you kill me in a god way

  • horrifying monster: *crawls into my window and reaches for me*
  • me: fucking finally, thank god
  • horrifying monster: wow way to just suck the fun out of killing people and eating their bone marrow
  • me: can we at least make out a little
  • horrifying monster: you're fucking sick
the signs as things Junko Enoshima has said in the FUNimation dub of DR3
  • aries: oh my god you're so squishy!
  • taurus: Kamukura Kamukura yas queen!
  • gemini: now to watch the butthurt blossom.
  • cancer: boy I'm a hooker for innuendo at innappropriate times!
  • leo: get over yourself, slut. we're dead.
  • virgo: SAY YOU LOVE ME!
  • libra: if I were a gigantic weeb I'd probably be impressed by you.
  • scorpio: come on, pumpkin pie.
  • sagittarius: yeah? well snub-nosed flat-chested perverts only good for killing folk rub me the wrong way so there!
  • capricorn: haha! today, party people, I give you the death of Hope's Peak High!
  • aquarius: he's gonna burst a blood vessel because I insulted his waifus!
  • pisces: ha! dirty girl! go you!
  • <p> <b></b> "How did you two meet?"<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Dean stabbed me.”<p/><b></b> "What has been your worst fight?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Probably when Cas became God and killed a whole bunch of folk…and then I tried to have Death gank him…Not our finest hour.”<p/><b></b> "When did you realize you were in love with each other?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “I guess it started when Cas betrayed Heaven for me. I began to realize something was off with the way I grieved after the whole Leviathan thing, but I think I accepted it in Purgatory. I was going to tell him once we made it home, but…”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “I have always loved Dean, I just didn’t know how to recognize the emotion for what it was. Once I became human, though, it was harder to ignore.”<p/><b></b> "Who initiated the first kiss?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “I-well, he-“<p/><b>Cas:</b> “We were on a hunt, Dean had been knocked out. I thought he required resuscitation, but in the last moment he opened his eyes and we stared at each other… I don’t know who moved first.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “It was mutual, I think.”<p/><b></b> "Who was the first to say ‘I love you’?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Oh, we haven’t, uh-“<p/><b>Cas:</b> “The depth of our feelings for each other cannot be adequately expressed through such a simple phrase.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Right. Actions speak louder.”<p/><b></b> "Who is the little spoon?"<p/><b>Cas:</b> “We are not cutlery of any size.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “No, as in- never mind. I am, okay? But just because Castiel’s wings can wrap around the both of us.”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Oh, you are referring to our intimate hugs. I enjoy those.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Shut up, Cas.”<p/><b></b> "Who proposed?"<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Dean did. He was very romantic.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Dude, I’ve got a reputation to uphold.”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Of course. Dean did not take me on a walk through a beautiful flower garden filled with bees, nor did he serenade me with his guitar at a fountain. He did not make a picnic lunch with naturally sourced ingredients. He certainly did not give a very beautiful speech when he went down on one knee, and he did not choose perfect matching rings.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> *links their hands together so both rings are showing* “You’re still not very good at this whole lying thing.”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “That’s okay. I already have what I want."

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okay but like;;; what do malec call their goldfish

you tell me….
• clary (“get it? cause her hair’s the same color as the fish” “yeah i think we all got it alec”)
• bubble-o-seven (“no, simon” “c'mon, his real name could be james pond” “absolutely not”)
• goldilocks the third (“what happened to the first two?” “nothing, it just sounds fancy”)
• sushi (“that’s not funny. or should i say… finny” “oh my god”)
• leonardo da FINci (“terrible” “leonardo da fishy?” “worse”)
• raphael santiagoldfish (“swimtiago” “he’ll kill us either way”)

RP starters: Injured/death
  • “Hey, you’re bleeding!”
  • “Can you move?”
  • “You will be fine, I promise..”
  • “Don’t you dare to leave me. Not now.”
  • “We can get you fixed in no time.”
  • “Please get up.”
  • “I refuse to believe it will all end like this!”
  • “You won’t die, not on my watch!”
  • “Ouch.. that must hurt “
  • “Shit, wait.. I’ll patch you up.”
  • “What were you thinking?! You could’ve killed yourself!”
  • “I came too late..”
  • “You should’ve told me earlier.. I could’ve helped you!”
  • “I swear to god if you die on our way back I’ll kill you.”
  • “It’s nothing, just a scratch.”
  • “Look, no need to fuss over me. I’m fine!”
  • “Well, you see.. It’s a really long story. Will you help me or not?”
  • “I can’t make it.”
  • “I am dying. There is nothing you can do about it.”
  • “It’s not your fault, okay?”
  • “It just hurts… hurts so goddamn much.”
  • “Are you going to let me suffer more?”
  • “There is no happy ending to this.”
  • “I have been through worse…”
  • “I’m not going to lie, this is not how I planned this would go down.”
  • “They came out of nowhere.. I couldn’t react in time.”
  • “How bad does it look?”
  • “I knew this day would come.. sooner or later.”

