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Property of Percy Jackson [fic]

This fic is dedicated to @lililibird for some reason that I cannot remember (I’m guessing it’s bc you’re hella awesome, Lili) so I hope that you guys enjoy the punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth here. I also wanna thank Lili for being an incredible beta and friend to me. Don’t know what I would do without you, bruh <3

Come let me know what you think, and I hope you guys have a wonderful day!


Annabeth can remember every single time that she’s had to hold Percy’s hand as he gets his knuckles stitched back up from punching someone or when she’s had to hold a pack of ice to a black eye that he got for insulting someone at their high school or even that one time that she had to drag him out of the road after he had a skateboarding accident, and he was a lot heavier than he looked, okay?

 So it’s kind of funny to see Percy scowling and frowning and pacing around her small bed in the Emergency Room.

 “Hey,” she says softly, trying to make her voice sound like she was in less pain so he wouldn’t panic. “You can go home. I’m fine.”

He turns his scowl to her. “I’m not leaving you here.”

She shrugs then, looking back up at the wall and biting her lip.

Annabeth was at practice earlier today—Track, even though she wasn’t that good, it looked great on her resumes—when she tripped over one of the hurdles. She could usually clear them without a problem, but she had been thinking about her history paper and her foot got caught on it. She threw her hands out in front of her, which probably saved her face, but her wrist had cracked and bent to a strange angle.

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  • Kim: Alright, yes, I want to date [looks at Trini]
  • Trini: [blushes]
  • Kim: And shop and hang out
  • Kim: And go to school
  • Kim: And save the world from evil aliens
  • Kim: You know, I want to do girly stuff
  • Trini: Like kick Zack's ass?
  • Kim: Yes.


Summary: Despite his youth, Eren Jaeger is one of the best and most popular doctors of the Kingdom. Among those interested on his services is included a recognized criminal clan, which does not hesitate to use the youngest of the Ackerman as bait. Eren never imagined that this “harmless” girl in red dress would get him into so much trouble, turning his world upside down.

N/A: since I deleted my blog back in March, the “read more” of my old posts is not working anymore, so I decided to re-upload chapters 1 and 2 together to make things easier for anyone who’s interested.

Art by Dani ♥ the full version of Lawless’ cover is here and there’s more related fanart here - I still have to reblog everything again, so the tag will collect more beautiful things done by Dani soon. You can also read the rest of the chapters on

Chapter 1. Crimson

Mikasa hit the wall hard. In spite of it, the coldness of the bricks did little against her accumulated body heat. Today’s training had been tough, since she had to battle against the stockiest and tallest man at Kenny’s service.

Will, who was practically a beast of a man lay face down on the floor, blood dripping from his broken nose.

“Is he dead?”

The girl shook her head slightly, without even looking at the man approaching the scene. She needed to catch her breath and calm her heart rate. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her forearm while she thought that yeah, she could have killed him. The idiot would have deserved it only for trying to be too clever.

“He should be dead, huh?” murmured the man in an expressionless tone, but Mikasa knew him well enough to perceive his simmering anger.

“The fucking pig”. Levi turned Will over easily with a foot, without any care at all, so he could check his face. Mikasa had done a good job wrecking that stupid face, the guy was going to look uglier than before. Usually when a training session ended like this, it was because the practice puppets had said something disgusting to her or tried something they shouldn’t have.

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Parring: reader x Newt

Plot: You have a major crush on Newt since you arrived in the Box. He has no idea and acted around you like a big brother which only made you more sad. One day you were talking to Thomas and told him about your little problem so he decided to help you.

Y/N has been the first girl in the Glade. She had arrived short after Gally and soon after she made a few friends there. Little did she know that the one boy there will make her feel her stomach fill with butterflies.

Newt never saw her as more than just a friend. Or he never thought about her in that way because of that stupid rule Alby made. Due to the fact that Y/N was the only girl in the Glade, no one was allowed to date her or have any romantic interest in her.

Everything changed when Teresa came up in the Box. Y/N wasn’t the only girl anymore but that didn’t changed a thing. Beside the fact that everyone seemed to love Teresa and will make anything to be near her.

