you know like donuts


Waverly does The Face Thing™ when she confesses she likes Nicole. (and really “they’re my favorite” is basically “I Like You’)

S2E02 || “I Like You”
S2E11 || “You know, Sherrif Haught, you always smell like vanilla dipped donuts. They’re my favorite”

drunk peter headcanons

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for the wild ass spiderjizz gals bc our gc was full of sad headcanons and we need to stop being SAD

author’s note : don’t yell at me and say peter is too young 15 year olds get drunk and do a lot of shit they shouldn’t be doing trust me k cool enJOY

  • ok so if u don’t think peter is a lil lightweight u would be wrong sir
  • he becomes about fifty times clumsier than he already is
    • “OWWWWWW”
    • “y/n y/n y/n i hurt my fooooot kiss it better”
    • “peter benjamin parker get your foot out of my face and away from my mouth or so help me gOD”
  • you refuse to drink with him bc peter alone is like watching over an awfully curious child but peter drunk is like trying to keep track of a two year old with the attention span of squirrel
  • so you’re watching over this ridiculous idiot 
  • and he is the clingiest baby ever
    • “ummmm y/n baby baby baby you’re so far away from meeee” cue pouty face and outstretched grabby hands as he reaches for you even though you’re only a little bit away in front of the tv trying to put on a movie
    • “i’m two feet away peter”
    • “oh my gosh you are so drunk my friend”
    • “did you just friend zone me” and then he tears up a little and you spend the next twenty minutes trying to convince him that he’s not just a friend
  • he is completely ridiculous but it’s fine he’s adorable
  • also he is always yelling
  • for no reason
  • he just yells everything when he’s drunk apparently?????
    • “yes peter i know what a cookie looks like you donut”
    • “donut i love doNUTS”
    • “askfgsjfg peter no
    • “PETER YES”
  • then he can’t stop laughing and he laughs for ten minutes and then he gets tired and stretches out across your lap like a sleepy angel/cat
  • he’s a very ramble-y drunk too and he doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time
    • “y/n i’ve got a suuuuuuper big thing i gotta tell you i gotta tell you it like right noooowwwwww okay”
    • “okay peter baby what is it”
    • “i love youuuuuuuuu did you know that i love you because i do me peter loves you y/n and i wanna maybe marry you and have babies with you like reallyyyyyyyy cute ones bUT don’t tell you”
    • “peter what”
    • “don’t tell yourself!!!!” and this nerd says it so matter-of-factly with a smartly placed smirk on his mouth as he stares up at you with big brown doe eyes that all you can do is sigh and shake your head 
    • “okay i won’t tell myself”
    • “peter the yelling”
  • he keeps trying to sing and usually he’s pretty good (that’s a whole different imagine) but he sounds like he’s scalping a cat as he tries to serenade you
  • he curls up against you because clingy an grabs your hands and holds them to his face and randomly claps them against his cheeks it’s weird he’s weird
    • “what are you doing”
    • “i’m singing the friends theme in my head shhhh you’re ruining my vibE babe”
    • “RUDE you’re a mean drunk”
  • but then he gets really kissy and just wants to love on you repeatedly
    • he starts by kissing your hands and your wrists really daintily 
    • and suddenly this former nerd is kissing up your collarbones and really slowly kissing your neck and then he bites you but he’s trying to give you a hickey but it’s not working he’s just biting incessantly 
    • “peter you can be sexy in the morning you’re just acting like damon salvatore at this point”
    • cue his sad face “why won’t you love me back”
    • “you’re drunk and it’s like taking advantage of you so we can do this another night okay?”
    • “uuuuuugggghhhhhh now i’m sad”
  • you roll your eyes and wrap your arms around him anyway and he smiles up at you all lovingly with little crinkles by his eyes and dimples by the corners of his mouth and he’s clearly not sad anymore he’s just needy 
    • “can you - can you pet my hair baby love”
    • “yeah pete of course”
  • and now he’s sleepy but he’s still curled up in your lap like some sort of kitten nd his eyes keep opening and closing but he has a really firm grip on your hand and refuses to let go ever
    • “y/n y/n y/n i love you”
    • “i know peter”
    • “shhhh no you don’t you don’t understand”
    • “peter-”
    • “no no like i really really love you and if i don’t marry you i’m gonna die like die die like deaD 
  • and then he rolls over and puts your hand against his cheek again and passes the fuck out with his mouth still slightly open and he’s lowkey drooling and it’s kinda gross but you can’t move bc there’s a huge boy laying on top of you and??????
  • he’s heavier than he looks?????
  • and the truth is that he’s heavy as fuck and he’s crushing you but you can’t move him bc???/ the cuteness is too much and he was highkey wasted and he needs some sleep
  • he wakes up in the morning with a killer headache and he kinda wants to die because ow his foot hurts and his brain feels like it is pounding against his skull with tiny little Thor hammers
  • but he sees that you’re sleeping and he feels bad bc he’s been splayed out on top of you all night drooling on your knee???
    • “ugh that’s disgusting”
    • “peter i know my face in the morning is scary but-”
    • “oh god why did i yell my head hurts so bad ughgsgk”
  • he takes 3 advil tablets and asks if he did anything stupid last night
  • you tell him no, that he was just pretty adorable to spare him the pain 
  • later on you’ll tell him that he said if he doesn’t get to marry you he’ll die
    • “well they do say that drunks are the most honest people”
    • “i’m peter and i wanna marry you or else i’ll die”
    • “you make me so upset”
    • “why”
    • “shhhhhhhhh”
  • drunk peter is a sweet peter but all peters are good !!!
  • lol
  • goodbyE i miss peter and i’ve never even had him to begin with
My favorite Waverly’s lines

