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I saw that you said in your recent post that you were gonna tell us what you liked about SS and I was wondering if you could still tell us because I'm curious what you have to say!! :) Also, why do you like them more than other Sasuke and Sakura ships if you don't mind me asking??

I ship SS because Sakura was the only girl who not only always wanted what was best for Sasuke, but also actively and constantly strove to make that happen. Karin always just wanted to help Sasuke, and I respect her for that. I’ve always been very grateful to her for helping to keep my favourite character alive on numerous occasions, and I believe her affections for him were genuine. However, that’s all I can say about it. Whereas not only were Sakura’s feelings for him also genuine, but she was also actively trying to secure a better future for him by trying to dissuade him from continuing down his dark path. Karin noticed how sinister he was becoming during the arc in the Land of Iron. Yet, she was still aiding him in committing all those crimes, and it was only after he had impaled her and completely disregarded her life, that she realized that helping him while he was in that frame of mind, wasn’t doing any good for anybody. It shouldn’t have taken that long, and that much for her to reach that conclusion. I know she was just trying to do all she could to help him, but she should have known that “helping” him in that situation wasn’t doing him any favours in the long run.

Sakura knew that from the very first instance she witnessed Sasuke’s darkness in the Forest of Death. As soon as she saw it, she tried to pull him out of the darkness, and this desire never diminished:

People tend to look at Sasuke’s side and say he always hated her or doesn’t care about her at all, when that’s just not true. Tobirama and Hagoromo explain Sasuke’s character brilliantly in 619 and 693 respectively. They basically reveal that the only true representations of Sasuke’s character were before the massacre, and after 698. Essentially, the times when he wasn’t afflicted by the curse of hatred which constantly caused him to push away love, and magnify the negative emotions, including resentment, hatred, jealousy etc.

But despite his affliction, you could still see that he cared for his friends, including Sakura. He described her as someone “dear” to him in 133, which was only reiterated in 177, when Kakashi stated that they had both found “precious” companions, to which Sasuke then thinks of Sakura and Naruto. He sincerely thanked her for everything she had done for him in 181. He was reminded of his relationship with Team 7 when he saw how much Taka were doing for him against Killer Bee in 414. Naruto indicated how Sasuke’s body just moved on its own to save Kakashi and Sakura from the infinite Tsukuyomi in 680 etc.

All these indicators demonstrated that despite Sasuke’s outward desires to be alone and push away the affection that was offered to him, he still deeply valued his friends. This told me that when Sasuke would be saved from the darkness, he’d welcome Sakura’s affections and start seeing her, as well as the entire world from a new perspective, and that’s exactly what happened. His hatred turned into love (as Hagoromo predicted it would in 693), and he was able to see things with clarity (as he described in 699):

I just really liked that Sakura (and Naruto) were always striving to attain a better future for their dear friend who was suffering so much. And that Sasuke, despite his internal struggle with his affliction, was still able to demonstrate that he cared about his friends, and that once the curse no longer had a hold of his heart, he was able to give Sakura such a meaningful expression of affection.

Theatre Kid AUs

-that stage kiss WAS NOT SCRIPTED WTF
- I’m the stage manager and you’re the cocky lead who won’t SHUT UP backstage PEOPLE CAN HEAR YOU
-for closing night bets you slipped me tongue during our stage kiss what the fuck do I do
-we’re not playing the romantic leads but everyone ships our characters and they keep making us take pictures together in costume (I kind of love it)
-we’re in the chorus together and you never know what the notes are so you have to stand impossibly close to me to listen and it just makes me mess up and I SWEAR TO GOD ARE YOU DOING THAT ON PURPOSE
-everyone in the show has to wear makeup I swear I will wrestle you into this chair if I have to
-oh my god you’re doing my makeup and you’re so close and I can’t breathe
-I may have learned your romantic lead’s part and then attempted to take them out the night of the show
-we made out in the light booth
-this is the first time I’ve seen you in costume and holy fuck how do you look so good in that

♡angsty/suggestive sentence starters♡

send me a number and a character/ship and i’ll write it! 

