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Baz, are you crying? -Simon asked

“Did you see a cute dog?” I ask him.

“It was just so small and it had this face,” Baz says, trying to sniffle away his tears.

“It’s okay, Baz, I know that dogs are good,” I say, hugging him. I glance over at the screen of his laptop, see the picture of the cute dog he was looking at, and start crying as well.

“Dogs are so good.”

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So buying a pregnancy test at Target:

CSR: “You must be excited to take that!  Is this your first?”


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CSR:  “You’ll love having a baby they are just so cute!”


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Customer Service Folks, please don’t make comments health care related items, especially reproductive healthcare related items.  You don’t know the situations behind things, and they aren’t always what you think they are. 

“Hey that’s a cute shirt!” - Totally acceptable and friendly

“You are going to love being a mom” - weird


CSR: “Well you got to come back and let me know how it turns out!  I know what I’m betting on…*wink* 


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Fanfic: Late Night Scare, Timeless | FanFiction

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Chenle: Li’l Rascal

This was a wonderful, incredibly fluffy, cute scenario I was very happy while writing the last few words everything is just so cute💕

Characters: You, Chenle, Nct Dream
Genre: Supernatural au, so much Fluff


Being friends with Chenle was interesting.

Being friends with Chenle as a witch was thrilling.

Being friends with a wizard who happened to be Chenle was almost always disastrous.

You and Chenle met in Kindergarten at a special school specifically built and accustomed for the supernatural. It was hate at first sight: you were calm, he was crazy, you were quiet, he was loud, you never got in trouble while he got scolded 24/7, you colored inside the lines while he would just scribble across the paper.

Both of you bickered nonstop, day after day, driving your classmates and teachers crazy, until finally, when junior high hit, everything changed. You and Chenle entered the same middle school, and since you didn’t know anyone else, you slowly began to get along. He encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone while you held him back from almost setting the library on fire, clogging the toilets, blowing up the chemistry lab, etc. And by your third year you two were inseparable. 

When high school came around, it wasn’t until your second year did you realize how much your best friend had grown. It wasn’t much, but since you’ve stopped growing when eighth grade hit, he grew taller, hovering just a centimeter above you. He was still loud and extra, but his attitude about the world and his opinions had definitely matured, which, although you mentally slapped yourself for thinking it, it was super attractive.

But you carried on like before and made sure to enjoy every moment you two had together.

Right now, you were sitting in the hallway, another friend sitting beside you, just having a good and quiet heart to heart talk.

“Why not just tell him,” your older friend, Yeri said to you, taking a bite of food you saved after lunch.

You shook your head because that was obviously a horrible idea. “I can’t, it’ll mess up our friendship and besides, he doesn’t even like girls like that.” You rolled your eyes. “So yeah, ‘telling him’ is not gonna happen.”

Yeri shrugged. “Well, don’t you at least —”


A shout cut her off as your friend Mark came running up before you, his usual dark hair was changing in different colors of the rainbow. You sighed as he stood in front of you, scowling. “Let me guess, Chenle, again?”

“Please learn how to tame him,” Mark huffed. “I don’t know how to reverse the charm?”

Everyone in the entire school were witches or wizards, learning how to use and enhance their abilities while at the same time learning your usual subjects.

“It’s okay, I’ve got it,” Yeri smiled and waved her hand, changing Mark’s hair back to it’s normal color.

The older bowed in thanks before stomping off down the hall, probably going to find Chenle and beat the crap out of him.

Throughout the year, as per usual, you went around cleaning up Chenle’s pranks/messes. 

A clogged toilet.

Flooded boys bathroom (see clogged toilet)

Rainbow school.

Rotten cafeteria food.

Birthday pranks

Chocolate messes.

The final straw was on your birthday. It’s not that you really hated his pranks, just on that day, you were hoping everything would be perfect. Turns out, your morning was going the exact opposite. Your mother woke you up too early for unknown reasons, then unable to fall back asleep, you decided to cook breakfast, but ended up accidentally setting the pan on fire instead, which caused your mother to give you a huge lecture on cooking, which overall made you have a bitter attitude for the rest of the morning.

So when you walked through the school doors, only to find a wave of chocolate being dumped all over your head and feeling the sticky substance seep through your new clothes, you lost it.

“ZHONG CHENLE!” you roared, looking around furiously for the little devil. “Where the fuck are you?!”

“Language Y/N,” a teacher reprimanded, but you ignored them.