“I’m in a relationship, with a boy-man”
“Do I get a badge? a flame thrower?”
“Sorry I called you a bitch…in my head”
“I’m totally amazeballs”
“Eat shit shit-eaters”
“You are a lesbian not a unicorn, right?”
“Well frankly Lucado, the situation is balls”
“You know  sheriff Haught, you always smell like vanilla dipped donuts, they are my favorite”
“Wynonna is going all Wynonna again”
“Also I think I’m gay, call you later?”
“Do chicks?”
”She is definitely a little naked”
”Awe you did math”
”Don’t “cutie” me…hi sweety pie”
”Why don’t you slip into something more comfy ha? Like a coma”
”What I wanna do the most in this world it’s  you
”Did I just marry a skull?”
”I’m British not elderly”
”Someone’s been doing yoga”
”Get away from her you bitch”
”I betrayed her because I love you”

Bonus: “Officer Haught, ofcourse”

gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

you are in love ☾ theo raeken

summary : theo raeken is in love, and it’s evident in all the little things he does for you, even when he doesn’t outright say it.

 insp. by you are in love by taylor swift

   If he hadn’t known it before, he knew it now, sitting at the lunch table outside of his school alone with his own thoughts. 

   Theo was surprised he hadn’t realized it before, but he was never very good at assessing his own feelings, and of course this situation would be no different. It should have been easy for him to read the signs, though. It had been easy for everyone else to understand it. The way his heart tried to beat out of his chest whenever he was around you, the pink tint of his cheeks when you smiled his way, the way you made his head spin and his brain go fuzzy. He realized now that this was all because of his feelings for you, the feelings he would never reveal to you in worry of irrevocably damaging your already tentatively salvaged friendship with him. You had been fine friends before, close even, until you had discovered what he had done to Scott. 

   The hurt look on your face, the betrayal in your eyes, had been haunting Theo even in hell ever since it had happened. His heart had sank in his chest when he saw the way you looked at him that day- like he was a monster- as you screamed at him that you hated him, that you never wanted to see him again. There wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t hate himself for doing that to you, but he hadn’t tried to approach you. 

   He drummed his fingers on the table, contemplating this, his newfound feelings for you. He had probably felt this way for a long time, too oblivious in his own world of immense self destruction and a craving for glory to notice that he was falling deeper and deeper in love every day. He had ruined everything for himself. He hadn’t known heartbreak until the day you said you hated him, even if the dip in your heartbeat indicated that the words you spoke held no truth to them. Nonetheless, his own feelings were still true, even if he had avoided revealing them to himself. He couldn’t shake you, and wasn’t sure that he wanted to in the first place. 

   The comfortable, contemplative silence he had been bathing in was broken with the sound of soft footsteps making their way toward his empty table in the courtyard behind the school. He glanced up, straightening his posture when he saw you walking determinedly toward him. You slid into the bench seat across from him, your bag hitting the ground. You stared at each other challengingly, daring the other to speak first. It was Theo who broke, as usual. 

    “I thought you said that you hated me.” He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, glancing away. He was reliving the moment again, the moment of his epic demise with you glaring harshly at him and his heart breaking every time. He knew the first time it had been his own brashness, his own stupidity, that made you hate him, but if you were just here to yell at him again he wanted to be able to brace himself for another age of heart ache. He let out a sigh, mumbling, “and you said you never wanted to see me again.” 

     You stared at him, hard, until he eventually lifted his gaze toward you. “Look… I- I didn’t mean it. You must’ve known that when I said… when I said what I did, right? You had to have known.” You rested your elbows on the table, biting your hangnail on the side of your thumb. 

    Across the table, Theo cracked the smallest of smiles. “Aw, feeling a little guilty, babe?” He gave you a playful wink. You smiled back with a lighthearted roll of your eyes, shaking your head at him. 

     You were okay, and you couldn’t help but feel happy about it. 

    “Maybe I should take you back to your place,” Theo said to you, turning his face up. You were both lying on the grass at the park, not in the mood to deal with your respective families and seeking out the last bit of normality you could. For some reason, you had thought of each other when craving this bit of normalcy, hence why you were both staring up at the sky in an empty park at nearly two in the morning, sleep threatening to overtake you. “You look exhausted,” he repeated when noting that you were ignoring him. 

    You picked up your large iced coffee that he had bought you at a Dunkin Donuts too far outside of Beacon Hills to be considered to convenient, holding it up toward him. “That’s why you bought me this coffee, T. So we could stay up and discuss various things about life and whatnot while we hang out tonight. You know caffeine makes me jittery.” You shook the drink in his face, the ice cubes clinking together obnoxiously and making him cringe, his nose crinkling at you. You did it again, annoyingly so. Theo flinched away from the noise that you knew put him on edge, rolling away from you in the grass. “And you get made at me for calling you a dog.” 

   “Shut up,” he laughed, pulling his sweatshirt off once he sat up. There were grass stains all over the material because of his antics. He was lucky he didn’t get cold easily, because the combination of a nighttime breeze and the cold drink clutched in your hand had been making you shiver for over an hour already. Theo noted this with a smirk, shaking his head at you and clicking his tongue. “Forgetful little Y/N neglected to bring a sweatshirt yet again.” 

    “It’s only happened, like, twice!” You protested, elbowing him harshly in the ribs. It wouldn’t hurt him- he had a body like pure steel. Too tough to break most of the time. Theo held out his sweatshirt to you, but you made a face. “Ew, it smells like sweat and it’s dirty, Theo. Boys are all the same. Gross.”

