you keep making me want to ship you

♡angsty/suggestive sentence starters♡

send me a number and a character/ship and i’ll write it! 

  1. “why do you always have to be such an asshole?
  2. “if you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”
  3. “is there any reason as to why you’re getting drunk on a tuesday afternoon?
  4. “i just don’t want to think for a while.”
  5. “say it again.”
  6. “don’t lie to me.”
  7. “i’m sick of being treated like this.”
  8. “i didn’t mean it like that, and you know it!”
  9. “so this is it?”
  10. “i don’t want to go to bed angry.”
  11. “don’t touch me.”
  12. “i’m pretty good at providing distractions.”
  13. “i’m not saying i want a threesome- but i wouldn’t be opposed to it.”
  14. “just sit down and let me take care of you.”
  15. “is that- blood?”
  16. “i just want to help you relax.”
  17. “does that feel good?”
  18. “i don’t love you anymore.”
  19. “i loved you. past tense.”
  20. “stop lying!”
  21. “jealousy isn’t cute on you.”
  22. “don’t call me ‘princess,’ asshole.”
  23. “i deserve better.”
  24. “you deserve better.”
  25. “you make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”
  26. “you left your underwear back at my place.”
  27. “you just broke the last bit of trust i had in you.”
  28. “i hope you’re happy.”
  29. “does that line ever work?”
  30. “you’re the best i’ve ever had.”
  31. “is that all you’ve got?”
  32. “hit me!”
  33. “tell me this is a dream.”
  34. “let’s keep this between the two of us.”
  35. “is that my shirt?”
  36. “why do you even care?”
  37. “i’m sick of being ‘the other girl/guy.’”
  38. “you love her/him.”
  39. “can you take it?”
  40. “i’m not going to break.”
  41. “we’re not just friends. you know that.”
  42. “friends don’t get each other off.”
  43. “it’s over- and it’s for real this time.”
  44. “i’m not that flexible!”
  45. “you don’t scare me.”
  46. “it’s okay, i’m here.”
  47. “you’re not alone. you never were.”
  48. “i’m in love with you but i don’t want you to hurt me.”
  49. “it’s complicated.”
  50. “you’re the only one.”
Writing Prompts

Send me a quote with a character or ship and I’ll write a one shot/drabble.

1. “Don’t you say that… not you”
2. “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat”
3. “Make me”
4. “Is that my shirt?”
5. “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”
6. “Don’t you die on me”
7. “Please… just leave me alone”
8. “I can’t keep fighting like this”
9. “I need you”
10. “Where were you when I needed you?”
11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!”
12. “I just want you to be happy”
13. “It’s time to say goodbye”
14. “Please…stay…”
15. “I don’t want to hurt you”
16. “Just shut up and kiss me”
17. “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything”
18. “I wish I could stop loving you”
19. “I’m scared”
20. “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me”
21. “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?”
22. “I can’t do this without you”
23. “Love is stupid”
24. “I trusted you”
25. “No, please don’t!”
26. “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”
27. “I’m with you okay? Always”
28. “I thought you loved me”
29. “I told you this would happen”
30. “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?”
31. “You’re alive?!”
32. “Don’t you try and pin this on me!”
33. “Why are you like this?”
34. “If you really love me, you’ll let me go”
35. “Why are you looking at me like that”
36. “I hate you”
37. “Because I love you god damn it!”
38. “Oh well good for you”
39. “I’m not gonna keep having this conversation”
40. “I could hold you forever”
41. “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again”
42. “This is hard for me too”
43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”
44. “Close your eyes”
45. “Will you marry me?”
46. “I’m in love…shit”
47. “Go on, I dare you”
48. “Kiss me.”
49. “I’d rather die”
50. “Please… I need you”

Clumsy Party

A human ranger, elf rogue, succubus alchemist, an Android wizard and sherrif npc are in an alien ship trying to destroy it when it takes off suddenly and roughly. I’m the dm.
Me: “Okay. So the ship wobbles and began launching into the air. I want you all to make a dexterity roll to see if you keep your balance.”
Rogue: *rolls a 5* “Welp.”
Me: “you fall right on your ass.”
Ranger: *rolls a crit fail* “Uhhhh.. what does this mean?”
Me: “Well uh.. you smack your head on one of the engine rooms panels and fall unconscious. You take two damage.”
Android: *also rolls a crit fail*
Me: “Jesus Christ. You hit the glass wall holding the engines power source and the electric current shocks and paralyzes you.”
Succubus: *again, rolls a crit fail*
Me: “oh my god. You’re unconscious too. You smack your head against the wall and slump on the floor. This is insane.”
Npc Sheriff: *rolls an 18* “What the fuck is wrong with these people?”

This was a random improv bullshit campaign I did with just dice and a notebook.

40 Prompts List

I threw together a bunch of my favorite prompts ideas since I’ve been suffering from writer’s block and need the inspiration. Feel free to reblog!

