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WOW! Healthy relationships??? Where both parties??? Actually??? LOVE??? And CARE??? About each other???

I’m??? No, sorry, that’s just! Too much healthiness for me! Not enough tension! Not enough hatred and pain! I don’t WANT a ship where they actually like each other, let alone LOVE!!! That’s BORING!!! NO ONE wants to see that!!!

i hadn’t really planned to do any drawing today (O  wO) but then the time presented itself and i’ve just been… (=   w =) really into back lighting lately… and was really inspired by the selfies posted by my friend @sailershanty … and now here we are!!! (O  wO);;; If there was ever a human being in all the world who seemed to embody the quality of being “ethereal” it’s Sailer - they are just… utterly aesthetic and beautiful in a way that my scribbles don’t do any justice to! they are very much the kind of person one could see as a muse. And on top of that they’re kind, and empathetic, and truly unique. They could never be duplicated. So thank you for the inspiration Sailer! <3 and thank you for being kind to me even when you didn’t have to be <3 <3 <3 it has meant a lot to me! (-^  v^-) i hope you enjoy this <3 <3 <3

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BIRTHDAY: October, 21
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Livin’ the Single life
SIBLINGS: Three sisters
PETS: 4 Dogs, 2 Cats, and some Fish
WAKE UP TIMES: Honestly, it depends on when I manage to fall asleep and what I’ve got going on, but I’d say anywhere from 9:30 a.m-12:00 p.m.
CATS OR DOGS: I love dogs, but I prefer cats.
COKE OR PEPSI: Pepsi, if I had to choose, but I’m a Dr. Pepper person.
TEXT OR CALL: Definitely Text.
MET A CELEBRITY: Yes, actually.
CITY OR COUNTRY: I love the country, but at my age, I like the conveniences of the city.
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: I love You always Forever- Donna Lewis

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Newsfeed #64 July 29, 2016 (29 Cermië)

I Know, I Know…what’s taking so long…?

People. For some reason people (not you) on my side all of a sudden made a miraculous discovery: I wrote a book. They were shocked that I spent close to a year posting photos of an elf with text under it that just happened to magically culminate into a 360 book. Aside from speaking about it with the Mythopoeic Society (which I enjoy and is necessary), I have had an endless sea of relatives asking me “when did I do this” and “what is this about” because it would be far too easy to just notice all the Facebook posts coming from a page that somehow seems to have a lot of photos of a tall blond elf that look like what’s on my personal page that somehow miraculously looks exactly like all the posts they seemed to not notice for a year. No….just waste my time asking me about what I’ve been doing for a year that was already on my page. I hope to God they are done talking–they’re distracting.

No, it won’t end. Thranduil has started to get noticed a lot. The dream of time to myself ended 15 minutes after I ended Book II. Thranduil is currently enjoying another moment in the sun while resembling the elf everyone fell in love with (see Lee Pace–I had nothing to do with that. I just wrote this story).

The Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, WordPress, Pinterest and Google Plus that have the same name: The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm could have been a dead give away rather than impromptu interviews with people who should know better on top of people who are interested (for two weeks, Thranduil went through so much weird from invitations to being read to having every page blow up, my only break was talking to people who should know better what I was doing for a year).

Anyway, Book II is done, but not completed. There are some things left to write about (and I changed Arândî to Arímë because it sounded more “Thranduil-esque” for the alternative ending–it had to sound good when he said it in a romantic moment). But also, there is the expansion of the relationship between Súlelenth and Thranduil, The Funeral of King Bard, and the birth of Nenduîl and Tárimë–which I wrote and accidentally forgot to edit or put in the book because I lost it for a moment and was recovered after I already made changes–same thing with the death of Êlúriel. Probably won’t make the book 400 pages long, but I don’t like leaving loose ends. I’ll try to keep up more–except when it comes time to do Battle–then I have to play with my toy soldiers and strategize. 

Meanwhile, for those that don’t know, BOOK I can be found here: You don’t have to go following it yet. Wait until Book III is done. That book will bore some of you–it’s about Thranduil’s ancestor and father, Oropher. Who cares about them? Thranduil does make an appearance as a cute baby. He might do some Legolas stuff..who knows.–J.

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.