As Y/N were sitting beside Thomas waiting for Frypan to announce the dinner is ready, Teresa had much more company. Even Chuck sat there just to listen to what she had to say.

“Hey Y/N everything okey?” asked Thomas looking worried as he placed his hand on top of hers.

“Yeah. Why you’re asking Tommy?” Y/N looked at her friend and smiled weakly. She tried to hide the fact she was hurting. No one ever was so interested in making friends with her as they were with Teresa. When Y/N had arrived the boys were suspicious and tried to stay away as far as possible. Only Newt would put an effort in making Y/N feel like home in the Glade.

“You seem off today. Usually you would laugh at some stupid jokes that Chuck have to say”

“Well, if you hadn’t noticed, Chuck’s not here” Y/N’s voice were harsher than she wanted it to be.

“Are you jealous of Teresa?” Thomas were suprised. He would never thought that Y/N could feel that way. She always were stuck in her own world and never let anyone in. She was trying to distance herself. Teresa did otherwise.

“No, Tommy, I’m not jealous. I’m just hurt that she’s more welcome here than I ever was.” Y/N looked down at her hands feeling ashamed. She should never let anyone know about her feeligns. Not even Thomas.

“Thats bullshit and you know it”

“Then why you’re the only one sitting with me?”

“She’s new here, Y/N. Alby told me once that you were distancing yourself from other Gladers when you came up in the Box. Teresa’s the opposite of you. Maybe that’s why they’re sitting with her. You need to understand that the Gladers never had a contact with a girl before. You were off limits and wouldn’t answer their questions.”

“What questions?”

“You don’t know?” Thomas laughed. “They’re asking her about all the girly stuff that is coming in the Box with the Greenie. I bet Teresa’s exhausted but she’s too nice to tell them to shuck off.” That’s when you noticed Newt in the crowd around Teresa. He was right next to her whispering something to her. She smiled and winked at him. And you could bet that he was blushing.

Thomas followed your eyes.

“What happened now?” he asked looking back at you.

“Nothing. I’m just not feeling well.” you answered quickly tearing your gaze away from the picture that throws knives to your heart.

“Y/N, tell me”


“Is it Newt?” You didn’t answered and Thomas instantly knew he was right. “You like him.” He said in disbelief.

“Shh” you covered his mouth with your hand to prevent someone from overhearing. “If you keep talking that loud the whole Glade will know about this”

“Why you didn’t told him yet?” Thomas was still looking at you when your hand let his mouth free.

“Because I’m afraid of being rejected”

“You don’t know if he reject you”

“Trust me, he doesn’t like me in that way” and with that you stood up and made your way to the gardens. Exactly when Newt was approaching you and Thomas.

“What’s wrong with Y/N?” asked Newt sitting down.

“Oh, you know, some girly crush and other stuff” said Thomas when Frypan announced the dinner is ready. Everyone made their way to get a portion of Fry’s deliciuos dishes.

“What do you mean?” Newt looked at his friend after placing his plate on the table, and Thomas could bet that he was looking a little afraid.

“What I want to say is that Y/N has a crush on someone in the Glade”

“You’re joking. She could never…”

“She doesn’t know about the rule, Newt. Beside, she’s still a human, more specifically a girl. And girls were always more sentimental. They notice things you normaly don’t give a damn about. I guess it’s important to them. You know, small things we do.”

“Okey, okey, but who she’s crushing on?” Newt gets more and more irritated with every moment. He wouldn’t accept if Y/N has a crush on some stupid shank he wouldn’t approve. Newt probably would never accept someone around Y/N unless it’s him.

“I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.” Thomas were having fun. Teasing Newt was his favourite thing to do in leisure time.


“That shucking ‘I’m second-in-command and I can sentence you to night in the Maze’ face don’t scare me anymore”

“Tell me, please”

“Why? Are you jealous she could fall in love with someone else than you?”

Newt frozed. Thomas knew his secret. Second-in-command looked suprised at his friend with wide eyes expecting him to explain himself.

“C’mon, Newt, it’s obvious. You’re all over her. But you’re also lucky cause she likes you.”

Newt quickly left his dinner untouched and made his way to the gardens where he was expecting to find you.

And there you were - sitting on the ground and watching the movement of the sun above you.

