you knew it would happen!

How differently would you view a performance, if you were to go back in time as though it’s a first, or seeing it with all the appreciation, as though you knew it would be the last?

Imagine for a moment you happen upon a show, or an artist performing, no preconceived notions of what the show comprised, no idea of the genre of music, set list, or accompanying band. Imagine the thrill of hearing it for the first time, the undiscovered diamonds in the rough, the unexpected glory of lyrics washing over you, tunes that you’ve perhaps known in some form all your life, a familiarity - yet, unfamiliar arresting melodies.

Imagine, for a moment, someone were to tell you this would be your last, a final opportunity to see a show or artist, the quiet nostalgia of many great performances floating in the periphery of your mind, a cascade of quality memory, upon discovering musical catharsis, lyrics that simultaneously comfort and hit the nail of intense hurt; melodies that have become so ingrained in you that you cannot recall a time when you were without.

The first time I saw John Lloyd perform, was about ten years ago, on Broadway, then Lincoln Center, London’s West End, West Coast America at Segerstrom, The Wallis, Nikko, Sterling’s, right through these past 4 years on the East Coast at 54 Below, and tonight at The Carlyle - where for a moment, I recalled that newness of a first performance with such clarity as though it were also tonight.

A dear friend I’ve met though shared appreciation of music said these words to me recently, “Today is a gift, for there are no promises of tomorrow,”

Much gratitude, JLY, Tommy, Eric, John P., and Paul, and all the creative forces behind the scenes for the gift of music all these years 🙏🏻

[photo: opening night reflections]

Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

What Happens In Vegas: Part 1

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

A/N: This series just came to me and it’s literally one of the FIRST series I have completely planned out, so I really hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you think, and if you want me to continue it! ♥

Word Count: 548

- none. maybe language… for now ;) 

Tags: (at the end) 

*gif is not mine. 

You woke up, but kept your eyes closed, the sting of a wicked hangover starting to reel its ugly head. You knew that as soon as you opened your eyes, a migraine would hit you like a ton of bricks. Why had you drank so much at Wanda and Victor’s wedding? You basically knew this would happen but, because you were in Las Vegas, it was only natural that you drank your body weight in tequila, right?

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I stopped shaving my legs every other day
I stopped only eating citras and drinking a gallon of water a day
I started smoking weed with my friends
I stopped bringing my phone with me to Temple, to coffee houses, to record stores, to concerts
I stopped ignoring my family and started baking cookies and pancakes with bananas and nuts and apples
I’ve made 32 pancakes since Friday,
I’ve burnt 13 but I’m getting there
I won’t let you burn me anymore I’m so fucking sick of flames
Turns out I don’t get off on pain
I don’t get off on being treated like a toy
I do not enjoy having a collection of sticky notes covered in conversation topics because you never held up your end
It’s true that one person always loves more but the other side needs to give something
You knew this would happen I have to go for my own self respect
I should’ve known when you stopped sending good morning texts
Or when your texts didn’t come at all until
late at night
When your words were always about sex
Maybe I should have turned my phone off or blocked your number when you told me about the first girl
Or the second or the third
But I thought you were worth it that I’d never find a better guy
You always listened you respected my boundaries
It’s probably easy when you have six other girls who will give you what I protect
I’m not picking up this time
I’m not checking your timeline I’m not listening to your music
I’m not dying my hair your favorite color or getting a tattoo
You don’t deserve my kind of love
Not from me,
You deserve a quiet love that won’t take up too much time
You killed me over and over again
You wasted and
disrespected me without even noticing
My heart has been replaced with beetles and old peach pits but soon
You won’t live there anymore to poison my wood
Flowers will bloom in my brain once again
Watered by my own love and confidence
Planted by me for me
You will never see them
Lilacs and roses were my favorite before you
Fuck your daisies you’re the one who cut them down
—  I Always Grow Back

“Yuuri,” a familiar voice whispered.

Who was it again? He was sure he knew that voice. A voice that belonged to someone dear to his heart.

“Yuuri, I’m going back to Russia.”

What? No. You can’t leave.

“I’m sorry. I’m happier on the ice.”


He was leaving?

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

No. I don’t want you to go.

Please, don’t leave.

Ah, but Yuuri knew it would happen eventually, didn’t he? He knew it all along. Victor belonged in the ice. He was only going to be with Yuuri for a short time. A little moment to get some inspiration back for his career.

Where were they? It was so dark. So cold. So empty. All that Yuuri could see was Victor’s back as he was leaving. Yuuri’s hands reached out on their own, trying to hold onto Victor’s fading image. His heart felt like giving out from the force of denying the desire to go after the other man. He didn’t have the right to hinder Victor from what he had decided to do.

But I don’t want this.

Come back. Come back.

Please stay. I want you to stay with me.


Yuuri crushed that voice that kept threatening his resolve to let Victor go. If that was what Victor wanted, then he would honor it. He had decided, hadn’t he?

He had taken Victor’s time. Had taken whatever the man could give him. He wouldn’t take anything else from Victor anymore, especially not his happiness.

I don’t want this.

I don’t want this.

That voice inside his head just wouldn’t stop. His voice. Why won’t it stop?

Stay with me.

Stay by my side!


Yuuri was panting, his heart hammering in his chest. Confused, he looked around to get his bearings. What had happened to him?


That same voice, the one he heard just moments ago. The voice he loved hearing alongside his own. He turned toward the speaker, and found Victor’s worried expression looking back at him.

“You’re still here,” Yuuri breathed. He was still affected by the emotions from his dream. Was that relief he could hear in his tone?

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Victor returned, sounding as puzzled as he looked. “What’s wrong, Yuuri? You look so scared. Bad dream?” Victor slid towards him, the sheets rustling as he did.

Ah, Yuuri remembered now. That was the day he had gotten back from the Rostelecom Cup. Tired from the flight, Yuuri was intending to sleep once he got home which Victor agreed to.

