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olicity au → Ghost Fox 

The woman is quick, she’s sly, they never see her coming, and she’s gone as soon as she appears. 

She is the Ghost Fox. 

“She’s not coming for you,” Adrian scoffs in his face again, “You keep looking towards that door as if she’s going to walk right through.” 

“She’s coming,” he rasps. 

Adrian shakes his head, “The ones that supposedly love you have given up on you. She’s never going to come for you. You’re just a waste of time.” 

“You don’t know her like I do,” Oliver refuses to give up the last scrap of hope he has. 

Ghost Fox is coming. Felicity is coming. His wife is going to find him. 

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Random gift art to @scisetdaily / @adgerelli because I love your blog and I can’t believe purplebacon is married and is having kids! You always give me my daily dose of Sunset and Twilight keepin me ALIVE

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Earned It || Bucky x Reader

Summary → Upon receiving his orders to join the 107TH, your mother insists on throwing your long-term boyfriend a wholesome, farewell dinner. But Bucky has different plans in mind. (Set in the 1940′s.)

Word Count → 3.2K

Warnings → Cursing, teasing, fingering, unprotected sex (use protection, kiddos). 

A/N → Happy #FreakyFriday y’all! This is by far my absolute favorite smut I have ever written. Sergeant Barnes being a tease while wearing his uniform? Yes, please. Enjoy & as always, can’t wait to hear your feedback!

“Y/N, could you fetch the floral arrangement? It’s on the kitchen counter next to the toaster.” Your mother instructed, though she would never admit it to you, she was clearly a wreck of nerves.

You nodded with a soft smile before scurrying off to the adjacent kitchen. You found the centerpiece she’d put together with ease, primarily composed of daisies and sunflowers, exactly where your mother had said. It was perfectly arranged in a circular vase, it’s meticulous beauty undoubtedly coming from your mother’s years working as a florist. You took the vase carefully between your hands, gripping it tightly as you hurried back to her.

“Where should I place it?” You questioned, watching as she fidgeted incessantly with the table settings.

“Just there, between the candles.” She pointed to a small space at the center of the table, not bothering to meet your gaze as she adjusted the utensils. With a few final touches, here and there, your mother straightened up and smoothed over her apron. “What do you think?”

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @someone-stole-my-shoes!!!!!!!

I sorry this is so very, very late but I wanted to make you something nice and special in hopes it will warm your heart and remind you you’re a wonderful person and deserve all things beautiful in the world. May your life be awesome and colourful, I hope you find lots of hapiness and lots of dorks to ship together and keep writing these amazing stories of yours  ♡ ♡


(A/N): I’m so sorry this is so short but I really couldn’t come up with anything for it :(

Request: Could you write an Avengers/X-men ficlet where the reader assembles the team and confesses to being a mutant? Like, he/she always explained their abilities away as technology or something?

Warnings: none

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   You pace up and down the exterior of the Helicarrier, ringing your hands together as you awaited all the other superbeings to arrive. You knew Nat, she’d been your partner since day one and the two of you were unbelievably close but you didn’t know anyone else in the group. Sure, you’d heard all the stories, the great god of thunder, the two smartest men alive, and the hero who seemed to survive it all. You were more than nervous to meet them, after all, they were these great amazing people and you were- well, you were you. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat places a gentle hand on your shoulder, steadying your nerves only slightly. “It’s okay, they’re gonna love you,” You chuckle dryly, your entire being going taut at the sight of the infamous Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers. Nat smiles just a bit as the two men board the ship, keeping her authoritative demeanor up even when she was trying to be kind. 

   “Mr. Rogers, Mr. Banner,” She greets the two, giving them a firm handshake. “I’m Natasha Romanoff and this is (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” You give the two a polite smile, hoping you didn’t look to nervous. “They’ll be joining our little team of ours,” The two men smile back, Bruce a bit more nervously but Steve’s a bit more confidently. 

   “You work for shield then?” Steve asks, cocking a brow at you. You nod your head, smiling only a bit proudly. 

   “Yes I do,” 

   “You’re an agent?” 

   “Of sorts,” You reply, gently shrugging your shoulders. Steve smiles a bit brighter, nodding his head. “And you miss Romanoff?”

   “I’m an expert in espionage, weapons, and more than a few forms of mixed martial arts,” She smiles sweetly before turning on her heel, a spring in her step as she walked towards the entrance of the helicarrier. “You two might want to follow me, I think Fury would like to speak with all of us,” 

   “All of us?” Bruce asks, his tone holding more nerves than before. 

   “We’ve got two other players in this game; Tony Stark and Thor,” 

   “Thor? Like the god of thunder?” Nat smiles, humming a bit. 

   “Yep,” Bruce gives you a nervous look but you give him a reassuring smile, hoping that it didn’t look too painful. 

   “What about you?” Steve asks, cocking his head at you. “What do you specialize in?” You share a look at Nat, an almost nervous one but you pocket it away, bound and determined to lie to Steve’s face and to make it sound good too. 

   “I specialize in weapons, I’m working on some pretty big stuff right now,” You smile at him, still hoping that the two men couldn’t see through your lie. “And why are you here Mr. Rogers?” Steve chuckles, shaking his head just a bit. 

   ‘I really don’t know, apparently Shield thinks I’m good enough to join your little team,” 

   “Well,” You size him up, giving him a little lopsided smirk, “You aren’t wrong,” 

    How had everything gone downhill so fast? One minute all of you were friends and the next everyone was screaming at each other, demanding the truth and whatnot. 

   “Did you know shield’s been making weapons?” Tony asks, pulling up a secret file. 

