you just turned eighteen

Age/height difference sentence starter

“You’re only like twelve…”

“Y'know it would be a lot more intimidating if you weren’t a foot shorter than I am.”

“I-I just turned eighteen,it could be legal now.”

“Why not just one date with me? Most people like having a bit of a gap..”

“I’m gonna punch you in the stomach. I would say face but I can’t reach.”

“Oh…there you are,I didn’t see you,”

“There’s like a good ten years between us,I’m like old enough to be you’re uncle/aunt or something.”

“There’s like a good ten years between us,you’re like old enough to be my uncle/aunt or something.”

“Hey,could you grab that for me?”

“Hey,how’s the weather down there?”

“Pipsqueak,do you need help?”

“Listen,we’re both legal adults… It would be fine.”

Online Fuckboy - Jaehyun

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Angst; Some Fluff?; Cheating; Comedy;

A/N: Hello! I’m starting my very first series and hopefully you like part one. I’m sorry its a little short… but part two will be LONGER I SWEAR- Admin Na.

Part One

When are you coming here, Y/N??? I’m excited to show you everything around^^ - Jaehyun 

You looked at the text you received and smiled. Your fingers hurriedly typing onto the keyboard on your phone.

In three days! I still need to pack up the rest of my stuff. I’ve been procrastinating… - Y/N 

You quickly hit the send button and patiently wait for Jaehyun to reply. 

 You had just turned eighteen and recently graduated from high school in the states. You wanted to move out of your parents house and also out of the country so you decided the best place to move is where your parents were raised, in South Korea. You didn’t have any more relatives living there so you decided to meet people online that are willing to help you improve your Korean and also befriend them. That’s where you meet Jung Jaehyun. You met him through a PenPal app and your guys’ friendship escalated from there. You guys exchanged numbers and video chatted numerous times, so you knew he wasn’t a fake. 

You heard your text ringtone coming from your phone. Smiling, you quickly grabbed your phone out of your back pocket. 

Y/N, I’ll text you later. This girl I’ve been hitting on is now finally giving in!! -Jaehyun 

Your smile slowly faded as you read his message. 

Ahh… okay Jaehyun. Have fun. -Y/N 

You put away your phone and started packing the rest of your stuff, feeling a little down. 

These past months that you’ve been talking to Jaehyun you’ve started to grow feelings for him. You couldn’t blame yourself though, he was handsome, his personality is sweet and he can sing. Any girl could fall for him. But, the only thing that makes him unattractive to you is he’s a fuckboy. Yep. That’s right. A player. He likes to play with girls’ hearts as if they were nothing and get into their pants at any chance he gets. You hated those type of boys. Only because all of your ex-boyfriends would cheat and play around with you. 

Because of your dating experiences you were more cautious with boys and you tried your hardest to stop growing feelings for Jaehyun. You didn’t want to be hurt anymore, and it’s already bad enough that he friend zoned you. 

You sighed. To keep your mind away from negative thoughts, you turned your phone on ‘do not disturb mode’ and plugged in your headphones. Trying your best to finish packing for your new life ahead.

Part Two


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Fine.. Don’t Hurt Her

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Request: Hi noticed you’ve only got like one Johnson Imagine… could you do one where like you and Nash are twins and he’s like super protective of you and you and Jack Johnson are just barley starting to date and Nash finds out and can you make it fluffy?

a/n; who ever requested this… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Word Count: 693 (kinda short unfortunately)

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Happy Birthday!” The guys cheered walking into our house, by our house I mean mine and Nash’s house. It’s finally our eighteenth birthday. I know what you’re thinking, you’re turning eighteen and you just invite some friends over? Well we’re all too busy to have a real party plus we both agreed a chill night would be good. I smiled to myself as I saw Johnson walk into the kitchen, “I’m going to go help Jack.” I announced before walking into the kitchen. I held back a squeal as I felt someone grab me as I entered the kitchen.

I gently smacked Jack’s arm as he grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him. I laughed softly as he buried his head in my neck. “Happy birthday, baby.” He said moving back to look at me, I leaned up kissing him quickly, “Thank you.” I replied hugging him. No one actually knows we’re together, I don’t trust anyone to not tell Nash. I’m planning on telling him tomorrow. Jack shook me out of my thoughts as he kissed me once again. This time holding me closer to himself, I wrapped my arms around his neck. My fingers gently playing with the ends of his hair. We’ve only been dating maybe three weeks, but we’ve known each other for three years.

I jumped back from Jack as I heard someone open the door to the kitchen. “Hayes!” I almost shrieked. I yanked him fully into the kitchen. “Really, Jack? My sister?” He asked loudly looking at him, I smacked Hayes’ arm as Jack shrugged. “Be quiet, no one knows.” I scolded, “No one knows what?” Nash asked appearing in the doorway. I silently cursed myself out for taking so long in here. “Hayes.” I warned as he looked like he was going to blurt it out. I glared at him as Jack stood there watching us three siblings look at each other.