At Yuuri’s door, Victor had grabbed his hand and requested, “Sleep beside me, tonight?”

Yuuri couldn’t say no to that. Not when he had missed Victor so much. Their time apart had been too long, had been so lonely. The older man must have been feeling so as well to ask them to sleep together.

So both of them decided to sleep that night in Victor’s bed. It was still dark outside though, which meant they had woken up in the middle of the night.

Warmth enveloped Yuuri as he was wrapped in a tight embrace, pulling him away from his thoughts of earlier that night. After that nightmare, Victor’s hug was definitely what he needed to steady himself. “Mmm,” was all that Yuuri managed to say in reply to Victor. He was still shaken from that dream.

He knew he shouldn’t have slept that night while he was thinking. But honestly, he hadn’t noticed he had fallen asleep. He only planned to think about everything that had transpired recently, but his mind wandered to what happens after the Grand Prix Final. In a few days, they were leaving for Barcelona. The Grand Prix Final was just around the corner, so of course he got waylaid by thoughts of the future.

Sure, he was determined to make Victor stop being his coach, and he was resolved to support the man in whatever he planned to do next. They had only talked about the Grand Prix Final, never broaching the subject beyond that.

Yuuri had no clue about what Victor wanted to do after the competition. In a way, he was touched by how much Victor had focused only on him throughout the Grand Prix Series. But the end was nearing, and with it, might come the end for their stay together.

What did Victor want to do afterwards? More importantly, what was Yuuri planning to do? He was set on retiring after this season. What would he do once he retired, then? He wasn’t sure of that yet.

A thought kept pushing its way to Yuuri’s mind. A wish, a small hope, really. One he kept tightly locked up inside himself. He was so afraid that once he had given it a chance, it would grow into something more. He was afraid he would desire it so strongly. He wouldn’t be able to take it if he was denied, and so he kept ignoring it. Wishful thinking wouldn’t get him anywhere.

But what if?

Damn that voice. What did he have to do to make it stop?

His thoughts were interrupted by a touch between his brows.

“You get this ‘V’ right here,” Victor murmured as he pressed onto the area, “whenever you’re thinking too much, Yuuri.”

“I’m sorry. I got lost in thought,” Yuuri said apologetically. He looked up at Victor and offered a small smile.

“The same thoughts that had you screaming awake?”

Had he screamed? He couldn’t remember now. If only the dream was as easily forgotten.

“You want to talk about it?” Victor offered softly. He started stroking up and down Yuuri’s back to comfort the skater.

“I’m fine, Vitya,” Yuuri declared firmly. “I guess I was just feeling a bit stressed.”

Victor didn’t seem convinced, but the Russian let it go with a shake of his head. He did that whenever he thought the younger man was being needlessly stubborn. Deciding to take a different course of action, Victor asked, “Can’t I do anything for you?”

Yuuri gave a genuine smile at that. He was always so thoughtful of him and his feelings, his Victor. Nothing had changed.

Nothing had to change, right?

That thought snuck its way into Yuuri’s head, catching him off-guard that he clutched at Victor reflexively. He laid his head on Victor’s shoulder to hide his expression. His distress was surely on his face right now and he didn’t want to show it.

“Yuuri?” Victor sounded worried again.

“Just, please. I just need this,” Yuuri rasped as he clung tighter to Victor. He wasn’t lying. He needed to be held as much as he wanted to hold onto Victor. He could still recall the emptiness he suffered after his Free Skate performance. He felt that something was missing. Try as he might, he couldn’t find it.

Until he saw Victor again. Those hours Yuuri spent far apart from his coach were excruciating. He hadn’t experienced that before. The temporary loss hurt more than he thought it would. It was only relieved the moment he felt Victor’s hug, as if his soul knew it had come home right there in Victor’s arms.

That was from just a temporary separation. What if it became permanent?

You can’t take it. You won’t.

It hurt. His thoughts hurt too much.

“Shh,”Victor whispered in Yuuri’s ear. “Why the tears, Yuuri?”

Yuuri hadn’t realized he was crying. Try as he might, he couldn’t say anything to respond. He was a mess–his thoughts were overwhelming and his heart was feeling too much. Yuuri tightened his grip on Victor’s shirt in a silent plea for more. What more, he didn’t know. He knew nothing anymore.

“I’m here, Yuuri,” Victor reassured empathically. “I’m right here.”

Yuuri cried harder, his emotions spiralling out of control. Maybe this was what Yuuri needed right now-to purge whatever negativity his nightmare had given him. Victor must have known. It must be why Victor didn’t stop Yuuri from weeping. Victor just held on tighter to Yuuri’s trembling form and kept murmuring the same words: I’m right here.

When the tears finally abated, Yuuri felt so worn out but also relieved. Crying his heart out helped ease his distress.

Victor was now stroking Yuuri’s head with one hand, the other enfolding Yuuri in a loose hold. “Feel better?”

Hai,” Yuuri sighed. He definitely felt lighter.

“You got snot on my shirt, Yuuri,” the older man teased.

Yuuri lifted his head up so fast he became dizzy. “I’m so sorry,” he exclaimed in embarrassment as he looked up at Victor.

“You finally looked at me.” Victor cupped Yuuri’s face in his hands, warmth in every touch. His expression was one of utmost tenderness. Perhaps it was because of the lighting, or the intimacy of their positions, or most likely the combination of the two, but Yuuri thought Victor was so beautiful at that moment.

Yuuri never wanted to lose this.

You won’t have to. Just say it.

Tell him.

Tell him what you want the most.

If only he could, but no. Yuuri wouldn’t be that selfish.

You want to stay together with him, that voice insisted.

Yes, he acquiesced, finally admitting to himself that painful desire.

Then ask him to stay.

Only if that was what Victor wanted as well.

On that, he wouldn’t budge. Yuuri was all too aware of what awaited Victor if his coach ever decided to return to skating. His fans would still be there for him, were even now clamoring for him to come back. And if Victor did decide to skate again, he would support the other man.

