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Oooooh for the prompt Andreil (feat. Renee maybe?) 57. "teach me to fight"

Neil dialed Renees number while he walked. It felt strange to type in a number that wasn’t Andrews.

“Hey Neil!” Renees sugary voice chimed from the phone. “Funny coincidence, Andrew and I were just talking about you.” Somewhere near the phone Andrew made a noise of acknowledgement. “You on your way back?”

“Sorta. I need a favor.”

“Anything, anything.”

“I need you to teach me how to fight.”

“Of course, I’d love to. Would you like to start when you get back?”

“I was thinking maybe now, over the phone. This guy is going to mug me.” He had been following Neil for almost two blocks now. He knew this area, knew an alley was coming up in a block where the guy would have the opportunity to pull him in.

“Dammit Neil get out of there then.” He guessed Andrew had grabbed the phone from Renee because he was coming in much clearer now.

“I’m a born runner Andrew, I would if I could but I’ve got about three minutes here so some tips would be nice.”

Renee took the phone back, her voice becoming harder, an edge to it.

“Back of the knee to drop him. He’ll be protecting his crotch so don’t even try it. Don’t punch if you can avoid it, you’ll just injure yourself.”

“Use your elbow instead, it’s the hardest part of your body. Go for the nose and the jaw, those are the most sensitive areas that are easy to reach.” Andrew sounded angry but not mad enough at Neil not to help.

“Ears too. Burst an ear drum and he’ll be down enough for you to get away.”

“The body goes where the head goes. Grab his hair and jerk his head to the side, the rest of him will go that way.”

Neil nodded. “Got it.” A hand closed around his arm and pulled him into the alley. Neil made sure to keep the phone on.
Andrew sat on the edge of the couch next to Renee, listening to the grunts. Most of them didn’t sound like Neil which made him feel a little better. He kept a white knuckle hold on his own phone as if a Neil who wasn’t in danger would call him on it.

The fight wasn’t long. Most weren’t, spontaneous fights were always shorter than people thought they would be. Neil lifted the phone back to his ear just over a minute later.

“Ok, now I’m on my way home.” Andrew saw Renee relax, the dark look melting away and the Renee he knew returned.

“Thank goodness. Are you ok?”

“I’ve got some gravel in my cheek but nothing Abby would need to look at. I broke his nose.” He sounded proud of himself, able to take care of himself in a fight instead of needing to run or be rescued.

“Get back home, idiot.” He hung up on Neil and sat back. Renee rubbed her hands together, looking down. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t think that this means you’re who you used to be. You saved Neil, you didn’t hurt anyone.”

“Yeah I know.” She forced a smile, always trying to be ok, fake it til it was real. Andrew thought it was dumb, but everyone had their coping mechanisms and he didn’t judge. “Why don’t you give him one of my knives to carry around? Just in case.”

“I will, Renee.” He gave her hand an awkward pat that made her grin. Very easy to please, just like Neil.

Who, speak of the devil and the devil shall appear, came walking in then, cheek bloody but face glowing over his personal win.

“You look awful, get in the bathroom, we’ll fix your face.”