  1. “why do you always have to be such an asshole?
  2. “if you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”
  3. “is there any reason as to why you’re getting drunk on a tuesday afternoon?
  4. “i just don’t want to think for a while.”
  5. “say it again.”
  6. “don’t lie to me.”
  7. “i’m sick of being treated like this.”
  8. “i didn’t mean it like that, and you know it!”
  9. “so this is it?”
  10. “i don’t want to go to bed angry.”
  11. “don’t touch me.”
  12. “i’m pretty good at providing distractions.”
  13. “i’m not saying i want a threesome- but i wouldn’t be opposed to it.”
  14. “just sit down and let me take care of you.”
  15. “is that- blood?”
  16. “i just want to help you relax.”
  17. “does that feel good?”
  18. “i don’t love you anymore.”
  19. “i loved you. past tense.”
  20. “stop lying!”
  21. “jealousy isn’t cute on you.”
  22. “don’t call me ‘princess,’ asshole.”
  23. “i deserve better.”
  24. “you deserve better.”
  25. “you make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”
  26. “you left your underwear back at my place.”
  27. “you just broke the last bit of trust i had in you.”
  28. “i hope you’re happy.”
  29. “does that line ever work?”
  30. “you’re the best i’ve ever had.”
  31. “is that all you’ve got?”
  32. “hit me!”
  33. “tell me this is a dream.”
  34. “let’s keep this between the two of us.”
  35. “is that my shirt?”
  36. “why do you even care?”
  37. “i’m sick of being ‘the other girl/guy.’”
  38. “you love her/him.”
  39. “can you take it?”
  40. “i’m not going to break.”
  41. “we’re not just friends. you know that.”
  42. “friends don’t get each other off.”
  43. “it’s over- and it’s for real this time.”
  44. “i’m not that flexible!”
  45. “you don’t scare me.”
  46. “it’s okay, i’m here.”
  47. “you’re not alone. you never were.”
  48. “i’m in love with you but i don’t want you to hurt me.”
  49. “it’s complicated.”
  50. “you’re the only one.”

1. First of all I want to thank the whole noragami fandom for being a bunch of awesome people. It’s nice to see that the fandom really cares about their members and treats everyone with mutual respect. There are many fandoms with shipping wars and hate but noragami is compared to them peacefull (at least on tumblr xD) I’m happy to be part of this fandom!

For my followers:

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Twitter is SO fucking disgusting and I am so mad with literally ALL the Beronica shippers there. They are so hateful and rude to the ACTORS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

The comment’s under this tweet are horrible and I honestly wish that Lili and the whole cast went on Tumblr to see how much support Bughead has.Let me just show you: 

‘”Congrats on not having taste” (im honestly so done w humans)

Let me break it down for you. These actors want to release scenes that didn’t make it into an episode because they are PROUD OF THEM. If they weren’t , they wouldn’t post them. So a whole bunch of people saying shit like “if it isn’t beronica keep it” probably makes them feel like SHIT.

I just can’t deal with the Twitter hate. We honestly need to get EVERYONE who ships Bughead ON TUMBLR to go to Lili’s twitter and comment something about Bughead, and then like all the tweets we see about Bughead because this is honestly ridiculous. I have said it before and I will say it okay: It is okay to not ship something/like something, but putting hate onto other people for it is not gonna fix anything. I literally saw someone with the username “@/bugheadcanchoke” and their tagline thing was “Anti lice” :) cool

Debunking the “Fake Dating/Marriages in the Entertainment industry dont Exist!” Myth

In this post  I want to talk about fake dating and marriages in the entertainment industry. I advise everyone, whether you ship or not, to put aside your viewpoints on shipping and take into consideration the points that I will be making in this post. I will not edit any names in this post for this reason, so if you arent interested please just ignore this and dont give me shyt about why I am ‘tagging’ other ship names. *roll eyes* You have a choice on what you do and dont want to read, and this is also why the ‘keep reading’ option has been included.

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Boyfriend Mark

A/N - The first in a little series of Got7 as your boyfriend! I’ll be doing this in age order and uploading a new one each week~ This was actually my first time writing like this so let me know if it was any good! Keep sending in your requests and remember, ships will be closing tonight!

JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • just imagine the ethereal Mark Tuan as your boyfriend
  • like that would just be perfect
  • who would want anything more than this little ray of sunshine
  • he’d be so freaking cuddly
  • omg Mark cuddles would be the best
  • and he’d do them at such random times as well
  • you’re just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal *hug*
  • you’re getting dressed *hug*
  • doing you’re makeup *hug*
  • and don’t even get me started on his kisses
  • they’d range from cute little pecks on the cheek to just full on making out
  • and whenever he started making out with you randomly, he’d just stop and walk away
  • bc he’s such a little tease especially in the bedroom
  • Mark would always want to surprise you with little gifts from all the places he visits on tour
  • which leads to you having a massive collection of keyrings, teddy bears and postcards
  • but you love every single one of them because he looked at them all and thought of you and your pretty face
  • he’d send so many tour snapchats as well 
  • and they’d be of the weirdest things
  • normal people would take photos of the scenery or something
  • but nope Mark goes for taking photos of every bathroom in all the hotel rooms he stays in
  • and whenever you asked why he’d just try and distract you with a shirtless selfie and let’s be real, it works
  • Mark would miss you so much on tour though omg
  • he’d call you every night just so he could hear your voice
  • and he’d make sure to text you when you woke up with a cute message
  • he’d count down the days until he saw you again
  • but he would always make sure the countdown is wrong so that he can surprise you when he comes home
  • and somehow you’d never realise even though he does it every single time he goes away
  • jealous!Mark wouldn’t happen very often because he trusts you with his life and knows you’d never do anything with someone else
  • but every now and then someone would stand a little too close and compliment you a little too much
  • and he’d just switch into a jealous boyfriend
  • it was a rare sight but whenever you noticed him tense up and have a blank expression on his face, you’d know he’s jealous
  • and you’d then make sure to show the person flirting with you that you’re already taken 
  • now let’s talk about the bit everyone was waiting for…the smut
  • Mark Tuan in the bedroom…yes please
  • he’d be so loving and would some nights be really passionate and slow, wanting to make it last
  • but other nights would be the complete opposite, especially if someone had been flirting with you a lot
  • and those other nights were amazing
  • he’d be more rough and he’d leave so many love bites over your neck and collarbones
  • basically Mark Tuan would be an angel of a boyfriend until you got him into the bedroom where he was anything but
  • I just want soft and cuddly Mark in my life though he’s too cute and sexy


Hey friends, like I said earlier, I’m gonna be sending BLM/antifa patches off, so if you could let me know if you want some/which ones so I know how many to make that’d be great! They’re all abt 4″ wide. I’m not sure abt shipping outside the US at this time, but I’ll keep y’all updated on that if necessary.

happy birthday, princess | chanyeol ft. baekhyun

posted: monday, november 14, 2016

aye! thank you so much for requesting, amanda! i hope you like it! :)

this is my first time writing/posting a scenario, or anything for real. i know this is shit, but i wish to keep improving my writing and visuals with time! and, i’m sorry for any errors! i’d love to hear what you think and your feedback! please make requests as they make me so, so happy and will basically keep the blog going! you can request anything you want! from scenarios, imagines, blurbs, ships, mtl’s, texts, etc. of bts, exo, got7 and more. or if you just wanna ask me stuff or simply talk to me, feel free to do so through ask! :) thank you so much for reading and supporting! request some more!

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♡ pairing: chanyeol x reader

♡ prompt: it’s your birthday and chanyeol has something to tell you

♡ genre: fluff

♡ word count: 2,292

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An actual conversation I had

Sister: So what do you think of those ships where one of the boys is protective over the other and will keep them safe so no one hurts their baby?


Sister: So you like those kinds of ships then?

Me: ……yes.

True story XD

Elm’s First Ever Giveaway!

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In honor of 428 followers and with Yule coming up, I have FINALLY put together my first ever giveaway! There will be two winners who will be getting two very nice goodies! I know you all don’t really care about reading a whole paragraph that just rambles on and on. Instead I will try my best to keep it short and simple!

The Prizes

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1) US & Canada Residents Only (I’m sorry but shipment is really expensive).

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3) Winners will be chosen via random number generator and you MUST be willing to give me a shipping address.

4) DO NOT TAG AS A GIVEAWAY! If you do, they’ll take it down and that’s your loss.

5) This giveaway is in no way associated with Tumblr. This is just a thanks to everyone being amazing and wonderful.

