply.
After some time he suggested you to go to sleep but you were trying to avoid your bed.
‘’Sure uhm…soon. Thank you.’’
You waited for him to leave but apparently he could sense that something was wrong.
‘’What is it?’’
You tried to dodge his gaze, clearing your throat.
When you didn’t reply you felt his hands on your face.
‘’Liebling? What is it. Tell me.’’
Liebling? You remebered Izzy telling you that Alec took German classes, so you assumed that it was a german word. But you had no idea what it meant.
‘’I don’t want to sleep.’’,you admitted sighing .
That was so embarrassing. You didn’t feel save anymore. Closing your eyes woke up current events and you feared of vampires to come looking for you again.
Instead of asking why , Alec observed you some time before nodding lightly.
‘’What about you come spend the night with me so I don’t have to fear you getting abducted? ‘’
That was reversed psychology and you knew it, but you didn’t care. No, you were thankful.
‘’What exactly are you proposing, Lightwood?’’, you teasingly raised an eyebrow at him.
‘’No I didn’t-oh screw it!’’
He picked you up bridal style carrying you to his room before laying you gently on his bed. While he disappeared in his bathroom you snuggled under the covers , inhaling his scent. Dear god, everything smelled like him. 10 minutes later you felt the mattress shift under his weight when he joined you.
You turned around so you could face him.
He had left the bathroom light on , you realized that he did care about you.
‘’Thank you’’, you murmued quietly searching for one of his hands. When you found it you squeezed his fingers lightly, feeling him squeezing back.
‘’Just for the record, I don’t hate you either.’’
A silent laugh filled the room.
‘’Good to know.’’
He shifted , pulling you towards him.
You took that as an invitation to lay your head on his chest, snuggling against his warm body.
Much much saver.
You listened to his breathing, enjoying the way his warm hand rested on your back.
‘’I’m a A+ kisser.’’, Alec suddenly said making you laugh amused.
‘’Sure thing.’’, you murmured way too tired to argue back.
‘’I’ll prove it to you one day.’’, he promised making you smile.
‘’I’ll remind you.’’
With a yawn you snuggled even closer to him feeling all safe and sound tugged in his arms.
Alec was a dumbass, but he was a cute dumbass.


Let me know what you thought ! I’m always up for criticism and a request. :)

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