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Favorite Destiel Moment Part 1 ** Celebration Edition **

As promised, (with a day or three of delay) another favorite Destiel moment for your consideration and my amusement.

This is an official and delayed celebration for 200+ followers.

I really don’t understand how this happened. I’m Truly amazed and very grateful that you let me in on your dash to contribute to feed your Castiel, Dean and Destiel needs. Really thank you.

This should be a straight (no pun intended) gifset about a particular scene that I enjoyed in Supernatural of this two. But it turns out I will divide it in two parts, because this is too much to process in one post (even if this one is larger than life).

The first part as follow, is a regular “walk through" the scene, from my personal perspective (and a proof of how the whirlwind known as Destiel is messing with my sanity).
As usual, I want to comment about my re-discovery of this ship in this particular scene and how I enjoyed while making the edits.

The second part is a rediscovering of a constant internal debate that maybe everybody that ships Destiel can be caught into. (specially if you read smut) Inside our beloved ship, this issue has started numerous discussions and probably divided us when is time to choose between:

Bottom!Dean - Top!Cas
Top!Dean - Bottom !Cas

So, expect for tomorrow the second part of this brief scene, but with long implications that I couldn't avoid to cut in two parts. So those who are not interested in such sinful and impure implications, can only focus on this fluffy post.

Again, to whomever is reading this and decided to follow me, thank you very much.

Please Enjoy!

The Third Man
SPN 06X03

To remind you about this episode, Sam is soulless, and this is the scene of the return of Castiel to the series since Sam went to hell.
Because of this case involving biblical plagues, Dean makes the suggestion that they have to contact Castiel. Sam explains to Dean that he already try that a year ago since he returned from hell, but Cas didn’t answer any of his prayers. So Dean (I wonder why),is keen and more than eager to immediately pray and make contact with him.
So he starts the pray, like this:

Now I lay me down to Sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his featherly ass down here.

Because I can, and for demonstrative purposes, I intentionally Slowed the frames of Dean’s smirk when he thinks about and mention Castiel’s ass.
This was an important discovery for me, because it’s the first time I noticed this with my Destiel goggles.
But thinking back then,  the principal hint should had been: Why Dean will mention Castiel’s ass, as the first thing that he will like to get down?
So this time I tried to “observe” this scene as any other Supernatural fan will do, and just enjoy the episode without such goggles.
Flashing back to this first curious observation, maybe many bros use this language when they miss each other, and the solicitations of their bros’s ass, is a common and affectionate way, of saying I miss you bro.
Returning to Dean’s requests for Castiel’s ass prayer to ask for Castiel’s presence despite Sam´s disbelief. He took his time in this prayer asking for help to solve this case.

The detail of Dean praying will be the main focus of the second part, so here you have what happens after Dean prays.

Sam: Like I said, The son of a bitch doesn’t answer (sounds of wings as classical hint of Castiel’s arrival) He’s right behind me isn’t he?

Pay no attention to his idiot face we talk about it in the second part.

You have to admit, the face of Sam is priceless and the way he looks at Dean like accusing him of something. But Dean is cool, just answering with another smirk.

After Sam continues bitching about why Cas didn’t answer when he called him. Dean is like.

Sam: You like him better or something?
This is Cas while Sam ask this question

Yes, the frames are slowed where he casually lick his lips, like any bro will do if his brother ask him: What is so special about my bro being you bro for you?
Other thing to notice here is how Cas doesn’t make eye contact with Dean. Why should he? He know exactly how the eyes of his bro look like.
The follow is a milestone for Destiel. Oh yes, the profound bond scene.

But bro Dean is unimpressed and still cool. And bro Sam is like, wait what?

Then, Dean gives to Cas the speech about how Sam Took one for the team by going to hell (the only thing he can give to him, speeches ;)) , so he should come down and talk to him. This is Castiel while Dean is talking.

