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When someone in elementary school gets surprised when you say you don't like anyone because "everyone's in love" and ten years later you're laughing because even after having lived twice as long you still haven't "fallen in love" and you know you never will.



another time i thought someone looked good, so i said he was my crush, and when i told someone, they were all “i’m so sorry honey :(((( he’s in a relationship :(( that sucks :((((((” and i was like “okay? i didn’t want a relationship anyway…..” and holy shit how did i not realize i was ace sooner


Send text to dad apologizing, despite the fact I had done everything I could to make my original message a a good mix of positive and negative things with an emphasis on his improvement.

And just like the past week and a half, he hasn’t said anything.

Talk to little brother to see how he’s feeling about the situation. Little brother didn’t eve read the text and feels like telling me I did wrong and made a long rant about how I should see his improvement and acknowledge it. You know. That thing I did in my original text.

Just like the text from mom that seemed to also not notice any of the positive comments in the original text and proceeded to guilt trip me about it all.

Sure wish people could actually read what I say. That would be nice. Also, the silent treatment is some bullshit. I’m getting more than a little frustrated and upset. This bullshit helps no one.

My patience is beyond tested. Lord give me strength.

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I can’t stop thinking about the wisecrack carrie fisher would make about debbie reynolds dying a day after her: the joke about her family, always bringing the drama, the ‘she couldn’t stand to let me have all the attention even when I had just died. I want you all to remember that I did it first.’  

I like to imagine her in the afterlife adding material to her stand up: ‘I’m really disappointed to be here tonight, I was hoping I’d get to haunt george lucas for that metal bikini.’ ‘do you know how long the line for this place is? I flipped off nancy reagan and fidel castro on the way in. ’ ‘when I said dear lord please don’t let me live to see that orange buffoon be president I should have been a helluva lot more specific.’

playing to a sold out audience, her mother in the front row. bowie and rickman at a table in the back. 

you know how in that scene where pidge is cutting off her long hair and she just takes like this small moment to breath and closes her eyes….i think about that a lot bc pidge probably spent so long growing out her hair and was so happy that it was finally a length that made her feel comfortable and then she had to cut it all off and that probably felt like a huge step backwards but she did it bc she needed to find answers about her brother and dad and she was willing to sacrifice her comfort for that and anyway…..i love pidge so much

I have seen a number of harry potter posts that go something like, “If there was magic and wizards in (country) they’d _____.”  Usually there are also long discussions that go along with these about how each country deals with the statute of secrecy.

And all I can think is, Canada wouldn’t even bother trying to enforce the statute of secrecy. Because what is the point? How would you even know if it was a magic thing or just a Canada thing?

Is that guy just taking a regular old moose through a drive thru to get coffee or is it animagus?

Was that prime minister crazy or did he actually talk to ghosts?

How do you steal 20 000 litres of maple syrup? Trucks or portkeys?

The minister of immigration formally gave Santa Claus citizenship and a passport.

House hippos.

All magic would do to Canada is make the internet about 90% more sure that Canada isn’t a real place.

Drabble List

So I just finished posting the last of the previous volley of drabbles so I decided to come up with a new prompt list. It’s mostly a hodge-podge of stuff from my own brain or inspired by songs or different shows and stuff but there are some from other prompt lists so, if anyone wants me to give credit, drop me a message and I’ll be sure to do so.

