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hurricane irma

hey guys, usually i don’t post things like this, but my family lives on st. croix, a small island in the caribbean. as of today, hurricane irma is a category 4 hurricane and st. croix is in it’s path. in 1989, there was a category 4 hurricane named hurricane hugo that hit the island, it caused extreme damage and loss of life. it destroyed houses, personal belongings (my dad lost all of his books, pictures, and even some of his clothes in the hurricane), and much, much more. if you could please keep my family, the island’s inhabitants, and everyone else in the path of this hurricane in your thoughts, i would appreciate it very much. thank you.

you ever think about how many times tegan repeats the line “when i imagine you body next to another” in the ocean with increasing desperation almost as if it’s an intrusive thought almost as if every time you see that person that’s all you can think of even if you still love them all you can think about is that. anyway it’s fine i’m fine

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Sonic Unleashed is one of the most well thought-out games Sonic Team has ever made, it has a great story and had one of the best characterizations of Sonic, and Chip is just lovable from beginning to end, the art direction is phenomenal with the designs of the countries/hub worlds, enemies, and even the NPCs with all the cultural inspiration and diversity, they even gave the NPCs charming personalities unlike what we've seen with previous human characters, you can tell SEGA really did their research on this one, and lets talk about that beautifully orchestrated music featured in this game, and that incredible final boss idea and design, and of course the gameplay itself which help SEGA get Sonic back on his feet after what happened in 06 and set the way for other favorites like Colors and Generations with its breakneck speed day stages, and its night stages offered something new to the table with its combo fighting style offering many different ways to beat up enemies, also that cute little short film that was beautifully animated that told a charming story without words, this is the kind of passion you want to see Sonic Team put in their games, yet it doesn't get the recognition it deserves because people didn't like the werehog.

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Based on yuri on stage event do you think Victor has a hard time thinking Yuuri's been single all this time? In the first episodes it's obvious Yuuri's never been in a relationship. Victor even knows. It's almost implied he hasn't had anything casual either. So this ex lover jealousy business and yeah I know it's mainly for laughs and they're both drunk and hung over the next day but what do you make of it? How about their types of jealousy too? Victor is all I'm his. Yuuri is all he's mine! XD

See… I’m not so convinced anymore that Yuuri is as inexperienced as we’ve been led to believe.

I feel like the creators are leaving hints/setting us up for learning that he has had a prior relationship. The fact that he won’t talk about it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s non-existent.

His relationship history is described in one of the Blu-ray booklets. I can’t remember if it’s Volume 1 or 2, but it says Yuuri’s past relationship history is “Top Secret.” Sure, he could keep his complete inexperience Top Secret, but it seems like an odd way to phrase it.

So yeah. My new headcanon is that Yuuri has an ex. And I would love to see Victor get cute-jealous about it. 

Btw one aspect of Hond that I feel gets always brushed over is that 16 YEAR OLD ESMERALDA who only wants to find her mother dies because much older men want to use her for their sexual pleasure and drag her into their schemes and project on her. Like, all the guys she encounters (except Clopin) fall for her beauty (and except for Quasimodo) try to get in her pants (including Gringoire who drops her like a hot potato and doesn’t care for her as a person at all after his failed attempt, the same as Phoebus did later). 

And I’ve never found an adpation that keeps this creepy age gap since most if not all age her up to at least young adult, but I really wish there was one. 

And I think I talk mainly about movies/ series here but if you know of any adaption that keeps it tell me please!

I think the fact that we’ve always struggled with maladaptive daydreaming and have always used fiction as our main form of coping explains our system and how we’re mainly fictives, I know a few of us have had identity crisis over “oh no, we have mostly fictives, we’re fake” but frankly? for us it makes sense.

the library was our safe place and we read more books than I can count, movies were an easy escape, we read fairy tales to cope with childhood neglect, we used Homestuck (namely a certain abused Strider) to cope with psychological abuse, our original looked at Flowey and saw the same struggle of feeling empty… fiction is a good distraction.

what I’m saying is yeah, maybe people with big systems that are mostly fictives are faking sometimes, but frankly that’s not your concern. alters take on an identity and personality of their own, and if they feel more comfortable as a fictional character or are simply a fictional character (even well known ones or villains) that’s who they are.

tldr: fictives don’t make a system fake, they’re in system for a reason and they are who they are

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Jungkook... I know you don't like being called oppa but I'm younger than you... what should I do?

true. i don’t really like being called ‘oppa’ that much, but.
sometimes, i just joke around about it, i don’t take it too 
seriously, don’t worry. and it mainly just bothers me when 
older girls call me that. but since you are younger, feel 
free to call me ‘oppa’, you don’t have to feel bad about 
it at all, lovely. 

