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Hello! I was wondering if you would do a quick prompt based on GM High School Part 1 (if you've already seen it) if you don't mind. Could you do a one shot where Riley says something along the lines of "Congratulations Lucas, you got what you wanted...I've given up seeing the good in people" or something like that? If you haven't seen High School Part 1 then u don't have to.

I don’t know that this is exactly what you were hoping for anon, but here you go! Putting it underneath a cut for those who haven’t seen it yet. There might be some minor spoilers.

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Right. So. If the above here is something you expect everyone around you to do, get out. No, seriously; there’s the door, get the fuck out. 

If the biggest problem people have in their lives is people not liking their favorite character and that somehow hurts their feelings even if THEY weren’t personally attacked, then they are the luckiest sons of bitches in the world and I hate them and I want their life where their biggest woe is THAT. Just fuck all the way off. 

Criticism isn’t a sin. So long as you’re not attacking real, living people, why should you have to hold back on your feelings on the off-chance some privileged, narrow-minded superfan will get butthurt because they see that someone doesn’t like their favorite character?!

Does anyone ever stop to think that some people might have much bigger, real problems in their life, and complaining about a series’ concept/story/character/romance is a way of letting out that stress? These fandoms are my golden gateways away from the real world, where I find solace.

If there’s something in my little haven that is disrupting my ability to enjoy something, I’m probably going to complain. You know what happens when you bottle up a lot of negative emotions that you can’t help but have at times? Eventually it explodes. If not vented probably, that stress will end up hurting a real, actual person’s feelings

Fictional characters are not living; they cannot be hurt. Whether or not a fan is hurt by any criticism/complaining/hating they see about their favorite character - that’s on them. They chose to take the matter personally when there is no logical reason to.

I don’t want to force myself to well up with negativity I cannot vent out just to spare the feelings of some overly-sensitive person who has the luxury to consider that a major problem in their life. 

People should be allowed to love whatever they want and hate whatever they want, so long as they do it in a healthy way and don’t target any actual people in particular. 

So you’re able to just ignore things that piss you off? Good for you. Guess what? Not everybody can do that. So don’t make it out like everyone can. On the flipside, it’s just as easy to say to any fan who gets their feelings hurt by people not liking their favorite character to grow the fuck up.

If you’re getting attacked personally, or if it’s intentional trolling, then that’s another matter altogether. But the mere concept of complaining about anything we don’t like being considered a HORRIBLE thing to do?

Just. Ugh. Fuck you. And fuck every single one of you who honestly thinks this is a reasonable argument. Do not tell me I’m not allowed to bitch about something. 

So hey, does the double standard not apply for people who have the luxury to complain about complaining?

At least when I complain, I’m doing it for myself. My own sake. Complaining about complaining is literally nothing but someone with too much time on their hands nosing into everyone else’s business.


Based on their sun sign (except jungkook, moon sign)

Jungkook : The type of friend that’s there for you through everything, but silently. They don’t always know what to say but their support is so loud that you’ll never feel alone. 

 Namjoon : The friend that would come over at 2 in the morning if you needed them to. they’ll probably sit in silence and not know exactly what to say, but they will always be there for you.

 Jimin : The adventure type of friend. they’ll want to go on drives at midnight and blast music. you can expect the best memories to come from them.

 Jin: The friend that you’d probably date if they weren’t your friend because they compliment you all the time and do so many things for you that you could never repay them for.

 Taehyung : The introvert friend that never really talks about their life but always is willing to listen to you and be there for you. it’s a selfless kind of friendship.

 Hoseok : The friend that is almost like part of the family and comes in your house without knocking. they will stick around for you whole life and never break your trust.

 Yoongi : The friend that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and the friend that you have the deepest of talks with. you honestly won’t know what you did to deserve them.

‘Inferiority Complex’ English Lyrics

You, what exactly is the problem?
Tell me
You, are you being jealous?
Is it an inferiority complex, boy?
I told you several times
I only have one person
It’s cute, you’re not acting like yourself

You don’t know how I feel

Where are you looking right now?
Are you looking at that guy who passed by?
Pretending to look at the shop window
Why are your eyes going around so much
Fine, he’s taller than me
I see he has broader shoulders too
But if you do that
I feel pathetic

Why don’t you have more confidence?
What do you mean, where am I looking?
I’ve never compared you with anyone
Don’t be all self-conscious
Why did you smile so much
In front of that cafe waitress yesterday?
Am I weird or are you weird?
I don’t know, I’m curious what’s in your head