And the first eye contact combo with lips licking, as we know is as a common custom between bros. Then Sam insist with his interrogatory about how he returned from hell, and maybe because of this we can enjoy Sassy Castiel (edited to avoid conflicts with another ship).
First with the answer he gives to Sam:
- What part of I don’t know escapes your understanding?
And then maybe because Dean, very well assured about the Profound Bond he is like.

Yes, another mention of his ass, and watch the look Cas gives to Dean, when he listens to the orders by the other extreme of his profound bond. So Dean keeps pulling the bond to his end.

And then Sassy Castiel appears quickly to clarify he don’t take no orders from his bro, no matter how profound is their bond.

I would say this is the first newlyweds fight scene of the season.
Here we can see how two bros have a mature conversation about important and relevant stuff.

So you can see here how Dean´s heart is broken by his husband bro, because he pulled the strings of the profound bond too tight for Cas´s comfort.

Here is his face in detail because I like how Cas put him on his place.

And that is the first part of this Favorite Destiel Moment, that had everything I enjoy about this two bros. Obviously in the second part I would explore the profound bond and try to give some comfort to those who sail our ship, and prefer that the wind blows in direction of Bottom!Dean (no pun intended ) 

Again, and again thanks to all my followers for read this and feel free to send me your suggestions so we can dissect another precious interaction of this bros that are killing me softly every time this exchanges occur. 



Strawberry Ice Cream On A Winter Day

For @forfutureglory - miss you, bean 😘

The front door closed with a foreboding sharpness. Steve winced, lacing his fingers together. Holly grinned up at him. “So what are we gonna do, Stevie?”

It was a Saturday. A perfectly good Saturday, which he could have spent with Nancy and Jon—maybe down by the quarry or in his house, watching movies and eating too much popcorn. But what was better than quality time with Holly Wheeler?

Nothing, surely. He’d been honoured to accept the offer of babysitting. Karen and Ted Wheeler were working on their marriage, according to Nance; a weekly date had been ordered as some sort of mandatory counselling homework. Steve hated the idea of turning spending time with a person into work—you should just want to be around them, drawn together by crazy cosmic forces, or just dumb luck; happening to stumble upon one another and realise that their presence was the most perfect thing.

Steve hummed, tapping his toe and chin. “I suppose… make a gigantic fort and stuff our faces with ice cream.”

Holly squealed, clinging to his leg. “You’re my best friend!”

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5 strategies Bond uses to try to get an exploding pen out of Q and 1 time he doesn’t have to try  

(Also on AO3


1. Bedroom eyes:

“Off you fuck, go lay someone who doesn’t have more important things to do,” Q says cheerfully.

Bond leaves Q Branch empty-handed.

2. Bribery:

“The answer is still no,” Q says, breaking the gourmet chocolate bar in half. He hands one half to Bond and takes an enormous bite out of the other half. “Mmmmm. Feel free to keep trying, though,” he says.

There’s already a chocolate smudge at the corner of Q’s mouth, and for a moment Bond forgets the pen in favor of fantasizing about interesting ways to clean Q up.

(Q’s answer is the same for the stolen German prototype and the miraculously-returned-in-one-piece Walther. In the latter case, Q takes the time to press a ‘Good job’ sticker onto one of Bond’s hideously expensive lapels and sends him an e-ticket to a Bon Jovi concert.

It’s the first concert Bond has been to in years that isn’t work-related, and it’s brilliant.)  

3. Annoyance:

“For the thousandth time, no, 007,” Q says. “I will not make you an exploding car, pen, boat, shoe, tie, or tube of toothpaste. At this rate, however, I may well be tempted into designing an exploding condom just to see if you try to use it.”

Bond begins, “I had no idea you would be so interested in what I do with my–”

“–with your only exploding device?” Q interrupts dryly. “Metaphorically speaking, that is. Literally, you don’t have any.”

“Yet,” Bond says. “I don’t have any yet.”

Q doesn’t kick him out, so Bond sticks around, gossiping with the other boffins, observing Q, and mourning the fact that the C4 is kept in a room with special “No 00s Allowed” security measures.