  1. “I don’t want to stop loving you.”
  2. “We were just pretending to be lovers, but I’m not pretending anymore.. I need to know if you feel the same way.”
  3. “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me, but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”
  4. “Promise me you’ll stay.”
  5. “I didn’t want it to end, I just thought you’d be better off without me..”
  6. “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.”
  7. “If this is the last time I see you, know that I love you more than anything.”
  8. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.”
  9. “Just do one last thing: Kiss me.”
  10. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”
  11. “Please.. don’t leave.”
  12. “We were never just friends.”
  13. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
  14. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
  15. “I miss you every second of every day.”
  16. “I’m trying to forget you the best I can, but damn it, we belong together.”
  17. “You say I got us into this, but you didn’t stop it from happening, either.”
  18. “I always overthink, just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.”
  19. “After everything… I’d still choose you.”
  20. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  21. “You’re too good for this world.”
  22. “How long do we have?”
  23. “Do you think we’re bad people?” 
  24. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m going to take care of you.”
  25. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”
  26. “We always have a choice.”
  27. “Is that a threat?”
  28. “Keep your eyes on me.”
  29. “You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”
  30. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
  31. “We have to stick together.”
  32. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”
  33. “Don’t leave me behind.”
  34. “How did you find me?”
  35. “Who did this to you?”
  36. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
  37. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  38. “You’re out of your damn mind.”
  39. “You make me feel invincible.”
  40. “I’ll keep you safe.”
About Allura’s age:

I understand there has been a lot of discourse in the Voltron fandom regarding Allura’s canon age, and whether it makes the Shallura ship inappropriate or not. 

As someone who has shipped Shallura from the beginning and still does, I just wanted to offer my perspective:

Early on when I started to get into the show, I would watch interviews with the different cast members to get a better perspective on the characters.  This video, in particular, gave me a good idea of an approximate age for Princess Allura based on what Kimberly Brooks, Allura’s voice actress, says about her character in the clip. 

At around minute 1:20, after Ms. Brooks gives us information about who Allura is and what her backstory is, she has the following exchange with her fellow cast mates:

Kimberly: “And she looks really hot while she’s doing it!”

Jeremy: “Yeah! Oh totally! Oh for sure!

Bex: “Serious jealousy right now.”

Jeremy: “She sounds really hot too! Not gonna lie.”

Rhys: “She’s the full package. That’s what we say in the biz. The full package.”

Bex: She may be 10,000 years old but you couldn’t tell by looking at her. 

Kimberly: She doesn’t look a day over, what? … (sorry this part was unintelligible; it sounds like she says 30???? Edit: I think she’s saying, “what, what is she?”)

Bex: 20

Kimberly: Yeah! 

So, based on this exchange, this is where I got the impression that Allura was meant to be seen as a young adult, likely around the age of 20. (Or at least the Altean equivalent thereof). 

In turn, if you also interpreted her character in the same way, I wouldn’t say that you were wrong to do so, given that it seems to be the same impression that the voice actors and actresses that work on the show were given about her character as well. 

Furthermore, this doesn’t really contradict with the recent information that we were given from the interview with the producers.  We were not specifically told that Allura was a teenager, but simply that she was “just as young as everyone else.”  If Allura is meant to be a young adult around the age of 20 or even as young as 18,  then this means that she’s still going through some of the same internal conflicts and struggles that the younger paladins go through:  She’s still trying to form her own identity and find her way in life, so a lot of her decisions and reactions to different situations will not be as refined as an older, more wizened leader’s would be. (As we can see with her reaction to finding out about Keith’s Galra heritage.) 

Likewise, to address an issue that has been mentioned very frequently, I don’t believe the creators established her as the age that she is (and based on the information that we’ve been given so far, that age doesn’t seem to be very concrete) for “shipping purposes”, but more so to offer us a better perspective on Allura’s character: It allows her to be old enough so that she can be the leader that she needs to be for Team Voltron, but also young enough so that we can still grow with her as a character and watch her blossom into her leadership role. 

That’s really about it and likely all I’ll have say on this “age discourse”.  In general, I try to keep my blog positive and discourse free, but I did want to clarify that, as a Shallura shipper, I am not shipping a minor/adult relationship but, based on information that I’ve been given in the context of the show and from other sources, a relationship that I believe to be between two consenting adults. 

If me shipping Shallura makes you uncomfortable, however, feel free to unfollow me, or block me, or do whatever you have to do to make the Voltron fandom a safe space for you.  I don’t mind and I will understand if you choose to do so. 

And, at the end of the day, let’s just be kind to one another.  You don’t know what’s going on in the lives of the other people behind the computer screen. 

Alright? Alright. :) 

Well, there’s a reason of why I’m posting to much. It’s beacuse I’m stealing wifi I wanted to start a new activity on my tumblr! In celebratrion of my 2000+ followers I want to do this! “Let’s create together”!

