you just sound dumb

*blushing intensifies*

Me : *reading someone’s profile picture* that just sounds dumb. *mocks a Daddy voice* you will obey me- who says this stuff?

Daddy : You’d like it if I said it

Me : Pfft, please, it’s too cheesy for me

Daddy : *in his Daddy voice* You will obey me, won’t you Princess?

Me : *turns bright red* uh…uhm…uh…

Daddy : Won’t you obey Daddy?

Me : *blushing intensifies* *mumbles* uhmm….uhh…. Y-yis sir

Daddy : *sweet voice* Good girl 💙

~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction!~

So I’ve known there is a whole anti scarlet vision fandom out there but I was really digging into it (I’m at a long graduation) and I’m amazed at the level of hate projected on to vision in particular.

There’s a couple examples of MCU vision that they consistently list, like his entrance into her room, when he keeps her in the compound, and when he let’s her go to prison. I would like to address these just because it’s bothering me and the answer seems so obvious to me.

First, yes vision floated into her room even though she’d already told him he shouldn’t do that. But just think about it. He’s still not exactly well versed in human customs. And he’s right, the door was open. If I could float through walls you bet I wouldn’t use the door if it was faster to go though the wall. Especially since he had very important news to share with them. I 100% know that after their first discussion he never went into her room when the door was closed again (If that’s even what he did before, she could just not like it because it startled her).

Second, yes he was keeping her in the compound, but do you understand why? She had just accidentally caused an explosion that killed several people. She is in a country without a legal visa or other right to be there. The public vision of her was not good at the moment. Chances are, if she went out, someone would recognize her and it’s possible she would get called out. They could harass her, maybe even get violent. While I don’t agree with Tony making this decision without her knowledge or inclusion, it was with the intention of preventing another negative scene. When vision explains this she’s not happy about it of course. But what is she going to do, insist on leaving to get groceries of all things? She doesn’t have anywhere to go, she doesn’t have anyone but her new friends. Of course she chooses to stay. There was really no other option. And when Clint comes to get her, an option opens up and she sees a chance to actually do something she believes in. Aka help her friends instead of just sitting around waiting for nothing. Clearly vision couldn’t actually keep her there if she didn’t make the conscious choice to stay.

Lastly, do you really think vision helped put her in that prison? Or even more ridiculously, that she faught imprisonment. Of course she probably didn’t expect them to tie her up and throw a collar on her. No one knew how intense the prison was going to be. But best believe they all went quietly. They aren’t crimmals, willing to kill their captors to escape. They lined up peacefully, knowing they had broken the law and that they had to face the consequences. I can even see vision politely asking if the cuffs are really necessary as he shoots concerned looks at wanda. Plus all of them were friends with rhodey and I’m sure the shock of his accident put them all in quiet compliance.

I feel like anti scarlet vision supporters are just shining a negative light on every one of their moments. But for each for their examples, I can show them the positive or opposing view. And everytime I see such blatant hate toward this ship it confuses and upsets me because this ship has brought me so much happiness in so many different ways. And all the negative comments or examples are the exact opposite of the way I’ve been analyzing these scenes and characters.

To me this ship represents the beauty of loving someone for their whole soul. Regardless of differences or past choices. And I’m excited to see it continue to build in Infinity Wars.


Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Requested by: @trinityjadec

Request: Could you maybe do a Harrison x reader where her and Tom are best friends and Harrison thinks that she likes Tom, so he gets sad thinking he’ll never have a chance, but then he overhears one of their conversations where she’s telling Tom that she doesn’t think Harrison will ever like her because he seems to completely ignore her, and so he FINALLY comes forward and explains that he likes her?? And then they kiss?? And fluff??? Does that make sense??



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They Don’t Love You Like I Love You (Archie Andrews x Reader)

Request: Reader suspects that Archie is cheating, and she sees him kissing another girl, so tries to get him back by flirting with guys and stuff. You can choose how it ends

I sat staring at my phone, waiting for my boyfriend to respond. He’s been distant lately, and always has excuses. He was supposed to be coming over to my house today, but there’s no trace of him. I have the need to know, is he cheating on me? I have never loved a guy the way I loved Archie. I just didn’t know what else to think at this point. I know that I’m not perfect, but I give him anything and everything he wants. 

