you know how everyone has one quote

  • Andromeda: You know, it's so weird. I know so little about Aunt Walburga. I mean, what was her maiden name?
  • Druella: Black.
  • Andromeda: No, no. Her maiden name.
  • Druella: Black.
  • Andromeda: Wait. You're not saying--
  • Druella: She and Orion are second cousins.
  • Andromeda: Ew! What?!
  • Druella: Oh, don't act so scandalized. It's not at all uncommon for pureblood families to keep the bloodlines closed.
  • Andromeda: Keeping the bloodlines closed? Is that what we're calling it?
  • Druella: Well, what would you call it?
  • Andromeda: Oh, I don't know. How about "Good morning, everyone. I got a mighty cute sister and an extra set of toes."
  • Druella: No one has any extra toes.
  • Andromeda: I'm sorry, but I don't understand how everyone was so okay with this. I mean, what, did they just go, "What a cute couple. They look so much alike"?

No one gets me.

You think I haven’t tried moving on from him? I have, trust me. If I could unlove him I would but I can’t. I love that boy with everything I have and he doesn’t even know it.
You think I hate him? No. Not at all. I should hate him but everyone told me to move on from him. So to try and move on I forgave him for everything he ever did. And now you wonder why I don’t hate him.
You think I can stop myself from checking his social media? I can’t. I need to know how he’s doing and what he’s doing.

You wanna know why? Because I’ve gotten so used to having him in my life and seeing pictures of us all over his social media and mine but now I need to get used to seeing her face instead.

I want to call him, to text him. To see if he’s okay, if he misses me just as much as I miss him. If he can sleep peacefully at night without me there because I struggle. I want to know if he’s changed. If he’s moved on, if he’s still the same person I fell in love with or if he’s become a new person like how everyone else has said.

I want him to know that I love him. I always will.

It’s just funny that even though he’s the one who made the promise of ‘I’ll love you forever and always’, I’m the one keeping it.

—  it’s one of those days where it all comes rushing back (s.a.m.i)
Useful quotes about writing

I’ve collected a few quotes from famous writers that can help you through the writing process.

About creativity:

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison

“Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.” Philip José Farmer

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” Ray Bradbury

“Don’t classify me, read me. I’m a writer, not a genre.” Carlos Fuentes

“Good ideas stay with you until you eventually write the story.” Brian Keene

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How would the boys react to social media?


- found tumblr

-never goes on social media ever again


- he likes taking pictures and finding out what people are up to

-shows everyone what he cooks everyday

-the top instagram account on food (has 8.9 million followers)

-its called the french bucket


-he loves that he could show everyone how much he likes turtles

-every other post is either an animal or a quote about human rights

-his favorite is facebook


-did you guys know he writes a shit-ton??

-is the most excited about “the social medias”

-he updates his twitter every ten minutes to insult jefferson or tell everyone something that happened no one cares btw

-is twitter famous, has five million followers but two likes on each post

Hussie, John/Rose, and the Romantic Entanglements of Fictional Children

So it has come to my attention that this picture

has been cropping up in some of the more, shall we say, less savory circles of Homestuck fans. You know the ones. They’ve been spreading this image around recently as a sort of trump card to everyone who ships Johnrose, almost bragging about how Hussie himself called out this ship as being ridiculous. And yes, it would appear so: this quote is in fact real, and it is quite obviously a mockery. 

So for now, lets set aside the fact that Hussie is an unreliable source who trolls his fans for shits and giggles. Lets set aside that he has actually hinted at Johnrose in canon before this comment was made, and knows damn well why people ship it beyond a simple ‘they’re in the same comic together.’ Lets set aside the fact that Hussie isn’t a moron and wouldn’t be so naive as to make such brazen hints without knowing exactly he was doing with those Johnrose pesterlogs. Lets just take him at his word. Ask yourself this one simple question:


Hussie cannot write romance. In my personal opinion, this is self-evident. His attempts at actual romance were haphazardly shitfucked clusterwhores selling themselves nickle and dime a pop on some dirty streetcorner. 

