you know maths

I learned something… disturbing… today:

In 1860-something this guy named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a book about determinants. According to my professor, for years it was the book on determinants. Now here’s my problem: Dodgson was his real name. But the name you probably know him by? Lewis Carroll.

The dude that wrote Alice in Wonderland also wrote a book about determinants. 

Maybe that’s why they’re so freaking weird.  

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.

1) You can take a picture but I’m pretty sure nothing will develop.
2) More like abraca-SCRAM and get far far away please.
3) Joke’s on you because I don’t play quidditch. I just ditch.
4) If I’m a fineapple, then you wouldn’t be the apple of my eye(s)
5) If I’d rate myself from 1-10, I would definitely be THE ONE.
6) Well aren’t you getting a little cocky?

Come back again with dr-pickup lines then we’ll talk ;)

When the response to our question “What do I do for my kids who can’t even read or do basic subtraction?” is “Well, we really need to collect more data…”


We got mad about gender and wrote a new song.

You gave us dolls and then you told us they were dumb/

You told us we’d get hurt if we had too much fun/

You see the problem? Women know math/

You can’t tell us to do a thing, and then when we do it, laugh

I am a women, I’m doing it right  / I am no matter what I do

I have pants and hair and dirt and I am not here to please you

i have a hard time believing that they cleared all of wall maria of titans in just nine months

the time has come for…

alright so we have these numbers, and from that we know the total area within the walls from maria to the center is 723,823 excluding maria, the area is 453,646 that means that the area of wall maria, including the districts between rose and maria, is 270,177

i’ve done the math before, and the area of each district is 732.8 multiply that by four to get 2,931, the total area of the four districts of rose. subtract that out of maria’s area to get 267,246

it took a day to clean up trost to the point where everyone could live there again. if we use that as the standard, then that means we’d have to find out how many trosts would fit inside of wall maria, sooooo 267,246/732.8=364.7

so wall maria is equal to ~365 trosts. and if trost took a day and we’re using that as the standard then that means it would take one… year………..

…………and then you have to take into consideration that there are less titans in the north and trost was a southern district…

i guess nine months isn’t so unreasonable after all

Conversations with my mother
  • Mother: I've been watching "The Real O'Neals" to see what life must have been like for you as an out gay teenager.
  • Me: Mother, do you even know what "out" means because I didn't come out until I was 27? Which, you know, unless Common Core Math has changed the definition of the word teen means I wasn't an "out" gay teen.
  • Mother: I saw an episode that featured Olivia Newton-John's hit single, "Physical." I'd forgotten how homoerotic it is. We let you watch that. Do you think that's what turned you gay? Maybe it is our fault.
  • Me: Mother, first, please never use the word homoerotic in conversation with me. Like. Ever. Again. It's just creepy. Second, I don't know what's more disturbing - the fact that you think I turned gay, as if I'm a rainbow light bulb, on - gay, off - straight OR that you think the Olivia Newton-John song, "Physical," could turn me gay. If any Olivia Newton-Song has the Turning Someone Gay superpower it would be "Xanadu." Ok?


Doodle from school~ I started it in break, then lesson started, we had test but I gave up and instead trying to figure out answers I just continued doodling this thing~ xD Ofc no ref, but I would love to see how teacher would react if I pulled out my phone not to cheat but just to draw… xD it

So this is essentially the standard north-facing view of the Temple (I think it’s North-facing lol) since the Main Entrance is due West.

I’m working on some doodles for the Room of a Thousand Fountains for my Kenobi Twins AU (basically, semi-important sites to Obi-Wan and Adara) and will likely work on others like the Archives and even their rooms with their respective Masters.

And just so you know, I did some math for the size of the Temple on Coruscant - it’s approximately 640 thousand meters squared. That is almost as big as the size of the Forbidden City in China if any of your are curious. It’s bigger than Vatican City.

The actual standard design of the Temple that we get is actually pretty simple, it doesn’t go below the ground level entrance for the Temple which are basically on the new surface of Coruscant. Coruscant’s natural surface however is a long way down from where most of its buildings and such start at. So I decided to add some stuff heh.

This is actually due to @deadcatwithaflamethrower and her Re-Entry behemoth tbh. I figured that there would be sections of the Original Temple below the new entrances built after the Temple got razed and rebuilt, hence why the chamber with the Well Spring in it (which is connected to the giant funnel of mountain rock basically sitting in the middle of the Temple) is located so far down. Also, I figure that accommodations and classrooms would have been relatively close together in this Old Temple which was probably larger than the current Temple, but not as high (basically they went for distance over height which makes sense in a way).

Also, if that Force Nexus is literally rock (which I think it is btw), then it stands to reason that the Temple would be built around it, spiralling out around it, like an organically growing city. Then, with the Old Temple destroyed by the Sith, the new Temple essentially concentrated itself in around the same area but built upwards like the rest of Coruscant was.

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  • maths yesterday
  • my teacher: [....] maybe if I got a Nobel prize in maths
  • me: Uhm,I don't think there is even a Nobel prize for maths. As far as I know,there's a fields medal.
  • my teacher: *looking at me,thinking* you may be right...
  • me: yes,I am

You never know

Imagine you have an exam coming up for your maths class and you’ve been given a practice test to sit through. After doing the test, you get your graded paper back and you have gotten less than half of the questions correct. Now imagine you’re disappointed but instead of a breakdown you are able learn from the experience. Is it magic?

Nobody enjoys failure. It literally means you didn’t succeed in something - and who wants that?? I did a whole degree in maths, and the whole subject is essentially failing over and over again until something clicks and it seems like it should have been obvious to you the whole time. In mathematics, failure is not necessarily a bad thing, so here are some things I have learnt:

Persisting with something after repeatedly getting it wrong

Every time you try to learn something new, you fail over and over again. I’d imagine most people would want to skip this step, but if you learn something without failing, did you actually learn it or did you already know it?

In maths you do problem after problem and in a lot of cases it can be frustrating when you continue to get something wrong. If you do stick it out, and keep trying until you get it right, ta-da, you have persistence my friend. This helps you not only with maths, but with life in general. Get back up and keep trying.

Finding new ways to solve a problem

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein

When you get stuck on a problem, it is easy to trick yourself into thinking it’s impossible because of course there is only one way to solve it right? In high school maths especially, you are usually only taught one way to solve a particular set of problems, but often enough there are multiple ways to do it. Do some research or try something new, what’s the worst that can happen?* Look at the problem from different angles and experiment.

*If you’re doing a test or assignment and you’re instructed to use method X to solve the problem, use method X!

Getting stuck and realising it’s not the end of the world

You may be sick to death of a particular problem after it trying it 1034234 times. That’s okay. You’re probably not the only one. It’s okay if you can’t solve every problem by yourself, many things require collaboration or assistance from others. Ask your teacher or someone else that might be able to help you out - it’s not the end of the world!

Seeing other people succeed and knowing that it’s possible for you too

It can be frustrating to see other people understanding something that you’re having trouble with. You might think “only people smarter than me can understand this”. This is so not true! Instead, try to change your point of view. Since some of your peers can understand this, then solving this problem or understanding this particular concept is not impossible. Ask them what they did to get where they are, or study a little harder - you can do it!

Learning from mistakes

If you spent 10 hours trying to solve a problem, find the proper solution and then realise you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time, I guarantee you will never make the same mistake again. Don’t get angry at yourself when this happens - it wasn’t a waste. This has happened to me more times than I can count and whenever I see the same or similar problems I can more easily remember what to do. If I had solved the problem easily to begin with, it wouldn’t be etched into my mind.