He’s been hanging around Q Branch a lot, lately. The annoyance strategy requires frequent contact in order to wear down the target’s endurance, after all.

In the early days he had toyed with the idea of tricking one of Q’s staff into retrieving something from the armory for him, but most of them had demonstrated commendable loyalty and a surprising amount of spine when it came time to turn him down. He had exactly one taker, a lonely technician named Tom Watts who’d only wanted a nice date and a good fuck for his troubles, and somehow Bond’s feet had taken him to Q’s office shortly after that conversation, to report this potential breach in security.

He doesn’t only want an exploding pen, it seems. He wants Q to be the one to give it to him.

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Have I mentioned my Beanstalk romance and sexuality headcanons because boy do I have a lot of them. I would apologize for my reprehensible shipping, but I’m not sorry. I’m a little sorry I’m not sorry though, so there’s that.

Jack is bi. Jack is really really bi. Since he grew up with a huge family surrounded by relationships and crushes in every gender combination, Jack tends to just forget that straight is a thing people can be unless he’s explicitly reminded. This makes him terrible to try to confide in about your unrequited crush. He’s very casual about touching if he doesn’t get ‘please back off’ signals, and is not great at recognizing where most people draw the line between platonic and romantic touching. He’s probably left a string of crushes behind him because he didn’t watch where he aimed his carefree grin and really good hugs. (Jack gives fantastic hugs and you can’t tell me otherwise. He’s big and warm and he wraps his arms all the way around you and maybe lifts you up some, and holds you for as long as you want without making it awkward.) Jack had a really big puppy crush on Liam for a while after he arrived, but it faded quickly because 1. Liam did nothing to encourage it and 2. Bea. Jack falls in loyalty much easier than he falls in love.

George is mostly interested in girls but largely uninterested in romance. When she thinks about settling down it’s in a single apartment near a university with books and maybe a cat, and does not necessarily include a significant other although if someone brought it up she’d agree that it probably sounds nice. She had a little on and off thing with May when they crossed paths but it never progressed beyond kissing, and they both knew it couldn’t really be serious or sustainable. Everyone joked that she and Jack were a couple but they never saw each other romantically.  They love each other, but it’s loyal, die for you, slightly too co-dependent, shieldbrother love, not romantic love. Not that the two of them (and the three of them when they still had Liam) didn’t have some intense platonic cuddlepiles though. It gets cold in the mountains and George simply does not care enough to lose at no romo chicken.

Laney is demi, and was always quietly resistant to the idea of romance. She wasn’t going to go into a diplomatic arranged marriage, and she definitely wasn’t going to waste her time slobbering all over one of her peers. She has trouble relating to other people’s relationships or seeing the attraction in them. She doesn’t have any interest in touching or kissing anyone, unless she knows them very well and is starting to fall for them. The quickest way to completely lose her interest forever is to try to impress her by out-competing her, and she will shoot someone down hard and fast for it. She falls in love slowly and reluctantly, and she doesn’t quite trust the process. It takes her a while to accept it. She doesn’t want to be dramatically wooed or pursued, but she does want the object of her affections to court her and show her they care. Winning Laney’s heart is all about having her back and noticing the small things.

Rupert is bi-romantic ace, and he loves traditional, old-fashioned romance. He’s not one for big, extravagant gestures, but he’s the sort to come home with a bouquet of roses to make them happy, who never forgets anniversaries or their favorite food, who tucks a note and a snack into their pocket where they’ll find it later in the day just when they need it. He has some issues about being touched (which get especially strong post Remember the Dust) and needs partners who are patient and very respectful of his boundaries. He dated a few schoolmates, but they were always casual relationships, without a passionate spark like he secretly hoped for. His shortest relationship was with a boyfriend who didn’t respect his comfort zone about touching and sex, so Rupert ended it. He’s very conscious of what makes a healthy relationship and red flags, and he gives excellent relationship advice.

