you know i got suspended from school

jacksbbgxo said:Hi, I really love your imagines! Your work is great. And I don’t know if you have anytime but if you do could you do a Nate Maloley imagine where we fight and then you can finish what’s gonna happen. Thanks💘

Hey y'all, I’m back. I wanted to say, that if you guys have any requests you sent me and they haven’t been posted, know these next couple days I will be working on them. As you guys know, I’ve been stressed out with drama and school, that I’ve been posting less and less on here. But I just got suspended from school for fighting, so in the mean time Imma just update like crazy on here! Stay tuned 😌❤️.

Toxic Tranquility:

Being with Nate, is so toxic but relieving, it’s confusing, I know. He puts off this Dickish fuckboy personality, but with me he’s so sweet and caring. But he’s hard headed, and can be really hurtful. We fight, like any other couple, but with both our personalities being literally the same, our fights are worse than normal ones. We both are in the music business, with me being loyal to him, I always tell him what videos I’m shooting, and make sure I get his permission when it means I have to get intimate with a guy, him on the other hand, doesn’t let me know anything. He tells me about his music, but never tells me his shooting days, and what he’s doing in the videos. He recently filmed a video for his new project ‘Skaterade’, and I had to find out through social media that he was intimate with another female. With me I wouldn’t have been mad at him for being intimate with a girl IF he would have asked me about it first. I’m getting pretty sick and tired of having to find out shit about him through his fans, love is about trust and if he supposably is in “love” with me, he should trust me enough to tell me certain things. I was sitting on the sofa, drinking a bottle of Hennessy, when I heard the door unlock. 1am, was the time, 1am was the time he decided to come home, and 1am was the time we were gonna have this fight. I got up from the sofa, and went to the island in the kitchen, grabbing the almost empty bottle of Hennessy. I heard the door open, and close. In walked Nate, different outfit then this morning, which I take as a sign, he just filmed a video. I didn’t look him in the eye, I went around the island to the living room, and got my sweater.

“Hey lil mama” he said placing his arms on my waist, kissing my neck. I detached his arms and ignored him, placing my sweater on. “Are you okay?” He said walking up to me, placing a hand on my left cheek. I didn’t reply, I simply slapped his hand away, and went back to the island, this time sitting on it, and chugging the remainder of the Hennessy. “Stop” he said attempting to grab the bottle. I smacked his hand away, and finished drinking, and that’s when I notice his face shift to anger. He hated when I drank too much, he was scared that one day I’d drink to much and hurt myself, but in this moment I didn’t give a fuck about what he thought.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” He yelled, trying to control his anger. I got up and went to the fridge getting another bottle. “Y/N, can you fucking stop?” His voice shook as he tried grabbing it again. I laughed to myself, opening the bottle and taking a drink. “Why are you doing this? What’s your problem?” He yelled louder, “your my fucking problem” I slurred a bit, but managed to seem normal. “Me?” He chuckled “what did I do now” he threw his arms up “what did you do?…. You know what Nate, I’m tired of telling you over and over what you did wrong” I laughed “I’m so exhausted… So exhausted. I’m worn out, I’m tired.” I said taking another drink “exhausted of what?” “You, everyone, but mainly you” I said taking another drink “why me?” He questioned “I’m fucking fed up with the lack of respect I get, I’m sick of the trust issues and I’m fucking over you not telling me shit.” I hit my hand against the table, causing a sharp pain to go up my body, and causing me to wince in pain. “Stop.” Nate said trying to come near me “get the hell away from me” I backed up with the bottle “you act like I’m some sort of monster, I’m your boyfriend, you should know me well enough right about now” he said fumbling with his hair “that’s the thing, I thought I knew you.. I really did. But it seems as if the fans know more about you than me.” I chuckled “what the fuck do you mean?” He yelled “you never fucking tell me when your going to the club, you never ever consult me when it comes to getting it on with a female in your fucking videos and lately it seems as if your single, rubbing on hoes in the club instead of me” I took another drink.

