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The Lost Memories Part 7

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I wake up next to Jungkook, the one that I hated wholeheartedly and let’s not forget that he claims that he’s my husband

◇ genre : angst & romance
◇ summary : A lot of things yet to be revealed after your first meeting with Seokjin as you psychiatrist
◇ words : 4k
◇ author’s note : I have a lot of fun writing this chapter and can’t wait to write the next chapter. Thanks for reading xoxo

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The dim light of moon shone from the sky despite of the tall trees blocking the light from the forest floor yet it is enough to brighten it up. The sounds of twigs and the dead leaves cracking as a result of being stepped on and breaking the silence lingered around you.

You leaned against the tree beside you, as you can no longer withstand the throbbing pain on your foot while gasping for a fresh air despite the air surrounds you is quite stuffy. It’s been a while since you been in the forest, seeking the way out from here cause right now , you know that you are lost in this forest.

Your eyes wandering around looking for another to way that might be the right path for you to get out from there. The familiarity around there, catches by your eyes and managed to slip into your mind. This place quite familiar, you though till something crossed in your mind. No wonder this place seems so familiar, it is the same forest that you got lost during your school trip in the middle school and high school.

Out of nowhere, blood started to run down from your head, the results of your head hit the stone when you stumbled over a big branch of tree and you seems not aware about it because the anxious and frighten feeling occupied in your mind.

“You can’t run away from here because this is where you belongs too!”

The loud shriek of voice hit your eardrums which makes you to crouch down closer to the ground while clasping both of your ears with the palms tightly, preventing the voices to enter your ears.

Those voices is being the one that always haunting your life. It is very terrifying as it can makes you tremble hardly as well it makes you scared to the death by just hearing those voices. You don’t want to hear those voices so you need to prevent it from entering your ears. Yet, no matter how many energy you used just to clasp your eyes, those voices still can be heard clearly as it is keep ringing in your mind.

Your eyes shut tightly, scared of what might appeared in front of you as well you tried your best from crying out of fear so that the things won’t know that you are totally scared right now.

“Stop it! Stop it!”

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Prompt: “Could I request a lovely Bones/Reader where they are in an established relationship and she/he goes on an away mission and gets kidnapped? major reader whump major worried bones rescue hero kirk fluffiness abounds?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,793

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence and gore.

Author’s Notes: So, in hindsight I think I read “major reader whump” and ran with it. The “lovely” and “fluffiness abounds” parts got a little lost along the way; I think that’s why I ended it the way I did. Dearest Anon, if you are dissatisfied in any way with how this turned out, please let me know and I’ll see about writing a less serious/gory story.

It’s really long, but not long enough that I felt compelled to split it into two fics.

The aliens are supposed to be a little on the hard side to read, because of their accent. If anyone needs a translation, let me know and I’ll post something.

Aside from that, I’m proud of how it turned out, and I really hope you all enjoy!

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Sunny Days-Chapter 3

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Sunny wakes up in Negan’s arms. 

Word Count- 2835

Warnings- Some angsty-ish stuff, a small bit of smut (like microscopic…it will get there later, I swear)

Author’s Note- Happy Birthday to me! I’m trying to post once a week but it may get sketchy with the holidays. Not beta’d. Hope you guys enjoy.


@negans-network @ali-pennell @flissworld @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

If you want me to tag you let me know!

Sunny snuggled into her pillow. It was warm and heavy…and breathing. She slowly opened an eye and took in her current situation. Negan was sleeping on his back next to her his chest rising and falling rhythmically.  She was laying on her right side, her head on Negan’s shoulder. His left arm was wrapped protectively around her back. His hand cupping her butt. Her leg was thrown over his lean hip. Her arm was stretched over his chest. His hand covering hers. She could feel his heart beating beneath her palm.

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anonymous asked:

hey!! could i request an angsty scenario in which jungkook is feeling stressed bc of their busy schedule and starts stress eating and gains weight pretty fast and the fans start commenting mean stuff abt him which makes him feel like he has disappointed the fans?? thank u!!

A/N: I saw your request last night and was super pumped to write it, although I hate the thought of a sad kookie, everybody has their times and I’m sure he does too :’( without further a do, here’s the angst jungkook scenario I’ve prepared for you! - Amelia

“Hyung, can you pass me another donut?” Jungkook whined. The palms of his hands were placed in front of Jin, with his fingers wiggling in anticipation.

Jin looked up from the box with a look of ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ “Jungkook, you’ve had five.”

“I know but I’ll work them off tomorrow at practice.” He reasoned. Jin, believing whole heartily in the Maknae’s words (because Jungkook usually keeps his word), gave Jungkook another donut.

“If our manager knew I just gave that to you, he’d kill both of us.” Jimin chuckled from across the room. “He’d kill us all if he knew any of us had even one…”

“True…” Taehyung nodded after hearing Jimin’s statement. “…at least we’d be dying with our bellies full of white powdered goodness.” Laughter erupted from the group of boys as they talked through the night. They discussed the upcoming stage and new album, everything from incomplete lyrics to the hardest dance move. None of them seemed to notice Jungkook’s growing appetite… Because after all, he had just turned 20, he’s a growing boy?

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Creepypasta #881: Afraid Of The Water? I Wasn’t, Until This Happened

Image credits 

Length: Long

I was anchored in the middle of nowhere. I had been hired by a faceless corporation to perform a specific task. Without breaching confidentiality, I can tell you that I was to sail out to a given location in the Pacific Ocean, dive down to the bottom and document whatever was down there.

When I arrived initially, I was conflicted. The payout for completing the job was astronomical, way beyond my normal fee. This alone would usually temper any particular fears or doubts I had, but the location they had provided me was unusual. I was wary of it from the beginning, mostly because it really was in the middle of nowhere. Most jobs that I pulled found me off the coast of somewhere, always within viewing distance of some type of landmass. 

Here though, there was nothing. I couldn’t see land anywhere. This fact by itself was unnerving enough, but on top of this I discovered the location was way off the grid. The nearest shipping path was hundreds of miles away, and the nearest landmass was twice that. This location was as remote a place as I had ever been. I had also been given strict orders to go alone, without a dive partner or even a navigator. This, strictly speaking, isn’t exactly legal, and certainly against diving regulations. The money was just too good. I wasn’t going to back off of this one.

