you know how i feel about parallels

13x04: oh you have a meta list to make canon do you?

- Jack watching Star Wars just made me laugh so hard - @margarittet‘s excellent meta about how this whole thing is a star wars parallel

- Sam and Jack being honest whilst Dean in contrast is not

- Sam (& I love that Jared delivered this line) talking about the positives of therapy YES (for real life) but also amazing given what Cas is going through this episode.


- Dean: “What gets burned stays dead” - CUTS TO CAS
- Dean: “I have no hope left” - CUTS TO CAS

- Dean’s big pause with the same face as in 02 (the you don’t know how I’m feeling direct parallel to Sam/Jess) when Sam is talking about grief and “moving on….from mom” with the CLEAR undertone that this isn’t just about mom for Dean (or Sam? is he actually referring to Cas here himself? Hm!)

- “He’s not our intern” LMAO @elizabethrobertajones :p

- Monsters have a choice to be good or bad. Re-emphasised again by Kelly “it doesn’t matter who you are but what you do”. Did they just quote Batman? *insert Dean I’m batman gif* anyway, one of the gifs I’ve been using as a theme of season 13 since APRIL?

- Sam’s grief over Mary killed me, just…. YES this needed saying and I’m here for it. Sam is suffering for what he never had, the loss. Sam addressing it himself but also pushing back on Dean.

(also yeah I really really don’t want to make everything about Dean/Cas but the theme of grieving for something that was right there within reach but you never got the chance to have? COME ON!) 

- Dean accepting at the end that yes he has valid reasons to be grieving but he shouldn’t take it out on Sam *happy dance*.

- Dean’s grief for Cas has already been shown over the last 3 episodes, I’m so ok with what we got here, it was great. We didn’t need more grief for Cas, we had actual Cas in this episode and we had another clear at the END of the episode link between Dean’s nihilism and Cas being his sunshine. Excellent.

- Oh, Jack talking about having emotions sometimes but feeling empty? Nephilim/grace issue? LINKED TO CAS TOO. PLEASE yes continue this theme I, human!Cas aficionado need this so badly.

- Depression!Cas:

x  and the link to season 9′s “who do you love” opener all about CAS. YES :D


- Catharsis. Mentioning catharsis on the show. Which is what this whole show is with it’s psychological aspects for so many people, it’s what drags so many of us in. NOW THEY TALK ABOUT IT IN THE SHOW!! Addressing this. Amazing!

*Tink stares into the camera*


- Dean addressing that the needs Sam to have faith because he has none. Because he is nihilistic, because he doesn’t believe in a damn thing…what is the difference here between Sam and Dean?

If they’ve both addressed their grief for Mary this episode? What is the additional thing Dean is dealing with? Why does he need Sam to be strong for him? Because he can’t? WHY IS IT WORSE FOR DEAN?

=> CUT TO CAS feeling the sunshine on his face in his new depression-less visual representation outfit.

Merideth can stay :p

I mean….. everything we have talked about is being made TEXTUAL. Not just Dean/Cas but all the rest too.




All the reasons I loved this latest Chris and Eva clip:

Brace yourselves, cause this is going to be a looong list. I’m sorry but I’m too far gone for my OTP to care about much else today.

* The way he touches her face in the beginning of the clip.

*Chris’ wide grin plus Eva’s sleepy smile. Honestly, the chemistry between those two is unreal, even in small moments like this.

*“Did you sleep well?” “Mhm.” The whole Jonas and Eva vs Eva and Chris parallel here. Jonas pretty much said that he had a nightmare in which Eva was a whore and CHRIS TOLD EVA THAT HE HAD A DREAM WHERE EVA WAS HIS GIRLFRIEND. Ugh.

*Also, the whole dream was totally made up and I have a feeling that Eva knew it. And she knows how whipped she has him and just…Eva is goals as usual.

* Wow, damn. Another one of Chris Schistad’s reaction gifs is born.

* I honestly feel like Chris is trying to remember his lines when he is talking about his “dream”. And Eva is so amused CAUSE SHE KNOWS.

* He is such a certified nerd while telling that stupid story.

* Chris’ reaction when Eva told him that his dream wasn’t real tho. He was all: “say what now?”

* Eva: “we’re never going to be together” Eva: *smiles* Chris: *tries not to look like somebody just stabbed him and fails*

* “Why not?” I can see that you’re internally crying, Chris. God, the dialogue is gold.

* The way Chris repeats Eva’s words back to her. Such a small thing but mad cute.

*Also, I have such huuuge respect for Eva. She still acknowledges that Chris was a fuckboy in the past and she smiles again when saying it, and it’s so playful, and Eva knows that Chris is in love with her but she’s still protecting her heart and is being reasonable about it all and just…where can I find an Eva?

*Also, telling a guy whose currently naked in your bed that he’s a cheating fuckboy, is NEXT LEVEL.

* The way Eva almost immediately stops kissing Chris, because someone’s calling her. She. Always. Puts. Her. Friends. First.

* When Eva answers Vilde’s call and we can actually see how hurt Chris is over the fact that Eva doesn’t want to be his girlfriend.

* Also, the way he runs his hand over his face is like saying: “damn I messed up with that fake dream I told her about oops”

* When Eva tells Vilde that she is doing nothing special, and Chris looks like he’s about to cry. That boy is so in love, I can’t put it into words.

* All the longing looks towards Eva while she’s talking on the phone!!!

* Eva: “But maybe I can call you later or something.” Queue Chris’ whole face lighting up.

* Chris: “We were talking about getting together.” Lol, smooth.

* That boy has lost all his game and just wants to be together with Eva. Who’s crying? Certainly not me.


* The fact that Chris isn’t pressuring her into anything but just wants them to be together but he isn’t pushy about it. I honestly don’t know where the Noorhell shippers get their ideas, when they compare Mohnstad and Noorhell.


* When Eva tried to push Chris off her bed and he didn’t budge an inch, that was a sign.

* I just love how Chris is still his old self on some level, so self-confident and just doesn’t understand why he has to hide.