Grey is aromantic asexual. He caught a mention of it in a book, realized it was relevant, then hunted up the definitive books on the subject of sexuality, read them cover to cover, and quietly concluded that this was what applied to him. Once he had it safely labelled and defined, he got on with the rest of his reading. It’s important to be precise and categorize things properly. If Grey was ever the subject of a quiet crush from a fellow sage, they never confessed, which is good because Grey would have turned them down so bluntly and summarily that it would have been rude, and then he wouldn’t have understood why they started tearing up because he was just being informative. (He would have felt bad though.)

Post Remember the Dust, all four of them live together and they are A Thing. Is it a romantic thing? Is it a platonic thing? Is it a currently platonic but possibly moving towards romantic thing? No one is entirely sure. They’re certainly not, but what is certain is that the four of them are going to spend the rest of their lives together. (I’m not certain either frankly, I am equally happy with either them being poly for each other and Grey is there too because they are his regardless of his romantic disinterest, or being platonic.)

And some bonus reprehensible trash because being a homestuck means never not being able to ruin everything you touch with quadrants:

Jack<>George: Jack and George were moirails. They were textbook moirails, they were the the platonic ideal of moirails. All the places where one fit into the other, where one compensated for the other without thinking, all those co-dependent, fight with you, kill for you, foxhole bond, breathe in sync feelings are the moirailegiance stories are made of. And then, Jack left.

Jack<>Grey: Oops kiddo, you spilled your protective instincts all over the place, now look what you’ve done

Jack<3<The Seeress: Imagine that scene from Mulan where the guard lights the signal pyre, except instead of a pyre it’s a big pile of garbage and instead of a guard it’s me. Now all of China knows I have reprehensible ships. (You will pry this hideous hatemance out of my cold dead hands.)

anyway who wants to scream with me about that scene with leia and kr from the trailer and how she can definitely feel him coming and how he’s trembling at the thought of killing her and hesitates and how he’ll never take that shot because he loves his mother more than anything 

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my studyblr intro: the sequel

if you thought there was a part one to this you were horribly mistaken. 

here are a few things about me. 


- my name is mac. i’d tell you my real name, but then i’d have to kill you. james bond style. (i’ve never seen any 007 films.) she/her

- i am fifteen years old, soon to be sixteen on the first full moon of october. there will be a celebration commemorating my transition from eagle scout to blood scout. (yes that was a Welcome to Night Vale reference. All Hail the Mighty Glow Cloud.) i will be a sophomore in high school. 

- i was born on a cold day, in a remote cabin in the woods in the middle of the Alaskan tundra. i now live in washington state. i have also lived in hawaii. 

- i am a libra, ravenclaw, and an intermediate practitioner of Cthulhu summoning

- my motivations are: the constant internal screaming that echoes in my mind, my inner monologue, and the knowledge that if i do not have a good education i will be stuck on the streets of detroit, shooting up heroin and sleeping under a bridge while the onlookers whisper about me while i pretend to sleep. (also my persistent belief that knowledge is the key to overcoming fear, irrational hatred, and prejudice.)

- i have v messy handwriting. it’s kinda pretty, but illegible. cursive is an elusive creature these days. 

- it’s physically hurting me to write with such bad grammar HAHAHAHA 

- i like writing and drawing. and reading. and swimming. and pondering my inevitable demise.


i am one of the few members of the human species that actually enjoys school. i freakin love learning things, even insignificant facts that will never help me in any way at all. this craving to know more had driven me for a long time, and now it has shifted into something a little more fear-based. my motivations are quite telling of that. fear and spite may not be the best candidates, but they work. and yet, i want to shift it into something a little more positive, i want to rediscover that love for learning that i had when i was younger, and i want to do that while surrounded by people with a similar goal. 

also i procrastinate and i want so break that habit so h a. 

anyway, here a few blogs that I like and look up to.:

@studyign @studyquill @obsidianstudy @studydiaryofamedstudent @studypetal @apricot-studies @studywithinspo @milkteastudies @grangergrades

okay if you seriously read through all of my rambling you deserve a round of applause.