  “How did you-” Fury begins but Tony cuts him off once again. 

  “Weapons using the very item we’re hunting, now I don’t know about you guys but this seems just a tiny bit fishy to me,” 

   “Shield’s been storing weapons too,” Steve mutters, throwing an old hydra gun onto a table. Tony hums, staring at the weapon with pursed lips. 

   “Is there anything you’d like to tell us?” Tony asks Fury, squinting his eyes in distaste. 

   “I assure you-” You begin, only to have Tony cut you off as well. 

  “Oh no, don’t you even get started, you can’t talk when it comes to secrets (Y/N).” You look at Tony strangely, a brow cocked in confusion. “I read your file, I know what you are, what you can do-” Your mouth runs dry, your tongue becoming a slab of sandpaper at his words. “Mind manipulation? Interesting sort of weapon is it not?” Steve turns to look at you, a look of distaste upon his face. “Is it even considered a weapon?” Tony continues, tapping his chin in thought. “Or are you?” 

   “Fine,” You mutter, folding your arms over your chest. “Yeah, I’ve got- I’ve got some freaky talents but never once have I ever used them for anything other than the greater good-” 

   “Really? What about this team, this other team you were on- the x-men or whatever they’re called,” 

   “It’s a team of people like me, people with abilities,” 

   “Mutants. You mean Mutants,” Tony mutters, clicking his tongue in disappointment. You hang your head, biting your lip as guilt and shame consumed you. Even with his words you knew what he meant- Freak. You were a Freak. 

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um can you please babble on any thoughts regarding the inner circle + gifts both recieving and giving?? it's something my mind keeps bouncing back and forth cause i remembered rhys gives amren sparkly jewellry from time to time - just think abt who Suffers ('please just fuckin tell me I Need Help' vs who's flawless or who has too many things they could buy) or if any of them get emotional (my poor deprived bbys when it's their first gift ever) PLS give me your thoughts if u wil

okay okay let me see, let me see. Some of this is from past fics I’ve written that I’m shamelessly stealing (can you steal from yourself??) and some of it is just on the spot babble but okay. 

Feyre: Does not like giving gifts.  Does not like giving gifts because no matter what she does or how hard she thinks about it and spends hunting….Somehow it’s never quite right. And she tries, she tries so damn hard but, well, the Circle gets good at pretending they like whatever she’s bought. (She is not fooled. But she is touched that they try. And forever pissed that she can’t just give them money because ffs Rhys did you have to pay them so much all these years!?) 

Does not like receiving gifts either. It’s just….It always generates this Fuss and she does not like Fuss. She insists every year that they don’t have to do anything or get her anything she’s fine, really, she doesn’t want them all going out of their way to get things for her. Unfortunately for her she’s mated to Rhys and there is no way on this planet isn’t taking the opportunity to celebrate every single tiny thing he can about his mate. (”For the last time, Rhys, we are not making celebrating the first time you made me come with just my wings as an annual anniversary.” (Half-horrified, half-delighted Cassian in the background, “That’s what this is about!?”)) 

So she keeps getting plied with really good gifts which makes her hate giving them even more because she just feels guilty she can never find anything that good. She forcibly puts her foot down one year and puts a blanket ban on all gift giving. Rhys ignores it but everyone else obeys (just about….she’s sure that’s a new dress in her wardrobe..and she didn’t have that bow last week….and her paints have definitely been topped up….she hates them all.) 

Rhys: Loves giving gifts. Delights in it. Will use genuinely any excuse to buy gifts for everyone. Also loves shopping for gifts. (Feyre loves Velaris she really and truly does but there’s only so much she can tolerate wandering aimlessly around ‘RHYS. JUST KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING OUT FOR. GO INTO THE STORE THAT SELLS IT. BUY IT. COME HOME. IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.’) Mor typically ends up going with him and Feyre is just, yes, take him, ridiculous male. Anyway, Rhys is one of those annoying pricks who just knows instinctively what people want and then he goes and gets them. 

A bit like Feyre on the gift receiving thing (his Circle have been ignoring him on this for years) He protests. They ignore him. Gifts are exchanged and it’s lovely. They don’t really do the whole party thing but they do make sure they all get him something and take him out for a nice meal or what have you so they can give it to him. 

Mor: would happily spend the rest of her existence buying gifts for other people and giving them to them just because. She and Rhys kind of have a friendly competition going to like out-shop each other. So every year they’re always trying to out-do one another on birthday/solstice gifts and see who can make the other happier with their gift. (They’re utter nerds, seriously) Mor gets the things people don’t know they need until they’re opening it and then oh yes, we need this. Rhys’ gifts can sometimes be more practical but Mor’s are always just ‘yes you definitely need a dress made of nothing but diamonds and starlight, have at it’ and they typically go down well. 

Shamelessly loves getting gifts. But it’s not so much for the stuff she just…Likes having everyone gathered together and opening things and seeing what it is and she’s like a child at Christmas every single year for her birthday. Really does subscribe to the whole ‘it’s the thought that counts’ type thing. She has a lot of stuff but her family going out of their way to find things she doesn’t have and might like touches her. Especially when they give her food. Which they inevitably do. 

Cassian: A bit more like Feyre but he has the benefit of centuries worth of experience. Hates shopping for things. Literally despises it. Very predictable in his gift giving, they can all tell what he’s going to have bought for them (it’s a game - guess the gift before they even open it and they have like a 95% success rate with Cass.) He doesn’t mind, his gifts are practical and pragmatic, he wants to give them something they’ll actually use and enjoy. Big fan of making things - weapons, food (Mor gets cake every year. Mor enthusiastically rips into the box every year and before she’s even tasted it announces they’re all having cake for breakfast. Mor loves these cakes more than some people) the occasional roughly carved decoration. 

