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The Newest Ackles

Part 2 of Welcome to the Family

Relationship: Jensen X Daughter!Reader, Danneel X Daughter!Reader

Words: 2,232

Summary: The Reader is having a difficult time adjusting to her new way of life. But a challenge is nothing if not exciting!

Warnings: being the new kid at school, bullying (if you squint), lots and lots of fluff

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A/N: I was going to wait to post this but I’m impatient sometimes lol. Plus I really liked the way this turned out. There will not be another part to this, in case anyone was wondering. Enjoy!

Read part 1 here - Welcome to the Family

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The window was cool against the side of your head, a nice reprieve from the oppressive heat of Texas. Even after spending the entire summer in the Lone Star state, you still hadn’t quite adjusted to the temperature of your new home.

You scowled as the sunlight hit your eyes again; no matter which way you sat in your seat, you could never seem to completely block the harsh rays pouring into the car.

“What are you thinking about, kiddo?”

With a sigh, you turned to face Danneel – no, your mom.

God, you were never going to get used to that, were you?

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You Can’t Be Serious: Tom Holland x WOC Actress

This is the 3rd Part to Playtime and Double Dates. This is long, so yeah. 

Tom squeezed your hand as he saw Amber. “Um Y/N I think you left your tampon in the car.” Tom lied. “What?” You even knew that was stupid excuse. “We don’t want you bleeding all over the place, come on.” He pulled you to the front of the restaurant. “Really, a tampon?” You shook your head. “You have got to do better.”

“Y/N, that’s the same girl from the Trampoline World.” He explained. “Yeah, I know. You want me to take off on her?” You asked pulling your earrings out. (Take off means whoop that ass, basically). He stopped you, “You’ve just been so ready to fight lately. Are you okay?” He asked looking concerned. “I have a lot of built up aggression.” You answered honestly. 

“Well we can relieve some of that later on tonight.” He grinned, grabbing your butt. “Focus Tom.” You said pushing him away. “Right, right! Amber, how the hell did she end up finding Haz?” He asked. 

“So do we tell Haz that she was all over you and is a stalker?” You asked. You two peeked over and saw him smiling very hard. “Ew he actually looks happy with her!” You whined. “No, we should wait and see how this plays out.”

You two walked back to the table, “Hey ho about Amber and Y/N sit beside each other.” Haz suggested. “I guess.” Tom mumbled. You sat across from him and rolled your eyes. “Wow, Y/N I love your hair. Can I touch it?”

Tom groaned and shook his head, “D-did you really just ask me that? Have you ever heard of Solange Knowles?”

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