This activity consist in creating a character using the suggestions you guys give me (eye color, powers, skin color, etc) but in my style. What’s my style? well, as you see, I love to draw sanscest fan children and I want this character to be one. And finally give blueprint a friend so I don’t have to draw him alone

SO, since there’s a LOT of Sanscest ships, I want to make a votation of wich ship should I draw. After that, I’ll ask you guys to send me descriptions based of how would a child from that ship look like. Simple right? I hope I have explained it well ;o;

Let’s call this stage: “Selecting a Ship”

but HEY, don’t start throwing me ships names! keep reading first uvu

I sellected a few ships I like and you will have to choose between those! Since Tumblr allows to comment on a post, I don’t have to create a poll for this on other site -v-)U yes! It doesn’t matter if the ship already has one child, I want to make my own and give you the chance to cooperate in the process of creation! 

Also, I’ll give the winner ship their own ship week (like I’m going to do with InkBerry)

Here’s the ship list:

-ErrorNight/Error x Nightmare

-Cream/Cross x Dream

-RottenBerry/Reaper x Blueberry ( @nekophy made me love this ship with just one comic xDU)

-AfterFell(?)/Geno x Edge

-Kustard/Classic x Edge 

They’re the ones who I love the most! 

So, as I said before, this time you only have to comment with the ship you want to win! After some time I’ll check the votes and announce the winner. Once the first stage is done, we’ll proceed to the stage two: “Making their appearance”!

Don’t forget to participate!

Do what you want 'cause a pirate is....nervermind

We were playing a homebrew campaign (I was the Dm), the party (a warlock, a gunslinger/rogue, a paladin, and a mage) were hired to defend the merchant ship convoy.
After a quite intense naval battle they managed to defeat the pirates.
One more thing: The group split into two bands. The lawful and the trickster duo.

After the battle, the rogue and the paladin talked.

Paladin (of the God of Revenge and Justice):
Allright. I understand you want more gold from the merchants for your sevices. I also understand, yet I reeeeeaaallly dislike it, you are looting anyone’s corpse who dare to attack us. You want ridicously large amount wealth ‘cause you want to spend your old days busy in an alchemist lab. Got it. It is reasonable, you like eliminate your enemies from afar with your daggers or arrows. Also, I’m not making fun of - like the others - your bad habbit of shooting anything down that goes up.
However…I still have a thing that bothers me.

Tell me, my friend, Knight of Revenge!

Why?! Why did you?! For the sake of the snake-haired, damn-cursed, smutty-ass bitch goddess…

The paladin never ever failed to keep his composure, but in this moment.

askkrsspr103  asked:

Howdy Sr Pelo. Quick question that maybe you can make a video of? What are your opinions about the ships that are happening in the community?

Make a video of something?? neeeeeeeeehh thanks, people is going to say “EEEEEHHHH PEEEEPPOOOOO WHY DON’T YOU MAKE SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT BUT I WAAANT FUCK YOUUUUU!!!” naaaahh thanks

and the ships? well, I am not bleeding, and, if people are having fun, then they can keep doing ships!! if it doesn’t hurt me  then it’s not my problemo

How about you #SaveYourself because Bendy doesn’t need any saving.

Reblog and add your Bendy/Boris/Alice/Henry/Joey/Sammy/Susie/OC.

{Feel free to expand the picture if needed}

Stop sending hate. Stop trying to police what people can and can’t post, okay? Thanks~.  

Rant under the cut….

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Danny DeVetoed

Context: We had just finished clearing out half a mine full of undead, bugbears and spiders before the big bad ambushes us and brings the other half of the dungeon with him after us trying to take a rest outside. We make it, but barely, and the mine owner thanks us.

Dwarf: I say you all deserve a reward. I can’t give you anything now, but once I get the mine running I can give you ten percent of the profits.

Now picture Danny DeVito, but a Tiefling, stepping up and a bit miffed that he’s not getting any cash for his work.

Tiefling Rogue: Only ten? Dude, if it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t even have a mine. 20% seems fair, right?

Dwarf: Twenty?! I still have to pay for work, shipping costs, etcetera. I can’t afford that.

Me, the sorcerer: You’re going to hire Kobolds, aren’t you?

Dwarf: Maybe…

Rogue: Here, I’ll even give ya an idea. We found a magic thingamajig inside that makes magic weapons. Only lasts a li'l while though, so ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya charge em again for a recharge. Want to keep yo’ magical flaming sword flaming? Gotta pay the price. Eh? Ehhhhhh?

DM: Mmmmmmmm, roll for persuasion.

Uses his inspiration from making a sandwich earlier and rolls a 3 and a 6. 2nd/3rd time he had rolled those numbers with advantage that session.

Dwarf: Ten percent or nothing. Take it or leave it.

And he starts walking away.

To this day, he keeps talking about that magical recharge scheme, and we have yet to see this ten percent. But we did stop by a few days after before leaving the area to see he’d hired a bunch of Kobolds.

thirstyoonmin  asked:

*Reblogs your post about inner fanwars like 10+ times because AMEN SON, AMEN*👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 you're so right, I can't believe this is happening, it's like a big facepalm when all could be flowers and love in such a beautiful fandom :1

| This ask is about this post HERE |
You’re welcome FAM <3 And yes BTS are 7 flowers that when interacting can give us:


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NAMSEOK (And more)

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Let’s start peace within the fandom. Ship who you want while RESPECTING the fact that others have the liberty to do the same too. And only then ARMYs will be a fandom that everyone will want to join. Because Just as the image of BTS is importent for their prosperity. The image of their fandom must be just as good. And who makes this fandom? It is you and me and us. So think about it twice before you start hating on a brother or a sister next time. 