so I hope I’m not alone in saying this but

reading The Lord of the Rings again post-Silmarillion is so incredibly bizarre? Like, specifically: nobody dies. Okay, some people die. And die in really painful feelsy noble ways. But - and here’s the Interesting Part - people succeed. Pippin doesn’t die killing that troll. Gimli and Eomer aren’t killed in the Battle of the Hornburg. I’ve read LotR enough to quote it and I’m still reading it going “I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS IS THE NIRNAETH ROUND TWO I WILL KILL YOU.” Reading LotR in comparison to the rest of Tolkien’s works is… jarring. No curses, no terrible fates, some people die but there are no Fingolfins or Finrods

also there’s one scene in particular that never made me cry before that leaves me a sobbing mess now, and it’s when we find out that Celebrimbor, of all people, marked the Doors that he made with Narvi with the Star of his House.

you know what? i want jake and amy to kiss just once in a casual way. like one of them does something cute and the other goes all heart eyes and just kiss them on the cheek/nose/forehead/lips, whatever. we’ve seen their kisses being driven by the first “i love you” and the reunion after 6 months and a dangerous situation and now i want casual kisses! give me casual kisses!!!


“Jim! Jim!!! You know the guy who had a crush on you?!”
“No guy had a crush on me, Barbara, and please don’t call-”

“Victor! Victor!!!”
“Butch? You do know I’m supposed to kill you, right?”
“…this means you’re not going to kill me, right?”
“Ahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah! Oh, Butch, you’re so funny.”


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Summary: The Red String of Fate exists, and like only someone people in the world, you have the rare ability to see them- to change them.

Genre: Soulmates!Jungkook + angst-ish, (im sorry)

Word count: 7.5k

A/N : Hello! So this my attempt at a Soulmates!AU kill me now. This took me ages but now that this is out of the way, I can go back to writing Part IV of Neighbours! I hope you enjoy! I might do a Part II of this if people would like!

Part II

You had never believed in God.

You had never believed in the people that clasped their hands and fingers together in intercession or supplication prayers to the benevolent man who lived amongst the stars and rose with the sunrise and pulled the pomegranate pink and orange glows of a sunset at the wake of every horizon.

You didn’t believe in the man who smiled in the spectrum of rainbows to waterfalls and auroras and stormed in hurricanes and devastation when he raged. You didn’t believe in anything or second any thoughts to anyone else other than fate.

You had come to believe so religiously and so profoundly in destiny solely because you were sure that God simply could not be so cruel to grant you the life you had. You believed in fate because it hated you, spited you and things that caused hate existed far better than the things that didn’t.

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Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: a photo I found that says “I was atheist until I realized I am God.” and the picture just inspired me completely.

Prompt: You have been taken by an unsub who believes he is God. Reid and the rest of the team burst into the unsub’s apartment just in time to stop him from killing you and turning you into one of his ‘angels’

Warnings: a little bit of religious talk (I identify myself as an agnostic so I really am not good at writing about religion so I’m very sorry if in some way I offend you if you are a religious person, I do not mean to and apologize if you do take offense to anything), violence, swearing

You gasped for air as your eyes shot back open, only to see the same dim lit room they had seen before you had passed out from the intense pain in your ribs and wrist. You knew at least two ribs had to be cracked from when the unsub kicked you during your first escape attempt, and you knew your wrist was most likely damaged too from when the unsub had twisted it violently during your second escape attempt. 

You glanced down at your wrist, the skin around the bone swollen to almost double its size, your flesh taking on a deep purple tone. Definitely broken.

You looked around for anything you could use as a make-shift cast, knowing the more you let your hand flop around the more damage would be done to that broken bone. You had very little medical training, considering you had only been in med-school for a year before dropping out and joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit, however you knew exactly what to do the moment you saw the wooden ruler on the small desk that sat in the corner of the room that you had been trapped inside for almost a day now. 