Likes getting gifts. Opens them all in approximately 0.2 seconds but then spends a long time afterwards examining them and testing them and properly thanking everyone. Has definitely cried over well chosen gifts in the past. People are torn between wanting to get him something great because it makes him so happy and…Not because they’d rather keep their ribs intact and his happy bear hugs are infamous. 

Azriel: It is widely assumed that Azriel uses his network of spies and his shadows to deduce what his friends deepest, darkest gift desires are. He doesn’t. He’s just that good. Bit like a fusion of Mor and Rhys in that his gifts are always absolutely perfect but not at all what the person thought they wanted/needed. Quite subtle, understated little things but it’s always the gift that people pause over, that they linger when examining while he sits there just a little bit smug, basking in their shocked delight. 

Hates receiving gifts. Hates it. Always manages to somehow wiggle out of attending parties for him. Really doesn’t like people making a fuss over him at all. Like Feyre but jacked up to a million. Most of them just leave his presents somewhere he’ll find them later (because they might finally concede in not giving him a party/making a fuss over him but they are not just going to ignore his birthday and not get him anyway) Mor however takes it as her personal challenge in life to be able to properly give Azriel his present. Has definitely sat on him in the past and she always insists on taking him out somewhere for a meal so he can have a night to himself (usually does this within a months window of his birthday so he doesn’t realise she’s doing it (he does but he lets her pretend)) Feyre surprises him in being almost as persistent as Mor and the two of them team up to get him a small meal out with everyone on bigger birthdays. 

Amren: Too old for this shit. Very rarely bothers giving people gifts for special occasions. She’ll come to parties and things but doesn’t have time for all that nonsense. She will give people gifts if she sees something that she knows she needs to get that they’ll like but there’s never an occasion for it. The Circle all treasures the few gifts they’ve been given by Amren over the centuries. Mor still wears the diadem Amren gave her before her first visit to the Court of Nightmares as its queen whenever she goes. It gives her strength. Cassian has never dared use the jewelled hunting knife in battle for fear of losing it but it’s always strapped somewhere on his person at all times. Az wears the ear cuff she gave him whenever he wants to destroy Mor. Feyre keeps the amulet she gave her before going to The Prison for the rest of her days. She still wears it whenever she needs a bit of extra courage. 

The only person people actually don’t bother buying gifts for when she tells them to. They kind of subscribe to her idea on gift giving - if they see something she has to have immediately they buy it for her and just give it regardless of occasion but otherwise they don’t bother. 

Here u go friend, these are my thoughts. I hope they were okay??? 

Operation OTP

A/N: A request from @minim236 for a Spencer x Reader where they are secretly dating, but the team doesn’t know and are still trying to get them together. @coveofmemories


“Should we tell them?” Spencer asked you, after reading the message on his phone. 

It was 8 AM and you were on your way upstairs. Since you’d started at the BAU, and realized how close you lived to Spencer, you’d carpooled in each morning. After about six months, you realized how much you liked each other and started dating, but you’d been carrying on your relationship right under the noses of your friends and co-workers. Apparently, they also thought you were a match, because they had been trying to get you together for months. “Nah,” you replied, “It’s too much fun seeing how they’ll try to get us together next.”

“Well, tonight, Morgan’s plan is to get us all to go out drinking,” he laughed, taking another look at his phone. “He claims that if I get drunk, I’ll work up the courage to tell you how much I like you.”

Spencer didn’t need any alcohol. He’d revealed to you after a particularly rough case what you meant to him, and you told him you felt the same. At the time, he had been a little shy, but that all fell to the wayside when you kissed him. That night had ended with some heavy making out on your couch. “If he only knew,” you laughed.


As they walked off the elevator, Emily, Morgan, Garcia and JJ sat against their desks trying to figure out how Spencer and Y/N hadn’t started dating. “They are meant for each other,” Garcia exclaimed, throwing her ring-clad hands in the air. “He’s a genius, she’s a genius. They are both the sweetest people in the world. They’re both cute, why aren’t they dating?” 

“You’re a little too invested,” JJ laughed. “I agree, but breathe. It will all happen in time. We’re gonna make it happen.”

Garcia sighed dreamily, craning her head in the direction of the hallway that led to the coffee shrine, which is where they were undoubtedly headed. “I know. It’s just…they’re my real life OTP, and I wanna make it happen.”

“OTP?” Morgan asked. “What the hell does that mean?”

“One True Pairing,” Emily, JJ and Garcia said simultaneously. 

While Spencer and Y/N grabbed their morning coffees, undoubtedly downing one a piece even before leaving the room, Emily made sure that she, JJ, Garcia and Morgan were in a separate text feed. They needed to make sure one of them didn’t accidentally let either one of them know that the whole team, including Hotch and Rossi (to much lesser degrees) were rooting for them to get together. “I think they’re coming back,” she said quickly. “Abort mission. Fan out. Stay tuned.” As they all walked back to their desks, Emily waved her phone in the air. They had tried to push the two of them together on a couple of different occasions recently, but they were getting closer. Just another little push or two…


Throughout the day, the four matchmakers exchanged a string of texts, trading ideas and attempting to figure out which one would work best for their one true pairing. 

M: These two are getting on my last nerve.

JJ: Why?

G: Because we’re pulling out all our best matchmaking moves and nothing is working.

M: Exactly.

