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Best Friend to Boyfriend with Taeyong!

(request for anon! I really hope I did this one right! 😅)

(requests for all boy groups are open!)

*oh my god

*oh mY GOd

*this request got me feelin

*fun fact im listening to Six Inch by Beyonce and let me tell you there are some things I wanna do to Taeyong with this song in the bg

*ok now i’m done being thirsty

*let’s begin

*You and Taeyong are bestest friends

*have been as long as you can remember

*the sexual/emotional tension is absolutely overpowering but you’re both blind as all hell

*seriously someone get you two some glasses so you can see this shit

*if he could stop sleeping with you in his mind then he would probably notice that you looked at him the same way he looks at you

*honestly who wouldn’t want to date Taeyong

*he tries to be tough and strong for his members *cough* kids

*but sometimes he has a rough day

*and he gets really tired and stressed

*so he calls up his best friend in the whole world

*”y/n… yeah… im sorry its so late but… i dont know im just feeling really worn out..”

*so taeyong shows up at your house and you already have the couch all set up

*and you always have cute romantic comedies set up to play because Taeyong watched Hercules (yes, the disney one) one time and now he thinks he’s an expert

*and you open the door and taeyong is standing there leaning against the doorframe

*even exhausted he looks stunning

*he can’t keep the smile off his face when he sees you

*”y/n im so happy you answered”

*you pull him into a hug and are immediately encompassed in his warmth

*he pushes you along to the couch and curls up with you as soon as you sit down

*his head is in your lap and he’s such a snuggly boy

*”Tae, why don’t we just go into my room?”

*and he gets all blushy but agrees and a few minutes later you have Taeyong curled up in your arms trying to snuggle as possible because after a full day of trying to lead a dozen younger crazy boys and dealing with management he just needs to be held and relax

*and for him, it’s you. It’s always been you

*You’re head over heels for him

*wHo WoUlDn’T bE

*so you have no problem being the one he trusts the most

*because he’s like that for you too

*through countless shitty boyfriends and heartbreaks, Taeyong is always there for you to cry on and he always buys your favorite candies and brings you to the dorms so the dreamies can help cheer you up

*Chenle: i’ll fight him, y/n! He was so mean to you!

*Jisung: I’ll help Chenle! We’ll beat him up!!

*one day you and taeyong are hanging out at your house

*and he’s been quiet all day but he says he just doesn’t feel well and that he needs to think and clear his head

*but he never likes being alone so he comes to stay with you

*so you go about your day, cleaning up a little and watching some tv while Taeyong sits on the couch silently

*he’ll occasionally comment on something but other than that he remains quiet

*eventually you sit next to him and ask what’s up

*but he just shakes his head so you hug him for a moment and then go to your room to remake your bed since today was your laundry day

*so you’re immersed in desperately trying to tuck the sheet in but it doesn’t want to cooperate

*suddenly you feel hands on your hips and you almost jump until you’re spun around and face to face with Taeyong

*there’s something in his eyes but you can’t place what it is

*”Tae? Sweetie what are you do-”

*You’re cut off by him slamming his lips onto yours

*about damn T I M E

*you’re shocked at first but within a millisecond you’ve melted under his touch

*his tight grip on your hips has you locked in your place

*and now your hands are tangled in his hair, keeping him as close to you as possible

*and you can’t even think coherently because of how you can feel Taeyong smiling against you

*”what the fuck was that?!”