I try, as a general rule, not to imagine what I am going to find underneath when I dive. My imagination always trumps whatever I discover on the bottom. Nine times out of ten I am hired to pillage a shipwreck, usually for parts, or lost items, or even body identification. Occasionally I get to track and catch some rare animal, but those types of jobs don’t pay very well.

I should have known something was off when I arrived. I had so many warning signs before I even got into the water. I was so wrapped up in the thought of money, I never truly stopped to consider what I was doing there in that place. I went through the motions, right up until I was fully suited and about to fall backwards into the deep blue. I thought, for a moment, how strange this job was. How unusual the request was. I was always sent to recover. No one had ever sent me to simply observe, to document. Instincts took over, and I put my regulator into my mouth before falling into the abyss.

That’s what it was, really. An abyss. On normal dives, one of the most unnerving things I come across is when the visibility is almost down to nothing. Where you have to strain just to see your hand in front of your face. Imagination takes over, waiting for sharp teeth to burst forth and chomp you to bits. Good dives give you several meters of visibility, perhaps as much as twenty. 

This dive was something entirely different. I could see… everything. Which is to say, I saw nothing. It was as if I had been dropped into a barren, endless desert and I could see all the way to the horizon in every direction. I could see miles and miles of absolute desolation, an everlasting ocean floor without so much as a single plant on its surface. I felt as small and insignificant as I ever had in my life in that moment. This place was what I imagined the deepest, darkest parts of space to feel like.

I could not fathom what I was supposed to document in this place. I proceeded to follow my anchor line to the bottom. My instructions were oddly specific: at precisely 11:23 am, I was to be on the ocean floor at the exact coordinates given and be ready to document… whatever. The message had only said that I would know what it was when I saw it. I checked my watch as I descended and hurried my pace when I saw I only had three minutes to reach the bottom. 

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Daddy’s little girl

Original Imagine:Imagine Damon hearing you moan his name in the shower and when you get out, he teases you with it for a while before bending you over the table and fucking you hard so he can hear you moan his name again  &  Imagine Damon telling you to “beg for Daddy’s cock” when you’re on your knees in front of him Imagine Damon asking you “Is daddy’s cock too big for you, little girl?”, while he fucks you hard & Imagine feeling Damon gently kiss your neck before he bites you & Imagine Damon ordering you to finger yourself and him watching hungrily Imagine watching Damon’s face as you blow him 

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2013

Warnings: Smut, masturbation, blowjob, sub/dom, daddy dom/little girl, blood drinking, a lot of dominant Damon, to be short.

Notes: I wasn’t planning on writing this, and then I started to add the requested tags on imagines you guys wanted written and this happened. So this is more or less the result of that, and I blame you for it ;). Thanks! (And I might have been trying to break my record in how many imagines I could fit into one oneshot…)

It had been too long… it had definitely been too long since you and Damon had seen each other. With you being away to college more often than spending time at the Salvatore mansion and him being off on some mission half of the times you had visited Mystic Falls, you were very disappointed in the time you had been able to spend together. Let alone in the time you had been able to spend “together”, to use the words Katherine had been using. You missed him. You really missed him. You hadn’t been able to hide your disappointment when you found the Salvatore mansion empty again, this time you had come home for a visit. Still, you had decided to let yourself in -what use would that key he had given you have otherwise?- and wait until he might come back. You never knew.

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I move the stars for no one

This fic is my second (2 of 3, omg) submission to @kh-worldsconnected, a KH big bang/fanzine I helped organize.  The theme was “time;” it was intended to be an adaptation of Jim Hensen’s Labyrinth, however, with a word count limit of only 5k, I’m afraid I had to gloss over and cut more than I wanted to. Still, I’m happy with how it came out, and hope you guys enjoy it, too!  Be sure to check out the blog for the rest of the submissions!

There is also an art paired with this, by @hakeism which I will link as soon as I see it posted!  I can’t wait for you guys to see it, you can see it here, it’s fantastic!  <3

I move the stars for no one

Riku had been the Goblin King for as long as his subjects could remember. Not that it counted for much, since goblins were known to have poor long-term memories, but then, there was no need to remember a king before Riku. Still, he himself remembered. He hadn’t always been the Goblin King. There had been another, before him, Terra, but it had been a long time ago, and even Riku’s memory was hazy. He couldn’t remember what had happened to Terra, or even much of his life before he’d become the Goblin King.

It wasn’t important, anyway.

The Goblin King, despite his title, did little to rule the Goblin City. Sometimes he might cause a little mischief in the human world, or command his subjects to some frivolous task, but really, there wasn’t much to demand of them that they weren’t already inclined to do. There wasn’t any need for a goblin king; he just was. He was different from all of the other goblins, taller, and fair of face, and so they made him king, and that was all.

What Riku didn’t know, was that he hadn’t always been a goblin. He didn’t know that he’d once been human, a little boy, stolen from his family by Terra, and cursed to be a goblin, like all children who passed a day in the Goblin City, the only difference being that he’d retained his human countenance. Riku didn’t know that Terra, before him, had been the same, and that the curse had been lifted by someone with a pure heart, and that that was how he’d become the Goblin King.

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Escaping fate part 2

Hey you guys. Thank you so much for all the comments. I appreciate it more than I can put into words. I also wanted to let you know that I have decided that Friday, will be the update day for this series. So look for a new part every Friday. Thank you again. ILY!!!

Spencer x Reader

Previous parts: Part 1

Description: You and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson. You both need to learn from them in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate.

Word count: 1,523

Song: Speechless by The Veronicas

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~It is said that some lives are linked across time. Connected by an ancient calling that echos through the ages. 

You didn’t believe it. But no matter how many times you tried to blink away his image, he was still standing there. His eyes never moved from your face.

“Uh do you guys know each other? Hotch asked stepping around you out of the elevator.

You shook your head, focusing back on the present time. You hesitated and glanced back at Spencer. His intense brown eyes bore into yours waiting for you to answer, it made your voice catch in your throat. You quickly tore your eyes away from his and looked back at Hotch. “Uh no, we haven’t.”

“Really?” He asked surprised. “Well okay let me introduce you. Y/n this is SSA Spencer Reid. Spencer this y/n, the new recruit I was telling you guys about a few days ago. “ He said indicating to each of you as he spoke your names.

