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Just thought I would point out why I feel a little weird about people comparing my cartooning style to either animé or western cartoons. Maybe it’s the same for others also not deliberately trying to emulate either in their art style, who knows.

Btw, if that’s how you try to compliment people and you’ve noticed it makes them uncomfortable, try instead creating a new column for “artist I’d like to compliment” and using what you come up with to compliment them with instead of comparing an individual to an entire industry while also leaving them unsure as to whether or not you just tried to insult them or not

Alternatively, if that’s how you try to insult people: Fuck you! Neither cartoon style is inherently bad, and labeling one as such and then telling someone that’s what their art is like is, like, hella rude!

(oh and as a side note, this is mostly comparing episodic cartoons, not necessarily feature length films or short films)