you knew it was coming and yet it was still beautiful

10.5k Gif Drabbles Masterpost

This is a list of all the drabbles written for my 10.5k follower celebration!

you can still submit a gif because I’m having fun


“When are you coming home?”

“You’re not still mad at me?”

“You’re more than welcome to join me”

“Will you fake-marry me?”

“I deserved it”

“You’re beautiful”

“Trust me, I remember that”

“You have a good heart”


This case could wait a few hours

“Stop looking at me like that”

“Mistakes were made”

“She’s a handful”

Seven minutes

“I can’t let you die”

You knew you wanted him

Dean loved being the little spoon

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11. If These Wings Could Fly

member: Jimin x reader

genre: fluff, angst

word count: 3126

summary: He was an angel, my angel, so painfully beautiful in every sense of the word that even I knew our happy ending never existed. Oh, he fell. But please, God, have mercy–he never had wings. 

Originally posted by kths

“Hey, you’ve reached Park Jimin”

Don’t do this to me.

“Unfortunately, I’m not here right now.” There was a laugh, a mere chuckle.

Thin fingers trailed the illuminated picture of the man in the contact photo, fingernails ridged and torn. Victim of a habit that had not existed before. With each sound of laughter from battered down speakers, nonetheless still sweet as honey yet painful to her ears, her hand shook in response. There was a tremor in every move, a stone in the back of her throat, weighing down to her chest, into her heart, down to her stomach and into her toes.

It wasn’t fucking fair.

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It’s still home (Fantastic Beasts Spoilers)

Okay, okay, so I need to calm down a bit. I’m still really exited.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” came out today for me. I went to see it, and it felt like coming home.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive, because…well…it’s not Harry Potter. I had no idea what would happen, except from what we knew from the trailer.

It’s a new world, a new era and a new story and yet, it feels like the magical world we love so much. It’s funny and sad and touching and surprising and you can feel JK’s writing in the movie.

To be honest, I almost cried when Hedwig’s Theme started. Also, Newt is the sweetest cinnamon roll to have ever walked the magical world. I already pointed out his unique relationship with his creatures once, but he loves them so much it’s beautiful. He doesn’t just love the cute ones, no he loves them all the same, even if they are weird and ugly and a bit dangerous on the side… (he calls himself “Mummy” when he speaks to the babies, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Also, you can’t convince me he didn’t love that Obscurial too).

It’s obvious that he isn’t at ease around humans, and with the way he seems to become confortable and so much happier once he is inside the case, I understood: Newt carries his home with him all the time. When the MACUSA takes the case, they take everything away: his friends, his family and his home.

Jacob is…well, Jacob is normal. A no-maj, a Muggle. Jacob is the one with a big dream and an ordinary, boring life, who walks in that strange and fantastic world, and wishes to stay forever. He becomes friend with Newt and follows him during his adventures: chasing creatures around New York.

As I watched the movie, I realized something. Jacob Kowalski is us. He meets a young, awkward wizard, sticks around to discover magic but in the end, he is and will always be a normal person. Just like we were when we picked up “Philosopher’s Stone”, put down “Deathly Hallows”, and ended up changed forever, dreaming of magic and impossible creatures, yet going on with our normal lives after learning more than a few lessons.There is magic in everything we do, like baking and just being yourself. That’s one thing Jacob teaches us Muggles: you may be completely normal, but there will always be only one you (and that “normal you” will be amazing in someone else’s eyes).

Now, Queenie. At first, I thought she was the cliche girly and flirty woman, but she turned out great. She is a legilimens, a mind-reader and perfectly conscious of the advantages it gives her. She doesn’t seem like much, but if you touch her sister you better run. Fast.

I feel like she is Jacob’s opposite. A powerful witch who discovers a new world, the no-maj’s world, and learns some new things too. Sometimes, magic doesn’t open every door, and you have to give it a good kick.

Tina puts up with a lot of things because of Newt. She gets arrested and almost executed because of him (and president Picquery, who is incredibly frustrating. Of course she didn’t tell you about Newt and the creatures escaping in the city! When she tried, you didn’t listen!). Somehow, she doesn’t give up her objectives: at first, bringing Newt to MACUSA and the, helping him catch the creatures. Frankly, the main female characters are fabulous.