You, what exactly is the problem?
Tell me
You, are you being jealous?
Is it an inferiority complex, boy?
I told you several times
I only have one person
It’s cute, you’re not acting like yourself

You don’t know how I feel

Let me just ask you one thing
Why do you keep talking about that oppa who has a car?
What’s so bad about walking? I can go anywhere
All your friends’ boyfriends
They all sound fake to me
I told ya, men are all wolves
They’re dangerous for innocent girls like you
Hide inside my fence
Make our picture your messenger profile pic

Why don’t you have more confidence?
I don’t need anything else
You’re bigger than anyone else to me
I know too that all guys are the same

If you know, then how come you’re acting like that?
It’s past the time to play games
Am I weird or are you weird?
I don’t know, I’m curious what’s in your head

You, what exactly is the problem?
Tell me
You, are you being jealous?
Is it an inferiority complex, boy?
I told you several times
I only have one person
It’s cute, you’re not acting like yourself

You don’t know how I feel

You don’t know how I feel

I’m saying this in case…
I’m worried that you’ll misunderstand
This isn’t an inferiority complex

I’m saying this in case…
I don’t care
But that’s exactly an inferiority complex

notes from my run

today was one of those days when my heart wasn’t in it but i did it anyway because that’s what i do now.

i saw a very pregnant woman out for a walk. she was holding her phone out in front of her and watching netflix or hulu or something. i mean, you know, whatever gets you through, i reckon, but come on.

i have a new neighbor i’m in lust with. well, not a neighbor neighbor. his house is, like, four miles away. whatever. he was breaking up a concrete path with a sledgehammer. shirtless. in magic sweatpants*. glistening with sweat.

*if you’ve ever seen a guy in magic sweats, you know exactly what i’m talking about: they seem to display more than you’d see if the guy was standing there butt nekkid. sorcery.

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SPOILERS DO RUIN THINGS THO. I am consistently happier with a show (any show) when I go into episodes not knowing what's going to happen. Rumors/spoilers change your expectations of a show. You start thinking something is going to happen a certain way because of a spoiler, and either you get upset over nothing, or you get excited over nothing and then you are disappointed. It changes the whole experience. Just. Say. No.

EXACTLY. You’re dead on. I swear the people who read spoilers are always the ones that seem stressed out and upset constantly about everything that happens on the show. I read some episode spoilers back during season 4 and every single time I did it I regretted it because I dreaded the episode all week and then when it finally came around, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the spoilers made it out to be. So I had to stop reading them. I hate it so much when I know what’s going to happen. It was the same way with 5b when all the spoilers about stuff with Jessie were coming out. I couldn’t even avoid seeing those even though I didn’t read spoilers. And people would be FREAKING out every week and like saying they’re not gonna watch the episode at all??? Chill???? You need to see it with your own two eyes before you make assumptions. Spoilers are misleading and often times they leave out things. Like, back during 5b a lot of Richonne scenes were left out of the summaries. And the episodes were not nearly as bad as people made it out to be. And I think that once you have that idea of what the episode is going to be like in your mind, you’ll never fully enjoy the episode. You’re always gonna have that tainted view because of the spoilers even well after seeing the episode. 

I am so much happier when I don’t know what’s going to happen and I really wish more people would just say no to spoilers, as you said. I think the fandom would be a much calmer place.

Okayy you may think there she is again with her rants but I came across this one and I had to share it with you.
So I’m pretty sure y'all saw that picture of Luke and Arzaylea making out. (Please note: I don’t know who leaked it exactly, maybe she did it herself but whatever)

We all know they are in a relationship, and we all know they’re both adults, so we also know that they do things like that. It’s human.
However, what I think is inhuman, is that someone found pictures of them making out, and leaked them?! It’s non of your business, seriously, please let them do whatever they like. We as the 5SOSfam need to stay out of their business and let them do their thing.
You may not ship them, I don’t ship it either, but you gotta respect their privacy.
Plus, in my opinion, the more you give them privacy and respect, the longer the band will last (Look at One Direction, they just collapsed under all the rumours)
So I hope this made sense once again and I hope that the 5sosfam will go back to the way they were in 2014, because to be honest I liked us better then. - I

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What considerations or guidelines do you have in mind when pricing? How do you know exactly how much to add for your work, for materials etc.? I'm thinking of starting my own business and one of the things that seem the hardest to me is working out how much I should charge for my produce. Thanks!

