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Title: Wisdom Teeth Removal (Stark! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader has to get their wisdom teeth removed and Pietro is the lucky one who gets to babysit them for the day.

Word Count: 1538

A/N: I love Pietro *heart eyes emoji*! I’m hoping to get a couple of imagines up this week/weekend so let’s all pray LOL. This week has gone by SO SLOWLY; but writing/reading always helps, right? I hope you enjoy!

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I can't offer much but.. I wanted to wish Zen a happy birthday. *offers some cake* Have a great day, Zenny!! Keep shining bright. You make us smile everyday. 💞 So..Happy Birthday Zen!

You can’t offer much? What? This is more than my heart can take! Thank you!  Your words are so encouraging and sweet!  Alright! I’ll shine even brighter, just for you!


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Dearest, radiant star, I hope you're doing well. I hope you have a good day. I wanted to remind you that you are an incredible human being. Please know that we all see that in you. It shines just as brightly as you do on your blog. Your humble, modest, sweet, and caring nature automatically engulfs us all in the pure essence that is you. So keep on shining bright and don't let anyone take that away from you. You haven't hurt anyone, you haven't upset anyone, people are just jealous that they...

i’m not crying, you’re crying!!! you little angel, this is just the sweetest thing!! I’m unworthy!! I don’t even know what to say!! Just… thank you, for putting the biggest smile on my face and for making my day 10x better!! Keep on shining nonny! I love you! ⭐

To the most hard working 13 boys I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your hard work, long hours, and effort. You pour your heart and soul into everything you guys create, just to see us Carats smile. You never cease to amaze us. We’ll always be behind you every step of the way. Keep on being amazing. Keep shining bright like a diamond. And keep being yourselves! Here’s to two years with SVT and many more to come. #2yearswithseventeen

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does rocket have epilepsy or pnes

Both but we forgets Rocket has epilepsy a lots because his epilepsy seizures are so rares.

The genetics modify makes his brains grows in unnatural ways and he has chips puts insides his skulls when he was very smalls along with a shunts tubes that prevents too much fluids from builds up under his skulls. The chips regulates the impulses in his brains by fires inhibitory zaps kinds of likes stoplights controls traffics in a city. Without the chips his brain’s electrics impulses looks likes a million cars pileups and he will has seizures constants because his raccoons brains “knows” it is not supposes to forms the ways it is. 

Rocket’s brains is very dense and heavy for his sizes and his neurons are packs very tights together. Some grows in tangles and those tangles are the sources of the epilepsy. When he was very smalls his brainwaves gives the chips powers to works but as he grows his brains gets more thick and the chips needs more powers to fires more intense zaps through his entire brains. He has an implants attach to his hearts and the electricity in his heartbeats plus his brainwaves powers those chips. The charges can only goes up to the chips, it can’t comes down at his hearts. And no a fasts heartbeats doesn’t creates more powers. The chips stores energy before they uses it.

Sometimes the chips goes out of syncs and ones fires a milliseconds before the others threes or they fires ones after another instead of together. That is an implants faults and Rocket will has a seizures when that happens. The chips can’t helps him if he is already has a seizures but an EMP pulses makes the chips resets and fires the rights ways again. They calms his brains down when they comes back on. 

It is kinds of likes how defibrillators works when somebody’s hearts is fibrillates which means it is quivers instead of squeezes because the electrics impulses are goes everywhere instead of ones directions. Defibrillators gives a big shocks that stops the hearts completes for a seconds so the sinus nodes can gets their shits together and fires in the rights directions again. It is likes a movies cliches where somebody slaps a person that is freaks out. The person who was freaks out freezes for a seconds before they starts to talks rationals again. You can’t slaps a dead person and expects them to talks and you can’t zaps a hearts that is flatlines with no electrics activity. That is a lies movies and TV tells you. In reals life defibrillators fix a bad rhythms, they can’t fix no rhythms! See? I knows weird stuffs and Rocket teach me most of it haha!

Anyway, Rocket’s epilepsy seizures looks different than the PNES, so I will describes them to shows the difference. I asks Rocket’s permissions to gives details and he says yes I can, so I am not embarrass him behinds his backs. He wants me to writes this.

Rocket has tonics-clonics seizures when it is the epilepsy causes it. The old terms was grand mal and they are the kinds most people recognizes as a seizures when they sees it. He doesn’t has auras and gets no warns when a seizures is about to happens. I numbers the “steps” his body goes through because it makes it more easy for me to avoids types a big blocks of texts.