*Taeyong immediately starts apologizing, thinking you were mad

*but to his surprise you tackle him and start kissing him again

*and somewhere in the middle he giggles and asks you to be his girl

*and you just smile down at him and say you always were, you were just waiting on him to ask first

On Izetta and the Importance of Perspective

Izetta has always looked at Finé. Not just in the literal sense but in the abstract as well. Izetta was the kind of kid who always looked down, afraid that people were going to yell at her or attack her for being who she is. Finé on the other hand, she was different. Izetta sees Finé in a very specific way and we as the audience get clued into that by the use of clever camera angles and framing. We constantly see Finé from Izetta’s point of view and in animation this can be a powerful tool to let the audience get an idea about character relationships. Izetta looks Finé in the eye, even when she gets embarrassed and looks down, her gaze is always brought right back to Finé’s eyes. Being able to see this from Izetta’s point of view lets the viewer make the same connection that Izetta does. It lets us understand just what Izetta sees in Finé and it lets us know just why Izetta cares so much and why we should care so much. 

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non despair oumami

-probably shared an apartment with saihara until they got caught doing nasty things one too many times
-amami has to physically restrain ouma from adopting every animal at the pet store
-“we DONT need all these snakes”
-ouma , in his attempt to still get a pet, basically adopts every stray cat in the neighborhood. he puts out food for them and gets every single one a little checkered collar and one of those “not lost, just visiting” charms on them
-this is his secret organization. dice (Damn Its Cats Everywhere)
-everyone wonders who is keeping all these goddamn cats in the neighborhood and think its probably an old lady. but in reality its just a highschool boy and his bf
-doubles dates! usually with tenko and himiko or kaede and maki. but they usually end up trying to out-gay each other
-ouma gets mistaken for amamis son about 3 times before he smashes something over the persons head
-they go to the mall . ouma Demands to go to build a bear every time
-somebody comments on ouma being too old to go there
-“you know what i also am? getting more plushies than you bitch”
-they go to the arcade and get into a heated battle of like pinball. when a little kid asks if they can play ouma hisses at them
-everyone ouma n amami meet not believing theyre the same age. ouma has to pull out his id card to show them hes not twelve
-amami pampers ouma a lot. but ouma does the same! always pampering Each Other. its like a war to see how much more the other can show they love each other
-amami takes ouma to get his ears pierced and he fucking cries. probably flinched and the person doing it missed and there is just blood everywhere
-someone comes over to their house
“oh a collar! do you have a dog?”
-they dont really go out much so date nights are at home. but that usually means every night is date night. oumas too persuasive and they end up always cuddling every night
-they help each other dye their hair. one time amami ended up with a green hair dye spot on his cheek for like 5 days
-always holding hands. always kissing . always hugging. annoys the shit out of everyone else
-so they just do it more
-oumas really small and amamis Really Big. ami can just pick his bf up and carry him away. also uses him as an armrest
-amami started calling ouma “kichi” when they started going out. ouma wanted to come up with something too…
-💘 rest in peace rantarou
-ouma cant reach amami so when he wants to kiss him he either has to ask him to bend down, or pulls his shirt to Make him bend down
-ouma moans too loud and they got a noise complaint from their neighbors
-saihara thought ouma was dying once when he heard him
-aggressively plays mario kart together
-the most obnoxious cheesy nicknames for each other u can imagine. like do these two ever stop? no

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Whenever i looked at Daryl Dixon half of my brain goes "That is an attractive man. You should find that man attractive." But the other half of my brain goes "Yes, he is. But he's too pretty. I want the older, rugged, more damaged one instead. Ya know, the ol' dirty redneck one." Same with Peter Quill: "He's the hot one, it's obvious." But my brain goes "Quill's pretty but consider this: The loud blue one with bad teeth! He's sexier!" And that's when my Michael Rooker addiction started.