But it wouldn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t be together then. Now that Yuuri had acknowledged his desire to stay with the Russian man, new thoughts were beginning to take form. After all, Victor had left his skating career on hold for Yuuri. Why couldn’t Yuuri do the same this time around?

Once Yuuri retired, nothing would hold him back from going with Victor. And if, or when, the time comes for Victor to retire, they would still be together. They had been through so much and had grown stronger together.

How many times had he claimed that they would win with the power of love? They wouldn’t just fall apart. Yuuri was starting to really believe that now.

“Ah, happy thoughts at last, my Yuuri?”

That startled the skater back into focus. “How did you know?” he asked as he gazed into Victor’s eyes which held only affection.

Victor gave Yuuri a fond smile. “Your face says whatever it is you’re thinking or feeling. I’ve been with you long enough to know.”


Victor waited a beat, and then blew out a breath. Yuuri obviously wasn’t planning on sharing anything with him. Well, he hadn’t shared yet either. He was still waiting for the right time, and Yuuri evidently was as well. Guess they were both going to play a waiting game, then.

Deciding to take the subject somewhere else, Victor reminded the dark-haired man, “My birthday’s coming up, Yuuri. What are you giving me?”

Yuuri glanced at Victor, seeing the quirky smile he adored on Victor’s lips. Thankful that they were moving on to other matters, Yuuri played along and muttered, “Something round and golden.”

“Wow,” Victor rejoiced, “Is this the continuation for your proposal from the airport?”

Heat crept up from Yuuri’s neck to his cheeks. Victor was never going to let that go. Groaning from embarrassment, Yuuri hid under the blanket and ignored Victor’s teasing grin.

“Yuuri, ne, Yuuri, is it?” Victor kept bugging Yuuri for an answer playfully. He was glad that his skater was feeling better. The scream Victor heard from Yuuri was branded onto his memory. He never wanted his Yuuri to do that again.

“Go back to sleep, Victor,” Yuuri said, his voice muffled from under the covers.

Victor laughed, the sound like music to Yuuri’s ears. Victor gave up on pestering Yuuri and settled down to lie beside him.

“I do need the blanket as well, Yuuri.”

Yuuri lifted one side of the blanket, an invitation for the silver-haired man. One which Victor took, of course. He wasn’t an idiot.

Victor pulled Yuuri towards him, his front to Yuuri’s back. Spooning, they were spooning. Victor’s arm was fastened at Yuuri’s middle, the latter’s hand entwined with the former.

Yuuri was about to fall asleep when he heard Victor whisper, “Let’s take this one moment at a time, Yuuri.”


“I wish we’d never stop,” Victor muttered sleepily.

Those words, they wove their way into Yuuri’s fearful heart and anchored themselves there. They might have been words said unwittingly, but it was enough to give Yuuri some hope of a positive future.

They still have this moment. Yuuri was sure they would get where they both wanted to be. Wherever and whatever that may be, he will just have to trust that the power of love would guide them.

Victor was right. They just have to take it one moment at a time.

Okay. So, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what Yuuri’s thought process was like in Episode 9, but nothing yet from Victor. How I wish Episode 10 would help and give us a damn clue already. We’ll have to wait for another week to find out.

I took full liberty with this one. I’ve been seeing a lot of positive and negative thoughts on Episode 9 that it got me thinking: What can I do to get the fandom’s spirits back up? I can’t draw for sh!t, and my laptop breaks down every time I try to make an AMV. The last resort was this: a hastily written fanfic with a bad attempt on cheering people up. Do pardon any mistake or poorly written sentence I have made.

Now, we’ve all watched over them both since Episode 1. Wherever Victor and Yuuri’s journey takes them, whatever path they both decide to go on, let’s all believe in the show and what Victor and Yuuri had always shown us: the power of love can win it all.

I love this show, I love this fandom, and I love Victuri.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

 headstones  ~

Aries: “Don’t cremate me because I think I finally burned out”

Taurus: “I told you my cooking was to die for”

Gemini: “Keep talking to me via Ouija”

Cancer: “Now I can finally sleep forever”

Leo “you better miss me”

Virgo: “At least I can relax now”

Libra “I can make room for you”

Scorpio “I spent my life preparing for this”

Sagittarius “I knew this would happen”

Capricorn: “That all went backward”

Aquarius: “that was fucking weird”

Pisces “i have arrived”


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Hm… Kate, would you… would you like to tell us something? You know like confess certain things… you know… things… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dogs don’t wear clothes!

Request: Can you do #47 with Tom? Thanks!

Summary: Tom leaves you with Tessa for a few hours *insert smirking emoji*

A/n: Yo this is the second drabble within 24 hours bc I’m drowning in yours guys’ requests.

Tom trusted you with a lot of things, Tessa now becoming one of them. Tessa was his precious baby, and you both knew that if anything happened to her under your supervision, it would not turn out good. 

He was leaving her with you while he ran a few errands in town. A though came to your mind that brought a sly smile to your features. You bring your attention to the grey haired pitbull sitting next to you. Upon feeling your gaze on her, she rolled over exposing her belly, pleading you with her eyes to give her attention. You joined her on the floor and rubbed her belly, “How’d you like to mess around with Tommy, huh?” you asked her playfully. Her tail began to wag wildly and lipped her chops multiple times. You giggled thinking about how Tom will react when he returns home.

Surely enough Tom walked through the door with two bags in hand. Tessa raced to the porch to greet him, “Y/n, what is Tessa wearing?!” Tom called to you. You laughed from your seat in the living room, not giving him an answer. He came around the corner with Tessa prancing alongside him. You had fashioned a pink tutu, pink tank-top and pink bunny ears onto Toms dearest dog. His mother had bought the outfit for her for Halloween. But Tom did not allow that nonsense to be placed on his dog. 