Next, Credence. I was so sure Credence was actually Tina and Queen’s younger brother (or at least related to them), who was thought a squib. It’s probably when we see Tina’s memories of her mother, immediately followed by Mary Lou calling her a with, and Tina comforting Credence. When he turns into an Obsucurial, Credence is calmed down by Tina talking to him, and it is mentioned that his mother was a witch. Anyway, I was wrong, and that poor boy needs a hug. A lot of hugs.

Finally, I’m going to talk a bit about Percival Graves. A lot of questions are left unanswered by the movie: how long has Grindelwald been disguised as Graves? What happened to the real Graves? The real Graves must have existed, since he is a trusted member of MACUSA… and what about his family? Has the real Graves appeared in the movie? I guess all will be explained in the next movies, but I want to know…  

The movie is just perfect: Newt’s characterization, his relationship with the creatures, the other characters, the plot…even the few seconds of real Grindelwald! We are truly back in the magical world.

A little thing about Grindelwald. I was concerned that Johnny Depp would act him like he acted Jack Sparrow or the Mad Hatter: a funny, illogical, endearing kind of insane. I didn’t need to worry, as his Grindelwald is cold, manipulative, and seems intelligent and rational. (Oh, and he wasn’t very happy with Newt to.)

So, what did you think of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”?

littlelooneyluna  asked:

hello beautiful so i have a question and you're great at answering them so here goes: because of the anniversary i was thinking about rob's reaction to when aaron said he loves him and i was wondering if you thought that rob already knew aaron felt that way. many comments on the dreaded YouTube say HOW rob already knew and just kept leading him on but i don't think so at all. i think that to the audience it was obvious but with rob he was sort of a closed book and so it was a massive surprise <3

ahhh my darling nicole thank you for coming to me with this!!!

and i am in total agreement with you, i don’t think robert had realised at all that aaron was in love with him. you see, robert knows aaron better than anyone, no one can deny that now, but back then robert was still working aaron out. he wasn’t there yet. 

because the thing is, robert knew aaron in secret. he knew the version of aaron that no one ever got see. he saw the aaron that only came out behind closed doors, when he felt safe and comfortable to let his guard down. that’s the aaron robert knew, and so naturally he presumed that this was aaron all the time: soft and pliant and kind. and i’m not saying aaron’s not like that, but he has other traits as well - he can be sarcastic and blunt and he can be aggressive at times. but robert hadn’t really seen that yet, and so when aaron was looking at robert with those wide, blue eyes so adoringly, i don’t think robert actually realised how monumental that was. he thought it was normal.

so when they were up at wiley’s and aaron was begging him not to get married, i think robert got uncomfortable, not because he was suddenly starting to twig, but because he felt the glare of the spotlight on him. here was aaron saying that marrying chrissie would be “the biggest mistake” of his life, calling himself robert’s “gay lover”, telling robert to stop lying to himself. it was the first time where aaron had properly, verbally tested his sexuality, questioned robert’s actual feelings, and my god did robert not want to do that. he actually cut aaron off when aaron uttered the word ‘gay’. he was so focused on that that i don’t think he even realised what aaron was actually saying, what the meaning was behind: “i thought i could handle it… but i was wrong.”

and so robert, blind and oblivious as per bloody usual, stumbled into a question that he had no idea would get him such a raw and honest response:

“why are you so determined to make this harder than it needs to be?”

“because i love you, that’s why. and i think you feel the same.”

he just hadn’t expected it. no part of him had understood what aaron was properly feeling - hell, robert didn’t know what he himself was feeling either! he’d locked it all down, buried it away, kept telling himself that all this was just like any other fling… only aaron wasn’t a one night stand anymore, and he’d already risked his life and his future on multiple occasions just to remain close to aaron. but he’d convinced himself it was all just a bit of fun, nothing serious - “no strings, no risk” as he put it before. 

but here was aaron, sweet and achingly vulnerable, laying his heart bare for all the world to see, for robert to see (and to aaron there wasn’t much difference between those two). it’s hard not to see how stunned robert was in that moment, how his smirk dropped instantly the moment aaron admitted to loving him, how frozen he looked just letting the words sink in. 

