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“That day he didn’t want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left he wanted to be your father.”


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I thought my friend was gonna go down as an unsung hero, but here in New Marais, they knew what he had done for them. Who would have thought that “The Demond of Empire City”, would become the patriot saint of New Marais. Sometimes, I hear folks talking about Conduits and humans like they’re totally different. That’s bullshit. ‘Cause there ain’t no one with more humanity, than Cole MacGrath. I love you brother, and I’m sure gonna miss you.


he wasnt sure why he decided to find you. it wasnt a conscious decision, it was this… pull. you were all he could think about. dream about. and sure, when he dreamt of you everything around you would be fuzzy, because you were the main focus, but he didnt care. he knew it was something that had been real.

so he searched. and he found you.

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gosh, i made this sort of lame, just wanted to make one though <3


I’m for you and I know you’re there for me, give me a high five! x


Anon: OH OH!! What if you made a snap/text thing where you are talking to one of the guys in one of the tattoo or fashion au’s?? That would be so cool! Like you aren’t one of the characters but youre a close friend of namjoon or jungkook or something idk -au anon (I’m so sorry for always talking about these dang au’s)

My Fashion au! You can read it here! This took a while to do because i knew i wanted to do something special for it to sorta bring it to life and so i decided to make a snap gifset ^^’ Chances are im gonna do this for my other au’s too because this was really fun whoops

- Admin J

ourqueenfelinefatale  asked:

I was wondering if you knew where to find templates for gifsets and how to download and use them? I wanted to try new ways of making graphics in my spare time and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Apart from the ones I make myself, I get all of my templates from here, it’s honestly the best resource imo:

The great thing about gifset templates is that you don’t really have to download them to use them (at least I don’t), lemme explain. 

When I first started making gifsets, this was hands-down the best video I came across. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in knowing how to use templates for gifs in Photoshop. I’m a visual learner so I was happy to come across a step-by-step tutorial that explains everything really well.

There’s one thing that isn’t covered in the video though and I think it’s really important (assuming you’re using Photoshop):

  1. Colour your individual gif
  2. Before you copy it onto your template, click the small arrow with the lines on your timeline and select flatten frames into layers.

I cannot stress enough how important this stage is lol. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up with a horrendously coloured final product and I wish I had known that when I was starting out tbh.

Here’s part of a gifset I made a few months ago and the template (full one here) I used to achieve it. You can see the dimensions for each gif and the overall image size for the set is 245 x 300. 

Another way I like to use templates is so that the gifs are kinda “centred” like this:

All you have to do is crop the gif to the dimension you want (in this case 300 x 165) and then go to image - canvas size - select pixels from the dropdown box - and then change the width to 500 px and there you have it!

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions just let me know. :)


Theo flirted with you. Brett flirted with you. pretty much every guy with eyes liked to flirt with you. and that made Liam jealous. but he could usually control it.

he even learned how to control the anger when Brett flirted with  you.

but then Theo turned out to be bad and not only was Liam jealous because of the flirting but he was protective because he knew how dangerous Theo could be.

you were at a game, but you stepped away to make a call were it was quieter. Theo approached you, “hey Y/N. i need you for something.” 

“sorry i cant, im here for Liam.” you answered.

Theo reached out and took your hand, it was gentle but you knew he would not let go. Liam knew it too. and then he was running, coming to be your knight in shining armour.


gif credit (x) original gifset (x) thank you to this gif maker for letting me use their gifs! these gifs are wonderful! 

TMNT 2012 - Casey Jones

I did appreciation posts for each of the 2012 turtles. I guess it’s Casey’s turn. 

I wasn’t gonna do these for the other characters, but a few days ago I posted a gifset of Casey’s sweet moments from “Buried Secrets,” and wrote “You know Casey, you make it awfully hard for me to dislike you immensely when you act this way…”

I want to make it clear I don’t dislike Casey. Like I said, it’s very hard to dislike him. 

I’ll admit I did at first. Let me put it this way - if I knew a guy in real life who was that outgoing, bragged that much, had anger issues, and didn’t respect my personal space, we would not be friends. Our personalities just wouldn’t gel. I’d probably be afraid of him. BUT as a fictional character, there’s something endearing and even charming about this little booger. I guess my thoughts toward Casey could be summed up with April’s quote from the 1990 movie: “He might almost be cute if it wasn’t for that pigheadedness.” 

“Buried Secrets,” was a turning point for my opinion of this Casey. He was such a sweetie! It’s a good testament to the writers as far as character development goes. Kids grow up. Fictional teenagers should, too. Casey’s done a lot of growing up, even though he still has a ways to go. “Buried Secrets,” got me thinking about the side of Casey we don’t get to see much (here come the speculations and headcanons).

We know he has a little sister. I can totally picture him secretly being an expert on Disney Princesses (or the TMNT universe equivalent). 

It sounds like he has a very high opinion of his dad, too. I can just imagine his dad teaching him hockey as a little muffin. He did say he was practically born in the rink, so he must have been in skates as soon as he could stand. 