They were clunky and poorly developed; rushed, lazy. They vacillated too often between being a boring affront blocking our way to the actual story and sitting on the backburner for so long that they were forgotten about entirely. They either never took risks or subverted the romance trope so far that it became an unrecognizable parody for both the concept and characters tragically forced to endure such blatant bullfuckery. 


So why the hell would anyone possibly give even the slightest shit about what he wanted for the romance of his characters when he himself couldn’t write that romance worth a damn? There is a reason why 7/10 of the top ships on Homestuck’s AO3 page aren’t canon. There is a reason why other ships before them have DOMINATED the Homestuck cultural sphere in it’s entirety. People wanted to put together characters that made for INTERESTING STORIES, not because they had MATCHING GENITALIA. 

Davekat is widely reviled by the fandom at this point: even its own shippers largely hate how it was handled in canon, and think they deserved better (which, for the record, THEY FUCKING DID.) Rosemary is only a staple of most because they were the first canonical gay couple, and, of course, therefore falls under the category of a ‘Tumblr Logic’ ship. Jake and Dirk have only stayed popular because of the wonderful fan content that did them justice in fleshing out their relationship (looking at you @dirkar), and not Hussie’s halfassed and, frankly, offensive portrayal thereof. 

Hussie didn’t write an interesting romantic story with the characters he wanted together: that much has been made more than clear to more than enough people. 

So guess what? We decided to write our own. 

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How about UT, UF, and US skelebros with an s/o who has lots of stretch marks that they really hate. I need some stretch mark fluff right now.

I feel ya, anon. I hate my stretch marks. This might be a bit therapeutic for me…, so I hope it helps even a little bit!

Also…, the UF bros are jerks. Please forgive them.

     ~ Undertale
Sans (Classic/Sans)

He likes to trace them. Whenever he’s feeling anxious over the resets or had a nightmare, tracing all of them grounds him again. Conversely, whenever you’re having a bad day, he finds something good to say for each one he traces. The entire time, he’s telling you how much he loves you, because he knows what it’s like to hate something about oneself. He doesn’t want you to have to go through the same thing.

Papyrus (Papy/Papyrus)

When Papy first learns that you hate your stretch marks, he so confused. “MY DATEMATE IS SO GORGEOUS AND AMAZING??? HOW COULD THEY HATE ANYTHING ABOUT THEMSELVES???” Regardless, he decides that the only thing to do is make you love them! He ends up avoiding you for about a week before suddenly showing up and asking you to trust him with those puppy dog eyes of his. After an hour or so of what feels like him tracing them with a brush of some sort, he has you open your eyes. He turned each and every one of your stretch marks into part of a beautiful mural! He admits that he hates parts about himself too, though he tries to cover it up with his bubbly attitude. Maybe you can help each other?

     ~ Underfell
Sans (Red)

When he finds out you hate them, Red avoids the topic like its the plague. He has no idea of how to deal with it, so he ends up just doing strange things to show he cares. Whenever you’re seeming particularly self conscious, baggy sweatshirts and too-large-for-you clothes start appearing out of nowhere. If you’re just seeming sad, your favorite food from Grillby’s took its place of your lunch and dinner. Just, uh, don’t bring it up. He’ll deny it forever. And if you bring up why you dislike your stretch marks or anything about them, he’s teleporting out of there faster than you can say anything.

Papyrus (Edge)

Edge doesn’t understand. At all. Worst of all, he’s vocal about it. “YOU ARE MY DATEMATE, SO THAT MEANS YOU ARE PERFECT. STOP ATTEMPTING TO LESSEN YOURSELF.” He decides that the best way to make you feel better is to stay by his side all day so he can keep you distracted. And he means by his side. If he’s on his morning run, you have to be right beside him. If you can’t keep up, he’ll drag or carry you depending on far you made it that day. During training, you’ll be dodging with him (though attacks always seem to hit a stray bone whenever they might actually hit you). You’re going to need to sit him down and talk to him about this.

