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     atlanta 1996 // london 2012 // rio 2016 

         olympic team gold

i remember being in high school.. laying in bed every single night until i’d fall asleep, praying. i was never really that religious but… there was something i wanted so desperately: a boy. just one boy. to prove me wrong. to take away all the confusion and the fear. one boy who i could fall in love with and be able to tell myself, “i’m not gay after all.”
i know you understand, you’re the one living it.
this is version number 3,456 of this letter. there’s so much i know that you need to hear. but you and i both know the truth, and even though only one of us has ever said it out loud i know it’s the only thing you’re ever really thinking about. it’s the reason you feel sick before volleyball practice, why you can’t focus in school, and why you sit in your car as long as you can before coming inside every night. it’s the reason you can’t fall asleep, and the reason sometimes, you’d rather not wake up…
you had this whole idea of what your life was gonna be. so did your parents. i mean every one thinks they know who you are, and you’re so scared that you’re gonna disappoint them, that you’re gonna lose them. you’re gonna realize that it feels so much better to have one person really know you and love you, than to have 100 people love you, and never really know you. i know it’s scary to feel so out of control of a huge part of your life. i know that the world feels so big and you feel completely alone. i know you’d give absolutely anything to change this. i know you’re hurting.
all i want to do is reach through and give you a hug and let you know that everything is going to be okay. but listen to me when i say: the struggle you’re going through right now is gonna make you who you are. it’s gonna make you so strong. it’s gonna make you so proud. they say sadness is just the absence of happiness, the more you hurt only means the stronger you’ve ever felt love. consider yourself lucky.
one day soon all of the anxieties and sleepless nights are gonna make the sound sleeps you’ll have more beautiful than some people could ever understand. you’re going to appreciate every. little. thing. there’s one thing i believe in this world more than anything, everyone deserves to fall in love. you deserve to fall in love. and not to ruin the surprise, but.. you’re going to. you’re gonna get to fall in love with a girl and it’s going to feel like your heart is on fire. listen, you’re just gonna have to trust me on that because there’s really no words to describe it. i’m going to tell you a secret. of course, you’ll figure this out on your own but, one day you’re gonna go into the abyss, and you’re gonna set up a little camp with a tall white flag: surrendering yourself to who you are. and one day other people in that abyss, just like you, they’re gonna see that flag, and you’re gonna help them surrender to themselves who they truly are. and even though i know it sucks not having a flag to guide you, your flag’s gonna guide others and you will never feel more proud of anything. it turns out you’re not so different, and you’re definitely not alone. i know you don’t feel this way right now, but, i love you.
—  shannon beveridge

“Why aren’t you a pretty young thing, how would you like to come with me and my friends?..No? Well you don’t have a choice now do ya”

Short lil Negan imagine cause it’s 2 days!!!!! I know i’m missing Rosita, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Aaron from the line up but tumblr wouldn’t allow any more gifs. Hope you like it. Much love xox

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I Miss Our Talks

Requested by: @willowing-love (aka my fav angsty queen)

Drabble Prompts: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her” AND “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: angst to fluff

A/N: that awkward moment when youre supposed to be writing a drabble and it turns into a fucking oneshot. *WHOOPS*

“Where’s Cas?” you asked, looking around the room and seeing no one but the brothers.

“With Meg,” Dean muttered, staring at Sam’s laptop screen.

You felt a pang in your chest, clenching your jaw at Dean’s reply.

Fucking Meg.

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[This fic was requested by the beautiful (and fucking lucky) @dreamf0rtress69 (she knows why she is lucky) I hope you all enjoy this cheese fest. MERRY CHRISTMAS)]

 I fumbled around in my purse for my list with a few bags of Christmas gifts on each arm. I loved this time of year, I loved the lights and the snow and the giving it was wonderful. With my focus on my bag I ended up walking right into someone and I was quick to apologize.
           "Hey, you dropped this!“
           They called after me and I turned back around. The guy in question was beautiful, it was the only word I could think to describe him with his long ombre hair and eyes that seemed like any attempt to describe them would fall short. They weren’t simply blue, they weren’t simply anything, they just were. My gaze moved to my list in his hand and I shook my head to clear it, smiling.
           "Thank you, I’m really sorry, I’d probably lose my head if it wasn’t attached,” I murmured, taking the paper from him.
           "Yeah,“ he said, his tone laced with amusement, “I probably would too, what’s your name?”
           "Oh, [Your first and last name], it’s nice to meet you,“ I extended my free hand and he shook it.
           "Jared Leto,”
           He looked at me for a second in a strange way that I didn’t quite understand and then after a few seconds a curious glint lit his eyes.
           "It’s nice to meet you Jared and here,“ I reached into one of my bags and pulled out a thick candy cane and handed it to him.
           "Happy Holidays,” I smiled at him again, part of me wanted to talk to him more, flirt a little, but another part of me was scared of making an ass of myself.
           "Thank you,“ he murmured.
           I turned to leave again but he decided to do the hard work for me, “Hey, Y/N?”
           "I umm,” he scratched his beard, “You seem to be better at this than me,” he gestured to my shopping bags.
           "In fact, I don’t even know where to begin. So if you’re up for it, I could use some help finding something for my brother,“ he said.
           I looked away for a minute before deciding to say fuck it and take my chances with the hot guy.
           "New to London?”
           He smirked, “I’ve been here a few times, but I’m not a local.”
           I pursed my lips, “My car is just down the road, let me drop my bags off and I’ll help you.”
           He moved then, taking the bags on my right arm from me and I thanked him.
           "So what brings you to London, Jared?“ I asked.
           "Just visiting, actually, I usually come here for work.”
           "Oh? What do you do?“
           I pulled out my keys and pressed the button to pop the trunk and we set my bags inside.
           "I’m an entertainer,”
           "Oh, like a theatre performer, or a male stripper?“
           He laughed then, really laughed, and it was a pleasing sound.
           "Umm, not quite,”
           "Hey, no judgement here, I’m all for it. The stripping thing though, I can totally see it,“ I shut the trunk and we began to walk again back toward the shops.
           "What about you, what do you do?”
           "I’m a [insert current occupation or desired occupation here],“
           "And how do you like it?” he asked.
           "I like it a lot actually, I was thinking of doing some travelling once the holidays are over. Do you like what you do?“
           He let out a breath, "I love it. What I do touches people; it brings people together and gives me a platform to be able to promote real change,”
           I looked over at him then even though his gaze was trained forward. I really, really liked his answer. Usually when people ask each other that question there’s that look of defeat as they state they like it because of the money or they don’t like it at all. His answer was really nice though, very humbling. He walked with such a confidence and I found myself looking quickly away as my cheeks warmed and my heart rate picked up.
           I slipped into one of the shops and held open the door.
           "So what does your brother like?”
           "Oh, umm, he likes a lot of things actually. For starters…“

