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In the seventh century B.C., the poet Semonides of Amorgos wrote a catalog of unmanageable women – from the yapping dogs, who won’t shut up even if you knock their teeth out, to the bee, who’s industrious, devoted and, most importantly, fertile.

Now, 3,000 years later, everything is different, and nothing is different.

In Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, cultural critic Anne Helen Petersen has written her own catalog of unruly women: celebrities and other cultural figures who have been called too strong, too fat, too gross, too slutty, too old, too pregnant, too shrill, too queer, too loud and too naked for uncomplicated cultural acceptance. “Each of these women is constantly igniting the line of acceptable behavior,” she writes. “You don’t know where it is until she steps over it, at which point it bursts into flames.”

‘Too Fat, Too Slutty’ Challenges Cultural Expectations Of Women        

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Why didn't Sam let Castiel know about Dean losing his memories in 12x11? Plus, do you think there comes a point in which Cas decides that for Dean to be safe, he has to forget about Castiel? Angels can alter/erase memories, right?

12x11: Literally the only reason Cas isn’t in that episode (or Sam doesn’t call Cas, because Cas would be there in a SHOT) is because without his inhibitions Dean Sublimation Winchester would be ALL OVER CASTIEL. He already fanboys all over him just hearing about him and is well up for a M/M/F threesome, and even with his inhibitions he licks his lips, stares longingly and treats him like his husband. LBR he’d be so cute and sweet and flirty.

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Gosh I would have been so here for that. Sigh. The writers have backed themselves into the proverbial romantic corner and it’s hilarious how they just cannot have episodes like this with Cas in them or Dean and Cas in the same room unchaperoned together for more than 5 seconds without it turning into a romantic scene a la 12x19.

I am living.

When would it be a good thing for Dean to forget about Cas? I mean it would be an amazing trope (and hella romantic, the ultimate “you’re better off without me” love trope, which they have already used in… s6, purgatory, 9x06, 11x10). Perhaps, it would be interesting to see if they did want to make it more textual it is something I could see happening in the next season(s), but there are other options too so it’s just one option of many.

I mean they have used like 70% of romantic tropes, why not go all out and use all 100%? ;)

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Dude, doing a bulimic text post? That's beyond not ok. Just say no to it, Christ.

We’ve done a lot in the past. There’s a trigger warning at both the top and in the tags. I’m sorry if it bothered you, but I’ll keep doing them. Just because you ignore it and shove it under the table doesn’t mean it’ll go away. These text posts can help people feel less alone, less like they’re some kind of freak for feeling those things. You’re welcome to unfollow and leave, but I will not ignore the requests just because they’re not to your taste. I care about the people leaving these requests. I know how it feels to want to see your favourite characters deal with the issues you’ve gone through. 

The whole point of this blog is to be AU (Or has been since Anneliese left) and to fill out the requests. People come to us asking for these things because it helps. It’s the same as why we need Asian actors playing Asian roles and so on. Representation matters. Name five mainstream shows that deal with any kind of eating disorder … now how many of those characters aren’t treated like shit by the audience? If this is the one safe place they can come to request ED related stuff then fucking let them. They’re real, they exist, and they are in pain. Why shouldn’t I give them that representation? Hell, if one of my posts helps even one person feel a bit better about themselves then I’ve done what I’ve hoped for. If it can distract them long enough for self harm urges to lessen then I’m thrilled.

Mental illness needs to be talked about, it needs to be shown. We’re everywhere and I’m not going to exclude that from this blog. If it’s a trigger to you then I tag any triggering content with ‘tw self harm’ or ‘tw eating disorder’ or so on. There’s way to blacklist to avoid seeing this content. Hell at the top of the post there’s always a trigger warning for any kind of questionable content. Now I’m going to go back to filling out requests, bulimia ones and all. Have a good day.


psa: tumblr’s new ‘nsfw’ post flagging and filtering

so – some of you may be aware that tumblr have recently introduced a new flagging system for nsfw and sensitive posts - if you don’t know about it - here’s the link to the info from staff.

sounds okay, right?  

what they haven’t told you is that now they can pick up ‘any’ post and flag it as nsfw.  which happened on my recent ‘american gods’ gifset, showing the lovely gillian anderson in her various ‘screen personas’ as media - which also has - absolutely NO nsfw content.