* Eva being determined not to introduce Chris, so the boy gets up, wraps a sheet over himself, and is just like: “Hi. I’m Chris.”

* Your name is also Chris? ANOTHER ONE, WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE.

* I just noticed that Eva rolls her eyes when Chris is talking to her mum, oh wow. I love this girl.

* When Eva’s mum says that she wasn’t aware that Eva had a boyfriend and Chris looks like he is finally sure Eva will confirm their relationship now but she DOES NOT.

* Also, Chris was totally happy to meet her mum, you can’t tell me otherwise.

* “We’re not together.” “Not yet”

* Eva’s mum’s “you’ll figure it out” is basically the whole fandom’s reaction to this clip.

* Also, all the smiles and the banter in the end of this clip, what can I say, Mohnstad just naturally gravitate towards each other.

* Chris: “Love me.” Honestly, what kind of desperation.

In conclusion: this was the clip of dreams that I never thought I’d see.

Nothing else mattered

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last Supernatural meta. Some days ago I answered an ask where I said that time constraints were among the reasons why I hadn’t written much lately. The other powerful reason was lack of inspiration. The thing is that after watching episode 12x14, I felt that I simply HAD TO write about something in particular, no matter what. I haven’t had time to read any meta for this episode, and that’s a good thing because it means this is my opinion without anybody else’s influence. Without further ado, let’s talk about the part of the episode that inspired me to write again.  

Other more talented meta writers have previously stated that Mary’s arc this season parallels Cas’ arc in season 6. I totally agree. The whole “Mary is working with the BMoL and keeping it from Dean and Sam” is the same thing Cas did when he was secretly working with Crowley. At least, the writers are trying to undo some things from season 6 because in this case Mary decided to confess to her sons what she was doing without being forced. However, if somebody still had doubts that Mary is a Cas parallel, in this episode there was a very explicit shout-out to a memorable scene between Dean and Cas: Mary literally told Dean, “I’m doing this for you.” I know she meant both Winchesters, but she was talking directly to Dean in that scene. Besides, where have we heard those exacts words before?

There was something else that was very relevant almost at the end of the episode. If we’re keeping in mind that Mary is a Cas parallel, how much of what Dean said to Mary applied to Cas around 6 years ago? The thing is that Dean never expressed what he felt at that time, but he did it now. The fact that he’s trying to talk about his feelings is huge character development for Dean.

What did Dean say to Mary?

“The moment I thought something bad had happened to you, nothing else mattered.”

That pretty much explains this from episode 7x01:

It also explains why Dean was so worried and desperate when he thought Cas was dead, to the point where he told Bobby that maybe angels didn’t need to breathe. It explains why when Dean realized Cas was alive, he didn’t focus on being pissed.

Dean didn’t tell Cas there was no way to redeem himself. He didn’t decide to leave him right there; Dean actually wanted to take Cas with them. Why? Dean was hurt deeply by what Cas did, and didn’t like the choices Cas made. The same happened with Mary. Dean didn’t like the choices she made and was really hurt by them. However, when Dean thought that something bad could happen to Mary, nothing else mattered. There was no betrayal important enough to prevent him from running to her rescue.

That’s what happened back in season 7’s premiere. The moment Dean thought that something bad could happen to Cas, nothing else mattered. Nothing Cas had done was beyond redemption. The idea of losing the person he loves hurts Dean a lot more than accepting the choices the person makes. That’s why Dean forgave Cas in season 7, no matter what.

Of course, many of us already knew that Cas meant a lot to Dean even back then. I’m just glad the subtext of season 12 is somehow explaining things that happened so long ago in the show. If season 12 continues like this, I might feel inspired enough to keep writing as often as I used to. 

Araeph’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

Vol. 1 here.

It’s Araeph’s 1000th post! Thank you so much to all my followers, people who’ve messaged me for discussion, and fans who’ve filled my inbox with such thought-provoking asks. Below is the latest master list of my essays and fiction that I’ve compiled over the past year or so, as well as a few choice reblogs from other tumblr users that are mentioned by name. Have a fantastic 4th of July, everyone!

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This is love guys

First, there are things more intimate than kisses.
I think the best about Kara and Lena is how real everything looks and how it’s possible to relate to them.
Let’s remember that as far as we know that none of them had a relationship with another woman who was so intimate (I know couples who are not intimate as they are). Everything is new to them and you can see it. Every look, every smile, every dialogue and every hesitation (like Kara almost kissing Lena’s time). This is beautiful.
Why? Because it goes beyond kisses or “I made your breakfast” or something like that. The feeling they share is more than that.
Making a parallel here with Korrasami, who also began softly, calmly, with both in a process of discovery that in the end led both to accept and to assume the feeling that they felt for each other; Supercorp also started calmly, and both are in a process of discovery. Especially Lena, who despite wanting to leave the past of the family behind, is able to see herself following in their footsteps.
And just like Korra and Asami, Lena and Kara are always present when one needs, being understanding and caring. They  complete each other
They are soulmates, and I say this without necessarily going to the romantic side.

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I really want them to end like Korrasami

And look at dear friends from this wonderful ship that is Supercorp, if Korrasami who was from a “kid’s show” of Nickelodeon, where everyone doubted and laughed when the shippers said it would be end game, in fact  became the end game. Why we cant? 

anonymous asked:

thoughts on the whole "lars and sadie are a parallel to rose quartz and greg" thing that's been going around?

(Excellent question! But I’m going to have to assume you’ve seen the SDCC promo, because otherwise it will be hard to discuss this topic in detail.  Just so you know, this will contain SPOILERS for unreleased Lars episodes.)

There is definitely a Rose/Greg parallel going on with Lars and Sadie.  At this point, there’s no denying it. And it’s been going on for much longer than I think people realize.

Before Sadie Killer aired on the CN app, I had reached the conclusion that Lars was always meant to be Rose Quartz’s teen parallel while Sadie shifted from a Pearl parallel to a Greg parallel as her character and relationship with Lars developed, so seeing more solid evidence for this and seeing fans talk about it is very exciting. 