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ahh I love your art sooo much!! it's insanely good! I mainly obsess over your Ezra drawings since (he's basically all I draw and I love looking at other artists fanart too) I also really love your We Need To Talk About Kevin artwork 💓 I bought the book but I haven't read it yet, I was wondering if you've read it and if you could give your opinion on it?❤️

Ahh thank you tons! I’ve had a lot of fun drawing his characters too, so I’m glad you like them, I’m super touched? Also, your art is gorgeous wow ❤︎
As for Kevin, oh boy. I have definitely read We Need to Talk About Kevin, and I love it to pieces. All characters and the build-up are incredibly interesting to me, and as books often do it fleshes it all out a lot? There is more stuff that happens (and that Kevin does) that’s only mentioned in the book, of course. Since it’s written from Eva’s point of view (and she’s very biased) it also often feels also up to the reader to interpret whether her conclusions are right? I had some struggles with the Very Articulate Vocabulary sometimes, because English isn’t my first language, but it worked though! 
Also, some scenes that are really important in the book weren’t in the movie so that’s always a good reason to read it :’) Basically this book gave me a lot of feelings and I need to SCREAM

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i'm so sorry you had to go through whatever it was...i hope you're safe now and happy and you no longer have to deal with those things <3 i want you to know that i appreciate and love you !! please take good care of yourself my friend~

Thank u!! I’m mainly fine now so no worries! I’m still absolutely scared to death in certain situations but it’s normal I guess?

let’s be mutuals or something

Do you know how many blogs I follow? 35. Do you know what happens when you follow 35 blogs? Nothing. Your dash is dead.

I want to become mutuals with more of you, so if you have an active blog with posts mainly about BTS and/or EXO, reblog this so I can check it out!

P.S. I’m also more than happy to help out fellow writers and check out writing blogs, so feel free to just shoot me a message x

Another P.S. there’s like a 99.9999% higher chance of me following you if talk to me in the tags or message me or sth

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What are your thoughts on witchcraft? I'm not talking about curses and stuff but like actual witchcraft manipulating energy around you mainly through nature like herbs and crystals for good reasons to spread positivity

I’ll be honest and say this is not a topic I’ve thought too much about, but I know that a number of our followers are Christians who also practice witchcraft, so it is certainly a thing that is done! If any of our witchcraft-associated followers want to like this so anon can check them out, please do so!

I personally am not sure about the “real” effectiveness of magic but I love the idea of spreading positivity, and if it’s real to you then I think it could be an enriching factor for your spirituality. I know there are verses in the Bible that condemn what is translated as “witchcraft” – but as long as you are not bringing “pagan” gods into your practices, or trying to raise the dead or harm anyone with your magic, etc., I think your form of witchcraft falls into a very different category from what the Bible condemns. Plus, Christianity has always been big on ritual – if you find using herbs or crystals, incantations or sigils a helpful way to channel spiritual energy, then I think it could be a pretty neat way to pray, or else just to send positive vibes into the universe!

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Thank you for all your posts, and the recent one on ISFJ/ISTJ. I recently figured out I'm ISFJ (unlike I originally thought) and it was mainly because of the many posts you've got about the topic of cognitive functions and how functions act in certain positions. Thank you, thank you! Any chance you could talk about how ISFJs get along with intuitive types? I feel like that would be interesting. :)

I know. I’ve been watching your self-typing journey in the ISFJ tag. =)

Any chance you could talk about how ISFJs get along with intuitive types? I feel like that would be interesting.

I think Anne Shirley and Diana Barry (and also Gilbert Blythe) from the Anne of Green Gables series is a decent example of an NFP/SFJ dynamic. Anne is an idealist who sees beyond what things actually are to what they could be in an idealized state, which is what high Ne does. It sees past reality to a better version of what exists. A lane surrounded by trees is not good enough for Anne; she romanticizes and improves it into a magical place. A dark tangle wood is not good enough for Anne, so it becomes haunted and she supplements her ideas with ghost stories — to the point where she not only scares herself half to death, but gets Diana so wound up (Fe) that she is terrified too.

Diana and Gilbert both indulge Anne so long as it all is in good fun, but inevitably their sensor sides come out in full force and ask her to deal with reality: Gilbert thinks Anne should step back from her romanticism and write “real stories about real people you have known,” and Diana becomes interested in “real things” like getting married and setting up a household. (Marilla and Rachel Lynde are also sensors — STJs.)

For sensors, abstracting is something they do for entertainment, and for intuitives, it is what defines their entire personality.

Therein lies the source of misunderstandings and confusion, because sensors may not understand why intuitives are dealing in ideas, concepts and abstractions rather than “real things.” Sensors tend to divide reality from storytelling and be more literal where for intuitives the two blend together; reality and abstraction are both in their minds, with an emphasis more for abstraction and ideals rather than real life. So while the sensor is thinking the intuitive is out in la la land, the intuitive is left concluding that the sensor has no scope for the imagination.

