you know exactly what you are doing

  • Trump:You could replace me with a tape recording of my previous speeches and absolutely nothing would be different. I'm just here because I lost the last election when I didn't show up for the debate and it actually made me think for a half second that I wasn't the greatest human being in the universe.
  • Ted:You look like a man the market for a nice, gently used vehicle. Hardly any miles on this bad boy! Hang on I'm getting a message from my headset… What's that?… I'm here to run for president, not sell used cars? Ah well what's the difference?
  • Rubio:Obama knows exactly what he's doing.
  • Everyone else on stage:Boo! STFU Marco! never mind that practically every one of us has said the same thing at some point, we're all going to pretend that this is some radical ridiculous idea you have and that you're so stupid and inexperienced because you're our biggest threat!
  • Rubio:Mmmk.... It's still true though.
  • Carson:Uh um uh uh uh m mmmmphhmmmppm *whisper whisper mumble*
  • Kasich:The great thing about me is that I'm basically a liberal progressive and that's why people want to vote for me to reinvent our party!
  • Bush:*quiet sobbing*

“Why Ciel with a hula hoop though?”
Well that’s because sometimes people just don’t have the creativity to draw things I want, so I get tired of waiting for artist to do it and end up drawing it myself.
Now alright everybody LISTEN!!!

When Valentine’s Day finally comes, you need to walk up to that very special person and tell them exactly this:
“Baby, you’re just like a hula hoop: either you’re too weird for some people to try you out, or you’re just weird enough for me :3”
And I swear you will get laid right then and there. No matter where you are. Even if you’re in Starbucks- fuck Starbucks’ people man! You’re getting laid, and you know what? Those people won’t even complain cause you just pwned the shit out of them, and couples are gonna be like “Why didn’t YOU tell me the hula hoop???” And the other will be like “I’m sorry I just-” “Fuck you Michael!”
And they will aaaaaall start to break up, and you will laugh cause they’re breaking up. And you didn’t break up. You’re getting laid!
And that’s how you win Valentine’s, yes.
This was a message from your one and only senpai :3

In case you were wondering , this is my new friend. She’s an Encourager. She’s from far away and here to visit. She’ll be staying with me for a while. She can’t speak yet, but she’s a good listener so if you see her out in the world feel free to stop for a chat or a hug or a high five or whatever makes you happy. I don’t know exactly what she’s doing here yet but I know she gets excited by encouraging others to follow their dreams so if you’ve lost track a bit she might have a spare spark for you ! Also, as is customary with all Encouragers, she hasn’t found her name yet, so if you have any spare names lying around, feel free to toss them her way. She’s all ears! Love, Dallas . Pic by @angelatrimbur


Y/N: Scott, I know you want to keep your friends safe, but, let’s face it, sometimes you can’t do everything. People get hurt, and I don’t want Liam to be one of them. He’s a good kid, and I don’t want anything happening to him just because he got pulled into this mess.

Scott: So you want me to babysit the kid 24/7? Like some sort of unpaid nanny? What exactly am I doing this for?

Y/N: *glares at him as your voice rises* Do you not understand what I’m asking, McCall? Well, I’ll make it simple for you. Make sure Liam doesn’t get hurt or I’LL KILL YOU.

When you have the scenes with Clarke and Lexa alone and you know, this says a lot about Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam Carey. What they speak with their eyes is more than what is spoken on the page and dialogue. And I think almost everyone can agree to that regardless of who you ship or who you root for.

Three months away the anger is justifiable. I also need to point out that Clarke Griffin is still Clarke Griffin and extremely resourceful. She took her time away, she’s still extremely loyal to the protection and livelihood of her sky people, her skai kru. So how she interacts with Lexa and her emotion and when she let the tears fall, she couldn’t kill her cuz she knows she couldn’t kill her. That’s personal anger. You see the wheels turn and you see the switch in Eliza’s eyes and she knows exactly what to do that’s why she said ‘Wait, I have a better idea’.