     ~ Underswap
Sans (Blue/Blueberry)

Blue goes from bouncing with energy to serious in no time, 100 to 0. He asks about why you hate them, if anyone has ever made you feel less because of them, and things like that. After you finish talking, he asks if you feel any better. Even if you don’t, he cuddles you hard that night when you go to sleep. The next morning, sun is shining through the blinds and Blue is dead asleep beside you. Which is strange, because he watches the sunrise every morning. The reason becomes clear when you see the book on your bedside table. Each page has a picture of you - sometimes with Blue or his brother - and a slew of things everyone likes about you. There’s quotes from Alphys (”Even I can’t believe how awesome you are for a human, PUNK”), Undyne (”You’re even b-better than anime!”), Stretch (”there’s no one else i’d even trust with my bro”), Napstaton (”You are a true star! Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!”), and so many more.

Papyrus (Stretch)

You don’t know how he does it, but he always manages to find you whenever you start to feel down about your stretch makes. At work? Well, now you’re in bed being cuddled by your skeleboyfriend. Visiting a friend? Suddenly being cuddled by Stretch. He doesn’t really know how to help you, since he barely even knows how to help himself, but he knows the least he can do is try and show you the same supports you show him. The entire time, he’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ears. He’ll never bring up your stretch marks until you start feeling better, since he’s worried the mention will just make you feel worse. Instead, he’ll talk about everything else. “ya know how gorgeous your eyes are? better find me a map, ‘cause i could get lost in ‘em all day.” Also, puns. Expect a lot of puns.

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I like.. NEED me some more Daishou NSFW HC plz. LOL ilovehim like how many rounds can he go and more. FKSNNDDNJSS

Everyone always portrays Kuroo as a fuckboy, and it really upsets me. You wanna know who the real fuckboy is? Daishou Suguru. He’s a fluid fuckboy if I’ve ever met one. He’s even got the haircut. I still love him, though.

- To quote Kuroo, “He is absolutely filthy, so yeah, just a heads up.”
This boy has just about every kink in the book, and to top it off, is a huge sadist. His ideal form of sex is ‘rough and rugged’, complete with whipping, biting, scratching and the occasional choke or two. On top of that, he has no mercy when he slams into his s/o, and actually made them immobile for a day or two. He bent them in the wrong way and accidently acted up their bad knee, so it wasn’t his dick that did the damage…

- Daishou could probably go for a solid three rounds, the way he does it. After one round, he’s practically tuckered out because he puts so much excessive force into it. Although, on nights where he’s feeling a bit more sensual, he can go for quite a while, but never really counts.

- No matter how much his s/o complains, he will always leave a bitemark or two on their skin. When they’re making out or having sex, Daishou mouth goes straight for their collarbones, inner thighs or any other soft, sensitive skin on their body, and just litters it with bruises. He isn’t at all secretive about it, either. He’ll leave a bruise right on the center of their neck, and you’ll be damned if you think he cares.

- One time he blindfolded his s/o and handcuffed to the bed, leaving them there for almost a half hour with a plug-in vibrator inside them. He made the illusion that he left, but was there the whole time watching them and damn, he never enjoyed anything more.

- He will personally buy his s/o cute lingerie so they feel obligated to wear it around him.

- There’s a very small amount of things that could rupture his libido. Honestly, he’s one of those guys who says, “The only thing a period stops is a sentence” then winks cynically, and walks off.

- He gets so sexually frustrated when his s/o teases him in public. Whether it be sitting provocatively during practice, or ever so slightly showing more and more skin, this boy is absolutely wrecked.

Sometimes I wonder why no one has ever celebrated me - like really promote and adore me. I always spill my soul into everyone I know - everyone I love, and I never receive the same love in return. sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever bragged about me - like started stories with “idk man.. I think I found the one” and ending stories like “nobody in here compares.” I’m always quick to wear my lovers on my sleeve - show everyone how and why they’re meant for me. I always wonder if anyone has ever prayed for me - to stay. like I prayed for them. Sometimes I wonder how long till I can stop wandering - and wondering about love.
—  Reyna Biddy

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"I’d love to know whether the PR department is truly that inept or whether they are being hamstrung..." Think the network has already proven they take the fans for granted. Even doing bare minimum, fans obsess and lose their minds over crumbs—and they know it—so why should they think they have to actually try? Am sure they also think once promo starts everyone will come running back. Funny, if I did bare min at my job I wouldn't have one.

