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Any specific headcanons for MinamixYuuri and YurixYuuri?

That’s very broad question for two of my OTPs! ^ ^;; A lot of my ideal shipping scenarios for those ships will be included in my Future!verse ABO AU, but just a few VERY general points:

Minami x Yuuri - Minami is always very open, honest, and unashamed about his feelings for Yuuri and showers Yuuri nonstop with admiration and affection. At the same time, he has Yuuri on a pedestal and part of him feels he’d never be worthy of being Yuuri’s partner, so he instead contents himself with showering Yuuri with love and trying to make him as happy as he can from whatever position he can be closest to Yuuri’s side. He’ll always prioritize Yuuri to the point he forgets about himself, which is definitely something Yuuri’ll have to make him work on if they want this relationship to work and be equal. He can be awkward and shy and is inexperienced but also won’t hesitate to go for it if he sense an opportunity. He’ll also never forgive anyone for hurting Yuuri and can go from “Yuuri’s cute pomeranian,” to “Yuuri’s rabid guard dog” in an instant if need be.

Yurio x Yuuri - Is very, VERY slow build filled with a lot of confusion, awkwardness, denial, competitiveness, and embarrassment but eventual happiness through mutual understanding. I personally HC that Yurio had something like a crush on Yuuri starting pre-canon, but he is both too emotionally immature and in denial to even consider it. It’ll take years of getting closer, spending time at Yuuri’s side, and forcing himself to analyze why he’s feeling angry -> jealous?, before Yurio’s finally able to recognize and then eventually accept his feelings. Then it’s up to him aggressively push forward because Yuuri’s not the brightest in the romance department himself, and while he’s very fond of Yurio, it will not have really occurred to him to see Yurio in that light.

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Hey, we could donate some $$ for that mod. It's no different than donating money on nexus. That modder would get their money either way~ but this time it's for a specific mod.

I mean on one hand that is extremely kind of you, but on the other…
I would have to find a modder who has the skills, who takes commissions and is easy to work with. Then I would have to work together with them to make sure that the mod is exactly like I imagined. (I’m pretty anal about this. I’m all for artistic freedom when it comes to fanart and commissions but a follower mod would be different.) If he’s a voiced companion, I’d have to find a good voice actor. All of this takes a huge amount of time and effort, even if I’m only surveying the process of making the mod.

Maybe I’ll offer it as a Patreon goal? Cam’s familiar with modding and he could learn to make a basic Buttons companion, we just need to allocate our resources :P That way if you wanted to make it happen, you could support the comics we make instead of the mod directly, and still get the companion mod.
idk, I’ll think about it because I would too kill for a Buttons follower for myself!

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“Put me down!” For the writing prompt. Tomarry. ^-^ Preferably for 1940s!Tom and Slytherin!Harry. I love you. You are awesome.

“Put me down!” Harry yelled, his voice lost amongst the drunken chatter and laughter currently filling the Slytherin common room.

Of course it was Lestrange who had attacked him as soon as Tom’s back was turned. Harry could see him from across the room, a rare smile gracing his face as he spoke to another inebriated student. The glimpse was gone, however, as Lestrange hauled his body up the stairs to their empty dorm, in the full confidence that no-one would notice their disappearance.

Of course it was Lestrange.

The Lestranges seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Riddle, though Harry couldn’t tell whether he preferred the Bellatrix of his own time or the Lestrange of this one. Naturally, because Harry couldn’t ever keep himself away from Voldemort for some stupid self-destructive reason, he’d gotten himself caught in Tom’s orbit, and Tom… well, his attentions on Harry had been enough to put Harry at the top of Lestrange’s hate list.

And those attentions were certainly reciprocated. The whole thing was more platonic than Harry would have preferred, but he kept these thoughts to himself lest he ruin his already intimate relationship with Tom.

Harry suffered a hard landing on the floor when Lestrange shrugged him off. Perhaps it was a mercy that Lestrange had taken them to the dorm, as this is where Harry left his wand, but Lestrange wasn’t stupid, despite what Tom liked to say. A second later, Lestrange’s wand was pointed between Harry’s eyes.

“Have you had anything to drink?” was the first thing out of Lestrange’s mouth, which startled a laugh out of Harry.

“Sorry, what?”

“Just answer the question, Potter,” Lestrange hissed, jabbing his wand at Harry and skewing his glasses.

“Yeah, I’ve probably had one or two. Why does it matter?” Harry spoke as defiantly as he dared. “Just what do you think you can do to me?”

Lestrange lowered his wand, but it was not in defeat. “I can’t hurt you. But Riddle isn’t here to protect you, Potter, and there’s something I want to know…” Lestrange motioned with his wand and Harry’s glasses whizzed into Lestrange’s waiting hand. When he next spoke, it was low and crazed and pining all at once. “… What is it about you that makes him want you more than me?”