“What did you do to my precious darling?” He asked you bewildered. You continued laughing at the priceless look on his face, ”I made her a pretty ballerina,” you spoke. Looking over to Tessa she was perched in the middle of the room with her tail waging back and forth, hitting one of the couches every so often, “No, no, no. Dogs don’t wear clothes! Especially Tessa,” Tom whined, flailing his arms around.

“Oh come on, look at her! She loves her new outfit!” you exclaimed,

“No she doesn’t. She’s just glad you gave her attention!”

“Oh come on Tommy,” you laughed, laying back on the couch.

“No, no, don’t ‘Tommy’ me. Your actions are unforgivable. You’ve lost Tessa privileges,” He made his way over to the pitbull, and gently took the pink ears off her head. She then attacked his face with licks, and then took off down the hall. 

Tom sighed and stood up straight, looking over to you. You brought your hand up to your mouth, hiding your growing smile, and muffling your laughs. He shook his head and started making his way over to you, “You’re gonna pay for that,” he muttered. 

Once he reached the couch you were laid on, he swiftly brought his hands down to either one of your hips and began tickling your skin. You squealed in protest, and pushed at Toms shoulders to get him off. “Thomas stop it!” you cried out in fits of laughter and giggles. His features lit up and a wide smile spread over his lips. “You tortured my poor Tessa!” he proclaimed.

All you could do was shake you head. You were out of breath, and all you could do was smile as you tried to squirm out of Toms hold. 

Tom grew tired from his tickle attack, and picked upt he pink bunny ears and slide them onto your head laughing even more at the sight. He then slumped in between your legs and rested his head on your chest. You both let out a few huffs, as you relaxed on the furniture. “I’m not kidding, you’ve lost Tessa privileges, and will not be left alone with her for a while,” Tom laughed to you, 

You placed a hand on his head and twirled a piece of his hair between your fingers, ”Oh you don’t mean that,” you giggled,

“You’re right. You’re lucky I love you,” 

BTS Reaction to their s/o being attacked/tortured (Mafia AU)

Anon Requested:  Hi! Can I have BTS react to their s/o being attacked/tortured because of them (Mafia AU?) 

Okay so these are going to be longer than usual just so I can give the request it’s full potential

Jungkook: Your screams were ringing through the building. He saw you, hell he was only twenty feet away from you sitting in a leather chair strapped up. You knew this could have happened, you knew this would happen eventually, you being taken because of what your fiance does for a living. He had to make sure you were 100% ready for a life like this, he made sure you were ready to be completely wrapped up in his world, he had to make sure you were safe but still had to teach you the ways of being engaged to the leader of one of the world’s most dangerous mafia’s. He knew something was up when his spouse to be was welcomed into the family so was almost too easy. Before he knew it you were gone. You had only went to go grocery shopping when you hadn’t come back. He had left his workshop to try and call you when he had been taken himself.

You were tied up, arms raised up with your hands and wrists bound by chains keeping your feet a few inches above ground. You knew you had to be strong, that was the first thing you had been taught by your fiance when you had moved in together. You stared into the eyes of the man that would soon be your father in law, knife bared in his hands. He whipped his head back around to face his son, a sinister smile placed on his face. 

“One last chance son, just transfer everything over to me and I’ll let you and your little fiance go.” You shook your head vigorously, answering the question instead. 

“No! Jungkook don’t you dare.” You yelled out staring straight at Jungkook. Your father in law turned around, eyes full of anger as he swiped down with the knife against your bare arm receiving another scream from you. He soon placed the knife against your throat pushing hard, so hard that you didn’t dare swallow or breath too deeply in case the knife would break the skin. Jungkook’s eyes widened, he lunged forward only to be brought back to the chair by the restraints on his ankles and wrists. 

“Transfer the money or she dies.”

V: He looked at you from across the table, a slight smirk played on his lips. He hadn’t changed much from the last time you saw him, other than being a foot taller and now the leader of a rival mafia things had been the same. 

“My, my, my..You’ve changed quite a bit, haven’t you (Y/N)?” Taehyung’s voice spoke, eyes not deterring away from you. You rolled your eyes, sure this is the boy that you’ve known since you two were in diapers but things change. Especially when you were involved with what you do.

“Let’s cut to the chase Taehyung, why’re you here? What do you want?” You state towards him less than asking. You leaned back in your chair, arms crossed over your chest. 

“Do you remember when we met up again last year? We hadn’t seen each other in years. You moved away without a single goodbye leaving me to wonder where my best friend went.” Taehyung’s voice spoke unkindly, clearly there was some sort of emotion behind his words. “Obviously when we met up it wasn’t under the circumstances I would have liked but-”

“Yes I remember, what’s your point.” You interrupted him quickly, trying to get to the point of what he was getting at. You remember the day he was talking about very clearly. It was six years since you left, you left your best friend, you left your hometown, you left who you hoped to be back there. 

“Let me go!” You called out, tears threatening to spill from the constant pain in your back, legs and stomach. You knew there was a puddle of your own blood forming from under you. You’ve been cut, whipped and prodded for the past 48 hours yet you refused to give up any information. There was no way you were giving any of your families information up. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t feeling the effects of what your kidnappers have done to you. But you had to be strong, you’ve been through much worse. You felt your wrists begin to rub raw from the rope tied around both of your wrists, your legs wanted to give out but due to them each being locked by your ankles to the shackles on the floor and your arms held up by rope there was no use in having that happen. “I’m not telling you anything.” You say matter of factly looking in the eyes of a stranger.

“Boss your nephew is here.” One of the men who had originally tied you up spoke from the door. The ‘Boss’ just nodded waving his hand for his nephew to come in. “Now (Y/N), I’ve done some recent digging on your family seeing that your father had actually wiped everything about you guys clean off of any public and private records.” The man had this evil scowl on his face while speaking to you. Eyes cold and full of nothing but evil. “But you want to know what he hadn’t been able to erase? Pictures. Yes my dear, you see he thought having you pack up and leave your hometown would be easy enough for you. But he was wrong, my nephew was actually the one who helped me find you.” The man moved to the side so you could clearly see his nephew. Your stomach tightened and felt your breath hitch in the back of your throat.


