michael and alex: high school lovers who reignited their flame and have issues that michael is tired of trying to work through AT THE MOMENT, however he will LITERALLY “always be in love with him”, and is foreshadowed to be endgame

michael and maria: a constant bantering loose version of friendship that becomes deeper after they have sex, because they have feelings for each other without history that gets in the way. trying something new makes sense for his arc right now

occupations to consider:
  • stay-at-home cat mom who takes afternoon naps in the sun and reads a lot
  • a beekeeper in france that owns lavender fields and makes lavender honey
  • isolated writer with a fireplace and a big picture window overlooking snowy mountains
  • widow of a rich man who died of suspicious causes but still left everything to her, villas and vineyards and beach houses and all
  • mysterious village witch who is rarely ever seen, never seems to age, and is known for curses and helping women in need
  • crazed maenad following Dionysus to participate in rituals that may or may not include animalistic murder and orgies
  • remote but beautiful goddess who scorns all men that dare look upon her radiance and hangs out with a lot of nymphs

or alternatively, ”Aziraphale, look! look at what what i did! i did the thing that you want me to do, Aziraphale! be proud of me! please come back now!”)

I propose a new fandom term.

Fanon characterization + Flanderization = Fanonization

When fanon interpretation of a character becomes widespread, and mutates into an accepted version that has little to do with the real deal


Bayek, kittens and big kittens. 

 I wanted to tame a lion…..so I spent all my ability points….. 

…..it was worth it. (I regret NOTHING)

I love this game


I’d been meaning to draw that Kiri design since I first saw it… 

Dating a Ravenclaw

  • They will sit quietly with you and give random facts from the article they are reading
  • They want attention but also don’t want to be bothered
  • They won’t make any definite choice for what to have for dinner
  • Or for plans in general
  • Great gift givers
  • They will over think everything, so they need reassurance that they are still loved
  • Flirting equals sarcasm?!
  • They will talk your ear off about their lastest obsession
  • They can be a bit clingy
  • Overall they make for very caring S/Os, even if they don’t always show it

Doppelgängers are ghosts of the living. Originally, the centuries-old German word, which translates as ‘double-goer’, was not meant to reference someone who looks just like you. Instead, it refers to a ghostly apparition of a living person- but according to folklore, if you see your own doppelgänger, you’re about to die. Source Source 2 Source 3