Spencer held his hand out for you to shake. You reached out to take it and paused for a moment. You had no idea what kind of effect touching him would have on you. If the way he looked at you was making your heart do flips you couldn’t imagine what contact would do to you.

But you were no coward and your skin was itching to reach out and touch him. It was almost like you couldn’t control yourself. You were undeniably drawn to him. So, squaring your shoulders you clasped his hand with yours and felt the electricity spark through you.

You quickly pulled away, being sure to keep your eyes off his face. You didn’t care how rude it was, you just couldn’t look at him. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Spencer.”

You couldn’t see him but his voice told you all you needed to know. It was sad and confused as he replied. “Like wise y/n. I look forward to working with you.”

There was an awkward silence that followed after. You shuffled back and forth on your feet uncomfortable until, you couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up. “So… Should we see the rest of the B.A.U?” You asked Hotch. He was staring at Spencer suspiciously.

“Hello Mr. Hotchner. Should we finish up the rest of the tour and meet everyone else?” You asked gain tapping him lightly on the shoulder.

He looked away from Spencer at your voice and smiled. “Of course, follow me.”

You were about to walk off with him when Spencer’s arm shot out and grabbed your arm. He spun you around so you faced him and your eyes locked with his. “Actually Hotch, I think that Rossi wanted to talk to you for a minute. I can finish giving y/n the tour.”

Hotch looked between the two of you and shook his head. “Okay I’ll just…” He trailed off noticing that neither of you were paying attention. He shrugged his shoulders and walked off to find Rossi.

You didn’t know how much time had passed. You were lost. Memories and feelings were coming to you in waves. They crashed through you one after the other until you felt like you couldn’t breathe. That was eventually what caused you to wrench yourself away from him.

You took in a deep breath and tried to calm yourself. “What is happening to me?” You asked pacing back and forth. “I don’t even know you. I’ve never even seen you before but I dreamt about you. God I think I’m going crazy.”

“You had the dream too?” He laughed. “ I knew it, when you looked at me I could see it in your eyes. When I saw you I was so relieved. I thought I lost you. Everything about that dream seemed so real, so tangible.” He said looking away from you as he got lost in thought.

“I remember the anger and jealousy at seeing the two of you so close, when he had you pressed up against the house. I couldn’t tell that he was making you do it. The rage consumed me and I ran at him. I was too blinded by anger to see the knife. But you did, you saw it and jumped right in front of me without a thought.” His eyes were glossy as he turned to look at you again.

By this point you had started to take small steps away from him. It was all too much. Everything he was saying was being thrown around in your head making it hard for you to think straight. You had no idea what was going on and it was starting to freak you out. But when he looked at you with his eyes, they held so much pain. You became mesmerized and your feet were rooted to the floor.

He slowly walked towards you and lifted his hands so your head was cradled between them. “I remember the blood and the fear and the agony twisting my heart as you laid there. I couldn’t do a damn thing to save you.  Then you looked at me with those big eyes of yours, and you told me you loved me. Your voice was shaking and you looked so afraid. And then you were gone. I held your lifeless body in my arms. Even waking up couldn’t stop the hurt. Now here you are, alive.”

His voice had dropped to whisper and tears fell from your eyes. “I’m just as confused as you are y/n. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I felt what I felt. And just because it was a dream doesn’t mean that the feelings aren’t real.”

“What do you want from me Spencer? We only met a few minutes ago.  I don’t know anything about you. I’m not going to throw myself at you because some dream we had, told us that we loved each other. I think we need to figure out what’s happening first, before we just jump into anything.”  You said pulling away from him and putting some much needed distance between the two of you.

You thought that he might argue with you but instead he sighed and ran his hands through his hair.  “You’re right. This is all happening a little fast. I’ll read up on this and try to figure out what’s happening to us. We can have dinner tonight so I can tell you what I found out.”

You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. “I like how you snuck that date thing in there.” You laughed. “Alright Spencer you can come pick me up around eight. But you better have some answers. Now can we get back to the tour? I still have a job to start today.”

He laughed with you and grabbed your hand and led you through the rest of the B.A.U. You met the team. They were all amazing which didn’t really surprise you. Then you went straight to work diving into your first case.

When you got home there was barely enough time for you to get ready before your date with Spencer. You jumped in the shower picked out your clothes and got ready as fast as you could. But as the time drew closer to eight o’clock a bad feeling began to take hold of you, making you second guess your plans for the night.

But when you opened up the door and saw Spencer standing there you just couldn’t bring yourself to cancel. Instead you pushed the feeling to the back of your mind and focused on what was happening right now.

He opened the car door for you and you drove to the restaurant in silence until you remembered the reason you had agrees to go out with him in the first place. “So what did you find out?” You asked looking at him.

He sighed reluctantly and started telling you everything he had found out. “I read a few books and some articles on the internet. There are multiple cases of something like this happening. They all seem to be saying something different and similar at the same time. But from what I read, it looks like they all mainly focus on life after death.”

“Okay can you be a little more specific, because I’m not getting it?” You asked.

The car began to slow down and he parked the car in front of a small restaurant that had golden light pouring through the windows.  When the car was off he turned to face you.

“It’s talking about reincarnation y/n. The dream we had last night was one of our lives. And if anything I’ve read is correct this isn’t the end of it. Something went wrong in our past lives that kept us from doing something. So we have to keep living and dying until we figure out what went wrong in each life.”

“Are you sure about this Spencer? You have to admit that this sounds a little crazy.” You asked

His expression and his eyes were dead serious when he responded. “Y/n I’m not messing with you. If this is for real, you could die. We need to figure this out because I can’t watch you die again.”

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Original Imagine: Imagine Kanima!Jackson not being able to attack you because Jackson is in love with you and you had no idea.

Author: allesandert 

Reader Gender: (Female)

Word Count:  (2201)

Warnings: Slight smut, bloody and sweaty Jackson, idiot Jackson, a bit of fluff too. Oh and half naked Jackson.

You was merely tried to cross the street when you was almost practically run over by none other than Jackson Whittemore. What. An. Idiot. Regaining some of your composure, you slowly looked up to meet his shocked face. You slammed your fist on the front of his precious Porsche and he immediately jumped out of the driver’s seat, opening the car door before storming in front of you, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to him, making you wince.