As for me I will keep enjoying THIS (And you are welcome to join me^^): 

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Thanks for the ask ^^ (If I forgot your ship tell me and I will add it <3)

StarkQuill (QuickFic)

So this has nothing to do with anything, just a random little scene. I wanted to try a text only quick fic, and hopefully it works out and you can figure out the characters without me having to describe them lol.

“Stop staring.”

“I am not staring, I’m just gazing… in interest. It’s been a while since I’ve seen another human. This is purely scientific watching.”

“Okay. But the human you are scientifically watching, is being guarded by two soldiers who rival Drax, so maybe be a little more discreet.”

“Nah. They aren’t that scary. Besides the one has a metal arm. Maybe he’s related to Nebs.”

“Do not call my sister Nebs!”


“Hey what’s StarMunch staring at?”

“I am definitely not answering to StarMunch.”

“What’s StarCrap staring at?”

“The human.”

“The blond who can’t find a shirt that fits? The brunette with a murder-face and an arm I’m considering stealing? Or the real pretty one who keep staring at StarJerk?”

“Enough with the names, alright! Geez! And I’m not— did you say he was staring at me? Oh crap, guys look cool. Look like um, look like you are being told something very important by your wise leader Star Lord. Maybe look–”

“He’s coming over here.”

“Oh no! How’s my hair! Mask on or off? On or off!?”
“Stop staring at the aliens, I think you are weirding them out. That’s not really the way to get on their good side when we are hoping they will help us.”

“I’m not… staring. Just observing them. For science. Star Lord is human anyway, maybe I should go over and introduce myself.”

“Or, maybe we should wait for the rest of the team like we already discussed.”

“I’m going over there. How’s my hair?”

“Damn it. No. Just stay here. Follow the orders for once.”

“I don’t like the way that raccoon keep looking at my arm.”

“Lots of people look at your arm.”

“But usually in fear. Not while laughing and making grabby hands.”

“You both are ridiculous. I’m going over there.”

“Stay here!”
“What did we just–”
“Why doesn’t he ever listen?”

“Hey there. Welcome to earth. Or back to Earth as the case may be. Tony Stark.”

“Peter Quill. Uh, or Star Lord, as I am known throughout the galaxy.”

“Iron Man. Even though the suit isn’t technically iron at all.”

“Well Iron Man. You uh… want to see my space ship?”

“Are you personally going to be giving me the tour?”

“Oh definitely.”

“Lead on Star Lord.”
“I am Groot?”

“Yeah, he almost wet himself when the human called him Star Lord.”

“I am Groot?”

“No, buddy they didn’t want anyone else to come along.”

“I am Groot.”

“I know. So rude.”

“I am Groot?”

“No, it’s probably not just a tour. When he said tour he meant… something different.”

“I am Groot?”

“I’ll explain when you’re older. Just stay away from StarButt’s quarters for a while, eh?”

“I am Groot!”

“What!? No more TV for you! How do you even know that word!”

An actual conversation I had

Sister: So what do you think of those ships where one of the boys is protective over the other and will keep them safe so no one hurts their baby?


Sister: So you like those kinds of ships then?

Me: ……yes.

True story XD

Slow Hands (Reader x Newt Scamander)

Fandom: Fantastic beasts

Pairing: Reader x Newt Scamander

Warnings: um cheeky drunk newt and SMUT oops

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: The is inspired by the song slow hands by niall horan, you in no way need to know the song but I recommend it. Basically you go to a bar with newt and the rest of the gang but newt gets a bit too drunk and says some things he can’t un confess… and then smut because why not

You looked in the mirror at your reflection and you could see Queenie in the background giving you a reassuring smile, you had let her pick out your dress for the night. You were headed out to a wizard bar with Queenie, Tina, Jacob and Newt. “Oh Y/N that dress looks so good on you, Newt won’t be able to keep his eyes off you” Queenie said, you responded “Queenie I don’t think newt likes me that way, he has clearly shown he only wants to be friends”. Queenie smirked “I wouldn’t be too sure about that Y/N and I don’t have to read his thoughts to know it” you blushed at the thought of Newt possibly liking you but you were worried you would mess up your friend ship if you said anything but the timid boy would never make a move.

You guys were travelling by Apartition to the bar and when you were getting ready to go Newt reached out his hand for you and you grab it, quickly getting butterflies, but they were immediately killed by the similar but different twisting feeling of the teleportation spell. When you arrived you landed and stumbled into Newt, him catching you which resulted in a light blush across both your cheeks. You gained your balance and newt said ”you alright Y/N” you looked at him and replied “oh I’m just fine”.

The night went on as they always do, you guys sat at a table near the corner of the bar where the music wasn’t too loud so you guys could drink and talk and take a few trips to the dance floor. You and queenie were dancing and she was trying to convince Jacob to join but he hadn’t quite had enough to drink yet to get him dancing, but Newt on the other hand had his fair share of drinks so early into the night, he smiled at you from the table making you blush.

