you know i love this entire show inside and out

The Beauty and the Beast trailer with Emma Watson just came out and it looks great, but I just can’t help but imagine a Harry Potter/Beauty AU.

Like, Hermione is in the forest studying or something, stumbles upon a castle, and she finds Fleur, who, because she’s part Veela, is seen as a “Beast”.  (and if you’ve read the books, you know they can indeed become quite beastly).

Can you imagine Hermione falling in love with Fleur for who she is on the inside, as Fleur has constantly been judged by her outward appearance her entire life?

Or Fleur showing Hermione that huge library?

Good lord the possibilities!

towaa-ciity  asked:

I hate how nobody really talks about ultra despair girls. I love the game out of all of gem and I really love the aesthetic/vibe I get while playing it. Nobody talks about how good the ost and he characters are. You know what nobody talks about either? The bomb inside her

EXACTLYYYY DR:AE is my fave game in the entire series, it’s just so good…I mean, it was something different. And it was a good explanation game and showed the outside world. Plus, it expanded upon how Junko takes advantage of others and it showed other characters’ relatives. It was just amazing, and the characters are nothing short of superb (of course you know I love the WoH to death, but I also have to say Komaru is my favorite protag because I relate to her so much and that Toko got HELLA character development. Plus Kanon and Hagakure were A++)

And that jazzy soundtrack is MMMMMM

as for the bomb inside her…