You stood up weakly and made your way over to the desk, knowing the unsub was no where in the room from the lack of teasing you heard when you awoke. You had passed out five times since he first captured you, three of the times when you came to he had been sitting in the room, watching you. Once he noticed you were conscious he would chuckle and ask you what it felt like to have God doing this to you or if you wanted to beg him for divine mercy. 

You leaned on the desk with your good hand, letting your body balance itself before you let go and grabbed the ruler, putting it under neath your damaged forearm. You then grabbed a long piece of string that was also laying on the desk, wrapping it up and down your arm tightly until the ruler stayed in place without anything supporting it. That was the best you could do.

“Well, well, well, look whose up and on her feet.” his voice spoke from behind you. You whipped around only to see him standing in the doorway, a sick smile on his face. “Ready to beg for mercy?” he questioned, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. 

You just stared, not giving him the pleasure of your broken voice answering. You knew if you tried to say anything he would hear the fear in your voice and that was exactly what he wanted.

“Do you believe in God?” he asked, walking slowly towards you, dragging his hand along the top of his dingy dining table. His eyes were glued to you as if simple eye contact alone was feeding his craziness. 

You still didn’t answer his question, only swallowed hard as he took his hand off the table, continuing to walk towards you.

“I was an atheist once.” he spoke in a low voice. He came to a sudden stop, his body now only a foot away from you. “Until I realized I am God.”

As if on queue, you heard the door he had entered through moments before be kicked in causing him to grab you and pull your body in front of his, a knife he had been hiding in his belt now being raised up to your neck. You watched as the room filled with the familiar faces of the BAU as well as a few members of SWAT. 

“Get out!” you heard the unsub bark, his voice almost breaking your ear drum while you felt his breath become faster against your neck.

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“Jackson, put the knife down, you don’t want to do this.” the voice of Spencer filled your ears, causing your eyes to dart to his face the moment you heard them. You almost started sobbing just from seeing his face, the face you never thought you would see again.

“Of course I want to do this, she must become one of my angels.” he spat, the blade now pressing against your neck causing you to squint your eyes shut. “She’ll be my favorite little angel.” he said, his voice lowering slightly as you could tell he moved his head to look at you.

“Jackson, (Y/N) is already an angel.” you heard Reid say, causing you to open your eyes slightly, the tears blurring your vision. “She’s one of the few angels that God sent down to Earth to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.”

“I am God!” he shouted, pressing the blade even harder into your neck. You could feel a small stream of blood begin to trickle down your neck as the blade nicked you ever so slightly. 

“Exactly, which is why you know it’s important that (Y/N) stays here on Earth. You know what she’s done for people, you know how kind hearted and amazing she is.” Reid continued, his voice staying calm in the escalating situation. “She’s helped save so many people Jackson, she’s helped save me.” 

You felt the unsubs pressure on the knife loosen slightly as you remembered all the nights Spencer had spent at your apartment after Prentis’s ‘death’. All the mornings that you would wake up and make breakfast for him and ask him what his plans for the day would be. You and Spencer had always shared a close bond, one that could not be replaced or broken. Little did either of you know that the feelings you had towards one another was love.

“Please, don’t take her away from me.” Spencer pleaded, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

You swallowed hard, glancing down just in time to see the glint of the blade catching the dim light as it was brought away from your neck. You felt Jackson step away from you, then you heard him drop to his knees, then you saw the SWAT team and several members of the BAU move in towards him. 

You brought your none broken hand up to your face, wiping away the warm tears that were finally falling only to suddenly feel arms wrapped around you and your face being pressed against a bullet proof FBI vest.

“You’re safe.” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper while he brought one of his hands up to the back of your head, the other staying around your waist. 

Your head fit perfectly under his chin. You felt him gently kiss the top of your head before squeezing you even tighter, hearing the footsteps of Jackson and the SWAT team walk by. 

“You’re safe.” he repeated once again, his grip on you not loosening until he knew Jackson was half way down the hall.