Maybe all that bragging he does is just to cover up insecurities. I mean what teenager doesn’t have those? But everyone deals with them in different ways. 

Even though he may represent normality to April, he’s also encouraged her to embrace the abnormal. “Who wants a normal life anyway, right?” He helped her reconnect with the turtles, which helped her character development, too. 

He filled the void Raph had in his life after loosing Spike, and I can’t help but think Casey’s also taken on the role of confidant for Raph. Maybe he sat up with Raph a lot of nights at the farmhouse watching over Leo. We don’t know, but I could totally see it. 

As cocky as he seems, he did have the humility to ask beg Donnie for help when it came to fixing up his car so he could beat the Speed Demon. (How much do you wanna bet he learned that face from his little sister?)

He and Mikey are a very dangerous but extremely adorable team. I bet the two of them goofed off a lot at the farmhouse to keep themselves distracted from their grief (seriously, there’s so much we don’t know about those three months while Leo was out). 

Even he and Leo seem to get along really well. They probably hang out more than we see. They may have even been roomies at the farmhouse (see previous post: ).

Even though the turtles wind up having to rescue him a lot, he saved their lives in “In Dreams.” And let’s not forget, he fought off a guy with a chainsaw using only a bat. 

So here’s to 2012′s Casey Jones - our favorite vigilante/delinquent. 


Abby Griffin in every episode | 1x01 Pilot

“ We always have a choice, Kane. You chose to press charges against my husband, your friend, even though you knew he would get floated for it. You chose to include my daughter in those charges, and now you’re choosing this. Hiding behind the law absolves you of nothing.”


anonymous asked - Chicago PD
#5 - most attractive?
Detective Jay Halstead

“You know, I’ve, I’ve seen dead bodies, and I’ve seen people shot in front of me. But uh I’ve never seen somebody take a bullet that was meant for me…”

anyway i think one of my favorite Small Things about im3 – and actually the entire iron man franchise – is the way tony casually kisses the back of the card he leaves maya hansen like. it’s such a private thing. it’s not like he thinks anyone’s looking. it’s not like it’s something maya will find out about when he’s not there. it’s not like it’s something that’s gonna make any level of a difference. it’s just SUCH A GENUINE LITTLE THING??? a “good luck” little thing and an “i hope you do well” little thing that’s so??????)? Good and Pure and nobody will ever know oh my god

Teen Wolf Writers Appreciation Network

So I’ve been wanting to start up a network for a while now, to give the writers in the Teen Wolf fandom the love they deserve. 

What I have in mind is a tag that anyone can use (and is encouraged to use), where people would tag their compliments, fic recs, and fic edits. We’d focus on making sure the authors knew how much we love them, (with a special emphasis on promoting/spreading the word about writers who aren’t yet “tumblr famous”)

I’m also throwing around the ideas of having special events? Such as awards, gifts, and maybe a weeklong extravaganza dedicated to writers.

The basics of the network would be:

  • Promoting authors and fics (especially newcomers and writers with a smaller fan base)
  • Edits for fics. Things like photosets, gifsets, playlists, art, whatever you want.
  • Bringing about a major increase in asks letting the writers know you enjoyed their fics and their writing!
  • Fun stuff like promos, awards, and gifts.
  • An overall encouragement in the appreciation of our writers.

Depending on the response, there will most likely be a few moderators chosen to help organize things. I’ll make a new post later on with the details and tag it #writersappreciationnw.

Right now what I need is for you guys to let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in, and any ideas you might have for the network. To make this happen we need people!


CS + Unrequited love

Dedicated to the lovely quote-owl

CS love is not an unrequited one. Thank goodness they both love each other and are among the lucky ones to get back the same love they feel in their hearts.

So for this word I decided to go with situations in which Hook feared that the huge love he felt in his heart would turn out to be unrequited one. I admire the fact that he never once lost hope though. He always continued to try and not giving up on her because he knew (thanks to his 300 years experience) that true love is something too rare to give up on.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full “CS + word” list made so far


What if you die, and I’m still here?

I always knew that I would lose you one day, but I am not ready to lose you now. You’re supposed to be here for my college graduation. We’re supposed to argue about flower arrangements for my wedding. We’re supposed to have  y e a r s  and  y e a r s  worth of birthday dinners and Christmases and whitewater rafting trips. I want all of that.

I think I’ll always  n e e d  you.

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@ all the anons in my inbox: dc vs marvel was fun 4 years ago. it was fun when marvel and dc fans could poke fun at each other without it being a big deal. but it’s not four years ago anymore. some fans have taken it over the line, critics and marvel actors themselves have made it into a bigger deal than it’s ever been before. it was fun when it was little jokes, the amalgam comics, the fans making jokes that neither side took seriously because everyone knew comics were shit no matter the company. but now we’re at a point where if a dc fan makes a gifset, then you can guarantee somebody will be commenting ‘dc sucks on your left’ on it at some point. it’s not fun anymore, it’s petty, tiring and unprofessional. and, yes. if dc tried it in the unsubtle ways that marvel are, i would call out dc as well. but for the most part, they’re minding their own business.