The first thing you need to know is that Lars and Sadie’s personal story progressions flow backwards from their respective analogous character.

  • Lars goes from feeling dead and paralleling Rose’s ghost/memory, to sacrificing himself so Steven can live and be on Earth, to becoming a lively pink quasi-immortal rebel against Homeworld.
  • Sadie goes from working at a menial labor job to becoming a singer-songwriter with a focus on horror and the undead, which is connected to her reanimated love interest (much like how Greg’s music was space-themed and he had a thing for human/alien romances before meeting Rose).

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anonymous asked:

the flashback in the last episode showed that alfor/red and zarkon/black had a falling out because of honerva('s work), now i read that apparently some people think that lance/red will make keith/black smile softly like zarkon and honerva, which sounds really weird if they're looking for parallels?? but do you think that lance and keith will have a falling out, or at least something happens because of shiro (or because of shiro's arm, with it being made from quintessence)?

Well mean, this idea of someone “softening” Keith like how Honerva did with Zarkon–we already know that person is Shiro. That’s not me being biased either, the show runners have outright said Shiro is the only one really capable of suppressing the volatile emotions of Keith’s galra side. And I’m sure that’s what Alfor was referring to when he mentioned Honerva “softened” Zarkon. It can really be a struggle for galra to keep from getting overwhelmed by their emotions, so it makes sense they’d find partners who can soothe that side of them and alleviate their pain: 

  • Joaquim: “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.”
  • Joaquim: “He’s got this emotional side to him.” Lauren: “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. He’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he kinda just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” 

I mean, talk about softening–in Keith’s intro he goes from this: 

to this when he sees Shiro:

And that’s their very first scene together. First impressions are very important, and this establishes our initial understanding of their dynamic. Throughout the series, you continually see this pattern in which Shiro brings out this vulnerable, tender side of Keith:

So while I can’t see any parallels between zaggar and Keith and Lance’s dynamic, I do agree Lance is set up in a role similar to Alfor. Like Alfor, Lance ends up in a position where he has to be ready to speak up if Keith makes a bad call. Allura and Lance are both the ones really telling Keith it’s time to move on after he’s spent so long chasing after Shiro–so right from the onset, there’s friction between Keith and the rest of the time over Takashi. 

And we know who’s side Keith is on. To me, it’s pretty heavily foreshadowed that we’ll see another conflict mirror this one later on. And again, Keith will be forced into a position where he has to chose between Shiro and his duty as a paladin. When that time comes, I do believe Lance will very much be like Alfor in that he’ll be the one who tries to talk Keith into doing what’s best for the team, even if it means losing Shiro: 

And I can see Keith once again lashing out at the team if he has to deal with that. It’s already been established the thought of losing Shiro to him is unthinkable: “Shiro’s in trouble! I’m going in!” “Stop talking like that. You’re gonna make it.” “Why are we even talking about this? Nothing is gonna happen to you.” “Shiro! Wait!” “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” “No, I’m gonna find him! Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me. I won’t give up on him.” “Please, no.” 

Keith has already vowed to save Shiro “as many times as it takes.” And there’s no way he’s going back on that. So I can see that singular devotion kind of breaking up the team when they find out Kuron is a sleeper agent and Keith insists that he’ll still save him from the galra. And going back to that thing about “softening” Keith, we know from Lauren and Joaquim that Keith’s galra side becomes almost unbearable to suppress without Shiro. It’s when he loses Shiro that he really lashes out and surrenders himself to his grief and frustration. And if he doesn’t get the real Shiro back soon I can see all of that really building and driving him to do something he may well regret. 

I mean, we know when Keith is overwhelmed he says and does things he doesn’t really mean. But the more intense the emotion is the harder it is for him to stamp it out. And there’s no sting quite like what it means to have loved and lost 

So let’s talk about the changes to the Padawan Training Academy experience at Disneyworld, that comes on the wake of the new trailer and of course all the new information we’ve been receiving over the last few months about where this story will go.

First off, they got rid of Seventh Sister and Maul. :( But Kylo is now one of the trainers in the front, instead of just a nightmare experience coming out of the doorway in the back. So the kids get first hand experience with him. Which I think is super cool for getting used to him as a main character.

Then there’s some of the lines they’ve newly given him. Here’s just a handful:

“I see you were taught to fight like a Jedi. So was I.”

“There is no balance, Jedi. The Dark Side will always be stronger.”

“Join me.”

“I am your Master now.”

“Yes. Your anger will make you strong. I can teach you to use it. I can teach you the ways of the Force.”

I mean that first one just hurts. :( But piecing together his backstory is becoming a real focus in this trilogy, so it’s important. 

Then there’s just the massive amounts of mentions to him wanting to be the kids teacher. Which makes me imagine a bunch of padawans following Kylo like ducklings and I cry. Careful kids, we still don’t know how the last padawans working with Kylo actually met their end! But I do like that they’re pushing the parallels between Vader and Kylo a lot more here. Just how badly did Vader keep trying to get Luke to join him? To work together? It’s an interesting thought to chew on.

Then there’s the mention of balance. Because let’s be real, if you don’t realize by now that this trilogy is all about the balance of the Force and how important that is, you’re not paying attention.

So there you go, I’m not going to make any direct commentary on how I feel about these when it comes to shipping because you probably can all guess, but I wanted to share it nonetheless!

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hi! How are wolfgang and kala modern day persephone and hades? I was creeping on your tags! Found it interesting :D


soooo i know the hades x persephone myth doesn’t fit them perfectly (in terms of greek god parallels, wolfgang has plenty of ares in him too), but i do feel like they have a ‘goddess of spring meets god of the underworld’ kind of dynamic? just on a visual level, kala wears lots of bright and light colors; wolfgang wears a ton of blacks and darker shades. wolfgang is a killer, surrounded by death in a kind of criminal underworld; kala is a pharmacist, surrounded by drugs meant to heal and bright sunlight. kala starts out relatively sheltered and naive; wolfgang’s appearance in her life marks a kind of awakening for her of both desire and identity. wolfgang is relatively alone save for felix in the beginning; then he sees kala and immediately not only wants her but wants to know her. and there’s a definite sense of her getting drawn deeper and deeper into his life, splitting time between her own world and his as they grow closer

Originally posted by belkideumuthalavardir

also the line “you have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you, just as i have something dark and wicked inside of me” always makes me think of hades and persephone <3

A lot of us have already talked about why this panel is great, so I figure I’ll share my take on it. Obviously, I love it.