  1. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  2. “You’re too good for this world.”
  3. “Could you be happy, here, with me?”
  4. “How long do we have?”
  5. “Do you think we’re bad people?”
  6. “How did we become this?”
  7. “I can hardly stand myself.”
  8. “Go to hell.”
  9. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m going to take care of you.”
  10. “There was a time before all of this.”
  11. “No one will ever believe us.”
  12. “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.”
  13. “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk.”
  14. “I used to do a lot of things.”
  15. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on and I have to be okay with that.”
  16. “Do you wish things had happened differently?”
  17. “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.”
  18. “I’ll be here as long as it takes.”
  19. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”
  20. “Something’s clearly wrong.”
  21. “There’s nothing I can do anymore.”
  22. “This is going to hurt.”
  23. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight.”
  24. “Am I ever going to see you again?”
  25. “We always have a choice.”
  26. “You’re holding back.”
  27. “I don’t want to feel like this tomorrow.”
  28. “Is that a threat?”
  29. “If you don’t like this world then change it.”
  30. “Are you kidding me? We’re not fine!”
  31. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
  32. “Keep your eyes on me.”
  33. “You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”
  34. “I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing.”
  35. “If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.”
  36. “I wasn’t going to mention it.”
  37. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
  38. “I’m here for you.”
  39. “What are you so happy about?”
  40. “That’s not what I meant and you know it!”
  41. “You’re putting words in my mouth!”
  42. “We have to stick together.”
  43. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”
  44. “Don’t leave me behind.”
  45. “What are you looking at?”
  46. “How did you find me?”
  47. “Who did this to you?”
  48. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
  49. “I have to tell you something.”
  50. “I need more time.”
  51. “You deserve better than me.”
  52. “This isn’t fair!”
  53. “If you kill them, you’d better kill me too, because otherwise I’m going to kill you.”
  54. “Please don’t shut me out.”
  55. “You are my best friend in the whole world, okay?”
  56. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  57. “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  58. “You’re out of your damn mind.”
  59. “No one can hurt me like you can.”
  60. “You are my sunshine.”
  61. “This is all my fault.”
  62. “Please, don’t cry.”
  63. “Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.”
  64. “You should see this.”
  65. “You make me feel invincible.”
  66. “I’ll keep you safe.”
  67. “Don’t look at me like that.”
  68. “Let’s do something crazy.”
  69. “We are not going to steal someone’s dog.”
  70. “Do you trust me?”
  71. “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”
  72. “You know I’m gonna win, right?”
  73. “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”
  74. “I didn’t mean what I said.”
  75. “Do you ever follow directions?”
The difference between other fandoms and RWBY:
  • Overwatch: Tracer's not the only one who's gay, just you wait. We'll deliver on it. I mean, we did it with Tracer.
  • LGBT Fans: Alright. We trust you. After all, you delivered on Tracer, we have no reason not to trust you on this.
  • Legend of Korra: Korrasami will get more development in the comics, and there are other characters that aren't heterosexual. Like Kya and Aiwei.
  • LGBT Fans: That is so cool!
  • RoosterTeeth: There are LGBT+ characters in RWBY. You just don't know who they are yet!
  • LGBT+ Fans: Riiiiigggghhhhhttt... How long has it been since that 'claim' again?

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At some point can you do a 10 texts/sexts list from which we'd try to guess who sent it, Viktor or Yuuri?

Top Ten Texts/Sexts From Viktor Or Yuuri:

10) Let’s be real number 10 on this list has to be all the nudes they presumably sent each other when they were still long distance because that was definitely a thing that happened (more on Viktor’s side than Yuuri’s because he was more confident about it and has much less shame but Yuuri definitely did it a few times as well)

9) “Wear red tonight, you know how much I like it” Phichit saw this one and decided he didn’t want to know

8) “Now you’ll be thinking of me even when you’re skating. You did want me to make you remember me after all” the context of which you can decide for yourselves

7) “I can’t decide when you’re more beautiful, when you’re skating or when you’re moaning under me. Maybe you should come to visit me and we can find out”

6) “I’ve been taking my language lessons very seriously” followed by a string of very explicit statements in the other’s language that shall remain untranslated

5) A picture of certain items that don’t need to be mentioned captioned ‘If you win today we can have some fun tonight’

4) “We don’t have practice tomorrow which means that tonight you can fuck me so hard I can’t walk”

3) “You seemed to enjoy being on top of the podium today but I think you’ll love it more when I’m on top of you tonight”

2) A picture of Yuuri on a bed in the Eros costume taken by Phichit that someone mentioned in a previous ask, because if you’re going to sext your long-distance boyfriend you need to do it with style and it’s a best friend’s responsibility to make sure Viktor was very regretful that he was still stuck in Russia

1) “You promised you’d kiss my gold medal if I won so you better be prepared to get down on your knees tonight to do it.” “Gold definitely isn’t going to be the only thing I’ll be kissing tonight” 

Yuri on Ice - Ambiguity vs Explicitness

I feel like this is a discussion that comes and goes in this fandom, and now that it’s somewhat come back, I feel that I’d like to add my 2 cents to the conversation.

This got long so you’ll find the post under the cut.

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The Signs as Pickup Lines


I’ll treat you like my homework: Slam you on the table and do you all night long!