1- The seizures begins when Rocket stops moves no matter what he is does. He doesn’t responds if you try to gets his attention because that is when he goes unconscious. It is likes his brains shuts off but his body is still awakes. He sits or stands very still for a few seconds. Lots of spits collects in his mouths and big strings of drools drips off his snouts. If the lights is rights you will sees that his pupils are dilates even if you shines brights lights at them. (I try to keeps his eyes in the shades if we are outsides and I sees this happens.)

2- All of a sudden he turns his heads likes he is looks over his shoulders and then he looks up likes he is watch something fly from the horizons to overheads, excepts his eyes goes all the ways backs until they looks white. 

3- His face gets this very afraid looks on it and ones arms jerks up likes he is swats a bugs away. Rights when he does this he lets out a croaks noises that turns into a loud yells as his whole body gets stiffs likes a statues. If he is stands or sits on the grounds he sinks to lays down. He will falls off anything he is sits on. Lasts nights he was sits on a crates and he falls backwards onto his backs. (He doesn’t gets hurts though, it was a lows crates.)

4- Sometimes he starts to shakes as he is falls but sometimes he starts after he falls. The convulsions looks likes shivers but it grows into jerks that gets more big as his muscles relax and can moves more frees. His spits looks likes foams and sometimes there is bloods in it if he bites his tongues.

5- The convulsions stops and he breathes by sucks airs through his teeth. There is lots of spits so it gurgles but gurgles is goods because it means he is breathes. If he has anything in his bladders he will pees it all out. If he is not lays on his stomachs or sides I will puts on his sides to lets the spits runs out of his mouth and then puts him on his stomachs when the drools and gurgles stops. He sleeps on his stomachs, so it is the most naturals positions for him. 

I never moves Rocket from where he is lays unless it is not safes to lays there or there is a big pees puddles likes lasts nights. He was about to gets up and goes to the bathrooms when the seizures hits. I try to cleans pees puddles up rights away if I can but I leaves his clothes alone even if they are wets. There is a reasons for that and I will gets to it in a minutes.

It can takes Rocket a longs times to wakes up into the posts-icky parts that comes after a seizures. Sometimes he is the raccoons he was supposes to be and will walks on all fours and makes raccoons noises, but sometimes he stands up and uses his hands likes normal although he is very confuses and doesn’t talks. 

Now here comes the reasons I doesn’t try to takes his clothes off him. If they are wets he takes them off himself because they feels bad. He never goes poops on himself when a seizures is happens or rights after it stops, but if he has to does that he squats to does it rights there. He doesn’t undress if he is dry but he will still squats and goes poops in his clothes instead. 

This is where I has to looks out for him because I has to cleans him up if he mess his clothes and if he mess on the floors instead he will try to bury it under anything in the areas unless I cleans it up rights away. Last nights he grabs the bowls he was eats nuts out of, dumps the nuts out on the floors and puts the bowls upside down over his poops! It is instincts behaviors to makes the smells goes away.

Rocket doesn’t remembers seizures or being posts-icky but sometimes he remembers splits seconds of things likes the colors of somebody’s shirts or ones words of a conversations. I knows he can recognizes me because he will follows me or looks for me and gets very upsets if he can’t finds me. He can still gets triggers while he is posts-icky and he will gets violence or try to opens an airlocks to escapes and you can imagines how bad that is if we are in spaces! This doesn’t happens a lots if I stays closes by, though.

The posts-icky states can lasts a longs times. At the ends Rocket will collapses into a deeps sleeps, wakes up a shorts times later, and asides from being tires and sores he is himself again with zero memory of what happens. Very bad seizures wipes out big chunks of recent memory. Lasts night’s seizures makes him loses twelves hours of memory between lunch and wakes up this mornings.

He says the firsts days after an epilepsy seizures feels likes what happens when a hangovers has a ones nights stands with an aerobics regimens. That sounds likes it hurts.

Rocket’s PNES seizures are a lots less dramatics than the epilepsy ones. The most big giveaways is he stays conscious and remembers these seizures. They doesn’t happens unless he is very severe triggers for very longs periods of times. 