“Excuse you, this car is worth more than your life.” He glared down at you, his words doing a brilliant job on making you feel like shit. Just like everything else he’s ever done to you.

“How many times are you going to repeat the same thing to everyone in this town? Get over yourself, it’s a piece of shit car and everyone knows it.” Yes, he intimidated you in every sense of the word. But you weren’t about to just lie dormant and let him step all over you. You were never good at following rules, were never good at just backing down. He let out a loud laugh at your retort, his mouth going into a thin line as he stared back at you.

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Because I haven’t written NicoMaki in a long time. 

She had been standing there for ten minutes, listening to her stomach as it churned and swirled her pasta from lunch earlier, hearing her sneakers rake across the concrete step… Nishikino Maki felt like a total wreck.

“Haa, isn’t it kinda boring being out there with nobody to talk to?” A loud voice rang and easily sliced open the quiet summer silence like it was nothing. Maki jumped out of her left shoe and looked up to see Nico throwing a peace sign from outside of her bedroom window.

Pouting, and slipping her foot back into her shoe, Maki huffed. “Isn’t it boring just watching someone stand outside your door?”

“Yes, but it’s also not a sauna in here. Hurry up, the door’s open.”

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Baby, You and Me.

Prompt:  Zayn is a famous singer, Niall is a teacher, Niall is pregnant and everyone knows about it and the paps start a rumor that Niall is possibly cheating on Zayn with Louis, Niall’s best friend, and they are saying that the baby is Louis’ and not Zayn’s. 

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Body Party

Can I have a scenario where u & Jimin have been dating but haven’t had sex & it’s your 3 month anniversary and you want 2 show him u r ready but giving him a lapdance 2 start & let him lead the way from there?“

(Sorry it’s longer than usual!)

You could hear your boyfriend’s voice faintly your bedroom. After an enjoyable evening of dining out and spoiling you, you and Jimin had agreed to a cozy date of thriller movies and cuddling at your house. It was something simple, but it was one of the things you adored most. Just spending time with him, being around him, and feeling his presence.

You couldnt make out their conversation but you could tell he was talking to PD nim. Something about Jimin having to attend a meeting, thats all you really interpreted. The rest you ignored. You felt a bit selfish, you wanted Jimin’s attention all to yourself. It was your 3 month anniversary after all.

You quickly slipped on something sexy. Jimin doesnt even know you have these garments, which was all part of the plan. You stood in the mirror to make sure everything was right. You adjusted your thong and straightened your tights. Jimin was still sitting on the couch, in mid conversation.

You grabbed the remote and sensually walked to your boyfriend; who was somewhat unaware of your real intentions. You take his phone without a word, and toss it to the end of the couch.

Jimin’s mouth fell agape. Before he could become upset at you taking his phone, it hit him. His girlfriend was standing in front of him in an outfit that would make a man lost for words. You press play and turned the volume up to Ciara’s Body Party.

You tipped his chin upward to look directly in your eyes. You run your hands up your body and flipped your hair effortlessly. You take a step back and start swaying to the beat. Your hips beckoned him. You grab Jimin’s hand and walk him towards a dining room chair. He sits back and his eyes widen, anticipating your next move.

“My body is your party, baby~”

You slowly dropped to your hands and knees. You crawl towards him cat style. You kept your eyes on him and parted your lips. You arch your back and raise your ass in the air. You roll over to your back and slide your hands down your body. Rubbing the details of your curves and sexy lingerie. Your head tilts back and your lips open slightly, mouthing out a moan.

You get back onto all fours and crawl between his legs. Your hands roam to his thighs. Just within teasing distance of his member. You use his built thighs as a way to “help” stand you up. You bite your lip and throw your leg over Jimin’s left, making you straddling his left leg.

“You cant keep your hands off me,”

You grind to the beat slowly. Your body rolls against his. Jimin was in a trance. His eyes watcing you then your body movements. You kick your other leg over him, this time straddling his body. One hand rests behind his neck supporting you, while the other is planted on his thigh. Your hips buck to the beat, making Jimin wanting to tame them. His soft hands adjusted to your moving curves.

You pull yourself closer making your breasts graze against his rugged chest. You wanted him to feel your body through every moment. Your lips brush against his ear lobe, subtly moaning his name. He firmly grips your ass as a response.

“And I cant deny it~ I want you, Im on you.”

Before he could get too comfortable with your position, you let yourself up and circle behind him. Slowly yet roughly, your hands run over his torso. His sculpted abs felt amazing. You lick his neck making him groan.

You strut to Jimin’s left. You leisurely bend over and look back at him. Your hands slither up your legs. You dip low and pick it back in from of him. Your back was now turned to him. You felt his hands crawl up your hips, begging for you. You sit on his lap, lean back, and cup the side of his face; giving one long stroke.

Your ass rotates on his lower region. His hard on was thumping against his jeans. You work and arch your lower back in ways to hypnotize Jimin. You could sense that his desire for you was much stronger.

“Now it’s just me and you~”

You stand before your man, touching your body the way he wish could right now. You grab his hand and guide his pointer finger between your breasts and down to your pelvis. You suddenly drop his and mouth the lyrics,

“The things I wanna do to you, My body’s calling you,”

His eyes follow you for your next move. How could you leave him sitting there? It was all a part of the chase. You sensually walk away from him, gesturing him to come after you.

Instantly, Jimin slams his body against yours. Your back meets the chilled wall. “Ill damn sure answer that call. Just tell me babygirl, are you ready for this?”

You smirk and look down, then back into his eyes, “Just fuck me already Jimin.”

Your smoky whisper was all it took. He immediately lifts you and attacks your lips hungrily. Your tongues wrestled each other for dominance. His grip on your thighs became tighter. You slightly open your mouth and moan into the sloppy kiss. JImin pulls away and aggressively bites your bottom lip. His face nuzzles into your neck, “Im about to fuck you numb.”

You gasp at his lustful words. Jimin parts your legs and slips two fingers into your undies. His two fingers massage your vulva. He sucks on your collarbone and lightly nibbles on it. A breathy sigh leaves your mouth a his fingers intrude wet hole. Two fingers, then three. Oh, how your pussy begged to feel more.