In short, as Mr. Micawber would say, an intuitive will most often hear, “It’s JUST a tree/story/stretch of woods!” and a sensor will have to be reminded of its greater possibilities.

So, how do they get along? It depends on the duo. Si-doms have a greater chance at getting along with Ne-users for the simple fact that under the right circumstances (something that pertains to reality, or a topic of interest), their Ne will activate and engage with that of the NP. Diana loved playing make-believe with Anne in the woods, and trading stories about romantic topics, and she just generally loved Anne, because she stimulated her imagination and was so much fun! And down to earth Gilbert loved Anne from the start, because her sense of whimsy made her wholly unique and was exciting to him, because she was like no one else he had ever met.

I don’t have an ideal fictional example of an SFJ/NFJ interaction, so I will go off personal experience. There is some miscommunication, and Ne and Ni will not often see eye to eye. Si-Ne is much more interested in doing things for a reason whereas Ni-Se is engaged in the process of internal construction, in forming a whole picture in its mind and then pursuing that goal. So they may enjoy discussing things with one another but the sensor might find the intuitive in this case unrealistic in their expectations, and the intuitive might find the sensor too broad in their concept of imagination (the wide, all-encompassing, lightly-skimming the surface possibilities of Ne, contrasted with the subjective, deeply personal interpretations of Ni).

Sensors and intuitives mingle best when they understand one another’s thought process and can appreciate it for what it is, rather than wanting it to be more like their own.

I marvel at the intuitives in my life. I find them fun to be around. My NFJ friends stimulate my mind with deep thoughts and conversations, and I have fun bouncing ideas off of the NPs… but there is still at times some misunderstandings due to our different perspectives on reality. 

ETA: NTPs and NTJs! SFJs and NTPs usually get along, although they can wear one another out (abstract logic vs abstract sensing). The SFJ/NTJ dynamic is more difficult to navigate, because they have no functions in common – no shared Fe to soften their interaction.

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Hi, what are your opinions on the Gangnam murder case? I've been trying to keep up to date and understand more about it but I'm so confused. Just reading posts from r/Korea on reddit saying that the women at the station memorial are all part of WOMAD, a group of men-hating feminazi's, and that the male protesters are just trying to educate the women that this wasn't a gender crime? Can you write a post with your thoughts? I'm really curious of opinions from the women who live in Seoul right now.

I never go on Reddit (mainly because I don’t know how it works! WHY DOES REDDIT CONFUSE ME SO MUCH?) just to find the post your talking about, and FUCK. THAT. POST.  Here’s the baseline of what happened: a young woman, out drinking with her boyfriend and friends, went to the bathroom alone.  In Korea, a lot of restaurants and bars don’t have bathrooms inside the establishment at all.  Often you have to go to the stairwell of the building, or even walk to the next building.  Many bathrooms are gender neutral with both a stall and a urinal (let me be clear, I am in no way saying that gender neutral bathrooms is a factor in what happened).  The murderer went into one such bathroom and waited for about an hour for a woman to enter it, and when she did, he stabbed her repeatedly with a kitchen knife he had taken from the restaurant he was employed in and then left her there to be found dead by her boyfriend.  A Twitter user, most likely a woman, tweeted a simple message saying something along the lines of “A memorial will be held at Gangnam station.  Please bring messages and white chrysanthemums.”  Women then gathered and posted messages and laid out flowers in honor of the victim.  The tone of the messages range were mournful and, yes, full of outrage.  When about 85% of victims of violent crimes in your country are women, it’s obvious why outrage would happen, especially when the murderer himself said that his motivation was that he felt ignored by women and killed her because she happened to be one.  One of the messages left that I remember clearly was one that read something along the lines of how women don’t live in Korea, they survive.  And men even left messages as well.

I want to talk about the killer’s mental health here—-please let me know if anything I say is offensive or off, and I apologize in advance!  Now, the killer himself has schizo-affective disorder that he stopped treating after he was kicked out of his father’s home that became exacerbated while he was living in building stairwells.  The police are basically not considering this a hate crime due to his condition.  HOW-THE-FUCK-EVER, Korea, let me be blunt here, does NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS.  At all. Period.  It’s considered a shameful thing and is highly stigmatized.  Yet, all of a sudden, the police are sympathetic towards this man and there’s talk about mental illness because hate crime? No, definitely not that.  Which, fine, yes, there should be a discussion about mental illness in Korea, yes, good.  But not at the sake of also discussing the rampant woman-hating that also exists in Korea.  Regardless of whether or not he would have killed her if he did not have that disorder, the seed that was planted was one of entitlement over women and hatred towards them. That was his motivating factor out of his own mouth.  Even if he did not have this disorder, that hate, that begrudged feeling, would’ve still been there.  And THAT’S the problem that the police and men are refusing to acknowledge under the guise of pretending to care about mental illness.