“My point is you (Y/N). I’m here for you, I want you.”

Jimin: He seemed completely unfazed at the fact that these men had just dragged a random girl off the street and into a room full of weapons. The room was dark but you could see the mans facial features from the dim light hanging above him as he sat alone at the table in the middle of the room. 

You were thrown down on a chair at the other end of the table, quickly strapped down, arms tied back behind the chair. Your hair was a mess and your body felt sore. 

On the way to this building you had tried your hardest to get away. You were first just dragged backwards arms being gripped by the two men’s large hands. You had almost escaped before you were thrown against the brick wall in an alley way and had a bag thrown over your head. You actually had no idea where you were, you just knew that you were kidnapped off of the street on your way home.

“I told you two not to hurt her.” The man in front of you grumbled, eyes like daggers to the two men behind you.

“She was a bit more difficult than we would’ve thought.” Your eyes grew wide as you examined the room. All around you pinned on the walls were assault rifles, pistols, shotguns. On the table in front of you were daggers, knives, swords and an occasional gun here and there.

“Are you going to kill me.” You squeaked out soon cursing yourself for sounding so weak. The man in front of you simply chuckled and leaned forward over the table getting a better look at you as you were him. 

“No, no, none of that.” His mouth curved into an eery smile, one that looked like you could trust him but you knew very well that you couldn’t. “I’ve been watching you for some time now..The names Jimin and I need your help.

J-Hope: Hoseok couldn’t believe his eyes. Last thing he remembered you saying was ‘I love you’ and now he see’s you like this. Arms tied up and chained to the wall your back was against with your legs the same. He was the bruising on your arms already showing up and the red marks from the whips you were being tortured with from earlier. He thought he was able to keep you safe from all of this. He wanted you to stay hidden but you insisted that it was okay because you believed you’d be safe at all times with how many men he’d always keep around. How did they manage to capture you? What had he done wrong?

That answer is simple, he hadn’t done anything wrong. You were captured by his rival, it was as simple as that. They had managed to do the worst to Hoseok, they tortured you. They wanted any kind of information they could’ve gotten on through you but with your pleads and cries they still didn’t believe you. You had been passed out from the pain from earlier, head hanging down with your body still tied up.

“Whatever you want you can have it. Just let her go and never harm her again.” Hoseok hissed through gritted teeth, knuckles turning white from squeezing his hand into a fist so tight.

“She sure is loyal, Hoseok.” The man in front of you muttered turning back to face your boyfriend. “Never spoke a single word of where you could be. We were looking for you all this time, but all we had to do was take her.” The man laughed to himself as if this situation was funny. 

“Just let her go.”  Anger was boiling deep within his system. It churned inside, hungry for revenge on the man that had caused you so much harm. The pressure of this anger within him would soon explode and cause him to have to threaten everyone in this room that had helped do damage to you. Hoseok knew what he was able to do and he knew it wouldn’t end up well for anyone other than himself. Hoseok is well aware that he could hurt people, he hasn’t felt this kind of rage since he met you. But seeing you in the state you were in had something snap within him causing him to let out a side he had never wanted you to see.

It’s a good thing you were unconscious.

Rap Monster: Your parents rose to power through the mafia through deceitfulness, treachery and wrong doing. You’ve learned how to deal with this, You’ve learned how to be just like them, You didn’t know if that’s a good thing or not, probably not. Soon enough they had become the head of the mafia, killing those they simply do not like and stealing from those who have something they want. So once they heard their daughter, their own flesh and blood was soon to be married to one of their arch nemesis’s son’s they reacted the only way they knew how to. Torture you until you submit to their ways and if not, they simply had to kill you.

All you could smell was blood. Your clothes were sticking to you as your once white long sleeve had now been stained completely red. You knew your now ripped up jeans were soaked in blood because you could actually move your legs. Everything was sticky with the new blood that had been dripping down from your stomach, arms, legs, everything on you had a cut of some sort on it. 

“All you have to do is end it. End it and everything can go back to normal.” Your mother said from across the room. She and your father were watching you, watching everything that had taken place. A shot of pride went through them seeing you put up such a fight against them and their wishes to end your engagement. But it quickly went away knowing that it wasn’t them who had made you withstand the torture from them for so long, it was Namjoon who had made you go through all this pain for so long. 

“N-No.” You weakly said, head drifting down slightly. You were getting dizzy and weak from the lack of blood but you refused to abide by their rules any longer.

“How do you think your lovely fiance will like seeing this? How do you think he feels knowing he’s the reason you’re in all this pain?” Your father spoke lowly, eyes dark with no care for you in them.

“What?” You raised your head to see someone roll in a large chair with a laptop on it. Once they turned it around there you saw him, Namjoon had witnessed this whole debockle. Eyes wide with fear but you knew when this was all over that it’d soon fill with anger. “He knows he’s not the reason for this, you are. Go ahead and do your worst, I’m not changing my mind about him.” And with those words you spoke with so much confidence no matter the state you were in your father nodded. Your eyes went back to the screen to see the man that you love, you saw him nod before mouthing the words ‘I love you’ to you. your head soon fell down slipping into unconsciousness before your father spoke his final words of the night.

“Kill her.”

Suga: In your intense silence you had managed to scream with your whole body. Your eyes clenched shut, mouth rigid and open, your face bleak and immobile while your fists squeezed with blanched knuckles and nails digging into the palm of your hand as they were suspended above you. The scream tore through you like a shard of glass, your pulse quickened and your heart began thudding against your chest so hard that you were almost positive it could have burst out at any given moment. 

The blood drained from your face and your legs began to wobble once you saw the knife with thick red blood on it, your blood. The pain came searing from your stomach, it burns around your insides as everything feels scolded and move or not you were in more pain than you could have even imagined. A bullet would be a mercy to you right now but all you got was a low chuckle from the man who had caused you so much pain. 