When Jacob finally joined the two of you they mostly danced together but you were fine on your own, you didn’t like when guys approached you and asked you to dance or what not and you had a bad habit of sort of running away from any man who came close to you instead of talking to them because you didn’t want to.

You went back to the table and sat beside newt who had a stupid grin on his face and you knew he was drunk “having a good time Newt? he looked at you and said “wonderful, I could watch you dance all night, you guys, all of you, I , I could watch you all dance all night” he stuttered steering away from the direct compliment but you knew what he meant and you smiled back at him. You ordered another drink and stayed beside Newt Just enjoying the music and when he rested his hand on your thigh you nearly jumped, he wasn’t the touchy type especially since your dress had ridden up and his hand was directly on your skin.

At one point you and Newt were the only two at the table sitting very close, he was talking to you with his face even closer to yours looking directly into your eyes and losing his train of thought, “Newt? You were in the middle of talking and you just stopped? what were you saying?”, he looked from your lips to your eyes “Y/N your eyes are so pretty I lost my words” he admitted in his drunken state an didn’t even try to take back the complement he let the words float off of his tongue as he continued to blatantly stare at you. You blushed and he smiled at how flustered you were from such and innocent compliment. Newt moved his hand from your thigh and pressed it on your cheek. He looked into your eyes once again, as if he hadn’t already done that enough, looking for a sign of permission as you lightly nodded not sure what he was doing and he leaned in and kissed you almost bumping noses.

The kiss was quick because there was a bit of sober Newt pulling him away slightly embarrassed of his brash actions but you quickly re assured him by kissing him back, easily wrapping your hands around his neck only stopping the kiss once you remembered you were in public. You both pulled away and looked at each other until everyone returned to the table un knowing of what you guys had just done.

You realized the time “oh, I better get going, it’s getting pretty late” Newt turned his head quickly “wait your leaving? “ Newt looked a bit sad but you grabbed his hand pulling him out of his seat and said ”yeah , you’re walking me home right ?” Newt smiled happily at your words but before he could agree you said in his ear “there’s no chance that I’m leaving here without you” Newts cheeks blushed and he got excited by your words he couldn’t get you home fast enough so he grabbed your hand and did the Apartition spell bringing you both to your apartment.

Newt wasted no time now that you were alone but he was still very drunk and clumsy about everything he was doing. “Y/N I’ve been thinking about you all day, and once I saw you in that dress and your eyes looked so pretty tonight” he would have kept blabbering on but you shut him up by kissing him. The kiss deepened as newt pushed you against the back of your door getting as close to you as he could. He slowly moved his hands to around your waist and then slowly they moved lower. You wanted things to be moving faster but you remembered newt was drunk and he does everything slow when he drunk, you almost groaned at the thought of how much of a tease he would be tonight but you stopped yourself.

You pushed your back off the door and without breaking the kiss that was deepening as time went on, you moved to your bedroom and you pushed Newt onto the bed straddling him and grinding into his hips creating a small moan to fall from Newt swollen lips as he continued to kiss you. You started grinding faster gaining more friction but newt stopped this kiss “I just wanna take my time with you” he almost whispered and rolled you over so he was lying almost beside you and you sighed at the loss of touch. But before you knew it newt was pulling you close to him and sliding his large hand up your thigh almost painfully slow, stopping when he reached your panties, he pushed them to the side carefully and traced over your entrance staring into your eyes, you moaned softly at the touch, moving close to him, his pace was dreadful but you didn’t want to push him.

Newt pushed a finger inside of you making you gasp and then placing a second in right after, he started pumping his fingers, he may have been drunk but even at his slow pace he was so good. You thought about asking him to go faster but you knew there was no stopping his plans he had for you or stopping his slow hands.

He started pumping faster as you rapped your arms around him and he kissed your neck, he wasn’t thinking so you knew he was going to leave marks, you were reaching your high and he started dong circles on your clit bring you there, leaving a mess on his fingers and moaning his name while pulling lightly on his hair.

Newt looked up at you again and smiled cheekily happy at the pleasure he had just brought you but then you decided it was your turn to be in control. “Newt as much as I love your slow hands we’re going to need to pick it up a little” You rid yourself of your panties and pulled down Newts pants slowly grazing over the bulge in his pants. You straddled him and started removing his shirt he immediately copied you, pulling your tight dress over your arms and head leaving you both there naked. “okay miss don’t want to be so slow, hurry up” Newt said and you giggled kissing him as you sat up putting his hard length in your hand holding it in place and slowly sat back down on him, taking all of his length inside you, you started moving faster moaning every time you went back down.

Newt quickly grabbed your hips moving you how he wanted you picking up speed, you could feel yourself reaching your high and by the way newt was twitching inside you , you could tell he was too. You both came together, Newt released inside of you and you moaned into a deep kiss not removing him from you for a minute.