E: Something has to work. We know they love each other. They know they love each other. It’s just going to take something really romantic to get things going. I can feel it.

JJ: They definitely are the romantic types. Okay, so let’s float around some ideas. What are Spence and Y/N’s favorite things?

M: Books.

G: Coffee.

E: Chocolate.

JJ: Star Wars.

G: Good, let’s work with this. What can we set up, involving one or more of these things, that might get the two of them to come out? And I suggest that we make it a group thing and the six of us will conveniently be late.

E: Agreed.

M: Wait…there’s a chocolate expo coming into town for a limited time.

JJ: How the hell do you know that?

M: I keep seeing flyers in my neighborhood. There’ll be sculptures and tastings and all that shit. What if we get them to go there?

G: Omg yes, and those expos normally have private viewings or classes, so we can book one of those for the two of them, say it’s for all of us and then wait in the background and watch the sparks fly. This is totally going to work. Look at my Statuesque God of Chocolate Thunder bringing out the chocolate expo!

M: I’ve always got your back, babygirl. 

G: I know you do, baby.

E: Down, children. Okay, so Garcia, you okay with looking into what kind of viewing or class we can book for them?

G: It would be my honor to be the catalyst of my OTP’s first kiss.

JJ: Smh

JJ: I think we’ve finally nailed down a fail-proof plan. Commence Operation OTP.


“So what do you guys think?” Garcia asked you and Spencer. “We’ve all been under so much stress lately, and who doesn’t love chocolate? They have this chocolate making class you can go to. We can all go and learn how to make chocolate and then we can eat the chocolate. It’ll be so much fun.”

“I’m in,” you replied, knowing this was another one of their elaborate plans. “I could eat chocolate all day every day, so I’m definitely in if I get to eat some of the chocolate.”

Spencer swallowed, barely noticeable to anyone but you. He knew what they were trying to do. “Yea, I guess so. What time is it though? Because it’s on a Saturday, and we’ll be off from work, which means if I can’t sleep late, I’m not going,” he laughed. 

“You’re safe, Spence,” JJ replied, knowing how late he liked to sleep on the weekend. He was normally in a coma when he walked in no matter the day, prior to having his morning cup of coffee that is. “It starts at noon and goes until 6. The expo does. The class is only a couple hours.”

“Then I’m in,” he said, taking another swig of his coffee. “It’s next Saturday? Not this Saturday?” Emily nodded, taking solace in the fact that they’d come this far in their plan. “Dammit, now I want chocolate. To the vending machine I go…”


One Saturday passed and the next arrived, which meant it was the day that Emily, JJ, Garcia and Morgan would execute their perfect plan. “This is so going to work,” Garcia clapped as they walked into the expo. Spencer and Y/N had already texted that they were waiting in class. “I can feel it this time.”

As they made their way into the convention center, flashing their badges, which served as their tickets, they scanned the masses of people to see if they spotted the soon-to-be lovebirds. “There’s the area for the cooking class,” Rossi said. “I can’t believe you managed to put this together.”

“I mean, I know we’ve all been hoping for them to get together,” Hotch laughed, “But this is dedication.”

“You know I am nothing if not dedicated, sir,” Garcia replied. “There they are!” She splayed her hands outward, keeping everyone from moving another step. “Let’s observe.”


“They really have gone to amazing lengths to get us together over the past few months,” you said, turning your back to Spencer so he could tie your apron behind your back. “Maybe we should finally give them the satisfaction of knowing we’re together. I think they ship us.”

“Ship?” he asked bewildered. 

“To ship means to endorse a romantic relationship,” you replied.

Spencer raised on eyebrow. “I was just starting to pick up on slang from the 80s and 90s,” he said. “I’m so lost…but if that’s what it means then I definitely ship us.”

“I ship us too.” You could see the team out of the corner of your eye and told Spencer as much. “Gimme a little kiss.”

With a smile, he leaned up against the counter just as the teacher of the class said they’d start in ten minutes, and planted a chaste kiss on your lips, before jutting the tip of of tongue out ever so slightly. When you opened your eyes again, you smirked, silently telling Spencer to look back and give the team a wave.


“Operation OTP is a success!” Garcia cried, clapping wildly as the rest of the team said it was about damn time. 

“Wait?” Morgan said. “Those sneaky…”

“What is it?” she asked. Morgan took her head in both hands and turned it back toward Spencer and Y/N. They were waving back at them. Everyone’s mouths had dropped open in disbelief. How had they not picked up on that?

“They’re already dating?!” Garcia screamed.

julialilydahl  asked:

Hi mama! I've been ecstatic lately because i'm so excited for season 2! I'm a huge fan of your work, especially Jean and Marco. I hope you don't mind asking an ARMY of questions. so here goes. #1 can you give me some cute Jean Marco facts? #2 did you even expect the huge Jean-Marco Shipping? #3 if by any chance Marco was indeed a girl, would Jean have a crush on her he likes Mikasa? I love you mama! keep up the good work. love lot's <3

I’m glad you look forward to season two! Jean and Marco often had sleep overs together. I did expect some shipping, yes, but not this much. Who said Marco’d need to be a girl for that?

Give Me Love Ending???

I have some very exciting and nerve-racking news for readers of Give Me Love.

You may have seen the post I made a few days ago where I talked about the possibility of rewriting chapter 17 of Give Me Love. (If not and you want to read it, you can find it here.)

Well. After much thought and chats with a number of people (thank-you @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie and @underthe-mountain), I’ve decided that I am going to do a rewrite. But not just on chapter 17.