ANYWHOO - the point is - if you are an original content maker, tumblr might flag your posts.  they WILL NOT notify you when a post has been flagged as nsfw.  the only way you will know is if you preview your OWN BLOG as a ‘sidebar preview’ ( y’know that awful slidey out thing? ) - then, if your post has been flagged, there will be a teeny nsfw icon below your tags.  like so - 

you need to then request that your post is ‘reviewed’ to have the flag removed, by clicking on the ‘request review’ link.  it’ll then come up as ‘pending’.

original content makers,  this is a heads up - just be sure to check that your non-nsfw posts have not been flagged!

Episode 1 of Legends, Season 3:
  • Jax: We broke time?! How the heck did we break time?
  • Amaya: And more importantly, how do we fix it?
  • Mick: Then get to Aruba?
  • Sara: I don't know, guys; just let me think!
  • Ray: Rip?
  • Rip: I left you alone for 5 minutes! 5. MINUTES! And the whole time-stream has collapsed!
  • Sara: Rip, I...
  • Rip: Nuh-uh! None of that! *drops bags on the floor*. Clearly you guys weren't as ready to be left alone as I thought you were.
  • Nate: What are you doing?
  • Rip: Until you guys can be expected to behave like adult Time Masters, we will have daily class sessions on how to do this properly; and everybody, *points to Mick* EVERYBODY shall participate! Sara, please pull up 8 chairs and GIDEON, please call up a virtual chalkboard; this is going to be a long night.
  • Stein: 8 chairs? But, Mr. Hunter, there are only 7 of us attending these classes.
  • Rip: I came across someone in my travels.
  • Len: Miss me?
  • *Sara and Mick's jaws drops*
  • Ray: Snart!? But, but, how?
  • Rip: I found him lost and unconscious in a Time Storm that YOU GUYS started!
  • Len: In other words: reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. *winks at Sara*
  • Rip: Now as much as this would be a good time to throw a "Welcome Home" part for Mr. Snart, we have more pressing matters to attend to that I would like to start right away, preferably before that T-Rex steps on our ship! Sara, chairs!
  • Len: Is it possible for you to look the other way if I were to, I don't know, pass a note to someone during class?
  • Rip: Behavior like that will not be tolerated, Mr. Snart.
  • Len: Too bad. *smirks back at Sara*
  • Rip: *Muttering* I should have known they weren't ready to be left alone the moment they set a course to intervene with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Gideon: If I recall, Captain, that was my main argument for why you should have stayed.
  • Rip: No need to sound so smug about it, Gideon.

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Can u imagine a scene in a season w/ girl-Chris where she needs advice about someone and she goes to the girl squad and asks for relationship advice and Noora, Eva, and Vilde all puff out their chests ready to talk about their experiences but Chris just walks right past them to Sana and says "you have the best relationship, what would u suggest" bc by that point Yousana has become ultimate couple goals and everyone knows it


kaidan should’ve been available to mshepard from the get go, but ‘you know the commander?’/'I used to’ is still equally as painful for mshep if he wasn’t

there’s such a melancholic feel to their relationship though–that 'making up for lost time’ kind of feeling but it permeates through EVERYTHING in their romance arc. is there a way you can get past the 'we know the score’ line, even with the good destroy ending, without recognizing that’s still gotta fucking hurt? and it’s not just the end of a relationship too soon–it’s the entire world burning literally and figuratively around you

anyway just getting over and around that, even if shepard and the normandy crew need five fucking minutes of sanity, has to be a chore in itself. allowing yourself to enjoy the time you share, and getting to the point where you don’t allow the outside world into your relationship


Realm — Part 2

Part 1



Summary: You have been allowed to stay at the Stark Tower, but the team has some questions about your alien origin in return. You feel it would only be unfair to hide your true form for any longer.

Warnings: None.

Words: 1 696

A/N: This is really just a filler but I wanted to post it! Gonna post a few more parts of this before I round it up. Hope you guys like her true form!

