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Lars and the Plant Symbolism

It’s been a while since I’ve written a theory or analysis post and I just wanted to kinda jot this down while I was thinking about it because I’ve been amused at the amount of surprise there is with the current arc and how it’s played out so far.  

It is my hope that this will finally disprove the popular theory that humans are ‘just filler’ and not important to the plot, because as we’ve been seeing lately, they are more involved in what’s going on. It’s been a bit disheartening to see so many people assuming that the gems are the only characters who matter on Steven Universe, even after all the emphasis from the crew - and from the actual in-episode content - that the humans are important in Steven’s story.

So, why are they important?  Well, I have a huge long potential theory write up for how the humans will ultimately lead to the salvation of not only earth but gems as well (granted as a joint effort), but this is not the time or place for that.  Instead I’m going to talk a bit about Lars.

Rose talked about how important and special being human is, and many other gems - including Peridot - have made note of how unusual the earth is compared to the other planets/colonies they have.  The fact that things grow and change is baffling to gems.  Not to mention that humans are impervious to a lot of the technology specifically meant to deal with other gems, so it seems like humans would have an advantage in that respect (as shown with Lars in the recent episodes)

Another thing I’m hoping this brings up to people is that a lot of the blatant plant symbolism has been in the show for a long time - not surprising given that Rose’s magic was related to plants - and I don’t see a lot of discussion about.

Take Lars for example.  When his full name was revealed, a lot of people fixated on the “tears of love” meaning, which is valid, but I remember also being fascinated that it’s also a french surname/placename that means “canopy of leafy boughs”, specifically because of the inherent plant symbolism with Lars.

Going back all the way to “Lars and the Cool Kids”, they have drawn comparisons between Lars and plants.  In that episode, it was specifically comparing him to Rose’s moss.  I feel this episode was also the strongest foreshadowing for the events of the most recent set of episodes.

To recap, they encounter a type of moss that Rose created that was aggressively growing over/consuming things.  The moss is characterized as ugly and rather pointless, but as we see, it actually has a lot of potential that just needs the right circumstances to be seen.

Steven himself compares Lars to the moss in his angry rant about his mother “I know she saw beauty in everything.  Even in stuff like this (the moss) and even in jerks like you”.  Direct comparison between Lars and the plant in question.  Also note that in this episode, Lars is wearing green, which is frequent in his colour scheme.  There is an entire green/pink shift (or in a general sense a cool colour/warm colour shift) going on with Lars at various points in the show that seemed to implicate something deliberate.

At the end of this episode, Lars chooses to help Steven rescue the cool kids and yet he is ‘consumed’ by the moss.  This is analogous to dying, as the rest of the scene has ‘rebirth’ tones, with the moss not just changing slightly… but turning from GREEN MOSS into PINK FLOWERS as it reaches the true potential that it’s been struggling toward since the beginning of the episode.

It’s hard to not see the comparisons between the moss and Lars in these latest episodes, right down to the change in colour scheme.

There have been several other instances of the colour/tone shift with Lars, specifically when he’s in ‘neutral’ position/presentation, he tends to be wearing purple(as with the Big Donut uniform), while when he’s displaying ‘negative’ behaviours he tends to be wearing darks or cools (blacks, greens and sometimes dark blues).  After Steven takes over his body in “The New Lars” and he makes an effort to change his behaviour, he is more often seen in the warmer tones (like the pink shirt)

As a note: Ronaldo also has a similar colour/tone shift with various circumstances going on, something I wish to address again in more detail in another post as I feel both that and the plant (and general) symbolism with Ronaldo are also strong.

To sum it up: I really think the entire thing with Lars has been telegraphed for some time and that several of the other humans have also had telegraphed arcs moving forward.  I think we’re going to see a lot more of that coming into play in the future.

Hopefully this will also lead to a greater respect and understanding of the human characters on the show.

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Would you ever consider writing more snippets of your penpal au? Are Derek and Stiles happy? That's all I need!!

Hmmmm, okay, here are a few little rough-drafty snippets from my notes that never made it into the epilogue of the fic. :)

When Stiles arrives in America for the first time, he finds he’s really jet-lagged. In the car, he demands Laura play some really loud, active music because no way is he falling asleep within fifteen minutes of being in America for the first time.

