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Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Divergent AU with Fall Out Boy in it, im sorry i know its the second week!! Maybe the AU could be about them choosing their factions? or them being on two different sides of a fight? Whatever you want to write is fine! Love your writing, bye!

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Candor was your home. How could you think of leaving it? Abandoning it? How could you even consider leaving the only place you had ever called home? 

How is one test supposed to determine your entire future?

Trust the test.

Your uncertainty about the test hadn’t really fazed the others. They were perfectly content with the factions they moved to.

Patrick went first. He walked up to the five bowls, his hands trembling slightly as he picked up the silver knife in front of him. From the moment you met him, he had always been nervous about going through the process.

He held his hand over the stones that represented Abnegation, making everyone in the faction he had chosen clap, welcoming him into his new home with open arms. You looked at his parents to see them both in tears. You remember him always being very close to his parents, it must have been hard for them.

He never liked the saying that swept through the factions.

Faction before blood.

Andy went next, his jaw set as he walked to the five bowls placed carefully in front of him. You watched him press the knife into his palm, noticing how he tried to stop himself from wincing. He must have pressed down a bit too hard.

You weren’t surprised when he held his hand over the burning coals filling the left-most bowl. You barely heard the sizzle of his blood landing on them before the dauntless section erupted into cheers, standing and clapping Andy on the back. Andy barely took a glance at you, Pete, and Joe as he sat down.

Pete went next, walking cooly to the stage and going straight to the table. He told you once that the faction he got in the test would be the faction he chose, no questions asked. He had always been a strong believer in the system, in the test.

He believed that the test was the key to keeping the piece in society, much like the faction he chose and the leader of that faction.

“Erudite,” the word rang in your ears and you couldn’t help the distaste you felt. You had never been a fan of Erudite and Pete knew that, but if that was what Pete’s test told him, it was inevitable that he would choose anything else.

Joe was called next, and you knew what to except. Joe confided his test results in you a few days after the test, although you didn’t do the same for him. You knew it would be better to keep yours to yourself.

You watched him walk to the Candor bowl, eyeing it carefully as he dragged the knife over his palm. He held his hand over it, the glass below stained red from others who chose the same faction.

Your eyes widened when Joe’s hand moved one bowl to the left, his blood staining the gravel symbolizing Amity. Too late to change.

You waited while other students were called up to choose their factions, trying not to think about the fact the your four best friends had all chosen different factions. Everything was changing.

Faction before blood.

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

You stood from your seat, feeling yourself start to tremble as your mother squeezed your hand.

The bowls looked more intimidating than they should’ve been, but you weren’t exactly sure what you were supposed to choose.

You remember the day of your test, when the woman who tested you speedily pushed you out of the room when she got your results.

What? What were my results?

You…you got Candor. Candor and Abnegation and Dauntless.

You remember what she called it so clearly, the word ringing in your ears as you picked up the blade. Divergent.

You’re still not sure what it means, not exactly, but you know that it’s dangerous. That people like you had to be contained to protect the faction system.

You barely felt the knife on your skin as you walked closer to the Candor bowl. You figured that things would be easier if you stayed in your faction, in your home. You’d be safe there.

“Faction before blood,” you whispered, moving your hand over the Candor bowl. 

This isn’t right…

You remember watching your best friends leave you, one by one. And you remember feeling as though you were choosing between them when you chose the faction that would be your home for the rest of your life.

You remember stepping away from the bowl that symbolized Candor, moving towards your other options, ready for something new.

You always ask yourself if the war between the factions was worth it. Maybe if you had stayed in Candor, you could’ve done more. But you chose to leave, to leave your loved ones behind and start over with a new family. A new faction.

But maybe, just maybe, if you hadn’t been in the same faction as your best friend, he wouldn’t have taken a bullet for you. Maybe… 

Faction before blood. 

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You people act like trump isn't so bad just because he hasn't been given the power yet. He's never had ANY type of political power, how would a single one of us truly know what he's going to do? when certain countries cease to exist altogether you'll wish you thought different. His plans are way worse than anything Hilary's done and he makes shit up like a fairytale but somehow Hillary is the big liar. I hope he gets elected though tbh cause I'm depressed and it's guaranteed death for me

You people act like Trump is going to turn the entire country into a nightmare dystopia with the stroke of a pen and that Clinton will be constrained by Checks & Balances™; it doesn’t work like that. 

How is building a wall worse than, say, facilitating arms shipments from Libya to terrorists in Syria for the purpose of overthrowing Assad? Trump says he wants to build a national database of Muslims. Clinton’s State Department already has.

Between the two, I would hope Trump gets elected. At least then the presidency would fall under scrutiny.