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Hey y’all! So my roommate/good friend wants to know some good yoi blogs so I’m making this for her, and to also promote some really good blogs and spread some love

*NOTE: I always make sure I don’t follow ota//yuri blogs, so all of these blogs are free of that

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Here are also some good blogs for finding other blogs/fics/artwork

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Mood Board Challenge: Gemma Winters

Anddddddd here’s Gemma’s! I was going to say it’ll be the last one, but eh you never quite know with me. It’s the last one I had specific ideas for anyway. Hope you all have enjoyed them ^.^;

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Where r u learning Japanese? Like if it's a site or app can you please share

Oh no, I’m not using any particular sites or anything, I’m basically teaching myself. I do things like listen to the news in Japanese, or try to translate text from my doujin and things. Learning a language is pattern recognition, basically, and the more you immerse yourself in it, the easier it is to memorize words and meanings and things like that. Listening to the language, too, helps with pronunciation–even if you don’t entirely understand, exposing yourself to the language and natural conversation between native speakers will definitely help.


Grant, Candice and Keiynan cuteness before filming
(a very spoilery scene, proceed with caution)

I wish I could read a book on what it would take to get you to fall in love. And I wish I could download an app that told me when you were happy or mad or jealous or confused. And I wish I could look up at the stars and they’d tell me what to say to you and when to say it. Because you’re a little too complicated for someone who likes things simple and I know you think I’m good at solving puzzles but I need something- just one thing- to be a little bit easier right now.
It takes less than 10 seconds to respond to a text, to make a phone call. To let someone you love know you love them. It takes less than 10 seconds to tell them how important they are. To tell them you miss them, to make them feel important, missed and wanted. Don’t make excuses. Don’t say you got busy. 10 seconds of your time during the day. Perhaps before you get ready to go out, perhaps when you are waking up, or before you go to bed. Never let someone go to sleep feeling unimportant. All it takes is 10 seconds to make them have a better day, a goodnight sleep.
  • Person: Hello, do you know about this animal?
  • Me: Yes, I do know about this animal!
  • Person: How do I take care of this animal?
  • Me: This is how you take care of this animal!
  • Person: No, that's too hard. I'll take care of it this way.
  • Me: Well, that way is actually really bad for the anim-
  • Person: No, it's not. This is how you take care of this animal.
I’ve never love someone like this before.” he said. “Someone who doesn’t even need to tell me to catch the stars, because if I could, I would do that—voluntarily for her. This is by far the worst but the best feeling I’ve ever had. I’ve felt as if I’m willing to do anything just to capture your attention, that even if it’s impossible, I will still try to make it possible. You see, I sounded like a superhero, or maybe no. Maybe I sounded more like someone who has a superpower. And yes, I care too much, I feel too much. But loving you seemed never enough because I need to prove it to you. I am not even asking for your permission, though I respect you too much that I will listen and understand everything you’ll say. I’ll catch the stars, follow the moon and give you every kind of flower in this world if that’s what you wanted. But please, don’t push me away. Because I’m scared to be treated like nothing. I’m afraid to feel that I’m not worth it. That I don’t deserve a single glance and smile from you. I don’t know if I can take another heartache. I don’t know if I can still move on, because I’m certain that this is real. That I’m not fooling with myself for what I feel. I’m seriously in love. And I can’t hide it any longer. That’s the reason why—with all the courage inside me—I’m going to say and show how much I love you.
—  ma.c.a // Tell me that there’s a chance for us
I just want to get out of here. I want to call you and tell you everything that’s wrong and i want you to tell me that its going to be okay. I need you to tell me its going to be okay.

I don’t think I could ever grow tired of you"

“I feel the same way about you”

“I find new things to love about you every single day, it is terrifying you know.”

“How so?”

“I don’t think I could ever let you go, I am so insanely in love with you that if you were to leave, you would take my entire existance with you.

—  Tenari Ioapo // Is there such thing as being ‘too in love’?

“i’m just tired, you know?” she sighed.

“of what?”

“of everything,” she laughs. “i’m tired of falling for people who couldn’t care less about me. i’m tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve and people taking advantage of it. i tried you know? i tried not giving a fuck, to stop giving people the love they don’t even fucking deserve… but i can’t help it and i don’t think it’ll ever end.”