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Something Special

Originally posted by fairestcharming

Request: (by @chigonaconchaHey! Can I request a Winn Schott one shot where Winn wants to ask out reader but doesn’t know how and finds out she’s never been asked out on a date?? Also if u could tag me in it that would be awesome thank uuuu

Pairing: Winn x Reader, feat. Alex, James, and Kara

Warnings: N/A

Words: 2155

A/N: This hits way too close to home…

Winn sat at his computer at the DEO, fidgeting with a toy that he kept on his desk. He stared off into space as he contemplated asking you out. It wasn’t so much whether to ask you out or not, but rather how to ask you out. He always got nervous talking to beautiful women, but with you, it was worse. You were really special to him and therefore needed to be asked out in a special way. He couldn’t just ask you.

“Earth to Winn!” Alex waved a hand in front of his face.

“What? Oh hey, Alex.” He shook his head. “What can I do for you?”

“Can you trace this for me?” She handed him a piece of paper with something written on it.

“Sure can!” He took it from her and started running a trace on his computer.

“So, what’s on your mind?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were totally zoning out a minute ago.”

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Honestly? I love trans girls. Absolutely all of you.

Non-passing trans girls? Beautiful. ❤️
Trans girls of color? Amazing. ❤️
Trans girls that still like masculine things? Wonderful. ❤️
Trans girls that don’t want to start hormones or get any kind of surgery? Absolutely perfect. ❤️
Trans girls that aren’t out, whether because they can’t come out or because they aren’t ready? So, so amazingly wonderful. ❤️
Nonbinary trans girls? So great, you have no idea. ❤️
Any trans girls I didn’t mention specifically with this post? Absolutely wonderful, so great, so amazingly perfect. ❤️
All of you are so wonderful and absolutely valid, and I love all of you. You’re all so great and so beautiful and so pretty and you deserve the absolute best. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Study Buddy

You didn’t want to do your homework. You wanted to kiss your boyfriend.

Anon said: oMg rEQueStS arE oPeN !!!1!!1! Can you write a fluffy Johnny (or with kdy, since you might prefer writing about him) scenario ? thanks in advance ! ♥

someone else who saw the secret like wowow good shit. this was. gonna be a totally different idea but i wasn’t feeling the first idea and then saw this like. partially written thing in my drafts so. here you go. i hope you like this lovely ^^

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Oooo can I ask for a bit of fluff, if you don't mind? Genji's lover in his young playboy days visits his grave, believing him dead, and he finds them there? Blackwatch or Post-Zen era either one is awesome 💗💗

AO3 Link Here!

He wonders why he’s doing this to himself. It’s been years since he’s been back here and he’s already had a showdown with his brother, revealed he was alive to him and then escaped from his own family’s grounds.

But something inside him says that he won’t find closure until he sees the stone they gave him. There’s no body there, there never has been. But it was where his friends would have gone to be close to him. It almost feels like there is a whole other Genji residing within that stone. One that stopped growing on that night ten years ago. He thinks he should reconcile that Genji with the one he has become. 

What he doesn’t expect when he rounds the corner into the graveyard is to see you there. He hasn’t seen you in over ten years and yet you look just as beautiful as he remembers, if not more so. He thought about you constantly just after joining Overwatch. He hated himself knowing you were probably crying. A lot. And over him no less. Or rather over the man he used to be.

Genji isn’t proud of who he was when it came to romantic relationships. Now he thinks he was too flippant about them. But you had been his first and only love. And he hadn’t had a clue how to deal with that. Which led to a lot of fights and him saying things he didn’t mean and never would. You never left him, even when he gave you ample reason to. And once when he asked you why you said it was because you loved him.

He hadn’t known how to respond to that. It shook him to his core. No one had ever seriously said those words to him in a romantic context. And he found they resonated in his heart. He couldn’t find the words to reply so he kissed you instead, hoping you could feel how he felt for you in the way he thrust his tongue into your mouth and in the way he held you close. That was also the first time he had ever actually made love to someone. And it was the last time too. That had been the night before his death. The last time he saw you: beautiful and naked and lying in your bed, dreaming contently. 

He snuck out of your house that morning. The fear of commitment getting the better of him. He remembers vaguely gasping the words when he had been with you that night. Garbled as they were and in Japanese. He wonders offhandedly if you remember that. He thinks you might, given your presence here.

