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For all those who were curious (and equally confused), I made a Rivera family tree. 

This is the entire known Rivera clan. Lemme break it down a bit, though, ‘cuz there are a lot of names on here. I’ll spare the obvious ones like Imelda, Héctor, Coco, and Miguel. 

The spirits that Miguel meets in the land of the dead are as follows: 

  • Felipe and Óscar, twin brothers to Imelda 
  • Papá Julio, the small one with the gray mustache and his sister, Tía Rosita (the cheerful one in the pink dress) 
  • Victoria, Abuelita Elena’s late sister 
  • And of course, Imelda and Héctor. 


  • Franco, Abuelita Elena’s husband. He doesn’t show up (I don’t think). 

Miguel’s living family: 

  • Enrique (Miguel’s dad), Gloria, and Berto (Enrique’s siblings, Miguel’s aunt and uncle) 
  • Carmen (Berto’s wife), and Manny, Benny, Abel, and Rosa (their children, Miguel’s cousins) 
  • Luisa (Miguel’s mom) and Socorro (Miguel’s little sister)

Imagine a smile appearing on Woozi’s face when you give him a kiss.

people seem to think they’re so cool and edgy with this “there are no heroes and no happy endings, love is a lie, hope is a delusion, faith is a fool’s bargain with death, everything is pointless" stuff but honestly I think they’re half-assing it

where’s the film that’s just death scene after death scene, where there are no good guys or bad guys, just tons of dead guys because they all kill each other? Come on, lads. It’s not really deep and meaningful and edgy unless everyone dies, pointlessly. In fact the whole film should just be about a gigantic black hole that swallows the planet, not because it’s evil, but because it just is, while the characters stand around bemoaning the pointlessness of existence before they die horribly.

You think you’ve reached the pinnacle of grimdark? Please. You’re not even halfway to real edgelord yet. You’re barely a little edgelordling. Read some more Nietzsche and get back to work.

i kind of hope tony doesn’t have to be on raw tomorrow because i mean obviously that poor sweet boy is heartbroken and potentially bodybroken and i just want him to be okay

but also you just KNOW the moment he sets foot on the premises corey on commentary’s gonna be all “oh nooo :( looks like he :( needs a :( shoulder :( to cry on :((( be right brb” and tony just doesn’t need this in his life right now

quick question

if you were to make, say.. an undertale au in which the protagonist finds themselves on a quest to get out of somewhere, accompanied by someone they found along the way..

what would you call it?

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I hate how we don’t see the OT3 together for two movies. I have a lot of doubt about episode 9 now like I bet they’ll all be split up again ughhhhhhhh I’m so disappointed holy shit. I just wanna see how Poe Finn and Rey would interact with each other in situations!!! Is that too much to ask at this point

okay, re-fucking-tweet!!! 

See, this is one of my issues here. in the OT, we get three whole movies of development between Luke, Leia, and Han. You come to care about their relationships. Even in ESB, when Luke is separated from them for a vast portion of the film, we still get some awesome interactions that develop their characters. And, Han and Leia are still together, so we get to see that relationship grow. 

The same goes for the PT. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme. Three whole movies of development. 

Now, the ST. Rey and Finn’s dynamic is a hit with critics and fans alike. Poe could’ve been present, but at least he got some solid 1 on 1 interactions with Finn. Now, in the second film, Rey and Finn don’t even get to exchange words?! Rey and Poe are JUST NOW meeting?! We get, what, maybe 2 minutes of all three of them in the same general vicinity?! And now, compared to an entire trilogy of development for the previous trios, we get one movie. MAYBE.


if Rey and Ben are not gonna end up falling head over heels for each other in ep IX (lol as if they haven’t already) then why do the creators keep drawing visual and narrative parallels between their relationship and Han/Leia and Anakin/Padme????? like?????

If you’re an artist and I follow you I just want you to personally know that I would 100% run a mile for your art style - in this hypothetical scenario where somehow your art/art style was threatened into nonexistance and that was a way to save it.