Harry hesitated. “Well, I could give you some notes-”

Lestrange sneered, and any pity Harry might have felt for him dissipated. “Shut up, Potter. Try to sit still, and it will be over quickly.”

A spike of alarm went through him at that. “Wait- what do you mean-?”

Lestrange grabbed Harry by the hair and twisted him so that he was looking Lestrange right in the eye, and Harry connected the dots. Legilimency.

Absolutely not. Harry would not allow Lestrange of all people to find out his past, his secrets, and- perhaps most damningly of all- his deeper feelings for Tom. He shut his eyes, refusing to co-operate.

“You love him,” Lestrange whispered, and Harry’s heart sank. Of course, in trying to not think about it, he had thought about it. Stupid. Foolish. Weak, as Tom would say, were he not downstairs most likely forging connections through tipsy flirting. “You love him,” Lestrange said again, angrier, and tightened his grip painfully on Harry’s hair.

Harry would have borne that pain a thousand times over, though, if it prevented what came next.

Tom Riddle’s cold, taut voice pierced the dorm. “It’s rude to play with things that don’t belong to you.”

It was the only warning Lestrange got before receiving a stunner to the face, yanking him away from Harry and causing Harry to cry out- a sound which he did attempt to muffle, though he knew Tom heard it anyway. Harry picked up his glasses from where they’d fallen out of Lestrange’s hand, put them on, and stood.

He didn’t want to look at Tom’s face. He did anyway.

“You love me,” Tom stated, his expression indecipherable. Harry couldn’t read Tom’s aura either, dangerous and seductive and intoxicating as it always was.

Would Tom denounce him, call him out on what Tom perceived as a weakness? Harry believed that love wasn’t a weakness at all, but he couldn’t take it if Tom’s condemnation was as harsh as he feared. Harry swallowed.

“Don’t hate me,” he whispered after an age of silence.

Tom’s steps towards him were cautious, unnaturally so. Harry felt a stinging in his eyes despite himself which he blamed on the alcohol, and when the first tear spilled over Tom was inches from him.

“Are you so afraid of me?” Tom murmured, catching the tear with his thumb on Harry’s cheek.

“Not of you,” Harry protested quietly, forcing himself to breathe. He could fight Tom on every battlefield except this one. Now he was only awaiting judgement.

“You should be afraid of me,” Tom said, but his voice held neither malice nor any other kind of danger. “I will hurt you. I will own you and I will wear you thin. We will disagree, like we always do. It will hurt you more.”

Harry nodded. His scalp hurt. “I know.”

Tom leaned into him, his lips brushing Harry’s cheek so faintly so that Tom could whisper into his ear. “I will prize you. I will give you the world, and I will keep you by my side. Forever.”

Harry’s eyes had closed of their own accord, and somewhere along the line Tom had come to grasp Harry’s waist as if enclosing him away from the rest of the world. “I know.”

Tom whispered a spell, and Harry opened his eyes just in time to see Lestrange’s unconscious body flung out of the door, which locked behind him. When Tom pulled back, he was wearing a ghost of a smirk, closer to the Tom Harry was used to. His grip on Harry had intensified, not painfully, but enough for Harry to be certain that Tom had not condemned him at all.

“I think we should spend the rest of the party in here, don’t you?” Tom purred, leaning in again to tease him with light barely-there kisses along his jaw.

It was only because Tom couldn’t see his face that Harry gathered the courage to ask, “Tom, if you ever do, er… love me back…” he reddened, rushing onwards as Tom slowly stilled. “Feel free to, you know, tell me. If that happens. So I know where we are.”

Tom hummed, raising his head so that he could look Harry in the eyes, his expression practically fond.

“But Harry… I just did.” 

send me a pairing and a sentence?

Weiss asks for Yangs permission to date Ruby
  • Weiss: Excuse me,yang.
  • Yang: Sup Ice Queen.
  • Weiss: As you know Ruby and I have grown close these past few months to the point where I have grown very fond of her company.
  • Yang: *squints eyes* Hmmmhmm. Spit it out Weissicle. What are you trying to say?
  • Weiss: *coughs* Oh well, I would like to ask for your permission to date Ruby?
  • Yang: ...What?
  • Weiss: I'm asking for Ruby's hand I am very fond of he-
  • Yang: No, no. I got that. I'm wondering why you're asking me of all people. Really Weiss, You don't need my permission to date Rubbles, so long as she likes you. *starts laughing* This isn't the 50's.
  • Weiss: *blushes* Excuse me for having enough common courtesy to ask the eldest of the family if I could date her sister.
  • Yang: *muffles laughter* Hey Ruby, Weiss just asked me if she could date you!! What do you want me to say?
  • Ruby: *jokingly replies* Why I never would of thought ms. Schnee would want to date little ol' me! Tell Weiss I would love too!
  • Weiss: I regret ever asking you.
  • Yang: *puts her hand on Weiss's shoulder* Weiss I just want you to know I give you my blessing to date my youngest.