All you were doing was looking for your boyfriend, you had swore he gave you the right address but once you gave one simple knock the door swung open and a bag was place over your head and you were pulled into the room you had hoped your boyfriend was in. Your arms and legs were bound and you were soon up against a wall with your arms tied up. Once the bag had been removed from your head you immediately started asking questions telling the man you were just looking for your boyfriend but he didn’t seem to believe you. Even when you spoke of Min Yoongi’s name the man just shook his head and denied that Yoongi even had a girlfriend and that you were just a spy.

“Look, just tell me who sent you and you can go, I’ll forget you even came over hear..shoot I won’t even tell the boss that you were looking for him.” The man simply spoke as if what he had just done to you hadn’t even mattered. He had dropped the bloodied knife on the table in front of you soon getting closer. “Don’t think that I won’t get the boss, he’ll do worse to you than I ever could.” You shuttered at his words, just thinking of the pain that could happen. 

“Who’s..your boss.” You sent out a shaky and raged breath. Your body was hot from the pain and you felt nauseous. 

“Well Min Yoongi of course, why else would you be here. Clearly not for anyone other than him.” The man said as if it was obvious. He looked at you, you were paler than ever, beads of sweat began to form on your forehead as the searing pain down below got worse. 

“Go..get..Yoongi.” You weakly spoke, head slowly drooping. Once again you heard a laugh and soon enough a hand clasped down on your chin yanking it up to look at the man in the eyes. But at the sudden force it drew you over the edge. You had brought your knees up to your chest and shot your legs out kicking the man in the chest sending him back to hit the table. Another scream left your throat as the movement made the pain even worse. The man stomped his way to the back of the room opening the door and slamming it shut, not even a minute later you heard a loud crash and yells coming from the other side of the door. You expected the man to come right back out but instead came Yoongi running towards you unhooking your hands and caught you as you fell into his arms completely unconscious

Jin: You had been laying in bed when you heard your boyfriend shuffle around to face you. You turned your head to see a small smirk come up on his face. 

“Do you remember how we met?” A small smile and sarcastic comment soon followed from you.

“How could I forget? You had me kidnapped.”

You jerked upright, panicked but your wrists refused to move. Something cold and sharp dug into your wrists, as you looked down you noticed you were cuffed to the table you were sitting at. You groggily looked around the room seeing that it was small and had a single door and no windows to it. 

You heard the door slam causing you to jump a bit even though you couldn’t go anywhere. A man came into the room and began to uncuff you, you immediately made a run for it but soon getting stopped once another man came through the door, knocking you down to the ground. 

“Grab her. Cuff her to the table.” The man simply said. You felt yourself get yanked up from the ground and soon slammed onto the table. With both men cuffing you at the same time you had no chance of getting up and getting out of this unforsaken place. 

You had been cut numerous of times by both men. They wanted information you had and you weren’t giving it to them. We can never truly feel another’s pain but the scream that you had just released gave a very good idea of what kind of torture the men were putting you through.

From the very depths of his being flowed out emotion. The groan passed his lips as he pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation with his two lackey’s he sent out to retrieve you for an interrogation. 

“I told you not touch her.” 

A deep laugh came from Jin’s body as his head went back into his pillow. 

“I did tell them not to touch you.”

“Well look how well that turned out.”

Mute Part 2

Part 1

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,067
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

Bucky felt useless. You had not talked since leaving the infirmary only half an hour ago, and he was starting to second-guess every move he made. You didn’t leave to go to Natasha’s room, no matter how many times Bucky persisted that it wouldn’t hurt his feelings if you wanted to. He could see the hesitation in your eyes, and he guessed that you would feel more relaxed with Nat, but this area with him was familiar. Bucky knew how you were. When anything terrible happened to you, you would try your hardest to normalize the situation. You didn’t like feeling vulnerable, so if you ignored the incident in front of others, they couldn’t pity you. Bucky knew this was the reason you weren’t going to stay with Natasha. As much as he desperately wished it was because you wanted to be with him in that moment, he knew you were attempting to put yourself back into how things were.

How they were without you talking, at least.

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Family (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Request: Hi! Could you please write a imagine where you receive a letter that you (muggleborn) are expelled from home bc your younger sister is not a witch and they treat you like trash because you are and Moony takes care of her and they cuddle in his dorm?

Warnings: Abusive family

A/N: This is the first time I wrote since I quit writing, 3 months ago. SO PLS DON’T JUDGE TY TY ILY ALL!!
Word Count:

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Tears streaming down your face, you could not believe what was happening. Of course you knew this day would come, but you were probably not expecting it to be this soon. Your family hated you. That was a fact. They were bitter and cold against you whereas they were also afraid. A witch? In their own, happy family? Why the hell were you a witch, when your sister was a completely normal and healthy person? These were all the things that they made you think since the day you got your Hogwarts letter. You had not realized for once how special you were and your family was the one to blame. Now, the letter crumpled in your letter was the last straw. It was enough torture you had to face for years. You quietly whispered “Incendio” and burned the letter that made you face the reality; you no longer had a home.

You stormed off your dorm to get outside and breathe. Although you were furious, you were also built up with anxiety since you no longer had a place to stay until another year at Hogwarts started. You marched towards the lake and started screaming and sobbing. You stayed there until it was dark and until you were no longer able to even stand up. Exhaustion and hunger made you forget about your problems for a while and led you to the dinner.

Great Hall was full with noisy students that were thrilled to go back home, enjoy their holidays. You headed over to your friends, James, Lily, Sirius, Peter and Remus. They were in their usual spot, messing with each other, as always. You put a smile on your face, because the one thing you hated the most was to worry them. “What’s up guys?” you asked as you sat next to Sirius. “Well, it was not very well until you came and brightened up my mood” Sirius replied with a smirk. “Cut the flirting Pads, I saw you laughing your ass off at James just a second ago.” You chuckled.

