you know exactly what you are doing

One Time

Prompt: One Time by Marian Hill for @whothehellisbella ‘s song fic challenge

Summary: After one night with the cocky Lance Tucker, he suggests a “no-love, all-fuck” relationship. You agree, but you’re not so sure about the “no-love” side of things

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Word Count: 3,185 Words

Warnings: Angst, fluff, mentions of sex (sfw stuff)

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You know you’ve got that thing that makes the girls all swing
You know exactly what you do

All eyes were on him, even the girls who were with their partner. It was inevitable, because he had that effect on people. It cast a sensual atmosphere, the moment he stepped foot into the bar, his mouth curled into a smirk. He was looking for a new girl to dance with him, and then follow him into the bedroom, only for her to be left alone in the dark the next morning. Nobody could resist him, not when he was hotter than Eros himself. Soft, brown hair and piercing blue eyes with a jawline and physique that couldn’t even be real. You knew you were in trouble when his eyes landed on you and his smirk deepened. You knew better than to have one-night stands, especially as you knew that Lance ‘The Fucker’ Tucker never, ever did anything past one night and broke those girls’ hearts.

Yet, as he sat down beside you, flicking his fringe out of his face, you couldn’t back out. His eyes drew you in, trapping you in his gaze.

You like the hit and run, you say it’s all for fun
You think that I’m the one for you

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“I’m-I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N… nice name, but you ain’t gonna remember it by the time I’m done with you, darlin’.”

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  • Daroga: Tell me, Erik. Exactly what you were doing before I got home.
  • Erik: Alright, well I was upstairs.
  • Daroga: Okay.
  • Erik: I was, I was sitting in my room.
  • Daroga: Yes.
  • Erik: Reading a book.
  • Daroga: Go on.
  • Erik: And uh, well this guy walked in.
  • Daroga: Okay.
  • Erik: So I went up to him.
  • Daroga: Yes.
  • Erik: And I, uh, stabbed him 37 times in the chest.
  • Daroga: Eeeeeeriiiikk, that kills people!
  • Erik: Oh, oh, well I-I-I didn't know that.
  • Daroga: How could you not know that?
  • Erik: Yeah, I'm in the wrong here. I suck.
I’ll Take The Grave // Jimin x Reader.

Résumé: You cognized very well the consequences of dating a vampire, but you did not expect your own self to betray you under the effect of blabbering mouths, to the point that you could no longer handle your indifference among them you decided, you’d take the grave, for Jimin.
Length: 3 729 words.
AU: Vampire.
A/N: omg you know that angst that eventually turns into fluffy fluff that turns into smutty smut? yeah that’s exactly what’s in this

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Cold and empty, you lay motionless on the once warm bed, white noise echoing in every dim corner within the cracks carved inside your head. The vacant room making it clear to you that there is no sign of other life to exist, the ghost of you long gone from your static carcass, and you did not know what to do with this corpse you were thrown into. Cells dead above gelid, soiled vessels, skin although unblemished but lifeless, paths of green and blue effloresce under soft tissues that soon disappear under the vulnerable cloth of velvet circling you like a serpent all around that you could no longer feel the molecules of oxygen slipping along your lungs, but it’s ok, it’s not like you were in need of it anymore.

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More Life

When I look into this industry I see such amazing people…such talent such skill, such a passion for what  each and every one of you do …we all bring something so unique and one of kind to this industry …the world is looking at us right now and probably trying to decide  what exactly we are

Y'all this isn’t us…this animosity, this hate…its not who we are…I remember all us chillen at porn parties laughing and smiling..playing crazy party games and MOST importantly enjoying each other like there was no tomorrow…those are the memories I keep of you all ..not these..the reason why i know u all are good people is because each and every one of you taught me things..some of you sat with me hours helping me learn to edit, or helping me set up my tumblr

people like @momosecr3tz who took time out of her day to help a young pornstar in his first scene

to @mrtremainerashad who took the time out of his busy schedule to make countless logos for this company

to @ladytorturexxx who   took me under her wing early and introduced me to people I never would’ve met in this industry without her….