1- They starts as a panics attacks that doesn’t stops. Rocket breathes very fasts likes he just sprints and his hearts races. Sometimes he cry but lots of times he acts likes he is in a rages. He can’t calms down and goes into a paranoia delusions where he thinks people are steals from him. I gets the brunt of this a lots and it doesn’t hurts my feels at all. I doesn’t try to corrects him; I says I borrows the things and misplaces it. I apologizes for not tells him I borrows it and we can try to finds it later. Rocket himself tells me this helps better than try to corrects him. Sometimes he knows he is wrongs and sometimes he doesn’t.

2- The panics attacks and delusions pass and the shivers starts. He shakes likes he is very colds but gets him a blankets or more warms clothes doesn’t helps. He stays able to talks but his voice shakes a lots because he is shakes a lots. If he is with me he likes to sits on the backs of my necks with his legs on my shoulders and rests his heads on tops of my heads. I secures him with vines so he doesn’t falls off. He feels safes there because I am tall so that means he can sees more.

The shakes takes a longs times to pass but they stops and he feels tires after. PNES seizures eats up a lots of his emotions energy. He has pains flares rights after because the sudden dips in adrenaline mess up his pains thresholds for a shorts times. 

When Rocket has these, I has him tells me about a funny memory or we plays ‘I spy’ because talks about something funny or focus on the presents days environments grounds him. Grounds him helps the PNES seizures stops more fasts than waits for them does. 

I always says I thinks Rocket is the most strong person I knows because he endures lots of bad, hard things that nobody should suffers through for any reasons. Rocket trusts me enough to be vulnerable with his emotions in my presences and he doesn’t trusts anybody else likes that. That is what he means when he says things likes “us against the universes!”

I loves Rocket very much and I shows it when I takes cares of him. He doesn’t has to says he loves me too because I feels it when he takes cares of me. We are a forests always, really and forever. Our life is soils and our loves for each other is the roots that grows in it.

I wanna wish Jamie a wonderful day and that 35 never looked sooooo good👅💦 he’s been such an incredible person and all his hard work that he’s done, just incredible. Keep shining like the bright star you are Mr. Dornan, love you bunches!
Q- what are you guys favorite Jamie moments, I’d love to know☺️
May 1st, 2017

The ones who say “You can’t” and “You won’t” are usually the ones afraid that you will.
—  I will continue remind myself this over and over each and every day until I one day reach the top

@hakyeon-go-go you’re honestly one of the warmest and friendliest people on this site as a whole like it’s a blessing we started talking to be honest you have a good sense of humor and you don’t mind anyone ranting a bit. also i really admire you trish, i just really admire you because you’re so great i am so glad i know you may the stars keep shining bright for one of the strongest and positive people here and i know ✯


Keep on shining, your light is beautiful! <3

Even if you feel like your light is dim and faint and unimportant, keep on shining.

I can assure you that your light is bright, strong, and incredibly needed, both by those around you and yourself. It is needed by our community, and it is needed by our world. Stay strong, friend <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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seventeen as your seatmate when you fall asleep a lot in classes eheheh ^ ^;

thank you so much for requesting love!

Scoups: Literally the biggest sweetheart ever. He noticed that you were super tired when you first got to class but was still surprised when he noticed you had actually fallen asleep. He would think about waking you up, but eventually decided not to and did that cliche standing up of the book so the teacher wouldn’t notice and he would take notes for you and everything and wake you up when the class was over.

Jeonghan: he would totally watch you as you slept with your head on the desk next to him. Like full on staring at you, not even trying to be subtle about it. Like he’d have his head resting on his hand and just have his head tilted to one side. Screw what the teacher thought he couldn’t get over how cute you looked with your soft little breathing and the hair falling in your face in just the right way he would be completely and honestly smitten

Joshua: A legit gentlemen right here boy let me tell you. He’d be sitting next to you just takin his notes and stuff and then all the sudden out of the corner of his eye he sees you starting to nod off, so he kinda taps your shoulder a bit to get you to wake up because the teacher for the class is super strict about falling asleep in class. And despite his efforts you still kept falling asleep so with he grabs your hand and just like squeezes it every time you start to nod off. Thankfully he keeps you awake the whole class and he makes sure you get home safely and tells you to go take a nap and he was just so sweet about it wow

Jun: i kid you not he was asleep before you even started to nod off. The class you guys are in wsa just so boring he passed out like ten minutes in. Seeing him sitting there with his head bobbing up and down as he drifts in and out of sleep soon has its effects on you, and before you know it you are both falling asleep and trying pretty hard to stay awake. Your teacher was the kind of teacher that wasn’t going to wake you up if you fall asleep, but at the same time will not help you with any work you missed while you were sleeping. It would just be a complete mess, and all thanks to Jun