           ***Jared’s P.O.V***

           She had one of the greatest laughs I’d ever heard. It was a genuine laugh, one that was unapologetic and never forced. She’d snort too if she laughed too hard and it would embarrass her, I could tell in the way her cheeks would get rosy but she played off her embarrassment well. I did not anticipate tonight being this much fun, I just kind of had a feeling about her and I went with it.
           "I think this is Shan, 100%,”
           Her hands flew to her mouth and she glanced back at the woman who wasn’t paying attention behind the counter, before she held her purse up in front of me.
           "Take that off and put your shirt back on,“ she hissed but her laughter was creeping through and breaking the seriousness of her tone.
           "What? Do you think the snowflakes are too much?” I asked in a softer, more feminine tone of voice.
           "The nipple tassels on that bra are lovely but I don’t think that shade of blue would be his colour,“ she choked on her laughter and quickly shoved me back through the curtain of the change room but I dragged her with me.
           "What? I think it’s sexy, I mean the padding says classy yet comfortable and the tassels just scream freak in the sheets,”
           "Take it off,“ she laughed, tears were streaming down her cheeks.
           "Why?” I let my hands drift down my sides as I rolled my hips suggestively, “Am I distracting you?”
           "You’re a fucking- jesus, I can’t, you are obviously insane. Come on,“ She reached around me without thinking and my smile fell away as a result of how close she was.
           Her perfume was light but heady, she was still laughing as she unclasped the bra, her hands were freezing, but her laughter cut off when she pulled back and looked up at me. She was beautiful, that had been one of the first things I noticed when she came crashing into me, her smile was infectious and made it impossible not to immediately like her and her eyes were the most radiant shade of [insert your eye colour].
           Reaching out I trailed my thumb down her cheek and along her jaw. Her lips parted and she closed the distance between us, our lips meeting in a curious and gentle caress which slowly escalated into more.

           ***Y/N’s P.O.V***

           When he pulled away slightly my eyes remained closed and I let out a shaky breath before opening them. He was looking down at me with an intense and pleased look in his eyes and my heart squeezed.
           "I gotta say, the nipple tassels have become infinitely more attractive,”
           He laughed again, shrugging the bra off and pulling his clothes back on which was a sin but I wasn’t going to say that. I didn’t really know what to say, I had kissed a perfect stranger and I wanted to do it again, I wanted to do it until he wasn’t a stranger to me anymore.
           "So where are we going ne-“
           Gripping the lapels of his coat I leaned up on my tiptoes and kissed him again and I felt him smile into it. His lips were so soft, warm, and confident, his tongue even more so.
           "Right, next,” I pulled away breathlessly and walked out of the change room.
           Gladyss whom I had known since I was just a little thing smirked at me from behind the counter before returning to her book and I blushed furiously.

           ***            "Everything will be closing now and all you got were striped socks,“
           We sat in a cafe drinking hot chocolate and eating vegan pancakes. He sipped his hot chocolate and shrugged with a smirk. I narrowed my eyes at him.
           "You didn’t really need my help, did you?” I asked.
           He shrugged again with that damn smirk still on his face.
           "Why did you ask me to help you then?“
           "I thought you’d be interesting,”
           "And did I disappoint?“ I asked, arching a brow.
           "Not at all, you know how to have fun,”
           Letting that boost my ego a couple of notches I took another bite of our pancakes.
           "So, I’ve realized something,“
           He swallowed a bite of the pancakes, "Oh? And what’s that?”
           "You’re quite famous, aren’t you?“
           He itched his beard, "Sometimes,”
           "You’ve had at least ten people come up to you and you said you were an entertainer. So are you a comedian or an actor?“
           "I do a bit of acting, a bit of singing too,”
           "Are you very successful then?“
           He smirked, "I do okay,”
           "That’s pretty awesome, I feel kind of rude for not really know-“
           "Don’t, really, it’s nice. I like it,” he waved it off, finishing the pancakes.
           I set some money on the table and he began to protest, “It’s almost Christmas, it’s fine superstar,”
           We got up and went back out into the cold. I dreaded the walk back to my car and the looming ‘what if’s’ that dangled over my head. Like what if I never saw him again and what if I did. When we arrived to my car I looked back at him.
           "Do you need a ride anywhere?“
           "No, it’s okay my hotel is just around the corner,”
           Oh. It took everything in me not to pout.
           "I had an amazing time tonight, thanks for not murdering me,“
           Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to be awkward I turned to get in my car and he cleared his throat. I looked back at him and somehow he managed to acquire some mistletoe.
           "I don’t make the rules,“ he said simply.
           I bit my lower lip to suppress another grin before he moved toward me, his eyes had gone from playful to serious and he tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. His lips pressed gently against mine and I wanted to capture the perfection of today and lock it away for safe keeping.
           "What if I want to see you again?” He whispered, resting his forehead against mine.
           I pulled out one of my cards and tucked it into his coat pocket, “Then come find me, Merry Christmas Mr. Leto,”
           "Merry Christmas, Ms. [Your Last Name],“
           I got into my car, waiting for it to warm up when my phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my bag.
           "What are you doing December 26th?”
           I looked out the windshield at Jared who was a bit further now but I could see that he was smiling with his phone in his hand.
           "What exactly do you have to offer that would be better than my plans?“ I actually had no plans but what I sent sounded better.
           "Nipple tassels,”
           I burst out laughing, unable to help it.
           "Sold ;p”
           "Until then.“
           Yeah… until then. I waited until he was gone before I decided to do something else. Opening the internet app on my phone I typed in his name. 