I agree, anon.  What’s that old adage?  Something like “people treat you how you teach them to treat you."  But for all the ineptitude surrounding fan engagement and some problematic editing choices, the show is truly excellent and it’s hard for us to just walk away.  That 39 second teaser generated hours worth of discussion.  I guess we take what we can get.

So often in the corporate world there are situations where competent professionals want to take an action but are stifled by the higher-ups who either don’t understand the issue or think they know better than the experts.  It will be interesting to see how this manifests itself as we approach September.  Perhaps there is a strong campaign that had to be put on the back burner when the premiere date was pushed out.  Maybe the PR department is being directed to put all their energy against other Starz shows in the mistaken belief that – to your point – OL fans are a lock and not worth the investment.

Even if the PR team comes up with something to fill the void between now and September, I think it will seem like "too little, too late” after all the missed opportunities and straight-up mistakes they’ve made thus far.  It will be interesting to see whether those who seem to be “on hiatus” from the fandom come back when S3 premieres. 

When going through something we often seek a companion for comfort, for someone to tell us it will all be okay. While it’s never wrong to ask for help or for someone to hug us when we need it, doing so often leaves us attached and dependent to that someone. We forget how important it is to love ourselves, to be able to know the right words to calm down on our own and to be a friend to ourselves. You are the only person who knows precisely how you feel and what you really need, no one else. No man is in the exact same shoes as the other, everyone has their own troubles. Learn how to depend on yourself, to find peace in solitude and to be the person you need the most because no one else will do that for you…not as much as you should do it for yourself.
  • Lord Dregg: [upon first meeting them] You horrible children! Who taught you how to behave?
  • Raph: [sadly] No one, sir.
  • Leo: You see - cough! Cough! We're orphans.
  • Lord Dregg: Yes, well, everyone has problems.
  • Donnie: [Bambi eyes] You know, we'd SO like to be adopted.
  • Mikey: Will you be our new daddy?
  • Lord Dregg: Certainly not!
  • Mikey: [jumps on him] Buy me a toy, daddy! Buy me a toy, buy me a toy, buy me a toy!
  • Leo: Oh, please Dad! Do!
  • Lord Dregg: I'm not your father!
  • Donnie: That's not what Mommy said.


We have some very exciting news for everybody and we simply cannot contain it. We officially have an opening date! Witch Hunt will be opening its doors on June 1st. We are so incredibly excited to share this news with you all, and we wanted to also let everyone know how grateful the staff is for its loyal members! We know it’s been a long haul, but we can’t even begin to tell you all how much we appreciate you, so this is to both new and old members of WH. Thanks everyone!

To show our gratitude, we are giving you a little sneak peek of our new skin. The previews above show what our member profiles will look like.

It has two tabbed pages, one for demographics, a quote, and other fun info about your character, and a second page where your character’s application will be found. Yes, we WILL have profile apps!

Once again, we encourage everyone to participate in our prompts, track our tag #witchhuntrpg, explore our different & subversive membergroups, and get hype!!!

- WH staff

Smol and Angry: Why hate Henvie?

As a person who has played through all of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and then some, I enjoyed this game. It a far cry from being my all time favorite, but I loved the characters and the London setting. Game play wise, I have to say it was pretty solid (with of course the occasional glitch here and there).

But everyone keeps bitching about one thing and won’t shut up about it for two goddamn effing minutes. And that thing is the latest installment’s main couple, Evie Frye and Henry Green.

Oh boy did this couple rock the fandom harder than a boat in the Bermuda Triangle. 