I love your Bondlock fics! But I was wondering if you could write a story where instead of Q being the youngest Holmes he was Irene’s little brother? Irene shows up at MI6 because she needs something for Sherlock and to tease Q about his crush on 007 – anon

Hope you enjoy!!! Jen.

“CCTV,” Irene was purring, while Q glared daggers at her. “You must keep an eye on it, surely?”

“Oddly, I don’t keep tabs on everybody who’s shown a passing interest in you.”

Irene raised an eyebrow. Q let out a vaguely annoyed moaning sound. “Fine. Give me a couple of hours to collate it. Anything you’re particularly after?”

“Anything you have, baby brother.”

Somebody knocked on Q’s door. “Come in,” he yelled at the top of his lungs – the door was more or less soundproof – and James Bond walked in.

There was an amazing moment where Irene and Bond just looked at one another. Staring. Both as shocked as each other. Q watched them watching each other. “… yes?”


Q debated bashing his head against his desk. “You know each other?”

“I always remember the ones I missed,” Irene smiled, extending a hand; ever the gentleman, he kissed the top of her hand lightly, giving a nod of respect. “A pleasure to see you again, Mr Bond.”

“Hang on, you haven’t slept together?!”

Both of them turned to him with a look of confusion. “Why would we have done?”

Q blinked. “You’re the most hypersexual beings I’ve ever known,” Q spluttered. “If you two were in the same room as each other, I’d be bloody shocked if you didn’t end up sleeping together.”

“I’ll elect not to be insulted by that,” Bond commented drily. “But as it happens: we both had different marks for the evening. I ended up with a beautiful woman called Beatrice.”

“And I borrowed the Norwegian ambassador,” Irene completed happily.

Q still wanted to bash his head against the desk. Dear lord. “You’re incorrigible, the pair of you. By the way: Irene, this is my boyfriend. Bond, this is my sister.”

“Your sister?!”

“Your boyfriend?” Irene grinned, looked absolutely delighted. “You have a boyfriend? You have James Bond as a boyfriend?”

“Ever the tone of surprise,” Q griped. “And stop gaping, James.”

Bond seemed to recollect himself. “I didn’t realise you had a sister.”

“No, you didn’t realise I had her as a sibling. I can forgive you for that.”

“Your sister is a dominatrix.”

“I noticed.”

Irene’s grin became a little wickeder. “I’m sure Q could do an excellent job as a dominator if he tried…”

“I’m going to kill you, Irene.”

Bond was trying not to laugh, and failing miserably. “What do you think, Q?”

“I’m going to kill you too, James.”

This was a nightmare. This was Q’s nightmare. Personal nightmare.

“Irene, bugger off, I’ll have the footage for this afternoon. Bond, you’d better stay here so I can yell at you.”

Bond was still smirking. “Absolutely, my dear Quartermaster.”

“Good catch, Bond,” Irene smiled. “Hurt my brother, and I’ll destroy you.”

Gratifyingly enough, Bond looked rather nervous; Irene’s reputation preceded her, after all. “A pleasure to see you again, Miss Adler.”

“And you. Look after yourself, baby brother.”

Don’t call me that!”

Bond was still laughing as the door closed behind her, leaving him alone with Q’s wrath.

Cards Against Humanity starters

Send one for my muse’s reaction to your muse saying that phrase.  Make sure to fill in the blank spot(s) before sending it with whatever you think would be best to put there!