     He wanted to see you in his sweatshirt quite badly, but instead said, “Fine, freeze then. I don’t care either way, sweets.” You deliberately ignored the nickname, as you always did. Finally, you pulled the sweatshirt on, enjoying the way the fabric practically swallowed your body up and the warmth it brought you. He gazed at you for a minute too long before you met his stare with those pretty eyes of yours that had been his salvation so many times in the past but for some reason hadn’t been able to save him from going over the edge and killing Scott that day. He looked away first, murmuring, “Cute.” 

    You paused. “Did you say something?” 

     “I said you look dumb,” he lied. “It practically drowns you.” He was teasing you, so you shrugged it off, smacking his shoulder before pulling your knees up to your chest and resting your cheek there. Thinking better of himself, Theo moved closer to you, his shoulder bumping against yours. He tried not to notice how pretty you appeared in the moonlight that washed you, but it was too much. “I’m just kidding. You look really pretty. Hey, look, we can see all the stars from right here-” he didn’t want you to dwell too much on the pretty comment, he liked you for so much more than just that, so took your hand and helped you point out the different constellations in the sky. 

    He had let go of your hand almost as quickly as he had grabbed it, but it was enough for him. 

   He forgot to ask for his sweatshirt back, but it was okay. He never liked it that much anyway. He thought it looked better on you. When you got home that night, after he had dropped you off, you didn’t bother to throw the sweatshirt in the wash. It was weird, but you liked that it smelled just as nice as Theo always did, so you hung it up behind your closet door and left it alone. You didn’t want to wear it, lest the pack get the wrong idea. 

   Sometimes, though, you weren’t sure if you cared. 

   Theo drives you to school every day, an iced coffee always waiting for you in the cupholder just the way he knows you like it. Sometimes he throws in a jelly donut, too, but more often than not he eats the donut himself because he can’t remember to buy two. “You know you don’t need to go out of your way to get me coffee every morning,” you said one day, pinching the straw between your fingers and taking a sip of your drink. 

   “Don’t feel special, I just like stealing your coffee,” he quipped. You held out your drink, and he turned his head to take a sip. “Thanks, doll,” he winked at you, like he always did when he was aiming to piss you off, but you didn’t even bat an eyelash. 

   “No problem, sweetheart,” you replied simply, as if it was the easiest thing in the world. He felt his face warm, and he tilted his head up to look in the mirror and saw that his cheeks were indeed a soft shade of pink. He hoped you wouldn’t notice. “You feeling okay, T?” You asked suddenly, pressing a hand to his face. “You’re really warm.” 

   He chuckled anxiously, moving his head away from you. “Yeah, I’m fine. No worries, Y/N. Ready for that English test?” You nodded eagerly, and he swore you were the only person he knew that would ever get excited about taking an exam. If it had been anyone else, he would have scowled at them and told them they were ridiculous to be hyped about a test, but it wasn’t just anyone. 

  It was you. 

   “Theo, can you come over?” Quivering voice, shaky breathing, you sounded terrified over the phone. Quicker than Barry Allen himself, Theo slid out of bed and began fumbling around for his shoes, not waiting for you to tell him what was wrong. It didn’t matter. What mattered was getting to you. 

   “On my way, Y/N,” he said softly, tying his laces with clumsy fingers as he tried to balance his phone between his cheek and shoulder. You sniffled on the other end, rubbing your nose harshly. “Are you hurt? Are you okay?” He was making his way out the front door, keys jingling. He opened the car door and slid into the front seat, trying to start up his car as quickly as he could. As he was pulling out of the driveway, you answered his previous question. 

    “I hate being alone a-and I just can’t take the dark anymore, okay? I’m really sorry.” Theo sighed with relief. He wouldn’t have been able to handle it if you had been in trouble, or hurt, or worse. He couldn’t even think about such things without wanting to rip his own heart out, it was that painful of a thought. “You don’t have to come over.” 

    “No, no, I’m already here,” he answered, parking his car. “Open the door for me?” The line went dead and he listened for your footsteps pounding down the stairs in your house as he made his way to the front door. When you swung open the door, your nose running and your hair in disarray, Theo immediately pulled you into a hug. Your hands were shaking as you clung to him. 

    In the darkness of your bedroom, you were sitting next to Theo on your bed, his arm wrapped tightly around your shoulders. You were scared of being alone sometimes, after everything that’s happened, which is why you had called him. It was embarrassing to think about, and you hated that you had been so vulnerable just a few minutes ago, but Theo made you want to let go of such insecurities. He was there for you. He made you not want to be scared, even in the pitch black darkness of the night with the silence overwhelming you. 

   “Thanks for being here, Theo,” you whispered, finding his shoulder in the dark and resting your head on him, curling your legs underneath you as he eased back into the headboard. 

    “You know I’ll always be here for you.” 

     “I do.” 

     A little while later, you both slid underneath the covers, doing your best not to touch. He had never stopped being nervous around you, no matter how cocky he was sometimes. He made sure not to overstep his boundaries despite sharing the same pillow as you, in the same bed. It was comfortably quiet this time. He almost fell asleep right there, but instead turned over so that he was facing your back instead of your window. “Y/N?” 

    You flipped over. “Yeah, T?”

     “You’re my best friend.” 

     And even though he didn’t come right out and say it, you knew what it was, what he meant. You reached out for him, taking own of his hands in your own and giving it a squeeze. He took a deep breath, feeling safer than he had in a long time. Before he went to sleep, he understood what this was, what he felt, better than he had before. He was in love. 