There is already a rant out there on Henry Green, so I highly recommend you go look for it. So instead of beating a dead horse, let’s add Evie into the mix and see what happens. 

Reason One: “Henry is weak, he gets captured a lot!” 

Okay, no first of all. If you read the novelization of ACS, then you would know that Henry is not a fighter, but he isn’t weak. He has good skills out on the field, just not completely exceptional ones.

There was also one time in the game where he gets captured by the Templars, and how many did he kill in trying to escape? Just imagine that Henry is Russia and Japan is the Templars.

Originally posted by prettyflyforajeskai

All history of Japan jokes aside, he took down a fuck ton of people in only a few minutes. 

Plus (spoiler warning!) remember when Evie was taken by surprise in the latest DLC and given a concussion. Yes, I know they didn’t blatantly say she had one, but she had all of the symptoms. 

For those who don’t know or need a refresher, she was knocked backwards, smacking her head against the pavement. Her vision went blurry and she was blacking out, seeing a dark ringing instead of her peripheral vision. While she was trying to shoot the rouge Templar, her hands where shaking and her she was seeing multiple targets at once. Finally, when she gets up, she has trouble hearing things clearly and is unable to walking in a straight path without stumbling around.

No assassin is bullet proof. Whether it be Evie, Jacob, or Henry, no one is ready for every bad situation.

Reason Two: “Evie can’t like Henry, it’s impossible!”

To quote John Mulaney, “No it’s not”. 

There’s this lovely called a character arc that spans across the plot of a story in order to show that a certain character has changed from point A to point B. Any person who has a high school diploma should at least know of this arc.

Evie is a human being, no matter what people try to perceive her as. She has wants, desires, and needs like everyone else. 

And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never deny the scene with Saar.

When Evie is still feeling upset about her treatment towards Henry (yes Evie has feelings) she talks to Saar before her next mission. He tells her in a cryptic way that when we care about someone, we’re willing to do things that may seem strange and harsh. 

EVEN THAT DOUCHEBAG KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING ON! Evie felt sorta better after that, but it isn’t until Henry swoops in to save the twins’ lives from being killed by Starick that Evie finally let’s go of her pride and admits that she’s only human.

Let’s not forget the many divine interventions of Jacob.Shall I remind you?

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You just can’t handle the truth if you think this isn’t clear evidence.

Plus, both are total nerds for books, they love the pursuit of education, and the pressed flower mission makes their dynamic grow even stronger.

Reason Three: Henry is three years older than Evie, it’s pedophila!”

Have you ever heard the term “age is just a number”? While in most cases, this phrase must be ignored (especially if it involves underage sex, rape, and pedophilia), it can’t be ignored with these two!

I have met people who have been together for years and years. Some of them are as far apart in age as many as four or five years! It’s not gross, it’s not pedophila, it’s just an age difference. Sure, you have to draw the line somewhere, but three years isn’t that huge of an age gap. Back in the 1800′s, a forty year old man could marry a woman as young as eighteen and no one would bat a single lash. He could impregnate her and everyone would simply congratulate him on the child. 

And if anyone remembers the kiss at the end of the game, it’s was so freaking adorable and Evie was the one who initiated it. Not Henry, not Jacob smooshing their faces together, it was all Evie. Don’t believe me, go watch Tetra Ninja’s let’s play or find it online, Evie dips her head and Henry follows soon after.

Also, shout out to Tetra Ninja and his channel. He isn’t given much credit because he isn’t loud and rambunctious as other let’s players. Sometimes I prefer his quiet insight over yelling in my headphones. Go check him out!

Final Reason: “Race! I’m playing the race card!”

Originally posted by skeptical-free-spirit

Holy mother of God, IT’S 2016 PEOPLE!

Interracial couples aren’t news to anyone. They may be rare nowadays with self proclaimed activists saying that it’s racist to marry a black person if you’re white, but they are starting to pick up speed.

Yes, some people think it’s racist to marry outside of your own race. 