I’m not doing it for you. I know that dwarves can be obstinate and pigheaded and difficult. They’re suspicious and secretive, with the worst manners you can possibly imagine. But they are also brave and kind, and loyal to a fault. I’ve grown very fond of them, and I would save them if I can.

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Can you post some hc of yoongi and bts?? (I'm sorry if this is annoying of me to ask)

(noo you’re not annoying don’t worry! i’m sorry if i get annoying with my long ass answers though TT) 

hmmm i’m gonna assume this means bts in general and not in relation to any AUs of mine?

ok i’m gonna go by member

(btw these are my own headcanons and you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to ^^)

((although most of them are based on things bts has said, done, talked about, etc))

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Hi, sorry im kind of new to this thing.. Um so, yall say "(eg.) Venus in 7th house".. how do you read Venus in 7th house from your birth chart? Am i making sense? omg i dont even know how to phrase it sorry if i'm confusing you.. :')

You phrased it correctly! You didn’t say anything wrong. :~) I think Venus in the 7th House is a great placement to have because Libra is ruled by Venus, and Libra rules the 7th House, so I think Venus feels at home there in the 7th House. It basically indicates an individual who is very very socially inviting, they give off a welcoming vibe to other people and can be extremely charming in social environments or gatherings. They are fond of connections, they like getting to know people and interacting with them through compliments or just generally conversing about anything, as long as no conflict or major disagreements are involved. They want to maintain a rational, balanced atmosphere. Venus in the 7th House natives are super aware of the people around them, they are people smart and are constantly observing others, even if it may not seem like they are. It’s likely that you are flirtatious and friendly, emanating a pleasant persona. You attract those who are Venusian, meaning they’ve probably got Taurus/Libra influence in their chart; you may attract those who are rich, materialistic, luxurious, or in some cases you attract people who are romantic, sweet, cuddly, and artistic. In other cases, you attract people who are shallow, superficial, preoccupied with appearance, and not very commitment-worthy. Something you need to avoid as a Venus in the 7th native is looking for constant validation everywhere you go. It’s possible that you are showy and you rely on attention from other people to keep you happy. You also probably can’t stand the thought of being alone, even if it’s for a day or so. You are so used to pleasing others that sometimes you forget to remember your own self, and you begin living for other people instead of yourself. Do not lose your identity in the process of using your charming allure to maintain a particular image… I think these people really like the idea of love and marriage too, and may be drawn to the finer things in life.

Destiel + Fond Insults
  • Dean: Cas, you asshole.
  • Cas: My vessel is comprised of more than an anus, Dean.
  • Dean: Cas, you son of a bitch.
  • Cas: That's very rude Dean, I never knew my mother, but I'm sure she wasn't a bitch.
  • Dean: Cas, you piece of shit.
  • Cas: I am not made of excrement, Dean, I fail to see how you wouldn't know that.
  • Dean: Cas, you motherfucker.
  • Cas: I do not have intercourse with my mother, Dean, I told you before I never knew her.
  • Dean: Fine, you fucker.
  • Cas: ...that is true, I have intercourse with you.
The deleted drugs scene from TPLOSH: Holmes takes drugs because he's bored, and Watson fakes a case for him to investigate...
  • Watson: Damn you, Holmes. I hoped this would keep you occupied till Christmas.
  • Holmes: Nice try, Watson. Rather primitive - but with some amusing detail.
  • Watson: (bitterly) Thank you.
  • Holmes: You had me fooled for almost ten minutes.
  • Watson: I guess I'm not very bright.
  • Holmes: No, but you're most endearing. No one could ask for a better friend.
  • Watson: Friend, indeed. The only reason you moved in with me is to have a steady supply of stimulants.
  • Holmes: Now, now Watson - you mustn't underestimate your many other charms.
  • Watson: Holmes, I warn you. If you lock yourself in your bedroom again-
  • Holmes: I intend to do nothing of the sort. Not until you replace this needle. It is getting rather blunt.
  • Watson: Mrs Hudson, I want you to pack my bags. I'm moving out.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Moving out?
  • Holmes: I'm just as surprised as you are.
  • Watson: You heard me, Mrs. Hudson. And let's not waste any time.
  • Holmes: May I be so bold as to ask where you're going?
  • Watson: I don't know yet. But I intend to resume my practice. I am, after all, a doctor. And a quite competent one, if I say so as shouldn't.
  • Holmes: You'll find it very dull - snipping out tonsils and flushing out kidneys-
  • Watson: I will, of course, continue to pay half of the rent until you find someone to share these rooms with you.
  • Holmes: Where am I going to find anyone who will put up with my rather eccentric habits?
  • Watson: (taking a needle and 3 bottles of narcotics out of his bag): Here's a fresh needle - and here's my farewell present to you. If you want to destroy yourself, go right ahead. But I won't sit by and watch you doing it.
  • (Watson goes into his bedroom, where Mrs. Hudson is packing.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: It's so sad. You and Mr. Holmes after all these years - I know how it feels - I once went through a divorce myself-
  • Watson: Actually, I'm rather looking forward to it. Leading a normal life again. Regular office hours - nine to three - and if occasionally there's an emergency call in the middle of the night, I know it's going to be appendicitis and not an ax murder. Let Holmes go mucking about in the fog and the sleet, looking for a bloodstained collar-button out on the moors, with some demented hound snapping at his behind-
  • (From the living room comes the sound of a pistol shot. Watson and Mrs Hudson burst into the room. Holmes has shot two of the three narcotics bottles on the mantlepiece.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: Mr. Holmes! How many times have I told you I will not tolerate pistol practice on the premises?
  • Holmes: Please, Mrs. Hudson. You're in my line of fire.
  • (Mrs. Hudson moves. Holmes shoots the third bottle.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: Look at that mess you've made-
  • Watson: (gently) It's all right, Mrs. Hudson. I'll clean it up - while you unpack my things.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Unpack?
  • Holmes: You heard him.
  • Watson: Thank you, Holmes. I know how difficult it must've been for you-
  • Holmes: Not really. It was a simple choice between a bad habit and a good companion.
  • Watson: You've made me very happy.
  • Holmes: I've often been accused of being cold and unemotional. I admit to it. And yet, in my own cold, unemotional way, I'm very fond of you, Watson.
  • Watson: I know that. But one likes to hear these things occasionally. For a while there, I was worried that you were going to let me walk out - that you weren't even going to stop me.
  • Holmes: Now, Watson - you know there's nothing I wouldn't do to keep you here.
  • (Holmes sneakily closes his violin case - where the three real bottles of narcotics are.)