6 Reasons to Read The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

As you may or may not know, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is one of my favorite high fantasy series.  If you love fantasy like I do and are looking for a thrilling, thought-provoking series, I would definitely recommend these.  Below I’ve listed a few reasons you should give this series a try.

Location:  The books are set in London, but in a futuristic, dystopian London called Scion London.  Obviously, London provides a variety of interesting settings in the book, and provides the perfect backdrop for the intrigue and darkness of the plot.  Scion London completely captivated me

Diversity:  The books are extremely diverse.  There are both LGBTQ and POC characters.  They are given as much development and respect as any other character, and they are an integral part of the book.

Strong Female Characters:  The protagonist of the books, Paige, is a kickass female character.  She’s is strong, stubborn, and intelligent.  She is not a damsel in distress, and she fights for what she believes is right.  If nothing else, read this book for a female lead who is not written as perfect.  She has character flaws and sometimes makes bad decisions.  But she overcomes these and sticks to her beliefs.

World-Building:  The world-building in these books will Blow. You. Away.  Trust me.  The world that Samantha Shannon has created is truly mind-blowing.  You become completely and totally immersed in this strange, dark world that she has created.  It’s one of those books where you feel weird when you stop reading it, because your own world doesn’t really feel that real anymore.

Uniqueness:  The book is so completely original.  It might take you about 50 pages or so to get into the rhythm of it, but once you do, you will be so impressed with how different it is from every other fantasy book.  Shannon has created a totally new world, a new language and slang, and characters unlike anything I have ever read before.

The Sequel:  The last reason to read The Bone Season is this:  its sequel, The Mime Order is even better than the first one.  I know.  That never happens.  But it is.

So, there you go.  What more do you need?  Read this book.  You won’t regret it!  And the third one in the series comes out next year, so you have plenty of time to read the first two before then!

1. Barb Meets Mia: Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser, who plays the fan-adored Barb in the Netflix series, was completely star shocked to run into Emma Stone backstage. The starlet approached the La La Land star and told her, “You don’t know who I am, but…” to which Emma replied, “You’re Barb!” Shannon then gushed, “I just love you so much” and the newfound friends snapped a photo together. Aww. Just a few minutes before, Stone told Purser’s co-star David Harbour that she “absolutely loved” his politically-charged acceptance speech. Ms. Stone also had reunion with her The Help co-star Viola Davis as they passed each other backstage. “We’re all here,” Stone said to Davis while pointing to Octavia Spencer.
To the entire Carmilla cast

I hope that you are doing well and i just want to take a moment to say thank you for making my bad day’s into good days and my good days into great days. You have helped me more than you will ever know, you have changed my life and I couldn’t ask for a better cast. You are all so inspirational, you mean so much to me and I love you.

Thank you.


“We should do this more often Damon” your words slurred as you gripped onto Damon’s hand dancing around the hall of his massive house like crazy people, Damon raised the bottle to his lips taking a big gulp before giving you the bottle with raised eyebrows. “We do this nearly every night Y/N” he let out loud laugh as he continued to dance about as you finished the bottle, you were passed being just drunk right now you were hammered and so was Damon. You continued to jump about and shout till early hours of the morning before Stefan came home sending you both to bed, knowing fully well the pain you were in store for very soon.

heyyy, so i changed my header but i don’t know how i feel about it so there is a possibility i’ll be changing it back. Much love xox.

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My Pizza Man

Requested by: @castieltrash1

Drabble Prompts: “Wait a second, are you jealous?” AND “You know, it hurt when I realized you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

Pairing: Cas x Reader

A/N: this one’s a liiittle bit longer than a drabble, so I put most of it under the cut. enjoy!

NSFW Warning


“I learned that from the pizza man,” Cas said, finally pulling away from Meg.

Sam and Dean stared at the two of them with wide eyes and jaws hanging open in shock. You, however, watched with glassy eyes, tears threatening to spill as your hands clenched into fists at the sight of them. Not trusting yourself to speak without your voice breaking, you marched off, walking away from all of them and ignoring their shouts as the boys called after you.

“Y/N, you can’t just take off like that,” Dean said as he jogged up next to you.