1) The very first thing that stood out to me is Gray’s bashful face. This is not a typical Gray Fullbuster face. I’ve seen quite a few say he is blushing here, but I’m pretty sure that’s just dirt because it’s not particularly where Mashima draws blushes. Nonetheless, that face says a lot and a blush isn’t exactly necessary. It’s not embarrassment, it’s a bashful and happy expression that was supposed to be on the way to a serene resolution…until Natsu went and disappeared. (As an aside, that was of course, the major, major, MAJOR event of the chapter…)

2) So, is it REALLY about just apologizing? Given that face, the fact that Juvia’s literally the first thing that comes up on what he’s going to do post-war, and Lucy’s facial expression, I think we know he’s probably trying to “play it cool”. The boy damn well knows that he promised an answer after the war. He also knows that he’s already been ripped raw and showed his cards on what his feelings are. He’s ready, he’s nervous a bit, and he knows it’s time to jump into the deep end. He’s also pretty darn happy about it for that look. It was Mashima throwing back to “after the war” as a fake-out giving us the very temporary sense that the war is over, and reiterating that the conversation is definitely going to happen. It’s a priority for Gray–it’s THE priority for Gray.

3) It’s probably about so much more than 499, even if that’s what Mashima decided to convey. I’ve seen some criticism that these were the choice for demonstrating Gray’s need to apologize for the fight instead of Iced Shell, but I think it’s more that he felt he failed to protect her. He put things off in 453 to keep focused and keep her safe…and that technically did not happen. The 499 moments reiterate exactly HOW much things impacted him.

4) As @thatsvicchan pointed out, this little gem is a throwback parallel to Tartaros. This time, instead of Juvia seeking out Gray to apologize, Gray’s the one who feels the need to reach out. As we saw in 416, that apology was about way more than merely apologizing. It was the moment that started to pull it all together, raw emotion, and a beautiful display of their bond. Now we have the guy who promised to be “more serious” keeping up with that promise. I can’t wait (you know, after we figure out how Natsu comes back and this Acnologia mess gets straightened out).

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Hello! Just wondering but what do you think is going to happen in terms of the sheith relationship from the season 2 end point. I mean, you have have extensively talked about how they support each other and their chemistry but surely shiro's absence will not only leave Keith without a comfort source but will potentially leave tension between them. What do you think?

Hi!! Well to be honest, I think a lot of how Keith reacts in the future will be grounded in the past. Losing Shiro now will definitely be used to parallel what happened in the aftermath of Keberos. So I have a feeling that season 3 will start off with Keith’s initial reaction to everything being mirrored by flashbacks. This will also help further develop both characters and fill in gaps like how Shiro changed Keith’s life, what he really did after the garrison, ect. 

But, with what we know up to this point, here’s some stuff about Keith’s background we can infer: Given our timetable of when Keith is kicked out–after the Kerberos mission failure news airs, but before Pidge enlists–it’s pretty heavily implied Keith left because of Shiro. He leaves almost immediately after Shiro disappears, and Joaquim has said that “[Keith] latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” The garrison covering everything up, pinning all the blame on Shiro and being unwilling to send another ship to check things out–even to just retrieve the bodies–I can see how that would make Keith blow up. 

And from there, we know Keith went off in this self-imposed exile into the desert. He doesn’t just distance himself from people–he doesn’t interact with a single human for a year, instead following his instincts. Following the trail of the blue lion, throwing his everything into chasing after ghosts. Shiro’s shocked when he sees the conspiracy theory board, so we can guess that this maybe wasn’t something Keith was always into. But he was willing to get fully immersed in something entirely unconventional because he felt like he finally had a purpose again. There was a light in the dark, and he chased it. About his time in the desert and Shiro’s return, Keith says “After getting booted from the garrison, I was kind of lost, and found myself drawn out to this place. It’s like something…some energy, was telling me to search. Shiro asks what it was he’s been searching for. So, Keith talks about all these signs pointing to “some arrival last night.” His voice goes soft as he looks meaningfully back at Shiro and says:

“Then you showed up.”

So, what does that tell us about Keith? 

  • He needs a sense of purpose. The garrison gave him a goal, a point of focus, and he was damn good at what he did. Top cadet of his class, the best fighter pilot when that career track is already the most competitive. After losing Shiro and leaving the garrison, Keith had nothing to fall back on. He chases after this one feeling on a whim because he’s lost, he has nothing else; it feels like his only hope, and he really wants it to actually lead him to something. He follows it because he can’t just sit by and do nothing 
  • In this context, telling Keith to lead Voltron was probably the best parting gift Shiro could give. It ensures that Keith has a personal mission to keep him going, something to work towards and force him to carry on. He has to stay with the team because now he leads the team; he has to stay strong for all their sakes. And he won’t feel like he has nothing, like he just has to run away into the desert again
  • He might be more withdrawn but, with the responsibility of black lion, he knows he can’t just up and leave the team. Again, this prevents him from detaching himself from people completely. It means he won’t have to go through losing Shiro alone again, and he’ll have other people to lean on and help him through it. This time he has friends, people he can trust and start to open up to. That’s really good for him 

And I mean, we’ve already seen how important staying with the team is for Keith

but, conversely, he’s already left the team once already (because he was afraid he was a danger to everyone). So we know that Keith is very much someone who believes in the “greater good” and sacrificing selfish, personal desires for the sake of others. If he feels like the universe needs him to stay with the team, then we certainly have reason to believe he will. 

