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i urge you guys to not believe in a source as ‘The Sun’. The fucking garbage ‘The Sun’. C’mon guys, this exactly what they want. Feeding a rumor from a media’s source that only talk shit about the boys whenever they have a chance. And it has been proven daily y’all better than that. I don’t want to tell you how and what to blog but IT’S THE GARBAGE ‘THE SUN’ GUYS. ughhhhhhhhhh


“Quiet, Jackie-boy, quiet.  You don’t want to wake mom and dad up.  You don’t want them to find out that their youngest son is a fagboy who takes dick up his ass, do you?  You know how disappointed in you they’d be.  They always had such high hopes for you.  It’d be a shame if they found out  you’d become your older brother’s bitch.  How would that look, Jackie-boy?  You know how much mom is looking forward to having grand-kids.  Imagine how disappointed she’d be to discover that you’re the one being bred rather than the one  doing the breeding.  And how do you think dad would feel finding out he had a son with a pussy between his legs instead of an asshole?  He would be so ashamed of you, boy.  So ashamed.  So keep it down, Jackie-boy.  You don’t want to disappoint mom and dad, do you?” 

Lost Souls: Selfish

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Lost Souls: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (Final)

When you face the possibility that you’ve possibly lost the love of your life.

You grabbed the first taxi you saw feeling anxious as hell. You got in the cab handing the driver the address of the venue. “Please hurry, it’s an emergency.” The driver took off and you were now officially at the mercy of the local traffic. You chewed your nails, leg fidgeting. You couldn’t sit still as the driver weaved through the other vehicles. It gave you a small glimmer at hope, maybe you could make it.

That dream came crashing down when the traffic came to a complete standstill. “Looks like there is an accident up ahead,” the driver informed you.

“How far away are we?”

“It’s about two miles up the road.”

“Perfect,” you muttered. You reached into your purse, pulling out more than enough to cover the fare. You basically tossed it into his lap, “Keep the change.” The moment your feet touched the pavement you began to run. You ran like your life depended on it, because it might as well have. You counted your blessings that you had went for a comfortable pair of shoes. 

Around the first mile your lungs began to burn and a dull pain began on your left side. You weren’t a runner by any means, so when your body began to protest you weren’t surprised. But you continued. Nothing mattered except for getting to the venue. You have to stop Jiho. 

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there’s a song by dvsn that everytime it comes on I think of Jaebum so the fact that he like him too makes me so happy😭

Dating Namjoon would be:

  • random dates at 3am because he cant sleep
  • him telling you that you are his muse
  • him letting you lay your head against his chest whenever you two lay down or cuddle
  • him trying (and failing) to make you breakfast in the morning because he knows you had a long night
  • him being there to stroke your cheek and kiss your forehead
  • going with him to hang out with the boys
  • and they also love you, because they know how much he loves you
  • him taking random photos of you because to him you are always beautiful
  • random gifts with notes hidden around your house
  • calls at 11:11
  • “y/n it’s 11:11, make a wish”
  • “joon, im tired.”
  • “ I wished for you in my arms again y/n”
  • him bragging to his friends about how wonderful you are
  • backhugs
  • him smiling so wide his eyes go squinty and his dimples come out strong
  • talking to you as you fall asleep, and you mumbling back
  • him singing loudly in the shower
  • and he thinks he is doing great
  • so you go along with it because you love him
  • dates at cafes
  • the kind of dates when two people share one drink using two straws
  • he loves wrapping his arms around you
  • and whispering softly in your ear
  • telling you that you are his world
  • and he means it
  • basically the ideal boyfriend

-Mod Peach

there’s a group of pastel gay boys in my choir and i have crushes on All Of Them

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I've been sitting on this one for a while, but you know how Ignis is a speedy chocobo boy? well like, what if chocobo riding is like a rich kid sport in the city? yknow, how horses are in the real world. And that's why he's so good, because he paid attention in his and noct's richboy riding lessons? His was probably named like Crumpet, Strudel or Teacake and Nocts was like, Beaker, Peepo or Kwehvin. Prompto's jealousy could fill 3 lakes.



I love this idea! Tbh I reckon Prompto would be jealous, but it’s not as if Noctis doesn’t do everything he possibly can to try and get Prompto in on it. I bet you he totally snuck Prompto to a lesson once or twice so his best friend could play with some Chocobo’s. I mean, they all know how to ride a Chocobo okay, so they had to have learnt beforehand at some point. It might just be that Prompto wasn’t as privvy to lessons or contact as the bluebloods. 

I like the idea that Chocobo riding is like rich boy horse riding lessons! It would make a lot of sense :)

Something that bothers me about Lucas Baker fangirls (and fangirls in general)

Lucas Baker looks like the typical hick-ish/redneck-ish/rural skinny white boy you’d find down south. You know, the kind of guy that under any other circumstance, most of you would snub and call a creep. Is it because his character was modeled after a real life model and that makes it ok to fangirl over him? Would any of you date/fuck/have a crush on an irl Lucas Baker (Baptiste Parisi does not count)? Of-fucking-course not! Most of you couldn’t even make it more than a day in the bayou before you cry over bugs, gators, and cis white men lol.

The Giant Teddy Wolf- Pt 2

Request: Part 2 to Teddy wolf where the reader is older and has boy troubles and talks to Derek and cries on his shoulder etc.

A/N: This is in the readers teenage years but more towards the young adult, you know when all the serious boy troubles usually start happening. In this imagine, the reader is around 19. In the first one, I imagine she would have been around 9. That would place Derek about 20 in the first imagine, and around 30 in this one.