Derek makes him put his camera down, and then Stiles gets this mischievous look in his eye that ends with them making out as showily and noisily as possible until Laura, glancing at them in the rear-view mirror, starts making gagging noises. Then Stiles breaks the kiss, laughing against Derek’s shoulder.

At the house, while Derek is hauling Stiles’ suitcase up to his room for him, Stiles insists he’s going to fight his tiredness and stay up. He and Derek end up sitting down on the couch for a movie. Derek’s sisters want to watch, too, but before they can climb on the couch with him and Stiles, Derek glares them away over Stiles’ head and they roll their eyes at him and sit on the love-seat instead.

Sitting on the couch with Stiles, sharing the same space after months of not touching at all, is glorious. Twenty minutes into the movie, though, Stiles’ running commentary slowly tapers off, and Derek looks over to see he’s fallen asleep, head tilted to the side at an angle that’s going to hurt when he wakes up.

“What do I do?” he whispers to Cora and Laura.

Thus ensues a ten-minute whispered debate. Cora thinks Derek should wake Stiles up. Laura thinks (hopefully not seriously, but it’s hard to tell with her sometimes) that Derek should sling Stiles over his shoulder and carry him caveman-style to bed. Derek thinks he should just gently reposition Stiles on the couch and put a blanket over him and let him go to sleep.

Ultimately Derek decides to go with his way because Stiles is his boyfriend and that gives him veto powers. Cora stops the movie and dims the lights and Laura clears away the snacks while Derek gently, agonizingly slowly cradles Stiles’ head and right shoulder and eases him down until he’s lying horizontal on the couch. Stiles’ eyelashes flutter a little with the movement, but he never wakes up. Derek brings him down a blanket and a pillow from his own room.

Then he and Cora and Laura tiptoe around the kitchen, making dinner. Derek had gone to the store yesterday and gotten everything he’d need to cook Stiles a celebratory, elaborate surprise dinner, but there doesn’t seem much point in making it now if Stiles is out for the night. So instead, he and his sisters dig out some microwave burritos from the freezer. 

There’s a tense moment when Cora drops a plate and it shatters on the floor, but even that doesn’t wake Stiles up. Derek is a little amazed. Everyone in his own family is a light sleeper, but it seems like Derek could do almost anything around Stiles without disturbing him.

He goes up to his room after that to do some reading, but it’s hard to concentrate or sit still when he knows Stiles is right downstairs, and when he can see Stiles’ suitcase sitting on the floor in the corner of his room. He keeps getting up and going to check that Stiles hasn’t woken up and isn’t wandering around hoping for dinner. Every time he looks in on him, Stiles is in the same position. In the end, Derek falls asleep at the other end of the couch. 

When he wakes up in the morning, he’s slumped down a bit, and Stiles is asleep with his head resting on Derek’s stomach. (Laura has already taken about three dozen pictures of them.)


When Stiles sees Derek’s room for the first time, later that morning, he gravitates to the bulletin board, which is covered in postcards he’s sent Derek over the years and a map of Poland Stiles sent him years ago; Stiles had circled Warsaw in red sharpie and scrawled, “Stiles is here!!”

"This is cool, man, you didn’t tell me you’d set this up,” Stiles says. He smiles softly, reaching out to trace the red circle on the map. "You know, when we skype I usually just see your other wall.”


When Stiles finally unpacks his bag, Derek discovers he has a Batman toothbrush. “How old are you, five?” he asks, and Stiles grins.

“You’re just jealous your toothbrush is so boring by comparison.”

Derek rolls his eyes, fighting back a smile of his own. “Oh yeah, that’s it, obviously.”

Stiles is like, “Knew it.”


Rafe Adler skin comparison - “Hell i’d say he’s (Samuel) earned it. God knows you didn’t”

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I've recently gotten rlly into your ocs and Im curious about two things, do you have characters from shows you like that influence your characters design (like Jordan looks like oikawa from hq or Kieran and Lafayette- I dunno to me the look similar) and the other is I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DIEGO? You haven't said much about him so if you could.... thank you very much for making such amazing ocs

:Oc thank u! as for character design……..not rly? i don’t rly draw inspiration for their designs (consciously at least), and i don’t rly notice comparisons until people point them out….i kind of always have a set idea for what i want a character to look like and i build off that and see where it takes me. AS FOR DIEGO……….