However, there is one thing Keith consistently values over the “greater good”:

  • In the end of season 1, he says they can’t go and save Allura, because it’s too dangerous and would put everyone at risk. About ten minutes later though, he breaks from formation and runs off on his own because Shiro’s in trouble. This despite the fact that he doesn’t have a plan and, again, it puts the rest of his team in danger

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The Hunter And The Witch (Chapter 5- Cupid)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary: :Reader meets Cupid.
Warnings: Mentions of sex, swearing, explicit language.
Word Count: 2508

A/N: Thank you for the amazing feedback everyone!  I hope you’ll like this part too, and please make sure to tell me what you think! I love feedback, it makes me so happy! Kisses, Dream :*
Gif’s not mine!

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“I mean, I’m almost one hundred percent certain that sex is overrated.” You stated as you dug into your fries in the Impala while Sam stole a look at you, then looked out of the window. He and you had been watching the house of the woman whom you suspected to be a witch while Dean tried to get more information in the bar she often went to.

You were beginning to think it was less fun for him than it was for you.

“Everything that happened to people happened because of sex or love. Think about it. Napoleon and Josephine, she got fucked over.” You started counting with your fingers “Paris and Helen got both fucked over. Romeo and Juliet-“

“Romeo and Juliet weren’t real.”

“It was still a cautionary tale in my opinion.” You said and he leaned his head back, groaning.

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Hi! I can't believe that Ken immediately started kissing her back! He didn't hesitated and layed her down so he could be atop, like... how much he suppressed his feelings for her up until now? How much he actually wanted her? This chapter killed me, all the raw feelings OMG

When I saw he deepened the kiss I was honestly in shock, I wish you have seen my face, anon, it took me years to keep scrolling down and go to the next page because I couldn’t believe it. I WAS SO sure that he would stop her, or at least say “uhh, touka-chan,  i don’t think this is the moment..” or like “maybe we should find a different place? we are in the middle of an abandoned building and we are on the floor” but he didn’t even seem to care about that… I was even waiting for some kind of parallel between the first akiramon kiss when Amon stopped Akira… BUT NOPE. 

I think it’s a great way to express Kaneki’s feelings, we usually never know what he’s thinking or feeling, he’s kinda like a mystery to us sometimes, but the way he responded to her touches it definitely gives you an insight of his current feelings.. he never had a chance to answer her when she told him how she felt because Tsukiyama interrupted, but he was clearly surprised… to me, he was surprised to know that he wasn’t the only one who felt this way, so this scene (despite both trying to comfort each other due to their pain) i definitely feel like it’s an answer from him, i don’t think he would ever, ever, EVER have sex with Touka just for fun or to experience something new… she’s his friend, he respects her, i think there’s a limit between a friend and a girl you barely know or you have seen a few times, he would never have sex with her knowing the way she feels and if Kaneki himself wouldn’t feel anything at all, because he does. I truly believe he likes her, Haise made that very clear, and I think he’s having the opportunity to explore those repressed feelings. 

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Aren't we still young for this? - SMUT - Mark GOT7

It’s not a lie that Mark wants you.

But your past left you scared to start something new.

The first moment both of you met at the office, you felt such strong attraction that you had never felt before with anyone.

It was magnetic, magical, and passionate.

At that night after your first meeting, both of you spent the hours , just talking about random stuffs. Neither of you wanted to end the call, but the night was getting late, and after much deliberation, both of you promised to meet tomorrow for a breakfast together, before going to work.

“Have you been in a relationship before?” He asked. His fingers gently wrapped around the fork as he chewed on the sausage. You almost spit out your tea as your eyes darted to him.

“Well… I had. But it didn’t end on good terms, ” you softly coughed. He nodded his head understandingly, putting down the fork on his porcelain plate.

Mark took the napkin on his lap and wiped his mouth before saying, “It’s fine if you don’t wanna talk about it. Take your time. Tell me whenever you feel like it.”

And you could not be more thankful for that.

Months, and the feeling grows. Both of you have known each other so well, each other interests, likes and dislikes, and such things. Both of you can even finish each other sentences, showing just how much time you have spent with Mark. There has never been any conflicts between you and him, but as days pass, you are becoming anxious.

He wants to know more about your past. About your ex who treated you like a trash, who made you feel worthless and vulnerable. He is finally gone for good, but the memories still linger in your mind. Even though you trust Mark so much, you just cannot bring yourself to talk to him about it.

“Y/N, I know he did hurt you. He is a douchebag and I hate him with all my heart. I know what he did to you, what he said and wh–”

“How? How’d you know it?” You raise your voice, still full of shock. You look at him, straight in the eyes, looking for an answer. The movie rolling on the tv is forgotten, and the space that was comfortable and romantic just now suddenly turns tense.

Mark shifts his body on the couch, parallel to you. His hand naturally reaches over to yours, taking it into his bigger hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. His warmth melts the ice in your heart and topples down the walls that you built as a fortress.

“I love you, and I want to know everything about you. I care for you, and I want you to know just how worthy you are to me. I want to make you feel as if you own the world, just like what you make me feel,” his voice comes out in a whisper.

He scoots closer to you, and now, his face is just inches away from you. You can clearly see the sparkles in his eyes, his dilated pupil, the blush on his cheeks, and that warm smile.

“I love you. Please, trust me. I won’t hurt you, ever. Open up to me, Y/N.” 

His eyes are begging you to look at him in a different light, to look at him as a knight in shining armor who will protect you, and treat you like a queen, to look at him as your partner to share all your problems, and to look at him as your lover who will always got your back no matter what.

A tear falls on your left cheek. You regret that you ever doubted him, the person who truly love your everything.

“I’m sorry, Mark. I’m sorry…” You apologize like there is no tomorrow, and throw yourself into his embrace.

There are those nights, when Mark just wants to spend the night with you, making love to each other. He wants to take this relationship further, showing how serious he is with you. You can tell, by his dark gaze, his hands wildly roaming to your back, and the ‘accidental’ touch to your breasts or butts whenever both of you are tasting each other lips.