“Y/N we were just planning on visiting Hogsmeade before the summer break, one last time. Would you like to come tomorrow? You know we won’t be able to see each other for a long time,” Lily asked, squeezing your hand and giving you a reassuring smile as she knew what was going to happen to you. You quickly nodded, trying hold back the tears that had been building up since you sat down next to your friends. You were going to be all alone, on your own for a very long time and you just could not accept it. “I-I have to go,” your voice cracked as you got up from the table you just sat down. James murmured: “But you just came-“ and was cut by Remus following you and leaving the table.

You did not exactly know where you were going which led you to wander around dark halls, sobbing uncontrollably. Everything around you was silent, you weren’t even hearing yourself. You were caught up by the thoughts of your own family disowning you and not wanting to see your face again.

“Y/N?” The soft voice coming behind you, calmed you down. You turned around to see who it was, though you could not recognize the face. The shadow came near you and the scent and the height of the person helped you make out who it was. You wiped off the tears on your cheeks and gasped: “Remus? What are you doing here?”

“I think I need to be the one to ask that? What happened? We were all so worried about you and I think I had taken a stroll around the entire school for three times.” He chuckled a bit to calm you down because you were not breathing properly and he couldn’t think anything else to say to take your mind off. However, it did not work. You actually did not even listen what Remus had said because it was impossible to focus on him in that moment. “Hey, hey. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here with you.” Remus whispered while placing his long arms around your body. You buried your face onto his chest, murmuring: “Please don’t leave me,” over and over. Remus placed his chin on top of your head and whispered. “I could and would never do that Y/N. Believe me, you are the best part of my life. How could I?” His voice cracked. He could not bear your painful sobs anymore. He loved you so much that a single tear rolling down on your face, broke his heart into a million pieces. First he hesitated, then he did not think once more and placed a gentle kiss on top of your head. That made you forget everything. The suddet contact of his lips sent shivers down your spine. You felt your cheeks heated up. “Y/N, we are your family. Me, Sirius, James, Lily and Peter. We knew it all along. In fact tonight, I was going to offer you something. I chose to wait you to tell me about it first. Just because some ignorant people that don’t care about you because of who you are doesn’t mean you don’t have any family. I will take care of you, I promise.” Remus’s words were like a lullaby to you. They calmed you down, warmed your heart and you felt safe. You lifted your head up to face him, his arms tangled around your waist and your hands were on his shoulders. On a regular day, both of you would not be able to come this close but tonight was different. His face was still not clear but the part of it that was lighted by the moonlight was dazzling. You could feel his eyes gazing around your face. You could not help but gasp: “S-Stop looking at me like that! You’re making me blush…”

Remus chuckled quietly. He held your hand and led you to the Gryffindor common room. You kept asking where he was taking you and what his offer was but he just did not answer you. When you arrived at his dorm, you could feel your heart beat a little faster. “From now on, I want you to come with me, to my house when the break starts. We all discussed this and you know James has Sirius over his home and Lily is busy with her own family. And I was more than willing to take you to my house.” He looked down at his feet, anxiously. He was not sure about telling you the last part because his voice was lower towards the end of his sentence.

You did not know what to say. Before even thanking him, you asked. “And why is that?”

Remus was still hesitant on his moves but still smirking, he wrapped his one arm around your waist, other lifting your chin up, he replied: “Because I care about you,” he whispered and came closer. Your noses brushing each other’s, you were breathless His scent sending ecstatic vibes all over your body the thought of his soft lips on yours, the feeling of his little curls on your fingers made you forget about all the boundaries you had with your dear friend Remus, you could not bear the tension between you tow anymore and you finally kissed him.

It hurts

(Hey guys hope you enjoy this short Newt x reader)

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It hurt. It hurt you so much to see your crush falling in love with someone else. “N-newt?…” he stood up brushing himself off blushing. Tina laughed from the couch, “yes?” He said looking down at his shoes. “Oh, um it can wait till morning-” but you realized he wasn’t paying attention. You stormed out tears pricking your eyes, you bumped into Queenie. “Y/n dar-” she looked into your eyes, “oh dear I-” “Dont queenie I can’t right now,” you pushed yourself away from her as Jacob stood puzzled. “What was that about?” He muttered. You ran into your bedroom, you and Newt had been so close then out of the blue he started paying less attention to you and more to Tina. Of course you knew this would happen. It had happened before, Leta. She was a horrible witch, when you were younger Newt and you had been the best of friends and then she showed up. Newt stopped coming with you to the library and one day you found him with her out in the forest. When he said he was sick. It still broke your heart thinking about it. You left hogwarts for him. He loved you, or at least your company. Now he was leaving you again. “Y-y/n are you alright.” Jacob said bless his heart. “N-no, I love him…” “Who?! Newt?” “Yes!” You turned to look at him tears streaming down your face. “Oh y/n don’t cry please,” he walked over and sat on your bed. You threw your arms around him sobbing. “He loves Tina, and Leta, and every other thing that’s not me!” “Y/n he likes you,” “As a friend,” he hugged you, “he’ll come around y/n if he’s smart he’ll see what a great young woman you are. Promise.” You smiled and he squeezed your hand. He walked out, probably to tell Queenie. You laid your head on your pillow and went to sleep. Newt, Tina, Jacob, and queenie all sat down for dinner. Except there was a place missing. Y/n. “Where’s y/n?” Tina asked “Oh um sick,” Queenie lied quickly. She looked over at Jacob for help. “Yep poor girl stuffy nose red eyes,” he explained. “I hope she gets feeling better,” Tina said looking over at Newt who hadn’t heard. “Yeah…” he added. Queenie made a extremely sad face and looked back down at her food. “Newt Scamander, you need to apologize.” “W-what?” He asked confused. “Y/n is obviously in love with her and you haven’t even acknowledged her in two days! She helps feed your animals she tamed niffler for goodness sake!” She huffed standing up, “excuse me.” She walked to her room leaving the two men speechless. Tina made a small laughed and headed to her room. Jacob stood up brushed himself off and headed to his room. Y/n was in love with him? When you woke up your eyes were red and puffy but your tears had dried. You put on your house robe and walked out. Newt continued to ignore until you accidentally bumped into him. “Sorry,” you said quickly. He looked at you then walked away to where Tina was sitting. They chatted for awhile while you ate. Then they started howling with laughter. You got up and grabbed your coat. “Where are you going y/n?” Newt asked “Like you care.” You spit back at him. He looked surprised as you slammed the door as hard as you could. You wrapped your coat around you and ran to Central Park. Once you got there you let the tears go. They fell down your face as you cried. Then you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned Newt. “Y/n are you alright?” “No. but I doubt you care about me Newt.” “I care about you y/n,” “You care more about Pickett or niffler or your mooncalves which miss you terribly by the way more than me!” “That’s not true.” “Stop lying!” He tried to speak but you cut him off, “I love you Newt and I know you don’t feel the same way. I understand that now, you love Tina.” “I-” “You love her maybe as much as you loved Leta! I tried to tell you she was bad news and you didn’t listen! I dropped everything for you saying we both did it. So I could be with you! When your family didn’t care MINE did! I LOVED YOU NEWT! YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME! S-so the next time you leave for some girl I won’t be there.” “Y/n wait!” You teleported to your shared home. Queenie ran to your crying figure, holding you quieting you. Tina ran to you too brushing away your hair as you clung to your two friends. Then Newt appeared. “Y/n, I’m so sorry.” “You should be,” Queenie said surprised by her own words newt ran out the door. You collected yourself, you headed into the case. You needed to spend some time with your niffler. “I’m sorry your mummy hasn’t been here lately.” You told the mooncalves as they whined. “Y/n,” you turned to Newt. “What do you want?” He walked close to you grabbing your hand and kissing you. “I-I want you.”
Fly Me To The Moon