and yes ik I’m missing a lot of people but trust me your memories are dear to me

My point is that I know this isn’t us…look at us..WE ALL have forgotten what makes us great…each other

We may represent different companies but we are ALL in this together…and deep down  we still love each other…

You all know me and know I have no room to talk down on ANYONE

So I’ll say it…. fuck the tough guy talk..I LOVE U ALL..cause all of you at one point stood there and took a risk on me  allowing me to learn SOO MUCH from you all…. ause lord knows u didn’t have to…

So now imma stand for us.. like you all did for me when I first got in..cause I refuse to believe this is us..and I won’t  give up on us..I won’t


Brandon A.K.A- The Student You All taught

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I'm trying to remember a jikook moment and was wondering if u could help me. It's when Jimin and Jungkook were spotted in the back of a video and I think They were back hugging? Or doing something similar/being very close. It's not the moment Everyone calls the prom backhug I think everyone remember that moment lol. Thanks if you can help if not then thanks anyway and have a good day

I know exactly what you’re talking about! I’ve made a couple posts about it but I’ll link the video here since I’m on mobile

It’s at about 1:45

It looks like Jimin unknowingly backs into Jungkook and Jungkook kinda holds him. Then it cuts away

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Hihi! I'm a loli myself and I honestly hate how people give me the disgusting reaction when I tell them I am a loli. They start preaching to me that they are sexual stuff used in hentai and anime. And that's not true??? Its just the amount of sick perverts out there ruining the image of lolis, they don't HAVE to be sexualized. What do you think about this matter?

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I know EXACTLY what you mean.

In fact, something similar happened to me personally as well. My friend had just recently joined Tumblr, and he had unfortunately come across the not so safe for work lolis. He had expressed his disgust. Basically, he told me they were terrible. Willing to say I (sarcastically) identify as one….it kind of hurt.

I think it’s important to realize the term literally means ‘children portrayed in an erotic style’. However, many blogs (like mine!) are working to change the definition overtime. We use the term as a way of describing cute and precious little anime girls (whether they’re actually children or not).

Are loli lovers always the ‘sick pedophiles’ they are often marked as? Certainly not. Many of them aren’t attracted to children in the slightest. Some of us, like me, just like cute, huggable things to make us happy.

As for those that enjoy lewding lolis, it is important to remember the golden rule: many of them don’t think of lolis as children while reading/watching hentai. Those that do usually don’t think of them as REAL children, either. This is why ‘lolicon’ and ‘pedophile’ aren’t the synonyms people tend to think of them as. This should comfort you.

I hope that helps, and I sincerely apologized if I offended anybody. It just needed to be said.

My other biggest problem with the Weiss short for Volume 5 they released is that it’s painfully obvious what they’re trying to do.

They’re trying to basically recreate the trailers that aired before Volume 1. You know, the trailers Monty made that got fucking everyone interested in the show when we knew nothing about it.

There’s just one problem with that: we know what the show is like. It’s been going on for four years. You’re never going to be able to recreate the original  trailers. If someone doesn’t like your show, then it doesn’t matter how many new pretty trailers you put out (because they said they’re going to release more of them), because they know exactly what awaits them. We can just do a quick google search and watch every episode that’s out. And I have no reason to expect this volume to be any different from Volume 4.

Hello! A great human suggested I start something called “chats with charlie” and I’ve been super excited to do exactly that ever since, and as I’ve just reached 3.6k (i love you all) I thought now would be a good time :) This is just a fun way for you guys to get to know me, and me to get to know you a bit better. For more info, look below the cut

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The Creepiest Thing About You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries. Death obsessed. You are always thinking about your own death and the death of those closest to you. It’s creepy but actually completely normal for your sign since you’re one of the death signs.

Taurus. You are a stalker. You are most likely to know exactly what your ex is doing post breakup due to extreme lurking. You have mastered the art of social media stalking and real life sitting-outside-your-apartment stalking.

Gemini. You are a liar. You should be a writer because man can you weave a vivid tale. The worse part is that you always think that you’re telling the truth or some version of the truth– you can’t help you are two faced in your nature.