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Okay but I want Sana and her girl squad to take the Balloon squad to a party and for the bakka boys to see Even kissing Isak in the corner and for them to ask about him and make sure he's doing alright, and then a reunion maybe? Viiikkkkiiiii I need this written by you your writing is beautiful

thank u!!!! ah the pressure now,,sdklfj but., they spot each other before they talk and even is so uneasy and isak notices so he tries to calm him, standing in the corner with him, kissing him. and then isak leaves him for a minute to go to the bathroom and 5 seconds after he leaves, yousef walks up to even and the hurt on both of their faces gets mixed with relief and sad smiles and even wants to run, he’s not ready to face whatever this is gonna be. but then yousef just stands next to him, facing forward and even does the same and then yousef hums, “he’s your boyfriend?” and evens heart is beating fast, “yeah, he is” then he sees yousef smile from the corner of his eyes, “thats nice. im happy for you” then he looks at him “are you happy?” and even thinks about it a little, “i am content with a couple of things in my life yeah” then looks at the floor and after a shaky breath he asks “are you?” and yousef tries to meet his gaze and when he succeeds he says “well, i work in a kindergarten” and even smirks without trying “youve always wanted to” then yousef nods, “those kids are pretty sick. in a good way” and even chuckles then yousef does the same and its. it feels like theyve never drifted apart, it feels like old times and even is dizzy. then the other boys show up too and they see evens body stiffen and even hates that he knows that they can. so they try with a nervous smile and before even copies, he lets out a sigh. then mikael comes forward with a weak “hi” and even feels like sobbing. he thinks about what to say but he ends up with a “hey” as weak as mikaels, then mikael jokes “i knew it was the famous movie director standing in the corner” and they all snort, but they with a genuine smile bc they know about evens passions and respect and support it. then elias looks at him, “heard you still keep in touch with sana” and even nods “yeah, she’s friends with my boyfriend too” and adam goes and puts a hand on his shoulder, “NICE!” and the touch is so familiar but scary and he almost pulls back but he doesnt ,and he smiles and they all smile and its a little awkward but not as awkward as he thought it would be, when it happens. then mutasim is like “yeah so ,where is he? i can still do the talk with him” and they all laugh and surely ,isak shows up not long afterwards and he’s looking for any sign of discomfort on evens face, but he only gets a soft smile back so isak lets himself be introduced and he shakes everyones hands and stands next to even with a hand around his waist and everythings…. okay

The Greatest Love (Part 2)

Shawn keeps in touch with Behati. He wanted Behati to update him with what’s going on with Y/N. He even tried to talk  to Y/N’s parents, but they refuse to talk to him. Because for them Shawn was the reason why Y/N became a mess, and why Y/N got into a car accident.

‘Behati please, I just want to see her.’

‘Shawn, I’m so sorry. I can’t. You know how protective Y/N’s parents are and for sure if they knew that I let Y/N see you they’re going to not let me see Y/N  as well.’ Behati said.

‘Please, please, please. I’ll do everything.’


‘I promise, just this one.’ Shawn said.

He sounded so sincere and really desperate to see Y/N.

‘Okay, fine. But please Shawn if you see Y/N just please act casual like you’re just an old friend, ok?’ Behati said.

‘Okay. I’ll try.’ Shawn said.

‘Shawn, please! We’re both going to be in trouble if you screw this up!’ Behati said on the other line.

‘Alright, alright.’


‘Oh, hey bey! You look gorge today!’ Y/N greeted Behati wearing her favorite dress.

‘So are you!’ Behati said. Y/N’s wearing her monki denim skirt and her favorite top and her favorite white pair of shoes.

‘Thanks.’ Y/N said. ‘So, are we like going to meet a new friend of mine?’ Y/N asked.

‘Uh, yeah. Your new old friend.’

‘As usual.’ Y/N jokes.

They left and went to the place where Shawn and Y/N first met, Behati has been really careful with Y/N’s parents since Y/N’s parents has a lot of questions every time Behati will ask permission to go out with Y/N.

‘Here we are!’ Behati said.

‘This place looks familiar.’ Y/N said.

‘It is?’ Behati asked nervously.

‘Why do you look like you’re nervous or something? Is this friend of mine my ex?’ Y/N asked jokingly.

‘What? No, of course not!’ Behati said in a defensive way. 

‘You sounded so defensive that I want to believe that this old friend of mine is my ex.’ Y/N joked again, she’s trying to make the situation light since Behati looked so nervous. ‘Just kidding, just trying to make you laugh, you look so nervous!’ Y/N said and assured Behati that everything’s fine. 