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Am I the first ask? Cool. So, I'm curious. How do you think the Axis (+ Romano & Prussia) and the Allies (+ Canada) are Yandere for their obsession? Is it love at first sight? Hatred turned to love? Slow bloom? How do they obsess over them? Do they stalk them? How easily do they get jealous? Do they go batsh** over them? What are YOUR headcannons for them? I know this a long ask, so I'm sorry if this inconveniences you.

Not a problem at all love, I would be happy to answer your questions! Sorry they are so short, this is a very busy week for me. I hope you enjoy!


Germany: Germany wasn’t too fond of you when you two first met. But once he saw you playing with your pets, he started to form a little crush on you. As you know he does love animals and seeing you with them sparked his interest. He likes to keep a close watch on you, but I wouldn’t really call it stalking. He will get jealous from time to time and will protect you at all times.

Italy: Italy always thought you were Beautiful, but when you two started hanging out, he fell madly in love with you. He’s very clingy and always has his hands on you. But will give you space if asked. He’s not the jealous type, but if he does get jealous he will just guide you away from the person and act like nothing happened.

Japan: Japan when he first met you thought you were just going to be another Italy. Meaning you were going to be loud and dramatic. But once he got comfortable around you, he started to notice little things about you. He fell in love with your personality and of course your Beautiful looks. He loves taking pictures of you and hangs them all around his house. He’s what I like to call a “silent killer.” He likes to get rid of his opponents quickly and quietly.

Romano: Ever since he was a little boy, he always thought no one loved him. So the moment you gave him just a little bit of attention, he fell head over heels for you. He is very jealous, if anyone (boy or girl) messes with you the mafia will get involved. You might start noticing your friends going missing, but don’t worry, they’re in a better place now. He likes to stalk you, but using other people to do it, like the mafia. He is always begging for your affectionate and will get mad if you ignore him.

Prussia: From the beginning you and Prussia were rivals. Always arguing about who is more awesome and who Gilbird loved more. But the more Germany made you two hang out, the more of a crush formed. That crush turned into love and that love turned into obsession. We would always watch you from afar, noting everything you did. He was to afraid of you rejecting him because of all of the arguments and well…. who would love an albino freak? He would wish death upon the men who talked to you but never interfered. But he will always watch you.


America: America always had a thing for you. Since he is not shy, he would always talk to you and send you little gifts. He loves to keep tabs on you by the use of his government and national spies. Being the country of freedom, he’s very good at letting you have your space. But he also wants you with him 24-7. He also isn’t afraid to punch a guy in the face for flirting or even talking to you.

China: Now China is a completely different story. He thinks this obsession crap is only for the young, immature, westerners. But that thought doesn’t stop him from keeping tabs on you wherever you go. That man will put China towns everywhere you go just to have a reason to be near you! This man has loved you since your first encounter at one of his China towns. He’s not very jealous, but will take some mad smack about the guy you were talking to.