and then… robert did what he always does (or used to do i should say)… he denied everything. put the walls up, turned on the swagger and sarcasm again, shrugged it off because anything was better than actually accepting it might be true. so he pushed back with “you’re confused” and “i’m not like you” and “this… us… it isn’t real”. because if robert could convince himself of that, that whatever they had was something he could remove from ‘real life’, then it didn’t count, right? he wasn’t in love and aaron didn’t love him, because what they had wasn’t real. it’s how he’d been operating ever since they started the affair, splitting this fantasy world where him and aaron were together from reality where he was marrying chrissie. the two world could remain separate, and it wasn’t until aaron verbalised his love for robert that everything converged at horrific speed, and robert was forced to confront the fact that everything was real.

and that meant that when aaron said he loved him, he was telling the truth. it wasn’t something robert could run from any longer, it was all real.

[ flammable ]

{ one does not simply play with fire }

AU: Yakuza
Pairing: Akashi x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1668 words
A/N: Because fluffy yakuza stories are what I live for.

Dear God. As if he didn’t have enough work already, his father wanted him to marry. He knew that his father was getting old and would probably like to see his son settle down before the time comes, however, Akashi knew his true intentions. So he was seated across from a beautiful lady and her father. But she was no ordinary lady. She was the daughter of the head of another yakuza family. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Not only did his father twist his life to fit into the yakuza, but now his love life was in on it too.

You, on the other hand, couldn’t be anymore pissed off. You were still young and yet your father had set up a marriage for you. The redheaded man across from you with his fake, tight-lipped smile looked polite enough. But you knew better. That was the smile that had been plastered on your face since the day you were born thanks to your father who had shoved you deep inside the yakuza. Your love life was officially a business transaction. Fan-fucking tastic.

“A pleasure to meet you, ____-san. I am Akashi Seijurou, the first and only son and heir to the Akashi clan.”

“The same to you, Akashi-san. It’s a pleasure to finally meet the future of the Akashi clan. I look forward to working with you.” You gave him the saccharine sweet smile in return. That smile you used to get whatever you wanted from your father, as spoiled as that sounded.

“Fantastic. Akashi, why don’t you and I take a little walk so the two of them can get to know each other?” Your father said. You nearly sputtered in protest. First he drops you into the hands of an unknown yakuza man. And now he was leaving you there. But you kept your lips sealed shut as he began chattering away to Akashi Seijurou’s father. They left the two of you there and went on.

Awkward silence filled the room. Akashi took a deep breath. He needed to man up for this. “Would you like—“

“Okay, listen. Neither of us wants this. I get it. I want to roast my father on a stake for putting me through this and I mean that literally. So, let’s not pretend like we like each other or even know each other. This is marriage by name only and I don’t want to interact with you. At all.”

The man’s eyes lit up in surprise before he felt his lips twitch. It’s been a while since he’s been pissed off like this. The last time he was angry, he had almost sliced off the head of a man. This time, he wanted to put you across his lap. “I see. Well, that’s quite unfortunate. I thought that we could at least cooperate to make this arrangement more pleasant but I believe you’re not interested in doing so.”

“You got that right,” You crossed your arms over your chest and grumbled. “I’m going to make your life a living hell, Akashi Seijurou.”

“I look forward to it.”

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One Day - (Request)

It was 6pm and you were still trying to get the baby to eat his food. Don’t worry, it wasn’t your baby. In the last couple of months, your sister had given birth to a beautiful baby boy and you promised you’d help out if you had some spare time in your hands, since you love children so much. Sadly, you and Justin weren’t quite ready to have children yet. You guys both wanted to wait and not rush things, knowing that you’re young and need to live life before giving it up for a baby.

“Come on, open up” You couldn’t help but smile as you watched as the baby eventually opened his mouth and took in some food after hours of trying. “There we go” You giggled, causing him to smile and squint his tiny blue eyes.

Hearing pattering footsteps on the wooden floorboards following the sounds of the door unlocking, you knew it would be Justin, and could tell it was him already since the sound of his voice calling you would echo through the hallways.