If anything, Assassin’s Creed has brought so much insight on the misfits of society. Jacob has been declared by the development team to be bi curious (but we all now he’s hella bi). Evie, being his fraternal twin more than likely is also bi, but swings more towards males. I can’t say this is true, but there have been twins who have the same sexual orientation. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

And of course, Evie and Henry are a mixed race couple. In the setting of ACS, that was almost unheard of. It was considered indecent, a crime against nature, and going against the will of God. 

I think it only makes their relationship more interesting. Not only to they have to put up with the fandom’s bullshit, but they have to put up with their time period’s bullshit too. 


And that ends today’s segment of Smol and Angry. Do you have any idea’s for a new segment? Put it in my ask box!

I do not regret telling you I loved you over one hundred times a day. And I do not regret telling family, friends, pets, people I have barely met, or anyone that I love them. I want to spread my love the way the sunlight spreads its rays on earth - passionately and of no advantage to itself. Love needs to be treated like a strong word, not a sacred word. I want every person that has ever touched me, even with only a small gesture, to know I care about them deeply. We spend too many days wondering who cares about us when it can be answered with one simple word. And tomorrow, when someone asks me how much I like the warm weather, I will reply, “I love it.”
—  Why does love have to be a sacred word?
Excerpts From Unfinished Novels #5: Teaser

Character Description:

Camila: 18, female, pansexual, polyamorous. Really thirsts for life, has all these plans for things she wants to do, but keeps putting them off for ‘the right time.’ Is keeping a secret from everyone she knows and it’s killing her to do so, especially when she can’t tell her twin brother Jorge.

So here’s a description of one of the characters from excerpt #5, Camila - do you remember her from the quote? How do you think this descrption of her fits in with the quote and other material released so far?



  • Sirius Black: Marlene’s at the Three Broomsticks and she knows I’m free for the evening. One of you has to come with me.
  • James Potter:
  • Remus Lupin:
  • Sirius: Oi, come on! She thinks I'm an iceberg. Like there's 90% more to me below the surface.
  • James: But it's just fish and ocean down there.
  • Sirius: Yeah! And I'm fine with that. I know how awesome I am. But see, Marlene’s a thinker. She's clever and she has layers and thinks everyone should have them. And when she discovers how shallow I am, I will lose the best sex of my life, of all our lives. And I can't go back to experiencing less pleasure, guys. So I need to put some padding between Marlene, me, and reality. And one of you needs to be that pad.
  • James: I reckon Remus looks strong and absorbent.
  • Sirius: Line my panties, Moony. Line my panties.

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Hey just wondering why your blog is called Edge Office?

*looks at blog content* Erh… Heh 90 % of it is filled with Edge?

Everyone has cool names and I suck at making names up so don’t judge.. 
When I started my U2 Tumblr.  I just posted some quotes by him and some of favorite pictures ever.
One was a picture of Edge’s guitar gear sprawled out all over the floor, racks, pedals, wires, a cat , and his trusty Gibson explorer on an office chair. 

I don’t know how much of a guitar nerd you are anonymous. I reckon you would be if you found me? But the dude has so much epic gear for sound processing, its endless. And its beautiful.
I just loved the look of it. It was a still life of his “thing”. 
So after that it just clicked to call my Tumblr Edge Office because of a picture…
Its basically a construction of all things Edge and my love for U2 in general. I love this band so much. They changed my life and I repeat. I love them very dearly.

Thankyou for the fun question. :-)

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Now they´re mocking a novel and saying they could write better. Maybe one of them could except that they're wasting their life analysing other successful people and failing to show how jealous they are. They are also attributing quotes about is - ness to the Third Star film when it`s a term used by Aldous Huxley in The Doors of Perception back in the 50´s. OK not everyone has to know that but they seem proud of their level of ignorance and use stupidity to attack other people.

Have you ever read their attempts at fanfic? I mean real fanfic, not the batshit crazy theories they’ve been peddling for two years? I’ll save you the brain bleed you’ll get if you try to read them, but Wiki wrote some self insert Mary Sue fan fiction in the Sherlock fandom on ao3.

It’s bad. It’s really bad.