(Idk why I’m pointing this out, but I know the GIF isn’t 100% suitable for this part but it’s 100% super cool so I’m using it)

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She opened her eyes slowly, gaze landing on the soft clouds of crystallized rain that caught the purple light of a potassium salt infused comet passing by. Her body was weightless, her every move slow and graceful. She reveled in the peacefulness of the moment. She focused the very core of her strength on soaking in the energy that flowed around her, to recharge in a far more spiritual and voluntary way than a necessary one. Just like those of earth meditate to calming music to find tranquility, she did the same, but let her mind leave her body and seek solitude in the Galaxy.

“Hello?” Her turquoise glowing eyes reopened in her present state of being, seeing Scott wave his hand in front of her with Tony cautiously standing a few feet behind him in the room she had kindly been given.

“Hello.” She repeated, still in her meditating position with her legs crossed and hands resting on her knees. She was levitating in the middle of the room and was at eye height with Scott despite being in a sitting posture.

Scott smiled tightly and cleared his throat as he became more awkward for each second of silence that passed. “So? What you up to?”

“Meditating.” She answered and without her head ever moving, she unfolded her legs and placed her feet down on the floor, eyes reverting to the natural color of her human form.

“That didn’t seem like normal meditation to me.” Tony admitted, looking her up and down like he was waiting for something to happen. “I mean, you always see people floating around in movies when they meditate, but not in real.”

“You’ve seen a lot of things that should have been part of a movie and not reality though, haven’t you?” She questioned with a slight smile, making Tony do the same as he realized it was very true.

“I usually project my body when I meditate.” She began to explain. “I find it easier to achieve complete harmony within places that your building does not suffice. I mean nothing personal, of course.”

“Project your body? Project it to where?” Scott lowered his eyebrows over his widely opened eyes.

“This time? To the outer reaches of what you on earth has named Messier 82.”

Tony blinked a few times. He had only followed Scott down to get Y/N and bring her up to the lounge where the rest where. He hadn’t expected to have his mind completely blown by information of the bizarre fashion that it tended to be around Y/N.

“You were in a galaxy that is roughly twelve million light years away?” He asked but raised his both hands up after. “You know what? I don’t want to know. We just came here to get you. The others are waiting upstairs and we all have some questions-”

Tony’s voice faded out as a vague mist of yellow erupted in the air and they stood in the lounge with the others before he even realized. He thought it would have been easier to process as she had teleported them from Russia to New York the day before, but it wasn’t.

“Alright then…” He said calmly and walked over to the couches for a seat, feeling almost nauseous.

“I was just going to say that it took a while for you to get here.” Steve confessed, standing behind the sofa which Peter and Natasha shared.

“Yeah, well she was meditating twelve million light years away, so…” Scott sought out a free seat and sat down beside Thor with a thud, feeling a little sick himself.

No one on the team was planning on asking more about the matter. They already had a dozens questions for her and they had to settle at some point, at least for that moment.

“You had questions?” She wondered, looking in between everyone. “I’ll be more than happy to answer them as a token of my appreciation for being allowed to stay here through the night.”

“We’ve just never met anyone so… Complex, before. It would be nice if we could just get a handful of answers.” Bruce said in a careful voice, afraid that she would misunderstand him in some way.

“Of course.”

“I want to know about your true form.” Thor spoke up, recalling the little she had explained when they were still in Russia. “You said you adapted it to Earth?”

She nodded. “I do. Like I said yesterday, it is a lot more difficult to blend in with society as myself. Whenever I visit earth I take on the form as Y/N.”

“What’s your real name?” Rhodes became curious.

She smiled, looking down at the floor for a moment before glancing back up. “As a matter of fact, I was never given a name. I was orphaned at a young age and taken to the temple where I was trained to protect the universe. There I was simply called Apprentice when I was still young and Master after my training was complete.”

“What’s your true form then?” Clint steered back to Thor’s question. “Maybe it’s personal, I don’t know, but I don’t know how I feel about seeing a girl like you and knowing there’s someone completely else under the surface…”

It was a reasonable point. She understood Clint completely and could tell the others shared his opinion. It would only be fair if she listened to their silent pleads and showed them who she was.

