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ok which of the boys do u think r fans of pda??

harrison. and maybe harry? i think that they’d be the type of guys that want to show off their partner (because i also feel like they would be p overprotective and lowkey/highkey jealous). harrison would be a more into kisses in public, on the cheek and on the lips, and tbh i feel like he’s the kind of guy that wouldn’t care who tf was watching. you’re in the middle of a crowded mall, but would he notice? probably not tbh. i think that harry wouldn’t necessarily be into making out and stuff as much but hand holding and forehead kisses?? hell yes he would be HERE for it. imma say that tom wouldn’t be into pda as much just because he has the press on him aLL THE TIME so he wouldn’t want to make you feel overwhelmed in the spotlight constantly, so he tries to stay p private (but that’s not to say he wouldn’t hug you or do small couple stuff like harry would do), but he does love eskimo kisses; same with sam. 

sleepover saturday!

i just had the best idea ever

Dogblr should start a (digital) publication. 

Hear me out. 

The idea is that the dogblr community put together a sort of “magazine” (but accessible online) of dog stuff. Kind of like “Dog Fancy” except….. Actually interesting……..

It wouldn’t be in the blog-like format that a lot of publications are using online these days, but a quarterly or monthly release of assorted articles, art, photos, opinions, etc from the people involved in dogblr. 

Think about it. So many of you are writing or producing this kind of material anyway. We could have the insights and training advice of people like @dogsaremypatronus, art from @mexicanine, breed-specific articles from breed enthusiasts like @hirvithewolfhound and @doberbutts, beautiful photography from @hadissima and, like, everyone else (everyone is so good at photography!), an “ad” for @k9creations, opinion pieces, lists, breed spotlights, basically anything we think would be good and insightful and interesting.

There are so many smart and insightful people on this site with so much to give to the dog community. I just think this would be a super fun way to do it. I’m not sure if any of you would be down for having your work in something like this, if someone (me!???) were to curate/produce it, but everyone should weigh in with their thoughts!

(i started tagging a bunch more people that i want to see this but i realized i was tagging p much everyone i follow so i’m just gonna post it and trust that people will pass it on if they’re interested)


I’ve always known people in the spotlight and people who just grew up in LA and had nothing to do with the industry. It’s not a glamorous thing to me. It’s just a different type of business. I’ve seen friends go down the path of drugs or letting the spotlight go to their heads. I’ve witnessed that. It’s not a very good option if you want to have a long career like I do and do a lot of different things.

Listen @ RWBY4 I know it’s gonna be really REALLY tempting to focus on Jaune’s pain and suffering after losing Pyrrha to Cinder but LISTEN!!!

This is your chance to focus on Ren and Nora! Focus on how they felt after getting the horrible news about pyrrha! Give us some Ren & Nora & Pyrrha flashbacks or fond convos about how Ren and Nora interacted with Pyrrha!



AND FOCUS ON WHO’S REALLY IMPORTANT (Team RWBY, the Villains, Remnant after what was basically the fucking apocalypse) FOCUS ON THE STUFF YOU NEED TO FORESHADOW FOR FUTURE VOLUMES.


AND WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, DON’T TAKE AWAY THE SPOTLIGHT FROM LEADING OR UNKNOWN CHARACTERS BECAUSE YOU WANT TO WRITE JOKES (re: team JN(P)R AND team SSSN- ESPECIALLY NEPTUNE. Neptune’s had plenty of useless screentime, just like his blond noodle brethren, let him rest)

I know I’ve been angry, but I’m still dumb enough to believe in you, because I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. YOU’VE PROVEN YOU CAN. PLS RWBY4 DON’T FUCK IT UP

im awesome, eat my dust

| I’m So Sorry {Imagine Dragons} | The Phoenix {Fall Out Boy} | Oh Glory (Demo) {Panic! At The Disco} | Larger Than Life {Backstreet Boys} | Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore {Paramore} | Loss Of Control {Green Day} | Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass {All Time Low} | The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes {Fall Out Boy} | House Of Wolves {My Chemical Romance} | Tarantula {The Smashing Pumpkins} | Medicine Man {The Hush Sound} | Ignorance {Paramore} | Good Riddance {Green Day} | Thnks fr th Misery Business, Not Tragedies (mashup) {FOB/P!ATD/Paramore} | You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid {The Offspring} | Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me {All Time Low} | Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) {Patrick Stump} 

for when the world wants to put you down and you just have to laugh and tell them to go fuck themselves. fuck it. you’re awesome.


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Why do you say that you don't wanna talk about Zerrie lately? Tag zerrie shit as 'oh i didn't want to post that' etc?

It’s a bit complicated.

At first I didn’t talk about Zerrie [or Payzer] at all because I found them irrelevant to Ziam. And they kinda are, tbh, if you see the bigger picture. But then Zerrie became so stressful and we all had to make analyses about tattoos and engagements and pet zoos etc. etc., so I really couldn’t help myself.