“Hey baby, whats-“ Justin began with a loud tone in his voice causing you to look over at him with a look of shock as you were trying to calm the baby for nap time. “Oh.. I forgot, I’m sorry” Justin lowered his voice as he covered his mouth with his hands.

Approaching you sat down on the sofa with the baby rocking between your two arms, Justin smiled before sitting carefully down next to you.

“Hey” You whispered over the sounds of an electric lullaby toy your sister had brought here. She had told you it helps putting the baby to sleep and it really did, I mean although he was smiling and giggling, you could see his tiny eyes closing slowly. You found it cuter than anything, something so precious and innocent as this baby boy.

“You’re so good with him” Justin mentioned, still not knocking this smile off of his face. Seems like everyone in the room was smiling, even the baby and he didn’t have a clue what was going on, maybe the lullaby toy was a good bring.

“He’s adorable right?” You hummed, whilst glimpsing at Justin before focusing your eyes back on the baby.

“Yeah” Justin confirmed as he wrapped one of his arms around you and rested his head on your exposed shoulder. “One day baby” He added, showing an even wider smile this time making you to do the exact same. You guys looked exactly how you would if you actually had a family right now, which made Justin explode with questions and ideas already.

“What would we call our first baby?” He began “I hope it’s a little boy first, just like this! And what about the nursery, we could make it space themed and-“

“Justin!” You giggled gently not wanting to hype up the baby since it was getting pretty late, well for him at least “It’s a much harder job than you would think”

Looking down at the baby between your arms, you couldn’t take this damn smile off of your face and god, you didn’t even know what it was. Glimpsing again at Justin, you acknowledged his gaze at you, smiling.

“What?” You giggled again before tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Nothing” He chuckled whilst caressing his fingers softly over the baby’s light skin. “You’d just be an amazing mother in the future”

John Paul, you heartbreaker you...

Well McHay was beautiful while it lasted. I still feel like they’re in love with each other, but John Paul’s heart is being torn in two directions right now. And the way James broke down like that and told John Paul he loved him with all his heart… John Paul knew it would kill him if he told him the truth about him and Ste. And Ste looked so shattered when John Paul told him they need to stay friends and kissed him goodbye, my heart… But that secret will certainly come out and boy will there be carnage. This story isn’t over yet folks.

Savoring life

Gillovny RPF 
A big thank you to  @justholdinghandsok for beta reading for me.
 This is the first RPF that I’ve ever written, and I have the desire to share it. There still may be grammar mistakes, but they’ll be a result of my own carelessness. I hope you enjoy it. 

She was laying in his bed, after they’d made love this morning. Dressed only in his t-shirt, that she had tied at the end and a pair of leggings, she is beautiful, that’s his only thought, as he watched her from afar. An idea comes to him and he was a man on a mission now. 

She enjoyed the sunlight coming through his blinds, and the peacefulness that she felt when she’s with him. She heard him making noises around his apartment, but didn’t actually knew what he was doing, so she just closed her eyes and indulged in the moment. 

Moments later she felt the bed dip around her but didn’t open her eyes, yet. Then, she heard a shick and open her eyes to see him holding a Canon right in front of her face. 

“David, what are you doing?” she asked. 

 He didn’t answer her, though. He just straddle over her and look adorably at her face. 

“Beautiful,” he murmured. And started taking shots of her. She tried to hide, but it only turned into a wrestling game. And soon they were both laughing and somehow he was still taking pictures. 

Now they were just laying on their sides, looking in each other’s eyes. “I am happy,” he stated. 

“I am happy,” she said, too. She shot him a lopsided smile, “Why are you taking pictures, though?“ 

“You’re just so beautiful,” his voice was low and rough, and he said it while watching her with such awe.   

She leaned in and kissed his nose, his grin got bigger, if possible. She looked at him looking at her, and saw love and compassion in his eyes. 

“Are you getting sappy on me, Duchovny?” she teased. 

“I have a new guilty pleasure,” it’s like he just decided on it. “Taking pictures of you, for when I feel like my words aren’t enough.” he didn’t know what had gotten into him, he was just so happy, he felt as if his heart was going to burst. 

She loved this man so much, with every second that passed, a piece of her unwanted fear that he’s going to break her heart just vanished. 

