you just seemed so badass


I am in a meadow, crouching. With a slingshot in hand, I aim for a bird. No one was in sight, so I went a little defenseless. The bird chirped and twittered around for a bit before it spotted me. I shoot the stone its way, but it misses and the bird flutters off before I can get another shot. Damn, I mutter under my breath, while loading another stone into the slingshot. No other birds were in sight, but I needed to watch my back.

Soon, I hear pounding on the ground. Heavy pounding. So heavy, that it sounds like boulders being dropped onto the earth. I whip around to see where the sound was emerging from, and not to my surprise, it’s another tribute. The footsteps made me believe it was a boy, but it turned out to be a girl. It was Iris. She was a little bloodied and dirty, but it was expected. 

She smiles and offers me a hand up. Weird, aren’t we supposed to be killing each other? The sun was shining so vividly that I couldn’t see her pull the knife from her back. Iris lashes out and cuts me straight across the chest. Blood begins to spurt out in little bits, but I don’t feel it. There was that fighter. I turn and send an uppercut into her jaw, making her head fly to the right. Her knife hits the ground, but I make no mistake at trying to grab it. This was a hand-to-hand fight.

Iris gets steady and kicks me in the stomach. The blow sends me backwards a bit, but I come back. We’re both breathing heavily when she sends another kick to my lower back, knocking me onto the ground. I lay there as my chest is profusely bleeding. No use in trying to save myself now, I am going to die by Iris’s hand. She stands over me, knife in hand, and laughs. “One more down,” she says. With that, she stabs me in the stomach, and it causes me to scream while the jolts of pain fly through my body.  

I suddenly wake up on the couch in the commons, almost screaming. An Avox is holding down my arms and another is combing back my hair with her fingers. I’ve absolutely lost it. “What’s going on?” I ask myself, or anyone who could hear me. The Avox couldn’t answer, but I’m sure someone else could. I push away both of them and sit up. I was handed a cup of something hot, probably tea, and I sipped on it while I waited for someone to explain why I was being held down by Avoxes.