I’m rewriting Give Me Love

(Do you like my clickbait heading LOL)

Keep in mind, this story started out as a 500 word one-short. I didn’t plan on continuing it until all your responds came in and you wanted another chapter (which made me BEYOND HAPPY). But I didn’t plan everything out as well as I wish I did. There are things I wish happened but never. There are things that did happen that I wish never.

So I’m doing a rewrite. I’m changing things (a lot of things). I don’t want to give too much away. But I will say this: sports anyone??

I am super excited and nervous about this, but mostly excited! I feel like I can do SOOOOO much better with this story and thats what I’m going to try and do.

With all this said, here are some things you guys should know:

  • This rewrite will have a new title.
  • I’m leaving Give Me Love up FOR NOW. I may take it down when I post the rewrite but I’m not sure yet.
  • It will still be a Rowaelin story with a lot of side ships (like Give Me Love.)
  • This is not a rewrite where I just change a fact here and there. IT WILL BASICALLY BE A NEW STORY. But you will still see a scene from Give Me Love pop up in the rewrite.

I’m hoping to have chapter 1 of the rewrite posted soon - hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks. It could be sooner then that though. I will keep you guys updated.

If you have anymore questions, please send them my way! I’m more then happy to answer them!

I’m super excited about this guys! And I really hope you are too. I know a lot of you love Give Me Love, but I know I can make it better. And I can’t wait to share the better version with you all :)


Happy Birthday, Max @mangaken!!

Ayy same birth month buddies HAHAHA We’ve just gotten acquainted only earlier this year, but it has been quite an eventful few months ever since! Thank you for being an awesome friend all this while :’)

I am still not very confident with my art style whenever I try to draw the gems, but your art inspires me to keep trying! I hope that you’ll like your gift, and keep drawing what you love!

Hard to Love

Intro: So this is my entry for the @yourtropegirl birthday challenge!  HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY YAY!  This was fun to write and took me a while to straighten out, but I think it came out well! 

This was based on the song: Hard to Love by Lee Brice

I wrote it so the lyrics (in italics and indented) are what Jim is thinking.

Pairing: Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1,991

Summary:  So basically this was 4,000 words before I decided that the first part wasn’t related to the song that much and I loved the second part better.  

So basically the preface for this is that the night before this happened Jim and the reader went to a gala and Jim got really drunk and stupid and the reader stormed off back to the room. So that is what Jim is apologizing for and what the reader is mad about. 

- Enjoy! -

You woke up to the smell of bacon.  You rolled over and stretched, relishing in the warmth of the blanket surrounding you and reached for Jim.  You were met by an empty side of the bed and a dark realization of what had happened last night.  Tears of frustration and anger pressed at your eyes at the memory.  But you still smelled bacon.  

You rolled out of bed, tucking your unruly locks behind your ears and walked towards the smell, and sound, of sizzling bacon.   

Passing through the living room, you saw the couch had a blanket scrunched in the corner and a pillow thrown on the other side.  You were beginning to put a picture together and it all made sense when you saw a half-naked Jim in the kitchen, poking at a pan on the stove with a spatula.  He was wearing nothing but his boxers and you cursed yourself when you felt a shiver of longing curl over your body.  

“Mornin’.” You almost whispered, and weren’t sure that he heard you until his head snapped up from staring at the pan to look you in the eyes, taking in his t-shirt on you and your crazy sleep-styled hair. 

“Morning.” He breathed, as if he was relieved that you had not screamed at him or punched him in the gut yet.  

Those blue eyes, damnit.  They got you every single time.  He looked extremely apologetic as you took slow, tentative steps towards him, your bare feet tapping gently on the tiled floor. 

“I’m sorry.” Jim said, and his eyebrows scrunched together in the middle and you wanted to smooth out the wrinkles with your fingertips. 

“I know, and I am not ready to forgive you yet, but I just want to kiss you because I left on really bad terms last night and you look too damn cute right now.”  You frowned and leaned up on your tiptoes to press a gentle kiss to Jim’s lips, his soft lips caressing yours sweetly as you leaned into him. 

You almost got lost in the kiss but you pulled back, looking up into Jim’s solemn face and you pursed your lips.  You walked around to the other side of the kitchen counter and sat on one of the stools resting your arms on the cool surface of the marble counter top.  

You watched as Jim had an internal battle with himself as he moved the bacon around the pan half-heartedly.  

I am insensitive, I have a tendency
To pay more attention to the things that I need.

“What are you thinking, Jim?” You asked softly, and you willed the tears pressing at your eyes to go away. 

Sometimes I drink too much, sometimes I test your trust,
Sometimes I don’t know why you stay with me.

“I’m thinking I’m an idiot, that’s what.” Jim stated, still not meeting your eyes. 

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Your Savior - 25

I cannot believe that I am posting the 25th chapter of this fic! Thank you all so much for continuing to support this and me by reading, liking, commenting, messaging, and re-blogging! I currently have no plans of stopping this story anytime soon, so hopefully you all plan on continuing to read it!

To those that have been with me since the beginning: thank you for giving me the initial courage to keep writing and for your unwavering dedication to keep reading after all this time. To those that have just jumped on ship or joined along the way, marathon reading chapter after chapter: thank you for giving me hope that the story as a whole is worth pursuing. Everyone: thank you. Just thank you. I love you all.

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Chapter 25


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault

When morning came you were hesitant to get out of bed, unwilling to discuss last night’s conversation with Negan with Matthew. Thankfully though, he seemed perfectly fine to keep pretending that he had been asleep, and you were unwilling to push the issue.