Cancer. You are obsessive. When it comes to relationships you have to remind yourself not to get carried away. It’s in your nature to nurture, but your obsessions with your partner are not only creepy but make your partner feel suffocated.

Leo. You want to be loved and admired so much, and you don’t care who gets in the way. You are always looking out for your number one: yourself. The things you will do for the sake of attention are frightening.

Virgo. You have secret bizarre sexual fetishes that live in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, that’s generally where they stay due to the shy nature of the Virgo. However, there’s an inner freak that envisions some pretty kinky stuff and one day you just might bring it out.

Libra. You are most likely to have an aching curiosity about all things creepy; it led you to click on that article and watch that documentary. You have seen some shit thanks to the internet and your overwhelming desire to know the why, who and when of every disturbing thing you read or see.

Scorpio. You can get super dark. In fact, you are the darkest sign in the zodiac. Dark thoughts pop into your head pretty easily: thoughts of murder and scenarios of violence ensuing. You can’t help but think about how at any moment you could choose to be a murderer or start a fire or drop a baby.

Sagittarius. You can be cold hearted. You have run so far away from your feelings that you have turned to stone. You often feel numb in instances where you should be feeling extreme happiness or sadness. What are tears?

Capricorn. You fantasize about murder, specifically murdering those closest to you. You fantasize about murdering your sister when she’s being annoying or your co-worker who won’t shut up. It’s a twisted game you play in your head.

Aquarius. You think about what you’ll say at your friends’ and family’s funerals. You are thinking of lovely things to say, but the creepy part is how often you think about it. You are a thinker and sometimes your mind wanders to vast scenarios, even the darker ones.

Pisces. In every horrible awful scenario your head thinks of, like someone shooting up the store you’re in or your apartment building being set on fire by a madman, you are always the hero. You swoop in and stop the attacker. You think you have to save everyone, so you think of all the horrible situations in which you’d have to step up and save the day.

So, our first episode is out! In it, you met The Blogger, The Scholar, The Stormchaser, The Scout, and The Radio Repairman.

From now until the next episode, we’ll be introducing these characters. Who they are, what they were before the apocalypse, where they are now. What do you want to know about our survivors?

Some parts of them - their uncertain futures, what exactly they saw the day the storms hit (or the creatures came, or the water rose) - will be revealed as we listen in, of course. But what would you ask them, if you could get them on the line?

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soooooo I'm thinking the lance uses that sire bond whenever he can you know *insert smirk here* and you said as he was leaving that he was able to send them happy thoughts/feelings.... so would he be able to do that as a vampire? would he be able... to send.... other...... feelings?(.... if you know what i mean... ) i can totally see him doing it in a public place for the amusement only to get .... *ahem* /punished/ later by the two of them (though it probably wouldn't be much of one for him lol

oh my god 😂 I think I’ve ruined you guys but I’m proud. that’s very in character imo and while I don’t think that’s EXACTLY what I had in mind when I gave Lance that power……he’s a clever boy, and he has a lot of time to learn all the ways he can use his magic…..

If he did do that tho, Shiro and Keith would get him back so good, you can be sure of that

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i can see ur moon being in gemini for sure! when stuff comes up you seem inclined to talk the problem out and ask around for solutions. it's a good quality. i dont know you personally, but at least from my perspective id say its accurate! and yes it is very icky and can make life messy sometimes but the most important thing i think is just to focus on who you are and what you believe. try not to get lost in other peoples perceptions of u! no one knows you like you do <3

ahaHAHAH TRU i can’t Not talk about a problem if there is one b/c like,,,, anxiety,,,,,, what if there’s misconceptions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

gosh heck that’s kinda interesting you say that b/c i was kinda actually raised to have my entire perception of myself, my intentions, and even what exactly it is that i’m feeling depend on the perception of others’ and what They think my intentions/feelings are and who i am, so thank you for the advice i’m kinda glad to hear from someone who doesn’t really expect that of me LMAO i can’t get out of that mindset any time soon but it’s still nice to hear

I feel the way about the idea of people not having derma that I feel about the idea of people not having any mental illness or trauma or etc at all which is, like, that’s great and I’m glad for you but I genuinely want to know what exactly you do with all that extra time. If you are not mentally ill, have no compulsive behaviors, no intrusive thoughts, no obligation to spend significant amounts of your time trying to refrain from offing yourself, etc… what do you do? Like, with your… time? All that time in the day. There’s SO MUCH OF IT. How do you MANAGE it???