“And Cas can’t just suddenly make out with a demon when we’re in the middle of a mission,” you snapped, wiping your eyes as you leaned against the wall.

Dean watched you for a moment, the gears turning in his head before he finally spoke up. “Wait a minute, are you jealous?”

“Shut up, Dean,” you grumbled, walking away.

Later that night, back at the bunker, you buried your face in your pillow, sighing. Of fucking course he likes a demon. That’s just fucking great, isn’t it? you thought.

“Y/N?” Cas’ voice came from behind your door, making you sigh. As mad at him as you were, you could never flat out ignore him.

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I remember being in high school, laying in bed every single night until I’d fall asleep, praying. I was never really that religious, but there was something i wanted so desperately – a boy. Just one boy, to prove me wrong, to take away all the confusion and the fear. One boy who I could fall in love with and be able to tell myself, ‘I’m not gay after all.’ I know you understand, you’re the one living it. … You and I both know the truth. … It’s the reason you can’t fall asleep, and the reason sometimes, you’d rather not wake up.
Jared Leto- One Shot

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(y/f/n)= your friend’s name

(y/n) your name

Imagine meeting Jared Leto at comic con


‘This is so cool, I love coming here it’s full of weirdos like me!’ Say (y/f/n)

‘yeah it is” you reply


‘Dude why are we here again?’ Shannon asked his brother for what feels like the millionth time

‘Oh come one man embrace the weirdness’ Jared told his brother

‘But do we have to be the joker and frost?’

‘You got a better idea to attract an awesome new potential friend?’

Shannon mumbles something along the lines of no and sighs dramatically

‘So what exactly are we looking for?’


‘God wouldn’t it be so cool to find someone who dressed as the joker and is hot comes up to us?’

‘It would be cool, unrealistic, but cool’

You look to (y/f/n) with a smile on your face and slowly look around

‘By the way have I told you I am super jealous of how good you look as Harley Quinn?’

‘Yes, yes you have’

You look up and meet eyes with a pair of vibrant blue ones, you see that the guy you‘ve locked eyes with was dressed as the joker and laugh quietly to yourself. Your friend sees this and nudges you to indicate you should talk to him, knowing that you, yourself would never have enough courage to do it you take a deep breath and pretend you are brave like the queen of Gotham herself Harley Quinn.

You smile brightly and run with a skip in your step towards the joker.

‘Pudding’!!’ you squealed

‘I’ve missed you, I thought you had business?’

Jared smiles, a curious smile, but a smile none the less and goes along with the act.

‘Well doll face business finished early so I thought I might surprise you. SURPRISE!!’

You giggle with excitement, screaming yay and flinging yourself on to him and jump into his arms, your arms around his neck

Both men are shocked

You pull back and looked towards someone wearing a batman mask and say

‘Hey frosty, Mister J hasn’t been too harsh on you has he?’

Shannon turns towards his brother after chuckling to himself and telling him

‘Marry her’

You blush and try to calm yourself down this isn’t something you really do and for that to be blurted out so bluntly in front of you was just crazy.

Jared chuckles and decides to break character to properly introduce himself.

‘Hey I’m Jared’ he looks to you expectantly

‘(Y/n)’ you mutter back slightly shy

‘Nice to meet you (y/n)’

Shannon coughs obnoxiously loud, breaking your and Jared’s little moment

‘Shannon’ he introduces himself

You start to think why those two name together are familiar to you

‘Oh cool Jared and Shannon, like the Leto brothers? That’s cute’

Jared and Shannon turn towards each other slowly going from disbelief to amusement.

You see this and start to realise your mistake of course the only joker that actually looks good in this place would be the guy who played him and of course he would take his brother they are practically inseparable.

Before you can say anything a couple of people ran up and asked if they could get a photo with the joker and Harley Quinn, Jared already used to this type of thing, immediately says yes, you however were a little hesitant but after looking into the little girl who wanted the photo eyes you immediately said yes.

After the photo you both look to each other and smile but the little bubble was yet again popped but this time by (y/f/n)

‘Hey (y/n)!’ she says suggestively, you groan and role your eyes knowing that this can’t be good, before (y/f/n) has the chance to get to get to you and talk you turn towards the brothers and frantically whisper

‘Don’t listen to anything that comes from her mouth’

Hoping that your friend doesn’t say anything that will embarrass you in front of the Leto brothers.

‘How’s it going girl?’

‘You did not just say that’

‘I did it and I’m proud of it’

‘Are you, are you really?’

While this conversation was going on the brothers were getting more amused by the second what stopped (y/f/n) and you from your little argument was chuckling which turned into full blown laughter, you both slowly turned to face the brothers who looked to be in tears from their laughing.

At the same time you and (y/f/n) both say


Which you then turn towards each other and glare which also sends the boys into another fit of laughter.

You decided to let your Harley Quinn side come out. ‘Maybe they will stop laughing if I start flirting with one of them, let’s see their reaction.’

‘Pudding’ stop laughing at me or else I won’t give you a special present tonight’ that shut them right up

Both of the brothers have gobsmacked expression even (y/f/n) seemed shocked by what you said hell even you were shocked. Although you don’t have time to correct yourself because Jared gets back into joker mode.

‘Oh doll face that’s cute you think you have a say in what we are going to do’ Jared says with an evil yet sexy smirk

‘How is it that you can look so damn hot but be so damn evil at the same time?’

As a reply all he does is smirk at you and wink.

Part two?