You want him too, so much. You want to give your all to him. But, flashbacks of your ex; violent, and doing whatever he wanted to, all against your will still make you shudder. Most of the time, you will push Mark away, giving excuses that are starting to sound more and more ridiculous.

“I’m on my period.”

“Aren’t we still too young for this?”

“I have a stomachache.”

Until one day, you run out of excuses to tell him. And on that particular day, it seems like he just cannot wait any longer.

“You still don’t trust me, do you?” He questions, disconnecting his lips from yours, when you once again, push his hands away when he grabs the hem of your shirt.

“I… ”

“Why? Why can’t you trust me, completely? He is your past, and I am your present. Is it not enough? Is my love and attention not enough? Do you think I’m lacking so much that I don’t deserve your whole trust? Do you not love me anymore, Y/N? ” Mark voices out his frustration that he keeps so well. 

He stands up from the couch, walking back and forth. His hands on his waist, waiting for your answer, but the only thing you can voice out is silence.

“Y/N, talk to me, ” only his voice echoes in the living room. He comes to a stand still, and studies your expression.

You duck your head, staring at the brown carpet underneath you and silently mumble, “Mark, do you hate me for this?”

A shift is heard, and now, he is on his knees, holding up your chin to look at him in the eyes.

“No, I will never hate you for this. All I want you to do is trust me, completely. Let me show you, how I can treat you a thousand times better than him did. Let me show you… How much I love you with all my heart, ” the words flow effortlessly from his lips. 

Maybe this is the right time. You do not want to lose him, your other half.

You give him a smile, and nod your head. “Okay, show me.”

In that split second, his eyes are full with lust and passion. He licks his lips before crashing it onto yours. His hands are all over your body, your arms, your chest, your stomach, your thighs, your butts, your back.

God, you wanted this for so long. You want him.

“Mark… ”

Hearing that, he is motivated to do more. He shoves his tongue down to your throat, exploring it, making you breathless. You wrap your arms around his neck, breathing in his scent.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom, baby.”

He lifts you up and walks to the bedroom. Now, his plump lips travel to your exposed neck, inviting to be licked, and bite.

“You won’t know how bad I wanted this,” he manages to whisper out those words, as he pushes the door to his bedroom, and slowly lower you down to the mattress.

“Baby,” he holds the hem of your shirt, tugging on it slightly.

“This should be on the floor,” he takes off your shirt in one swift movement, throwing it to the corner. Leaving you exposed only in your black bra.

“And this too,” he slides down your sweatpants and your underwear. Throwing it away from you.

His eyes travel from your flushed face, down to your breasts, down to your womanhood, and your legs.

“You are perfect. Just perfect,” he roams his hand to your stomach, and slides it to your back. Slowly, he unclasps the bra, throwing it on the floor. His eyes widen at the sight of your breasts, fully exposed.

“Mark, ” you whimper, begging him to do something with it. You tug away his shirt as he pulls down his pants, making both of you completely naked in the bed. Your hands touch his arms, chest, and pulling him closer.

“Please… ” You bite down to your lips, rubbing your thighs together to ease the wetness pooling between your legs.

He tilts his head to the side, in awe with you, under him, completely breathless, and begging for him. His mouth hangs open, and his eyelids droop at this arousing sight in front of him.

“Fuck, baby you’re sexy,” his hand kneads your breasts in circular motion, flicking slightly on the perky nipple.

Your body jolts at the sudden pleasure, as you moan, wanting for more.

He takes your nipple in his mouth, sucking on it slowly while his other hand is massaging your other breast. His tongue moves in circular motion around your nipple, sending you to the edge.

Fuck, all you want right now is him inside you. With the tension escalating, you move your hand to your pussy, gently massaging your clit.

Mark notices this and quickly, he takes your hand away, swapping it with his fingers.

“That feels good, baby?” He asks cockily, feeling his ego boost up knowing that he makes you feel this way. He makes you react like this. He makes you moan, whimper, and beg for him.

He is getting harder, the louder your moans are. You can feel it pressing on your stomach, it is throbbing. You look down, staring at how he plays with your clit expertly, as if he knows every touch that will send you to the edge.

Your hands gripping on his arms tightly, trying to muffle your moans from being too loud. The pleasure is too good, you feel as if you are seeing stars. Your nails dig into his skin, as you are closer to orgasm.

Suddenly, the feeling of his fingers are gone, making you whine at the sudden lost of pleasure.

“Mark-–ah!” You moan as you feel two of his fingers are pumping inside your wet pulsating core. He leaves you no time to adjust to it, as he quickly speeds up. The sound of your wet walls clenching around his big fingers fills the room, as your moans goes to a higher pitch.

“Baby, you’re so so wet for me. Look how your pussy doesn’t want to let go of my fingers. It is so tight babe. Fuck, how I want to bury myself inside you so deep,” his dirty talks are sending shivers down your spines. You feel your insides tied into knots, and your body getting hotter. Your back is arching, closer to your orgasm.

“Cum for me, baby,” his low voice resonate in your ear.

With that, you moan out his name, layered with curse words as you indulge in the sensation. Every muscles in your body contracts, your toes curl, your eyes shut, your eyebrows scrunched up, and your mouth hangs open.

The orgasm washes you over for half a minute, before you finally able to catch your breath. Your chest goes up and down, and your hair sticking to your forehead from the sweats. He kisses you again on the lips, and travels to your neck, biting it to leave a mark.

“Ready for more, Y/N?”

Things I Write When I’m Bored

It’s done! This is filthy af omg

Hope you enjoy it! <3

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I remember everything.

“We missed out on so much. It was a coma. Tomorrow I go back to my coma, and you to yours. Pardon, I didn’t mean to offend—I am sure yours is no coma.”

“No, a parallel life.”

This quote always hits a nerve in me. Just thinking about two human beings having a love that they’re not able to live. That there are two people desperately in love with each other, longing for each other, daring to desire each other for a lifetime.

Imagine choosing to live a coma or a parallel life instead of your life.

Imagine to never actually feel alive but to live on just by the knowing that somewhere in this world the person you love exists.

Imagine having a love that changes your perspective of life and life itself, forever.