Russia: Russia aka the king of Yandere, has had his eyes on you from the moment you walked in the door. He watches you more than any country on this list! Like America, he likes using his Government and national spies to keep a close eye on you. Sometimes he will just follow you around. This man is the most jealous person on this earth! If someone looks in your General direction he will have to get rid of them. He likes to torture the ones who he is jealous of. He is quite good at it, having do to his Soviet days.

Canada: This cute little maple leaf has had a crush on you since you first acknowledge his existence. You just saying “Oh hi Canada!” had him hooked. He likes to follow you around, but since he looks so innocent, no one really minds. He is a little bit jealous, only because no one in his life has really noticed him before and he doesn’t want to lose you. He’s very passive aggressive, unlike his brother who will pick a fight with a guy. He’s more of a Im going to steal you away from this man and make you some pancakes. But only until he snaps, then he will kill anyone who dares look at you!

France: The Country of love has always thought you were gorgeous. After getting to know you, he had fallen head over heals for you. He flirts with you a lot and hates when others do. Your beauty is for him and him alone! He has many pictures of you, some you know about and some you do not! He loves to look at you and gets upset if anyone else does. He’s not much of a stalker, he more like to just stare at you from time to time.

England: He has always had a little crush on you. But the moment you said you would love to spend some quality time with him, he knew that you were the one. He will curse any guy who goes near you and hates having to share you with others. Coming from a guy whose own brothers hate him, who was left all alone through his childhood, and has had everyone he has ever loved leave him, he’s very possessive. He wants you all to himself, all the time. But if you aren’t with him, he’s watching you from his crystal ball. He’s very clingy and always wants you in his arms.


Yeah, I’ve definitely read both of those! “Fuck the Critics” was a pretty nice read, but I wasn’t very fond of how Mic was written. “Lessons Learned” made me so embarrassed that I couldn’t even finish it until my third try. 

If you’re the worst kind of trash for reading that smut, I must be a landfill for knowing exactly which stories you’re talking about.

(Warning: R-18 stories ahead) For those who want to read the two stories:

Fuck the Critics by KuriKuri

Lessons Learned by tiramisun

The Signs as Sherlock
  • aries: Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist, and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them.
  • taurus: Yes, but I'm not my brother, remember? I am you. Prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won't do. You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you.
  • gemini: Hi! Um, I live in the flat just below you. Yeah, I don't think we've met!
  • cancer: John? John! You are amazing, you are fantastic!
  • leo: ‎Please don't feel obliged to tell me that was remarkable or amazing, John's expressed that in every possible variant available to the English language.
  • virgo: It means whenever the police are out of their depth—which is always—they consult me.
  • libra: and... Special day. Very special day. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Bit of a theme, you get the general gist of it. People are basically *fond*.
  • scorpio: Sex doesn't alarm me.
  • sagittarius: Well then the rules are wrong!
  • capricorn: Your mind; it's so placid, straight-forward, barely used. Mine's like an engine, racing out of control; a rocket tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launchpad... I need a case!
  • aquarius: I play the violin when I'm thinking and sometime I don't talk for days on end. Would that bother you? Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other.
  • pisces: Well, I'M NOT NOW!!!

Lana on her favorite scene, the prison scene with Robert Carlyle in ‘The thing you love most’. (x)

Top PIcks: Alternate Universes that made 2016 a little better:

I am a canon girl. Everything I write, for some reason lodged deep into my head, must conform to canon. I was like that when I write XFiles, I was like that when I wrote TNG, I was like that when I wrote Potterverse and I’m like that with Star Wars. When older stories got canon-balled by the Disney reboot, I was quick to mark that down. And when newer stories get tossed into the Alternate Universe by developments in the books or comics, I get all annoyed for a minute and then either “fix” them or label them with the moment they became AU and then ask forgiveness.

But 2016 has been the year of the AU for me. I have read and enjoyed more AU stories this year than any other in my life. I don’t know whether it’s just that I occasionally need to live in a GFFA wherein Han Solo was not murdered by his own son, or if it’s just that DRL in 2016 has been such a dumpster fire that alternate universes suddenly look better.

Either way, here are some top picks for Alternate Universes that have made 2016 more bearable:

Favorite expansive AU: Goes to Sue Zahn’s Kismet-verse. Sue has been writing this near-canon AU for YEARS and in 2016 she teamed up with erindarroch to add to its stories. Every story in this wide and wonderful (and happy) universe works together and is a wonderful could-be-canon. It’s a fantastic place to start if you’re an AU newbie (like I was when I found these stories). Both authors have crafted a fully-realized, well-written, beautifully crafted world and a series of stories that are absolutely worth your time.

Favorite Legends-verse-adjacent AU: Goes to @KnightedRogue ’s Mighty Things. This story, a post-ROTJ, reads-like-Legends AU has Han and Leia Solo working for New Republic Intelligence. Everyone is who they should be and where they should be in the Legends-verse, except our heroes, who are working in an all new world of intrigue and subterfuge. It’s a fantastic story and has all of the elements that made Legends so much fun to read back in its heyday. @KnightedRogue has a collection of fantastic stories in the “NRI-verse” and otherwise, all of which are clever, tidy, and eloquent.