6) Giveaway ends December 5th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.


Have a World of Warcraft character on Wyrmrest Accord? Check out @gwenivyr for the WoW Giveaway I’m doing! I know, none of this has fancy graphics or anything. But hey! It is what it is! Thanks so much everyone and have a lovely day!

- Elm

|| Ignoct Aesthetic: Contrasting Colors; Light and Darkness(?) ||

And I will make sure to keep my distance,
Say I love you when you’re not listening,
How long can we keep this up?


Wanted to try my hand at making aesthetics? And I let @ruebird​ pressure me into making one for the good ol’ OTP, so… here it is! I’ve never made one before so I hope this one is okay!! 

Widow’s Thoughts During the Alive Video
  • Alright, let’s do this 
  • Is that a spider? Fuck I used to be terrified of those.
  • Just gotta *crack* there we go 
  • One guard down, thirty more to go
  • Haha, surprise bitch 
  • I’m going to get serious rope burn from this 
  • Alright, narrowing in on the target, at least thirty meters away WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT 
  • Oh you have to be fucking kidding me 
  • Your stupid accent makes me want to kill you even more 
  • I keep shooting at you but you’re hiding behind that bit of wall and I don’t really feel like moving so I’m just going to coincidentally give you enough time to alert the guards before getting out of here 
  • Fine, I’m done with you 
  • Got to take out all the guards 
  • Shit Mondatta is getting away 
  • I totes got this 
  • Come on, chase me 
  • Hah! Bet you weren’t expecting the gas, right?
  • You’re dead now 
  • You stupid bitch 
  • Shit okay gas gas she’s going to attack you but where is it coming from?
  • Hah! Called it. Alright, shoot then jump. You can do this 
  • Big explosion. I’m going to be deaf in that ear for a week 
  • Wow, I can shoot right through your chronal accelerator, taking out two targets at once. Nice! 
  • You’re still fucking alive
  • Quick! Say something witty and Frenchy 
  • There goes my gun 
  • And now you’re on top of me 
  • This escalated quickly 
  • You’re really warm
  • Shit shit don’t be gay say something heterosexual and cool 
  • You’re as pretty as I remembered 
  • Say something sexy, then bash her head into the wall. 
  • Ooh, she’s probably going to have a concussion 
  • Grab the gun 
  • Sexy walk, sexy walk 
  • Enjoy the view of London 

it honestly make me laugh so much that the people that are complaining about a kiss on the cheek are the same people who ship a couple that had sex the same day they met in a mental institute and a grow up man who had sexual dreams about a teenage girl. You are all so fake honestly and you can try how much you want to make us feel bad but there is literally nothing to feel bad? so keep trying, you lost anyway


The “We’ll Meet Again” Terrarium

I decided to use fake flowers until I could get my hands on some real ones, which I don’t currently have the money for. I am so in love with this idea.

I wanted to replicate the scenery Bill was in originally but I wanted pretty flowers too. The idea of the towns people being too afraid to go near his statue so the forest starting to grow around him and flowers sprouting in the spring seemed like a pretty fitting excuse for it.

I may also make more if people want one. 

“keep reading” if you want one!

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i really want this to be a blog free of drama but it’s pretty hard when i get pedophiles in my inbox and people being racist or transphobic in general like…. it’s so annoying and disheartening. i thought the YoI fandom would be better than this tbh!!

i guess i just want people to know that this blog is a safe space for you away from the general garbage of the fandom!! and thank you to everyone who sends me nice messages all the time, it makes me very happy. let’s keep shipping Victuuri together happily.



feel free to message me if your’e interested in purchasing one and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! all of these are printed on matte paper and come with a free original sketch x 

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I accept Paypal, mail, and deviantArt points as the payment options. Please make sure that you (and your parents in any case) ok with giving me your address to ship it to you! I will keep you updated with when I mail it out. 

I’m really proud to say...

I’ve successfully dragged most of my followers into OTP hell <3

Ban x King

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All of your comments on how you never knew you could ship it until you read my fanfiction or saw my post O u O <3

Those comments give me life and make me want to keep writing more fanfictions <3 So thank you~

And Welcome to my personal hell, I hope you all enjoy your stay~ <3