Part 1 is here

You were supposed to have been on a date with your boyfriend of a few months. He was going to take you out to dinner, to see a movie, take a walk along the hiking paths. But when he didn’t arrive an hour after he was supposed to pick up, you headed over to his house. You realized too late that it was a bad idea. You caught him red handed with one of your college classmates, half of their clothes littering the floor.

Your feet pounded down the hall as you ran towards the door to Derek’s apartment. Tears stung at your eyes as you pulled open the door, letting it slam at the end of its track. You didn’t see Derek on the first floor, so you looked towards the stairs.

“Derek?” You called, your voice sounding strained as you tried your best not to cry. You hated crying. You felt like it made you weak. Footsteps sounded on the metal stairs and you looked up, watching as he made his way down them. “Thank god.”

With those whispered words, you rushed forward, slamming into him and wrapping your arms around him, holding on tight in fear that if you let go, you would sink into your broken heart.

“Y/N,” he mumbled, grabbing the back of your head and holding onto you just as tight. “ Y/N, it’s okay. It’s okay.” He repeated those two words, whispering them in your ear. “It’ll be okay. I’m here now, baby. I’m here.” You arms tightened around him, enjoying the comfort he brought you.

You didn’t tell him anything, but he knew something was wrong. That’s how close you two had become over the last few years. He was always the one you ran to when you had a problem. He was the one who protected you, came to you when you needed his help, brought you ice cream when you were curled up in bed after a bad date. He was your best friend, despite him being almost eleven years older.

You felt the tears starting to slip out, and you could help it any longer. You broke down, your knees buckling underneath you. Luckily, Derek was there to hold you up, to keep you from falling. He didn’t speak, didn’t ask any questions. He just stood there and held you close while you cried. He didn’t know what exactly you were crying about- that would come later when you calmed down. But right now, he was your shoulder to cry on. And you wouldn’t want anyone else.

“He cheated on me,” you cried, hands clutching at his back and bunching the fabric of his shirt into your fists. Derek pulled you closer, knowing you needed strength to heal. “He fucking cheated on me.”

You could feel your sadness giving away to anger, so you planted your feet on the floor so you were steady. Derek stepped back, just enough so that he could look at your face while still holding you.

“Let me just say one thing,” he murmured, pushing your ruffled hair away from your face and tucking it behind your ear. “After all these years of watching you grow up in to the amazing young woman you are today, I think it’s safe to say that you are a hell of a lot better off without stupid boys.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, wiping away the stray tears. “Just stick to the nights of binge watching Netflix and eating ice cream tubs that you bring me?”

Derek cracked a smile. “And I’ll be there whenever you need me to be.”

Your anger faded away almost instantly at the smile on his face. You leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek, enjoying when he tightened his hold. “I know you will be.”

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got hcs what's lucas and clancys look into a s/o? like do they like big butts? you know, how do they chose a girl/boy in the club?

Oh ho ho ho ho~



-Lucas doesn’t really care about appearance

-He doesn’t really care about romance in general

-You need a pretty solid friendship with him before he could ever consider you as a potential love interest

-He does find smaller people appealing (but aren’t most girls smaller than him? He’s six foot.)

-Hypothetically, if Lucas was ever to go clubbing (he’d rather just sit at home on his computer), the man would drift more to the less rowdy and drunken women and men. 

-The more relaxed or anxious people would draw his attention

-Lucas does like low maintenance people more than high maintenance

-High maintenance is an immediate ‘nope’ on his behalf

-If someone can keep up with his sarcasm and insults, that’s an immediate attraction point

-Lucas likes both short and long hair, but not insanely long. If he had to choose between a girl with hair down to her hips or a girl with a pixie cut, he’d go for the pixie cut.

-Foreign people are usually more attractive to him than everyday Louisana individuals- not that he wouldn’t go for someone from Louisana

-Gentle and patient people are the most attractive to him

-If he was faced with the option of a very hot-headed and stubborn person or a patient and well-meaning individual, Lucas would immediately gravitate towards the more gentle of the two

-Lucas likes a person with lots of confidence

-If you can get him to shut up with words or by silencing him with your lips, the man will be putty in your hands.

-He surprisingly likes people who wear light and flowy outfits??? It’s a complete opposite from his own clothing, but he finds it appealing



-Clancy doesn’t really have a preference either

-If you’re very nerdy or geeky, he will most surely find that he has more common with you than a hardcore gym enthusiast

-If you have a geeky sense of style, the man will often describe you as adorable

-In a club, Clancy will often drift away from all the super drunk people and towards a group of content chatty people

-He finds people who snort whilst laughing very attractive. It’s a weird quirk of his.

-The man will MELT if you are a motherly individual. He loves a very caring and protective woman.

-People soft skin are often found to be hugged by Clancy more than people with drier or rougher skin

-Leggings/jeans and jumpers are his preferred preference of clothing choice on people

-The leggings help to promote your butt

-And Clancy is a butt man

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hi, trans boy here? was wondering if you know any good blogs/apps/etc for meeting other minor boys? all I've found are usually p sexual or a lot older than me... if you don't know any that's okay, just wanted to ask. thanks either way!

Hey! :)

On tumblr there’s @meetmlm and @mlmmeet that I know of, but if my followers know any others let me know! 

There’s an app called and it’s for young LGBT people to meet others and it shows you how far away they are in distance (a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about it?). Overall it seems pretty safe, I’ve not had any creeps bother me on it and I’ve made a couple of cool friends through it. 

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ethan trying to act like gray, was too funny. like, boy, we all know that you're one horny kid.

OMG why is this so true lmao im dead