Now it’s a different story. Zerrie is now ENTERTAINING. There’s nothing that stresses me out about it anymore, nothing that causes me to panic. It’s all just a cause to have a laugh and move on. But I feel bad about it cause even tho I’m sure Zayn and Liam themselves are way calmer about it now, it MUST be stressful to them. It’s still a bad situation with lots of mistakes and lies involved, so me laughing about it feels misplaced. And like - how many times can you laugh about the same thing? It all feels repetitive. The laugh of the day is ‘the truth Perrie knows about Zayn’. Yeah. That he’s Indian. Give me a break.

Plus -whenever I/we freak out about Zerrie or even just LAUGH about it, we still give Modest exactly what they want - ATTENTION! Every time we make fun of Perrie’s new shenanigans, we create buzz around her name. We may not buy LM merchandise, but we give hits to news articles about LM, we give hits to their interviews, we publisize LM for people who do not share the same disdain as us to actually look into them.

And LM WOULD deserve the attention, if only they tried a bit harder to conceal how bullshitty they are. They never practice what they preach, they act all empowered but then you have Perrie shaming people for their weight and appearance in general, we get reports of them being rude to fans, they seem to have let whatever fame they have get to their heads, and they are huge victims of their marketing campaign because the people who are trying to sell them have no idea what they are selling. I don’t know about them individually, but LITTLE MIX are not empowered, not feminist, not badass. They are four talented girls that are desperately trying to make it with the assistance of Zayn Malik [and yes – the other three hate it, and they may very well be feminist and fierce and all that jazz but they STILL participate in it, their image is still influenced by Zerrie and Perrie herself, ya feel?], because that’s what their managers decided for them - and they decided WRONGLY, but the girls are still trapped in that image.

I have gone way off topic but this whole ordeal with LM’s image vs reality is just sad. You can’t proclaim to be feminist and have a member who has struggled with her weight, and then have Perald say her haters are probably fat and smelly. You can’t proclaim to be fierce and flawless and then have Perald ‘decide to be native American for a day’. You can’t proclaim to be all about friendship and equality and then have Perald dominate music videos [Word Up is the Perald show feat. backup dancers], have people carry her bags when the rest carry their own. You can’t proclaim to be confident and loving yourself and then have Perald have several plastic surgeries before she even hits 21. You can’t proclaim to ‘need no man’ and then have Perald participate in a clusterfuck of an unhealthy relationship - that’s either as pathetic as a cheating show or as over the top as a study of desperation - that’s not even REAL.

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I see so many people losing their faith in NH and SS just because it's ending sooner than we though, I still have full faith in SS and NH ♥ I want to know your opinion on it, do you still think they will be canon? I mean all the SS we've had including another confession just chapters before the end....... ;)

Hello Alice-chan! :3

Sorry for the late answer, I wanted to think this through first before answering ^o^b I am glad you find my opinion important! :D

Yes, of course I think they will be canon! My faith never wavers, no matter what haters say.

  • SasuSaku

Well first of all, as I’ve said before, the fact that Sakura confessed her undying love to Sasuke five chapters before the manga’s end tells you something. For Kishimoto to put so much effort in forshadowing SS and then giving us the amazing moment in 685 and then Sakura confessing her love with Sasuke shaking at the mere words of it. Fuck me, it has to mean something, right? Don’t you all think it is a little weird that Kishimoto choose to do all that at the end of his own manga? Why put so much pressure and effort in this couple if it is not to become a thing in the end? Like seriously, let’s be honest here. Y’all haters be shitting your pants because all the focus went to the most hated character of manga doing something remarkable (yet pathetic to your eyes) as confessing her love to the ‘bad’ guy she loves with all her heart and not to the hero y’all so much want her to do so. You thirsty as fuck shippers. Does it annoy (watch the word I use carefully) you that Kishimoto is pushing SasuSaku to spotlight with such sheer force at the end of the manga? :P I bet it does so very much. Also I don’t want to hear another word from you telling me, wait scratch that, forcing down my throat that Sakura has no reason to love him and the fact that she does so is morally wrong. No, no, please continue. I so want to hear your opinion about what I like to ship and whatnot. Just kidding. No. It is Kishimoto’s manga and he has every right to do whatever he wants. But I think you are forgetting a small detail here. It is a manga for teens and children and the story is about teaching to forgive and to never give up on something you love. Oh, surprise, surprise. Sakura’s love is just about that. You all so discracefully curse it as something disgusting and ew ew ew a bad example to everyone just so your shipping preferences are justified. Get out please and wash your mouth before you speak. If you don’t understand Sakura’s love as something beautiful, just please get out. She wants to save the man she loves from darkness. The man who cares about her more than he can allow himself so. The man who wants to protect her just because. The woman who eats the darkness in him and makes him feel like the king of the world. The woman who makes him tremble in his steps. Love needs no reason. Both Sakura and Sasuke know that. Hell everyone with common sense knows that. All of us experience it at some point in our life sooner or later. AND OH god forbid friendship exits between a man and a woman (Naruto and Sakura). Bad, bad. But as long Sakura loves Sasuke platonically as a friend, then everything is fine and it exists then, eh?? Hypocrisy tastes wonderful, don’t you think? I want you to all realize something. The only woman (besides his mother) who cares for and loves Sasuke that much is Sakura. And Sakura is the only woman Sasuke has shown signs of caring so much for. Accept it. Embrace it. Understand it.