After all this said and done. They’re both leaders. The matter’s of the heart may be addressed later, maybe not but they both have to put their people first still and again, the realisation that Clarke has and you can see it, Clarke and Lexa are pretty much the same, they are in a very much in a similar position especially now that Clarke is Wanheda.


303 Analysis by Jo Garfein

“I can’t say anything about 304 but the reunification and results of what happened in 303 are magnified in 304″.


I know you aren’t exactly careful about where you transform (behind a bench, really?) but are you seriously gonna transform beside a train filled with people?!? Really?? Aren’t you the one adamant about keeping your identities secret? Chat was *this* close to catching you.

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hey do you know any fics where one of them is a idol. Preferably Jikook but literally all ships are welcome

Hello anon! 

A fic that fits your description exactly is:

Jeongguk’s an idol and Jimin’s his manager! That’s the only one that I’ve read so far that fits exactly what you’re looking for. Another fic I’ve read that’s Idol AU, but it’s sugakookie is:

On my to read list I also have the following fics that you might like: (Keep in mind I haven’t read these yet)

Jikook as well, but Jeongguk is a famous actor, not an idol. And:

This one’s sugakookie, but Jeongguk’s an idol and Yoongi’s an underground rapper. Happy reading!! ~ Admin P


Treating a woman like a princess In Ho’s style. You know, the guy who got rosy cheek over Seol.

When you meet the woman for the first time (you don’t know the woman, you are not in friendly terms with them) but this is how you should do it or NOT:

* Say awful things about her appearances. Check.

* Give her name calling, cute one, like dog fur because that is exactly how you treat a woman that you just met. Check.

* Rob the poor woman over something that she can not even afford. Check

* Insult her style and then give an excellent advice. Check. (coming from total stranger that is, what would you do if you meet this kind of prince IRL?)

* Then talk bad about about someone else.

I see what you did there, Baek In Ho. The same asshole attitude that usually reserved for the first male lead of Kdrama . Bravo!

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Imagine isaac walking in on you touching yourself ohhhhhhhhhgg god

omg he’d hear you moaning from downstairs and he’d know exactly what you were doing. i think he would enter your room uninvited with that cocky shit eating grin. “don’t stop on my account, princess,” he’d tease. i think he’d stand at the foot of your bed, cross his arms, and look down at you, watch you get yourself off. 

“can you rub your clit for me? yeah, just like that.”

“let’s try adding another finger.” 

“does that feel good? your thighs are shaking.” 

“i want you to twist your nipple and fuck yourself at the same time. there you go, that’s a good girl.”

“you look so pretty like this, so open and good for me.” 

“god you’re so hot…” 

he would say encouraging things when you say you’re close and smirk while you thrash around, desperately begging him to join you. he’d politely decline, because he’s never watched his princess pleasure herself. but i think he’d be powerless to stop himself from palming his erection when you come, whimpering his name over and over. the gentleman he is, he’d help clean you up. with his mouth. 

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How does it make you feel to know that I shall NEVER, no matter how many years you're on male hormones or how many surgeries you get, consider you to be a "real man?"

Well that’s your own thoughts then. This is my body and my life and how I see myself is all that matters. I also don’t see the point of trying to hurt someone you don’t even know? Explain to me. What exactly did I do to you? Was there really a need to reach out and say things that potentially could’ve upset me? I really hope that one day you can open your mind up and understand that there’s more to life than just female and male but if you can’t ever understand that then you my friend are basically living under a rock and that’s very sad. I feel bad for you to be honest. Good luck with everything though.

Nowhere Over The Rainbow
  • Nowhere Over The Rainbow
  • Hint of Stardust

lyrics! :D

verse 1:
it is difficult being a closeted queer
in this society
it makes me want to scream and cry
but it’s also crazy hard when your partner is also a closeted queer
what the fuck am i doing with my life?

i’m yours
you’re mine
but that’s not all the time
‘cause no one’s meant to know
about us

i’m yours
you’re mine
i want that all the time
but no one’s meant to know
about us

verse 2:
just like any normal couple we aren’t exactly two peas in a pod
our differences do vary
i will say “let’s go”
but you’ll say “no”
because you’re so unsure
but goddamn, i’ve got it bad
i love it all the way


i’m yours
you’re mine
i’m sick of this bullshit
‘cause you’re mine


i’m yours
you’re mine
let’s have that all the time

whelp. i wrote a song. and it’s actually kinda good. cha cha real smooth .-.