  • Major League Baseball has banned _____ for giving players an unfair advantage.
  • In M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, Bruce Willis discovers that _____ had really been _____ all along.
  • This is the way the world ends \ This is the way the world ends \ Not with a bang but with _____.
  • After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought _____to the people of Haiti.
  • Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s _____.
  • _____: Good to the last drop.
  • _____? There’s an app for that.
  • I learned the hard way that you can’t cheer up a grieving friend with _____.
  • Due to a PR fiasco, Walmart no longer offers _____.
  • MTV’s new reality show features eight washed-up celebrities living with _____.
  • The socialist governments of Scandinavia have declared that access to _____ is abasic human right.
  • During sex, I like to think about _____.
  • White people like _____.
  • When I am President of the United States, I will create the Department of _____.
  • Alternative medicine is now embracing the curative powers of _____.
  • The U.S. has begun airdropping _____ to the children of Afghanistan.
  • This season on Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls must survive in the depths of the Amazon with only _____ and his wits.
  • I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with _____.
  • The class field trip was completely ruined by _____.
  • Lifetime presents _____, the story of _____.
  • In its new tourism campaign, Detroit proudly proclaims that it has finally eliminated _____.
  • When I’m in prison, I’ll have _____ smuggled in.
  • In his new summer comedy, Rob Schneider is _____ trapped in the body of _____.
  • Dear Abby, I’m having some trouble with _____ and would like your advice.
  • When I was tripping on acid, _____ turned into _____.
  • The CIA now interrogates enemy agents by repeatedly subjecting them to _____.
  • I never truly understood _____ until I encountered _____.
  • And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for _____.
  • Studies show that lab rats navigate mazes 50% faster after being exposed to _____.
  • When all else fails, I can always masturbate to _____.
  • Science will never explain the origin of _____.
  • _____. High five, bro.
  • When Pharaoh remained unmoved, Moses called down a Plague of _____.
  • Next on ESPN2: The World Series of _____.
  • During Picasso’s often-overlooked Brown Period, he produced hundreds of paintings of _____.
  • In 1,000 years, whenpaper money is but a distant memory, _____ will be our currency.
  • In a world ravaged by _____, our only solace is _____.
  • _____. Betcha can’t have just one!
  • I wish I hadn’t lost the instruction manual for _____.
  • I’m sorry, Professor,but I couldn’t complete my homework because of _____.
  • But before I kill you, Mr. Bond, I must show you _____.
  • I drink to forget _____.
  • While the United States raced the Soviet Union to the moon, the Mexican government funneled millions of pesos into research on _____.
  • Life for American Indians was forever changed when the White Man introduced them to _____.
  • When I am a billionaire, I shall erect a 50-foot statue to commemorate _____.
  • I got 99 problems but _____ ain’t one.
  • _____. It’s a trap!
  • Anthropologists have recently discovered a primitive tribe that worships _____.
  • In L.A. County Jail, word is you can trade 200 cigarettes for _____.
  • In Michael Jackson’s final moments, he thought about _____.
  • In the distant future, historians will agree that _____ marked the beginning of America’s decline.
  • Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin’s favorite dish is _____ stuffed with _____.
  • In Rome, there are whisperings that theVatican has a secretroom devoted to _____.
  • Next from J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of _____.
  • That’s right, I killed _____. How, you ask? _____.
  • _____ is a slippery slope that leads to _____.
  • _____: Kid-tested, mother-approved.
  • He who controls _____ controls the world.
  • Sorry everyone, I just _____.
  • After Hurricane Katrina, Sean Penn brought _____ to the people of New Orleans.
  • Coming to Broadway this season, _____: The Musical.
  • In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of _____.
  • For my next trick, I will pull _____ out of _____.
  • In the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Hannah Montana struggles with _____ for the first time.
  • TSA guidelines now prohibit _____ on airplanes.
  • Life was difficult for cavemen before _____.
  • In an attempt to reach a wider audience, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has opened an interactive exhibit on _____.
  • And the Academy Award for _____ goes to _____.

Ok I gotta talk about these highlighted sections here. Because I’ve got questions.

How does Mor know when Azriel will arrive? She’s there when he arrives. Every time. Az is the freaking spymaster, he’s sneaky and secretive as hell, but Mor knows when he’s going to return. And unless she’s getting Cassian to fly her up there she’s walking up those however many ridiculously numbered steps to meet him. That takes effort and planning. UNLESS SHE’S USING HER IMMENSE POWER THAT WE KNOW ALMOST NOTHING TO GET UP THERE INSTEAD!