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Hello, first let let me introduce myself as an elia martell lover, and second I kinda low key ship jonerys though my two oops with Jon are Samxjon and Robbxjon, but I know you ship jonsa and that's great we should all ship and let ship, but all this fandom drama between opposite side shippers is getting to me so to feel a bit better I'm looking to just avoided tumblr for a while but before leaving I wanna ask what makes you ship jonsa? I genuinely want to know.

Hello, thanks for introducing yourself to me.

I started working on this reply then I loss it so I can’t make any promises that it will be any good.

So why do I like Jonsa?

1. They aren’t meant to be

Now I know this might seem like a weird reason to like a ship but this is one of my favorite things about Jon and Sansa. The world of GOT is gritty and cut throat. It’s a fantasy world but it’s not a fairytale world. That’s why the idea of these two people going through so much individually away from each other, being on seemingly opposite paths in life romantically, but reuniting at this crucial moment and developing genuine feelings is so appealing to me. Their love wouldn’t be fated by the universe. It wouldn’t be something that was always meant to happen, it wouldn’t be something that was inevitable. It would be something that blossoms because of who they are and what they mean to each other. It would mirror how real life love tends to happen. In real life we don’t go on parallel journeys with our great loves and then meet at a universe determined point of convergence and instantly fall in love. We exist in our worlds and sometimes it’s pretty and sometimes it’s ugly and then suddenly you’re at concert and you lock eyes with this guy and he’s handsome and you exchange numbers and you get to know him and he makes you feel respected and valued and wanted and you fall in love with him. When I think about Jon and Sansa and how their love story would be that’s what I think of. Two people who existed in a shared world but never understood each other until one day they lock eyes at castle black and relief washes over them because it’s familiar and they both really need familiar. Then one day Sansa realizes that this guy makes her feel respected and valued and safe and she loves him for it. And for Jon, he looks at her one day and she’s beautiful and she’s smart and she challenges him and she gives him a reason to fight in this brutal world again and he loves her for it. It’s not a fairytale but it’s beautiful in it’s own right because it’s organic and pure

2. They compliment each other

Sansa has been through so much and she’s rightfully hardened. She’s not a hateful Bitch by any means, but Sansa has grown used to being betrayed which is breed feelings of mistrust in her and a low tolerance for bullshit. Jon brings a necessary balance to this in sansa. He’s still very much empathetic to those he even sees as an enemy. He still has a element of idealism to him that I think Sansa will need in her life so that she doesn’t slip into the type of hardness we saw in Cersei. Jon still trusts people, he still trusts in the goodness in people and I don’t think Sansa does but I think she needs to because even tho the songs were lies, even tho she had to have her fairytales ripped away from her in the harshest of ways, there are still good people in the world, there are still trustworthy people out there. She doesn’t have to walk around with a wall of suspicion all the time, doing so will get exhausting eventually. Jon has already brought this to her life because he’s restored her faith in men and he can keep doing this for her. As for Jon, well Jon can be a dumbass sometimes let’s just be honest lol Sansa brings a necessary sense of pragmatism to Jon to balance out his impulsiveness. Sansa is very smart and well versed in this game they will have to keep playing for the rest of their lives. She’s the missing link Jon needs to make sure he doesn’t end up like his predecessors. They make the perfect team and have a mutual respect and understanding that makes them well suited to build a stable and good life together.

I also like that Jon is very passionate. I know we associate Jon with broodiness most of the time but I’ve always seen an innate passion in Jon. He’s passionate about his family, he was passionate about the watch, he was passionate about ygritte, and now he’s passionate about Sansa. Maybe it’s the targ blood or even the wolf in him but he has a fire in him that I think Sansa needs after all of her experiences. She needs a man who will bring something innately passionate to her, spark a fire in her, push her, frustrate her, arouse her. She needs someone who won’t treat her like porcelain glass and I feel like Jon can do that. Jon needs someone who will in a way dominate him and I think Sansa can do that. When I say dominate him I don’t mean someone who makes him their little pet and constantly gets him to bend to their will. I mean someone who will challenge him in a way that makes him stand back in awe. Someone who makes him feel less like a hero or a savior and more like a regular person who doesn’t know everything and doesn’t do the right thing all the time. Sansa does that, she illuminates his flaws in a way that makes him adjust, not feel inadequate, she respects his leadership but she doesn’t worship at his feet. She sees him as a good competent man but he’s not infallible, he’s not just a hero, he’s Jon and sometimes Jon is stupid, sometimes Jon is impulsive, sometimes Jon needs to be checked just like everyone else. Sansa is the best person to do this from him, she already does it. To borrow Kit’s words Sansa twists Jon in a way that no one else does and he needs that in his life after experiencing something like a death and a resurrection because without it he becomes the mythic god that all these people thinks he is, that he doesn’t want to be.

3. They make sense

Even from a nonromantic standpoint Jon and Sansa make sense. I like things that make sense, that aren’t rooted in just my emotions but also logic. I think ships where there is a rational reason why they would fall for each other or end up together in some way and Jon and Sansa have a lot of logic to back up a potential marriage. Sansa is the key to the north, she always has been. Once Jon’s parentage is revealed he will need her if he wants any claim over the north. A marriage with Jon would be politically advantageous for both of them, giving Sansa power that she needs to maintain her autonomy and giving Jon a claim over the north that he will need of if he wants to unite the 7 kingdoms. It’s hard to resist something that makes so much sense which is why once I realized how good of a match they were and that there was a precedent for cousin marriages I couldn’t resist.

I hope this answers your question. I know I rambled a lot and in my original reply my thoughts were organized but better but this is pretty much why I ship the two of them.

Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing?

Summary: Pastel!Dan lives in an apartment complex and sits on his windowsill every night and sings. Punk!Phil listens to him every night. 
Word Count: 3906
A/N: Thank you to danisnotahobbit for the wonderful prompt and for betaing this for me! And also thank you to whalefairyfandom12 (as always) for cheering me on and correcting my grammar (: You both are awesome! Also, I’ve just reached 3k subscribers today so here’s a celebration fic xD
Song Title


There is a boy who lives across the street from Phil who has brown hair the colour of chocolate, the voice of an angel, and eyes that reflect a million stars. Phil doesn’t know when it first started, but he slowly began to drift to his slightly cracked window every night just to hear the boy sing.