‘Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.’ I read that somewhere,” he leaned close to her and took a snap of them, a picture of her placing a gentle kiss on his jaw while he has his eyes closed, savoring the moment.

closed starter for @dawntodvsk !!

It had been a few weeks since Sena had been living with someone – a complete stranger. She knew that she would think her inability to speak was strange and she had never known life outside her guardians and the apartment in Busan, so she kept her distance for a long while. But, she was still rather intrigued and actually wanted to communicate with her. In the middle of the night, she walked into the living room to find that her roommate had come home and was passed out on the couch. Don’t do it, Sena. She already probably thinks you’re weird enough. she thought, yet despite that, she found her feet taking quiet and hesitant steps towards the girl. She bent down in front of her. This was the first time she was able to observe anyone’s face so up close – and she was quite beautiful at that. Sena wondered what it would have been like to touch her, and her hand slowly reaches out to graze her fingertips upon her cheek. But, that’s when she sees the girl stir from the touch and she gasps as she pulls away.

inside the machine

And O my love, I still recall the pleasures that we knew;
The rivers and the waterfall, wherein I bathed with you.
Bewildered by your beauty there, I’d kneel to dry your feet.
By such instructions you prepare a man for Boogie Street.

So come, my friends, be not afraid. We are so lightly here.
It is in love that we are made; In love we disappear.
Tho’ all the maps of blood and flesh are posted on the door,
There’s no one who has told us yet what Boogie Street is for

her golden voice

hey guys

haha i think this is the longest fanfic i’ve ever written

it’s kinda waffly but i like it

hope you enjoy

I loved you as soon as I saw you. I loved you before I knew you.

You were beautiful – screaming and crying and kicking, but still beautiful. You already had a full head of hair – my hair. And my eyes. There wasn’t a speck of Davy in you. I loved you so much.

But I knew – I knew – that this wasn’t what he wanted. The greatest mage the world has ever seen hadn’t come to pass yet. It didn’t work.

I could see it in his eyes. The anger. The fury. The disappointment.

And in an instant, I knew – I knew – that he would never love our child. Our Simon.

But that didn’t matter.

All that meant was that I’d have to love you twice as much. And that wouldn’t be a problem.

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It’s very apparent that Taylor loathes the paparazzi. Over the past few weeks, it seems that she can’t catch a break from them. I also think it is important to remember that Taylor chose to go to LA to be closer to Calvin. Taylor knew that the paparazzi would come with that, yet she still made that decision. It speaks volumes about how strong her relationship is with Calvin. When you love someone, you are willing to put all that nonsense aside just to be with them because they make you so happy. It’s such a beautiful concept.



I remembered little of how it all happened, frankly I only remembered a light an intense pain coursing through my body and then all went black.
“Hey guys, I’m heading home.” I smiled lightly as I held up my car keys and watched the bunch still caught up in one of the most boring movies I had yet seen and was just ready to leave that behind. “Drive safe dude!” I smirked as I titled my head a bit. “Always.” And with those words I left off, jumping into my true love, my beautiful Impala 69 and drove off. My eyes fixed on the road whilst I sang along to Metallica with a huge smile until I frowned by seeing some lights coming my way, no longer able to go the other way, I knew I was doomed.
“Hello? Hey!” I yelled as I walked after some nurse. “Can you tell me what is going on?” I asked as I looked towards some other nurse with a frown. “Excuse me?” I tried again, but no one seemed to hear me. “Someone please?” Desperately I looked around for anyone to hear me, but no matter what I did no one seemed to hear me, so I walked back upstairs and swallowed the lump away in my throat by seeing my body laying in the bed. I touched it and frowned deeply as I suddenly heard someone else scream and ran towards it. A girl, my age desperately trying to get attention from the nurses too. “Hey! Hey, you hear me?”

and the sun asked her brother, moon

‘back in the days when you weren’t so terribly shy,
what was it that kept you from my loving embrace?’

yet the moon answered,

‘some beauty is better to behold from distance,
for it is too terrible to come close to’

and the moon knew his sister’s love,
a magnificent sight indeed,
and he stayed well away -

since even from such distance
it was still more than enough to eclipse him.

—  ines k