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You know those overprotective parents who are always breathing down their kids neck like 'where's your gf/bf? why aren't they here with you? pls tell me you guys didn't break up. when's the wedding'? Well there's a small part of kd shippers who are like that. Always on edge and worrying abt every little thing. My guys... these two are big boys who have been in a relationship for 6 years now. They know what they are doing. Just support them with all your heart that's all they need really.

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Idk if this will make sense but I get like, anxious™ when I see the LA crew doing cool stuff like even if it's a small trip like the Las Vegas one or crystals bday weekend I just feel jealous and on edge and lonely in my bedroom does anyone else feel this way ??

It’s crazy that you sent this to me because I know exactly what you’re talking about. Seeing anyone – even if I don’t know them – have fun and post about it just makes me feel…excluded? It isn’t logical – emotions are weird. Of course no one’s in the wrong for posting about parties they attend or vacations they go on, but I don’t like having to sit alone and see it and I’m pretty sure most people experience the same thing at one point or another. In fact, that’s probably why all the exposing accounts make such a big deal out of every trip the guys take. Everyone’s like, “oh no!!!! Prepare for drama!!!” when the reality is that drama isn’t what they’re preparing themselves for – it’s all about that weird jealous feeling they get when they have to watch everyone hang out together. It’s so easy to feel like you’re the only one who’s not out partying when you’re scrolling through social media and seeing everyone’s posts pop up every two seconds, but I promise there are thousands and thousands of people watching alone from their bedrooms, too. Most of us are in this together. ❤️

Bianca, The Wall.

He said “Please, stop. In spite of all your efforts, you don’t provoke any positive emotion in me, mainly disgust, and fear”.

Bianca said “but I think of you ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and look at ALL THAT I DO FOR YOU, from morning to night I scream that I want you and that I love you and you fucking ignore me !!”

He said “I’m really sorry, there is no way back. Please, use your energy for something else. You have missed the train. One thousand times have I shouted in all languages so that you understand, one thousand times haven’t you understood basic things. You are supposed to be an adult. You played, knowing exactly what you were doing. To miss a train is to miss a train”.

Nothing. Nothing was reminding him of the Bianca he knew. He had thought about everything, how someone so wonderful in spite of her strange days could have become something. Just something for which he couldn’t smile, not even once, even if she was speaking to him three hundred times per day. And still, she didn’t understand, and kept on, always the same, making always the same mistakes, giving love, giving hate, loving, harassing, never stopping. Deaf, deaf, deaf.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 21 July 2 017.

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Let me preface this by saying, I do like you and your blog, Ren, but I do think you can act extremely childish sometimes. In Ash's big post about what happened, she wasn't exactly wrong. Do I think she should have been going on for so long? No, I feel like it was a waste of energy - but the things she said weren't. Ren, you are still in school, and when you graduate and get more experience you'll understand, but not everything is as cut and dry as you think.

I know I act childish sometimes but at least I can admit that. I don’t pretend like I’m a saint, I know damn well I’m not. I have a lot of experience I graduate from college next year. I am extremely educated, and I feel like I had the right to (respectfully) correct the misinformation because a lot of young fans were clearly jumping onto the anti-depressants are evil bandwagon to please her. 

She then blocked me and others and continued to talk shit about us. She even replied to me then blocked me before I could defend myself against her accusations or explain myself. I tried to private message her but she wouldn’t have that either. I had no idea she was gonna turn the issue into an all out war. 

On the subject of old events, does anyone else remember the Lock Capsule? What was even up with that?