He watches you for a long moment. You are on your knees before his stone, a crease in your brow and a profoundly sad look in your eyes. He doesn’t have a plan when he approaches you, just knows that he can’t stand to see you look that way any longer. He had hoped that you might have moved on, but if you are here…perhaps he may be able to ease your heart. He has no illusions of sweeping in and picking up where you left off. He wouldn’t even know how to do that.

But he wants to speak to you again. To hear your voice. To see your eyes light up when you smile. So approach you he does. He deliberately makes his footfall audible, but even still you do not look up. He clears his throat and calls your name softly. And you freeze. Your entire body stiffens like you’ve just been shocked. Well, he concedes, you have just gotten a shock. You turn to him slowly, your eyes wide and your face paler than normal. “W-who are you?” you ask, your voice quivering like you’re afraid of the answer.

“I think you already know.” he says gravely, suddenly thankful and irritated that he’s wearing a faceplate. He braces himself and removes it, trying his hardest not to shift uncomfortably under your gaze.

You don’t react how he expects you to. He was expecting anger or yelling or something negative. But you don’t give him that. You were always surprising him. He does not meet your eyes when you slowly approach him. When you are just a foot away you throw yourself at him, your arms wrapping around his neck. Genji catches you out of instinct, his own arms circling your waist. “I knew it.” you breathe and he can hear the smile in your voice.

He is stunned. He deserves anger and cursing and crying not you being so happy to see him. He does not deserve you, he never did. But he is far too selfish to force you away for your own good. “How…?” he asks, bewilderment plain on his face when you pull away and gaze up at him. He has changed in 10 years. More than most people do, certainly, and yet you still look upon him with that same warm affection that he had coveted from the moment you met.

You shake your head, tears spilling down your cheeks, but your smile is so wide he thinks it may hurt. “I don’t know. I don’t, I just…I knew you were alive. Somehow I…I just felt it. I know that sounds dumb and cheesy and it probably doesn’t even make sense but it’s the truth I-” He cuts you off with the warmth of his lips crashing against yours.

For a split second he expects you to push him away, to slap him and ask him how dare he presume that you are still his, that you have been waiting for him all this time. But you surprise him again. The arms around his neck tighten, your lips parting for him when he seeks entrance, your chest pressed to his.

He can feel your heart thundering beneath your rib cage and he wonders if you can feel his. Surely this is not a fairy tale. One kiss after ten years of separation and thinking one party may be dead does not fix every problem. But it’s a start. He knows it will be an uphill battle. He has some serious apologizing to do, but this is one battle that Genji Shimada looks forward to.

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alright why do almost all zolu shippers gloss over the fact that zoro sacrificed his dream and life for the whole crew and not just for luffy. I know it's an important zolu moment but but I don't see why you guys have to tunnel vision on the Luffy part only and dismiss everyone else in the crew

………this is a really pointless ask to send me bcuz its trying to make it out like zolu shippers unreasonably think zoro doesnt care about ANYONE else but Luffy despite the fact he is Sword Mom of the Strawhat pirates and im p sure everyone (not just zolu fans) openly acknowledges this??? 

anyway the reason (if any) that so many people focus on that moment as being zoro sacrificing for Luffy alone and not just the crew as a whole is because… he… kind of is doing both without having to outright say over and over ‘this is for the whole crew’. what he DOES say over and over is ‘Luffy’

like Zoro openly acknowledges that by saving Luffy he saves the crew and thats all he can do here, but are you really arguing that fans of a pairing are given material like this and that we suck because we’re not making it about All Strawhat Crew and focusing instead on the two guys in the pairing??????? 

Like if anything Sanji trying to jump in and sacrifice in Zoro’s was more for openly for the Whole Crew (and even his own self) rather than just Zoro or Luffy based on how he declares himself. 

like up until Sanji’s appearance panels showing the rest of the crew havent even been shown, just shots of Luffy when Zoro is talking. But do you know how many doujins and fanart and fics are centered around this moment in the ZoSan circles? a lot. bcuz its ZoSan is the largest fanbase for the OP slash, despite have WAY less material to work with that can fuel a ship. 

so if youre saying ‘y do zolu fans have tunnel vision and make this more about Zoro’s devotion to Luffy rather than ~the whole crew~??’ bcuz Zoro knows Luffy is the whole crew and none of us feel the need to dismiss this INCREDIBLE moment as ‘oh i thought this was zolu but i guess he means the he wants to save the WHOLE crew, damn’. Like wtf fans would NOT focus on a moment like this to have it be about their pairing what are you even saying just let the Meatball Mom offer his life up for his Small Stretchy boyfriend jeez. 