“Even though it may not look like me, or like Y/N, I still want you to remember that it’s only a matter of physical change.” She attempted to make them understand. “It is still me in the sense of mind and spirit.”

“Yeah? Bruce-y overs here doesn’t really seem like his usual self when the Hulk comes out.” Tony nudged his head at Bruce who in his turn remained silent.

“There is a lot more that changes with Dr. Banner than there is with me-” The room lit up brightly in yellow to the point where it was blinding before dimming down. “-I assure you.”

The team stared without remorse at the alien being suddenly standing in front of them.

Her skin was soft blue and gray, freckle like spots of shimmering silver subtly reaching down the top of her arms and across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. From out of her ribs and underneath her arms came two more limbs, all of her four hands having four fingers instead of five. Her eyes were pitch black and would have seemed like two holes hadn’t they reflected her surroundings in their glossed surface. Her hair had become the same color as her skin only a few shades darker and grown to reach her hips. She had grown almost two heads in height as well, surpassing everyone in the room.

She was dressed in the same clothing she had arrived in during the mission in Russia. The platinum bracers which had multiplied in number, her black suit and hooded mantel, but the blue detailing on her suit had vanished. There were only vague outlines of them visible but they were also black and barely detectable. Those who noticed they were missing tried to ignore it considering how there was so many more bizarre things to focus on.

“I-” Bucky was surprisingly going to say something, but the words left him. He could see the familiar facial features between Y/N and her true form and it rendered him utterly speechless. That someone could appear so human by a mere illusion and hide such an extremely different reality was equally as astonishing as it was eye-opening. Even after she had teleported fourteen people along with an entire aircraft for hundreds upon hundreds of miles and all of the other supernatural things she had shown and done, she clearly had more up her sleeve, and Bucky doubted that showing her true self was even close to the final thing of what she could do. Like she had said; alternating reality, that is truly a field where the possibilities are endless.

“I am the offspring of two, extraterrestrial, races. Think of the acceptance of interracial mating on Earth and then picture the furthest thing away from that as your minds allow… That’s how interracial mating is seen where I’m from. The majority of the universe, actually. My parents were hunted and killed for just that. I would also have been killed had it not been for the Temple saving me.”

“I’m sorry.” Wanda suddenly whimpered as a tear fell from her reddened eyes, surprising everyone. They all felt pity for Y/N, but Wanda had been the only one who had seen it. She had seen the murder of Y/N’s mother and father as clear as day from the angle of a crib and through the eyes of Y/N as a mere infant, something not even Y/N remembered herself. Wanda had been able to see before that and seen the love her parents had for their daughter. She could even feel the love in herself. The horror in her parents when their murderers came took over Wanda’s own emotions, making her cry involuntarily from their powerful impact.

“Are you okay?” Steve looked over at Wanda whose hands were shaking, eyes staring emptily at Y/N with tears silently running down from them.

“You see it, don’t you?” Y/N asked despite already knowing that Wanda could.

Yes.” Wanda let out a sharp exhale. “I am so sorry.”

“I was too young to know my parents, to even have a memory of them. Even if I appreciate your pity I find it difficult to mourn the loss of two people that might as well have never existed if I wasn’t alive to prove otherwise.” Y/N smiled subtly, hoping it would reassure Wanda and the rest that she was alright.

“They loved you… I think you deserve to know that.” Wanda emitted, realizing what a mess she was as another tear fell and hastily beginning to wipe them away.

Y/N smiled even wider. Even if she did not remember her parents her self, it was nice to know they had loved her nonetheless. “Thank you.”

You guys, I have a confession to make…I CANT GET OVER THIS SHIP! UGHHHH! It’s why the songs keep on coming and the writing won’t stop.

So here’s yet another Katsudeku inspired fansong but this time it’s from Deku’s point of view and lemme tell you, it has all the angst….because this ship is all the angst.

I’m trash, I know. Enjoy and keep those requests coming!!!!