So Power Rangers has been out for over a month now This entire time, one of my coworkers has been making references without fail. When he goes to clean that theater he says “It’s Morphing Time!” if he’s in a good mood, or a dejected “I guess it’s time to Go Go.” if he’s not When he is tearing tickets for it, he looks at the customer and says “Have fun in Angel Grove” or “I hope you like donuts” and of course NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT but he is so damn proud of himself every time, he gets this dopey smile and it’s adorable

Lemon [lin x reader]

Warning(s): Cursing, champagne, kissing, kinda fluffy (nothing too bad hehe)

Summary: You and Lin were great friends back in high school. You recall all the memories the two of you shared, yearning for a chance to go back and change things. But little did you know the chance was bound to come ;)

Note: I had a fun time writing this :) I got a tinsy bit inspiration from In The Heights. Requests are open!

The smell of freshly baked goods and beverages flooded your senses, as you entered the local café that was near your block. You had come here every day precisely at 5 p.m to grab your slice of cheesecake and a cup of lavender chamiolle tea to relax. You looked outside your booth. The sky was a beautiful shade of lavender with a splash of tangerine across the horizon. A sigh escaped your lips as you sunk further into the plush velvet chair.

“as his hit musical Hamilton continues to amaze individuals of various ages, Lin-Manuel Miranda-” Your eyes snapped to the small television. Images of an energetic man flashed across the screen. You smiled for a moment. Lin-Manuel Miranda. You were the least bit surprised to see his name all over New York. Smash hit sensation. An absolute genius. Possibly a reincarnation of Alexander Hamilton. You had heard it all. You closed your eyes for a moment.
Lin and you had history.The both of you had been close friends in high school.  He was a senior and you were a junior.

“Y/N, do me a favor and grab the extra sheet music from the storage room. We’re gonna need two more cellos” Your conductor said. You nodded, walking over to the storage room. ‘We have enough cellos, why would we need more?’ You thought. At the corner of your eye, you saw a boy running quickly towards the storage room. Someone had called his name and he had turned around, seconds away from slamming into the wall. Your breath hitched as you lunged for his arm, pulling him roughly into you. “Woahwoahwoahwoah” The boy said hurriedly, grabbing on to your shoulders for balance. His eyes flickered to your face for a quick moment. “Are you okay?” You asked. Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was a senior. If you did anything as close to laying a finger on him, he would either shrug it off or make you the school’s new laughing stock. You had your bets on the latter. He swiftly let go of you and ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m fine. You look a little winded there yourself.” He smirks, carefully examining his surroundings before looking back at you. You furrowed your eyebrows. Did he forget that you were the one who just saved him from a bloody nose? “Uh-” You started but he cut you off. “Babe, if you wanted my number you could’ve just asked. No need to get all touchy.” He said rather loudly. A couple of guys his age barked in laughter. You grimaced and side stepped him, deciding to not dig yourself a deeper grave. Lin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion for a moment, watching you pick up some sheet music. Usually the girls he flirted with would either blush or giggle. Not side step him and forget about his existence. For a moment, he flushed. He was sounding like the rest of them. Lin let out a breath. Only five more months till he can leave this hell and become himself again.

Lin wasn’t always a jackass. In fact, he never was to you. It took you awhile to figure out his “dual personality” but when you understood, you were amused. Putting up a front just to fit in sounded like too much of a hassle. You took a bite of your cheesecake and let the tart lemon flavor fill your senses. Lin always seemed to remember your likes (and dislikes). Even before the two of you were friends.

“I don’t understand why a dumb club requires meetings in the mornings. Do they understand that kids don’t sleep till 3 a.m because of homework?” You grumbled to yourself, as you shut your locker. “No they don’t. They don’t call high school a “hell hole” for no reason.
You turned around quickly, clutching your chest.  “Didn’t mean to scare you. I brought donuts to compensate for my unacceptable behavior yesterday. Being a dick really does take up 2/3s’ of your personality. Minus the actual-” “Okay I think its a little too early for those kind of  jokes.“ You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. “Sorry. Uh. No I mean sorry for the dick joke. It wasn’t exactly a joke. Fuck, also sorry for being a dick yesterday at rehearsal.” He looked flustered for a moment before sticking out a brown paper bag. “Donuts? I heard you liked tart sweets. Well, lemon tarts. I mean, lemon flavored things” You eyed him, only making him more anxious. “Do you stalk me or something?” “No no! Crap you probably don’t even know me. I’m Lin-Manurel Miranda. Friends call me Lin. You can call me anytime. Oops sorry, there we go again. You call me Lin for real. Well not for real but if you-” “Jesus you talk way too much. I know who you are. You’ve been in every musical we’ve had so far. I was just giving you a hard time” You said, sheepishly taking the bag. Lin let out of an embarrassed laugh. “But seriously? Lemon frosted donuts? What is with you and lemons?” “What’s it with you and stalking?” “Its called being observant” “I don’t think observant people buy other people whom they have never talked to their favorite donuts to compensate for their insolent behavior”

He smiled at you and it nearly caught you off guard. It was almost as if you had forgotten how charming and alluring he looked when he smiled. “Touche” He mused. You looked away quickly, nibbling at the donut  “Am I forgiven?” He asked after a beat .You chewed thoughtfully. “Do you always try to bargain apologies with food ?” You asked, brushing your hands on your jeans. He ducked his head sheepishly. You had him pinned to a t. “No, but I don’t really know how to make it up to you other than buying lemon donuts.” He grumbled. “Speaking of which, how do you even know I like lemon donuts?” You asked. “Cast parties.” He said. You furrowed your eyebrows for a moment but nodded your head. Awkwardness began to fill the air. “Okay I really don’t think buying you donuts erases away my behavior from yesterday.” He said. “That would be a correct statement.” You retorted, rocking back on your heels. “Let me make it up to you? There’s this really cool café that’s opened up. They have stellar cheesecakes. Some of them lemon. Meet me there at 5 and I’ll prove it to ya.” He pleaded. You looked at him. His eyes had a strange glint and you could see how nervous you made him. It almost flattered you. “Are you tryna give me diabetes or something?” You asked, shutting your locker and grabbing your books. “They say sugar is the key to the heart” “Whoever said that was probably a diabetic” He let out a laugh, and you grinned. “So its a deal?” He asked, his eyes hopeful. You were taken aback for the second time. He was being genuine. You blinked, and looked at your sneakers and back at him. He had the same look. You shrugged in response. He chuckled happily. “i’ll see you then!” He called, trotting towards his locker.

