you kno who u is

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Who takes who's last name when married??

michael and jeremy become mell-heere. michael likes to say ‘michael mell-heere’ in a way that sounds like ‘michael mell, here’ and he thinks its funny. he can also say it in a really stupid poor imitation of kermit the frog’s voice and it gets jeremy every time

jake & rich become mr and mr goranski bc if you think for One Second that jake isnt taking rich’s last name, ur dead wrong. rich is like “i mean are you sure??” and jake’s like “dude jake goranski sounds so badass ofc im sure”

chloe takes brooke’s last name!! for a long time brooke thinks her last name is lame bc ppl mispronounce it all the time and to her lohst is so plain compared to ~valentine~ so when chloe’s like “it just feels right” brooke just starts crying on the spot lmao

jenna & christine become the canigulas and jenna says it all the time she always introduces herself as jenna canigula even if it’s just a first name/casual scenario bc she just likes hearing it lmao


lavi for best wingman 


u kno they dead



Erenbun and Levicat. Bonus aggressive cheerleader Eren.

[coughs loudly] why not both? ;;;;)))

oh yeah lmao i guess i could actually explain PROPERLY why i haven’t been active as of late

i became a full time assistant manager back during holiday season and have been clawing my way through exhaustion as well as making preparations to visit japan and move back home

IT’S STRESSFUL and life is stressful but i’m so grateful and humbled. i’m sad i don’t have much time to draw bc i’m so tired but i love everyone who’s still hangin around and who enjoys my company regardless of whether or not i have time to draw.

i can’t wait to accept what the future has in store for me in terms of… being even more of an adult. i’ve changed SO MUCH in the last couple years and, even though i’m crippled by thoughts of the status of our country, i know i’ve been through some of the worst moments of my life and i’m prepared for whatever shit the rest of my life has to throw at me.

have a good weekend guys, do your best, i’ll try to find the energy to draw again soon (believe me, i’m trying so hard)

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Hey mom can I get ungrounded? I'll buy you a cookie

just wanna Kno who do u think u r??? asking 2 be ungrounded????? like???????? ill take the cookie tho