  • NaruHina

AH these two. Love is in the air tonight. Hinata loves Naruto with all her heart. Neji (who is just sleeping) gave them his blessing. Naruto held Hinata’s hand lovingly (in the front of the whole shinobi alliance mind you) and gave her THAT fond look. You what look I am talking about. It’s the ‘I am taking you to eat ramen with me later once this is all over’ look. Like seriously. Is it so hard to believe that Naruto can see that Sakura and Sasuke have something strong going on and he in return sees Hinata in another light ever since her confession during Pain arc? Is it that hard to believe? Please. Oh and by the way, you all remember Naruto’s talk to his father, right? That pause, the ‘eeeh’. Hmmm…baby boy is feeling something for a certain cute Hyuuga, but that’s none of my business thoughhh :3 I don’t have much to say about NaruHina. Only that some dreams do come true. And Hinata is determined to make hers happen! :D

Along with Hinata, Sakura had a dream too. I believe in her. Through thick and thin, Sakura is going to make it happen. Sasuke may be stubborn as eff, but Sakura is ten times more. His resolve always wavers when it comes to her. He had to put to her in a genjutsu to keep her safe, to make her hate him, to push her away before he gives in to her wishes and completely abandons his plans. He tries to get away from love. Not only her love. But his love. Deep down, he knows what he is feeling and he tries to smash down it down along with his happiness. He wants to become the darkness, to bare all the hate. And he can’t do that while he loves her and she loves him back. Sakura is annoying to him because she makes him feel. He remembered his family because of her. Accept it. Embrace it. Understand it.

Also a few thoughts and predictions for the end of the manga. I think the fight will not last long. Five chapters is too little time. I think Sasuke and Naruto are gonna clash badly (Sasukeeehh- Narutooooo- blinding light blah blah) and then we will have timeskip where everything is ok. Then, we are going to have a sentimental speech from Naruto maybe, SS & NH hints and forshadowing for the movie and a good future :3 That’s how I see it. Now I don’t know if it will go down like that, but I hope it is a nice ending <3

Sorry for that rant (when it is so close to the end of the manga), but some people piss me off. Everyone should do their thing in their own tag and we should all celebrate as fandom happily. Please ^^b

It's Going to be Alright

Whew! We’ve had a lot going on today and I’ve been popping in and out when I can. But now I have a few moments to collectively put down my thoughts.

Yes, I was very disappointed after Meryl’s interview with Cupid but because it was pretty inconsistent with her other recent interviews I am still pondering it to a large degree. She may have a lot of social functions coming up with the wedding and I am happy if she has someone to be with. Even to go out and have a good time. It doesn’t mean marriage!

I think Maks is being Maks -preMeryl. I love the guy but he’s putting grey hairs in my pretty blond head. His history with women isn’t the greatest, need I say more! If he is truly back with Peta, I don’t think they will make it for many reasons and the next breakup may have a devastating impact on a lot of friendships and relationships. For that I will truly be sorry for everyone including Peta.

I am very excited about the future projects between Meryl and Maks. She is clearly excited and so is the rest of the DMW family. I don’t think it is totally to sell tickets - I think they fell in love with her from day one. They’ve been showing love for quite a while.

But, let’s be honest, Meryl and Maks are going to sell tickets. Peta and Maks are not. When it is time to do any media I can tell you they are going to want M&M, not M&P and that may give Maks some big headaches. It is not meant to insult PETA, it’s just the way it is. Vera Bradley didn’t have Meryl and Charlie, they had Meryl and Maks! Once you leave the skating arena, I think Meryl and Maks have a much bigger draw. I think Charlie will tell you that. I think Charlie would tell you that people want to see Meryl more than they want to see him. The darling girl simply steals the spotlight by showing up and being herself.

I am fastened to the mast on this Maksyl ship and prepared to rise above the waves when the feels are fabulous and I’ll hold my nose when we go under water.

Lastly on this long winded note, I love and respect all of you on this ship and I am happy to continue to sail with you during good and bad times.

Here’s to all the moments ahead. 🍷🍷🍷