“Y/N” You turned around suprised at the sound of someone’s voice. You didn’t expect anyone to come here. They should be at the dinner right now.

But here he was. Standing beside you with a wierd look on his face.

“Newt, everything’s okey?” you asked but he never answered.

“Shuck that bloody rule” he cursed to himself and sat down on the ground wiith you. Without any words he captured your face in his hands and kissed you hard like all his life was depending on that.

At first you were shocked but then you realized what was happening. You kissed Newt back with as much force and passion as he was kissing you.

When you pulled apart, he placed his forehead on your and looked you deep in the eyes.

“The truth is, I have a major crush on you, Y/N, since you came in that bloody Box”

“Guess what, Newt, you’re lucky” you smiled and kissed him again.

English isn’t my first language. Forgive me for all the mistakes.

Sure, You’re Bossy (but you’re exactly what I need)

A/N: So, I didn’t get this as a prompt, but who doesn’t like jock!Percy that wears a tuxedo and girly!Annabeth who is really bossy, am I right? Anyway, this is just quick, pointless fluff, but I hope you like it anyway!



He stopped in the hallway when he heard his name, and a smile graced his face when he recognized the blonde curls bouncing up and down as she ran down the hall toward him. Someone bumped into his shoulder, and Percy turned to apologize quickly before stepping out of the middle of the hallway.

She was wearing a light blue shirt that had the shoulders cut out. Her skinny jeans were really tight, and her black heels clicked against the tile floor as she raced toward him. Her blonde curls were hanging around her shoulders, and her gray eyes were really dark, like she was thinking about something important.

When she got close enough, Percy smiled again and said, “Hey, Annabeth. What’s up?”

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Jeff Hardy x Reader

Requested by anon

Prompt: Hey! Do you think that you could do a one shot where Jeff Hardy and the reader are really close friends and Reader is shy so Jeff wants to get her out of her comfort zone a little bit by bringing her to the club with the rest of the roster, a few drinks later they’re both dancing together very suggestively so they go back to the hotel and do the frick frack, hopefully with fluffy morning feeling confessions

I changed a bit here and there, hope that’s ok.

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I sat on the couch in Jeff and Matts appartment. I absently played a bit on his guitar contemplating over a new song idea I had. When Jeff had settled besides me, a hopefull look on his face, I knew something was up. What had he planned now? Probably nothing I was too stoked about because I could feel his hesitation. He took a deep breath more then once but never actually said anything.

“What’s the matter Jeffy Boy?” I asked but refused to make eye contact with him. Whatever he wanted, I wouldn’t cave in because I looked into his puppy eyes. I wouldn’t want to admit it, but Jeff had me hooked around his finger. He could have asked me to rob my nan and if I would stare long enough into his beautiful eyes and he would tell me that I’m doing nothing wrong… I’d do it. I definitely do it. I wouldn’t even hesitate the slightest bit.

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“Meet me. 7pm. Pop’s.” That is what a message from your boyfriend Archie Andrews says. You were learning for tomorrow’s test but of course, you want to see Archie, your beloved boyfriend. The clock shows it’s 6:30pm. You have just 30 minutes to get ready!

“I hate you, Archie!” You say for yourself, dressing up beautiful baby pink dress, trying to hurry up to not be late. Of course you didn’t mean it seriously. He’s the best thing you’ve ever had in your life. You’re trying to fix your make up. You don’t wear make up that much, just mascara and lip gloss but still. You want to look pretty for your boyfriend.

You’re at Pop’s at 7:15pm, 15 minutes late. Archie sits at your usual place. He looks kinda sad, probably thinking you’ll not come. “Hey, Arch!” You say loudly, sitting opposite. Archie looks at you and you can see how surprised and calm he is now. “I thought… you’ll not come.” He says sadly with a light smile. You just blink. “How could you, Archie Andrews? I’m sorry I’m late. I was learning for tomorrow’s test and you know, I had to dress up, fix my make up and other girly stuff, you know.” You laugh, grabbing his hand. You’re so in love with him, probably the happiest girl in Riverdale ‘cause he’s dating you.

Archie says, standing up, going to somewhere. You’re shocked and surprised. Is there something wrong with me?, you think.