***Also if anyone knows the artist for the fanart PLEASE send me their way so i can give credit where credit is due.******

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Isn’t it a terrible feeling when you’ve come to the point in your relationship where you kinda know it’s over, but it’s not really, formally, over? I mean, it’s that state of limbo where you feel like the other person has already checked out, and you’re on the brink of doing so, as well, but every time you come to that point of actually leaving, you don’t want to be the weak one, and throw in the towel. Like, when everything inside you screams that you’re making a mistake by staying, but you’re so hellbent on the idea of not being a quitter, that you allow your heart to endlessly be raked over the coals, over and over. It’s that fear of failure. It’s the state of knowing you deserve better, but not wanting to believe you’ve wasted so much of yourself on this person, just to have to start over. Isn’t it such a drag to know that you gave your absolute best for someone, whom you know wouldn’t really fight to keep you? The hardest part of it all is knowing your own worth; it’s knowing that you bring things to the table that no one else will ever offer this person, and watching them act as though you’re not indispensable. The truth is you know it’s over. You’re tired of being marginalized and underappreciated, and the fighter in you won’t let you let go, even though you know it’s over. It’s over.

  • Me: it's 1 am, why in the flying blue heck am I awake and hungry?
  • The Me that has common sense: *marches around banging pots and pans together* MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ATE NOTHING BUT A CHEESESTICK, A SLICE OF HAM, AND HUMMUS THIS ENTIRE DAY YOU UTTER PRINCESS OF NONSENSE

WHAT: for the second year running, two fandoms will spend 5 days battling it out over an assigned fic prompt

WHO: the inception and james bond fandoms, via the blogs @inceptiversary and @mi6-cafe (please follow one or both!)

WHERE: right here on tumblr - when you get tagged in the post, reblog it, add 50 words to the fic, and then tag someone who has not yet participated

WHEN: july 18 -22 inclusive, starting and ending at midnight ET (New York)

WHY: because we had an absolute blast last year (see the 2016 bond fandom thread vs. the inception thread - congrats team inception!); because fandom is a community and we want you all to get to know each other and be able to quickly identify fandom members whom you can tag; because we needed a fandom challenge where points are based on speed and not certain talent or creativity so nobody is left out; and because @castillon02 and @a-forger-and-a-point-man love these two fandoms very very much :D

no signups required. just watch for your fandom’s main blog to launch the round robin post at midnight ET when it becomes july 18. when you get tagged, you must write something - anything - to continue the story, between 10 and 50 words. we don’t care what it is, just move it along and tag the next person! it must be a person who hasn’t been tagged before! speed is everything! 

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heyyyyyyyyy!! in your bio it says headcanons are open so~~~ gimme some headcanons on how my angri boi (Katsuki) would be like when he has a crush! ^.^

You, my friend are correct!  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Angry Boi Katsuki Bakugou

  • Will deny it till the day he dies, meaning he will deny it even after he has married them. They can’t KNOW
  • He tries to play it cool, he doesn’t though, but anyone who says otherwise and points out that he stuttered that one time is dead
  • He is just gonna yell at them more, because he doesn’t know how to use he words or what feelings are so he is just going to amplify what he already does
  • Cause you don’t fix what ain’t broke right? 
  • It’s okay he will figure it out its what he has Kirishima and Kaminari for

Ghosts are referred to as “pale” more than once in the series, but this catches my attention because I’m sure all of us have noticed by this point that Danny has darker skin in ghost form.

But you know me. Spot an oddity, come up with a headcanon to explain it.

So here’s one.

Ectoplasm gives all ghosts’ skin a greenish hue, which makes even the most human-like ones look sickly. It’s often so subtle that humans not familiar with ghosts can only explain it by saying they look “pale” or “pasty-faced.”

This explanation mostly comes from the fact that I love the fanart of Danny with a green blush. Very important.

my mum doesn’t go on the internet a whole lot, which gives me a lot of liberty to fuck w her. particularly with regard to slang. i have a lot of stories in this vein, including phrases like “ball” and “bust a nut,” but i think my pride and joy, my magnum opus, if you will, was the time i convinced her that “the good kush” just means anything that’s good. 

it was a long grift. i had to work for my profits. drop it in casual conversation with my brother, scatter it around. make it seem natural. she picks it up. my sister knows what it means and hates what i’ve done to our family but at this point my mom has been saying it too long for her to say anything so she’s stuck with the consequences of my lies.

anyway all of this culminates in me, sitting down to fancy dinner with my family, and listening with my own two ears as my mom takes a bite of her steak and declares “wow, this is really the good kush!”  