Favorite ST-era AU: Goes to the “We Rise, We Fall, We Break” AU by CodeNameTargeter. The two stories in this universe: “The Enemy Ahead” and “Scattered to the Winds” find us in a version of the Sequel Era in which Ben Solo never turned dark and is working for his mother. General Hux has defected from the First Order and joins the cast as a no-longer-evil although wholly recognizable version of himself. There’s romance afoot when the Jedi Solo and the ginger General lock eyes in this fully fleshed-out world. CodeNameTargeter has also littered the stories with easter eggs that will leave Legends fan squealing with delight at seeing old friends. There’s occasionally adult content, but it never veers fully into NSFW territory.

Favorite Post-ROTJ AU: Identity by @madame.alexandra. This version of what came next after the Episode VI credits rolled looks neither like Legends nor canon, and I couldn’t care less. Madame.Alexandra has created a version of the GFFA that’s both believable and enjoyable– which can be a hard balance to strike. This story has moments of pure joy and moments of grit and realism. She deals with the politics of royalty in a democracy, and the struggle to find oneself in a new world order. While focused on the OT leads, favorite characters from the PT and Legends make appearances. The story sings with excellent pacing and wonderful characterization. This work is a masterpiece and I hear stirrings that this AU may be expanded upon in the future. Identity occasionally crosses the line into being NSFW and contains a few mentions of torture and psychological instability, but is never truly graphic in its depictions.

And Now, For Something Completely Different: New Hope, Indiana by Cicatrick. You’ve probably read this one already. It seems like everyone on the internet has. But if you haven’t: imagine the OT characters we know and love transplanted through time and space into an Indiana town in the 1950’s. That’s what you get with this story. The characters, their reactions, and their respective outlooks ring completely true as they face life in middle America in the middle of the 20th century. It’s unexpected and fantastic, a definite must for AU lovers and a great start for those just beginning to wander away from the GFFA in search of new adventures starring our favorites.

I have never been fond of AU storied prior to this year, but I'm very fond of all of these. Enjoy!

trollsarenotwelcome  asked:

Hello hello! I was wondering if I could ask for some advice. I'm planning on a StH fanfic, and since you seem to have a good grasp on Sonic's character, do you have any advice for how I can write him? Or, if you can't give any advice, do you know any good sources that I could use?

First off, I’ll start by referencing Sonic’s SONIC CHANNEL profile, what is stated in it (Translated) since this is effectively word of god regarding his traits;

Selfishly fond of freedom but very likable, leaning towards a great dislike of secrecy. Although sometimes quick tempered, he possesses kindness and brings freedom to distressed people.

Considering life a series of events and adventures, he lives by his own rules and common sense. He keeps promises. He is no traitor. His justice is honest. From a habitual daredevil aloof from the world, when some kind of crisis arises he is from here on in the game a different person, with a degree of intensity and acuity that astonishes the watcher.

In any case, you cannot quietly be the fastest hedgehog in history.

Secondly, I’ll reference what me and the webmaster of Concept Mobius wrote in Sonic’s real character profile on the website we run (Concept Mobius). I’ve been told fairly often that the following is a great and highly accurate summarization of Sonic’s general personality;

Sonic the Hedgehog is like the wind: unpredictable, always at some other place and never congregating in one location for too long. Sonic is a carefree, easy going, and laidback young hedgehog who likes nothing more than to just venture across the endless boundaries of the world and enjoy his prized freedom. This is probably why he isn’t too interested in dating.

With an attitude just as fickle as his urge for adventure, as well as an ego as big as South Island, Sonic is sassy and quick-witted with a passion for just enjoying life, leaving the past behind, and to always move forward without regrets. He’s smooth, cool and popular, and tends to let this get to his head from time to time, possessing a somewhat narcissistic tongue. This behavior makes him look like an ass sometimes, whether he realizes it or not. However, he is quite a gentleman and has good manners and an air of politeness. Well…when he feels like it, anyway. He usually just sees such forms of etiquette as a major bore.

This is because he can’t stand being restricted by certain standards if he can’t help it. Sonic lives and dies by his own rules rather than the standards of those around him or even for the sake of heroism, living his life exactly how he wants to live it, even if it makes him look bad. However, when Sonic gets riled up over injustice, oppression, or the despair and sadness of another (an easy feat, since he hates evil in all forms), his vague sense of heroism kicks into overtime and the results could be devastating since his temper can, at times, be just as bad and as short as his patience. A rarely seen trait otherwise, this is most noticeable when he is up against another nefarious scheme for global conquest from his arch nemesis, Dr. Robotnik.