basically i just kinda word vomited while playing ukulele at music camp yesterday, and it actually turned into a formidable song. i wanted to show some frens who i have not had means of vocal communication with either at all or over the weekends, so here i am, putting this shit on tumblr! it’s a lot better with the uke i promise

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I have a question: in the end of the theme song we see actually 3 miraculous plugg tikki and another one wich looks exactly like tikki but it is green. So do you know whats going on with the third one? Thank you!

We can see in the opening that, apart of Tikki and Plagg, there are 2 other kwamis

We dont know anything about them, but I’m pretty sure that the pink one is actually Hawk Moth’s kwami. And about the green one, there’s a theory that it could be Master Fu’s kwami, but it’s just a theory after all.

Sorry if I have not helped you 

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this has been a question that's been bothering me. everyone asks me why im a boy, but like i dont know how to answer. im kinda feminine i guess in how i act, but it just makes sense it my mind that "yes i am a feminine boy, i will be the prettiest man ever, i am lovely", but people just get confused and say shit like "why do you want to be a boy if you like doing girl things and being feminine??" and i dont know how to answer. i dont know the difference between girl or boy, but i know im a boy

Just say exactly what you just said. You’re a feminine guy and you’re a lovely feminine guy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Also, your feelings are valid and you DONT need an explanation. So if they don’t understand, that’s their problem.

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How do you feel about Hamilton, the Broadway musical, especially when put into the context of Hetalia?

You know what? I haven’t even checked that play out yet! I’ve seen stuff about it floating around on this site, but I wasn’t really sure what it was about exactly. Is it a bio of Hamilton or just a satire that ridicules him?


Let me tell you about the girl I fell in love with. I’m not going to tell you her name or her age or where she lives or what she likes to do with her free time, but rather, I’ll tell you about her; I’ll tell you about the things that make her who she is. To start off, she’s from Caracas, Venezuela. We met in high school, well actually we met as we were going to the mall. When my eyes saw her for the first time, I knew from that moment that she was going to be the one. You just know when they’re the one, the one person you can’t stop thinking about, the one person you can’t stop worrying about and the one person you are so proud of because they are doing exactly what they want in life. You just know. I’ve fallen in love with every part of her; her laugh, her smile, her skin, everything about her. I could study her all day. Speaking of her laugh, I could listen to that sweet sound for the rest of my life. The waves of her laugh crash upon my ear drums and serenity fills my entire body. How could I ever become distraught with a laugh like her constantly reminding me of how incredible life is? To be completely honest, her voice in general is the very thing that my ears crave to hear on a daily basis. Her hands are the only hands I want to hold. Her flaws are the most beautiful flaws. Her lips perfectly exemplify how beautiful her flaws are. When she smiles and when she talks, I watch her lips. Her nose is the cutest nose out of all noses and her eyes are not to be messed with. All of these little things, like her cheeks and her eyelashes, are what she’s made up of and I am irrevocably in love with every single one. Each detail is another one of the reasons I feel the way I feel about her. I could talk about her for infinite measures of time because there is not one thing that I do not notice about her. This is the girl I fell in love with ♡

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I can't handle all this deleted scene stuff - Frigga is so magnificent and Odin is an actual person and I want him and Loki to bond over their mutual sadness and love of Frigga! I'm actually writing fanfiction to get rid of the feels - and it's been something like a year since my muse has been active enough for me to write anything substantial. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you because I just really can't handle this scene! D:

Yay for writing! And it sounds like you do it for the same reasons I do: to get rid of the feels. That is exactly why I generated so much fanfic when I first joined the fandom. I didn’t know what to do with it all. I miss that fire.

I hope your muse is kind to you and can inspire you to finish your story! I’d love to read a fic about Odin and Loki bonding. (If you can somehow have Frigga survive in that fic, even better.) :)