HE IS MIA’S YOUNGER (by a year) BROTHER…they were both adopted by their moms and work in their family owned business. diego’s always playing handheld video games during the morning shifts even tho he’s terrible at games. he’s good friends with kieran and he makes bracelets in his free time. he and jordan are in two AP classes together so they get on well. he’s a really smart guy but stays out of everyone’s business

i dont have an actual new pic for him or anything so u can take this little draw i did of him few days ago

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You don't seem to be very bothered by the current Berena angst, so I was wondering if you could maybe share what helps you keep positive about it because I'd like to #KeepTheFaith too but it's getting hard with all the recent spoilers.

I’ve been asking myself that too, tbh, because I see so many people are upset and I wonder if I should be too, but I’m just not? It’s probably because of a number of factors, but here are at least two that I think affect my viewing the most: (behind a cut because, oops, it turned out quite long)

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[ 3/100 ]

but can you imagine peter falling in love with someone taller than him?

also tall.fem!readers REPRESENT! (Even tho I’m not tall at all and am merely standing at 5'3" lmao)

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original prompt poster: @//thoughtlessinspirationss

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**dont plagiarize/repost this story**


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Sims 4: How to HQ

In the following instructions, you will get the answers to questions like “what is the HQ mod?” “How do I install it?” “What problems can occur?” “How do I make CC HQ-compatible?” and many more, including how to create actions in Photoshop and how to use the batch import/export in Sims4Studio.

The HQ mod was discovered by @alf-si and you can find her instructions HERE. However, as I get tons of messages regarding the HQ mod or some aspects of it, I decided to come up with my own instructions (with permission from alf-si, of course).

What is the HQ mod?!

You may have noticed that many cc artists make HQ-compatible cc now. But what is this all about?

The HQ mod forces the game to use high resolution textures (2048 px instead of 1024 px) for CAS items which results in an enhanced amount of detail of your sims, especially when the cc was created for HQ in the first place. Some of you may know something like that from TS3 already.

Pictures of HQ/no HQ comparison here

How do I install it?

The term ‘mod’ is somewhat misleading since it’s not a game mod that you can simply install and start to play. In contrast to the TS3 HQ mod which was easy to use, there are things to be aware of when using HQ in TS4.

-  To set your game to HQ, you must change two lines in the GraphicRules.sgr file (detailed explanation HERE). You can switch between HQ and standard by changing your GraphicRules.sgr file. Simple as that!

- Every cc that is not HQ compatible will make your sim appear completely black. Yes, that sucks. Learn how to convert cc to make it HQ compatible HERE. I strongly advise you to have two mods folders (1 folder with HQ stuff and converted stuff and another folder for playing with everything, HQ and non-HQ).

- You need to have the base game texture replacements by alf-si. Find them HERE (section 2.3.1). She also did HQ replacements for several Eps and SPs.

- You must set sim quality to “very high”. If your system can’t handle that, you won’t benefit from the HQ mod.

Will HQ affect loading times/will it cause lag in gameplay?

The short answer is: most likely, it will, but that depends on your system and the amount of cc you are playing with. Since HQ textures are of a bigger size than regular textures, loading times will increase and it might slow down your game too.

My advice: Use HQ for screenshots only and play without HQ. Two separate mods folders will help with that. I personally do not see any significant difference in loading time and lag between my HQ and non-HQ game, but keep in mind that it can happen. Merging helps a lot!

How do I make my CC HQ compatible?

If you are a cc creator and want to make your CC compatible with the HQ mod, read HERE.

How do I convert CC for HQ (as fast as possible)?

You may already have a huuuuge mods folder with loads of not HQ compatible cc. Every single one of them will make your sim appear completely black, so the only solution is: convert it or don’t use it. “But it’s so much cc to convert” you may say and that’s right! But learn how to convert cc the fastest and most efficient way HERE.

What problems can occur?