Pricing is hard. There’s probably a more comprehensive guide out there but for me I look at the following and generate a number:

materials, time, competitors prices, can it be replicated, demand, fees, etc

I usually ask friends how much they’d expect to pay for something if I’m having trouble figuring it out. 

Always adjust - if you’re selling out quickly at a low price point, raise it. If you’re not having luck, considering lowering or having a sale to see if that helps. 

For me, a time X materials rigid cost equation doesn’t work. I’m constantly doing multiple things at a time and there’s a lot of active/passive work time (like resin curing) that I just wouldn’t be able to calculate. And lots of R&D.

Also consider if you plan to wholesale, shops typically buy from you at 50% of your retail price, so if you don’t make money at half price then that’s something to consider raising. 

Make sure either your product or shipping price includes compensation for the time it takes you to pack and ship. 

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Hi Nat, I'm wondering if you could help me out. I love art and I'm planning to go to college for animation/illustration. Only problem is right now, I hate the way my art looks, and it makes me not want to draw at all. I don't know if you do, but do you have any tips on how I can encourage myself to like my own art style?? Thanks in advance!

i’ve been trying to figure out how to answer this for awhile now and it’s giving me trouble, so hopefully this is the least bit eloquent:

i’m not you, so i don’t know what exactly about your art style you’re not liking right now, but  here’s the thing: art style changes. it does. i’ve gone through so many different - sometimes purposeful - changes of art style i cant even count em. so if you’re not satisfied with it now, don’t worry about it: you’ll grow as an artist and your style will evolve.

i went back and looked at the portfolio i applied to art school with and honestly, i hate how 9 out of the 11 pieces in it look, because my style has changed and grown. i don’t really have advice about how to come to like a style you’re drawing in that you dislike, besides developing your style more so it changes into something you can be proud of drawing?

i hope this is helpful at all!

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do you think you were better (mentally) when you used to identify as a Christian? i agree with the anon that said that you seem sadder/angrier and I wonder if there is correlation/causation with these things

I think Christianity brought me a lot of comfort, and it’s definitely a lot more scary/confusing not knowing exactly what I believe now. but I don’t think that’s #1 reason at all, I think I’m mostly just dealing with a lot more now. bigger life transitions, so many more responsibilities, less stability. the mental issues were still there, but life was a lot easier when I was 17.

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I actually like writing in cursive :) My only problem is with my handwriting. I'm so used to writing letters in a particular way that it's impossible for me to write м and т differently (especially when I write fast), so I just switched to writing т as t (as I saw some people do). Any tips about good ways to practice? Except copying Russian texts?

okay, first of all, you absolutely cannot write т as t! you have to write in the script the language uses, and if you’re writing in russian, you have to only use cyrillic letters. tell all of those people to stop doing this as soon as possible!

i post videos under the tag ‘russian alphabet’ and ‘russian cursive’ where i show how you actually can write letters. whenever i finish the alphabet, i will start posting exercises on writing words and sentences in cursive and deciphering cursive etc.

just first make sure you know exactly what each letter should look like.
then just try to use cursive as much as you can in your daily life (and not just sit down and copy boring texts). if you know russian well - good for you! start a dream diary and put down your dreams in russian using cursive. copy a recipe that you want to use from the internet or a book. if you like to organise your life, write your plans in russian. if you don’t know russian so well yet - don’t worry, you can do it too! whenever you have thoughts you want to reflect back on in the future, translate them and write them down in cursive! learning words? put them down in cursive! want to put a post-it on a wall with the time and date of your next meeting and happily know those words in russian? write it in cursive!

mind you, you can use some block letters in cursive, for example, if the cursive т confuses you, because it makes you think of m. i use some in my handwriting (as a native) just ‘cause i like them more that the cursive versions. but it’s still important to know all proper cursive to read it.
[a person i know who’s successful at learning languages, when i told them to try doing this, said: no, thanks, there might be aspects of languages which i don’t like or which are hard for me. doesn’t mean i can change them.]

again: you cannot just mix up scripts to your liking. russian is not your conlang. it’s a real language with its own rules. follow them.

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this ask u just posted, did u know it was hyungwon who made this choreo? i was so impressed when i heard about it

i knowwwwwww!!! and, really, i’m so impressed as well. monsta x’s members are so talented, they deserve so much more appreciation :( like, have you noticed how every single line of this group knows exactly what they’re doing????? the dance line is fucking great!!! but also the rap line makes me want to go bald!!!!!!!! and when you think it cant get better there’s the vocal line that its just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! really… monsta x is one of the best groups out there, i want to hand banners with “please stan monsta x” at my university bc ppl need to give them more love!!! bless up!!!