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Would it be possible to get some Platonic McCree, Junkrat and/or Geniji headcanons? ;;


  • He’s the fun yet responsible friend
    • Instead of lecturing you about doing dumb stuff
    • He’ll just suggest different options
    • That sound just as cool
    • Just a little less dangerous
  • He is a little protective
    • Always there for you if you have any problems
    • Sensing when you’re being bothered
    • Appearing to save you


  • He is the friend that encourages you to do stupid stuff
    • We should totally light that firework inside
    • What could possibly go wrong
    • A lot of things actually
  • He will show up at your house at three in the morning because you vague posted about being sad
    • Driving you to the nearest McDonald’s
    • And complaining on the way back when their flurry machine is broken
    • You aren’t even sure that McFlurries even exist anymore


  • He is super patient
    • It would take a lot to anger him into a fight
    • It would have to be something insensitive about his brother or Zenyatta
    • Which you would regret immediately
    •  Apologizing to the fuming cyborg
  • He has a better sense of your emotions than you do
    • Knowing when you need to be comforted
    • Or just have a shoulder to cry on
    • Having emotions isn’t something to feel guilty about
    • Cry is you need to
    • Everything will fall into place
the worst type of crying

when your lips start to shake, tears build up quickly and fall fast. you are bent over or crouched trying to suck it in and not make any noise but it hurts too much to hold it in so you let out a yelp and a cry, then comes the loss of breath which sucks because not only you are crying out loud but you think you sound dumb for not breathing too. it is just a mess.

things that help me be happy

just a few things that i’ve learned that really help me stay positive
keep in mind that these are very tailored towards me as an individual, and what works for me may not work for you
but maybe some will!! theres no harm in trying stuff out ouo

- first things first, get in the habit of thinking positively! about to take a test and you have no idea what the material is?? you’ll do your best anyway. un-enthused about a trip that you really don’t want to go on? try and enjoy it anyway, you’ll see new things and explore new places
if you do this for at least like.. an hour a day then it’ll just come to you naturally after a while

- buy animal crossing. for any console that you have
like it sounds dumb but animal crossing is just so peaceful and relaxing and you can make your room really pretty and isabelle is adorable and you get the feeling of social interaction which really helps me at least

- open up ur dang curtains and let some air in
it gives you exposure to the outside world and gets some light in and makes you feel less disconnected from the world

- find a hobby that you really enjoy!!
personally i love to draw, sew, make cosplay and make videos
its all really relaxing and it gives me something to do so that im not sad and bored all the time sekrngse

- speaking of, have something to do!!! most of the time i find myself depressed and anxious and bored when im not doing anything at all
this is why i say find a hobby

- whenever you feel depressed or anxious see if you’re talking to anyone
again, whenever i feel anxious or depressed i often find that its because i have hardly spoken to anyone the entire day
just go start up a conversation with a few friends and see if it helps

- if theres no one to talk with, listen to podcasts!! i usually listen to the jenna & julien podcast, the pizza party podcast, sometimes the nicktoons podcast, sabersparks podcast, and the new G club podcast game grumps is doing (same with game grumps comps)

- do some self care. shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, shave, etc
it doesn’t have to be a lot but i always feel better after a little bit of self care and makes me want to do more

- what if you just cant get yourself out of bed to do anything??
start playing a game. anything from overwatch to heckin’ murder mystery 2 on roblox
it distracts me from being upset and helps to kinda clear my mind a little and give me a break from stuff

- feeling unmotivated?
usually what i do is watch videos based around what i need motivation for
for example, if im feeling unmotivated to draw
i’ll watch speedpaints and videos by juicy ink on youtube and any art related videos that i can find and it usually snaps me back into motivation real quickly

- GO TO CONS!! oh my god cons are so fun
it doesn’t have to be some huge con like anime expo or SDCC, it can be a small local one that doesn’t cost your entire savings account to go to
you’ll meet people irl that share the same interests as you and often times smaller cons are a lot more chill to go to
like it isnt super crowded and you can actually walk around and talk to people