890 words

PLEASE DON’T BITE: A mix for falling dangerously in love. (A gift for @kingsman-alpha)

01. I Found - Amber Run // 02. Moondust - Jaymes Young // 03. The Quiet - Troye Sivan // 04. Atlas - Shannon Saunders // 05. What If Love - Rhodes // 06. Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell // 07. Bite - Troye Sivan // 08. Strong - One Direction // 09. Strange Love - Halsey // 10. Shiver Shiver - Walk the Moon // 11. Something’s Gotta Give - OneRepublic // 12. Two More Minutes - Jaymes Young // 13.  Like I’m Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor (ft. John Legend) // 14. You Are In Love (Cover) - Travis Atreo // 15. With Love - Christina Grimmie


You had always been close to each Mikaelson sibling, each one loving you in some way whether it be the love of soulmates or more like a sibling. Your death rattled them drawing tears from even the coldest of the bunch, they truly cared about you and vowed to not stop until they found the person behind your death and make them suffer the same fate as you. Little did they know they didn’t have that far to look…

heyy guys, so thats a cliffhanger on the shortest paragraph ever lol, hope you guys like it i know its short but i’m a lazy arse lool..much love xox

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Never Again

Requested by: @relationshipyard

Drabble Prompts: “I waited and waited, but you never came back” AND “You know, it hurt when I realized you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her”

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: hope this was angsty enough for you! sorry it’s short :-(


“How could you have just left me like that?” you asked in disbelief, tears stinging your eyes as you looked at Dean.

“Y/N…” Dean began, but you cut him off.

“Right after Sam went in the pit and you just up and disappeared, I thought, ‘Oh, Dean will come back. He just needs some time.’ So I waited. I waited and waited, but you never came back,” you started, your voice cracking. “So I started looking. I looked everywhere for you, Dean. Called you on all your cell phones, but you didn’t pick up. I was worried sick about you. I had nowhere else to turn at this point, so I went to Lisa’s, just to ask if she had seen or heard from you.”

Tears were falling down your cheeks at this point, your eyes staring at the ground, shaking your head as you continued. “I got to the front door, ready to knock, when there you were. Sitting at a fancy dining room table having a nice family dinner with her and her kid. All this time, that’s where you were. I should’ve fucking known,” you chuckled bitterly.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, alright?” he tried to interject, but you were having none of it.

“Fuck you, Dean. Don’t give me any bullshit apologies; I know you don’t mean it,” you spat. You began walking away, ignoring the sound of Dean calling after you before turning around and facing him one more time. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

Dean’s eyebrows raised in surprise as his mouth fell open. “You love me?”

You clenched your jaw, wiping your tears. “Not anymore,” you lied, turning back around and walking away for good.

You wouldn’t let Dean Winchester hurt you ever again.

Luke//Babysitter Y/N smut (requested)

Okay so I’m another new writer for this blog, I’m Shannon and this is my first post here, hope y'all enjoy! :)



“Are you sure you don’t mind watching Sam for the whole weekend, Y/N?” Mrs Hemmings asked over the phone. “I know that you’re young and would probably much rather go out.”

“Of course it’s fine! I love watching Sam, he’s always brilliant for me and I’m sure he’ll enjoy having me there for the whole weekend,” I laughed, holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear to wipe down the counters. My lectures were done for the week and I wanted my apartment to be clean if I was going to be staying at the Hemmings’ for the weekend.

“Oh Y/N, you’re a star! You’ll be able to get here early tomorrow morning right? We’re leaving at nine.”

“That’s no problem, Liz! I can get there for eight thirty.”

“Brilliant. Thank you so much sweetheart! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Liz!”

I ended the call and placed my phone on the counter, letting out a deep breath and put my hair into a messy bun. I glanced around the room, the kitchen was clean and the lounge was clean, so I put my phone in my back pocket and headed upstairs to pack all my stuff for the weekend. I didn’t need to take much, mainly just underwear, makeup and my toothbrush. Liz always let me use the washing machine if need be and anything else I may need to use, so I wouldn’t have to take much clothes with me. I grabbed two pairs of leggings out of my drawers, two tank tops from the wardrobe, which were Iron Maiden and Slayer, a few pairs of underwear and socks and placed them all in my rucksack. I glanced at the time on the digital clock, 10:36 p.m. Deciding sleep would be good, I shimmied out of my jeans and slipped my bra off, plugging my phone on to charge and climbed under the covers. I heard the faint buzz of my phone so I checked it.

1 new text: Liz Hemmings, 10:41. Just a warning, Luke will be there all weekend. I’ve told him to make sure he behaves but you know what he’s like. See you tomorrow Y/N.

I groaned, dealing with Luke Hemmings all weekend is not something I’d like to do with my time. For some strange reason he does not like me one bit, and hates seeing me in his house. Well, he’s going to have to man up and deal with it.


“Have a lovely trip guys! We’ll see you Monday morning! Bye!” I held Sam in my arms as he waved at his parents, smiling at the blue eyed boy. He was always so pleasant, rarely difficult. I shut the door once they’d pulled out of the drive and looked at Sam. “What do you want to do now?” I asked.

“Spongebob!” He shouted excitedly, wiggling out of my arms and running into the lounge. As I started following him I heard the sound of the toilet flushing upstairs and groaned, it was far too early to deal with Luke. I sat on the sofa next to Sam and his favourite monkey teddy and watched the TV, but I was listening intently for Luke. He walked into the living dressed in nothing but joggers riding low on his hips and I rolled my eyes.

“Ugh, you’re here already,” he commented.

“That I am,” I replied dryly, not taking my eyes off the yellow sponge on the screen.

