you know its true dont try and deny it

GOT7 reaction to you not kissing them because you think your bad at it

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Omma! Can you do their reaction when you don´t want to kiss them ´cause you think you´re “bad” at it (because you don´t have a lot of experiences)? :)

For some reason the jb gif refuses to load, so ill try putting it in tomorrow 
Thanks for the request sweetie ^_^
I hope you like it :)
~ahgase Omma 

he doesn’t believe you at all, to the point where he comes up with a sneak game to ‘teach’ you.

at the mention of kissing he’s all ears, but then he gets confused at your confession. he eases your mind wanting to ‘teach’ you

he can’t help but smirk a little, not to be mean, but he just can’t believe you could think such a thing. he’s more than happy to test your theory

he denies all of your claims right away, with proof or no proof, he just refuses to believe this, because you dont have proof of your own

he tells you that its just not true, you dont know because youve not try, you should try

practice makes perfect sweetie!

he gets irrationally angry, you opinion shouldn’t stop you from trying, you should debunk your idea right away.

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terfs are such fuckin babies like sorry no one likes you bc you dont think some women are women enough to be your fucking girlfriends you rat bastards

*this post was specifically made bc i was venting abt one specific blog, not naming it here. its one issue i have with terfs, dont reblog this post with something along the times of ‘the only reason you hate terfs is bc we wont fuck a certain group’ bc thats not true. i hate you bc ur transphobic. u use ur transphobia to deny dating others. in fact i would appreciate if you didnt reblog this bc its quite frankly a fucking mess now but i know most of you wont see this edited post unles youre trying to get my attention through a direct rb

and i have notifs for this post blocked, so i wont see that anyway. im not going to argue w any more terfs, im not going to respond to anyone else. i dont care to hear your side of the story, i think youre wrong thats not changing. i dont care why you think im wrong either. i dont want you to “get your point across” your point is useless 2 me. go tell someone who cares.

i also dont respond to asks and replies. i never intended for this post to get notes, i didnt make this to argue. i made it bc i was angry. surely you can appreciate that, one person to another, differing opinions or not. im not in any mood to debate this, ever. i dont have the energy or will. i didnt make this to debate in the first place, its a one sided thing. ever bitch to yourself in your mind? this is that but in text. i dont want to talk to transphobes. i dont want to hear you call women men. leave me alone.