Every cc that is not HQ compatible will either make your sim appear completely black or it will remove the shine from your sim. Check if these requirements are fullfilled.

A Peek at the Food of Terratus.

Since I love world-building and food, I figured a post looking at the food and agricultural products in Tyranny was something that I had to do. I’m listing ingredients and crops here, but could be persuaded to come up with a cuisine and meal post much, much, later.

Because the game takes place mostly in the Tiers, most of this information may be only pertinent to them, if something can be linked back to the North or the rest of the Empire, I’ll make sure to mention it. Another thing to note is that a decent number of the consumable items use art assets from Pillars of Eternity, a very different setting with different influences, and that makes it a little murkier to interpret how it could fit into Tyranny’s setting.

The format will be a list (again) of named edibles found or mentioned in-game, separated into food groups. And thanks to everyone who helped me with this list or tolerated my yammering about it, you know who you are!



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i had a mile long ramble on it on discord for those who saw, but hey criticals if Steven University isn’t your thing anymore may i recommend the anime Petite Princess Yucie i absolutely adore it

its from like 2006 and animated by Gainax but don’t let that studio name fool you there’s virtually no fanservice in it and the girls are written well. and because it’s Gainax there’s gonna be some good animation in it. And if you’re a Sailor Moon fan the designer was Kazuko Tadano the designer for Season 1 and 2 of 90s Sailor Moon :D

I think i wanna say it’s not progressive like the bar SU set but it’s written pretty well? Like there’s no real big bad (until later) so the girls do hang around like SU fillers but since there’s no immediate doom looming over their head it doesn’t feel like useless filler. Also every girl gets an episode focusing on them or each other. I personally enjoyed it’s theme and setting (medieval fantasy). The message is pretty sweet too albeit cheesy (ya know love and friendship)

Hm I guess a better comparison would be it can be the prototype for Little Witch Academia so if you liked that you might like PPY

I might give better insight after a re-watch (i was like 10-13 when it was airring foggy memory), but hey why not go ahead and give it a try. It’s 26 eps long the English Dub is kinda hilarious, not in a bad way. Here’s a TVTropes on it it’s got spoilers tho.

Here’s some art on it:

political relations (political!kylo au) | chapter three

AU in which Kylo and Reader are politicians for opposing parties. When Kylo’s department threatens the livelihood of your citizens, you are caught up in a battle against the most insufferable political you have ever met. But he slowly but surely lures you in with his charm, what happens when you end up falling for the enemy?

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k


A/N: Haven’t checked this for mistakes because it’s so late. Hit me up if you spot any!


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Ghost Connor au



* Now that he is a ghost Connor finds he can float, so he abhorrs walking, he never sets his ghostly foots on the ground, he is always at least five inches in the air. Evan finds it rather unfair, because now he is even shorter in comparison.

* Connor didn’t know at first how to properly ghost, so he couldn’t touch stuff except when he has some strong emotion. Like, ANY STRONG EMOTION. So at first every time Evan says something really sweet at least one glass in the house breaks. Connor still insists it wouldn’t be a problem if Evan weren’t so damn cute all the goddamn time.

*But once Connor finishes his Ghost 101 brief period, he takes every advantage from it. He also has a lot of free time because he’s not going to school every damn day, please, he is now free from that particular circle of hell, thank you very much. So. Once he sneaks into Jared’s house during school time, and moves everything in the boys room 3 inches to the left. He considers the bruises and foul mood Jared sports the next day as one of the highlights of his Afterlife.

Time for some Angst.

* It takes some time, but Connor finally goes visit his grave. It’s on a cloudy, gray Saturday, and Evan is there beside him. They leave forget-me-nots in the grass, and Evan holds him as best as he can while Connor flickers on and off as he cries.
After that, it gets easier, not easy, but easier, so sometimes, when his family goes, Connor follows and hovers a few feet behind. It’s sad and it’s heartbreaking, and he wishes he weren’t so dead.

*About the emails. Connor is angry at first, he didn’t die for this shit to start. But then, his family does look more put together than in any of the three days after he died. And Zoe, well, maybe she won’t hate him so much, now. She is his sister and he wishes he could say how fucking sorry he is, but he can’t, so if this is the closest thing to an apology he’ll ever get, than there is no choice at all. And if Alana is right, if this project of theirs, can really help people from feeling like he used to, from doing what he did, then, well, what he wants doesn’t really matter, right?

