you know it's only been like 3 months

YALL I just got the Craziest idea! I’ve been slowly making progress on The Claymore Collection, but I think its time to do more. I’ve also always wanted to do a Claymore Cosplay group, but never had the chance to.
This group would be for AnimeNEXT 2017 and it would be happening on Sunday. I will be making each of the dresses over the next few months. If you would like to join in on the madness, please contact me! If you know of anyone who would be interested, please tag them! The only character taken so far is Ophelia(me). I estimate I could make up to 3 dresses in the amount of time I got, so two other gals can join in!

herpsandderps  asked:

Building off your last message... just wanted to say you and wmss have been a big help with my newest baby Mercury the red tail boa! Due to your videos and knowledge she willingly climbs into my hand after only owning her two months (including one week quarantine) and i wanted to say thank you so so much!!

Aaaah that is so awesome to hear!!! :D Especially after just two months, that is an excellent amount of trust to have built up already <3 <3 You are welcome! Always feel free to come to us with questions, if we don’t know the answer ourselves its likely we can link you to someone who does :3

hey ! as you guys know, i’ve been dealing with anxiety/depression and a string of shitty luck since i started this blog (losing my job. breakup. hospitalizations. losing teeth. finding a new job only to have the program lose its grant within 3 months. car trouble. life trouble.), and as a result i haven’t produced a lot of funny/original content and mostly just like.. sadly beg for financial help or post asks i get.

HOWEVER, i’m making it a goal for myself to try to create some new content. that includes updating the years-out-of-date plus size shopping master post, posting more funny stuff, and answering questions in a more timely manner.

thanks to all of you for sticking with me through, truly, the worst years of my life. xoxo.