Hoshi: This bright sunshine would never ever let you fall asleep in class. He’ll talk to you, sing to you, draw on you, just anything. And it would be completely unintentional like he wouldn’t even know that you were nodding off in that class. He would just be doing what he normal does any other day. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s a great thing he has such a habit of messing around with you because it keeps you awake in such a boring class as the one you are in

Wonwoo: the most quiet person you will ever sit next to in and class ever. He would be an awkward mess when he realized that you are starting to drift off to sleep. First he is confused because why would you fall asleep during such an interesting class (pfft wonwoo stop its not interesting) but then he would also be like do i wake her up? Do i let her sleep? What do?? In the end he would let you sleep and just take notes for you and pray the teacher doesn’t notice that you are asleep

Woozi: Super studious and hardworking Woozi would be absolutely appalled that you are falling asleep during class but he wouldn’t say much. He’d let you sleep and take notes for you and would probably go as far as to make sure the teacher does catch you sleeping. Even though he is extremely against people sleeping in class he knew that you were probably up late working on school work since you had been sitting next to each other all year long so he knew you werent a slacker. In the end he would wake you up before class and would offer to meet with you later that day to teach you everything you missed and it would be great

Dk: In all honestly you hated sitting next to him in the beginning of the year. He was always talking and you just wanted to pay attention to the teacher, but when it came to the day you were falling asleep he became your biggest blessing. He’d literally keep you awake because of his shining smile, it would be so bright it forced you awake ah jk, but his constant chatter is what keeps you awake, especially since he noticed that you were falling asleep. Obviously he managed to keep you awake the whole class even though you weren’t really sure what the lesson was about haha

Mingyu: Ah man this kid would be asleep before the class even started. You’d sit down next to him and he’d be all sprawled out on both his own desk, and yours. You’d just kinda stare at him but push him over and he’d whine cause you woke him up and you’re like what a baby, but you get about twenty minutes into that boring class and boom, you’re out. You are more subtle about it than Mingyu, but like you ended up leaning against each other and it would just be so cliche and cute oh man

The8: He would keep you awake with all savage comments, ah jk, but in all serious minghao would totally keep you laughing and giggling with all his sassy and savage comments about people and even the teachers and it would just be so great, screw falling asleep Minghao is to funny to miss this. But if you did start to fall asleep he most likely wouldn’t do anything about it, and like you’d get lucky if he even took notes for you like hes just not about extra work. You have to be really good friends with him for him to actually takes notes for you.

Seungkwan: boo diva ain’t gonna do extra work for you if you fell asleep during class haha, honestly he’d be super chill with the whole situation, and at most would keep the teacher from bothering you more than anything. Although if you needed help with something you missed in class, and he actually knew what was going on in that class, he would totally help you if you asked.

Vernon: tbh this kid wouldn’t even notice you fell asleep until the lesson ended and everyone started to get up and move around and you didn’t and he’s all like oh man dang it i should have taken notes because you totally fell asleep but tbh i wasn’t even paying attention i was zoning out half the time. And he would just be a flustered mess and it actually be kinda funny

Dino: he’d be an awkward little bean because he is sitting next to you but when he noticed you start to drift off to sleep he would try to keep you awake for a while but once that wasn’t working he would just take it upon himself to take notes for both you and himself. He’d be like perfect boyfriend material and it would be the best thing ever.



961022 // Happy birthday to our leader, rapper, songwriter, composer, choreographer and fashion terrorist.

Happy birthday to out precious squishy leader!
Thank you for touching our hearts, not only with the music you create but also with the many little things you say and do. You made the black & white world of many of us colorful again.
It's such an honor to see you grow up and fulfill your dreams, we couldn't be more proud of you. Thank you for all the smiles, tears and happiness you have given us.
You’ll be in our hearts forever. Keep on shining bright! Love you! ♡

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Haha you’re welcome ❤️❤️❤️

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Thank you Vincent I'll always think of you now and then you really are my light in the dark...avec can i think of Vincent now and then so my dream will always be protected?

Of course! Vincent exists to protect people’s dreams and fend off nightmares. He may slip now and then from not having had the chance to finish his studies, but he’ll do his very best to make sure you’ll keep your light shining bright!