You slowly laid down beside him and he turned over to look at you seeing bruises appear on your hips “wow those are some dark marks from such slow hands” you teased and Newt just nuzzled his head into your neck kissing you and apologising for bruising your skin. You brushed it off and laid your head on his chest slowly drifting to sleep.


edit: adding in some general percentages for additional clarity

Hey everybody its time to make that sweet summer cash because I need money to keep going to school ✌✌✌

contact me @ if youre interested or if you have any questions!!

Pricing info listed above, with upcharge for things like additional characters (70% addition for added characters), backgrounds, or more complicated designs, which we can discuss privately!

i am open to drawing things like nudity, OCs, real people, shipping art, art for fandoms I’m not int, detailed outfits/armor and things of that sort

I am not open to drawing are nsf/w, hard gor/e, and things of that nature that would make me uncomfortable. You can contact me privately if you’re unsure if what you want counts or not!

Rivamika Meta Masterlist [Part I]

[Part II]  

Here’s a masterlist of all the Rivamika-relevant meta ever posted or reblogged in this blog, ordered from oldest to newest. I’m aware this list is still missing some great meta - either they’re queued or I haven’t read them (yet). Feel free to PM me if you have any suggestions about the descriptions or want to show me something new - I’ll keep this list updated. Please be aware that most of this meta contains manga spoilers.

I made sure to credit everyone who created or made contributions to each post, because without you the Rivamika ship fandom wouldn’t be what it is today. 

Thank you, everyone, for shipping Rivamika with so much passion. Isn’t it amazing that we have so much meta content about our ship? Be proud (;


  1. What makes Rivamika so beautiful  ( @kenken-chan )
  2. The chemistry of Rivamika ( @viktornikiiforov )
  3. The canonicity of Rivamika ( @whyiloverivamika )
  4. Levi treats Mikasa differently, Mikasa finally found someone she could relate to ( @amayaokami )
  5. Reasons to love and ship Rivamika ( @viktornikiiforov )
  6. How Levi and Mikasa’s bond evolved, and their eye chemistry ( @rivamikalover )
  7. “I’m with you!”, Levi and Mikasa in the Forest of Giant Trees (@mirime-kisarrastine)
  8. Rivamika and age difference ( @whyiloverivamika )
  9. The manga is full of evidence and backing when it comes to RivaMika (@whyiloverivamika )
  10. Isayama is a Rivamika fanboy  ( @amayaokami )
  11. Solid pro-Rivamika arguments  (@whyiloverivamika)
  12. How do Levi and Mikasa address each other in japanese?  (@canon-rivamika)
  13. Why does Levi get speechless around Mikasa? What’s the meaning of his glances towards her?  ( @canon-rivamika )
  14. SNK Ship Appreciation: Levi and Mikasa  ( @momtaku )
  15. What if Levi and Mikasa met in a different situation?  ( @amayaokami )
  16. Humanity’s strongest soldiers care too much and they share their biggest weakness  ( @canon-rivamika )
  17. Rivamika can go both ways -both have each other’s backs, there is no damsel in distress ( @aboutmikasa / @ackercums )
  18. Do you think Levi and Mikasa hate each other? Think again ( @ackercums )
  19. Rivamika and trust: theory and timeline ( @ackerslave )
  20. Levi is the character who has aided Mikasa’s personal growth the most ( @erensjaegerbombs)
  21. SNK Ship Appreciation: Levi & Mikasa ( @erensjaegerbombs )
  22. What does SASHA know about Rivamika? ( @canon-rivamika )
  23. Levi and Mikasa, who clearly aren’t the best at teamwork since they can rely on their own power, managed to work flawlessly in a team, and that’s one of the reasons why Rivamika is so appealing ( @mirime-kisarrastine )
  24. Mikasa has high esteem for Levi’s abilities, and most of the time Mikasa either imitates or tries to incorporate his moves into her own fighting style ( @heavenlyfury / @canon-rivamika )
  25. How Mikasa’s opinion of Levi has changed ( @whyiloverivamika )
  26. Any kind relationship between Levi and Mikasa would be incredibly beneficial to both of them ( @whyiloverivamika )
  27. Rivamika is one of the select few ships that start from one-sided animosity and grow to a trust-based relationship in canon ( @canon-rivamika )
  28. Levi and Mikasa are now officially humanity’s strongest pair ( @humanitys-strongest-shitposts / @canon-rivamika )
  29. Levi and Mikasa see each other as they really are, and are quick to notice each other’s flaws ( @whyiloverivamika )
  30. Levi and Mikasa don’t actually want to kill each other ( @rynnie-meiru )
  31. What makes us like Rivamika? ( @ask-littl-mikasa / @rynnie-meiru / @cathsjoker / @canon-rivamika)
  32. Rivamika: a balanced partnership where both provide the catalyst for the other’s personal growth ( @mirime-kisarrastine )
  33. Why the Rivamika fandom is the the most chill in the SNK fandom ( @whyiloverivamika )