JImin quickly carries you to the bedroom. He roughly sets you on the bed. You both endure in a steamy staring contest, imaging each other naked. “Dont worry, Ill buy you another.” he smirks. He aggressively tears your tights and snatches your panties off your body. Jimin was an animal, and you liked that. He unfastens his jeans and pulls them down along with his briefs. Out springs is fully erect cock.

“Oooh~” you purr. He firmly grips your thighs and scoots you closer. His pulse could be felt on your pussy lips. Rhythmically, he teases you; sliding his dick against your slippery cavern. He looks at you daringly. Jimin slides into you with ease. He pumps with great force. Ramming into your willing body making his balls slap against you. You reach for Jimin’s neck and look him in the eyes. Watching him fuck you, drove you mad.

He gently pushes you back on the bed while still drilling in you. His hand cups your vulnerable neck. “Yes” you whimper. A smug smile grows on his face.

“What was that?”

“Yes!” you moan out.

“Excuse me?”

“YES!” you scream out. Jimin chuckles and exposes your breasts to alternately suck on them. His teeth grip your nipples earning a whine from you. His relentless rams were almost unbearable. You’ve had another partner before your boyfriend, but honestly his stamina wasnt as strong as Jimin’s. 

He removes his hand from your neck and begins to rotate his thumb on your clit at a fixed pace. The feeling weakened you. Your stomach began to curl. That familiar feeling was on the rise. “Jimin…baby,” you huff “I’m…ahh…feeling closer.”

His pumps began to feel harder. Your pants, heavier. Your body violently shakes as you hit your high. Taking note of this, Jimin guides your worn body, and positions you over the desk. You clutch the table edges and await for his insertion.

Skin slapping against skin soon filled the room. The furniture rocked against the wall. “Ugh…ugh….damn _____ you feel so good.”

His hips continued to buck into you. One hand firmly rests on your shoulder, the other toys with your clit. Your stimulation rises. Your needy moans mix with his growls. You tried to speak out that you were coming close, but it was only a breathy whisper. Involuntarily, your little voice hitched and you came over his cock. Your limp body rested on the desk, your not-so-tight of a grip loosened its the edges.

"Here. Turn around.” he groans in between grunts. He slips out of you and turns you around. Jimin props your legs up at the edge of the table. You wearily supported yourself. When thought it was over, his tongue invades your vagina. His licks up your sweet juices and sucks on your swollen clit. Your moans turned into whimpers. Jimin’s eyes dart at you as his wet muscle satisfies your sex. Before you, Jimin jerks himself before shooting his load onto your pelvis region. He rests his body on top of you and plants kisses on your jaw and neck. “You don’t have to say a word sweetheart, I know enjoyed it,” he huffs, caressing your dampened hair. “Happy Anniversary.”

"Heads Will Roll" - Kurt/Blaine

“Sebastian needs to be held accountable.”
“More than that. Blaine’s one of us.”
“He’s mine,” Kurt said, and it came out in a low snarl that made the hair on the back of Santana’s neck stand up.

The direct follow-up to “Thriller,” AKA the Wax Verse version of “Michael.”

~4900 words. WARNINGS: transphobic / femme phobic comments, references to assault

Part 7 of the Wax Verse. Kurt’s a vampire, Blaine’s a werewolf, etc. For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost


Santana knew things about Kurt.

He could kick higher than she could. His mom died when he was eight. He tweezed his eyebrows. He lost his virginity some time last November, because he’d shown up to Cheerios practice one day and his hips suddenly moved like he knew what he was doing.

Santana was observant, and whether Kurt liked it or not, she knew things. So, it didn’t take much for her to notice when something was seriously wrong.

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Castle Ficlet: Post “The Limey” [1/3]

To explain: My headcanon had always been that Castle & Jacinda, the flight attendant from The Limey, had slept together - not that I liked this, I just thought that happened, But I read a handful of theories from people saying they DIDN’T think he slept with her and I started to get ideas, and then this ficlet happened. Enjoy!

Kate Beckett walked from the bedroom to the kitchen of her apartment while shielding a yawn with the palm of her hand. Damn, was it really only ten-fifteen? It felt later. Then again, she had a more interesting evening than she’d had in recent weeks. Months, actually. A British-Secret-Agent-filled evening, to be exact.

She liked him; Colin Hunt. He was interesting, not to mention easy on the eyes.

In another time or in another place maybe they could have been something. A one night stand. A weekend fling. Something more? Anything was possible, but when he offered to buy her a second drink she knew the implication was there. A second drink. An implied offer to switch his flight to the following day. She was a grown woman—she knew how it worked—and that was exactly why she turned him down. Politely, of course.

Something was going on with Castle; something odd. She knew that having anything more than one drink with Colin Hunt would only be a response to Castle doing whatever he was doing with his flight attendant cohort and she wasn’t that person; not anymore. She didn’t want to run or hide from her feelings…except, what were her feelings? At that exact moment, she wasn’t sure.

A few days earlier, she’d been ready to have a conversation with Castle about the possibility of them.

Well, okay, she’d been ready to muster up the courage to have a conversation with Castle about them. She didn’t want them to circle until the fumes died out. She wanted the match to strike while things were still hot. Despite what Lanie theorized she refused to believe it. She and Castle still had a spark, despite what the events of the prior few days said to the contrary.

They had to talk it out. As scary—as terrifying—as it would be she knew she had the muster the courage to talk to him—her partner. They could get through this; they could figure things out. They had to.

Kate took two steps from the kitchen to the sitting area of her apartment. She decided for the rest of that evening she would do what she did best: sit on her couch and obsess. Only this time it wouldn’t be about a murder victim or an unsolved case (rare as they were) but to review the prior few weeks in her mind to look for clues as to why her partner might be pulling away from her.

Before she could take a third step, her trajectory was interrupted by a knock at her apartment door. Curious, she spun around and wrinkled her forehead in the direction of her entry way. After ten o’clock on a week night? She certainly wasn’t expecting any guests. Silently hoping whoever it was would go away quickly, Kate wrapped her robe tighter around her body and padded her way to the doorway.

Peering out the peephole, she immediately recognized the mop of brown hair blocking most of her line of sight. Her partner stood with his chin dropped to his chest, obscuring most of his face, but she’d recognize his body anywhere. Her brow remaining in its furrowed state, she unlatched the locks on her door and pulled it open with surprise. Before she could even open her lips, he spoke.

