you know its gonna bleed sometimes

honestly all those ‘explain humans to aliens’ things are great and stellar but you know what’s gonna be really fucking weird??? Try explaining the concept of menstruation to an alien. Try explaining that whole fucking bit ‘Yeah, well, you see, once a month approximately half the population starts bleeding from their genitals, and experiences mood swings and pain that can impair their ability to function. Sometimes, if two of them stick together long enough, they can sync up and start bleeding at the same time. It also just coincidentally syncs up with the phases of our moon.’

Like! You don’t have to add any weird wording or nonsense to that! It’s fucking weird on its own! As Meaghan said, it sounds like a fucking witch’s curse! Just imagine explaining to an alien with a rutting season or budding season or asexual reproduction that some of us just sporadically bleed everywhere for part of the month, and not only that, but this isn’t even the general standard of reproductive behavior on our planet!

Can i just complain for a second about how fucking annoying and dumb my period is being ever since i got it back, its like…first day and morning of the second day = extremely bad cramps and heavy flow complete with nausea and sometimes migraines, then it calms down for like 1.5 days, with little flow and barely any cramps but then IT GETS WORSE AGAIN for like 1.5 days and its like?? ?Why?? ? It doesnt make any sense and is so fucking annoying jfc.