*After the fall out of the lies, after all the shit hits the fan, Connor takes Evan to the Orchard. He shows him where to find four leaf clovers, maybe they’ll bring the boy some better luck. They don’t climb any trees, but they do sit under the old oak tree and watch the sun going down, the fireflies slowly waking up and lighting up little stars around them. It’s nice, it’s peaceful, it’s honest, it’s theirs. It’s Paradise, he’d dare say.

Okay, so, that’s it, some Tree Bros Ghost!Connor AU, thank you dear Anon for requesting this. ♡

Greetings from Tokyo

Taking a tea and rest break while daughter and her friends go to a Pokemon shop. Went to Harijuku earlier..very fun place. I’ll deffo go back to Tokyo and stay in that area next time, not where we are currently based..Shinjuku.

Managing to get around but I really would prefer to return with better knowledge of Japanese.

Anyway..thinking of you guys fondly.

This IS a Simblr and I know some folks hate to see other people’s vac-cay pix so if anyone would like to see some pix from HK and my short side trip to Tokyo, PM me and i’ll send you links to privately posted pic sets as I put them up. I tend to get pix of non-touristy stuff I find amusing/ interesting (or inspiring for Sims builds or decor).

As far as comparisons, Tokyo versus HK..I’ll keep that to private posts or PMs for the curious.

I return June 6th.

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Because I know how much you love it but I'd like to read more about why... I Only Have Eyes For You! :)

Heyyy! I hope you’re not expecting a very insightful explanation LOL. 

I Only Have Eyes For You 

IOHEFY is one of the most successful Buffyverse parallels. The entire episode relies on a comparison between James/Grace and Buffy/Angel. It would have been easy for that comparison to be on the nose, but this episode is set up so beautifully that in a small amount of time the audience comes to relate and care for James/Grace and their situation. 

The use of the flashbacks is brilliant. In truthfulness, this episode is only excellent because it was excellently written and directed in terms of pacing. The rhythm of this episode was extremely important in order to coordinate the flashbacks, the Bangel scenes, the music, etc.  

The writing also had to be nuanced enough so that Grace and James’ stories resembled Buffy and Angel’s but had distinct differences that made the couples unique. Like I said, the audience needed to care about James and Grace in order for the parallels to work as well as they did, because the scenes often alternated between Buffy/Angelus and James/Grace. 

The main reason why I love this episode is that long sequence in which Buffy and Angel are possessed. Like I said above, this is when the strengths of the episode come into play. 

The scenes are moving, perfectly executed and wonderfully acted. David and Sarah have some amazing chemistry and are super convincing. I also love to see “Angel” again as Angelus is possessed by someone who is similar to Angel.

Really, the episode is immensely satisfying because it gives the audience closure, and not just the characters. Thematically, it tidies up the plot started in Innocence and turns a new leaf on the story, ensuring that the audience and Buffy are ready to kill Angelus and forgive Angel in Becoming.

Truly, this episode is 10/10. 

Other notes:

- This episode starts with one of my favorite Buffy songs.

- I love the song I Only Have Eyes For You and how it’s used throughout the episode. 

- The episode had some wonderful character moments: Giles/Willow, the theme of forgiveness and Buffy, some Scooby action, Spike/Drusilla/Angelus’ shenanigans, etc.

- I love watching Angelus scrub himself of “love”, and Drusilla’s reaction indicates that she believes he is already in love, in some way. 

- The Bangelus kiss is so fenomenal and passionate that there’s even a trail of saliva connecting Angelus and Buffy after the kiss ends.

- I love how Buffy says “Angel?”, reminding the audience that we weren’t actually witnessing a Bangel kiss. The episode is so well done that even Angelus’ reaction doesn’t ruin the mood. 

Thanks for the ask!!

Send me a BtVS/AtS episode and I’ll give you my brutally honest opinion.


Willas is heir to Highgarden, and by all reports a mild and courtly young man, fond of reading books and looking at the stars. He has a passion for breeding animals as well, and owns the finest hounds, hawks, and horses in the Seven Kingdoms.