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(From the Anon that asked for the Nessian Fic) OMG it was absolutely and superbly amazing, I've reread it about ten times and I'm so glad you wrote it because It was exactly how I'd imagine they react to one another and it makes me smile whenever I reread it its so good and I hope you know you don't have to make excuses to why you haven't posted a new chapter because the fact you do it as often as you do is amazing and I don't know any other author who posts updates as often as you do,it's great

Oh, thank you! I’m so happy that it was what you were hoping for! I am actually planning another one for down the line, and maybe an Elucien one as well. :) 

Thanks for the reassurance, too! I just like to let folks now that they didn’t miss anything, especially because I have updated so often that I feel it’s only fair to stay in touch. You guys are all awesome and I like to let you guys know what’s up! Thanks so much for reading. I’m so happy you’re here!

Decide Toi Chapter 12 - A Stroke of Misfortune

Decisions are carried through, at least part of the way. One knows what they are, not what they will become.

have an excerpt, I guess:

He loved her either way, he promised it himself. And he deserved to know.

But all that reassurance couldn’t make her heart stop racing, and boy did it race. Her mind was the track and her heart wanted the gold in this marathon. Her stomach was off in the the field doing somersaults and flips over the vault. Tikki was in the stands, cheering for her.

Well, actually, Tikki was quietly sleeping in her bag, but that was besides the point.

Now if only she could actually do exactly what she wanted to do. Just say the words, that’s all you need to do. You don’t even need to stick around to see his reaction, you can just run away, no big deal. She smacked herself on the forehead, No don’t do that, that’s stupid!

Alya gave her a look from her desk, “You okay there, hon?”

“Yeah, I’m just… nervous.”

“About the final exam? You’ll be fine. Aren’t you excited? We’re almost free for the summer!” She gave her a pat on the back.

Marinette glanced out the window at the rumbling storm outside, “Yeah, some summer.” She mumbled with dead eyes.

“Don’t look like that! It’ll pass. Storms always do. And then it will be nice and sunny again.”

………. Also, I’ll hold off on posting the pictures from this chapter here on tumblr until tomorrow, they are super spoilerific

You have to get clear in your present life —...

You have to get clear in your present life — clear of the junk from your past. When you are laying in bed trying to relax, how many voices and people are in there with you? When you are thinking about making a move forward in your life that you should have made years ago, what scary memories or fears start running you down? You may not need an exorcist, but those negative voices need to be silenced, and now. Clear out all of those doubts and fears. Let the past be the past. It’s time. You need some breathing room to think. Create some clear space and then you will know exactly what to do.

— Bryant McGill

The Book:

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Do you know any Finchel fic where Finn is married but is cheating on his wife with Rachel? Thank you!

hm you could try one of these (not exactly what you asked for cause he isn’t married in any of them but still)

I’m here in your heart – jonimitchell
I would’ve married you in Vegas – rachhudson
Separate ways – Abigail Snow
Something borrowed – FinchelForever1218 (unfinished)

I do know a good one where Rachel is married and cheats to be with Finn: 

Unfaithful - AllieLoveFinchel 

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I've been reading the TAW tag and wanted to pop in and say - yes, Misha knows about the TAW situation, me and few other fans told him that during autographs session on Purcon2 and that sadly, Tahmoh seems to be rather good friends with him in person too

Okay, I’m glad about the one thing and sad about the other… It’s probably no use trying to warn or inform Tahmoh though, he’ll likely just see it as harassment/defamation of his buddy. He’ll have to discover the truth on his own. It’s not hard to find…

You have to tell us more about that autograph session though. What exactly did you tell him? How did he react? And how do you know about Tahmoh being friends with Taw?

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Because it could potentially ruin someone's life forever... Idk in some cases yeah, they don't listen even when there is proof but when there is only the word of the victim and nothing else then they won't do anything because that would affect the other party involved for the rest of their life and royally fuck them over.

I don’t know what post you’re exactly referring to, but you’ve said it yourself: Amber Heard is a victim! And there’s more proof than just her word, there are photos that show her bruises, etc. I refuse to believe that she would lie about this, because she is getting much more shit now than Johnny will ever get. People are calling her a gold digger, liar, attention seeker… Despite that, she still came out with her story and I’m so proud of her. 

To sum it up: I think Amber’s life is going to be affected from this much more than Johnny’s. He’ll still have his career and millions of fans while so many people distrust Amber now, and that isn’t fair!