Yet she’s there and she waiting!

AND WHAT GOES ON AT THE HOUSE!? What is IT!? These are things I need to know. And look at them. Mor is the only one to get Azriel to take a break… these two are really killing me.

anonymous asked:

How about a Fushimi + strain power scenario since those are fun! he gets hit by a strain that makes him flirty with everyone he runs into. Reactions from s4 + hmr?

Hilarity ensues, probably. Say Fushimi’s chasing the Strain with some of the alphabet boys when he gets hit with its power. Everyone’s worried and Akiyama crouches down next to him to see if he’s all right and suddenly Fushimi’s smiling sensually and leaning really close next to him and whispering in his ear while Akiyama stutters and tries to figure out what the heck is happening. The funny part would be if the power doesn’t just make him like casually flirty it makes him whatever Fushimi’s idea of flirting would be, so what he ends up whispering in sultry tones is something like “You know, I hate you the least out of all my subordinates.” And that’s how he is with all of them, like he tells Hidaka “Sometimes I almost kind of like you” and even to Doumyoji he’s like “Every now and then I find your stupid brainless smile endearing.” If he wasn’t climbing all over them and getting a little handsy no one would realize he was being flirty at all. Taking him back to headquarters is an adventure because he keeps casually leaning against each of them in turn and giving romantic one liners like “You’re really not as stupid as I thought you would be.” (That Fushimi, such a sweet talker.) Once they get him back, as soon as he’s sees Munakata Fushimi’s all right up next to him and holding his hands while telling Munakata how Fushimi totally looks up to him when he doesn’t feel like punching him. The alphabet squad is frantically trying to explain while Munakata’s just curious why Fushimi is being so honest and friendly all of a sudden, because in Munakata-land getting all up in someone’s personal space is just how you communicate friendliness and a sincere interest in another person’s well being. That Fushimi is flirting with him never crosses his mind, everyone decides it’s probably best not to tell him.

Later Fushimi escapes HQ and runs into Yata, of course, and is immediately super clingy, purring into Yata’s ear how much he missed Yata and how Yata almost doesn’t look like a total hoodlum virgin today. Yata is torn between being confused that Fushimi’s suddenly so friendly and freaking out because did you just bite my earlobe what the fuck. But after that bit of clinging Fushimi starts acting almost the same as he used to when they were friends, just maybe touching Yata a little more often than usual, playing with Yata’s fingers and running hands through Yata’s hair, the whole thing, and Yata starts to feel a little more at ease even though he’s still way confused. Eventually S4 comes to pick Fushimi up and on the one hand Yata’s now less confused about Fushimi’s behavior but on the other he can’t help but notice how much the way Fushimi talked with him and relaxed with him echoes the way Fushimi was when they were friends and if this is Fushimi’s idea of flirting was there something Yata was missing before.

“I wouldn’t get anywhere near me right now, i’m a walking time bomb.” to find out you could kill your bond partner, or they could kill you, if they get themselves killed, or you get yourself killed, it wasn’t easy. Not for someone like Sebastian anyway. How could the Clave be so stupid, and not see this? Give them a warning, not start this shitshow whatsoever? Anything.

Second Chances -- Part 1

A/N: I’ve been talking about this for a while, but it’s been hard to finish given all of the asks and drafts I needed to get through.

My plans for this fic aren’t settled, but I intend to continue this for quite some time (I have quite a few ideas for where to take it that I’m looking forward to working on).  For now, though, I’m just going to post the first section to give you all a taste for what’s to come.

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Packing for a Mission

If there were something James Bond hated about missions, it was packing. Particularly when it concerned longer ones with no fixed number of days spent abroad. He never knew how many pairs of socks or how many clean, white shirts he was supposed to take. The last time, he had three shirts and two suits for four days, but they were unnecessary, since it all went smoothly and without spilling to much blood, but it was very wet in the tropical rainforest, thus he would have had needed six pairs of socks at least and the same number of shoes.