You woke up to the sweet smell of bacon coming from the kitchen.  Your eyes darted open and you quickly jumped out of bed, running downstairs to eat.  Frost was cooking away at the stove in his suit. Well that’s not what I was expecting. You thought to yourself.  You secretly hoped J would be the one preparing you a huge breakfast, but you knew that would never happen.

“Good morning Y/N.” Frost said casually as if nothing was strange about this scene.  

“Good morning Frosty….Can I ask why you’re cooking all this?  I mean, it’s nice and all but this is definitely not part of your job description….”  Seeing Frost first thing in the morning making you a feast for breakfast was certainly never something you thought you’d witness.

“Well,” Frost spoke as he flipped a pancake expertly, “Mr. J is going to be very busy today, and he instructed me to make sure you’re taken care of while he’s out.  I figured I’d start with feeding you, so here I am.” Frost smiled, another thing you never thought you’d witness.

“I can’t argue with J’s orders.” You said giving Frost a wink.  You walked up to the large kitchen island and hopped up on one of the stools while Frost began to lay the food out in front of you.  Pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, fresh orange juice, Frost really went overboard.  Not wanting to wait another minute, you grabbed your fork and started scarfing down the food.

“Whoa, it’s like you don’t eat, you just inhale.” Frost said Jokingly.

“Ha-ha very funny Frosty,” You spoke between bites, “I don’t have any plans for the rest of the day so I was thinking I’d just clean up around the house.  You can take a few hours to go out and do whatever you need to do if you want.”

Frost worked constantly, J never gave him any time off.  You figured you were just going to stay home all day and do some housework, so there was no reason Frost needed to be watching you.  Not to mention he deserved a few hours to himself.

“I don’t know Y/N, boss told me to keep an eye on you-”

“Frost, you can be back before J and I won’t tell him.  It can be our little secret.  Go enjoy yourself.” You smiled and continued eating as Frost gave you a small nod of appreciation and walked out of the room.

After eating practically everything and stuffing yourself to the brim, you decided it was best to get the day going.  You went up to your shared master bathroom and took a quick shower before walking into your massive closet to pick out something to wear.  Hmmmm what to wear, what you wear….You thought to yourself before flashing a cheeky smile and picking up your favorite shirt of J’s.  It was just a white button up dress shirt, but it was always perfectly ironed and soft.  On you it was practically a dress so you figured that was a good enough outfit and made your way back downstairs to get to cleaning.  You were never much of an organizer growing up; however, with all the madness going on in the mansion all the time, you began to find it therapeutic.

Walking into the living room, you noticed that it needed some work.  The house was always pretty clean as the maids took care of all the vacuuming and dusting; however, the henchmen and J had a tendency to never put things back in their place after using them.  Well if I’m gunna get the organizing party going, I better put on some music. You walked up to the stereo system and just pressed play.  “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra started playing throughout the whole downstairs.  J is such an oldie when it comes to music. You smiled thinking about him.

You got to work picking up after the henchmen and J, getting lost in the music as you did so.  You swayed your hips back and forth, dancing around the room.

You lost track of time and didn’t realize how long it had been since you started until you turned around and immediately gasped as you saw J standing behind the couch watching you with his silver grin.

“Well, well, well….what do we have here.” He growled, trying to contain a laugh.  You were so embarrassed and you felt your cheeks heating up.  You could only imagine how silly this looked and you couldn’t find any words.

J put you out of your misery by speaking up again, “I like your shirt, I wonder where you got that from.” He made his way slowly around the couch, walking up to you as he reached out and pulled you closer to him by the white fabric.

“I figured you’d be gone a while so I’d get some cleaning done….” You whispered, still feeling shy from being caught.

“You’re quite the dancer Y/N, I might have to put you in one of the cages next time we’re at the club….but then again, I don’t want anyone else lusting after you.” Always so possessive, I love it.

J smirked as if he could read your mind before looking deep in your eyes and beginning to unbutton your shirt, “You have five minutes to get upstairs and in bed, doll.  Daddy needs to remind you how to be a good girl and not take my things.”

I guess I need to wear his clothes more often.