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #1
OMGCP characters as things my mom has said to me
  • Bitty: It's 3:30 in the morning and you have a sociology report due tomorrow why are you making a cheesecake
  • Jack: Hey could you step away from your hyperfixation for a second and look at this shirt design?
  • Ransom: [as im huddled in a ball under my bed] Is this because of school, the future, moving out, or all of the above?
  • Holster: I'm banning Moana songs from this house and it's all your fault
  • Lardo: If you don't stop drawing on your arms ill tape your fingers together
  • Dex: Did you...did you kick the dishwasher and then fix it BETTER than before you broke it?? ((note: this was a total accident))
  • Nursey: You look like a lesbian hipster in a portland vegan bakery
  • Chowder: If you called me in here just too tell me how nice your friends are AGAIN i'm adopting you off
  • Whiskey: Stop pretending you're cool we all know you cried over the Homeward Bound movie
  • Tango: I'll answer all of your questions about technology back in my day in a second just please for the love of god let me take a bath
  • Ollie&Wicks: How long have you been in the house?? i haven't seen you in like 3 days
  • Ford: You'd be a great politician, you're good at ordering people around and have a face that makes people inherently trust you
  • Johnson: please stop making me think about if i'm real or not while i'm buying toilet paper
  • Kent: You're never gonna get a boyfriend, your only redeemable quality is that cats like you
  • NOTE - im very very gay and like girls a Lot but im still in the closet, which is why these seem so uncharacteristically Hetero™

anonymous asked:

are you still going to continue your Yuri on Ice comic? I'm not demanding, but just simply asking :) I'll just wait patiently in the corner for an update. And please, do take your time o.o I know you must be really really busy right now :D

Hi Anon!

I do intend to complete the second part to the comic! I’ve just been having a little bit of trouble with inspiration for the comic so it’s been taking longer than expected, but I decided to upload parts of it at a time for those who are interested to stay updated:

Once the whole of Part 2 has been completed, I’ll be sure to re-upload the whole thing here on Tumblr!

Thank you so much for your patience and for being so understanding!

The signs as what they want for Christmas
  • Aries: Hamilton Tickets
  • Taurus: Hamilton Tickets
  • Gemini: Hamilton Tickets
  • Cancer: Hamilton Tickets
  • Leo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Virgo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Libra: Hamilton Tickets
  • Scorpio: Hamilton Tickets
  • Sagittarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Capricorn: Hamilton Tickets
  • Aquarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Pisces: Hamilton Tickets
Falling in love with someone was always something I had thought of as nothing spectacular, just a part of life, but I realised it isn’t.
A person talks to you and like magic the way you see them starts to change. You start to notice the way a fire appears in their eyes, just before they smile. You notice how they pronounce some words different from the rest of the people and the small frown on their forehead when they are in thought.
You start to memorise the way they walk and recognise the way they call your name.
You’ll know when they’re behind you by their scent and you’ll be able to know when are genuinely happy or just smile politely.
You’ll feel yourself getting all nervous by just texting with them and you get that weird feeling in your stomach, like someone is pulling a knot. A smile will appear on your face by just reading their name somewhere.
And the most peculiar thing is, that even though you don’t have any problems, when they do it feels like a knife is being stabbed in your heart. Not just once, but with every step you take you feel the knife being stabbed in your heart again, until you know they are alright. You care so much, even though they’re just a person like you are.
Science tells us it is chemistry, just a form of behaviour that prevents us from extinction. But tell me, how can someone explain a feeling so pure with just one word: chemistry?
—  Chemistry (?)
  • Hannibal: I know we've been talking about eloping, Will. But I've always wanted a church wedding.
  • Will: We can't have that, we're in hiding. Who would we even invite?
  • Hannibal: Chiyoh, Alana, Margot, Bedelia, Freddie, the entire FBI...
  • Will: Hannibal-
  • Hannibal: And for a venue I was thinking the Sistine Chapel .
  • Will: I'm not Catholic.
  • Hannibal: I'll take care of all the food, so you don't need to worry about that. I love cooking for a large crowd.
  • Will: I don't think this would work.
  • Hannibal: We're having a church wedding, Will Graham. You are going to walk down the aisle while a choir of 30 boys sings this ballad in Archaic Latin I wrote for you. You will be married off by Jack Crawford who Chiyoh will hold at gunpoint. Chiyoh will be my best man and she will be wearing every single flower mentioned in Dante's Paradiso and will hold a platinum ring with no fewer than seven diamonds. I've been planning this since I first set eyes on you, Will. It's. Going. To. Happen.