‘You know what, let’s go!’ Behati said and she went off the car same as Y/N.

Behati and Y/N went straight to where Shawn, Brian, Ian and Matt were sitting.

‘Hey guys!’ Brian said.

Behati introduced Y/N to Brian, Matt, Ian. Y/N smiled at them so sweetly.

‘And, this is Shawn.’ Behati said and looked at Shawn like saying to act normal.

‘Hi, Shawn.’ Y/N smiled sweetly at Shawn and held his hands to Shawn’s hands.

Shawn was just there standing and staring at Y/N. He wanted to hug her and say sorry. She missed her, her eyes, her smile, her voice. Nothing’s changed, even her style, except, she didn’t know him. All of their memories just got lost.

‘I know this is pretty weird since Bey told me that we’ve all been friends for like 8 years so please bear with me.’ Y/N said as she sat down next to Behati.

‘It’s fine, we understand.’ Matt said.

‘So, do you want us to order your favorite?’ Ian asked.

‘Oh, yeah sure. I would love that.’ Y/N said and smiled so sweetly. ‘So Shawn I heard you’re a singer?’ Y/N asked Shawn and she’s so curious with all this info about Shawn.

Matt, Brian, Ian, and Behati just looked at each other.

‘Uh, yeah. I am, you should watch one of my shows.’ Shawn said and he’s looking so nervous.

‘I would love that, right Bey?’ Y/N said. Behati just nodded and smiled nervously.

‘Why do you look so nervous? Is everything alright Bey?’ Y/N asked Behati who’s so concerned because since they jump out of the car  Behati looks so nervous and tense.

‘I’m fine. I’m just not really feeling well, but I’m fine.’ Behati smiled and looks at Matt, Brian, Ian, and Shawn.

‘Alright.’ Y/N said and turned to Shawn, Matt, Ian, Brian. ‘So tell me about yourself? I mean I know we’re friends but I want to know the usual things we do.’

‘We love making funny videos and we love to eat out after school.’ Brian said with a bright smile.

‘Really? That sounds so fun, oh and I want to see those funny videos’ Y/N smiled.

‘Of course! I’ll send them to you!’ Brian said.

‘We always go to parks because you love seeing children play especially when you’re sad.’ Matt said. Y/N is always dragging Matt to drive for her especially when she’s sad or when she’s having a problem with Shawn.

‘We always play this random toys at the toys store because we’re the weird kids! Right, Bey?’ Ian said and everybody laughs. Bey nodded and laugh as well.

‘What about you, Shawn? Don’t we have a memorable moments?’ Y/N asked looking at Shawn. Shawn was so shocked and he doesn’t know what to do. Same as Behati, Matt, Ian, and Brian. They all went quiet and seemed so nervous.

‘Uh…’ Shawn’s trying to look calm, he’s trying to stop himself to tell Y/N that they had past, that its his fault. ‘I mean, you love going to my shows so yeah that’s memorable for me.’ Shawn said and he tried to smile.

Y/N just smiled. ‘Sounds great.’

The table went silent until Matt broke the awkward silence.

‘So, Y/N are you going back to school or?’ Matt asked.

‘I’d love to, but my mom told me that I should home school for a year maybe next year I’ll be back at school.’ Y/N said and smiled.

Until a couple of girls went inside the café and asked Shawn if they can take a picture with him. At that moment Shawn was hesitant because what if the fans talks to Y/N then she’ll know everything for sure. Until this one fan approached Y/N.

‘Oh, gosh! Y/N I’m so glad you’re fine now.’ One fan said. Matt, Ian, Brian, and Behati looked at each other so shocked. They don’t know what to do and they didn’t get the chance to stop the fan because they’re all just so shock. 