If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, I’m brave enough to ask you out!


You dropped something! What? (Point at the ground) Your standards.


I just wanna let you know how beautiful you are and was wondering if you could buy me a drink?


Is there a cellphone in your backpocket? Cause that ass is calling me!


Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.


Your eyes are as blue as the sea I dumped my ex’s body in.


You work at a post office? Cause I saw you checking out my package.


Can you touch me? I want to tell my friends I was touched by an Angel.


Are you made out of grapes? Because you are fine as wine!


Damn Girl is your name Wifi? Because I’m feeling a connection!


I saw you girls from over there and just want to let you know that I’m taken.

Dark Hound

Too many cool things to name this guy. I’ve had this one sitting in my drafts for who  knows how long, it’s about time I posted it! 

I, for the life of me can not remember where the sprite came from. I don’t remember doing it myself which means another artists did it. If that artists if you or you know that artist, shoot me a message so I can credit you. ^^’

While I don’t remember where the sprite came from I do remember I did this, to show  @houndoom-kaboom‘s favourite Pokemon some love. :D

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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Green Day Asks
  • I tried to make these as least cliche as possible lmao
  • 1,000 hours: How long did your longest relationship last?
  • 21 Guns: What was your first breakup like? Describe it in 10 words or less.
  • 21st Century Breakdown: Do you ever wish that you were born in a different year or era? Why? What year?
  • All By Myself: Have you ever been stalked? Explain.
  • Are We the Waiting: Are you waiting for something right now?
  • Bang Bang: Have you ever used any sort of weaponry, for sport or otherwise?
  • Before the Lobotomy: What's your happiest memory?
  • Blood, Sex and Booze: Are you into any unusual things in a relationship, sexual or not?
  • Bouncing Off the Wall: What kind of kid were you in elementary school ("the class clown," "the nerd," etc)?
  • Christie Road: Is there a certain place you feel happiest at?
  • Church on Sunday: Could you ever date someone with completely different religious views?
  • F.O.D: What do you want to say to your ex?
  • Fucktime: How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  • King for a Day: Have you ever crossdressed?
  • Longview: What motivates you?
  • Makeout Party: Describe your first kiss.
  • Oh Love: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • St. Jimmy: Did you ever have an emo phase?
  • The Forgotten: Name a movie with a soundtrack you like.
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends: What's your favorite month?
  • We Are the Champions: What's your favorite cover of a song?
  • Xmas Time of the Year: Do you celebrate Christmas?
  • Viva La Gloria / Little Girl: Have you ever ran away?
Love is not posting pictures online and sending long messages every night so you know I appreciate you. Love is not talking every day just so we are not going to forget we both care. Yes, it is great to do those things when you love someone, but it should not be something that you need. Love is, not talking all day and knowing you still love someone and nothing will change it. Love is, when you go out late and call me when you get home even though I am asleep because you know how much I worry. Love is, when you stop making up excuses and admit you did something wrong and apologizing for your mistakes and try not to do them again. Love is, “please get your homework done so you can get the job you want and be happy in the future”. That is love. Love is, “let’s go to bed we both need rest and I don’t want to go without you”. Love is, “I know you’re out watching the sunset because you’re upset, and I’m really sorry. But I’m upset too and would like you to go home so you can FaceTime me.” And then leaving my favorite thing because you will always be a priority to me. Love is not always the big things that everyone else will notice, but the small things that are not going to be noticed by anyone except each other. I do not need extravagant to mean love. I need you.
—  For you
So You Want to Make a Tarot Deck, Part 1: Ideas and Getting Started

So you’ve got it into your head that making a tarot deck would be a good idea.

It is, you’re right.

However, it is going to be a long and tedious process. In this and the following posts, I am going to tell you how I make a deck, or what I’ve learned along the way - from initial idea to finally selling and shipping it out. Now, this is how I did it, and what I would recommend. It is absolutely not the only way to do things. Take what you like from it, or ignore it all because you know way more than me.

This series is also assuming that you are going to get your deck professionally printed for sale. If you’re not, just ignore all that and make a deck for yourself, that’s cool too. Also, I’m basing most things off of tarot cards, but most of this will also apply to oracle decks.

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12x11 coda

It’s not like he hasn’t had this conversation a thousand times before. It shouldn’t be any different this time around. 