Archie is back in few minutes. You turn your head to see him but the thing you see is… a really big bouquet of your favorite flowers. “I bought some flowers for my beautiful girl.” He smiles, giving you the bouquet, kissing you longly.

missfortune1977  asked:

Let me tell you about my sister. She is eleven years old and has long blonde hair and likes kittens and nail polish and sleepovers with her friends. So, you know, girly stuff. Today I walked on on her using the computer, and she was casually browsing through a collection of tiger skulls on a website called Skulls Unlimited. Anyway, I thought you ought to know.

I love and support her.


@4bts-army asked: Hi~ I was wondering if I could have a BTS reaction? ..for their GF being a hyper tomboy ? ..just to hide her sensitive girly side? …(maybe to protect herself?)

Reminder: English is not my first language, so it´s possible that I made some mistakes. And darling your english is fine!!

And I really hope you like it. I had some moments where I couldn´t think clearly, but I tried my best <3


He fell for you because you looked so cute in those sweaters that were too big on you. Jin himself likes cute and girly girls, but you acted so nice towards other people and he knew you have a kind heart. This guy would be used to you, in rather tomboyish clothing and always thought that no one will take you away from him (because he loves to give you some of his shirts).

It was his birthday so you decided to surprise him and bought a new dress, nothing too girly – but still a dress. Once he saw you, noticed that and your exposed legs he rushed to you, embracing you in a thight hug. „Y/n what?“ You smiled and turned around to show yourself. „Do you like it? I thought since it´s your birthday I could wear something nice.“ He nodded and yelled yes happily. „You really look nice! Why do you never wear something like that, it really suits you.“ While he was talking to you sat down and covered your legs with a blanket „I don´t want to show too much skin or my feminine side. There.. once where the boys and“ „Don´t. You don`t have to tell me it´s okay. But I want you to know, that you look great in that dress, but even better in your regular clothes because I know you feel better in them. I´m here for you, so I love you even with your cute little girly side“ he smiled. A few tears rolled down your cheek as he pulled you into his arms.

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Sounds hard, but he wouldn´t really care. No, he just wouldn´t react in a specific way. He likes when a girl looks great in rather tomboyish look like you do, so he was attracted to you right away. Sometimes when he buys a new shirt for himself, he gets one for you as well, because you both have a similar style. As long as you feel good in the clothes you wear he is happy.

That one night, Yoongi wasn´t home, you looked for some cute shirts that were more girly that your other clothes, because you liked the way they look on all those models. And you also wanted to try some too. No one knew of your girly side and suddenly you felt something on your shoulder. It happen to be your boyfriend who saw at what you were looking. „So.. you like that cute stuff?“ You nodded and started blushing, but Yoongi smiled at you and took your hand in his. „You know I will still love you? And it´s kinda cute to be honest. I think you would look super cute in a dress or ask..“ „Shut up Yoongi. I know you are making fun of me.“ He shook his head and pecked your lips. „I would never, well not now because I know that´s a sensitive spot of you. But it´s cute. As long as you don´t force me to wear that!“ Your boyfriend pointed at a shirt with glitter on it and you boxed his shoulder. The both of you started to laugh and you forgot your worries.

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He would find it kinda cute, seeing you in clothes that looked a bit big or tomboyish on you. That guy would love to give you his shirts, just to see you in them and that way he can say that you are his. It wouldn´t bother him when you were always wearing pants with the shirt, but one day he would ask you, why you always do that.

You lying in his arms would start to tear up and a shocked Namjoon would stare at you. „I didn´t mean to make you cry babygirl, I´m sorry..“ You would just shake your head and say that everything´s fine. With tears in your eyes you would turn your head to his and you would start explain that you don´t like to show a too feminine or girly side, because you were insecure about yourself and you were always hiding that under that clothes. It was the first time that you told someone about your sensitive sides and you somehow felt better. Namjoon looked at you with a soft and loving expression, before he gently hugged you as he would never let got. „I´m really happy that you told me and you know that your thoughts are always safe with me!“ He kissed your forehead and whispered sweet nothings in your ear as you cuddled up against him. You felt good and safe next to him. You wanted to protect yourself from stupid comments or just because you thought you weren´t enough, but he gave you the feeling that you were perfect and that´s what you needed.