“I don’t have to tell you what I do in MY videos” he yelled “THE HELL YOU DO!” I yelled louder “YOU DONT FUCKING GET IT DO YOU? YOU PUT ME DOWN AND GO DAYS WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ME IF I DO THAT SHIT BUT WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO ME BEING MAD AT YOU FOR THE SAME FUCKING THING, IM THE BAD GUY?… Fuck you honestly. I’m so loyal to you, telling you everything I do because I don’t want you to be mad or not trust me. And when I ask for the same shit in return? I get nothing but a “I don’t have to tell you what I do in my videos” type of response? Man, you got me fucked up if your gonna have me at some type of bullshit standard where the rules don’t apply to you” I said pushing past him with not only the full bottle of Hennessy but the empty one also. “I DIDN’T ASK FOR YOU TO TELL ME SHIT! YOU MADE THAT DECISION” “but when I told you, you didn’t stop me.” I said letting a tear fall. “All I want, is to know what my boyfriend is doing. Is that so hard to ask for? I wanna know your okay, because God forbids, you get into an accident far from here and I’m not gonna know shit because I won’t know where the hell you are” I cried “you track me like I’m a fucking animal though, let me breath” he yelled. Is he fucking serious? I told him how worried I am about him, and that’s all he can reply? I don’t know if it was all the alcohol I had, or the fact that I have a bad temper, but what I’m about to do next… I don’t have an explanation for myself. “Fuck you” I yelled throwing the empty bottle of Hennessy, he ducked and it went straight into the wall, shattering into a million pieces. I started shaking “you want space? You can have it. I’m fucking done Nathan, as much as it kills me… I’m done. I know I can find someone way better to appreciate me and be as upfront as i am with you. I hope everything you just said was worth it, because here I am drunk at 1:30 in the morning dumping you, all because I cared.” With that I walked out the door.

I ran down the steps of his apartment, stumbling and falling here and there. I was crying, not because of him but because I cared, because I actually cared. I stumbled to the door, hearing steps behind me, I knew it was him. One part told me to stop, let him hold me, let him apologize, and go back to what we were because I wasn’t ready to step away. But my pride, my stupid drunken pride, told me to walk away, to not be like those couples that fight and break up, to only get back together 5 minutes later. “Y/N!” I heard him yell, I could tell he was crying but I couldn’t stop. I opened the door, and ran into the street. I was in the middle of the street, when he called again “Y/N! Please don’t leave me..” He sobbed, I couldn’t let go. I turned back, and saw the regret in his eyes, his hair messy, and his breathing unsteady. Nate raps about never chasing any female, and here he was chasing me… The one thing he said he’d never do, he was doing for me. He was chasing after something he loved, and that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t leave him, even if I wanted to.. I couldn’t. “Nate…” I said stopping, it’s like he had this control over me. I slowly walked back and that’s when everything went blank. I saw white and heard him yell “Y/N look out!” I looked and before I could react.. Boom, pitch black.

I woke up in a bed, I felt pain. Everywhere. I tried to talk, but I couldn’t. I started to have a panic attack, and I heard all these noises. Beeps here and there, getting louder. “NURSE, SOMEONE GET A NURSE” I wanted to see who was calling but I couldn’t move. I felt my hand take grasp of another one “shhh, it’s me” my hair got pulled outta my face, and that’s when I saw him. With such regret and pain in his eyes, Nate. The once happy, smiling, smart ass of a boyfriend, turned into this sad sack because of me. I felt pain, not in my body but my heart, my eyes became wide and tears flowed out “stop crying, stop crying. I’m okay” he said kissing my cheek. I couldn’t control my body, I just shook and that’s when the nurses and doctors busted into the room, I couldn’t tell what they were doing. I felt my hands become restrained and the tube in my throat, slowly come out. The doctor went over to the side, and before I knew it my body became relaxed. A short time later I saw the doctor “hi there!” He smiled, I felt dryness In my throat, but managed to get a couple words out. “Where am I?” I sat up, a bit. “Your in the hospital sweetie, you were hit by a car while you were drunk. You were in a coma for 2 weeks and even though he hit you pretty badly, you don’t have serious injuries, you may feel a bit of pain, but that’s from the impact your body had with the windshield. Everything is healed up, pretty good. But we need you here for 2 more days to make sure your in top shape” he said holding my hand. I stood there as I tried to remember what happened. “Where’s Nate?” I started to panic “I’m right here babygirl” he said, coming beside me grabbing my hand and kissing my forehead. The doctor left to give us a bit of privacy.