He always sat upon his windowsill, picking at the lint on his pastel jumpers while his lips uttered beautiful melodies that put Vic Fuentes to shame. And Phil didn’t even know the boy’s name, or what he liked to do in his spare time, but he could slowly start to feel himself falling for the boy.

It was idiotic in a way. Phil had never met this brunette beauty before. He never heard his voice besides when he sang in the hours of the night, he never seen him in broad daylight, and he certainly didn’t know a single thing about him. And yet, Phil was in love with a voice and a boy who didn’t even know he existed.

These were the thoughts that haunted him at night, cracking his window open just a sliver before crawling to his bed to browse through Tumblr. He was somewhat embarrassed by how obsessed he had become, but the moment that Phil heard the first few cords of a Pierce the Veil song come from the apartment complex opposite his, Phil’s worries floated away and he leaned back to allow the pretty lyrics into his eardrums to embed in his memory.

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Hey! First off I wanted to say that your analysis and meta posts are both very interesting and very illuminating. Which is to say they’re awesome! I’ve been trying to dabble in writing some fic on my own time and I’d been looking for decent, thorough, ACCURATE character meta posts for Lance in particular for awhile. Yours so far was the one (and a half) that I’ve found that really hit the nail on the head for me and it’s actually helped me figure out how to better write him emotionally. Thank you so much for that!

Second, I super dig all the meta. I’m hugely interested in contrasting themes and duality and I was super into how you described the Blue and Yellow Lions as being Voltron’s motion and stability, respectively. But, I didn’t see something equivalent explicitly describing what what the opposing/similar roles of the two arms are (though it’s possible I missed it I’ve been rather harried this week). I wanted to know if you had more thoughts on the subject.

On a related note, there was some subtext for common ground between Lance and Pidge that was sussed out that I also thought was interesting. You described Pidge as being adaptable, in that she can branch out into new territory and remake herself to fit the situation in a pinch. I think that’s 100% accurate to her and her element. I’ve seen people claim that the unknown virtues of the Blue Lion was adaptability before, and in a sense I also don’t think that’s entirely wrong; based on what you said, a better word for it as it encompasses Lance would probably be “flexible”.

So in theory, Pidge and Lance both share two different facets of the same trait (Pidge is adaptable and uses it defensively while Lance is flexible and uses it offensively?). Being that they’re differing limbs on opposing sides, you’d think they’d have the least in common of the paladins but I don’t think that’s quite the case. There’s possibly a diametric kind of theme to them revolving around how they operate. I was wondering if there was a similar parallel that could be made between Keith and Hunk and I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on that, too.

Sorry if it seems like a lot of nonsense but – I just really love duality themes and I feel like there’s more here. And you had a lot of interesting things to say about it already. ^^;;

So you’re suggesting that basically, besides the already established horizontal (arms vs. legs) and vertical (left vs. right) duality, there’s another duality that’s cross-body (left arm to right leg, right arm to left leg)?

Because that’s honestly a very interesting idea. As you say, there’s a bit of similarity in Lance and Pidge, but also some distinctions.

I’d agree with what you say about flexibility vs. adaptability. Because Pidge has this thing of changing character- reinventing herself, even at the cost of sacrificing things that she really values. 

We’re shown that cutting her hair was a sacrifice, though I don’t think at this point we have the context to understand exactly what she was giving up or setting aside for her mission. I personally like the theory of trans girl Pidge, because I feel like that explains it nicely- Pidge is setting aside the, potentially hard fought presentation she prefers and is most comfortable with to find her family. It also explains how her telling the team that she’s a girl comes after she’s decided to think of them as family, too.

(also it just makes… Allura’s whole approach to the situation infinitely more comfortable to me, because it suggests that 1. it’s likely the mice know because Pidge talked to them the way she tends to talk to a lot of things that she doesn’t think can necessarily understand her, like Rover or the space caterpillars, and 2. it frames Allura as trying to respect Pidge but also encourage her that she can trust Allura with the pronouns she’s more comfortable with, that she may have already mentioned to the mice.

If Pidge is dfab and the mice knew her “secret” by looking at her body, not only is that a rather uncomfortable invasion of privacy in and of itself, but Allura’s pushiness gets real, egh, because as a dfab demiboy I know I would really not appreciate someone trying to encourage me into telling them that I’m a girl, because I’m not.)

But that all aside- adaptability is Pidge’s thing. She changes in order to proceed in her given environment.

Conversely, Lance is much more flexible, in the sense of… Lance never really leaves his core. We don’t see him really reimagine his behavior or appearance and there isn’t much to suggest he reinvents himself. He has an American accent but that doesn’t suggest he consciously got rid of a different Cuban accent- there’s lots of ways that could’ve happened, and Lance otherwise is completely comfortable making it clear where he’s from.

So this would suggest the idea there’s some thread of commonality between Keith and Hunk.

…Possibly, opposing Lance and Pidge’s shared category- Keith and Hunk are both people who are very confident and do great in their favored environment, but, outside of that- struggle a lot- Hunk is anxious and hesitant unless he’s in an area of personal mastery in which case he’s unstoppable, Keith is a real hotshot right up until he’s in say, a social get-together and “I. don’t. usually hug strangers…”

And it makes sense elementally, albeit in different ways. Hunk’s earth element makes sense that he, well, needs a foundation to operate comfortably. With Keith, it’s more a matter of, well, fire actually has a lot of needs- oxygen, fuel, and heat, in the right balance, or it’s very easily snuffed out.

It’d also fit because it’s another axis where Shiro fits smoothly in the middle- usually, Shiro is pretty flexible and versatile, as evidenced by his fighting style, but, there’s certain situations where he is intensely vulnerable to things throwing him off his groove (see: Beta Traz)