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you have a husband and a wife? i'm sorry, i don't know much yet about you, that sounds interesting

I got married to my husband in 2013 and my wife is @xoxoblu who asked us to marry her. I call her my wife, but technically I think it’s illegal for a poly marriage in Texas.

My husband also has a ….life-partner who is a dude who’s more than a boyfriend but less than a husband, but also like very emotionally intimate. Ug labels are complicated. Basically we’re poly and secure in our relationship to the point where we both are capable of loving more than one person I guess. 

You know those super close friendships that are more than friendships but dont really have a name? 

Okay, I found a possible piece of evidence that Papyrus is really powerful.

When Flowey captures everyone with his vines, compare how Papyrus is bound, and how everyone else is tied up.

It only takes two layers to entangle everyone else, but Papyrus practically has half of his body covered in vines.

Now, this might not be that big of a point, true. It’s worth mentioning that Flowey only needs to wrap everyone else only twice, however, considering that this includes Asgore and Sans, the resident badasses of the Underground - we all know about Sans, and if you exclude Flowey’s various forms - all of which require at least six human souls, including when he ties everyone up - Asgore is right after him. And remember, it’s implied that Asgore’s not giving it his all - Undyne says that he dodged her attack. Not blocked, not survived - dodged. He’s skilled enough to pull a Sans dodge.

What do you guys think?

@roseverdict @iamtrashlordfearme @eyndrr @berry-da-evil-bun @fizzyphysics @sophtopus @somniumoflight @lucy-the-nugget

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What exactly is Sex Mens about? Is it NSFW? What's the plot? (lol I'm too deep I need to know it all)

To start it off, its a webcomic done by the same author and artist as for Nanbaka. 

Our main characters are: Takumi, Jyunpei, Kai and Subaru 

and our sadistic gaylord bdsm fanatic Saiha

Well, as my points of view on the series, it has changed alot by getting some help from my friend John who has raw translated 5 chapters as for now and still works on them, and i find it even more interesting! The plot… is alittle hard to explain, since there are still things i dont know much about. You can find the raw translations here if you decide you want to check it out 

If you´re talking about smut and such. No, the main series is NOT NSFW (apart from a shit ton of beating, blood, some boobs, Takumi taking a bath and Jyunpei and Saiha interrupting him and so on) and Saiha himself ( trust me, you´ll understand soon ) 

There are a total of 53 Chapters which you can find here, and also, a series on Pixiv done by Shou that goes alittle further then the manga that has more NSFW content in it, aswell as there are more artwork by the author. You can check them out here if you want to 

hey guys:

i never thought it would come to the point where id have to make a post like this but here goes:

as some of you know, my dad has struggled with stage 4 colon cancer for roughly the past 3 years. recently, the one remaining tumor in his liver has invaded his stomach, and they also found a couple more spots in his lungs. the prognosis is not great - they are putting him on one final round of chemo that they haven’t tried yet, but basically it will just control the tumors, they most likely will not go away at this point. surgery is not an option due to the location of the tumor and the fact that he’s had about 20 different surgeries and procedures done in the last 3 years. basically the doctors said we are looking at about 6-8 months.

my parents have had to close the doors on their business and my mom has not had time to get a job because she’s been in the hospital taking care of my dad. they currently have no source of income.

luckily my dad has good insurance but they are going to struggle with paying rent until they can afford to move back to Michigan so my dad can be with family for these final months.

i have a job but i only get paid monthly. im behind on some bills and unfortunately i don’t have money for any food until I get paid next week. i also need to pay my bills for july and somehow find a way to get a plane ticket to Michigan next month to be with my family.

if any of you could help us in any way i would be forever grateful, this last week has been a struggle and i hate asking for help but it’s now gotten to the point where i absolutely need it.

cash app: $asmith1820
venmo: @aubriesmith

thank u all for listening! 💕