“Marvellous,” he added sarcastically, walking past the sofa to go to the kitchen.

“I’m hungry,” Sam mumbled. “Can you make me some pancakes please?”

“Of course petal.” I patted his head as I got up, slipping my phone into my bra and heading to the kitchen. Having been babysitting for Sam for two months, I knew where everything was and exactly what he liked. Opening the cupboards I began collecting the ingredients while I felt Luke’s eyes burn holes into the back of my head.

“Why do you have to be here?”

“Because I’m looking after Sam, which is something I rarely hear that you do,” I replied. I wasn’t in the mood for him this early.

“Don’t be so harsh, Princess.” I could hear the smirk in his voice. He knew how much I hated pet names, but never failed to use them to get under my skin.

“I’ll stop being harsh when you stop being a dick, Luke.”

“Touchy. Maybe if you weren’t a major bitch then I wouldn’t be a dick to you,” he snapped. I turned around, raising an eyebrow.

“Please inform me on how I’m a major bitch.”

“You just are. You’re a bitch, simple. And I bet you don’t even listen to Maiden.”

“Not that it’s any of your business but Maiden are my favourite band. Tell me, Luke, if I didn’t listen to them then why have I seen them live twice?”

I smirked at the silence that followed, using the spatula to get the pancakes out of the pan and onto the plate, spreading Nutella over them and slicing some strawberries to put on the side: just how Sam likes them. I took the plate into him then returned to the kitchen, where Luke was now sat on the counter.

“Don’t show off, it’s not attractive. Then again, you aren’t attractive anyway so it doesn’t matter.”

I bit my tongue, I refused to cause a scene with Sam in the lounge. It’s not exactly fun when someone comments on your appearance and tells you that you aren’t attractive. Oh how I’d love to wipe that smirk off Luke’s face.

“Prick,” I muttered under my breath, putting everything back in its place.

“What was that, Princess?” Luke muttered from behind me, his hands leaning on the counter each side of me. That boy really knew how to get under my skin.

“I called you a prick.”

I watched as he gripped the counter tighter, his knuckles turning slightly white.

“Watch your words, Princess.” Luke spoke lowly, leaning his head forward to whisper in my ear. Oh boy, this was going to be a long weekend.


“Come on, Sam, it’s bed time!” I smiled at the small boy who was curled up on the sofa, his eyes droopy.

“M'not tired,” he mumbled. I let out a giggle, scooping the boy up and carrying him upstairs. He nuzzled in to my shoulder, one hand holding his teddy and the other hand curling into a fist so he could suck his thumb. Thankfully he was already in his pyjamas so I could just place him in bed and leave him for the night. As I passed Luke’s room I could hear his music playing and I made a mental note to ask him to keep it down. I looked around Sam’s room, he had lots of Scooby Doo posters and his toys were all placed on a shelf, the floor completely spotless. For such a young age he did not like mess, and always spent a good hour cleaning his room everyday without even being asked. He’d had a long day and I’m not surprised he was as tired as he is. I decided it would be nice to take him out for the day, plus it meant I would not have to be around Luke for a few hours. So after Sam had eaten breakfast, he went up to get dressed and I began making him a packed lunch, as Luke had retreated back upstairs for the day. I took Sam to the park, bought him ice cream and took him to choose some new colouring books and pencils. He seemed to have really enjoyed himself. Once he was settled in bed and fast asleep, I quickly decided to send a text to Liz.

To: Liz Hemmings, 20:39. Hi Liz, Sam is in bed and sleeping. Everything here is fine and I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and left Sam’s room, closing the door but leaving a gap so the light outside would provide enough light in his room in case he woke to go to the toilet. I stood outside Luke’s room, taking a deep breath before knocking. I waited patiently, biting my lip before knocking again. Either he was blatantly ignoring me or he just hadn’t heard me, so I knocked once more before grabbing the handle to open his door. Luke was sat on his bed wearing nothing but boxers, his Xbox controller in his hand and his phone plugged in to his speakers. He still hadn’t noticed me.


“What?” He somewhat snapped, pausing the game and looking at me with annoyance. Suddenly I got really defensive.

“I was just gonna ask if you could turn down your music, Sam’s in bed and I don’t want to disturb him.”

“Oh,” he mumbled, pulling out the aux cable from his phone so the music silenced immediately. “Sorry, I didn’t realise the time.”

“It’s fine,” I breathed out deeply, standing awkwardly under Luke’s gaze. I stayed for a few moments before turning around to leave.


I froze, standing still in my half-turned around position. I heard shuffling from behind me so I glanced over my shoulder to see Luke sitting on the edge of his bed putting his joggers back on. “You don’t have to leave, Y/N.”

I must’ve looked confused because he let out a chuckle before standing up and making his way over to me. His hand gently touched my arm in a comforting way, although it had the opposite affect. Luke furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why do you look so skeptical?” He asked, almost offended.

“Why are you being nice to me?” I countered.

“You make out like I’m horrible to you,” he trailed off, the almost offended look staying on his face.

“Well you usually are, Luke,” I sighed.

“Just stay for a while, please? I wanna hang out.”

“Why all of a sudden, Luke? I’m sorry but you’ve been nothing but horrible to me through school and uni, when you’re with your friends or when I’m looking after Sam, so why now?” I was getting worked up, and there seemed to be no way to stop it.

“I just- I don’t have an excuse for my behaviour, and I’m sorry. I want to make changes to my life and I thought I’d start by making amends with you.”