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To be honest, this guy loves cute and girly girls, so he would often ask you to wear a dress or something in a more feminine colour, but you always said no. That one day when he came home, he gave placed something on your desk and grinned. „It´s for you honey.“ He wrapped his arms around you from behind and watched you, as you unwrapped the gift. When you saw that light blue dress and held it in your heads you couldn´t hold it in anymore and started screaming. „Jimin why do you always want to force me to wear that shit. I already told you that I don´t want to wear it because I don´t like it. Why do you even wanted to be my boyfriend if you don´t like the way I dress my self ??“ He looked at you with wide eyes and couldn´t talk. He watched you marching out oft he room and didn´t knew what was happening. After some minutes passed he came out oft he room, into the bathroom, where you were standing in front oft he mirror looking at your body.

„Darling I.. It was never my…“ He looked at the ground and you could hear that his voice was shaking. „I´m sorry Jimin, but I can´t wear those things. They look awful on me.“ He looked at you as fast as he could and rushed over to you. „Why would you say that?“ „Can´t you see.. I´m not the type of girl who wears those things.“ Jimin looked at you in disbelief. „I think they are pretty, but I just don´t feel good in them and seeing you, trying to make wear these.. made me sad.“ He hugged you thight and pressed against his body and shook his head. „First of all, if you don´t feel good in them, I will never mention it again and second. Why do you think I´m trying to make you wear them.. Because you are beautiful and you don´t have to hide yourself. Please see yourself like I do. You are perfect.“

Just imagine him looking at you like that

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You were friends for a long time now and the both of you started to have feelings for each other. You knew that his ideal type is someone who isn´t dressed like you but he somehow never gave you the feeling that he wouldn´t like it. Hobie is the type of boyfriend or friend in general who is happy when you are. So after some months into the relationship you wanted to now and asked him „Hobie why are you my boyfriend? I mean, I know that you like the girly type of girls with dresses and stuff, but look at me, I´m totally different to those gi-“ „Because I know you and I love you for who you are. Why are you asking me that darling?“ He asked you before you could even end your sentence, but you didn´t knew how to say what you had on your mind. „It´s just that, you know.. I´m not dressed like your ideal type and when we go out, I´m not like the other girlfriends and I know, well I can feel that I´m not good enough for you because of my style.“

Your boyfriend was now right in front of you and held your hands. „What are you talking about? I´m more than happy to be with you and I don´t feel that you are not good enough for me. Babe, it´s just your style, if you feel good in it wear it, but please do not think like that of your self, just because I once said I like girls in dresses. I love who you are and that´s why I´m with you!!“ Tears rolling down your cheeks you pressed your head against his chest. „What if, I had a girly side? Well.. I wouldn´t say girly, but I guess I like some cute stuff.“ He would giggle „That´s actually really cute, because I´d never expected it. But I mean it I love you, with or without a girly side. And you don´t have to hide it because you think something could happen to you. I will protect you!“ After he said what you needed to hear, he would cuddle you and you would start watching a movie or go to sleep.

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Once you told him the full story of why you stopped wearing too feminine clothing like dresses, he wrapped his arms around you hugged you. We all know that this guy would love everything about you and just wanted you to be happy. „You don´t have to wear this stuff if you don´t like it sweetheart. Just wear something you feel comfortable with.“ He said to you while caressing you cheek and smiled at you. „It´s great that you trust me so much that you told me why, so don´t worry, I won´t force you to wear it. Andi f you want to talk about some cute girly stuff just tell me okay? I love you and even if you are unsure about that side on you, I will always support you.“

You couldn´t believe the words he was saying and started crying out of joy. „I don´t deserve you Tae you are so cute.“  He kissed your forehead and looked at you. „I guess that´s why we are such a great couple eh?“ He then would start tickling you, just to see you smile or would cuddle you, depends on how depressed you feel. Once in a while he would come home with some cute stuff for you, but not to tease you. You told him that you wanted to start wearing some cuter tops or some cute necklaces, so he would buy you some just to help you. He totally understands and respects your decision and would do everything for you to make you feel better.