“Jack and Y/N are dating!” Hayes rushed out before actually rushing out of the kitchen. “Hayes!” I shouted at him. I heard the guys laughing at me before Nash started freaking out. “Jack!” Nash shouted angrily making me flinch but he didn’t notice. Jack did though, instinctively he stepped in front of me. “Nash chill.” He mumbled, “You’re dating my sister! How am I supposed to chill?” Nash snapped again, I cowered behind Jack even more, subconsciously laying my head on his back. He reached behind himself and grabbed my hand.

Nash noticed the gesture and his features softened at my slightly frightened appearance. “I’m sorry, Y/N.” Nash sighed, I poked my head out from behind Jack making him laugh softly. “It’s okay, only if you don’t be annoying about our relationship.” I bargained before completely stepping out, “Fine.” He sighed jokingly. “Jack, you know the usual brother speech, blah blah blah, hurt her and Hayes and I will both hurt you.” He stated before walking out of the kitchen. Once he couldn’t see us anymore I jumped on Jack. He laughed as I smiled excitedly, I repetitively kissed his cheek as he held me up.

I finally unwrapped my legs from Jack as he set me down, he smiled at me before motioning to the living room, “Shall we m'lady?” He asked laughing. “We shall.” I replied laughing as well. We walked out hand in hand, the boys payed no mind to it. “Oh gosh love birds.” Sammy joked, I kicked his foot as I walked past him to my seat. “Ouch.” He pouted making me smile triumphantly. I looked around as Jack kissed my temple, smiling as I realized I was surrounded by two of my brothers, my closest friends and my boyfriend. Life can’t get much better.


This is part eleven of the teen!Derek thing, so as always here are the previous parts

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Part 10

You had just gotten home from your daily hospital visit with Peter and you were already trying to figure out what you were making for dinner tonight.

‘Hey (Y/N).’

You look up and see Laura and Derek standing in front of you, they must have heard you on your way in.

‘Hey guys, what do you guys want for dinner, I’m thinking steak and potatoes.’ you said as you put your bag down.

‘Actually, we wanted to talk to you about something.’ Laura said.

‘Is something up?’ you asked seriously.

‘No no, everything is fine, its just, I’m turning eighteen next month and we’ve already started making plans for me and Derek to move to New York.’ Laura said.

‘We were hoping you would come with us.’ Derek finished.

You were stunned. You never saw this coming, them asking you to go with them when they left town. You thought when they said they wanted to get away from this town and all its memories that they meant ALL memories. You included.

‘Guys, I’m so happy you asked, but I cant just uproot my whole life. I have responsibilities here.’ you said softly as you lead the siblings to sit on the couch while you sat in the armchair.

‘What do you mean.’ Laura questioned.

‘I have a job here, and school, hell even Peter. Someone has to be here for him when he wakes up.’ 

You can quit your job. and it’s still summer we can enroll at school Derek.’ Laura tried.

‘Then what about Peter? Legally speaking my parents are the care givers, and when I turn eighteen I’m taking that position. Laura they are not going to let you take Peter with you.’ you explained as best you could.

You saw as she processed this and realized it was true. Your parents were legally the care takers, and if that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t know where to start the process of getting custody or whatever.

‘Well we could wait, until you’re eighteen and leave then.’ Derek tried.

‘Derek, I can’t let you do that. I see the way you look when we go into town and we pass by the shops Talia liked, when you see the park where you and your family spent every birthday party. It hurts you to remember, and this place is full of reminders.’ you said.

You saw their eyes sadden and somehow you knew it was time to have the talk you had been avoiding since the fire.

You got up and sat in between them and put your arms around then.

‘You know that night of the fire, I saw them before the room collapsed.’ you said carefully.

You felt both Hales stiffen at your words.

‘Your mom she asked me to take care of you and Peter. She said you needed me, and at the time she was right.’

‘At the time?’ Derek questioned.

‘You guys don’t need me anymore, you need each other more than anything, but not me. I mean look at you two, you guys are out of your rooms daily, you eat right you guys train, you laugh; you guys are learning how to live again. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that when you two are in New York you’ll do fine.’ you said as you ran your fingers through their hair.

They were both quiet, but you knew they could tell you were right.

‘Peter is still here, still in a coma and who knows how long that will last? All I know is I promised Talia I would take care of you guys, and I won’t break that promise.’ you said leaving no room for negotiations.

‘I don’t know what we’re gonna do without you.’ Laura said.

‘You’ll do great and you’ll take care of each other.’ you replied.

‘What if we can’t?’ Derek asked.

‘Then you can always come back, I’ll always be here.’ you promised.