“We need to talk.”

It did not take her any more syllables from him to realize one very clear thing: Castle was not sober. Not even close, if his slurred words were any indication. Annoyed, she inquired “Castle, are you drunk?” though she wasn’t sure why; she already knew the answer.

“No. Maybe. Possibly. I don’t know.” Came his quick-fire response as he stepped into the apartment past her. He ran into the wall by her kitchen and his hip bumped against a table she had there. It clattered against the wall, but he didn’t seem to notice. He continued on his path, careening next into her kitchen island, though it was sturdy enough not to move.

Her arms folding a bit tighter over her chest, Kate shoved the door shut and followed him. “Why are you drunk? Why are you here?” She was not entirely sure which question she deemed to be more important at that juncture, which was why she asked them together.

As she stepped into the kitchen, he righted himself and looked at her properly for the first time. Despite his hair being a bit less perfectly quaffed than usual and his eyes slightly more bloodshot he did not look too much worse for the wear. In fact, he looked quite steady as he stared her down. His voice was even and his words only minimally jumbled as he said, “I was going to sleep with Jacinda, but then I didn’t.” After a beat he added, “Because of you.”

His words hit her harder than the bullet to her heart.



That was…


She took a step to her right and leaned back against the kitchen counter, letting those words sink in for a moment. Castle was going to have sex with his flight attendant friend, but didn’t because of her. Immediately, dozens of questions formed by her investigator brain flew into her mind. Because he was standing there telling her that, they didn’t actually have sex, did they? They never had. And did that mean he hadn’t had sex with others? In recent months, that was. Also because of her? What specifically about her had stopped him? And how did all of this relate to his inebriated state?

While Kate continued to process through these questions in her mind, Castle continued.

“We were going to do it, Beckett. We were in her hotel room—naked. And then you.” He jabbed his meaty index finger in her direction. “You were in my head.” He pointed that index finger towards his temple. “I’m so mad at you—so mad! But you were in there and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it so I left.”

“And found a bar?” she ventured. Truthfully, she had to say something—something light—as the mental image of Castle and Jacinda in flagrante delicto danced nauseatingly through her mind.  

Castle shot her a rather snide expression before pacing around her kitchen island. “I was just so pissed—so pissed. At you. And me. But mostly at you.”

“Why are you angry with me?” Kate asked him, surprised at how calmly her voice came out of her mouth. She had not been blind to the level of animosity Castle showed towards her interaction with the handsome Brit, but was that the reason he was angry at her? Annoyed at her seemed plausible, but for someone as generally docile as Castle to emphasis how furious he was that hardly seemed a strong enough reason.

Leaning against the opposite side of her island, he stared her down. “I heard what you said. Last week in interrogation. I heard you say that you remember everything from your shooting.”

Kate’s heart took a nosedive towards her toes.  Her chin dropped to her chest and she sighed out, “Oh, Castle…” No, no, no, her brain chanted. Not like that; she didn’t want him to find out like that. She had gotten pretty worked up in that interrogation, not even thinking about what she was saying or that he could have been listening. When he didn’t bring it up, she didn’t even consider that he heard her…but it all made sense! All of it! That’s when he’d turned a cold shoulder to her; that’s when things had shifted between them.  

Before she could muster up any sort of apology he continued, acid and self-loathing evident in his voice. “And I’m such a fool, because here I’ve been. Waiting. I thought I was waiting for something Beckett—waiting for us. And I would have waited. I would have waited longer…for you. But…” He shook his head, his lips pouting in revulsion. “You don’t want me, do you, Kate?”

“Castle-” She tried to interrupt as her stomach churned, but he didn’t give her the opportunity.

“I mean, that’s why you lied to me, isn’t it? To spare my feelings.”  He paused to look away from her. “And to think all these months I just followed you around like an idiot—a fool.”

“Castle hold on a second-”

He refused to listen to her protest; he’d wasted too much time being the one who always had to back down. Turning back to her, he said with a surprising amount of force, “Well I’m done. Tonight was the last straw—this has to end. My mother said I couldn’t just switch off my feelings and still work with you. I guess she was right,” he admitted with no small amount of irritation.

He took two steps towards her, staring her down. “But before I walk away, I just want to know why. Why Kate? If you didn’t have feelings for me, why didn’t you just tell me? After all we’ve been through did you really think I deserved to be hurt that way? Just tell me why, Kate. Please.”

Any remaining intact pieces of Kate’s heart shattered at the sound of his voice breaking on the final word he spoke. The wateriness of his eyes shot daggers through her soul. This wasn’t her Castle; not the man who had become her rock, her solid ground over the years. Not the man who lifted her up and gave her something to look forward to each day. This was a broken man; a man who’d had his heart torn from his chest. It was hard enough to see the man she cared about in such a state. Knowing she was the cause of his pain made it a thousand times worse.

“Are you going to let me talk now?” she asked gently.

He bobbed his head, submitting once more to the alcohol-filled fuzzy feeling in his brain. “Yes.”

“Good.” She crossed the kitchen and walked to the refrigerator, pulling from it a bottle of water. She gestured with one arm towards the couch in the adjoining room and tossed him the water with the other. “Now sit down. And drink this.”

They walked together to the other room and she watched as he took a few hearty gulps of the clear liquid before sitting down. Kate walked a bit slower, wringing her hands together, trying to form the right words in her mind. God, how had everything become such a mess?

By keeping the truth from Castle, she’d hurt him. She’d hurt the person she cared most about in the world, which was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. The ironic thing was that she originally kept her knowledge of what he said from him in order to save his feelings; protect him—from her. She didn’t want to hurt him; she didn’t want to break his heart. She knew doing so would do irreparable damage to her own, which was why she wanted to wait—why she needed to wait—until she knew she was one hundred percent ready.

In hindsight, she realized she’d waited too long. She would have been ready sooner, especially if she explained her feelings, her uncertainties to him. If there was anyone in her life who would have been kind and understanding, she knew it would have been him. But she couldn’t change the past. She simply had to do her best to convey her feelings to him then, which wasn’t easy, especially since she feared it would be her only chance.