As a Werehog, Sonic’s personality remains unchanged for the most part, but, as one may no doubt assume, his temper is even worse, making him more prone to feral outbursts of rage, promising doom for his foes. The fact that his speed, looks and overall cool factor is hampered by this transformation doesn’t help his stress, either. You would think that he would be driven mad by this form, but that is not the case. Sonic’s heart and will is simply too damn strong to be affected by something like that.

It is this factor that makes him near impossible to predict. No matter what happens or who looks down on him, he will never give up. He keeps going, keeps pushing on. Whatever it takes to do what he’s gotta do.

Overall, Sonic just does whatever the hell he wants, when he wants and however he wants to do it. Screw anyone who has a problem with it.

Thirdly, and this is important, if you really want to be true to game Sonic’s personality, you need to get the grasp on how he regards “heroism” because it’s not atypical of a number of “goody two-shoe” heroes that those who simply don’t get Sonic claim him to be

Whilst he is a compassionate guy who will never turn a blind eye to someone in need and he firmly believes in justice, he doesn’t go on his adventures primarily for the sake of saving the world and certainly not due to some sworn heroes oath that he’ll protect everything or the belief that he must use his talent to protect the world.

He doesn’t fight Eggman because he feels that it’s his obligation to. He does it primarily because it’s fun to him. He says in Sonic Adventure 2 when Shadow asks who he is that he’s “Just a guy who loves adventure”. He doesn’t mention himself being a world-renowned hero. No proclamation about how he’s saved the world time and time again. And when you think about it, since when did Sonic, throughout the entire game series, boast about himself being the world’s savior time and time again in a manner that suggests that he considers it as something that absolutely defines him?

In Black Knight, he didn’t even let the knight’s so-called code of chilvalry dictate what he did or what he’s going to do.

He didn’t play by the “rules”.

He didn’t take to heart that everybody in that world would revile him for slaying their king.

In his own words, he couldn’t be the hero every time and when Merlina as the Dark Queen says that his selfishness is going to be the end of the kingdom, Excalibur-Sonic replies that even if that is so he doesn’t mind playing the bad guy. He’s pragmatic and goes by his own ideals, not anyone else’s. Therefore he’s not an example of the all do-gooding goody two-shoe squeaky clean hero who does what people want him to do.

Part 4 are the flaws he has. Every great character has flaws. It makes them dimensional and non-perfect.

The Short Temper

You can bet your buck that the majority of Sonic’s profiles in instruction manuals absolutely love getting across this aspect of his personality. Here’s just a handful that state it.

External image

Geez, that is a pretty prominent personality trait of Sonic’s you’d think. Pity you hardly ever see it in action.

Sonic Adventure, IMO, depicted Sonic as being frequently frustrated which when you think about it makes a lot of sense. How many times does Eggman effortlessly steal the Emeralds that he’s found and is trying to keep away from Chaos? It not just that that makes him irritable; Forced into the bodyguard role for Amy and the bird, seeing her get kidnapped, missing Eggman after jumping off of the Egg Carrier in a bid to catch him then faceplanting… He even appears to throw a very brief tantrum

He even regards Chaos’ destruction of Station Square with quite a bit of anger.

In Werehog form, this trait was shown sometimes. Particularly in Night of the Werehog in which Sonic gets so riled-up from Baker’s taunting that he throws an enormous tantrum, striking at anything within reach so utterly consumed by rage to the point of taking his focus off of everything else and giving Baker the perfect opportunity to strike him with enough force to knock him out.

And then this trait takes a massive backseat in favor of depicting a character who seems very much unperturbed by a lot of things you’d expect him to be at least a bit annoyed by. Such as;

- Amy’s propensity for chasing and glomping him

- Eggman tearing apart the world in Unleashed

- Eggman kidnapping Elise time and time again in ‘06

- Shadow sullying his good name in SA2

For a series that has an egocentric mad scientist who delights in sytematically taking away the liberties of people and by effect sticking up two fingers to the notion of freedom which Sonic is said to despise (He is consistently stated to hate oppression), you’d think that Eggman’s very aims pushes Sonic’s buttons on mere principle. This is almost never shown and therefore you almost never see Sonic exhibit a more passionate reason to stop Eggman other than “It’s fun”

The impulsiveness.

Leaping before looking. Going by impulses rather than rationality. Now whilst this has been shown to be a near-fatal flaw when Eggman exploits it and nearly kills him for good, the negativity of this trait isn’t elaborated on anything more than fleetingly except for in Unleashed in which Sonic was to blame for his Werehog transformations and the world being split and even then we have a tremendously missed opportunity as Sonic doesn’t even commiserate his actions that led to both things happening. Oh, and Lost World, which is a very cool deconstruction of this trait.

Here, only Amy pulls him up for attacking Eggman whilst he had her as a hostage

Knuckles and Tails don’t even pull up Sonic and state how shortsighted it was to lay into Eggman like that without any kind of regard for Amy’s safety. He seemed to care more about catching Jet’s cube-thing than catching her, which seems rather cold.