  1. Levi had already heard of Mikasa before they met ( @fuku-shuu )
  2. Levi knew Mikasa’s family when she was just a baby ( @ackersexual )
  3. Levi knew Mikasa and possibly failed to fulfill his duty to her in the past ( @chronic-confessions ) ( @chronic-aesthete )
  4. Levi saw his past ACWNR self in Mikasa ( @shingeki-no-tsubasa​ )
  5. Levi met Mikasa’s family before their death; the Asian clan mark ( @amayaokami​ )
  6. Maybe the reason Levi stares so much at Mikasa is because she reminds him of his younger days ( @trashy-bag / @ackerthugs
  7. What if Levi had heard of Mikasa before the Trost Battle through Keith Shadis? ( @whyiloverivamika )


  1. Mikasa and Levi’s subtle relationship development ( @wirsinddieranters / @fuku-shuu )
  2. Levi was concerned about Mikasa during the battle against the Female Titan in Stohess ( @hizaki-x )
  3. There’s more to Mikasa’s reaction at Eren’s trial than what it seems ( @whyiloverivamika )
  4. Perhaps Levi got even more violent at Eren’s trial because they also threatened to execute Mikasa ( @canon-rivamika​ )
  5. The pivotal point in Levi and Mikasa’s relationship: the Carriage Scene ( @whyiloverivamika )
  6. Why so many people started shipping Rivamika after Levi saved Mikasa from the Female Titan ( @suniuz / @rivamikaislife / @doseofmyimagination
  7. Changes to the Rivamika scenes in both Season 1 and 2 of the anime ( @canon-rivamika )
  8. Changes to the carriage scene in Season 2 - did Isayama have any say in this? ( @canon-rivamika )
  9. Changes to the Rivamika scenes in Season 2 - what now? ( @canon-rivamika )
  10. The carriage scene might be continued in a different way in Season 2 ( @canon-rivamika )


  1. Trust between Rivamika ( @suniuz )
  2. Levi and Mikasa’s glances at each other; Mikasa doesn’t understand Levi but trusts him ( @accioackerman / @suniuz )
  3. How Levi and Mikasa grew to trust each other ( @rivamikalover )
  4. Levi asked for Mikasa’s help without hesitation because unlike the others he isn’t intimidated by her ( @amayaokami )
  5. Favorite Rivamika moment: Levi wanted to “test” Mikasa by offering Eren to Reeves ( @akutamatsu )
  6. It was a thrill seeing Levi and Mikasa fight in harmony and perfectly synchronized ( @momtaku )
  7. Mikasa accepted Levi’s decisions throughout the Uprising Arc and, together with Armin, she was the first to voice her support for him to the rest of his squad  ( @canon-rivamika )


  1. The titan serum will either go to Levi or Mikasa because they’re humanity’s strongest ( @shortie-levi )
  2. Mikasa doesn’t react angrily to Levi beating up Eren ( @canon-rivamika)
  3. The Ackerbowl won’t ruin all the progress made in Levi and Mikasa’s relationship ( @amayaokami )
  4. Levi saw himself in Mikasa during their fight ( @lucyheartfiliadragnir )
  5. Mikasa won’t just willingly go along with Levi’s decision to inject Erwin with the serum, and that is in-character for her ( @lampurple )
  6. What will the next Rivamika be like after their fight? ( @amayaokami )
  7. Levi doesn’t need to apologise to Mikasa or Eren because of their fight, and he didn’t resist Mikasa because her reaction might’ve broken the serum kit ( @canon-rivamika )
  8. Mikasa reversed her blade when Flocke approached her! ( @fuku-shuu / @suniuz )
  9. Levi could’ve manhandled Mikasa if he wanted to ( @ackersexual )
  10. Levi’s new drive after this arc will be Mikasa, and they will bond over their shared lineage ( @canon-rivamika )
  11. Levi and Mikasa need to talk it out after the Ackerbowl, and Mikasa should express her gratitude to him ( @canon-rivamika )
  12. Rivamika is not sinking in Chapter 84 ( @ackerslave )
  13. What will Levi do now that he’s lost his liege? ( @h-c-lima / @canon-rivamika )
  14. Will Levi lose his powers after losing his liege? If we look at how Mikasa handled Eren’s “death”, then he won’t ( @canon-rivamika )
  15. The discovery of the basement and the Grisha files makes for the perfect opportunity to bring up the Ackerman Clan ( @amayaokami )
  16. Levi’s decision to not hold a grudge against Mikasa and Eren shows how unselfish and caring he is towards his squad and Hange ( @lampurple )
  17. This is the first time Mikasa gets a little scared of Levi’s reaction, since usually she is the only one mocking him ( @leviyato )
  18. Is the fight between Levi and Mikasa a good thing for the Rivamika ship? ( @canon-rivamika )
  19. What if the choice for the serum injection was between Erwin and Mikasa instead of Armin? ( @canon-rivamika)
  20. Should Mikasa have fought with all her might against Levi? ( @canon-rivamika )
  21. I loved the Ackerbowl because I know how hard it was for Mikasa to draw her blade on Levi ( @snkception )
  22. Levi’s choice isn’t an easy one ( @dirtylevi
  23. Levi looked in pain knowing that he hurt Mikasa’s feelings during the serum bowl, and he was reluctant to hurt her physically as well ( @whyiloverivamika )