If y’all don’t know what I’m referring to, let me explain. The Lock Capsule was a special event key item in HGSS and BW that was never used. Like not even in Japan. The idea was to have people send this item from HGSS to BW and it’d give them a TM (TM95, Snarl). Sounds straightforward, right? Nope. It was ridiculous. It was nothing but bad ideas and horrible planning.

Let’s pretend we’re an average player without a guide on how to do this whole thing. (Honestly, without a guide, we’re screwed by step 2, but go with me here.)

First of all, it’d have to be sent to HGSS as an event. But in HGSS, the item is absolutely useless - and cryptic. The info just says “A sturdy Capsule that can only be opened with a special key.” This alone would have players searching all over the Johto region looking for this “special key” … but there isn’t one. And there’s not a single clue in the game as to what it’s for, what it does, or how to use it. At all. Nothing. Nada. Null. Zilch.

Then we have BW. Which again for the most part doesn’t mention it at all - unless you have it. And getting it from HGSS to BW is even more absurd. You can’t use the PokeTransfer to send it up - since that only transfers Pokemon. You couldn’t give it to a Pokemon to hold because it was a key item. So, how would you get it there?

You have to use The Relocator, and I’m sure I’ve lost a few of you here. What’s The Relocator? It’s a very special feature of BW. Why don’t you know about it? Because the game fails to really mention that it even exists until you unlock it. And unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing, there’s no way you can unlock it. You have to find an otherwise totally useless and cryptic NPC in Castelia talking ambiguously about a “special machine” he invented and tell him a specific phrase - “everyone happy, simple connection.” And let’s all be honest with ourselves: at this point, none of us are happy, and this is anything but a simple connection. So he can go take a long walk off a short cliff.

Alright, well, now maybe the game will tell us a little more about the Lock Capsule, or at least the Relocator? Hardly! He only says the Relocator is for “special pokemon and items,” and doesn’t tell you where to find it or how to use it. So again, we’re left clueless. What we actually gotta do is save and restart, and then select The Relocator on the main screen. Which is located at the very bottom of the pre-game menu, so unless you’re looking for it, you’ll probably never see it. As soon as you start it up, it - without any explanation - attempts to open DS wireless communication. At that point, it acts much like PokeTransfer - it tells you to grab your second DS with any 4th gen game inserted and go to Download Play. Except, unlike PokeTransfer, The Relocator can only transfer five every specific things: a shiny event Raikou, Entei, or Suicune, a 4th gen event Celebi, or the Lock Capsule. Oh, by the way, it doesn’t tell you any of that. If you have none of those, it will simply tell you nothing can be relocated. Even if you do have one of those, it doesn’t even tell you it relocated them, it just cryptically says the relocator will close.

Also, the aforementioned Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Celebi (which are used for the Zoroark and Zorua cutscenes) could be transferred by the normal no-need-to-unlock-in-a-very-odd-and-unknowable-way PokeTransfer and still work fine for those cutscenes. (I wasn’t 100% sure on this, but since posting this I’ve had it verified by others.) Also because The Relocator doesn’t tell you exactly what can be relocated. there’s no way to know it can relocate the Lock Capsule, unless you’re Relocating with a game of HGSS that already has one. That’s it! That’s the only way!

Okay, let’s say you’ve now gotten to this point. You’ve relocated the Lock Capsule. Now what? Right, the item description says it can only be opened with a special key. Time for another key hunt! … or not! Because again, there’s no key! At all! Instead, you have to take it to another random, otherwise useless, completely no hints as to what he really does for you NPC in Castelia. The game, AGAIN, gives you no hints. At all. If you talked to the NPC before getting the Lock Capsule, he simply mentions he picks locks. That’s it. But even if you did talk to him before, you probably forgot all about him, because he’s just a useless NPC on a random floor of a building in the biggest city in Unova.

What’s your reward for all this? The TM for Snarl. And since the Lock Capsule was never released, no game of BW can legitimately have all TMs. Whoops! Also, because GameFreak never deletes items from their games, it’s still a dummied out, non-functional, unobtainable key item. Yeah. Even in Sun and Moon. It’s still there. It’s just hidden away.

So basically, they never did this event because it’d need to come with a highly detailed guide on how to use it. Amazing.