And that was how your friendship bloomed. You looked longingly at your half eaten cheesecake. This café brought back so many memories, it almost hurt. The two of you would always spend your afternoons here. Splitting money to pay for the cheesecakes, paninis, pina coladas. He even seemed to acquire a taste for lemon flavored cheesecake. Sometimes, he would invite you over to his house and his mom and dad would cook dinner while listening to music. He would teach you how to dance but most of the time it ended up with you stamping on his feet and clutching onto his chest so you wouldn’t fall. He would laugh so hard, there were tears in his eyes.

You glanced back at the t.v. Lin wasn’t on it anymore. It was broadcasting the local news. You closed your eyes again. You remembered a particular night. It was one of your favorites. The night before everything blew apart.

“Lin, your parents aren’t home. I’m pretty sure they would be pissed to see-” “Relax! They love you almost more than me. And to be honest, its kinda scary. Plus, they are on vacation for the weekend. We’ve got the place to ourselves” He said, opening the door and holding it for you. You hid your blush, turning away from him. Feelings were one thing you were able to control all your life, as ridiculous as it sounds. But Lin confused you. He steered you off the tracks by saying small things that meant more to you then you would care to admit. He would look at you sometimes, softly with a small grin on his lips. You would look away of course, trying to hide your blush. He grabbed a bottle that looked like champagne. Your eyes widened. “I graduate next week, I thought we would celebrate.” He said happily, a glint of sadness in his eyes. Your heart dipped. He would be gone. In a week. No more dancing. No more café “dates”. No more Lin. You gulped and matched his feign happiness. “We don’t have any cups.” He grinned, opening the bottle. You giggled, watching the champagne spill everywhere. Lin took a gulp from the bottle, a little longer than you would have expected. He let out a breathy chuckle, handing it to you. You laughed as he got up and starting jumping around. You took a generous sip, and joined him. The two of you spent the rest of the night sharing the bottle and talking about anything and everything.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asked after a moment. You laughed. “No way! I’m going to walk all over you again.” But he wasn’t listening. He put in one of his parents old cassettes, and the house was flooded with slow music. “You didn’t teach me this kind of dance.” You said quietly, as he walked over to you. He didn’t answer, taking your hand softly. His hand pressed against the small of your back. Timidly, you placed a hand on his shoulder, keeping your gaze down. “ Y/N, look at me” He beckoned softly. You kept your eyes fixed on the collar of his shirt before slowly raising your eyes to meet his. And yet again you were thrown off guard. The look on his face made your breath hitch in your throat. His eyes were glassy from the champagne but sober. They were soft, overcome with emotion. You swallowed hard. His cheeks were pink and you could see the peach fuzz on his chin that he so desperately has been trying to grow. Your eyes settled on his soft pale pink lips. You let out a small hiccup and he smiled softly, twirling you around. “Has anyone told you that you have the softest prettiest smile when your guard is down?” He asked. You kept quiet, your eyes flickering down. “How come your always on an edge, Y/N?” He asked again. You didn’t say anything, letting him twirl you. He pulled you closer to his chest. “I-” You choked. Feelings were flooding in your head. Your heart was pounding. He was holding you closely, his eyes intent. It was so new. He cared for you. Cared. You swallowed. “I don’t know” You whispered. You could feel everything. His calloused hands that were folded within yours. His soft and staggered breathing that flushed against your cheeks. You could feel the blood rush to your ears. “Y/N-’” You blushed furiously. The way he said your name. Like it bounced off his tongue. Like music to your ears. His voice was a symphony. You wanted to hear it over and over and over again. You hummed, gaining the courage to look up at him. “Can I-” He swallowed. He was choking too. You shut your eyes tight, nodding. You were too scared. This was beyond your control, and yet you wanted it so badly. He waited for a second before softly pressing his lips against yours. You let out an involuntary sigh that spoke waves. You’ve been waiting for this. He smiled against your lips, almost as if he was responding. ‘me too’. His lips were soft and molded against yours with precision. They tasted sweet, like the champagne. You pulled away for a moment. He leaned in, yearning for more. Your lips were intoxicating. You studied him for a moment, smiling widely. He blushed, and you kissed him fiercely, trying to convey that what he felt was reciprocated all this time. You were just too scared. Too scared.

And that was where you ended it. Ever since that night, you had cut off all ties. Lin tried desperately to contact you. He had even messaged your parents, but you were stubborn. The thought of him leaving you was terrifying. But the thought of him leaving you with your heart in his hands was absolutely petrifying. So you did what you thought best. You “saved yourself” from the heartbreak by simply cutting everything off.

You leaned against the window, the familiar sense of regret taking over. That is until you heard the door chime. A man stepped inside, removing his hoodie and your breath caught in your throat. He walked towards you, a warm smile on his soft pale pink lips. “Y/N.” He greeted. “Lin? What are you doing here?” You said, quickly getting up. I’ve been looking for you. He thought. He sat down instead.