I scooted over in the bed, and gently hit the side that was free. He quickly climbed in, and snuggled me into his chest. “I’m so sorry” I started sobbing “no, stop. This isn’t your fault” he said rubbing my cheeks, “everything you said, was true. I should respect you and let you know what I’m doing, because I know if you hadn’t told me where you was heading and shit like that, I’d be mad. I care for you a lot, and I know I’m hardheaded but I never meant to hurt you. Your my fucking baby girl, you make me feel these weird feelings and you manage to make shit easier for me. When I have a bad day at the studio, coming home to you makes me forget everything. I love how loyal you are to me, but my dumbass never returns the loyalty back. All that shit I said, I said because I was angry, I knew me being hard on you pushed you to that point yesterday, and it hurt me. It hurt me seeing the girl I love, the girl I’d give up my life for, the girl I wanna marry, destroy herself because I can’t get my shit together. But no more, from now on I’m gonna tell you everything, imma talk to you when it comes to my videos and I’m not gonna be on females in the club, because I have a beautiful girl like you I’d rather be on. I’m mad at myself for not admitting this earlier, because if I would have you wouldn’t be here. Lil mama, you don’t know how much of me you took with you when you got hit. I almost lost you that day, and I don’t plan on losing you now. I hope that you can forgive me, and find it in your heart to give me a second chance to prove to you, I can be the man you want me to be.” He said kissing my hand.

“Nathan, you know I could never be mad at you” I chuckled, “good, because then this makes what I’m about to do, a whole lot easier.” He said getting up “what do you mean?” I said sitting up a bit, wincing in pain. “Y/F/N, will you make me the happiest rapper alive and be my future wife” he said getting on one knee. I couldn’t respond, my eyes over flowed with tears, “FUCK YES” I chuckled as tears cascaded down my face. His face lit up, as he stood up, and slipped the ring on my finger. He got back in the bed with me, placing sloppy but caring kisses on my lips “I love you” he said “I love the timing you had with this proposal” i busted out laughing “oh come on, you totally ruined the moment” he started to laugh “I’m sorry, but the timing was just perfect” I laughed to myself “we get into a huge fight, I almost die, I wake up from a coma 2 weeks later and you propose…..this is like a fairytale proposal” I balled out laughing “fuck you” he laughed “not now, when I get outta here” I laughed harder “man, I’m gonna be stuck with this for the rest of my life” he said rubbing his head, laughing “you love me, so this doesn’t change a thing” I said turning to his chest “ you got that right” he said kissing my forehead, as we both drifted off into a long much deserved slumber.

  • jolyne kujo: dad i got suspended from school
  • jotaro kujo: what's school
  • jolyne kujo: dad you know goddamn well what school is
  • jotaro kujo: heh
  • jotaro kujo: it's true, i do
Exo reaction when they find out that they daughter got into a fight at school

Sehun: Mom of the boy: She is just as problematic as you are! You should teach her manners. Come on baby we are leaving!!

Kai: That stupid boy gets to bully my girl but when she does something she is the one that gets suspended from school. 

Tao: I took to wushu not to beat boys at school, but to see the beauty behind it it. You know how scared I was when the principal called me to tell me that you got into a fight? I thought got hurt or something.

Kyungsoo: *towards his wife who just told him what his daughter did* It’s not my fault that he was acting like a pig around her, he got what he deserved if you ask me. 

Chanyeol:*after he patches up his daughter knees* You should have told me instead of doing that, now look you hurt yourself also..

Chen:*goes to the boy* Are you okay? can you walk? then she should have hit you harder cause you deserved it. Touch her one more time I will hit you harder than her. 

Baekhyun: Wife: Now go to your room and think about what you did.*wife turns around and right when his daughter is about to leave…*

Daddy is proud of you for smashing is face.  

Lay: Wife:Your daughter got into a fight today she…

Omg is she okay? is my baby girl hurt? what happened?

Suho: I hope you know you are punished right. You’re gonna have plenty of time to think of a “I’m sorry” letter that poor boy. 

Kris: No one messes with Mr. Bear, not while my baby is around. You taught  that boy a lesson didn’ t you?

Luhan:*gets called to the principal office* Principal: The reason why I called you in Mr.Lu is cause of your daughter who beat up her class mate today…

what? my baby princess beat up  a boy? 

Xiumin: Wife: This happened only cause you wanted her to do hapkido!

And what would you want me to do? she was a hyper kid and I had to found a way to tire her out.

honestly imagine law school matt and foggy. you know how they act basically married now, imagine them younger, stupider.

imagine matt convincing foggy to go with him on top of the administrative building and basically taking a feast with them up there as foggy described what the sunset looked like from that location

imagine matt looking out for foggy at parties when things got weird

imagine foggy trying his hardest to make matt feel at ease around new people who were gross and ablest