you know how people are like 'eyes are the window to the soul'


You’ve mastered the art of looking young, face smooth and body supple.
But your eyes betray you every time,
You haven’t quite figured out how to keep the years from showing there.
People always say you have the most beautiful eyes, but if they look too long they quickly grow uncomfortable, looking at past, present and future. No one wants to know the end of the book before they even start.
While your body may be young, your soul is old, ancient, from a time before. And you know what they say about eyes and windows.
“You always look so tired”, they say but that’s simply the years wearing down on your eyelids. You have seen the before, the during and the after and all the times in between. You have been wealthy and destitute, vicious and timid, generous and selfish; all aspects of human nature, you’ve worn like costumes in a never ending play.
You have seen the circle of time begin and end, and begin again. All that humankind has to offer, you have tasted, a feast comprised with dishes of human tendencies.
And you know the one dish served at every meal; forgetfulness. The wealthy forget the woes of poverty, the vicious forget the gentleness of shyness, the generous forget the overwhelming fulfillment of placing oneself above all others. And so the wheel turns full circle, until time runs straight into the back of itself.
Yet, even knowing how the play ends and who survives and who dies, you play your part, reciting the lines as easily as walking down a well worn path you’ve travelled a million and one times before; you’ve already seen it happen in the crystal clear waters of the bottomless pond.
Technically, anyone can see time, but you have an awfully sharp eye.
They call you the water bearer, but what if what you’re carrying really isn’t even water at all.

- K. Evergreen