Kate sat at the opposite end of the couch from her partner, tucking one leg underneath her and gathering her robe around her lap. She faced him and took a deep breath. “Castle, I never meant to hurt you. And you’re right—I shouldn’t have lied. That was wrong. But you have to understand: it was all too much for me. I was shot, I nearly died, I could barely process that let alone how you felt about me. I needed time. Admittedly, I may have taken too much.”

She paused for a moment to collect her thoughts. Seeing that he was staring at her intently, she continued. “I guess…I guess I was just comfortable and scared. I love our partnership the way it is and I thought…well maybe if we tried to change it—tried to make it more—it wouldn’t work out and then we wouldn’t have anything.”

“So…,” he began slowly, his fuzzy brain attempting to process the meaning behind her words, “you do have feelings for me or you don’t?”

She bit her bottom lip. “I don’t not have feelings for you.”

He cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips. “Kate I’m drunk; I can’t decipher double negatives.”

A smile flooded her face and, much to her surprise, she did not find her next confession to be scary at all. “I do have feelings for you. In fact, just a few days ago—right before this last case—Lanie was over here and she convinced me to tell you about them. I was, too, but that’s when you showed up with Jacinda.”

“Oh. Right.” He muttered, internally kicking himself. Showing up at a crime scene with his Ferrari and hot young friend in tow? Smooth move, Idiot.

Kate scooted a bit closer to him on the couch. “You really didn’t sleep with her? Because, you know, technically I can’t get mad at you if you did.” She probably didn’t even have a right to ask given that they had no official romantic affiliations, but she just couldn’t stop herself. Even if the answer would break her heart, she still wanted to know.

He shook his head and reached out for her hand. “I didn’t. I swear I didn’t.”

Relief taking over her, Kate leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Castle neck. Though he initially smelled strongly of liquor, being that close to him mean she could smell the remnants of his oh-so-perfect Castle scent against his neck. She breathed it in as he looped his arms around her back and she realized that in that moment all was right with the world.

If Castle had slept with Jacinda, she would not have been mad. Well, okay, she probably would have been initially, but she would have forced herself to get over it, because any anger would have been unfounded, particularly after hearing Castle’s viewpoint of her hiding what she remembered about her shooting from him. It upset her that he ever thought she didn’t have feelings for him, as that could not have been further from the truth, but she knew they would get past it—together.

Almost as though he had read her mind, Castle asked gently, “So what now?”

After a few more seconds of closeness, Kate pulled back and pushed herself up off the couch. “Now I get you a blanket and pillow—you’re sleeping on the couch.”

Immediately, he protested. “Oh no Kate I’m fine, really. I can get a cab.”

She eyed him suspiciously. “Are you sure.”

He nodded. After finishing off the bottle of water he held, he assured her, “I’ll be fine.”

She took the bottle from him and tossed it into her recycle bin before meeting him back at her apartment door. He reached out his hand toward the handle, but stopped short. Turning back to her he asked cautiously, “Could we…could we maybe go on a date sometime?”

A slow, easy smile crossed her face. “I’d like that.”

His expression mirrored hers. “I’d like that too.” Then, he leaned in, pressed a kiss against the top of her head, and said, “Goodnight, Kate.”