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He was the last person who would complain about your style, or who would say something. This bunny likes when a girl isn´t dressed too girly and would love that about you. He respects you and knows that you are wearing your clothes because you feel good in them and he thinks you look amazing.

You both dated for some months now and you decided to tell Jungkook about your girly side. He never really realized it, for example all the movies you wanted to watch or the decoration you had in your apartment. „Kookie did you never wanted to ask me why I wear those clothes but my apartment is so.. totally different from what I seem to be?“ He would tilt his head a bit and shake it. „I thought that this was you style. I really like how you dress and you seem to feel good in them. Is there a reason behind it or what do you mean.“ You didn´t knew how to answer right away, but you took his hand and started telling him. That you don´t want the others to think that you are just a woman who isn´t so tough or who can´t stand for herself. Jungkook was just looking at you and wouldn´t understand so well, why you need to proof to others and would ask you some more questions, but in the end he would just peck your lips. „You don´t need to proof anything to others. Be confident in who you are, because it´s worth it.!“

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phoenixyfriend  asked:

I don't think anyone's asked you for any Voltron fic recs in a while (definitely not since S3 came out), so... any new faves to share with the class? S3-related or not.

haaaaaa So, I have a list a mile long of fics I’ve been meaning to read, and I absolutely intended to use my break between Duality seasons to catch up on that…. but that was before season 3 dropped and I wrote my impulse Shatt Week/Kuron-centric fic and signed up for three bangs…

So I haven’t actually read all that much recently. I don’t remember if I’ve recced either of these before, but two fics have to get special recognition for being… basically the only ongoing fics that I’m caught up on and will drop,,, well, anything to read the new chapter:

The Marks We Make (120k+) (Klance soulmate AU with background Shallura and Hunay, notable for including Muggle Quidditch!)

The Last Aspect (130k+) (timetravel AU where Keith and Lance come back from a future where the rest of the team died and try to fix things; Klance and Shatt)

((Also, I just realized while going through my history on AO3 that it’s been close to a month since I last started anything new….. hahhhhh. Well, trust me when I say that I’m in the middle of three or four very good longfics, and if/when I actually get around to finishing them I’ll probably be reccing them.))

Anyway, here’s a couple I’ve read (semi-)recently and really enjoyed:

Sad Machine (10k) (Shiro has a breakdown and the team helps him heal. Mind the warnings, but the hurt and the comfort balance each other out beautifully here. <3)

A Leg to Stand On (26k) (Hunk and Shiro are on a mission together when Shiro gets hurt, and it’s up to Hunk to take care of him and get them both home. Such a good Hunk fic, and the world needs more examples of Hunk and Shiro bonding.)

Girl’s Night (9k) (I can’t possibly sell this one better than the summary does: “When Allura asked Pidge to spend a “girl’s night” with her, Pidge set her expectations extremely low. (In which girl’s night takes an unexpected turn, shit gets straight up Alien (1979), and our heroes are in the vents, again. You know, normal girly stuff.)” The best bonding fic omg.)

- A Sign Loves You When -

Gemini : Make You Smile When Your Down

Capricorn : Tells You There Aspirations In Life

Leo : Screams at You For No Reason

Cancer : Always Gives Your Way

Aquarius : Always Have You In There Arm’s reach

Scorpio : Share There Darkest Secrets

Aries : Does Nothing But Bluish \ Flustered Around You

Taurus : Constantly Trash Talk / Playfight

Virgo : When They Talk About You All The Time

Pisces : Love Everything With A Great Vibe

Libra : When They Say Its Over Its Just The Beginning

Sagittarius : When You Meet There Family

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Brooklyn Beckham Imagine- Thunder of coffensions

《David picks you up to go to his house (you’ll know the story behind it if you read it) and on the way he opens up to you, talking about you and Brooklyn.》 I hate nights like these. I don’t like thunder. It simply scares but lucky enough, I’m texting Brooklyn at the moment and he’s keeping me busy telling me things so I don’t have to think about this weather. Holly beautiful London. “Oh and did I tell you that Romeo and Cruz are still fighting over who won at the PlayStation?” He texted. “You just did it for the fourth time, yes haha” I texted back. “It’s just annoying… Harper fell asleep already but I forgot to tell you she asked me to say hi to you” he quickly answered. “You know something? I think I’m in love with your sister… ”