Galavant — Season 1  {Sentence Starters}

  • “My pants are on. My pants are definitely on.”
  • “I’m sure that’s exactly how it’s going to be. Especially the living part.”
  • “I can tell you want to bail. I’ll give you five seconds to bail.”
  • “All you’ve done since we left is complain. You’re supposed to be a bloody hero.”
  • “You wanna kill him in the head? Or do you wanna kill him in the neck?”
  • “Whenever you come near me, my flesh begins to crawl.”
  • “I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. To be honest, I’ve rather grown to like it.”
  • “I’m out of shape. That was a long song.”
  • “Why do I continually allow people to treat me this way?”
  • “I see your mouth start moving and, God, I need a drink.”
  • “I have a question. How can you be a hero if you’re not wearing any pants?”
  • “You’re babbling. You only babble when you feel really bad.” 
  • “There’s gonna be some pretty legendary heroing happening around here pretty damn soon.”
  • “You’ve been screaming like a castrated hyena for the past ten minutes.”
  • “Why are you just repeating everything I say as a question?”
  • “I’m really sorry. I can’t talk, I’m in hero mode.”
  • “I put it with my girl supplies. Guys never look there.”
  • “I’ve got something to say and I’ve come a really, really long way to say it.”
  • “Oh! We’re off on a secret mission! We’ve got us a secret plan!”
  • “I’m afraid of what happens the next time I get knocked down.”
  • “Love is strange, and that’s what makes it love.”
Shit my boy friend has said while playing Overwatch: sentence starters
  1. “Second mini-me Reinhardt”
  2. “Fucking banana muncher”
  3. “You abomination to god.”
  4. “I hear Reaper, but I don’t see Reaper.”
  5. “He knows I have his number, and he is on my ass.”
  6. “ROBOISM”
  7. “That was a nice.”
  8. “Oh ye fucking hoe.”
  9. “Dungle”
  10. “If I had a Widowmaker, I would kill my self. With in reason.”
  11. “Onion grandma.”
  12. “Making my way down town.”
  13. “Its okay, your here in spirit.”
  14. “I all most feel kinda bad.”
  15. “We have a Reaper, how could we be the villains.”
  16. “Fuckin Shadow the hedge hog ass looking mother fucker.”
  17. “Fucking Genji, what does he think your doing.”
  19. “Damn it Genji, what did I just say. You see this foot?”
  20. “Fucking Genji, you parasitic lamp worm.”
  21. “That shield is fucking gibberish.”
  23. “Never speak to me as Reaper.”
  24. “Hot topic, Spencer shopping trash.”
  25. “Every one’s name fucking sucks.”
  26. “Skrivins didn’t look fun to say, but then I fucking said it.”
  27. “There is our second tank, flying away at the speed of light.”
  28. “YOU SLUT.”
  29. “Its okay, am gonna kill it.”
  30. “Holy fucking shit, there is a Bastion and nine turrets.”
  31. “Yeah every one, kill Mercy.”
  32. “I kicked Reinhardt to death.”
  33. “I put my weird bent shoe right up his ass.”
  34. “He is ulting, but he is also fucking dead.”
  35. “This is a ballsy ass dwarf.”
  36. “The justice is raining.”
  37. “Are you guys dieing? I am on my way.”
  38. “Do you still have your ult? Because I am alive.”
  40. “I thought I was safe.”
  41. “Fucking god damn, jail bait Junkrat.”
  42. “Fucking bird bitch.”
  43. “Gotta skate fast and eat ass.”
  44. “Your a broken system.”
  45. “Yeah I know, I have been chucking balls at him.”
  47. “I am finally at 40, Jesus fucking Christ I am back.”

pewds plays the last guardian - sentence starters.

source: [x].