“Hey, I was wondering what time you want me to pick you up for the party tonight?” Shawn mentioned as you lazily held the phone up to your ear waking up. Your tired senses drilled up suddenly alert.
“Uh…yeah, yeah I almost forgot about that…” You replied your voice still groggy.
“You still wanna go right, y/n?” He checked. Despite your sweaty palms you nodded as though he could see you.
“Yeah, of course I do! I mean I haven’t seen Matthew in a while so…” You trailed feigning your excitement. Parties weren’t typically your thing especially the party he was talking about. This was the biggest party of the year; right ahead of the winter break blowout it topped off as the ultimate annual summer kick off bash. You were glad you worked your way out of the winter break blowout by getting Shawn to come skiing with you at a resort for the weekend. But you had promised him way back then you would attend this party; the only reason you promised was because you were hoping it would go away by then. The fear; the grief, the threat you felt in such a big unattentive crowd.
“Great! What time then?” He was relieved clearly.
“Uh…How’s nine sound?” You even try to put on a facade for yourself at this point; it didn’t work.
“Awesome. I’ll see you tonight, y/n.” The click of the phone sounded and you ran a nervous hand through your hair and covered your face.
“God…Oh God, why did I agree to this?” You groan to yourself. Walking into your bathroom you faced yourself in the mirror. “I…Can do this…I can…I can do this…” You smiled hysterically. It would be hard but you had to make it through this; just for tonight, just for Shawn.
After taking a shower, drying your hair, eating some cold pasta and raw veggies with ranch for lunch, you found your outfit and poked around on pinterest to find a way to do your hair. DIY’s were one of your favorite things that came off the internet and you wanted a relaxing day to prepare for the coming night. Around eight you started to pace by the door dawning on a simple outfit to ensure no attention would be drawn to you; you really wanted a quiet evening in with Shawn at his place preferably so you could have a glass of wine. Soon it had been an hour you had been stressing about this and you jumped when you saw Shawn’s car pull up. You sighed shakily one last time and got in the passenger seat next to him.
“Hey…” You said nervously giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Hey,” He said smiling at you. You were silent on the drive to Matt’s house trying not to come off as nervous or shaky to Shawn. You didn’t want him to know; know how weak you were or how broken you felt. You held onto his arm as you walked into the party together.
“Try not to lose me?” You asked hopefully to him.
“Just hold on.” He smiled charmingly at you gesturing to your arm. You forced a bit of a laugh out as you both searched for Matt anxiously wanting to see him. The sooner you saw him the sooner you’d have a reason to go. At least in your eyes that was it.
“Hey guys!” You heard from behind you. Turning you around Shawn grinned and gave one of those weird bro hugs to each other. “Y/n, what’s up?!” He exclaimed in noticing you squeezing your small stature.
“Matt! It’s been way too long, why haven’t I seen you in forever?!” This opened up a conversation from him that ended with Shawn leaving in the middle to get a drink and had him wrap up by saying he was going to find some other guy you didn’t recognize the name of. You followed Matt with your eyes as he went across the yard to talk to his friend. You could’ve sworn the same hand was on your shoulder as a year ago; you turned around unable to let out the scream inside you. Good thing though; no one was really there. Everyone around you; you were certain it was here; it was going to show up again. It would do the same thing…nothing could stop it. Your breath caught in your throat and you grabbed a chair to stand trying to balance yourself so you could walk or run away. You weren’t sure where was safe but you had to be alone; find somewhere to hide until it stopped.
The same tightening in your chest began and it became hard to breathe. You found a rather empty hallway and slid down the wall drawing your knees into your chest. Black spots were dotting your vision; the world was going silent as it spun blurrily around you with the exception of a small ringing. Your body shook with tremors as you tried to catch your breath.
Death…it…all of it’s coming back…no…no it can’t do that again…it can’t because I’m going to die…right here…right-
“Y/n? Y-…y/n? Oh my…Oh my God…” Shawn’s form appeared to be in front of you but you didn’t feel like he was really there; nothing was really there. Just the image; the image of it. It coming near you; it hurting you again. “Y/n. I need you to-to calm down. That’s all; you’re okay. I’m going to pick you up, okay?” He swung his arms underneath your knees and proceeded to a back bedroom setting you on the bed in his lap. He knew Matt wouldn’t mind. You clutched his shirt collar tight trying to slow your breaths; you just couldn’t.
“Sh-Shawwwnn-uhhh….” You drawled out with breaths.
“Shh, y/n just count to ten with me. Slow breaths. Just go slow. One….two…three…it’s working you’re doing great, four….five…six…seven…eight…you’re safe I promise…nine…ten…” He continued this string of words twice more before your breathing finally slowed the the spinning as well. Your grip on him loosened and you lay back on the bed. There was a moment of silence before the sobs came; each racked your body with pain, embarrassment, and shame. You tried to bury your face in his chest hoping to avoid the question. He stroked your hair in silence…. “Y/n…it’s okay. It’s okay, I promise….” He repeated over and over.
“No…no it’s not…because-because now you know what I’m really like. I’m a freaked out mess of a girl who’s broken and dirty and…and…” You couldn’t go on any further as the sobs were too much.
“Y/n, what are you talking about? You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. And now you’re even more beautiful…now…now I know you hold yourself together everyday. You’re stronger than I’ll ever believe y/n…” He insisted. The sobs were slowing to every once in a while but they were still coming; your chest felt like a demon had tried to rip through it.
“B-but…Shawn…you don’t know…” You whispered wrapping your arms around him to draw him as close as possible. Your head fell onto his chest due to your small size.
“Know what?”
“I…don’t know if I can tell…he told me not to-to t-t-tell…he said if…if I did…he-he…he’d come back…” You shivered at the thought of it coming back.
“Who? I can help y/n, I’ll protect you forever I swear. Nothing will hurt you as long as I’m around.”
“Alright…but you have to promise not to tell.” You looked up at him sharply with begging tear filled eyes.
“Y/n…you know I can’t promise that. If you need help, I’m going to get you help.”
“I don’t need help!” You yelled loudly with instant regret.
“From the looks of what just happened in the hall, you might.” Shawn kept calm and you stared into his eyes for a moment before taking a shaky breath.
“O-okay…it was last year…here actually…someone told me to try this drinking game and…and it just got out of hand. My mind wasn’t nearly as affected as my-…my physical being. I mean it took longer for me to think and stuff but it wasn’t like black out wasted…anyways…there was…there was this guy. He told me he was going to come put me to sleep because I was so drunk…” You took a shaky breath again. This story was the one that haunted your dreams; the nightmare was the face of the monster. “I came back to that other room and…he…he started kissing me. All over and he wouldn’t stop. I tried to push him but I couldn’t and once I finally thought of screaming I was so scared and drunk that I couldn’t…I didn’t even…I just thought he…I thought he was going to make out with me and leave. I…I was so beyond wrong.” You shivered the memory of him pushing you onto the bed clear as the day of today was. “He started to pin me down and…he hurt me. He took-…he…he raped me. I didn’t think that would happen high school parties had always been so talked up and I was so excited but they’re wrong. These parties suck beyond imagination. Ever since that night all I can think about all I can dream about all I can picture is him. His…his god awful grin and his dark eyes…his…his big hands…I never want to see them but it’s all I can see. And that scares me…something’s wrong with me…I should’ve never gotten that wasted…it was so dumb. So fucking dumb. I could’ve fought him off if the stupid liquor hadn’t got me.” You snapped at yourself.
“Y/n.” Shawn’s voice snapped you out of your memories. His expression was soft; he didn’t look at you with pity or judgement. It was an understanding look. “You and I both know you wouldn’t have been able to have fought him.”
You nodded your head silently. “You’re not going to be hurt again. Let’s go it’s not fun here.” He helped you back up off the bed and to the car. He began to drive to the quiet side of downtown. It was around 11 now but he managed to find a late night diner and snagged you a booth ordering both of you Oreo shakes. You sat in silence for a moment before he spoke.
“Y/n?” This caused you to look up feeling shame and regret. Telling him was a mistake; you should’ve lied or something. “What do you want to do?”
“We could go back to your place and watch a movie?” You suggested.
“No I mean…about what you told me.”
Your voice went hollow, “Oh…nothing. I just…I just need to get over it.”
“Y/n…it’s been a year. I think that plan has come and gone. I think…I think you should report this guy.” He suggested squeezing your hand. You got up immeadietly.
“N-no! No way. If I report him I have to see him again. I can’t do that I just can’t!”
“Y/n, this is serious. I mean how often have you been having these panic attacks?” He dueled back. You let out a big exhale and balled your hands into fists.
“You have no right to ask-!”
“Yes I do!”
“Y/n I’m worried about you!” He yelled. A sudden silence fell upon the practically empty diner. “Y/n someone hurt you. I don’t want to be the only one behind you if someone comes back. You deserve everyone’s protection possible. It’s not fair for you to have to go through this with bare minimum.” He explained. The calmity was gone; he was close to being as panicked as you.
“But…what if it’s not enough?”
“It will be. Everything will be better; the…the things-”
“Shawn…I know…I know I have panic attacks. I want them to go away.”
“I’ll be there every step of the way.” He promised.
“O-okay…let’s do this.” You said shakily walking out of the diner. You grabbed his hand and looked up at him in the doorway. “Together?”

Cullen/Mage Trevelyan: Scene Eighteen

Scene Eighteen
This Scene SFW
Angst angst and more angst.

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