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anonymous asked:

I am so excited for this episode(s) but I can't help but be nervous as well. We have been told time and time again that red is not Lizzy's dad.... by everyone! Do you think they will retcon this? I just want to keep shipping lizzington and can't help but think these might be the last couple of days for that if it's revealed they are related. I just need you and your cup that's always half full to give me some hope! Flashbacks have me on edge....

Hi Anon. I am excited too! And nervous - primarily because of what they did in 04x08 with the fake DG “reveal” which got fans going. The majority were upset that they made us not trust the show or the writers and producers who told us over and over that Red is not Liz’s father. However, I was heartened when Exec Producer Daniel Cerone assured us during and after this episode that Red has never lied to Liz nor did he this episode (when he told Liz that her “dead” father would have wanted to see Agnes grow up too). And that this will all make sense in the end and there will be NO Retcon, nor is one required.

So I will keep the faith. The flashback episode could play with our minds if for example, the Red is an impostor theory is in play. It could show the real Raymond Reddington as being Liz’s father, but our Red is not this guy. I am not sure I am on board with the impostor theory but I am keeping an open mind to it. And maybe they won’t play with our minds at all and give us a break for once and show us who Liz’s father really is. You never know.

Bottom line for me is from what I have seen and heard in the show is that our Red is not Liz’s father and I hope that is finally made clear to all fans in 4C. Keep the faith!

Project Update 3/6

Hey everybody!
We know it’s been a little while and a handful of you have reached out to us. Communication is important and we want to keep you in the loop, so we’re here with an update!

The zines have finally shipped from the company to us after a small delay (a quote for extra gold foil on the cover)! The books are set to arrive to us this week and we will post pictures / a flip through video on the blog when they come in! Update: Books have arrived! See a preview here~

The Zine Only orders will be shipping out within a week.

The digital copies will go out shortly afterward via e-mail from Make sure we are in your contacts to avoid it going to spam!

That said, there have been some unexpected delays on a few of the bundle items.

As you may have seen, the charms and heart buttons have arrived!

We were told that the enamel pins will be shipping out by the end of the week and we should have a sample photo from the company to share with you soon.

The biggest delay though has been the lanyards. We sprung for gold fixings (stud + clips) instead of the usual silver, understanding that our manufacturer needed to custom order them and that it would add a couple of weeks to the turnaround time. This was fine since the lanyards were still set to arrive ahead of the zines. However, the factory the manufacturer ordered the supplies from sent them the wrong color of clips which clash greatly with the studs they have. Rather than send you all a flawed, clashing product, we will be waiting the extra time for them to get the correct clips from the factory. This was very unexpected and neither the fault of us nor our manufacturer and we hope you understand that we just want to give you the best products we can!

Finally, IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS please contact us immediately with your name or order number and your new address.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience! All of our artists put a lot of hard work and care into this project and the final products will reflect that. We are so excited to get our hands on all these goodies and share them with you!!

As usual, we will keep the blog updated with photos and product arrival/shipping announcements. :)

Cambrasine, Sie, & Grimm

          If this sketch of Alex hugging Michael isn’t enough to show you guys how much I am grateful for this then I don’t know what will tbh BUT before I can continue on with this sappy journey of mine, I would like to personally thank Shinjikun from @drawsrs for making this touching piece :’)) her art pieces give me LIFE and you guys should DEFINITELY commission them once their commission slots are open!!
          But yes, as I’ve learned from the last bias list that I’ve made, I wanted keep things short above the cut so: for those of you who haven’t seen my SAPPY MESSAGE OF GRATITUDE in the GIVEAWAY post, you can read it HERE  { it’s under the cut btw }; I’ll expand my never-ending gratitude and love further under the cut for this post as well. After I’ve tagged my mutuals for the bias lists, I’ll tag my closer mutuals afterwards for a special message that’s also below the cut!! 
          Alright before I get on with the business, I just want to let you guys know that even though you aren’t mentioned on this list, I’m still grateful that you chose to follow me and just..put up with all of my rping stuff. I would’ve left a long time ago if it weren’t for you guys continuously showing interest about my muse and the game she’s from and..I don’t know if I can ever say this enough but- thank you. THANK YOU for making my experience on Tumblr a phenomenal one!!

THE BEACH BASH HYPE aka the mututals from night surprise studios { or oxenfree fan artists in general }, and the mutuals who’ve always liked my posts- i see you, and you’re not getting away so easily without a shoutout!! 
olly.     @edwardsisland, @michaelstrietz, @firstorderelite@zctsubou, @paytno, @audgpog, @sanzuwuya, & @kalreyno!!