“The first monster you killed was just a poltergeist. You were 13.”

“What? I knew how to fight monsters when I was 13?” Dean asks, incredulous.

A rush of affection hits Sam hard. He knows, logically, that Dean losing his memory is a bad thing. But. “You taught me how to shoot a gun when I was 7. Dad was so pissed.”

“So our dad did this, too? We’ve all been fighting monsters all our lives?”

“Pretty much. Family business, you know?”

“OK, so who else in our family fights monsters? Is it just you and me, are we all each other’s got?”

Sam lowers his flashlight and slows down for a second. It’s a weighted question, and Dean doesn’t even know it. “Uh, no. Long story, but our mom is a hunter, too. She doesn’t live with us in the bunker though.”

“The bunker? Is that the place you were talking about a minute ago?”

“Yeah. You and I live there, and sometimes Cas does, too.”


Sam turns and very nearly shines his flashlight right in Dean’s face. “You don’t remember Cas?”

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So, I’ve been seeing an AU called Scandalore started by @forcearama play out on my dashboard all day long and I must say, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. I love Obitine and so I love this AU to bits. Throughout this whole thing, I’ve been wondering things such as, how much does Korkie knows? Not to mention the implications of Anakin meeting Satine at an earlier age. Did he constantly tease Obiwan about her? Or what about the Mandalore arc in this AU? Perhaps not only was Satine frustrated with the clone wars but the fact her HUSBAND was participating in it, making the fight between the two much more of a big deal. But did I write about any of the above? NOPE. Here, have 1.4k of how these two ended up secretly wed in the first place.

When Satine starts throwing up in the morning, she dismisses it as her illness of the month. Satine has never been the peak of Mandalorian health. Her immune system has always taken harder hits than most, and it is one of the many reasons her opponents have used against her ascend to leader of the houses.

But it goes longer than it should, and when she is finally persuaded to see a medical droid, it appears to be something far more drastic.

“You are pregnant.” The droid announced stoically.

“Pregnant?” Satine’s heart starts beating wildly.

The medical droid starts rattling on about the medical definition of being pregnant but the duchess tunes him out. She can’t be pregnant. Not right now. She has just reached a tentative peace among all of Mandalore–she knows there is still pockets of groups who are waiting for any first sign of weakness. A child with a Jedi father would cause a massive scandal. Many willingly overlooked her Jedi protectors, but none would be willing to overlook the fact she conceived a child with one of them. Mandalore’s hatred for Jedi still ran strong in some houses.

She knows what she must do. She must sacrifice the child for the sake of peace. She knows this, and yet her mind can’t help traveling back to Obiwan. She remembers the time he played with some children in a village they spent a few days in. How his eyes gleamed as he patiently answered each one of their numerous questions. He would be a great father, she knows it.

She thinks long and hard about the issue, before coming to a conclusion.

Drawing a deep breath, she wipes the medical droid’s memory before dismissing it from the room. She then reaches for her comm and clicks on the senior padawan’s contact.

“Sa-satine?” He asks, a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected her to contact him after the dust had settled and she retained her status as rightful Duchess of Mandalore.

She seemed adamant in the two ceasing contact with one another. It was perhaps for the best, as painful as it was for him. She was a duchess and he a Jedi. Both had duties to uphold, and had no time for attachments to distract them from their goals.

“Satine, are you alright?” He questions after she doesn’t respond the first time.

On the outside, she looked relatively fine. No one except her closest confidants would notice her that her hairpiece was slightly crooked and the vacant stare in her eyes.

“Obiwan, how I wish you were by my side,” Her voice cracked, but she continued on, “Something unexpected has come up, and I am unsure how to proceed.”

“What is it?” He asked, growing increasingly worried, “Are you being threatened again? I’m sure the Republic wouldn’t mind–”

“It’s not like that,” She interrupts, shaking her head, “It’s a completely different it’s–I’m pregnant, Obiwan.”

Oh. OH.

“with my child?” He asks weakly, collapsing onto his chair in a startled heap.

“Of course, your child, Obiwan Kenobi,” She says in a scandalized tone, but she smiles gently despite it.