  1. Will Levi and Mikasa’s bond strengthen when EMA go their separate ways? ( @amayaokami )
  2. With EMA going their separate ways, there’s a solid chance of a post-canon AU where Levi and Mikasa end up together ( @alienheartattack )
  3. With SNK ending in a few years, how will Levi and Mikasa’s relationship further develop now that she is basically his right-hand woman? ( @renasaince-fall / @canon-rivamika )
  4. Levi should be there for Mikasa because he relates the most to her pain ( @amayaokami )
  5. Levi and Mikasa’s misfortunes bringing them together doesn’t take away any authenticity from their relationship development ( @amayaokami )
  6. Post-canon Rivamika theories (if they survive to the end of the manga) ( @canon-rivamika / @doseofmyimagination )
  7. Future Rivamika interactions, a possible trip outside the walls to search for possible Ackermans and East Sea people living outside the walls ( @canon-rivamika)
  8. If Levi and Mikasa survived to the end of the manga, would they form some sort of familial bond? ( @renasaince-fall )
  9. There has been a time skip and Mikasa is now older. Both Levi and Mikasa need time to heal after the serumbowl. What happens now? ( @canon-rivamika )
  10. Will Rivamika become canon now that there was a time skip? ( @kenken-chan )

Updated 05/05/17

Twitter is SO fucking disgusting and I am so mad with literally ALL the Beronica shippers there. They are so hateful and rude to the ACTORS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

The comment’s under this tweet are horrible and I honestly wish that Lili and the whole cast went on Tumblr to see how much support Bughead has.Let me just show you: 

‘”Congrats on not having taste” (im honestly so done w humans)

Let me break it down for you. These actors want to release scenes that didn’t make it into an episode because they are PROUD OF THEM. If they weren’t , they wouldn’t post them. So a whole bunch of people saying shit like “if it isn’t beronica keep it” probably makes them feel like SHIT.

I just can’t deal with the Twitter hate. We honestly need to get EVERYONE who ships Bughead ON TUMBLR to go to Lili’s twitter and comment something about Bughead, and then like all the tweets we see about Bughead because this is honestly ridiculous. I have said it before and I will say it okay: It is okay to not ship something/like something, but putting hate onto other people for it is not gonna fix anything. I literally saw someone with the username “@/bugheadcanchoke” and their tagline thing was “Anti lice” :) cool

  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about
Taz Pride Week 2017

Hello! If you’re seeing this, you’ve come across the effort to begin a week worth of pride within the Adventure Zone community. Give the post a read if you’re interested, and please signal boost this post if you can so the word can get out!

What is Taz Pride Week?
June is pride month, as most of you probably know. I wanted to make a week where the TAZ fandom could appreciate all the good good LGBT+ content the McElroys give us. Thus, this event was born!

Okay, when is it?
Taz Pride Week is going to start on June 23, and it’ll run until the end of June, June 30.

How do I get involved?
Just tag any artwork/fanfiction/fansong/etc. you might make with #tazprideweek or #tazprideweek2017 (either with or without spaces is fine, I’ll track both), or submit your work to the blog!

Okay, nerd, what’s the theme for each day?
Glad you asked, theoretical person (also, rude)

June 23- Favorite LGBT+ TAZ ship
June 24-
Favorite wlw TAZ ship
June 25-
Favorite mlm TAZ ship
June 26-
Trans / Genderqueer headcanons
June 27-
Coming Out / Acceptance
June 28-
Rarepair Appreciation Day
June 29-
IPRE Days / What the future holds for your favorite ship/character
June 30-
Bonus Day! Make whatever you want!

- Please keep the entries SFW. I’m a minor and I intend on letting other minors see this blog, plus it’s more fun to let everyone in on something.
- No abusive ships (lookin’ at you, sazed)
- Get creative with your entries, but don’t forget to have fun!

If there’s any questions or confusion about the event, please feel free to send me an ask here or on my main. Again, if you can, please signal boost this post so as many people as possible can see this! Have a wonderful pride month!

Family Lore/Seattle Bites Kickstarter Questions!

Hi all! I’m working on the final paperwork/getting my bank card to the right freaking address before launch, and I think right now would be a good time to ask some quick questions so we all get the best deal out of this!

1.  How much do you regard as a fair price for an Ebook, Paperback or Hardcover of each book?  Both books are looking like they’ll be in the 80-100K wordcount range, and will contain illustrations/photos.

2. What rewards would you like to see for Seattle Bites? Character art? World-Building/characterization how-To essays?  Release of a short story set in-universe?  (I tend to write in a very circular fashion with late-stage editing, so I don’t think early release of chapters would be a good idea.) Other ideas?

3. What rewards would you like to see for Family Lore?  Early release of stories? A genealogy map feat. Dubiously Flattering Portraits and Suspect Nick-Names?  Other ideas?

4. I plan on putting in a Minimum pledge tier for people who only have a buck or two but would like to support the projects.  What would be a nice reward to offer?

5. I plan on offering international shipping and both physical and ebook copies.  Don’t want international peeps left out in the cold.  I will also have weekly email updates to keep everyone appraised of progress.   Do you guys have any other questions?

Please reblog!  Help spread the word and help me collect more data to make these projects successful!