“But what about me? ” “What about us? ” “(Y/N) You can’t do this to me” “I can be better than her” “I am!” “Maybe she can be cutter but she’s small! That’s why!” “Brooklyn stop texting so fast, don’t panic! Haha lucky enough she’s technically my sister in law💕” “Oh my… Hubby can you make this thunder stop? I swear I hate being alone with this weather” “Lucky enough I got you to be mine and not my sister’s… That would be a painful thing to go through! Haha And I’ve told you already like three times I can ask my mom if I can go around yours” “I don’t want you to bother, don’t worry” Brooklyn didn’t reply back to that text which is… not strange but it isn’t something that he does to me. 15 minutes after I texted him, someone rings the bell so I decide to go downstairs and check who it is. As soon as I look through the window next to the door and see that David is waiting with an umbrella above him, I quickly open the door. “Hello (Y/N)! ” he smiles. “Brooklyn was just telling me how scared you are of thunder and as soon as Victoria found out you were home alone tonight, she made me come for you so get your stuff and let’s go!” “Oh gosh, I told Brooklyn there was no need to! Come in while I take my stuff” I run upstairs, take my bag and put in anything I think I’ll need and run back to the living room where David is waiting with a Pepsi on his hand. The travel back to David’s house is quite but not awkward. “Thank you for picking me up again David” “We would not have minded at all if you asked us to stay over tonight. You know you’re part of the family, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask.” “I know I just don’t… I don’t know. You and Victoria are so busy most of the time and paps are so annoying with you two and the kids and now with Brooklyn and I… I just didn’t want to disturb anyone anymore.” “Don’t be silly!” he laughed at my excuse. “I mean it when I tell you you’re part of our family and it’s not because of Brooklyn. You know, Victoria loves talking to you about her girly stuff” he says with a girly voice while I giggle “Harper gets crazy every time you’re around, the two little devils like you a lot, Brooklyn even more of course” he looks over with a smirk face “and I think you are a fantastic girl.” He says arriving at the house. “Look, I know this is very random and it’s weird that I tell you this but we know you’re one of the very few people we can ever consider as friend and family. Brooklyn trusts you incredibly much and I honestly appreciate all the suffering you often have to take for him and us as a family because I know it is a lot and it is hard.” “Why are you telling me this now David?” “I don’t want to tell you anything around Brooklyn because you know how he is but I just want to let you know that things are often going to be tough and you guys are young still and only been together for around 5 months but I what I want to tell you is that paparazzis, press, media and other things can do stuff to hurt and I want you to know that whatever Brooklyn will do is good for the both of you. ” “Why does this feel like he’s going to break up with me?” “Oh no goodness! I don’t think he’ll ever do that” he laughed. “I’m not good at these conversations you know, it’s not the time to do it with Harper yet so… ” he said while making me laugh. “Victoria and I have talked many time about how wonderful you are and how good you’re taking this whole new world. She keeps saying how sometimes what you and Brooklyn have reminds her of us when we were younger. ” he said while getting out of the car. “All I’m trying to say is that, besides saying thank you for being someone to trust and someone loved by us, I want to tell you that Victoria and I are very happy that you two are together. You know Victoria wasn’t very happy at first but that was only because she’s protective with him and we can’t never trust everyone, altough” he kept talking while taking my stuff out of the car “you now already she loves you. He has rough times as well when he sees that press makes lies about you two or lots of guys try to get close to you over Twitter or whatever but… ” “David” I said nicely laughing “I know where this is all heading and I’m getting what you want to say” I explain taking my bag fro his arm. “And I’m the one who has to say thank you. As a family, you mean a lot to me and you and Victoria are two people I know I can always lean on for anything.” I smile “so now we should get inside before we get more soaked” I giggled. David opens his right arm to me so I can put my arm around his waist and walk together to the door underneath the umbrella without getting more wet. “Thank you for the chat” I whisper be for he opens the door. “You’ll be a master with Harper” he smiles back at me before Brooklyn quickly comes out of the kitchen followed by Victoria.