you know it's always the same in kid's shows

coffeeshophorror said: same :)

Stan’s dynamic with the kids is my second fave relationship only next to Dipper and Mabel. Its a huge reason I fell in love with the show. It’s just so sweet and well-written like you can really see Stan’s frozen heart thawing over time as he learns about them and grows to love them as they do him.

Like i always love thinking about that, how Stan was probably such a grumpy grumbler at first trying to grocery shop for these kids but now he knows everything about them and even enjoys making them happy. He knows what cereal Mabel likes and what snacks Dipper likes. He’s discovered what they’re allergic to or what they will just straight up turn their noses up at, like maybe he poured them each a glass of orange juice one morning and Dipper immediately pushed his away and that’s how he learned Dip doesn’t like orange juice. He knows what they’re afraid of. He knows who likes physical contact and who doesn’t, how much commotion each of them can handle until its too much (Mabel can handle more). He knows what their preferred sleeping positions are, who drools (Dipper) and who talks in their sleep (Mabel), who’s a heavy sleeper (Mabel) and who’s a light sleeper (Dipper). He probably sits with Mabel and comforts her when her tummy hurts after eating too much sugar. He probably forces Dipper to shower because he knows Dipper’s still a little kid in that ‘bathing is terrible’ stage but he’s not gonna let the kid walk around smelling like preteen sweat or baby wipes all the time. He likes to playfully roughhouse with both of them and challenge them and put big smiles on their faces. He’ll fight to the death to protect them. And in return the kids know all about him. They desire his unconditional love and approval. Stan has really become like a father to them. Ford’s taken on more of the uncle role in the household now. Stan’s the dad.

Any time i’m sad i love to imagine Stan and the twins doing fun family things together like singing old well-known classic songs loudly together in the car or having inside jokes or taking a trip out to the pool or the lake and playing water sports or having extreme splash wars and Stan doing that thing most dad’s do where they toss the kids a little ways into the air and they land in the water a little farther away laughing. idk man i’m classic Pines family trash. i’ve been with them since the start and their development is just the best; they’re always gonna be my fave.