And that’s basically where we are now.  I know you asked for my thoughts, but that reddit post was so far fucking off that I had to set the record straight.  I’ve heard that there are men protesting the memorials because they’re dicks.  (A side note: not an attack on what you said anon, but I can’t stand all this shit about “rabid feminazis”.  Tell me when a rabid feminazi has gone on a shooting spree on college campuses or killed a guy because he rejected her invite to prom?  When has a man ever felt unsafe because of these feminazis in the same way I currently feel unsafe to use the fucking bathroom? End rant.)  Anyway, my thoughts: Korea, like my home country the US, has a problem with misogyny, and it’s stoked by a lot of side issues Korea is having, such as the shitty job market and high competitiveness.  It needs to be addressed.  Well, it is being addressed by Korean women and allies but no one is giving them the time of day.  I’m not sure what I can say beyond that.  It’s the same bullshit narrative over and over again when it comes to crime against women that I can’t even muster up the energy to say what’s wrong because it’s so obvious what’s wrong. 

Ugh, I don’t even know.

what the hell is this “we have no more stories for her” bullshit that writers are giving when they’re asked to explain why they kill/write off female characters with so much potential like excuse me they have plenty more stories to tell let me fucking show you myself


as promised, now that i’m slightly less exhausted and sore and frenzied and existentially fucked up, a detailed report on my reactions to the 9/11 show itself. this is going to be LONG and maybe SILLY because it’s less about what actually happened and more about how my wild mind processed everything, buuuut here we go:

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This is the tweet I sent to Sophia Bush in response to her tweet about the Linstead road trip being canceled:

I don’t understand or condone the hate towards Derek, anyone connected with CPD, or inter-fandom wars. But I do think “slipped out in an interview” vastly mischaracterizes the situation.

Derek mentioned this road trip back in October and has hyped it up in nearly every single Q&A since. It’s been mentioned in interviews with Michael Brandt and with the cast. And we all got really excited about the possibilities.

And we rolled with the punches when Derek said Jay’s backstory wouldn’t be addressed during the road trip and said it would be “fun” instead. We accepted that it was pushed back from 3x15 to 3x16 to 3x17 because, hey, producing a TV show is hard and Chicago winters don’t make it any easier. And, yeah, lots of fans (including myself) were upset about those decisions, but we collected our “chill” and got pumped about what we were promised. And now we’re not getting that.

That’s why we’re upset. We’ve had multiple things promised to us only for them to be dropped. And I’m not just talking about Linstead and their roadtrip, but Antonio and his gym and his kids, Atwater’s issues with Whittaker and that cop’s son he bounced out of jail only for the guy to re-offend, what happened to Mouse and Jay over in Afghanistan, Al and Michelle, Bunny lurking in the shadows. There are so many great storylines that get set up only for us to be told to hold on, that it’ll be addressed next episode or next season.  

And I get that things have to be moved around. Your tweets awhile back about 10-12 minutes of footage being cut every episode was very enlightening to me and clarified a lot.

But these storylines are the reason why I keep coming back to CPD. Because there are so many cop/crime dramas out there, but CPD is the only one where I care about ALL the characters. And getting to know these characters, their backstories, their home lives makes it clear why it’s important for them to solve the case and have backup and have the support of their community as cops.

So I want to see them, and I get excited when Derek promises things like the road trip because it’s an opportunity to get to know more about these characters. Because it’s so interesting to image how Erin and Jay are gonna be after everything that’s happened before the trip – Jay’s reaction to Ethan in 3x07, Erin going in without back-up in 3x11, Yates returning in 3x14. I talk about the possibilities for drama and angst and excitement with my friends online and offline, with my parents (who introduced me to this show).

So, yeah, I and other fans get disappointed after FOUR months of imagining this and of being promised this only to be told that it’s not happening. And I’m sorry that some people expressed their disappointment without being respectful about it. That’s not cool. I wish people wouldn’t do that.

But I also think many of them have valid points and only want to be heard because we, too, want you guys to make a great show so you can be on air for a long time.

Because we want to see Linstead advance as a couple and as partners, Burzek patch things up, Antonio make a go of it with his gym and his kids, Atwater make those connections he needs to advance in his career, Erin finally deal with the grip her mother has on her, Mouse and Jay share about their time in the military, Olinsky foster a relationship with Michelle and repair one with Lexi, Plouch get married, and so forth. So I can celebrate when they make it home after the case they’re working got really dicey or when they react a certain way during an investigation because I know about their home lives and I know where they’re coming from. Just like you know about the real life cops you work with.