  • “ what do you mean ‘go home’ ? we’re friends for life now.”
  • “ jesus, you almost killed me.”
  • “ where are we anyway?”
  • “ where the hell are we?”
  • “ this is cool, man.”
  • “ are those tires in the sky?”
  • “ are we gonna go up there? are we gonna go all the way?”
  • “ sorry, no offence.”
  • “ never mind, there’s nothing here… or is there?”
  • “ oh my god, this is terrifying.”
  • “ it’s very cool, but very scary, all right?”
  • “ let me jump up on you.”
  • “ oh my god, that looks terrifying. what the hell?”
  • “ all right, i’ll be going this way.”
  • “ whatever, i don’t care.”
  • “ all right, let’s take it really easy. real nice and easy. tip-tappity-toe.”
  • “ hey, what’s this?”
  • “ hey, look at that.”
  • “ look, it’s safer this way.”
  • “ why did i just do that?”
  • “ hey, stop. don’t worry about it, all right?”
  • “ if you do that, y’know, A-PLUS, i’ll be really impressed.”
  • “ yeah, keep yelling at the birds.”
  • “ okay, you’ve done it now, boy.”
  • “ stop following me.”
  • “ you’re not gonna make the third one, i’m sure. i’m sure of it.”
  • “ why am i such a dick?”
  • “ you’re making me look bad. i don’t like it.”
  • “ jeeeesus…! okay, well, i- you know– SHOW OFF!”
  • “ what happened here?”
  • “ best friends, right?”
  • “ i’m so excited about potential friendship.”
  • “ that seems safe.”
  • “ now THAT’S- that’s a bridge that i think looks safe. i am DEFINITELY going on this one, that seems like a great idea-AAAAH! AH! AH! SHIT!”
  • “ oh, the anxiety.”
  • “ all right, now your turn.”
  • “ hey, look at that. wasn’t that hard.”
  • “ what’s the big deal, you pussy?”
  • “ okay, well, it looks like we can go through here.”
  • “ i have a good feeling about it.”
  • “ look at this. it’s so cool.”
  • “ oh my god, everything is just amazing.”
  • “ come on, man, i’m almost out. come on, help me pull, dammit!”
  • “ dude, i’m coming back.”
  • “ please, i’m stuck. help!”
  • “ god dammit. all right, fine. you know what? FINE.”
  • “ you just… you need to get up here.”
  • “ how did you get up there?”
  • “ oh, i see. no problem.”
  • “ just jump up here, man.”
  • “ hey. i’m taking my damn time. shut up.”
  • “ i’m gonna do it. i’m gonna do it, just watch – BOOM!”
  • “ my god, you are so smooth. really, great job.”
  • “ this way, follow me. try to keep up.”
  • “ but it’s drugs. it looks like some heisenberg shit, y’know?”
  • “ are you ready? three, two, one… catch!”
  • “ all right, come on, buddy.”
  • “ i made you high on drugs, now you better keep up.”
  • “ oh, no. oh, no. ah… eh… ah… THAT’S IT?”
  • “ let’s see if we can jump from his ass.”
  • “ that’s a sentence i didn’t wish i said.”
  • “ man, i’m LOVING this so far. it’s so fun to play– fuck you in the fucking asshole. fuck this game, WORST game i ever played, what the fuck was that?”
  • “ dude, is that a salamander? that’s a salamander! aw.”
  • “ i really didn’t think i would mess that up.”
  • “ ha ha! too bad, bitch!”
  • “ i’ll be right back, okay? don’t worry about it.”
  • “ hey! you made it! you fucking asshole.”
  • “ oh my god, is that… is that butterfly? is that the - the butterfly shit?”
  • “ dude, just eat it! all right, fine, i don’t care.”
  • “ dude, literally, you’re gonna eat it. i mean, if i went through all the effort, you’re gonna fucking eat it, all right?”
  • “ i hate myself.”
  • “ well, i guess i’ll go through this tiny little hole. how convenient that i am the small one.”
  • “ whoa, it’s almost like you can smell the nature.”
  • “ you forgot about the best part: me!”
  • “ hey, just jump over.”
  • “ here i come!”
  • “ it’s AMAZING! this is fucking amazing!”
  • “ where the fuck did it go, i looked away one second.”
  • “ he’s fiiine! what the hell- WHAT? WHAT?! whaaat? all right, fine.”
  • “ and i’m like dead inside, so this is pretty amazing.”
  • “ oh, come on, you left without me. fucking dick.”
  • “ hey, now you see how it feels.”
  • “ surpiiiiise!”
  • “ AHHH! dude! was not ready for that, man.”
  • “ my god, i could’ve died.”
  • “ what am i looking at here? no one knows.”
  • “ let’s push it down.”
  • “ this is getting ridiculous.”
  • “ i’ll go in here, i’ll take care of it.”
  • “ look, i got your favorite snack!”
  • “ i got a treat for you.”
  • “ who’s been a good boy, huh? me. me, i’ve been a good boy.”
  • “ yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. that’s it.”
  • “ AH! what the fuck is wrong with you?”
  • “ is like- is this shit good? is this dank? i don’t know, this - this is not dank, brah.”
  • “ are you coming or what?”
  • “ i’m assuming that’s a yes?”
  • “ you don’t need things happening every second, you don’t need to be killing enemies.”
  • “ okay, all right, just stay there. just stay there and look pretty.”
  • “ stay here? where? here? oh, you want it here?”
  • “ we did it!”
  • “ let’s do this nice and easy… that was… the nicest and easiest way i’ve seen.”
  • “ it’s almost as strong as me, that gate. i’m sure.”
  • “ oh, my god, is that what i think it is? oh my god. oh my god. is that-? oh my god. O-M-G. can i please… can i please have one? ”
  • “ delicious. thank you.”
  • “ um… not feeling great about this. i think we should go the other way.”
  • “ dude, what is the matter with you? why is your eyes like that?”
  • “ hey, dude, i wanted that!”
  • “ do you think i can jump down here?”
  • “ what the fuck is all this?”
  • “ okay, so we gotta open this somehow…”
  • “ what’s wrong?”
  • “ no, please! ahhh!”
  • “ you lookin’ real tasty right now.”
  • “ god dammit! i forgot you were such a jerk.”