The sincerity in his voice made me do probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever decided to do, but no more than 10 minutes later we were sat on his bed with snacks and Netflix on the TV screen. I mean, it was either stay with Luke and have company or sit downstairs on my own and I knew which one I’d prefer, being alone is not one of my favourite things.

I wasn’t even entirely sure what Luke had put on, I was so exhausted from uni the past week and taking Sam out that I felt myself slowly shifting until my head was on Luke’s shoulder. He did something to my surprise then, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me in. It felt nice, it had been a while since I’d had someone to cuddle with. I wasn’t exactly the most social person and I didn’t go out much, so the only chance I’d have for cuddles would be if I was in a relationship, but my last one ended months ago and I was getting lonely, I just missed cuddles. And Luke seemed more than happy to provide them. I draped my arm over his hips and got more comfortable, Luke’s fingers tracing patterns on my arm. I let out a contented sigh.

“You alright?” Luke asked, his other hand coming to my chin to lift my face so I was looking at him. I’d never noticed how blue his eyes were before, they were like the ocean and I felt myself getting lost in them.

“Mhm,” I replied, still looking into his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed and he bit his lip ring, before muttered a ‘fuck it’ and leaning his head forward. His hand cupped my cheek and I responded immediately, moving my lips with his. As his tongue gently touched my lower lip, almost as if he was asking if he could continue, my hands moved up to his hair. He moved the hand that was cupping my cheek down to my hip and pulled me so I was straddling him. I let out a groan which he seemed to like, as his grip tightened on my hips and he pulled me into him more. I could see where this was going and I had no intentions of stopping it.

Luke let out a low moan as I bit his lip, and he grabbed my ass roughly to show how much he liked that, so I did it again. He pulled away and kissed along my jawline before moving down to kiss my neck. Placing open mouthed kisses until he found the spot that made me moan, and then he bit roughly. I tilted my head to the side and he continued to bite and suck, moans escaping my lips. My hips involuntarily ground down against Luke’s, a low groan escaping his lips once again. I repeated the action, smirking at the reaction I was getting out of him. His hands grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it up over my head, immediately dropping his own head to bite at the flesh of my boobs that wasn’t not covered by my bra. My head dropped back and moans left my mouth, causing me to bite my lower lip not to risk waking Sam.

“Princess, you’re so hot,” Luke groaned, and as much as I hated it when he called me princess, in our current situation it did nothing but turn me on. I pulled at his top in a feeble attempt to remove it, thankfully he got the hint and pulled it off. Before I had time to comprehend what was happening he’d flipped me over so I was laying on my back and he slipped my bra straps off my shoulders. His head dipped down to kiss along my breasts as his hands pulled at my leggings, leaning away from me to completely remove them. Luke’s eyes scanned my body hungrily and he climbed off the bed to remove his joggers. My eyes stayed firmly planted on his body as I arched my back to unhook my bra, throwing it somewhere off the bed just in time for Luke to climb back to hover over me again. His lips met mine in a heated embrace, and the kiss was nothing short of sloppy and rushed, but neither of us cared.

“Luke I need you,” I moaned against his lips, feeling him smirk.

“Patience, Princess.” He smirked at me once more before kissing down my body until his mouth was hovering over the crotch of my lace panties, and the feeling of his warm breath made me shudder. He pulled my panties down my legs at an antagonising slow pace, placing his hands on my thighs and spreading my legs open so he could get where he wanted. He placed a gentle kiss on my clit before licking slowly, my hands finding their way to his hair immediately. Once he was sure I was going to keep my legs open he brought his hands up to grab at my boobs, causing me to arch my back. He sucked harshly on my clit, then moving down to lick my entrance, sliding his tongue into me. My grip on his hair tightened and I felt him chuckle against me.

“Mm Princess, you’re so wet,” he moaned. I couldn’t take anymore; I needed him. I pulled him up and pressed my lips against his own, moving my hand down to pull his boxers off. I managed to get them around his thighs before he pushed my hand away, grabbing himself and rubbing his head against me. He leaned down to press his lips against mine gently as he pushed himself in, capturing my moans in his mouth. He stayed still for a little while, letting me adjust to him. I was thankful for that, it had been such a long time since I’d gotten laid that I was filled with a feeling of discomfort for a short while.

“Fuck me, Luke,” I moaned once the discomfort had subsided and he responded immediately, pulling his hips back until he was barely in before slamming them forward, filling me entirely. Continuous moans left my lips as he pounded into me mercilessly, my nails scratching down his back. He let out little hisses of pain each time I dug my nails in particularly hard, but that just resulted in him fucking me harder. I bit down on my bottom lip to avoid making noise, but my attempt proved to fail. I wrapped my legs around Luke’s waist to allow him to get deeper which he seemed like, as he let out a loud groan. He kissed me roughly, his hands grabbing all over me, from my hips to my boobs to my face, then pulling my hair, then back to my hips. He moved his lips down to bite my neck again and I moaned loudly, my eyes clenching shut at him hitting my g-spot. I felt his thumb begin to rub my clit and I got breathless, panting quickly.

“Cum for me Y/N,” he ordered, quickening his pace until he pushed me over the edge. His thrusts got sloppy at the feeling of me releasing over him and I lifted my hips to change the angle slightly. He pulled back away from my neck, grabbing my hips and lifting me up even more. Each time he thrusted into me he pulled my hips towards him allowing him to get deeper. He fucked me hard until he got close, my moans urging him to finish, and he suddenly pulled out and pumped his length until he came, shooting his load over my stomach. I lay there breathless, eyes firmly planted on Luke’s post-orgasm face.