THE COOL KIDS ON THE DASH aka the mutuals who i adore from afar & the mutuals who are pretty chill. you guys are awesome, and keep doing you!!
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& THE BREAKFAST CLUB aka the “fam” in “oxenfam,” you guys are the real mvps. check out your special message under the cut!!
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Arashi ships and Valentine mails~
  • <p> <b></b> *MatsuMiya*<p/><b>J:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>N:</b> Thanks. But giving me 200 kinds of chocolate is too much 😑<p/><b></b> *JunBa*<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine (*0*)/**** Hope that you will like the homemade chocolate I made for you!<p/><b>J:</b> Thanks. ….and...keep it…i want to live another year...😣<p/><b></b> *OhBa*<p/><b>O:</b> Happy Valentine!<p/><b>A:</b> Leader it's April😐<p/><b></b> *Yama*<p/><b>S:</b> Happy Valentine!<p/><b>O:</b> 😫<p/><b>O:</b> Sorry, I'm still learning how to use my new phone<p/><b></b> *SakuMiya*<p/><b>N:</b> Where is my chocolate?<p/><b>S:</b> No. Where is MY chocolate?!<p/><b></b> *AiMiya*<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine~!😙<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine! 😚😚<p/><b>A:</b> Happy Valentine!♡♡♡♡<p/><b>N:</b> Will you stop?! Give me some time to respond, dang it!😬<p/><b></b> *SakuMoto*<p/><b>S:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>J*2 hours later*:</b> Happy Valentine.<p/><b>S:</b> Took you some time to answer….🤔<p/><b>J:</b> Nothing about it….it’s not like I was thinking of the best way to answer… or anything….(=3=)<p/><b></b> *JunToshi*<p/><b></b> *three weeks before the Valentine*<p/><b>J:</b> Ohno-san, please send the list of all of yours favorite things.<p/><b>O:</b> Why?<p/><b>J:</b> Just do it.😑<p/><b></b> *SakuraiBa*<p/><b>A:</b> Can you come over today?<p/><b>S:</b> Sorry, I'm busy…<p/><b>A:</b> I have tones of chocolate~<p/><b>S:</b> I'm on my way!<p/><b></b> *OhMiya*<p/><b>O:</b> Will you stop asking me for chocolate?! You're not getting any, and it's already June.<p/><b>N:</b> Dont worry i will. In a few days. Then I can start asking you for a Birthday present instead~😎<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

So, obviously Feysand has the biggest chance of surviving right? And I think Moriel will be a thing. That leaves us Nessian and Elucien (I think there's no way that Elriel will happen sorry). While I would love to see Nessian being a thing I have a feeling Nesta will somehow sacrifice herself (or maybe Cassian? I'm not sure). It just fits and it also goes for somehow apologising to Feyre for everything. If that won't happen then it could happen that Lucien would die. These are just some feelings

BAHAHAH! You’re not gonna like me. I think the only 100% safe ship (and it still may only be a potential ship by the end of ACOWAR) is Nessian. So Nesta and Cassian are the only two who I think are guaranteed to survive, honestly.

Almost EVERY interview Maas does, she talks about them. And after it was announced that there would be a spin off, Cassian and Nesta became a guaranteed talking point in all of her interviews. That’s textbook PR right there.

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Golden Future

Summary:  The Doctor is rather fascinated by an anachronistic blonde with impossible timelines that he stumbles across on a asteroid bazaar.

Pairing: Eight/Rose

Rating: all ages // Word Count: 1414

Note:  For Nancy ( @chocolatequeennk ) on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth ♥♥ Happy Birthday my dear! This isn’t quite canon-compliant but it’s close-ish :)


The Doctor watched the incongruous blonde in blue leather wander from table to table on this backwater asteroid bazaar. She seemed familiar but he was positive he would remember meeting her if he had. Even with his occasional memory gaps and lapses, he knew he would recall meeting someone with timelines like hers.

Time danced around her, golden strands glimmering and glittering as they twisted and turned. There was an infinitude of them, like she had once had the entirety of time at her fingertips and in her grasp, as impossible as that was for someone who appeared to be human from his short observation.

He was rather mesmerized, to be quite honest.

The Doctor pushed off the building he was leaning against, brushed off his velvet frock coat and headed towards her, curiosity getting the better of him. He trailed behind her for a few minutes, watching as she chatted with the vendors in broken Yilutian. The Doctor was impressed she knew as much as she did as it was a difficult language for a humanoid to pronounce at the best of times.

He was following her to the next stall when she stopped suddenly and whirled around to face him. She crossed leather-coated arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow as she flicked her eyes over him, obviously assessing his threat level.

“If you’re going to follow me around, you might as well introduce yourself,” she said. English was her language of choice this time, with a London accent if he wasn’t mistaken.

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Pirate!AU headcanons by myself, @bucketsofgiggles, @twasnoti, and @juliapeachy!!

  • Allura is the captain of the ship
    • Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are part of her hired crew
      • Yes, Lance still flirts with anything that moves
    • Second mate is the Black Lion
      • Lance: “Why is your second mate a cat?”
      • Allura: “Because he wants to be the second mate.”
  • Allura’s father was killed in a sword fight with Zarkon and she lost her entire crew, so now she’s taking whoever signs up
    • “My name is Allura of Altea, you killed my father prepare to die.”
  • Shiro and Keith are sirens
    • Sirens are considered a trophy and get caught a lot and sold
  • The Galra Empire are catching them more than anyone else
    • They’re just terrible, ok?
    • Haggar is a sea witch type thing and uses her powers to summon Krakens and other sea nasties
  • Shiro gets captured by the Galra and Keith is devastated
    • Matt and Dr. Holt are navigators that meet up with Shiro a bunch and were captured along with him
  • Either by a sea witch or the Irish mythology route, Keith gets his legs and goes on a quest to get Shiro back
    • He trips constantly because what even are legs????
  • Meets up with Allura and her crew and sign on
    • Lance flirts with him so much
      • Keith trips, brings Lance down with him
      • “Wow, are you falling for me?” *eyebrow wiggle*
        • Keith: *punches him in the face*
      • Allura and Pidge are just losing it
  • Keith tries to keep his identity a secret
    • Hunk finds out relatively quickly (dude is SMART)
    • Lance is the last to know
      • “Dude, you’re a fish???”
      • Everyone groans
  • Jobs of the crew!!
    • Hunk would be the Jack-of-all-trades
      • Cook, weapons master, just anything that isn’t being done
        • Best at sea shanties and know all the drinking songs
        • He’s wonderful
    • Pidge is the visionary
      • Always coming up with fancy new improvements to the ship and weapon improvements
    • Lance is navigator
      • He’s from a big family of sailors. He knows the sea really well
        • This boy is good at telling you where to go, not so much at actually steering
      • Best swimmer
  • Cats on ships because this was a big thing historically to keep off rats
    • all are different breeds to match the paladins?
      • One of them needs to be a Maine Coon because fluffy
  • Coran is a merchant
    • Knows EVERYTHING
      • That one NPC that gives you all the quests
      • Ends up on the ship somehow
  • Once they get Shiro back they’re Enemy #1 in the eyes of the Galra
    • They start going around attacking the forts the Galra hold and freeing people and the Galra’s gold
      • They free a ton of people and sirens
        • Do they ever find Matt and Dr. Holt? Pidge and Shiro hope so
  • Allura in a puffy shirt
    • Just think about it