It. Is. DONE! It was as if the Gods did not want me to finish this part, but I finally did it. (cries tears of joy) I really hope that you guys like it as much as I do! And please don’t kill me because of the cliff hanger!! X,,D This was the perfect way to end this part and you would have done the same if you were in my shoes. :P

We finally we got some ladies showing their animal forms, including Anya! Some people had already guessed correctly, but till this day nobody has been correct when it comes to WHY she does not transform into her animal-self. Backstory time in part 4!!! :D And we will also finally leave the forest (yeeeessss!!) and venture forth to the ocean!

Regarding part 4 - I want to make at least 1 full length video that is not related to this series before I start on the next part.

PARTS: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5


*only thing for me to eat ever is a vegetable tray*

aunt: so you don’t eat fish or cheese???

cousin: how is being vegan cheap? isn’t organic stuff more expensive?

dad: oh this pork is delicious.

*everyone eats meat every meal of the day*

cousin’s boyfriend: why would anyone want to live without animal products, that sounds like a horrible way to live.

uncle: it’s so much better if you kill it yourself

cousin: wait, you don’t eat meat?

aunt: you don’t drink milk either???

brother: fish aren’t fucking friends, they’re my food.

dad: oh god i could go for some prime rib.

aunt: she doesn’t get to eat any of this? she’s missing out for sure.

aunt: how sad you don’t eat any of this.

sister: ugh this fish has bones still in it?!

*first time talking in two days*

me: quit complaining, that’s what you get for eating fish.

sister: oh shut the fuck up about your not eating animal bullshit, no one wants to hear it.

Reaction (BTS): When another member walks in on you guys having sex

Jin: “You better get the hell out Namjoon. I’m finishing whether you’re in here or not.”

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Namjoon: “Oh god Yoongi, why did you have to bother me now.”

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Yoongi: “You better J-hop your way out of here Hoseok, before I kill you.” 

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Hoseok: “One night Jimin. All I ask for is one night, and you have to walk in on me doing my thing with my jagiya.” 

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Jimin: “GET THE HELL OUT TAE!!!” *when Taehyung doesn’t leave, Jimin hits him* “I’m serious you little shit.”

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Taehyung: “Of all the things to catch me doing Kookie, this is not the one I was hoping for.”

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Jungkook: *to you* “Maybe if we act like we’re not here, Jin eomma will go away.” 

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seriously i just can’t

Tanya was so great they would be lost without her, she is so clever and brave 4 for you Tanya! you go Tanya!

and Matteusz you wonderful creature! loving supportive bit scared cupcake be safe polishgiraffe

and Charlie oh god he walks around with so much guilt for just thinking of the worst wow and now he’s afraid of losing yet another person and he is so in love and feels so alone I can’t

and the panic attack can I just hold him jesus

and Quill! surprised me in the best way I thought she would kill Charlie the moment she could and she saved him yes Quill you go Quill four for you too Quill!!!

abloodneed  asked:

........... why are you telling me to stop and then talking about magical daggers i cannot believe you. fuck imagine that. imagine these sharp glowing ethereal things settled in his hands, these unreal weapons cut straight out of all of that sparking blue, knives that look like they don't exist but when they sink into flesh they very much are, oh they very much are

oh my god please just kill me now. i’d like to think they’d flicker and shimmer, ethereal like you said – and also, the way they might shift and change in his hands, growing longer or shorter, because they aren’t actually solid weapons, they’re fluid and adaptable just like he is, and he’s always going to have control of the flow of the fight as a result.

(but also imagine alec by his side, twirling a seraph blade of his own or picking people off with an arrow. that cocky look he has when his bow is in his hands ruins me each time.)