you know cause its called both back then

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can you imagine going to Walt Disney World with Harry and your little girl and he would be so childish and buy her souvenir and a Belle dress and he would hold her if she is scared to meet a character and during the firework he would look at you with love in his eyes while he is holding your baby. I am going to WDW in 24 day, it's been four years since my last visit and ITS BEEN LNE YEAR SINCE I STARTED TO PLAN FOR IT and i know when ill come back ill cry my life cause it will be done so fast

Ugh lucky yoooou! It is my DREAM to go to Disney with him. Nothing but fun and happiness. Seeing your little girl that happy, as well as one another…. it would be the sweetest thing. And he’d call you both his princesses, only for his little girl to giggle out, “Daddy nooo, mommy is the queen. IM the princess!”

Mistletoe Drabbles - Vongola Version

Tsunayoshi Sawada

“Eh?!” Tsuna yelped as Reborn pointed out the mistletoe that hung above both you and Tsuna. Your face went red with embarrassment, but your eyes closed as you awaited his kiss. You heard him shuffle before he leaned forward and gave you a very quick kiss on the lips.

“You didn’t have to kiss her on the lips, Idiot Tsuna.” You heard Reborn call out, causing both of you to fall backwards.

Hayato Gokudera

You can’t help but laugh through your embarrassment as you watch Gokudera try and get rid of the mistletoe that hangs above you both. No matter how many times he swatted at it or how many times he tried to grab it, it seemed to have a life of its own and would dodge every attack.

He pants in defeat, looking at you before sighing and rubbing the back of his head, “I-I just wanted it to be proper, y’know?” He mutters, his voice only barely above a whisper. You giggle before leaning forward and pressing your lips against his.

Takeshi Yamamoto

You both are laughing as you watch everyone at the party suffer from the mistletoe. How many times had Reborn caught people with that mistletoe trick? The best part was that no one could say no to Reborn. You even got to see Gokudera kiss Lambo (On the forehead of course).

Of course, it was only a matter of time before it reached you two. Yamamoto laughs again, “Guess it’s our turn.” He simply states before leaning towards you and kissing you right on the lips without any hesitation. Though he doesn’t look embarrassed, you can feel his hand shake as he places it on top of your own shaking hand.

Ryohei Sasagawa

“WHAT IS THIS?” Ryohei calls out, pointing to the mistletoe that hangs above his and your head. Your face goes even more red by his simple naivete, but you love that about him. Kyoko, his younger sister, giggles, “You have to kiss, Big Brother.” She says.

Ryohei looks at you with determination on his face, “If that’s the rules, then I’ll kiss her to the extreme!” He yells before leaning towards you and pressing his lips against yours with a surprisingly soft yet passionate kiss. From the corner of your eye, you could see Kyoko was looking away.

Kyoya Hibari

“Hm?” You hear Hibari hum as his gaze switches from surveying the halls to whatever was above him, “Who put this here?” He muses out loud, his eyes sharpening to a glare. You follow his gaze to see the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, dangling right above the both of you.

You figure that Hibari probably has no idea what that even means and that he’s probably more concerned by the fact that someone put it there. However, you’re caught off guard when he grabs your wrist after you attempt to continue walking on by. Without a word, he pulls you in for a fleeting yet passionate kiss before letting you go and walking off.


You cough as the pink smoke slowly disperses in the room. Once again, Lambo had jumped into his Bazooka after being told he wasn’t allowed to open his presents just yet. You smile as you look at the now 15 year old Lambo sits in the room in a daze. Looking at you, he gives a wave before noticing something above you.

Leaning close towards you, his hands reach up to pluck the mistletoe that once dangled above you, showing it to you, “Do you know what this means, young lady?” He simply states. Not giving you a chance to give him a response, his lips press against yours very quickly before he shuffles back. You giggle as you notice his composure break and he now sits there, more embarrassed than you.

Chrome Dokuro

Both you and Chrome shuffle on the spot as you look at the mistletoe that dangles above you. Chrome seemed unsure at first by its meaning after you started stuttering, but you didn’t need to explain anything to her. You guess Mukuro did that for her.

You decide that you need to take the initiative and close your eyes as you lean in close. You heard her gasp as your lips met hers. “Ah, I’m sorry!” She apologises as you lean back. You laugh and reassure her before giving her a kiss on the forehead, leaving her smiling.

Mukuro Rokudo

Mukuro snatches the mistletoe that you had stealthily placed above you in hopes of getting a kiss from him. He held the mistletoe in his hands before looking at you, chuckling, “Did you really think you’d need this for this?” He simply states before leaning in towards you, his arm wrapping around you as his lips met yours softly.

Leaning back he smirks slightly before placing the mistletoe in your hair and kissing you once more before walking off, leaving you in a daze.