“I think you owe me a slice of some lemon cheesecake.”

Love Letter

“Matchmaking” square for Red Team Bingo

Grif should never have written anything down. Grimmons, based on this brilliant idea and sketch from @sabishiita​.

Hey Simmons,

You’ll never hear this from me but-

Grif crossed out the note.

Doc wanted me to do this stupid fucking exercise to let out my feelings on paper and I told him it was stupid and now I’m doing it anyway. Fuck.

He didn’t know why Doc was suddenly taking an interest in his mental health. Grif should’ve been wary of him after the last time the group had a therapy session, but Grif really didn’t know what to say to Simmons. This was as good an idea as any.

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OTEverybody: Proposal

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Rated: I honestly don’t know

Pairing: *mumbles incoherently* Everyone

Summary: Being NCT’s manager was challenging as it is, add to that the fact that suddenly half of them feel the need to win your affection.

(A/N): I don’t know what this is or why this is, it was just really fun to write. Before people start unfollowing me I have to point out that THIS IS A JOKE. It’s just something really stupid I’m writing for fun, so just take it as that.

Proposal | Practice Room | Meeting| Third Floor | Airport

“Did you hear?” One of the make up artists, Jaehee suddenly asked. You only looked up confused, mid texting.

“There is a new sm town concert being considered.” She looked excited.

“How do you know?” Taeyong suddenly spoke looking at her through the mirror.

“Well Leeteuk-sshi’s make up artist comes to work on the same bus as I do and he was apparently talking on the phone with the chairman.” Taeyong mouthed a wow and you scoffed.

“The SM network is really thriving these days.” You said amused, going back to texting.

“Noona!” Donghyuck barged in, pushing the door loudly. You looked up with a frown at the loud noise.

“Have you seen my neck tie? I swear I had it in my pocket a moment ago.” He patted his pockets as if making a point.

“I told you to not take it off didn’t I?” You sighed.

“But it makes me feel so stuffy!” He whined in protest. Suddenly Mark peeked into the room, looking relieved when he noticed Donghyuck.

“You dropped your tie.” He pushed the object into Donghyuck’s hands and he blushed, smiling shyly.

“Honestly this group would fall apart without you Mark.” You said gratefully, you were already calculating the amount that would have to be paid if Donghyuck had lost the tie loaned to them by a very expensive brand. Mark blushed at the compliment, fumbling a reply.

“I’m the leader you know!” Taeyong whined.

“I stand by my statement.” You said teasingly and he pouted. Donghyuck came and sat beside you on the sofa, doing his best cute act.

“I’m not that bad Noona.” He did a cute voice and Mark gagged loudly.

“You’re the worst. I’m not even your manager and you still give me the hardest time.” You said with a frown, giving him a side glance.

“It’s only because I love you!” He hit your arm playfully.

“Haechan get out.” Taeyong said with a serious voice.

“Oooh, Hyung’s Jealous again.” Taeyong threw his cap at his face, trying to hide the deep blush creeping onto his face.

Everyone suddenly focused on a high pitched laugh approaching in the corridor that could only be one person. Everyone in the room poking their heads out of the room to see him running to the main area of the green rooms. Chenle stopped running abruptly and almost tripped over.

“He’s going to get himself killed one day.” Donghyuck whispered and Mark nodded in agreement.

“We’re going to Hawaii.” He screamed so loudly you were sure even the artists in the far corner heard him. He cheered to himself doing a little dance.

“Are you serious?” Doyoung emerged from the room beside the one you were in.

“I wanted to be the one to tell them!” A deep voice complained from a room. Chanyeol emerged from a room from the other side in full costume ready for his performance.

“Hey.” He gave you a beautiful smirk that made you blush. Donghyuck looked between you both with a deductive expression, tightening his jaw.

“Did you know about this?” Johnny emerged from the same room as Doyoung, asking you in English

“Not a clue. I guess I’m not going.” You tried to hide your disappointment.

“How can they not take you when we’re going to America? You’re our Manager.” Mark spoke defensively while everyone else stared confused at the unfamiliar words.

“They can’t take all the managers.” You shrugged.

“Can someone explain to the rest of us what is happening?” Donghyuck interjected loudly.

“She probably isn’t going to Hawaii with us despite being the English speaking member’s Manager. Jaehyun emerged too.

“Why?” Taeyong said turning to her, she shrugged again.

“Of course you are.” Chanyeol said confused at the speculation, “I put in a word for you myself.” You were caught off guard at the sudden gesture, blushing.

“Thank you.” You said shyly.

“Ow!” Mark suddenly shouted, diverting you attention. He glared at Donghyuck who was giving him a cute smile.

“Sorry it was a mistake.” He said sticking his tongue out.

“You pinched me you idiot.” Mark said quietly, his expression stuck between confused and mad. Your phone dinged and you opened it to read whatever message you received.

“Haechan stop bullying Mark. Taeyong make Haechan stop bullying Mark.” Taeyong looked at her confused at the sudden thrust of responsibility, “You’re the leader after all.” You smirked at him referring to his earlier complaint.

“I have to go, they called a meeting. Best of luck for your performance guys.” You rushed through your words, going back into the room to pick up the rest of your stuff.

“Donghyuck said you were the best rapper to a stylist the other day.” You told Mark in english, winking at him and he laughed.

“I heard my name!” Donghyuck said looking betrayed.

“She said you suck your thumb in your sleep.” Mark put a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

“That was one time!” He defended himself loudly and everybody laughed.