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What happened to taking the coward's way out, did you finally grow a back bone? It is very brave of you to stand and face that monster, especially with you're true nature finally revealed. How long will it take? How long until you begin to regret your decision? How long until you with it would just end? How long until the pain is all you know? This will be interesting, to say the least.

*My cowardly nature has not changed.
*I cannot look him in the eyes.
*I do not want to see his expression.
*I hesitated to jump.
*Although I claim I told him for his own sake.
*This is nothing more than my new escape plan.
*Everything gets fixed tonight.

Me in the theater watching Dunkirk:

   - Seeing his name in the opening credits:

   - Seeing him for the first time in the movie:

   - Whenever he’s on screen:

   - If his character dies:

   - After his death, thinking “It’s fine, he did an amazing job it’s okay…i’M OKaY”

   - Showing all the haters how good Harry was in the movie:

   - And finally me on the way for the Oscar next year:

Dear Anton

Dear Anton.

It’s been too long since I saw you. To be honest, I wanted to know you, I really did, and I miss you so much. I don’t like talking about you like you’re dead. It feels strange even now, and like something I’m being forced to accept.

I started a blog about you. It’s gotten fairly popular. I can’t help but to think, I wish I didn’t have this blog. I have all these followers because of you, I have people giving me messages, telling me they miss you too, and how they wish you weren’t dead, like I led them to some comfort and honestly I’m glad I can help them in the wake of your memory.

But that’s just it, Anton, the reason I have this blog is because you died. I wish you were still here, I wish it so much. It hurts every time I say or do something for you, and I need you back here.

I was just thinking, as I went for a walk in the snow, I’m so sorry you can’t see this anymore. I look outside as I’m riding in a car and music in my ears, and I think, “I am so goddamn happy to be alive.”

But then, I remember, what about those people that aren’t? You’re missing so much, every day, and I kept on living and seeing these things because I know if you aren’t here, someone else has to see them. You’re an intrepid, amazing, kind soul, and I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to your photo gallery.

Your photo gallery. It killed me, knowing I couldn’t make it. I’m so caught in the middle of school, keeping my grades up so maybe, just maybe I can make valedictorian so I can feel a bit better about myself and the way things are.

But that doesn’t matter. I feel as if I’m trying to talk myself up and I’m really not. I say “I miss you, I miss you” so much that it almost seems like it’s trying to form a moot point, a horse that’s long been beaten into the dust.

You’re a really amazing person. I think, if we were just trying to be basic, that’s what I’d say. You’re amazing. An amazing actor, photographer, person that I never got the privilege to meet, not really. What I had with you wasn’t enough to say I even remotely knew you.

I wish I could admit these things to anyone else. You know they won’t listen. I can barely listen myself. I’m trying to distance myself, you know, and it didn’t work. Actually, I’d be lying if I said I tried to distance myself completely.

So, we all decided to do this thing, giving you letters on your birthday, sending them out on helium balloons or posting them, or even just writing them, keeping them. I’m going to write a handwritten one too. It’ll probably be considerably shorter, but I’m sure you have enough letters on your plate, in your hands, right now.

It breaks my heart, what happened, and I wish more than anything that you were still here. God, I want to see another movie with the casting decision of Anton Yelchin for the lead role, the side role, any role at all.

I’ve loved so many things since you went away, like the sky and the snow, even though I’m horribly sick of it by now. Do you remember the way it looked when the sun hit it, or maybe snowflakes when the moonlight fell through the night air? It was like we were in a snowglobe.

I want to tell you so much about the world today. There are also things I don’t want to tell you, because a shit ton of bad things still happen and you don’t need to worry about those anymore. The sun comes out more and more each day, it seems, and the trees are starting to bud.

I wonder, what is it like for you now? Are you there, Anton? Ground control

I wish so much for you to be here with us today and now and here, so so very much. Happy birthday, and I hope the rest are happy too, even though they aren’t your birthday. I hope each day you had wasn’t harried or harsh on you, I hope you lived so many happy days with amazing people that love you so much.

I really do wonder what’s going on where you are. Is it pretty? Is it blank? Can you hear me? What can you see?

No, don’t answer that. I hope it’s so wonderful.

I wrote you a letter and buried it in the snow next to your grave. You know what I mean. I won’t bother to clarify. I hope you see it too.

I miss you so, so much, Anton, more than I can really explain.

I promise I will never forget you. 


“With all the love that I possess,”