Luke collapsed next to me, grabbing a t-shirt off the floor to wipe me clean which made me giggle. He looked exhausted as he threw the dirty tee back on the floor and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. He placed a small kiss on my temple.


p>“Stay here tonight princess.”

Tag Game

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a - age: 19 (will turn 20 in November)

b - birthplace: Zagreb, Croatia

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d - drink you last had: water

e - easiest person to talk to: @nothernlights19 @a5ginger

f - favorite song: I change my favorites often, right now it’s El Perdedor by Maluma

g - grossest memory: idk, does watching Bear Grills eat live bugs count?  XD

h - horror yes or horror no: horror maybe, I can watch horror movies they don’t scare me that much but I prefer action trillers or something like that

i - in love? with Shannon Leto

j - jealous of people?: depends on what people we’re talking about here.

k - killed someone?: not that I know of Xd

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: just keep walking and don’t stop

m - middle name: Katarina

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: that I pass all my tests at university

p - person you called last: my mum

q - question you’re always asked: what color are your eyes? (I apparently have color-changing eyes so people never know if my eyes are blue or green or gray)

r - reason to smile: my dog and any dog really, Shannon Leto, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Tomo Miličević, music… I could go on

s - song you sang last:  Disney’s Prince Ali

t - time you woke up: 8am

u - underwear color: brown

v - vacation destination: idk

w - worst habit: procrastination

x - x-rays: 1

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z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

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Dear past boyfriend, I thought for so long that you didn’t deserve the satisfaction of knowing what you did to me. You treated me like I was your whole world, until you got bored and threw me under it. You told me you loved me, and I stupidly believed you. If you hadn’t hurt me the way you did, if you hadn’t broken my heart and treated me like an option, like a child who didn’t matter, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t have this amazing boyfriend, who loves me and made me hopeful again. I would still be hung up on you, when there were better people waiting for me. Thank you for hurting me, you made me into someone who knows what she wants and knows how she should be treated. Sincerely, the girl whose name you probably don’t remember (Shannon Major 2016)
—  A letter you’ll probably never read and I’ll probably never send (Shannon Major)


Smut= **

(Up coming imagines in italics)


Meeting Dan for the first time

Boyfriend Tag with Joe

First date with Jack 

Younow with Dan and Phil

Dan sticking up for you

The 100:

Finn finding you

Dying in his arms//B.B


Save the girl//M.G


Meeting Steve for the first time

Avengers reaction to your death





Letting Loose with Cook

Maxxie Never leaving your side

Game Of Thrones:

I Promise//R.S// **

Nameday with the Starks(+Jon Snow)

Dying in place of Robb and Catelyn 

Fighting along side Jon Snow

Ramsay Jealous of the sympathy you show Reek

Just a boy//R.B

The Vampire diaries:

Turning Your Humanity off after Kol’s death 

Kai saving you from hunters

Damon jealous of Scott McCall (Teen wolf cross over)

Mikaelson’s reaction to your death

Kai flirting with you in front of Damon and Stefan

Being Damon’s best friend and partner in crime

Asking why Enzo risked his life for you


Love, Sex, Riot//K.M**

TVD Preferences:

Lip’s of an angel

The Walking Dead:

Supply run with Daryl

Reuniting with Rick

Losing your virginity to Carl

Negan capturing you

Cuddling with Maggie

Sons of anarchy imagine:

Jax finding out you died

Sleeping around with Tig

I hope you know what you’re doing//T.T

Peaky Blinders imagines:

Marrying Michael Shelby

Teen wolf Imagines:

Isaac coming back to beacon hills

Extra stuffs (not imagines):

I wanna be in the tribe (5sos)

Robb Stark Giff (Game of thrones)

Jake Gyllenhaal appreciation post

Music Appreciation post

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apothecrow  asked:

m spooky trash husband


Ok I’m tryna restrain bc I got bloggers who love Jonathan following me and I love and respect them.

Okay to begin the boy has god knows how many doctorates and degrees, in fact I bet he has an entire wall full whatever we get it you’re successful, yet he can’t seem to figure out that perhaps if you want to accomplish respect in your life that maybe shooting people up full of toxin??? Is not the way to go??? Like high key good job on making a compound that literally anyone would buy for biological warfare (also like why won’t he work for the government like Jonathan if you want money for books sweetie that’s the way to go not robbing banks) but explain to me in explicit detail why he thought it was a good idea, at one point, to go drop toxin in the sewer system where a giant crocodile man lived. Did the thought not once cross his mind ‘oh wow killer croc lives here maybe he won’t like me just dropping my toxin into his home’ or did he totally disregard this because he thought he was so nifty to just drop that stuff in there. Like Jonathan you got so many degrees but honey where that common sense?? Also why burlap like I get he needs to be diehard for that scarecrow aesthetic but would that not irritate his skin? How much does he spend on moisturizer a year? Does he have that money? Is he ok?????  Not to mention his lack of a) sleep b) self care c) hygiene like Edward even treats himself time to time hell Edward has henchmen make him hot chocolate but who does Jonathan have? No robots. He has no one to remind him ‘Jon you’ve been going like fourteen hours straight no sleep have a nap’ or ‘Jon maybe you should buy yourself a bagel once in a while please don’t try and gas me’ like I understand he’s got mad dedication to his work but he has the poorest self care I’ve ever witnessed and I am genuinely concerned because how can a human being do that. Anyway i’m also suing for the use of fear puns in excessiveness like how dare you make me witness this.