You were about to leave when you heard your name being called in a sing song voice. You turned to see Baekhyun come out of the EXO dressing room.

“Do you want a donut?” He said shoving a half eaten donut out at you, “I know you like the ones from this bakery a lot.”

“How did you-” You looked at him confused.

“He made me tell him.” Johnny scoffed going back into his dressing room.

“Yah you know it’s rude to speak in a language everyone else doesn’t understand!” Baekhyun cursed at him.

“I was saving you the embarrassment Hyung.” Johnny shouted back from the room and Baekhyun blushed.

“Thank you for the offer but I’m really late Baekhyun-shhi.” You bowed apologetically.

“You should call me Oppa already.” A sudden gag noise turned everyone’s attention to Taeyong. Who coughed and pretended nothing happened.

“I-uh,” You looked between everyone extremely confused with the situation, “I’m late for a meeting with the chairman.” With that you left.

Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun standing with a half eaten donut in his hand, smirking and taking it away while he wasn’t paying attention.

“That’s mine!” He said with his loud voice echoing making everyone around wince.

“Try harder next time.” He said walking back into the room, eating the donut.

After the performance, everyone went back into the room, sitting back and drying the sweat off their faces.

“Hyung.” Donghyuck called Taeyong, looking distracted. Taeyong hummed at him as he drank water.

“We can’t compete with Chanyeol and Baekhyun hyung.” Taeyong choked on his water.

“W-what are you talking about.” He fumbled with his words looking nervous. Donghyuck rolled his eyes.

“It’s one thing if we’re competing. But we can beat EXO. They’re EXO! She’ll choose them over us. Taeyong looked at him like he was trying to understand what he meant. The room was suddenly silent.

“Why would she do that?” Taeyong proceeded with caution, giving into his words.

“With us it’s a competition amongst equals Hyung.” Donghyuck spoke to him like he was explaining a difficult subject to a child.

“What makes you think you and I are equals.” Taeyong frowned at his words and Donghyuck only looked him up and down like it was obvious. Taeyong bit back a curse.

“Focus Hyung. My point is, we have to eliminate the competition from the people who obviously have an advantage, before we can win her affection.” Donghyuck looked satisfied with his plan. Another sound of someone choking on water turned their attention to Doyoung.

“Are you planning murder or something because I’m leaving before I’m an accomplice.” Donghyuck rolled his eyes again.

“Don’t be overdramatic. I just think if we make them look a little bad in front of her we’ll be fine.” He shrugged like it was the simplest plan.

“You’re seriously evil. What makes you think she would like you even after you embarrass our seniors and mentors in front of her. Let her live in peace.” Mark said incredulously.

“No one asked for your opinion Mark. I just want her to know how much I like her.” Donghyuck blushed at his sudden confession. At least three people scoffed.

“Oh no by all means proceed. I’ll enjoy watching this backfire.” Mark sat back.

“Whatever, you just can’t tell her anything. Seriously stay out of it.” Donghyuck warned and Mark begrudgingly agreed.

“It’s something Taeyong Hyung. Otherwise you can just keep pouting everytime she talks about another guy.” Taeyong was flustered at the sudden attack.

“F-fine. But we can’t do anything too bad or obvious. We might get in trouble.” He sighed at his own words.

“When have my plans ever backfired?” There was a long awkward silence followed by a few awkward coughs.

“Count me in this plan.” Yuta coughed awkwardly, getting up and walking out. Everyone stared in stunned silence.

“ too.” Jaehyun added fumbling with the zipper on his jacket avoiding eye contact.

“We’re going to lose our manager Hyung.” Mark turned to Johnny with a expression of disbelief. Johnny avoided his gaze and Mark’s eyes grew wide.

“Not you too!” He said feeling betrayed. Johnny only laughed awkwardly.

“Is it just me or did the atmosphere get very tense suddenly.” Donghyuck said and promptly Mark threw a towel at him.

“I’m going to the Dream dressing room. Where people don’t scheme.” Mark said getting up.

“I’m pretty sure I heard Renjun tell Chenle how amazing his Noona is once.” Win Win suddenly added.

“I’m going to give all of you the silent treatment.”

Where to Next?

Kara sighed and pulled a blanket over her face. Three…Two…One…

The door of her apartment opened and footsteps that unmistakingly belonged to Alex echoed through the space. “Hey.” Alex said a few moments later as she sat down on the couch next to Kara.

“Mm.” Was her only response.

Alex rolled her eyes and stood up before pulling open Kara’s blinds and then quickly removing the blanket from her sister’s head.

“Alex no!” Kara whined.

“Alex yes!” Alex shot back as she returned to the couch. “You have been spending way too much time alone in this…” Alex looked around the apartment and crinkled her knows at the piles of empty pizza boxes and stacks of ice cream containers. “Uncharacteristic environment and it’s starting to scare me a little. When was the last time you went outside?”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a BTS reaction to their sweet and innocent s/o being a vampire and how they find out is that find out she has a feeding problem where once she starts she won't stop til there's no more blood? Thanks sorry if it's weird for you. :))

It’s not weird, don’t worry :) these all kind of turned out to be mini stories so hope you like it ^^


You and Seokjin were just getting out of the grocery store when you saw a man go around the corner of the store alone. You could smell blood on him, he was probably injured. You couldn’t stop yourself from running after him, Jin calling after you.

“Y/N?” JIn called into the alley he followed you into.

He stopped in his tracks as he saw you bent over the man, sucking at his neck.


Jin came over and tried to pry you off the man. He only succeeded when you were done feeding.

“Y/N what….”, Jin said as he stared at you in horror as he saw the pale, blood-drained man laying on the ground lifeless. 