I will probably draw something from this AU because I need this

(Feel free to add more or message me about this!!)

Madohomu is Canon!

Ok Guys, listen up!

This ship is canon

Madohomu is canon. It’s the only ship in PMMM that has the most potential, a complete background, it has a perfect and strong basis. Moreover. The “What” and ‘When” of the Madohomu moments have perfectly explained, “Why” and How”.

Everyone needs to know that if you are going to give a what and when, be sure to give a why and how. Please be perfectly clear that “what” and “when” are born from “why” and “how”. There can’t be a “what” and “when”, without a “why” and “how”. But also know this, some “why” and “how” are also born from “what” and “when”. But these “what” and”when” are also born from other “why” and “how”. Just because sometimes we don’t know the “why” and “how”, it doesn’t change the fact that the result, “what” and “when” were not born from them.


What: A baby was born.

When: On X day, at X hours, in X year.

Why: A man and a woman fell in love, or any other VALID REASON.

How: By the process of reproduction in humans.

Please be sure to give why and how when we are discussing what right and what’s wrong. Give sources and links.

Now, onto the main topic. Why is Madohomu canon? One of the members whispered that the feeling they have for their lover is Love. Let me make it perfectly clear that there was never any obsession to begin with, and still isn’t.

In the Anime, it was only about keeping and fulfilling her promise to Madoka of the third timeline.

In the Rebellion, it was about coming to terms with her true feelings of love.

Proof for why the feelings are not obsession was said by Nagisa Momoe herself during the dethronement scene.

In the manga, she explicitly asked “is it obsession?”

This was said by Nagisa.

So there you go, it’s plain Love, love has many faces, shrieking “obsession” in the face of love doesn’t mean that’s the kind of love it is. Obsession of any and every kind, NOT PRESENT FROM THE BEGINNING. This “Love” is the purest form of love. Do you want to know why?

Because in the ending, madoka is with her family

And Homura is all alone,

This is why I call this ending a sign of true love. The truest form of love is not to get in bed with the person you love, it’s the moment when you are simply content with the fact that they are happy and secure, as well as even breathing.

There are many canon reasons for the dethronement part, not just AI YO.

Here they are.

There are many canon reasons for why the Love Homura has for Madoka is anything but Sexual, or non consensual.

Here they are.

I also have explained why it isn’t abusive or unhealthy up there.

There are pictures and sources present about Urobuchi signing Homu posters with “Homura is the best girl”. “Homura did was nothing wrong” was what he signed as well. Now we don’t know whether it was asked or he did it himself, that is up to you. 

Also, people say the relationship is going to be unhealthy and abusive. 

Shut up. 

Once again, where is your “why” and “how”? 

The only evidence that Magica Quartet slapped in our faces to imagine the post rebellion world is by giving us official art of the post rebellion world.

Here it fucking is.


Hope to redeem your best friend or never giving up until getting your best friend back, is included in that. Please don’t forget that Madokami will keep trying, because this story is basically about “HOPE”. 

The only character to have whispered “It’s Love” is Homura.

The MadoHomu ships is already half way to island Canon. We just need to hear Madoka Kaname’s answer.

Her voice actor herself said about Madoka’s probable answer in the future regarding Homura’s feelings for her. It was ”No matter what form you take, Homura-chan is Homura-chan. Falling in love wirh someone is wonderful, so don’t call yourself the devil. I love you”.

Here is the original page.

Homura hates herself :( , that’s why the clara dolls are present. 

But just because she hates herself, doesn’t mean she’s not happy.

Urubouchi stated in an interview that the ending of Rebellion was atleast Happy for Homura. He said “atleast”. “Atleast” means that more than Homura, there are others who are happy as well. The others?

But Homura is also happy. Like I stated, she’s happy that the person she loves is finally living a normal life she wanted. Yes, Madoka did want to live with her family, she never wanted to leave them, it was the circumstances, because of which she had to put her personal wishes aside, Otherwise, she would’ve never left her family and friends. 

In this scene

(My God, just look at all the love!)

The things that Madoka said were all true! Please read Shinbou’s interviews as well, one of the translated one states that these were the true feelings of Madoka. This is one of the reasons for the dethronement part. I have given the link above.

So yeah, this pairing is canon. It’s awesome, 

it’s touching, 

it’s unique, 

it’s sad,

it’s beautiful, 

it’s tragic, 

and it’s love in it’s purest form. 

Where you’re ready to shoulder any burden, 

any sin, 

anything, just for the person you love 

and make sure they’re happy, no matter whether it KILLS YOU 

in the process.

But who cares right? 

Since the one you love is happy and secure, that calls for some celebration right? Come on guys get up!

And let’s not forget to invite the one who has been screwing with you since the beginning!

Let’s party!