                                                                                                  (requested by dalekofchaos)

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My thoughts: Jamie Dornan is a great actor. I have seen him in his other work and yes, he has the chops. But in real life? He clearly wears his emotions on the surface. The man cannot hide them for anything. I get why they are putting out the pics of him and the family. But I must say, he has barely attempted to look even halfway okay with his wife since FSOG premiered. He at least looked truly like he was in love when he was with Keira Knightly (only comparison of off set/normal life pap pics). Compare those pap pics and you notice a world of difference. He knows the game by now, so you would think these days he would want to be extra convincing. He clearly cares more about getting the pap shoots done and over with, as he looks at the camera every time with the “can we go now” look when he is with her. That is different  from the protective “can you please stop taking pics” photos we got from on set last summer when he was shooting with Dakota…..

Funny, I remember seeing the BTS for FSOG and thinking “aww, they are so crushing on each other”. Then I saw the recent snippets of BTS, as well as the publicity and premieres for FSD, and thinking “thats his woman now”. Even the so-called tamer pictures from set give so much away. 

Now, we all know what true love looks like.

I won’t lie, I’m really happy to see Ghetsis again, especially since he’s been neglected for the past two episodes in favor of the Unova Gym Leaders and attack on Opelucid City. Not like I’m complaining tho, since those were two very cool episodes.

It’s been too long, ya heartless bastard.

Kyurem’s Glaciate (I guess? Icy Wind?) is animated beautifully:

As is the counter-attacking fireball N has Reshiram launch:

Goddamn, I love Ghetsis’s little head turn….idk, that’s just another odd-standout to me:

He’s back, and ready to face dear old (not) dad in defense of Unova~ (also, just for comparison, Generations N vs. Best Wishes N)

IDK, would the ‘be careful who you call ugly in middle school’ meme be appropriate here? N’s always been pretty bishie, but now it’s in high quality.

Oh well, getting back on track. I love Ghetsis’s little smirk as N gets ready to face him with Reshiram in an attempt to save Kyurem. You just know he’s already set on fusing the two, and the body language just sells that for me. 

N talks about how he likes Unova because it’s where he learned humans and Pokemon could live together, and the place that taught him to live as a human. 

But we all know Ghetsis don’t give a shit.

He’s got Dragon-fusing to do. He don’t have time to listen to you prattle on about yours or Pokemon’s feelings:

Tho we all know it’s inevitable:

N’s horrified reaction tells it all.

Ghetsis adds insult to injury but stating that if he’d just become King, then Unova would’ve remained beautiful. N seems to kind of accept that he’s likely about to…well, there’s no other way to put it, likely die at the hands of his stepfather and his fused dragon, when he hears Reshiram’s voice–it’s not too late:

N’s little speech has the side effect of him not getting frozen on the spot, and causes an internal conflict between the dragons:

Ghetsis is having none of it.

Especially when N calls him father and starts lecturing him:

He almost bought it. But cue a lightning bolt to counter R-Kyurem’s attack.

Aw yes. Tho I would’ve preferred Hilda, still happy that we do get to the hero of Gen5 after the Gen4 protagonist got shafted. And in B2W2 to boot, which I wanted from the games so badly when they were coming out :D

…You know, writers and execs, it’d be okay if Kalos got two episodes…just sayin’. This shouldn’t have to be an offscreen moment of awesome.

Hot damn, this was an amazing episode.

(And to think we only have three more episodes left of this beautiful miniseries.)


I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed, but me and my friends were talking about old kids movies and we got onto the topic of the Powerpuff Girls. I started thinking, and their dad looked familiar. And then it came to me. He looks like Jack from Samurai Jack.

Look at the comparison.

And why do I believe this to be true?

If you have seen the Powerpuff Girls, you know that they kind of suck at saving the “City of Townsville”. So what if one day something happened to them and they died in a fatal accident of some sort? Who would save the city then?

Of course, their father, or ‘Samurai Jack’.

Samurai Jack takes place after the Powerpuff Girls, so this could work.

If you have seen both, then you might notice some similarities in the movie’s setting as well.

Do you believe me now?

-skaterboymalik // alexxa