“I’m sorry. I know you must be disgusted and confused. But I can’t stop once I start. I’ve tried for years, but it always ends up like this and when I smelt his blood I couldn’t resist”, you cried out to him.

You expected him to leave you there crying on the ground covered in blood. But he reached down and gave you his jacket to cover your blood stained clothes. 

“Okay, let’s just get home and we can talk about this”, he said shakily.


Yoongi had just gone into the bank to deposit a check when you smelled it. There was a girl coming from the flower store across the street, it looked like she had cut herself and was going to the pharmacy right next store. 

You slowly followed her until she was about to turn into the store, then you brought your arm around her and dragged her back into a side street. Little did you know that Yoongi saw you drag her once he came out of the bank.

Once you were done feeding you stood up and wiped your mouth with your sleeve.

“Y/N”, you heard Yoongi say. He was standing a couple feet away from you.\

“Yoongi, it’s not my fault! I can’t control my thirst, every time I feed I drain them dry and I’ve tried getting help, but nothing has worked”, you exclaimed.

“Why would you keep this from me?”

“I thought if I told you then you wouldn’t love me anymore. I thought I would lose you”

“You just lost me, not because of this”, he said as he pointed to the girl. “But because of you not telling  me the truth”


You were waiting outside the dance studio for Hoseok when you saw a man walking alone on the opposite side of the street. Perfect target, your head screamed. You were almost in a trance as you followed the man until you thought it was safe to drag him into a waiting alley.

Hoseok had seen you out the window and quickly made his way outside to see where you had gone. 

Hoseok could here the sound of muffled screams as he got closer to the alley you went down. Thinking you were in trouble he ran right into you as you held the man by the neck against the wall, draining the blood from him.

“AHHHHHHHHHH”, Hoseok screamed in terror as he saw you. He ran as fast as he could away from you and never looked back.

When you returned to the apartment you shared you found him asleep with tears staining his face, For his own sake you quickly grabbed your things, wrote him a goodbye note, and disappeared into the night. 


Namjoon had caught on that you were different from the moment he met you. He had trusted you to tell him what was up when you felt the time was right. 

But when he found you crouched over a woman in a dark alley, he knew his suspicions were confirmed. 

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just thought that you would be disgusted by me, and you would throw me to the curb like so many other people have done”, you said.

“You know I’m not like that”, he said as he took your hands in his and pulled you up.

“I’m willing to help you with this, but you’re going to have to be willing to be truthful with me”

“You’d really do that”, you said.

“Of course”


“Just wait here babe, I’ll be back soon”, Jimin said to you as he went into the BigHit building to go check on his schedule for the next few months.

You watched the street as people passed by, some recognizing you and giving you a friendly smile. After about 10 minutes of waiting for Jimin you got bored and took out your phone. A couple of minutes passed before a man walked by you.

You hadn’t fed in a while and he was all alone, no one would find out, you assured yourself.

Jimin saw you walk around the corner just as he came out, where could you be going?

He turned the corner to find you standing over then man, your hands covered in blood.

“Y/N”, he said shakily. He couldn’t move from his spot, so shocked from seeing you in this state. 

“Jimin, I can explain”, you said coming towards him.

He immediately took several steps back from you, looking scared for his life.

“I was afraid this would happen”, you sighed.

“I don’t know if I can handle this Y/N, you just killed someone”, Jimin said quietly.

“I know, it’s always been this way. I can’t control it, and trust me when I say it kills me to know that this is what I am”

“Okay, can we talk about this? Do you want to get some coffee or something?”


“Y/N I got us on of everything since I know you can’t decide which donut you like”, Tae said as he came out of the shop.

You were no where in sight though, making him frown. 

He rounded the corner, just as you did and you bumped into each other.

“Hey, there you are”, he said ruffling your hair. He was going to kiss you but your lips were covered in what looked like blood.

“Y/N, what happened”

“Uh. nothing, its nothing”, you said, wiping your mouth with your sleeve.

He didn’t believe you and continued around the corner to find the lifeless body of some man.with two puncture wounds in his neck.

He dropped the donuts and started backing up, looking between you and the body.

“Why”, he gasped out.

“I’m sorry Tae, I just can’t help myself, it’s a curse”, you said as you looked down.

“I can’t be with you”, he said.


“I can’t be with someone who kills people, if you told me I could have understood and helped you bu this..”


“I just have to grab my phone charger, be right back”, Jungkook said as he ran up the stairs to his dorm.

You were listening to music on the quiet street as a woman passed you carrying several bags of groceries. She dropped one of them a few feet away from you.

“Here let me help you with that”, you said as you picked up the bag to hand to her. At the same time a strong gust of wind came by and swept her scent towards you. You couldn’t help but growl as you crouched in front of her, ready to pounce.

You backed her against the wall of the building and covered her mouth as your teeth sunk into her neck, draining her until she stopped moving. 

You let her body fall to the ground and turned around to see Jungkook staring at you, if his jaw could hit the floor it would have. 

“Y/N… what have you done?”, he whispered out.

“Jungkook please let me explain. I just can’t stop when I start. I’ve never been able to pull away after all these years”

“Okayyyyyy” he said as he let out a breath. “Um, I don’t know to feel about this, but I know how I feel about you. So I’m willing to work on this with you”

~ Admin Unnie


“So what does he think?” You asked Percy excitedly.

Percy said nothing for a moment but soon a grin formed on the boy’s face.
“He likes you a lot. Says there’s no one else he’d rather own him”.

“Really wow awesome”.

“But he’d like you to bring him donuts. I don’t know what it is but Blackjack as a weird obsession with them too”.