‘You and Shawn are such a cute couple. Glad you guys are back together.’ The other fan said. And said thank you to Shawn and left. That moment went by so fast for Y/N she’s so confused with what’s going on. First Behati’s acting so weird same as Brian, Ian, and Matt. Also, Shawn seems so tensed. And now, these fans just said that She and Shawn used to date.

‘Bey-‘ Y/N said so confused but Behati cut her off.

‘Let’s go.’

‘No, what, wait me and Shawn I’m so confused right now!’ Y/N kind of shouted at Behati.

‘Y/N we can explain it to you.’ Matt said trying to calm Y/N down.

‘No, I’m so done. I’m so confuse with everything.’ Y/N said and she looked at Shawn, ‘So we dated?’ Y/N asked Shawn and Shawn can see the anger in her eyes.

‘Shawn answer me! What, we dated? Huh?’

‘Y/N I’m sorry-‘ Shawn got cut off by Y/N.

‘I’m done. I’m sorry but I have to go.’ Y/N said and left.

‘Y/N wait!’ Behati followed Y/N and while Matt, Ian, and Brian are trying to calm Shawn down with after everything happened.

A/N: Here’s the part 2 of The Greatest Love. Feedback is always welcome to my ask. and REQUESTS ARE OPEN. :) 

it’s cool if this isn’t your jam but

for real tho

something feels off when i see jeankasa fanart where jean is acting super cool and making mikasa blush and get all flustered. like i know that mikasa is not some solid rock that is incapable of being shy but

i feel like jean, no matter how chill their relatonship would grow over the years, would always be head over heels in love with her and be sooo happy whenever they smooch or hug or do whatever. ya know. just always be amazed that he’s with this beautiful woman. mikasa would absolutely feel the same, but would show it in more subtle ways. like she’ll smile warmly and get all fond over her bf. whereas jean will always remain that squealy kid who never fails to blush when they do things they do everyday.

also jean needs to be carried princess style into the sunset by this woman

that is all

coffeeshophorror said: same :)

Stan’s dynamic with the kids is my second fave relationship only next to Dipper and Mabel. Its a huge reason I fell in love with the show. It’s just so sweet and well-written like you can really see Stan’s frozen heart thawing over time as he learns about them and grows to love them as they do him.

Like i always love thinking about that, how Stan was probably such a grumpy grumbler at first trying to grocery shop for these kids but now he knows everything about them and even enjoys making them happy. He knows what cereal Mabel likes and what snacks Dipper likes. He’s discovered what they’re allergic to or what they will just straight up turn their noses up at, like maybe he poured them each a glass of orange juice one morning and Dipper immediately pushed his away and that’s how he learned Dip doesn’t like orange juice. He knows what they’re afraid of. He knows who likes physical contact and who doesn’t, how much commotion each of them can handle until its too much (Mabel can handle more). He knows what their preferred sleeping positions are, who drools (Dipper) and who talks in their sleep (Mabel), who’s a heavy sleeper (Mabel) and who’s a light sleeper (Dipper). He probably sits with Mabel and comforts her when her tummy hurts after eating too much sugar. He probably forces Dipper to shower because he knows Dipper’s still a little kid in that ‘bathing is terrible’ stage but he’s not gonna let the kid walk around smelling like preteen sweat or baby wipes all the time. He likes to playfully roughhouse with both of them and challenge them and put big smiles on their faces. He’ll fight to the death to protect them. And in return the kids know all about him. They desire his unconditional love and approval. Stan has really become like a father to them. Ford’s taken on more of the uncle role in the household now. Stan’s the dad.

Any time i’m sad i love to imagine Stan and the twins doing fun family things together like singing old well-known classic songs loudly together in the car or having inside jokes or taking a trip out to the pool or the lake and playing water sports or having extreme splash wars and Stan doing that thing most dad’s do where they toss the kids a little ways into the air and they land in the water a little farther away laughing. idk man i’m classic Pines family trash. i’ve been with them since the start and their development is just the best; they’re always gonna be my fave.