His greediness.

Yeah, I know. Very rarely shown trait that actually only shown a tiny handful of times such as in this in which he’s very willing to fight hard for that last meat bun;

and in the Black Knight opening in which he’s more concerned about catching his food and eating it than really taking the situation all that seriously (Not that he really needed to…) then saying a big “Noooo!” when he drops the second one and doesn’t have a chance at getting it before Merlina teleports them away.

I doubt that bringing up how ravenous Sonic apparently is in Purple Frenzy form would mean that much considering gameplay and story segregation and the debate about how intact Sonic’s mind actually is in that form considering he acts little more than a mindless monster that eats objects with a single-minded ferocity.

Extreme obstinance to his own personal views

He certainly wastes no time when it came to attacking Merlina when she revealed her plans and her one-sided sadness. In fact, he looks like he’s ready to cleave her in two just for asking why he doesn’t understand her feelings on Camelot’s future;

External image

This feels like an extreme course of action to take considering that if anything, Merlina was more misguided than truly malevolent and didn’t do anything truly objectionable before this. He’s also not all that willing to admit when something is difficult for him as indicated by Team Sonic’s ending in Heroes in which Knuckles goads him into admitting that this time Eggman came close and that if it wasn’t for him and Tails assisting him, he “Wouldn’t have stood a chance”. Whilst Sonic admits this to a degree (“Hmmm, well Maybe you’re right Knuckles”), it’s still only a “maybe” and he’s still quite obstinate.

Bad loser

External image

He hates being deprived of the win or getting things wrong. Good examples of this include Jet besting him in the Ex Grand World Prix despite the cheating and blaming his initially poor swordsmanship on Caliburn i.e If you keep getting hit by Arthur in the Misty Lake boss battle, Sonic will state in bad temper who he wishes he didn’t have to use “This dang sword” and when Caliburn states that he wished for more time to train him, Sonic states that he wishes for a better sword.

All of these traits make Sonic as less perfect character if actually used more. I really do wish that they were because I would love to see Sonic become a much more rounded character who can show negative personality traits as well as positive ones. It’d stop his detractors getting on his case more.

This said, there’s a fair line between making Sonic a flawed character and doing it to the point that he becomes defined by them and even downright unlikable as a result. No one likes a complete jerkass or a failure hero Balance is key.

Hope this helps :>

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Dear Archy, I'm studying for the degree in architecture, these last years I've become really fond in set design for movies. Do you think it's a possible path after I get my degree?! Do you know anything about it? Thank you very much! You're the best

Thanks! There is a path but it is unknown to me. I found a couple of links that might give you an idea of where to start your research:

Image via

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Alright, I'm sincerly thinking about dressing as you character for halloween but there are two things bothering me: 1. I don't want to cut my hair because curly hair takes ages but I don't think that's a really big issue because my hair is still decently short? But anywho. 2. I don't know which outfit I want to do, so the real question is, what is your most favorite outfit because I'll dress up as whatever you choose I guess because I'm very indecisive.

I think the coolest outfit is definitely Season 3 Rythian, but I have a fondness for Season 2, the Rythian that stopped taking care of himself and stopped caring about anything but power and revenge.

Gajevy -Parenting
  • Gajeel: I wanna be a daddy, please, Levy?
  • Levy: Kids? That's way too much responsibility, we should try out a pet first...
  • Pantherlily: Do I not count as such? I am an animal, by your Earthland standards, and Gajeel takes good care of me.
  • Levy: -sghs- Fine.... but you gotta teach them self defense.
  • Son: Daddy, were you and Uncle Natsu and Aunt Wendy REALLY raised by dragons? The teacher at school says dragons aren't real...
  • Gajeel: WHAT? THAT BITCH, I'LL-
  • Levy: GAJEEL! Sorry, honey, no killing just yet. Yes, dear, dragons were real, some of them were scary, but a few were nice. And I'm sure your grandpa Metalicana would be very fond of you.
  • Son: I'm sorry your daddy is gone, Daddy.
  • Gajeel: - chokes up- I got you now, kiddo, I'm fine.
  • Daughter: Daddy, can you teach me how to braid my hair?
  • Gajeel: Why do you assume I know that?
  • Daughter: Because your hair is long and pretty like Auntie Erzy, and she braids her hair...
  • Gajeel: All right... Asuka, come help me, we're gonna look killer after this.
  • -5 minutes later-
  • Levy: OH MY GOD, Gajeel, what did you do?
  • Gajeel: -in fabulous braids- I taught my baby girl how to do her hair, and I liked it so much, I had her and Asuka braid mine too.
  • Daughter: Can we put makeup on Lily?
  • Levy: YES!- chasing Pantherlily-
  • Pantherlily: - screaming- SAVE ME GAJEEL!
  • Gajeel: -laughing too hard to do anything-