- productivity is the best feeling. try and get something done today!! it doesn’t have to be some big huge project, it can be something small like answering a few notifications in your inbox

- go through your follow list and unfollow people that you just don’t like on your dash or that you’re uninterested in. even if its a mutual
your dash should be a place that makes you happy, not anxious
plus it feels really nice to clean through who you follow every once and a while, it also makes you feel a little productive 

- clean your room!! if you’re anything like me your room will stay really messy and cluttered and you’ll never do anything about it
cleaning occasionally helps everyone, and it may give you a little bit of exercise as well 
it helps to clear my mind and relax me even more and motivates me to keep doing more stuff

will add on later if i think of anything else!!

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Hey, Pilot! I was wondering if you could give me some writing advice. I have a lot of trouble starting off stories. Like, the first paragraph to start an entire fic. :/

My mom has always said that a moving boat is easier to push. Getting it going from a dead stop is nearly impossible and super discouraging, but building up any kind of momentum at all is easier to capitalize on. So when you receive advice that says “Just start” im sure it sounds dumb, but write ANYTHING. Experiment with traditional starting styles you see in books all the time if you dont have the inspiration at the second to make your own. 

There is the hard start- an example being 

“The alley way was still, holding only distant echoes of the city it inhabited. There was a space of a moment on one, lazy, stifling, creeping summer night where nothing happened at all. And then all at once, the silence did not shatter.

It exploded.

A man flung into the alleyway, slamming hard against the dingy wall and crashing to the floor, his momentum carrying him back into an unsteady run as his vision swirled and blotted-”

and so on. Its the BOOM BAM kind of beginning, right into the shit! Right into the fire! Holy crap! Where is this?! Who is this!? What did he do?? Where is he going?? ((notice how i used formatting to add to the big PUNCH, a beloved tactic of mine))

There is the ‘establishing shot’ beginning. Like how in movies you see the picture of the outside of the house before you see the inside of a room and then finally you see the character in a chair or whatever. It establishes the place, the space, and the person. This is also a way to start. Describe the house and the hill and the weather and the time. Then the living room, the decorations, the disheveled stack of papers on the coffee table. Then the woman, sitting with her legs crossed. Now tell us how she fits into the room, give her context in this space ((Always remember to connect a character to the environment and clue the reader in on the context you already know))

There is the ‘Just tuning in’ beginning. Where the story begins already part way through an event or a conversation. It is typical to heavily rely on body language and staging to help the reader figure out everything that they ‘missed’ and adds intrigue and speculation to your story right off the bat.

There is also the ‘Just missed it’ beginning, where it starts right AFTER a whole bunch of stuff went down and the story moves through the aftermath, which in turn gives context to the situation just passed. This is common is war stories, where it begins in the shambles of a home after an air raid and what the family must now do to survive. 

Thing to Remember!

The reader doesnt know everything, you do. Filling in the difference is where a whole lot of intrigue can come from, and setting that up with a good start is always possible! 


Remember, every movie and tv show is just a story told with pictures instead of words. Pay attention to how movies and episodes of shows begin when you watch them next! I am sure you will see the same things i detailed here as well as a few other things! The Establishing shot, the Hard Start, the Just Missed It, you will see all of these and more in films, so watch a few for inspiration. Pay attention to if they start with some information and events already passed ((Spirited Away: starts in a car filled with moving boxes. Before they even speak you know this family is somewhere new they have no experience with because they are moving in from elsewhere)). Very Very few stories start from the ‘true’ beginning, so decide whats already happened in your timeline and go from there if anything at all

When i met the writers of Miraculous Ladybug I got some very good advice from a crazy awesome woman.

“You have to lay some shit down in order for flowers to grow.”

Write the worst version of your story first, and then go back and fix it! Just get the boat moving and PUSH! You can do it!

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Not to sound dumb, but...what's krisgate?

oh no you dont sound dumb dont worry!! krisgate is just what i (and i think other people do too but idk) call the events of kris leaving exo. it’s a play on words with the watergate scandal that nixon tried to cover up bc tbh kris leaving was wild enough to be synonymous with watergate and also sm is nixon’s administration trying to cover everything up and pretend like kris never existed/it never happened also it sounds funny