You searched around for Yeri, hoping she could clean your clothes up before you actually beat the crap out of your best friend. Luckily, Yeri was at her locker and you stomped up to her. “Change it, please!”

Yeri shot you one glance and began laughing. “Omo, what happened to you?” she giggled, hiding her smile behind her hands. “Is this Chenle’s idea of a birthday surprise?”

You rolled your eyes. “Very funny. Now reverse the mess, jebal, this day is going horribly wrong already!”

She waved her hand and in an instant, your clothes were back as good as new. “Gomawo,” you thanked her, then stepped closer to whisper, “Yah, do you wanna help me serve revenge? We’ve still got fifteen minutes before class starts.” 

Yeri nodded her head eagerly. “That’d be lovely, considering I still need to get him back for hiding my clothes during gym class.”

You found him and his friends giggling in the cafeteria, but instead of making your presence known, you and Yeri headed back towards the school doors. There, the bucket of chocolate hung, about halfway full, and you felt a wicked grin cross your face. Oh, you’re just asking for it, Chenle.

Levitating the bucket down, you grasped it in your hands and calmly walked back to the cafeteria. Students passed by you both with confused glances but you just smiled at them cheerfully like you weren’t gonna do any harm.

Pausing at the cafe doors, Yeri made you two invisible and you both crept up on the unsuspecting boys, very slowly, very carefully, staying light on the balls of your feet until you stood a good couple yards behind their backs, and levitated the bucket of chocolate right over Chenle’s head.



Unable to hold back your laughter, you and Yeri burst into fits of giggles. The look on your best friend’s face was permanently your favorite look of all. He’d frozen in a state of shock, back straight, eyes wide, mouth open like a codfish. 

Two of the boys, Jeno and Renjun, turned around, blinking in surprise as Yeri lifted the invisible charm, revealing your presence. “Y/N?” Jeno gawked. 

You couldn’t stop cackling. “Did you see his face?” you gasped in between breaths of laughter. “It was priceless!”

For a moment, it seemed as if Chenle would just sit there in shock, but a second later he shot up with a smirk and pounced, once again, getting your clothes dirty as you both fell to the floor. “Gotcha!” he shouted in excitement, causing you to crack up again. It was so typical of him to do the unexpected, which you should’ve expected.

Once your laughter died down, you both realized what an awkward position you were in and you quickly pushed him off you. But Chenle pulled you up with him and before you could clear your thoughts he pressed a kiss against your cheek. “Saeng-il chugha, Y/N,” he announced.


Okay that was freaking cute, right? Thank you anon who requested this! Honestly I was smiling like an idiot writing this whole scenario, it really made my day and I hope it made yours too. Love you all so much *kisses* and I’ll upload again soon!

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Skylar, do you remember when you were first born and all you could say was "Skylar hope learn tongue"? I do! everyone was so eager to talk to you! we all said hi to you and you just responded with the same thing. it was so cute! you have come so far since then!

Hi jewishtaako.

Way based upon condition one gets it will.

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Aghh! I just came home from the concert and started to get upset when people started saying that the crowd was dead(based on fancams)! But it was definitely not the case, everyone was screaming and it was definitely the best concert ever! The boys were soooo happy and all of those beautiful fanchants and the army ocean and rainbow ocean!! It's a feeling beyond this world! I'm so happy I'm part of this fandom and became part of the ocean! Anyways,, just wanted to let my emotions out 😝

aww you’re so cute;;;; hope you had the time of your life!!!! :D

eeeeee so I heard today (3/23) is your birthday??? *inhales* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU
seriously though, you have always been (and always will be :3) one of my favorite artists ever since I first found your tumblr. your art style is goals tbh & even if you don’t update often, what you do share makes it worth the wait <3 please accept my chibi flumi and the well-wishes of a die-hard fan from across the world! hope you have/had an amazing birthday!! :)


aaAAA oh my go d,,, thank u so much holy shit shes so cute???? seriously just, thank you so s o mu c h for supporting me…..,, sob s,

What made you wonna start writing?? Just asking And gif was cute so i put it lol

••••• hmm I’ve been writing stories since I was like 12, i started because i couldn’t handle things around me very well, so writing was kind of a coping mechanism i suppose. and i adore fanfiction because it can be anything you want it to be AND THAT GIF GETS ME EVERYTIME

Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️

so i was talking to @captain-kitt and they came up with the cutest headcannon kJHGFGHJK w hAT IF KARASUNO ALREADY WENT WITHOUT OIKAWA HAVING THE CHANCE TO THROW PETTY COMMENTS AT THEM


the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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