Speaking of shoes, was he to take polished black oxfords or matte brown leather ones? Or sandals, since he goes to the Canaries and it is August? Because he hated walking about on the beach in his favourite, expensive shoes and he definitely planned on going to the sea and have a swim.  

It was like this every time. He stood in his bedroom with a still empty holdall on the floor and piles of clothes sprawled on the bed. Shirts, jackets, trousers; also some more casual jeans and t-shirts. Should he take the black, warmer suit? But what if it’s only going to be hot for the entire time? Then he would take the white one, with a navy blue stripe on the lapels. Then again, what if it’s going to rain? Bond couldn’t refrain from sighing and scratching the back of his neck thoughtfully.

He might call for advice, just this once. And for weather forecast. Bond took his mobile out of his tracksuits’ right pocket and pressed number one on speed dial. He waited for the man on the other side to pick up and when he heard a slightly tired ‘Yes, Bond?’ he said, “Q, could you search weather forecast for next five days on Canary Islands?”

“Why do you want that from me, don’t you have your own computer?” the Quartermaster replied wearily and with a hint of annoyance in the tone of his voice, yet Bond could hear typing already. He knew he still was at work, because Q was a workaholic and when there was no one (read Bond or Moneypenny) to drag him home by force, he would very well sleep there on the sofa every night.  

He didn’t want to say ‘I’m just too lazy to plug it in and turn it on’, so he rather said nothing and asked the intended question, “I can’t decide whether to take a black suit or a white one. And how many pairs of socks should I take for five-days-long mission? I took three the last time and that wasn’t a sufficient amount and what I hate even more than lack of underwear is having to wash it on my own. On the other hand, I hate when I have superfluous garments too, you know that.”

He must have been truly hopeless when he called his Quartermaster for advice in the middle of the night, asking him questions about socks. Moreover, he was blathering. That did not happen very often. Never, you could say.

“A very trustworthy source says 28-30 degrees on average, so if I were you, I would take the white one with blue stripe that I love so much on you. And taking few spare pairs of socks won’t kill you, Bond. I’m afraid I can’t offer any more help on this matter. Is that all? I’ve got work to do if you excuse me.”

Bond couldn’t believe his ears; did Q just openly say I would take the white one with blue stripe that I love so much on you? They flirted and bantered all the time, but he would never think Q could mean it. Well, he hoped, because he certainly found something about Q endearing and charming and he… was fond of him, sort of.

Alright, that was one dilemma sorted, but he still did not know which swimwear to take. He needed Q to not ring off yet, so he quickly blurted out, “No, it’s not all, I need you to assess which trunks should I take. Do you love the light-blue ones too or should I take Bermudas?” Bond would slap himself for what he said, as if he lost all of his usual wit and talked like a bloody teenager. But he couldn’t take that back now.

“Oh, for god’s sake, did I say that?” Q uttered, ashamed. “I really must be tired. Anyway, take the blue ones; I… upgraded them a while ago. Don’t tighten them too much, it might strangle your internal organs if you know what I mean.”

Bond tried very hard not to imagine Q imagining him in the trunks or thinking where did the Quartermaster get to them in the first place. But an ‘upgrade’, as he said, could come in handy.

“Speaking of upgrades, stop by in Q-Branch tomorrow before you go, I have something for you. You’ll like it, although it’s not exactly an exploding pen. Special swimming goggles, you know.”

“I am looking forward to that, Q. Anyway, I think I know the answer for the shoes matter as well now,” he smirked and walked to the place on the floor where five pairs of shoes lay. “Thank you, Q,” he added and rang off. Bond took a pair of the brown ones, because he imagined Q approving of those better. He also decided to add the sandals, just in case.

Bond packed the white suit, four shirts, a pair of black jeans, a navy-blue polo shirt, light-blue swim briefs (with something as a string in the waistband, he figured) six pairs of dark socks and the same number of underpants. Now he only needed to take other necessities and of course his gun.

James Bond was sometimes worse than a woman when it came to packing a bag.